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  1. It might not be luck, but there is a very thin line between success and failure. Hanley's OG and the ricochet at Anfield, followed by a £40m Newcastle striker missing a sitter. We could just as easily have drawn at Liverpool and got beaten by Newcastle. Defensively the performances were not that different. What has impressed me (again) is the way we just go about our business, whatever happens. Ignore the noise.
  2. With an avatar like yours I just can't take anything you say seriously.
  3. Yeah right, managers always tell their players to stop playing at half-time in the premier league.
  4. sgncfc


    That's because they don't recognise him and confused him with Hanley. Godfrey and Krul were the stand outs - both excellent, as was Leitner. Cantwell and Buendia showed some really good touches but Trybull and Maclean were outplayed in midfield - not that surprising, given who they were up against. Aarons has to learn fast, but hopefully he will. Our defence was caught out often because they were protecting Hanley's lack of pace, plus Lewis was marking Van Dyk at every corner. And even then we should have scored 3 or 4. Lots of positives and like Farke, I'm a bit disappointed we lost that game.
  5. When you see Harry Maguire going to manure for £80m you have to concede that the way we are going about our business is the only way open to us.
  6. If we don't buy a defensive midfielder this week then I can't see us surviving. We can score for fun, but even poor PL teams will easily expose our very, very soft central area.
  7. sgncfc

    Result v Liverpool

    I like to think we will surprise some TV viewers, but I can't get over how brittle our defending still is. Our problem now is through the middle where Trybull can't stop the tide on his own and we don't have anyone else fit to play there with him who is any good as a defensive midfielder. McLean is our best option but Atalanta showed how ineffective he is in that space. I really thought that Webber/Farke would have solved that, but without Tettey there (or someone better) we are going to lose a lot of games. I'm confident that we can stop them wide, but I don't think we can if they go central - which they surely will. 3-0 defeat I suspect.
  8. sgncfc

    Norwich v Atalanta live stream

    I don't think we learned anything new. We still need a defensive midfielder - hopefully, our management team can see that now. Trybull and then Maclean horribly exposed. If we play Liverpool using that system we will get murdered by their reserve team.
  9. sgncfc

    Liverpool tickets

    All this is just another version of "I'm a better supporter than you are". Just because your life circumstances/choices allow you to go to away games doesn't mean you should be "entitled" to a ticket to the next one. No different to a concert/theatre/festival when several thousand more people want to go than there are tickets available - first come, first served - or you pay more for hospitality if you can afford it.
  10. I'd be astonished if Rhodes is not back by the end of the window. he may not start too many games, but his impact as a sub when we are chasing games will be even more important in the PL - no one else has his movement. Srbeny is as much cover for Stiepermann as he is a striker, and Idah can be loaned after the window if necessary.
  11. Fact is we can't rely on Thompson even for cover as his body isn't up to it - shame, as he's always looked promising; I think we'll be getting at least 3 more.
  12. Makes sense to use Marshall to ease the Bowen deal, but I fear that the injuries to Zimmermann and Godfrey may have scuppered that idea and we'll now need the money for a CB.
  13. Rhodes coming back once Nelson is sold. One wage in, one out.
  14. If the increase in turnover to £100m in the first season is accurate, and there was already a committment to £22m spend on promotion for bonuses, the bond repayment and additional transfer fees, that leaves £78m this year to cover all increased wages, fees and running costs. Loan fees we have already spent are about £5m on Fahrman and Roberts and probably another £2-3m more on moving some of the under 23s in. I wouldn't imagine there is a huge amount left over for actual transfer fees for the first team - but then I don't think that was ever the plan. I still expect Rhodes to join us once Sheff Weds get rid of Bruce and we get closer to the deadline, and I suspect Webber will hold onto what is left of his kitty for January so I'm not expecting any more incoming.
  15. This will be a great signing for lots of reasons - he won't have joined just to give competition to Krul; swapping one bench for another wouldn't make sense. Whilst I'm sure no guarantees will have been given, I would imagine he will expect to start. A similar position Wolves found themselves in last season with Ruddy and Patricio. Whilst keeping the squad together, that's a very admirable form of ruthlessness. We needed a better keeper than Krul was last season and now we have one - if Krul keeps his place, it will be because he is playing better.