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  1. sgncfc

    Differential in perspective in PL

    OK, so I'm not a binner but I do hate everything about the Premier League (and UEFA/FIFA) and if that's OK with everybody I'll stick to my opinion thanks, whether you all think it's wrong or not. I genuinely would rather there wasn't promotion and relegation to and from the Championship and would very happily never watch a Premier League match again, mainly because since the Premier League began it has sucked almost all the enjoyment from the game I used to love. The club which we managed to reconnect with after our last disastrous foray is already moving away from us again. That's much more important to me than being in the Premier League, watching puffed up prima donnas and waiting for some people near Heathrow to decide if it's a penalty or not; or going to matches at 2pm on a Sunday when most sensible people are still having a nice family lunch. If you started with a clean sheet of paper and designed a league structure in which to play our national sport do you think you'd design what we currently have? Money and TV have destroyed it, and our FA have allowed them to. The only downside to actually winning the Championship is that you then have to play in the god-awful Premier League for a season rather than being able to defend your title. We could sell those players who think they want to play in the PL so they can earn their millions of pounds a year for sitting on the bench or in the stands and support the new ones we bring in, just like we always have; and we can keep laughing at those multi-millionaires when they dive in the box or fail to qualify from their group again at the world cup. I suspect I am in a minority of one, but I am very happy that we'll probably be back in the Championship next year and I can't wait.
  2. sgncfc

    Patrick Roberts

    I think the players who did what they did last season, and who were all rewarded with new contracts and who had our complete trust and faith after the first 5 games, deserve to be given a fighting chance to show that they can compete at this level. Likewise the coaches, including the Head Coach who until 6 matches ago was one of the best in the world, apparently. 27 games left, we need to win 11. It would be nice to start on Friday, but plenty of time yet. If Roberts is ready, he'll play.
  3. sgncfc

    A bit of perspective

    But that's my point - they're actually not that young, in comparison to other clubs. Watch the Liverpool v Arsenal game from last night to see what they are up against and how they will be judged.
  4. sgncfc

    A bit of perspective

    If you paid attention you would know that I have given Krul huge credit for his overall improvement this season. He has clearly stepped up his overall game in the face of realistic competition for his place. That doesn't make any of my criticisms from last year incorrect - the fact that he could make such a vast improvement indicates that he wasn't at his best last season.
  5. sgncfc

    A bit of perspective

    Why does everyone think that our "youngsters" will be in such demand if we go down when they have looked almost completely out of their depth so far? Lewis has been the best of the bunch so far, and even he has made some basic errors. Aarons is all over the place defensively in comparison to the standards being set by Wan-Bissaka and Alexander-Arnold. Godfrey was our big hope, yet positionally he is being destroyed. Do you really see Cantwell getting in anyone else's team? Or Godfrey? They might get in a promoted team's squad, but I doubt it would be for big money.
  6. sgncfc

    People are going to criticise Cantwell

    Ask yourself whether other teams young players would have scored that chance - Villa's and United's certainly did. I'm tired of this "he's only young and learning" argument. Leicester had 5 players aged 22 and under in their 9-0 demolition of Southampton. Rashford is 21, McTominay is 22, Martial 23, Wan-Bissaka 21, Daniel James 21. Chelsea and Liverpool and most other Premier League teams have players who are 18 -21 playing in their first teams. Yet ours are supposed to be forgiven for making very, very basic errors. If they are picked to play in the first team the coach must think they are good enough and they should be judged as a first team player. Cantwell, Aarons, Godfrey and Buendia continue to make the same errors match after match, but we are supposed to allow for that because they are young. The fact is that, like most of the rest of the team, they are just not playing very well. I hope that changes, as we all do, but if they keep making the same errors it's not likely.
  7. The one area where the team is failing is that we have too many players who have not stepped up - particularly those who we thought would. Krul has been simply immense; Aarons and Lewis are improving with every game; Cantwell and Pukki have already shown what they can do but even they have dropped off in the last couple of games. Unfortunately, Stiepermann, Leitner, Maclean haven't turned up yet. Godfrey and Amadou are both hopelessly inconsistent. They both can go from brilliant to diabolical in the space of 5 seconds. Buendia can't get going, a flash of genius followed by a dreadful pass. We have lost 5 of our 10 games by half time against teams who press high with pace and power - exactly what we were doing last year and which we've stopped doing. Farke keeps saying we won't change the way we play, but we have. Apart from Newcastle at home we haven't really had a sustained, proper go at anyone. Yesterday we were timid and terrified of their pace, yet didn't push up as a unit; we didn't press as a team. Leitner and Maclean were simply dreadful again. Cantwell tried hard but is clearly in need of a rest and is far too lightweight in this company. Only Hernandez and Aarons really went for them; there was no confidence, no urgency and no belief. Mactominay destroyed us yesterday, just as Grealish did. And no one seemed to notice what was happening when it was blindingly obvious. He was barely challenged - Leitner was so far off the pace, just as he was against Villa. Unless and until we start playing as we did last season we have no chance. Injuries are a part of this of course, but I doubt Zimmermann alone would make a difference and he is really all that's missing. Vrancic was an important supplement last year and we miss that option. We also made some poor signings - Roberts and Drmic in particular - we needed players who could hit the ground running, not take weeks to acclimatise. And as we all said at the time, not buying someone to improve an already poor defence was a mistake. We knew every player had to step for us to have a chance and we all thought they could - maybe we were wrong about lots of them and they just aren't good enough. Or maybe our management is losing the plot slightly and asking players to do jobs they are not capable of doing. If Amadou is fit for the weekend, he has to revert to his proper position, alongside Tettey. If he isn't, start Trybull. Put Byram at centre back. Play Buendia as the number 10 behind Pukki and start Hernandez, push Maclean forward. Hold it until 20 minutes left then put Vrancic on for Maclean. It's not too late yet - but lose the next two, and we are as good as down. But let's at least give it a go, instead of letting the most average United team in 30 years roll over us.
  8. sgncfc

    Max Aarons' interview

    The Telegraph have him off to Spurs for £7.5m in January. It is scary how the national press are so completely ignorant of our players - I suspect Mr Webber might want a touch more than that, even with Sam Byram in the wings.
  9. sgncfc

    Stinking rich Chinese investor

    The best owners in terms of investment as well as building a club and a team on the pitch probably belong to Leicester. I'm not sure whether there was much science involved in that success, I suspect it's more down to the people who are clearly respected (loved, even) by the supporters. It's also clear that money can buy success, though it may not be guaranteed at a lower level for Championship success, Wolves bought promotion easily enough. If you spend enough on very high quality players, whatever league you're in, you will win games of football. Does that get you a club which is respected in a wider community like Norwich and Norfolk? Using Leicester as the example, only if the people have the necessary humility, honesty and grace to go with the size of their wallets. For me, as a supporter, the people are more important than the money though I accept that for others that might not be the case. But then I don't really care what league we play in or whether we win things, as long as we play proper football and have the right sort of people in charge who understand what they are there for. A billionaire with the qualities of Delia would be perfect!
  10. "it was the complete lack of protection which cost us, with no suitable defensive midfielders, no one picking up from the front (including Stiepermann, Pukki and Cantwell) and, to be honest, no strategy to even attempt to defend as a team" so, when you say you disagree, you actually mean that you agree, because that's pretty much what I said..... I agree that our injuries are having a greater impact on us that Watford's are on them - my point was that their fans are blaming their plight on one crucial injury - but that doesn't make Sutton's comments any less relevant - the rest of the team were a shambles against Villa, as you say.
  11. Every team has players with pain killing injections or who are not fully fit - Godfrey himself admitted that most of them play with an injury most of the time. The back five weren't actually the main problem against Villa - it was the complete lack of protection which cost us, with no suitable defensive midfielders, no one picking up from the front (including Stiepermann, Pukki and Cantwell) and, to be honest, no strategy to even attempt to defend as a team; this was evidenced when Buendia lost the ball twice in exposed areas and no challenge resulted at all, but had been fairly obvious from about 5 minutes in when Cantwell stopped closing down their right back, and gave Lewis no cover for the rest of the game. Sutton's article is littered with stats and context - how can you say he offers "very, very little"? Unfortunately his article is bang on - we will probably go down unless we address the problem, which is all he is saying, based on all the evidence available. By the way I live near Watford - every single fan down here is blaming their predicament on Troy Deeney's injury absence and is convinced they won't go down. Injuries are just part of everyone's season - we've had all ours at once, but would we really have got anything at Burnley or Palace with a full strength team with the way we played? We were steamrollered by hard, athletic, organised premier league players. I'm fairly confident we will address it though - I don't expect us to play the same system against Bournemouth despite everyone saying we should stick to what we know. This is going to be a tough season because there are no weak teams this year like Huddersfield, Cardiff and Fulham.
  12. sgncfc


    First half against Liverpool he was awful...
  13. sgncfc

    Akin Famewo

    Our under 18 and under 23 teams have performed poorly in general over the last 18 months, with no signs that they are improving, despite the extra money spent on players in the summer.
  14. sgncfc


    Against Portsmouth in the FA Cup he was awful.
  15. sgncfc


    No, but with a very good League One season under his belt he will either get a chance or we'll get some money for him. It's notable though that Chelsea loanees from the Championship have stepped up to the PL this season - notable in the sense that all our loans go to League One rather than the Championship at the moment.