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  1. Important that both Watford and Swansea stopped in their tracks. Brentford are still wobbly. Nice, professional performance tomorrow please.
  2. Would like to see Dowell start as Cantwell is injured, and Gibson if fit replacing Zimbo. Otherwise unchanged.
  3. Confession time. I put £100 on Middlesbro to beat us in the playoff final. A bargain.
  4. Evans can write off his £100m debt but the club is losing £6m a year. Only half of that is accrued interest. So, for £17m they are buying almost no assets and a loss making club. If Paul Cook is coming in it will cost them another £2-3m to pay off Lambert and his team. In 201`8-19 their turnover was £17.5m as against wages of £18.9m. They made an operating loss of more than £10m and sold £7m of players to bring the loss down. That was their last year in the Championship so the turnover for 2019-20 probably went down. FFP means they can't spend much to put that right so their only course of action is to let those 20 players go, reduce the annual loss and start from scratch, building up the earnings and the academy as much as possible. The days when wealthy people could just inject £100m are long gone. By comparison our turnover for 2018-19 (without parachute payments) was £33.7m. We were therefore twice as big as 1p5wich in 2019 and since then the clubs have grown much further apart financially. I don't see us playing them anytime soon, unless it's in a cup.
  5. Well, our accounts are there for all to see. The money mainly goes on wages. Our exec and management at team level are well paid (Webber/Ward/Kensall etc and Team Farke) on results achieved and our players are on a fair old whack for the Champs, plus they all get a big rise on promotion. There ain't a lot left after that and a bit more improvement to the training ground etc. Our owners and Directors don't take much out, despite many of our own supporters accusations. Last time we actually spent about £15m including loan fees etc (although the press loved to parrot the £750,000 story) but we didn't get a lot for our money. This time we have to be cleverer. We get lots of praise for our recruitment, and rightly so (Pukki, Buendia especially) but we've also had some failures in the last two or thee years which have got less publicity. Our academy continues to produce and there are 4 or 5 now on the fringes of the first team squad who could play a part next year. And as for injuries not getting highlighted - no one seemed to notice that last year 3 of our 4 centre backs were out for a long time, and the last one (Godfrey) was carrying a hernia for weeks. It happened again this season with our strikers - all 3 injured at the same time. Lots of clubs have problems with injuries but it seems only Liverpool push the PR button on it. I've enjoyed watching Leeds play this season. Next year will be harder for you. I just can't see Bamford keeping it up (but then they said that about Pukki) and if I was Klopp I'd break the bank to get Phillips off you to replace Wjnaldum or Henderson in front of Van Dijk. It will be an interesting Summer! - but
  6. Not sure any of us really thought Leeds would struggle with the signings you made. What has surprised and impressed me is how players like Bamford and Harrison have stepped up. They were very ordinary in the Championship but with better players to support them they have really shown; and Phillips is a class player. Defensively, you're still very fragile and I/m sure this summer you will make more signings there. Your keeper is very talented but very young and prone to errors and you need more experience there - look at how Martinez has contributed to making Villa solid. As for us, we'll hopefully go up again, but not sure whether it will be any different. We are tighter defensively but also less clinical going forward. We'll probably spend about £30m this time - £14m is already committed on Gibson and Giannoulis, leaving perhaps £15m for a defensive midfielder, a centre back and a striker. So it's all about the recruitment once again.
  7. Does anyone really care about the Europa League? Seems like a complete waste of time to me.
  8. Take out Sean Morrison and Kiefer Moore and Cardiff are pretty lightweight. They'll do OK but teams with more ability like Swansea and Bournemouth should be able to take them over two legs. I'd be happy to face them in the play off semi's - less so in the final. But we're not going to be in the playoffs are we.......?
  9. I'm hoping that Bristol City will take something at Swansea on Saturday - Swansea have looked shaky at home and are due a defeat there. I doubt Brentford will have any more wobbles - we need to beat them next week. Watford are strong. Belief has been their main problem but they seem to have got through that. That's the other game we need to win. I'm very glad we've built up the 7 point gap to third, and of course if we keep winning no one can catch us anyway.
  10. They are I think a valid comparison as they had similar weaknesses. Bamford, like Pukki, has surprised people with his ability to step up. Harrison, Ayling and Cooper all improved; Phillips is a superb player and they have added some flair with Raphinha, Roberto and Costa, but yes they've gambled. Spending £100m as they have simply isn't an option for us, even if we could persuade those players to join. Of our current first choice 11, we might suppose that 7 or 8 should be capable in the PL; but if Hanley, Vrancic and Pukki can't bridge that gap we don't currently have the quality elsewhere to replace them. Dowell might still come good at 10; Famewo can't really go from League One to the PL, and Zimmermann we know won't cut the mustard as first choice; neither Idah or Hugill is likely to be an adequate goalscorer. In a nutshell, that's our issue. We're already committed to £14m. Do we/can we spend another £30-40m to beef up those three places?
  11. I have to stop posting during the game because I write absolute rubbish when I'm so tense. Please ignore everything I said.
  12. Back four getting no protection, but Zimmermann and Giannoulis both dreadful. Skipp looks completely lost. Bad half; lucky to be level. If we get 3 points out of this I'll be astonished.
  13. I think modern football clubs have psychologists on staff so that such things do not overly influence the players. It certainly affects supporters, but I don't think players and managers are impacted so much. Chasing down a big gap is actually quite a positive mental message - as we did to Leeds in League One - and being caught is very negative for supporters, as we have already seen. 10 points looks a lot, but it isn't when Swansea have 3 games in hand. After that, it's one game.
  14. Woodgate as manager and now Gary O'Neill as first team coach. What could possibly go wrong?
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