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  1. I agree - but I actually think we've gone backwards so far. This team, the way it is playing, wouldn't win the Championship. Yet everyone agrees that overall we have better players. Logically, it follows that eventually they will improve........
  2. Gomez and Koyate were too strong for him, but he still had two great chances to score and miss-hit both shots. His touch was heavy and his movement sluggish. He is a big unit, supposedly fast with a great shot on him, but whenever he plays he seems to just go into a shell and not even look as if he is trying, though I'm sure he is. He's had good reviews for Ireland, as Gilmour has for Scotland - neither have looked like PL players so far.
  3. Defending is a team thing. At the moment, none of our additions are closing down space like we did as a team last year. Buendia, Cantwell and Dowell were all over the opposition CDMs and our fullbacks closed down crosses. So far this season, that hasn't happened. We look like conceding whenever we don't have the ball. I'm just hoping against hope that it will click once everyone is fit and knows their jobs. At the moment it feels a lot like Fulham last year.
  4. This. We still have 9 of the 11 players who were being heralded last season as the best Championship side ever. We have added players to the squad who could become better than the two we have lost (Normann and Tzolis) and have reinforced other areas of the squad. This squad, in terms of it's depth of talent and potential, is unquestionably the best we have ever had. Can Farke and his coaches get them to gel quickly enough to get results? Can those players learn quickly enough? Those are really the only questions we should be asking. There were good signs last night despite the errors. We made errors last season too but they were often not punished - this season in the PL they have been. That is really the only difference.
  5. We play zonal at corners, we don't track men. Hanley attacked the header when two others were already there and left that space. Second Hanley jumps under the ball - it's his header in that position, not Gibson's. Admittedly the cross should have been cut out.
  6. I'd go with Omobamidele instead of Hanley, but otherwise yes.
  7. Do you seriously think that? Gilmour was marking the goalscorer as the corner was taken. When he moved away he passed him on to Hanley who for some reason decided to attack the ball, despite there being two others doing that, and lost the header. The entire team is in our penalty area against 4 of their players and one of them is unmarked. That's an individuals error, not the fault of zonal marking.
  8. That's just not true! We missed a penalty; Lees-Melou had an easy chance; Idah and Pukki both had good chances. Tzolis had a good shot and missed another chance. We created more good chances tonight than in any other game so far. We were well beaten in the end, but the negativity on here is breathtaking. We were in this game. Score the pen and go in level and it's all very different. Lees-Melou scores his chance and we lead. Fine, fine margins. It will turn.
  9. Goals against are not just the responsibility of the defence. Collectively, as a team, we are currently very poor when we do not have the ball. Our challenges are weak in midfield in particular - this has been a failing for 4 years. We fail to stop runners by fouling them when we should - Liverpool (again) did it every time we won the ball in a midfield position. We fail to block crosses - again, something we have failed to do for 4 years. I had hoped that Normann, Kabak and Williams would sort that out. They still might.
  10. Agreed - except I thought there was enough about the 352 to try it again with better players.
  11. Gunn is a shot stopper. He has never been a dominant keeper or one who reacts well in close range. He played as I expected him too. Krul is the better all round keeper by a distance, but ironically, not a great shot stopper. If we could play them both we'd have a chance....
  12. Well, compared to Hanley (who was responsible for two of the goals) he did! But yeah, I thought he was solid enough.
  13. It's the middle of September and everyone is giving up? We learned plenty tonight. Three at the back could work - Omobamidele and Gibson both had decent games; Giannoulis was allright. I suspect Kabak will come in for Hanley, who didn't look comfortable in the three. We also learned (finally) that Idah will probably never be good enough and that Gunn used to be good but isn't anymore. Pukki, Sargent, Normann, Krul, Aarons and Kabak will all be back on Saturday and with this system we have a chance.
  14. Have to say I was just thinking the same thing. I'm not sure what they see in him at this level or even last season in the Championship. I mean no disrespect to the lad; he tries hard and presumably he does things in training we don't see. But when he has been on the pitch he has always looked quite poor. Tzolis obviously didn't have a great game, but he was streets ahead of Idah.
  15. Well, we've made 9 changes so we're not showing them, or the competition, a lot of respect either.
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