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  1. Bournemouth were appalling - no better than a very average Championship team - and we have should have won by 3 or 4, which we would have done if their keeper hadn't had a good day. Pukki, Buendia and Duda should all have scored quite easy chances. Having said all that, the win was all that mattered. I wish Farke had brought on Hernandez against the 10 men to stretch their defence even more, because Byram didn't push on the left too much - unlike Aarons on the right, who was all over them. Not sure what Godfrey was thinking, but at least he didn't do it in the penalty area, which would have been their only way of scoring. There won't be any more games that easy to win - Burnley, West Ham, Southampton etc will be much better than that when they visit.
  2. sgncfc

    Farke getting off lightly

    Absolutely agree with this. Far too much hyping of our "young" players, who are proving nothing in their performances other than that they are not very quick learners, and keep making the same mistakes. I genuinely doubt that we will get "acceptable" offers for any of them - good, because at Championship level they will still excel and we will have a genuine chance of winning it again. Those on here who rate Buendia higher than Maddison are a puzzle. He quite clearly isn't anywhere near as good as Maddison.
  3. sgncfc

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    I doubt Pukki will leave us for another PL team - no one else really plays the way we do, apart from the top 4, and he won't get in their teams. I can see him going abroad though if we go down, especially if he shines in Euro 20.
  4. sgncfc

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    I can recall Webber saying we had £20m available in August and we didn't spend much of that did we?
  5. Gayle was mentioned as someone who we were offered for £105,000 a week. I don't think he's coming to Norwich any time soon. Bear in mind that Drinkwater is supposedly on £110,000 and Villa are covering all of that - he was in the team beaten 6-1 by City this week. So, no, you don't always get what you pay for. Norwich get criticised for not going for it - you can't say that Villa haven't gone for it; they've spent about £170m so far. Who would you rather be?
  6. Its amazing to me that we have so many players apparently valued so highly when we can't win a game. It must mean the rest of the players are really, really bad! Aatons, Lewis, Godfrey, Buendia, Cantwell, Pukki are all supposedly worth about £30m each! Some reckon Godfrey at £50m. Even Krul, Klose and Zimbo are in the £10m bracket according to some. On another thread the club as a whole is valued at about £60m. Given we own our ground, lots of land around it and all of the Colney Centre, as well as these players contracts and about another 50 including the Academy, I may not be the world's best at Maths but if anyone fancies starting a consortium to buy the club, I'm in!! With that asset value against cost how can we lose? A supporters consortium buys it for £60m, we flog those 6 or 7, pay a thumping great dividend of about £120m, then flog it on again. Lots of angry people but what do we care, we're on a beach in Barbados! My point being that perhaps our players aren't really worth that much after all...…and perhaps our owners are not really bleeding the club dry?
  7. sgncfc

    Bounce straight back up?

    No they don't!!! At least 12 of the PL start the season with the sole ambition of not getting relegated - all of those 12 field weakened teams in the cups and don't take them seriously until the QFs. How is that "competing"? What are they competing for? They just want to keep the money.
  8. sgncfc

    Bounce straight back up?

    And they're right - we can't afford to be in the PL. But every other club can and yet two of them will come down with us.
  9. I'm quite happy with where we are. I have no wish to "compete" in the Premier League on a long term basis if that means sacrificing what this club means to its supporters and I don't think any established PL team has what we have. I think being a "yo-yo" team is actually the best we can be and certainly the most enjoyable - I will cherish 2018-19 as the best season I have seen since I started going regularly in 1965 and we wouldn't have that as an established PL team. Maybe 2020-21 will be even better. I'd like to win a cup again - 1985 is a long time ago. I don't care if we get relegated but I don't want us to be ridiculed. Mata said that we have "personality" and I think the wider football world agrees that we are a good team who plays good football, but that we are naïve and open. It's frustrating that we can't defend, but if that's the price for the football going forward then so be it. Rather that than watch Burnley or Palace. When you played with your mates no one wanted to be a full back. The older I get the more I value the club and how it keeps friends and families together. Results matter, but not that much. I trust our current management team more than any other we have had in my lifetime. They don't lie or try to mislead. I am concerned that nephew Tom will have the necessary skill to keep it all going, but I am prepared to give him a chance.
  10. I don't think we are that close to being able to survive in all honesty. We are comfortably one of the worst 3 teams in the PL and although on our day, when the stars align and the opposition don't play very well we might pick up some points, the chance of us getting anywhere near enough is nil. Like most of us I suspect I move between anger, disappointment and resignation. I think we are 4 or 5 players short; I never really thought this team had much of a chance of staying up, and the early injuries effectively killed any chance we did have and we also haven't had the run of luck which we had last year with late goals and some decisions going our way. It's still great to watch - just not quite as great when you lose as opposed to when you win playing this way. Whether we can be competitive in the Championship next season will of course depends on who hangs around and how good the replacements are for those who leave, but everything moves on. I'd like to think that most will stay for at least another season but if we still insist on playing in a style almost guaranteed to concede goals everything will again depend on scoring more. At least we still have a club and it will have a healthy bank balance for once.
  11. Seriously, Redmond as our best right sided player in the last 10 years, and Pilkington on the left? That's why I love football I guess, for all these different perceptions - with those two in the same team, our full backs would have to be world class!
  12. sgncfc

    Godfrey out for six weeks

    This. Absolutely, definitely. Please don't let us make the same mistakes again. Byram or Famewo.
  13. Never one of Krul's biggest fans but even I think this is harsh! Nowhere near our top 5 Keepers in my opinion, but still one of our most improved players this season and I can't think of too many goals conceded so far this year that I would expect a keeper to save (unlike last season, when there were dozens). It's true he doesn't dominate his 6 yard box as he could, but his handling has been much better - tricky saves made at Everton and Leicester got us points. In reality would "in their prime" Keelan, Woods, Green, either Gunn or Ruddy have won us more points this season? Probably not, because our back four are not very good defenders - but this message board won't let the facts get in the way of bigging up our "youngsters"......
  14. sgncfc

    Guardian Top 100 Players

    84th in the world - yet according to another thread, valued at only £10m. Something doesn't add up......
  15. sgncfc

    Who do you sell?

    Agree with Petriix. Definitely Godfrey if the offer is anywhere above £20m.