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  1. It's fairly well evidenced that success in the Championship is not something that is down to the amount of money invested in the squad. I'm sorry if that doesn't sit right with some on here, but with the exception of the Wolves side promoted a few years ago almost none of the promoted sides of the last 10 years have spent big money. We did it twice ourselves without spending much. On the two or three occasions over the last 20 years when we've had the most expensive squad in the division we've been useless. The best current example of the hugely wealthy owners, no success result is Stoke City. Their owner is worth over £8bn. They spent a fortune in the summer. They're 20th. Success in the EFL depends on finding the right person or team of coaches/managers whatever you wish to call them. Ipswich have shown that. We showed it. Burnley. Luton. Fulham. The man/woman at the top has to fit. When Webber/Farke came in, it took over a season but something clicked. We made a huge, massive error in sacking Farke without also sacking Webber. If one went, they should both have gone. For me, with Webber on the way, his replacement needs to get rid of Wagner and bring in his own man/woman (and I'd be delighted with Emma Hayes as our manager, but we couldn't afford her).
  2. Some very short memories on here. Andy Marshall became a decent enough keeper but in his first year was the sole reason we got relegated from the PL. Krul had some good games and was clearly a big dressing room presence but again cost us dearly with his various errors. Even the mighty Keelan made the occasional howler. Gunn really is the least of our problems.
  3. I'm not really sure why Forshaw and Baath aren't in the starting 11. Very experienced at this level.
  4. Leicester changed their starting line up precisely because their manager recognised we would prepare for the way they played against Southampton. Wagner got it half right in the first half, with the extra man in midfield and not pressing their keeper. But Leicester switched to feeding their flanks rather than coming through the middle - McAteer and Mavididi were their only two danger men in the first half, their midfield was nullified completely. Stacey and Giannoulis generally still coped well, even with a lack of cover, especially from Rowe, until that one error by Fassnacht which resulted from Stacey losing the ball higher up the pitch. The second half was a different tactical battle because we were behind. If we had held them to 0-0 at half time I doubt Wagner would have changed anything. Leicester could still have brought on their 5 PL quality subs though, and would have done to try to win the game, which they probably still would have done. I think they just have better players and more of them. I was reminded of a game against Wolves in their promotion season which was very similar - they seemed to have all the luck. It's funny how often better players and teams seem to have all the luck......
  5. I wouldn't expect anyone to fully invest in a football club if they are not majority owners. I think this is very much an interim stage and assuming all goes according to plan over the next three years, I think it likely that Attanasio will then buy DS and MWY out. Of course it's possible that DS and MWJ will give some shares to the CT but even if they hold a large minority there isn't much they can do to block anything. They would get a voice at the table, but that's all. I still don't really understand though why Attanasio is being allowed to acquire his large minority so cheaply. He could end up owning an asset worth £150m for about a sixth of what it's actually worth and making some serious interest on his loans. I realise that DS always said she would take no profit - but why should that mean Attanasio gets such a bargain?
  6. If we'd drawn on Saturday as we deserved to and drawn again tonight as we deserved to, we'd be one point worse off but we'd all be happy. I was pleased with the tactical change in the second half and I thought Idah and Placheta did well when they came on. One poor challenge for the penalty was really the only difference between the teams in the end.
  7. This one is down to Wagner. Wrong team playing against a Leicester side with 5 changes who are playing completely differently to expected. Out thought by Maresca, I'm afraid. Rowe, Gibbs and Fassnacht all awful so far. Gibson almost as bad. We have nothing to aim for up front; no control or tempo. Let's see what Wagner has in mind to get back in it. Personally, I'd put Idah on.
  8. That almost happened in League One last year, and it isn't impossible by any means. Having said that the Champs is a much more even league and it's still likely that anyone with 2 points per game is promoted automatically. I agree that remains the target over the season - I don't much care where we are in the league table in October.
  9. Andy O was the surprise, not Jonny Rowe. He came from almost nowhere and we've cashed in while we can in my opinion - he wasn't first choice and was unlikely to be as we now know we need some steel in his position and he is very much not it. Quite weak in the air, not that quick with his feet and no tackler. He is very good positionally, excellent at anticipation and closing down space and is in style a Premier League CB rather than a Champs one. That's why he's gone. And also interesting that Ireland choose Duffy over him against teams like France and Holland.
  10. An awful lot of coaches, managers and even analysts rate him. An awful lot of supporters don't. His numbers are always good it seems, yet we can't see that transferred to actual progress on the pitch. So far this season, in both domestic and international games, he has become more noticeable and is scoring goals. But we still highlight the errors; we see him do good work and then fail to capitalise on it. It isn't a lack of talent holding him back, so is it just confidence? Or support, maybe? If he got the murmurs from the crowd when he gets the ball like Rowe does, maybe he'd be doing better? There is a player there. We just might see it if he gets a dozen starts.
  11. Yes, the gamble failed. But Webber knew he had to try to do something differently to the first time, so he tried. At the time everyone thought Gilmour, Rashica, Sargent etc would give us a proper shot. But to pay for that shot, and the chance to bounce back, we had to borrow, and the way he structured the debt was clever and well timed. Most on here don't seem to realise that of the £100m guaranteed on promotion, about 70% of it is already committed on salaries and wages. It cost Forest £250m and an awful lot of luck, to stay up by a point or two. Burnley have already spent £90m and haven't yet got a point. Both must have borrowed - it will be interesting to see their accounts in June.
  12. Well, if we'd borrowed £100m at 2% a couple of years ago on a 15 year term (which was available) we'd be looking good now earning 6% on it. That's good debt. I don't know what terms we got on the supposed £66m but again I suspect the money we have now banked is going a long way to paying the interest.
  13. He hasn't even had a scan yet. Wagner is basing his initial "assessment" on immediate swelling but it isn't necessarily ligament damage just because there is swelling. There is no way of telling that it will be "months" at this stage - you can't feel or see ligament damage - that's why I suspect a bit of mis-information is going on.
  14. I am a natural cynic, and I find the vagueness of Wagner's information a little too convenient in terms of the imminent closure of the transfer window. I'm willing to wager he will make a remarkably speedy recovery after the international break.
  15. I suspect drink has been taken.
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