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  1. https://www.premierleague.com/players/10968/Ben-Godfrey/stats Pay close attention to the number given under shots blocked, but in general I would suggest that this is not a very impressive collection of numbers for such a highly rated player. And yes I do go to the games (which is why I don't rate Godfrey very highly as a centre back) but I clearly missed all the facial injuries brave Ben has succumbed to as a result of him throwing himself at strikers boots. I don't recall him getting too many stitches or broken noses. And yes, I probably am Moses in terms of being more right than you are. I'm almost as old as Moses anyway. To clarify, I think Ben Godfrey is a very talented footballer, just not a very effective centre back. And I repeat, you shouldn't flinch and turn away when an opposition striker takes a pot at goal if you're a decent centre back.
  2. Personally I'm very glad that I have no idea what a 22 year old is on about, because that's as it should be.
  3. Not if you play them on their opposite sides.....I used to play left side as a right footer with a left footer on my right. We only let an average of 4 goals in each game.....
  4. Well he didn't block that one did he? I watched it live and shouted at the tv at the time. A centre back doesn't shy away, ever, not if they're any good - they should automatically move towards the ball not away from it. And no, Jerome's goal wasn't disallowed for less, because the Palace defender put his head near it and so won the free kick. And I deny that I am a twit, but I have been called worse. We can agree to differ, but you're completely wrong.
  5. Trying to isolate our fullbacks in the air was a tactic used very successfully by any number of our opponents this season - especially Sheffield Utd, Wolves, and Spurs as well as the likes of Burnley and Palace. It's a pretty standard thing if you have a decent striker. The trick is to ensure they can't do it - we weren't very good at that.
  6. So, for instance, Grant Hanley, who we signed just before the end of the summer window in 2017 for about £3m. That Grant Hanley who has taken so much stick on here since then he probably wishes he'd not bothered. He wasn't a punt - almost 200 games at Championship level and no injury record. Good, solid, experienced centre back. Yet in 3 years for us he's played just over 50 games. The point being, there are no guarantees. Was he a better buy at £3m than Zimmermann from the German fourth division for nothing?
  7. Well it does show a little bit about what we were up against - given that Moneyball theory is that it's the wage rather than the transfer fee which determines quality. It also shows that if Bournemouth and Watford don't have relegation clauses they could be in some trouble.
  8. And that is indeed Ben Godfrey shying away from it rather than attempting to block.....
  9. We've learned: That the financial gap between the EPL and EFL is too big to bridge without a wealthy owner, in one season. That Farkeball doesn't work against superior athletes. That most, if not all, of our players could not step up to the consistent performance level required. That some of those are now being talked of as £30m players just shows what a state English football is in. That Tim Krul is back to being a very fine goalkeeper indeed, even if still prone to the odd stupid error. That Ben Godfrey is not a world class centre back yet. Just how easy we are to score against. We never made it hard in any game. Sometimes teams missed their chances (Newcastle, Everton, Bournemouth) but mostly they didn't. We don't cut out crosses; we don't block shots; we don't clear our penalty area; we don't mark at set pieces; we don't track runners; we don't defend as a team. We learned that if we don't solve this we won't be top half next season. That if we do manage to go up again we need faster, stronger players. That if we do manage to go up again we need to recruit better.
  10. Get yourself mobile banking and you can just upload a photo of the cheque to pay it in. No need to visit banks anymore - just as well as my nearest branch is over 10 miles away....
  11. It's a difficult decision. If he starts in the Champs next season and doesn't get his mojo back (which is not quite the same as scoring loads of goals) then his market value plummets. If, however, he does recover his form and appetite (and fitness?) then even at 31 he would still command a decent fee. So do we cash in now for, say, £10m or gamble? I doubt he'll score 30 gaols again, but even 15 in the champs could be the difference. I think we have enough assets now for the gamble to be worth taking so I wouldn't sell.
  12. Had you heard of Maddison or Buendia when we signed them? Me neither. I think that's why we're not Director of Football.
  13. It's a point of view and well argued. I don't agree, but I sympathise with those of you desperate to stay in the Premier League. Webber/Farke and the rest of the executive team are just employees working under instructions from the Board, so you might have some good points - but though everyone says that getting out of the Championship is the hardest thing in the world to do, Norwich City have done it 3 times in their last 5 attempts. No reason why we can't do it again - and given that we now have a healthy bank account and assets of well over £100m after our one season in the EPL, if we can do it again we'll have a decent shot next time. So, one question - if that happens, is the club still rotten, or just well run?
  14. We did. Under Lambert/Hughton we stayed 3 seasons. That not occasional?
  15. This. Standard "sporting contest" defence. Ts & cs of agreeing to take part in the league. No negligence, just an error of judgement. Lots of very credible defences.
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