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  1. We are going to win both our games and be promoted on Sunday so I don't care what the others do.
  2. sgncfc

    Last 4 games predictions

    I agree - I think 4 points will do it. But how lovely would it be if Ipswich got their 5th win of the season against Sheff Utd or Leeds?
  3. sgncfc

    TWTD .... again!

    Never trust a man who wears a v neck jumper with a jacket and tie - Chris Hughton, for instance...... I bet he wears brown shows with a blue suit as well.
  4. sgncfc

    Team Vs Wednesday

    But that's what Farke and his coaching team is paid for - to make these calls. He's got most of them right so far. We might not agree, but he's the only one with the whole picture. And anyone suggesting that Wednesday will roll over because they don't want to help United is delusional. They are only 6 points off the playoffs with 4 to play.
  5. sgncfc

    Team Vs Wednesday

    This - no doubt at all.
  6. sgncfc

    An arm away from losing

    If it was "deliberate" why wasn't Godfrey shown a yellow/red card?
  7. It was never a penalty and Danny Higginbottom called it too early on the telly and then couldn't retract when he saw the replay. VAR would have changed the decision so that won't happen next year in the PL. Ben Mee did the same yesterday for Burnley when he headed it onto his hand and everyone agreed it couldn't possibly be a pen.
  8. The difference in the way we moved as a team when Vrancic and Leitner were on the pitch was very clear - but they probably can't both start. We got a bit lucky today - a lot like the Brentford game - Wigan were better than us all over the pitch, and that may even qualify as our worst performance since Christmas. But (and I hope you're reading this WestCoast) Krul had a very good game - his save at 1-0 was crucial, but he did well all game and nearly got the pen as well. I'd probably even say he was my MOM - no one else in the team stood out particularly well.
  9. Can I be the first to say "I'd take a point"?
  10. My version of "have fun, win dosh and secure promotion" was to invest in the Academy Bond and hopefully get the 25% promotion bonus as well as 8% interest. Yes, I am good at being smug.
  11. sgncfc

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    Sorry, but you're wrong (again). I sit right behind where Miete struck the ball from - on target and it was in. From where I sit I can't tell about his positioning on the goals so I have watched the highlights several times - for the second goal, the shot was so obvious; even their goalscorer has said he had so much time he couldn't believe it - Krul virtually showed him where to put it. It was a sidefoot from 20 yards not a piledriver - he didn't make any attempt to save it as he was so far from it and his feet were planted. Do you really think a top goalkeeper wouldn't have had a decent chance of saving that? And, as for pinning my colours and attacking him, I've praised him recently for his command of his area and his calming influence. He is clearly a big part of the squad. That doesn't make him a particularly good goalkeeper - just the best we have. He's certainly improved over the season, but he's not the keeper he once was. I hope he gets there, but he reminds me of John Ruddy after his own serious injury - he never quite got back to that standard. I will keep stating the bl**ding obvious - look at his stats on goals conceded against shots on target. He is currently level 8th with 3 others. In pretty much every other position our players are in the top 3. That's my point - he's not necessarily a bad goalkeeper, he's just not as good as the rest of the team are. They excel - Krul doesn't. He scores 5 and 6 every week with an occasional 8. Everyone else has been getting 8 and 9 with the occasional 5 or 6.
  12. sgncfc

    Our run in not looking as good

    91 points has never (since the current format in 1992-93) not been enough for second place. Just to be safe let's say 92 so we can ignore goal difference. We need 7 points. Sheff Utd need 13 points to get to 91. Leeds need 12 points. I know you're thinking that they can both do that, but they won't. One of them might, but not both. No one has ever got 91 and not finished 2nd. Only once has a team with 90 points not finished second (Sunderland, 1997-98). 92 will do it. Two wins and a draw.
  13. sgncfc

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    Blimey, you're brave. When I dared to suggest that Krul might not be the best keeper in the Championship I got well and truly hammered........ Incidentally, I thought Krul was sh*t again last night, but I'm not allowed to say that. His classic backwards dive for the first and nothing at all for the second. If Miete had got his other chance on target Krul was nowhere near it. And if we do go up and don't buy a better keeper we have zero chance of staying up. But I'm not allowed to say that either.
  14. sgncfc

    Time to shake it up at Wigan

    Win/lose as a team and in this case draw as a team. Like most others I don't think Stieperman can take all of the blame for the goals - one misplaced pass on halfway and a poor tackle at the side of the penalty area wouldn't result in goals unless others also made errors - Godfrey and Krul were half asleep for the first one and Cantwell and Aarons were miles upfield with no cover and no one closed down the shooter for the second and again, Krul was totally out of position and showed him where to put it - a sidefoot finish from 20 yards. But both were very good finishes which would normally have hit row Z. Pukki should have scored at least 3 and Rhodes missed a sitter - surely the lost points are also their fault? Fact is we shouldn't let a team like Reading score two goals against us at home. Thankfully, it hasn't hurt us much.
  15. Bassong hit one of those against Liverpool in the 5-4 defeat - he made it 4-4 and then Lallana bounced one over Rudd to win it in the 95th minute. Seems familiar......