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  1. sgncfc

    Corona Virus main thread

    Watford General (my local hospital) has just closed its A&E department. That's about 800,000 extra people heading to Hillingdon and other areas if they get ill, whether with Covid 19 or something else. For those of you who wanted evidence of actual government lying - I give you Mr Boris Johnson saying only yesterday on his 8th day of self-isolation that government advice was to continue in isolation if you still show symptoms. That is a lie. Government advice (and doctors advice) remains that after Day 7 from first showing symptoms you are no longer infectious and can end isolation. I was myself told this by the doctor I spoke to on NHS 111 on Day 6 of my own isolation, despite having continuing chest pain and other symptoms present. I also give you the same Mr Johnson, on the same day, saying that testing was the way out of this situation as he had been saying for weeks and weeks. Another lie. Until a few days ago the governments policy was only to test those patients already in hospital. Now that we are also testing some (not many) non-hospitalised people (who may or may not be NHS personnel) the numbers we declare of new cases will be incomparable to anything which went before. So to claim that numbers are reducing is simply nonsense, and is just for the likes of the DM to print so that we continue to avoid panic. We don't have any usable comparative data yet. Finally, my sister-in-law is a nurse. She has been working 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week since this began. She still has limited PPE. Her hospital trust (over 5,000 staff, of whom about 40% are in isolation at any one time) have been given a 30 minute slot at a testing centre in the O2 (about a 30 minute journey, if you can get a bus or a tube) for between 15-20 people a day. This is to include the families of NHS personnel. This is the reality of what our government is or is not doing.
  2. Sorry, but I completely disagree - if anything I would suggest that you are unable to see the bigger picture. We're not talking about grassroots football, we're just talking about the professional game and what should or might happen. At the professional level it's about money. Full stop. That's why it's called professional.
  3. I don't see the difference - there are some greedy rugby clubs; there are some greedy football clubs. But you say "it is clearly nowhere near the level of football"?? Sorry, but that's just wrong. Where is your evidence that any football club is deliberately cheating like Saracens did? When did a PL team ever get forcible relegated for paying their players in brown envelopes? Rugby has got much bigger problems than football has. Anyway, just because one sport has made a decision doesn't mean another should make the same one, just because you want them to. Holding rugby up as an example to us all about how to go about their business is completely invalid to the argument about how football should proceed.
  4. I'm afraid we all live in a democratic, free market based country so all this posturing about the evil of money is just that - posturing. Of course it's about money; everything is, even your own situations. All this nonsense being spouted on here about the season being over just so that Norwich might not get relegated - why don't you all just admit it? That's the reason you all follow the herd and say that null and void is the only, inevitable response to the current situation. Well, it isn't the only response - it's one possible response; one very, very unlikely possible response. To suggest that null and void is the only justifiable compassionate response is just garbage; an attempt to seize the moral high ground without evidence. If Norwich were mid-table none of you would be saying that null and void is the only solution.
  5. Seriously, you're holding rugby up as an example? Ever heard of Saracens? That was nothing to do with money, obviously.
  6. sgncfc

    Thursday night entertainment

    You missed the best bits....
  7. sgncfc

    Thursday night entertainment

    Not Gavin & Stacey fans or Car Pool Karaoke - even League of their own? I think he's had his moments.
  8. sgncfc

    Thursday night entertainment

    It's very funny - James Corden from a few years ago doing what James Corden does (or did, before he became a global megastar)
  9. Have to confess that I find all of this completely fascinating, looking at all the possible scenarios and the potential issues etc. Almost as much fun as watching football. At least it keeps the grey matter working.
  10. But they haven't gone for "null and void" - they have cancelled the rest of the season and the current league positions stand. If the EPL go with that option do we sue them for potential lost income, given that we think we would have won 6 of our last 9 games?
  11. Some years ago (I think, the late 1990s) I was involved in a product campaign for Premier League clubs which was, loosely, an insurance product which kind of guaranteed levels of income in the event of certain things happening, one of which was "an unforeseen interruption of the season". Although unofficially endorsed there was little interest - the TV money was rising so fast that no one had the vision to see the problem or make any plan for a situation they just could not visualise. It is astonishing that the EPL rules don't cover it - particularly when the issue has been discussed before.
  12. sgncfc

    Corona Virus main thread

    It's not just us though. The US shared in the major H1N1 epidemic in 2009/10 when over 60 million Americans were infected and almost 300,000 died worldwide. They appear to have learned nothing from their own quite recent experience, let alone learning from someone else's. But at that time, the UK and most of Europe did manage to stay relatively unaffected - whether by accident or design is very difficult to say. Some countries do benchmark - but often it's against Sweden, who have long been held up as one of the best heathcare systems in the world (perhaps along with Singapore). Yet this time around Sweden are ploughing their own furrow and haven't yet even locked down. These are very difficult arguments with no agreed right answers - having said all of that the UK governments responses to date have been confused to say the least.
  13. sgncfc

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Why just football? Should we ban the BBC from applying until their front liners like Lineker agree to take a massive cut? Or entertainers like Ant & Dec? The government has introduced a plan to save the jobs of the lowest paid - for people like Sadiq Khan (salary over £152,000 per annum or £3,000 per week, similar perhaps to a top League One player) to criticise is somewhat hypocritical unless he is also taking a hit. The government set the self-employed help limit at £50,000 so presumably everyone is taking their salary down to that level, otherwise they can't really criticise others.
  14. I don't disagree with you - I'm not advocating the competitions finishing, just that UEFA and the EPL and every other major league will do everything to avoid null and void.
  15. sgncfc

    The current season

    You seem to be attacking me for something I haven't said! Who said anything about killing the game? My point (and I've only made the one on all these threads) is that null and void is unlikely. They will try anything and everything before that option - I still think an indefinite suspension is much more likely. Before they do anything, they have to solve the cashflow issue - null and void doesn't do that.