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  1. sgncfc

    Hysel Stadium

    You asked for details and I gave them. Sorry that it doesn't agree with your opinion. Not a lecture, just stating facts. It's all very well having a go at other clubs fans - my point was simply that we have our share of misbehaviour, and that some Norwich fans caused trouble in Milan. - just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen. We do not have perfect fans, though we may well be much better than some. If we have no hoolies amongst us, just who were you meant to be "spotting" ? And I wouldn't brag about being on duty during the 1977 Man Utd game - I was there too, and a better example of how not to police a football match would be hard to find.....
  2. sgncfc

    Hysel Stadium

    Three or four were arrested on our coach for fighting in the city after the game and didn't make the flight back. I doubt they were the only ones. It may be light all around your own world, doesn't mean everyone behaves themselves. I'm sure most of us remember it as a great day with no problems but if you seriously believe that every City fan is a non-violent, friendly smiley person then you are delusional. Have you all forgotten the 70s and 80s in the unsegregated days? Plenty of rucks at Carrow Road then as I recall. We might not have been as bad as most, but we had (and still have) our share of nutters.
  3. So, the club has been saying that they had two plans in place for the summer window, depending on which league we were in, as far back as last December, and that they would push the button on whichever one was relevant as soon as we knew. They will have had optimum targets and back up targets for each scenario. If we had already identified the players we wanted to bring in some months ago most of the deals will already be done and we'll hear about them during June. We might still be chasing one or two late offers but most of the press talk is agent/journalist nonsense and also clubs manipulating opinion. For instance, the decision on Rhodes must have been made ages ago but we'll only hear what it is when the clubs are ready for that information to be released.
  4. sgncfc

    Hysel Stadium

    Well, they did in Milan. We had and probably still have our share of idiots.
  5. sgncfc

    Dwight Gayle

    If we could afford Gayle it would be a great move, but I doubt we can.
  6. sgncfc

    Harry Wilson

    I love discussions about football - this is what forums are about! I would definitely play Hernandez over Wilson so that makes at least one person in the country, because I'm outside of Norwich. For the way Norwich set up and played this season, Wilson does not fulfil the same role at all - he doesn't have Hernandez's pace and is a more central player. Wilson is much smoother, with a more predictable game. Hernandez creates havoc - I accept often unintentionally - and he does things no one expects, also possibly unintentionally, but "disruption" off the wing is his role - that's what he's there for. Almost no one sussed him out this season, and it was clear that defenders were terrified by him. Wilson can't do that - he is closer in skill set to Stieperman than Hernandez but doesn't have Stieperman's ability in the air or physicality so cannot completely fulfil that role. For Wilson to play in a Norwich team, he either replaces Buendia (unthinkable) or our set up would have to change to be closer to last season's (which accommodated Maddisons skill set) and that would be, in my opinion, a backward step. For a start Wilson is much easier to nullify than Maddison ever was (a job which Villa did quite easily), and again changing the set up would restrict Buendia's ability to roam. Now, this might change in the PL because most of our width came from Lewis and Aarons going forward - if they try to do that next season the opposition will have better players to stop them, so Hernandez's role becomes even more crucial - replacing him with a naturally narrower player and one who can only impact a game if allowed to would not make sense.
  7. sgncfc

    Martyn Waghorn

    Agreed - I think he's been good at Champs level for a few years and did OK in Scotland too but he doesn't have the game to do anything in the PL. Not sure Rhodes does either though.....
  8. sgncfc

    Harry Wilson

    No, I don't think so - instead of who? Stieperman possibly, but I don't think he has the all round game to play in that role for us. He's not a replacement for Hernandez or Buendia so how would you fit him in?
  9. sgncfc

    Harry Wilson

    Well this game is all about opinions I guess! He certainly wasn't excellent yesterday and every time I've seen him play (including for Villa at Carrow Road) he hasn't done enough to make me even notice him, other than for playing with his socks round his ankles. I don't doubt his ability but he just doesn't produce enough to be rated so highly. Tuanzebe and Hauze are also on loan. Keeping the 5 players they currently have on loan in their first team squad would cost them at least £50m, before they even think about improvements. Their owners have a lot of money though so will probably spend more than Fulham did, and spend it better.
  10. sgncfc

    Harry Wilson

    Some of the supposed "players" in the Championship this year have been very inconsistent. Wilson played well for half a season, as did the show pony Grealish. Mount was up and down. McGinn now supposedly the "best midfielder in the Championship" yet until Christmas no one had noticed him. Hernandez at Leeds couldn't deliver when it mattered. None of them are anywhere near as good as Maddison was last year or as good as Buendia or Norwood at Sheff Utd this season. All of those deliver 8 or 9 out of 10 performances every game,. £25m for Wilson? They have absolutely no chance. I don't think he would get in our starting 11 and I would rather have someone like Ryan Kent or Callum O'Dowda as a back up to Hernandez (though we probably can't afford them either).
  11. sgncfc

    The inner game of football

    Farke put it in layman's terms when he said that it was all about just playing football with your mates. Getting that feeling throughout the team, that when you make a mistake it doesn't matter and to keep trying the impossible. How many times have we heard about players who are great in training but not in games? Getting that training feeling into games and keeping the fans onside - otherwise we would never see things like Emi's flick, or even Pukki's backheel.
  12. sgncfc

    New to the Forum.

    Also, never attempt to even suggest that Tim Krul is not really a very good goalkeeper, or the wrath of the messageboard puritans will descend upon thy head, because clearly you can't be a real supporter if you even remotely criticise anyone for anything. And you must be a binner.
  13. The Farke/Webber revolution might just show that you no longer have to spend that kind of money to reach 17th in the Prem. And if they do, then why does anyone need a friendly billionaire after all? Could it be that Soccernomics was completely wrong and that what you really need are strong, fast, youthful players just playing together for fun? Until someone offers them £50k a week to sit on a bench somewhere in London or the North West.......
  14. sgncfc

    LMA Awards

    Don't have any issue with this. Wilder's players are not technically as good as ours and the way he made them relentless at the end of the season completely messed with Leeds players heads, in particular. He has improved his team by more from their base ability level, and whilst Farke has done a fantastic job in terms of coaching and improving, I believe that Wilder has effectively run the whole club almost single handedly, as an old style English manager, in charge of everything. I like him. I like his passion and his belief in his club and I don't see Sheff Utd rolling over for anyone in the PL. He is the kind of manager any supporter would love to have - as a minimum, he will make every player sweat blood for the shirt. I think they'll be OK if he buys or loans a couple of decent players to supplement what they have.
  15. sgncfc

    Chris Hughton

    I hated almost everything about the two seasons we had Hughton in charge. I'm astonished he got another job after what he turned us into - he is a dinosaur who has no clue about offensive tactics and his time has gone, like some others - including Warnock, Pellegrini and the old geezer pundits like Souness, Lawrenson etc. The game has moved on and they haven't. Only Hodgson of the "old" brigade has still got a bit about him. Shame in a way because Brighton probably won't struggle next year now.