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  1. Carlton Palmer. Geoff Thomas is a close second but raises shedloads of money for charity so Carlton wins. If we are talking "value for money" though, Harry Maguire takes some beating.
  2. Poor players don't always make bad managers. He could see the game, just couldn't do it.
  3. Southgate has done well in terms of achievement but did it playing poorly and with a bit of luck. Sounds familiar. When his team came up against anyone decent, they failed. Now, we are failing against very average teams and still playing poorly. He has reasonable players in his squad but chooses to ignore those who might require a small change in tactics. He always sticks to his shape, playing for a 0-0 and hoping to get lucky. As someone else said above, only Kane would get a sniff at a place in an elite international team. That's where we are as a country - we are producing good players still, but our international manager doesn't use them properly. The top clubs buying up the talent and not playing them doesn't help, of course. Kane, Maddison and Bellingham should be the first names on the teamsheet; then Rice and Pickford. The rest are all a bit meh. But the answer to the question is Steve Cooper. An absolute shoe in.
  4. Zoe Ward has stated that one of the benefits of our tie up with our new investors will be access to additional data and ways to use it - anyone know what she is referring to? What specific data do US teams use that professional football teams in the UK don't?
  5. For the last few years we have had a problem with injuries, especially to defenders. Unless we have just recruited injury prone players, and I accept that some fall into that category, there has to be something going on here. Going right back to Klose in 2016, our centre backs in particular miss an awful lot of games. This was a position historically where you could pretty much rely on a chosen partnership to play 30 or 35 games a season without interruption, yet now that doesn't happen. Wingers and forwards seem to be injured less (Idah excepted), for some reason. So to have a minimum of 4 centre backs able to play to first team level seems to me to be a no brainer. Having two out at the same time has hardly been an uncommon occurrence, and relying on a full back to cover (especially in the EPL) is suicidal. Their fitness record suggests, for instance, that Byram, MacCallum and Omobamidele will never be reliable starters and we should at least recognise that.
  6. We have new investors and we have no idea what plans they have. They might want to rebuild the City Stand and buy some PL standard players.........
  7. During the magical 18-19 season a bloke behind me continually moaned and groaned, shouting insults and being generally obnoxious. Eventually he came out with, "I'd rather watch that lot down the road" which led to me engaging my mouth before my brain (given he was quite a big lad) and suggesting in agricultural terms that I jolly well hoped he would, and could he be quick about it. At this point he rounded on me, and after a few more words about "supporting" a football team, he offered me out. I suggested that beating up a bloke at least 30 years older than him probably wouldn't do much for his street cred. Out he stormed, and I've never seen him again. His son took over his seat for a while and was as quiet as a church mouse. I had a similar experience with a particularly opinionated Liverpool man at an England game at Wembley. Generally speaking, if you call out a big mouth or a bully, they will back down. Generally speaking, I repeat. There are occasions when they don't......
  8. Leicester are about to declare big losses for their last financial year according to the media - another £120m. Why Leicester are the only Premier League club not to have signed a player yet - The Athletic Yet they can still field players like Vardy, Maddison, Tielemans, Soyuncu,, Ndidi, Barnes, Evans, Castagne, Vestergard etc. Their wage bill is unsustainable, unfortunately. This seasons Everton.
  9. People now seem to be hooking onto this mantra that VAR isn't the problem, it's the people running it. No, it isn't. VAR is the problem. It has no place in the game and should be binned. It undermines the referee, slows the game down and it has been shown that it doesn't help to get decisions consistently correct. No, it doesn't even out over a season either. Watch again Conor Coady's celebration for Everton. Didn't count. Or Mac Allister's screamer for Brighton. Didn't count. Or Cornet's last second equaliser for West Ham. Didn't count. All ridiculous decisions - decisions which sensible, rational people who know the game and who are not placed under ludicrous pressure do not make. Refs are being hung out to dry - it isn't their fault they are allowed to officiate in games worth millions when they are paid peanuts in comparison to the 20-year-olds calling them names and don't even have to prove their ability beyond a simple bleep test or two and an occasional assessment by a dinosaur. Better referees are what we need. Full time, preferably ex-professional players or coaches, paid properly (i.e. average for the leagues they work in), with minimum physical assessments and mental awareness testing, psychological evaluations, compulsory retirement at 50 etc. Let them explain their decisions; let them give interviews and go on MOTD. Unfortunately, VAR is cheaper and more entertaining for Sky/BT/Amazon.
  10. I guess it's all about expectation. Moaning about 25 minutes in a 3-0 win when the other 65 were pretty good shows where we are. In 2018-19 the expectation was almost zero. At 1-0 down away to 1p5wich we were pretty low in terms of what we'd be happy with. Everything after that was a bonus. Even in the first Farke visit to the EPL we knew we hadn't a prayer but that some of our youngsters would be up for it. Then behind closed doors in 20-21 we managed to squeeze out some results in the early part of the season to set us up for blowing everyone away as the confidence kicked in. Last season it all came crashing down. Expectation was that we could compete, but we didn't. Now, the expectation is that we are going to walk the Championship again. Yet we all know it just doesn't work like that. Expecting to win every game by 5 or 6 is only going to lead to some serious disappointment. 2 points a game average will see us in the top two. That's where we are. I don't care who we play, whether they are contenders or at the bottom. Get an average of 2 points a game and we'll be promoted. If we hit that target, I can forgive them having the occasional bad period. Especially in games we win 3-0.
  11. I'd rather do what we do than do what Forest have done. 21 players with absolutely no connection to the club; mercenary footballers; no youth system to speak of; no community impact. As the OP says, I always want to win every game but if that means we have to go into the EPL again, I think I'd rather we finish 7th. Or just announce up front that we aren't going to buy anyone and will just use the money to rebuild our ground and support our area at a time of hardship.
  12. For that to happen two very big clubs will have to come down. I just don't see it.
  13. Give him a couple of years and he could be very good. Wasn't ready for the EPL last season and probably still isn't, but clearly is a footballer.
  14. I still can't see 3 worse teams than Forest. Bournemouth is one. Everton maybe, but probably not. Leicester and Villa have started badly, as have Wolves but they all have much better players, proven in the EPL. Fulham have bought better than Forest and I think have the best chance of the promoted clubs. Forest, despite their spending, don't have a goalscorer. They should have come for Pukki, but didn't. He would have kept them up.
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