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  1. TeemuVanBasten

    BBC Sport Norwich article by Sutton

    I do see what you are saying but that is what the players have to do though Pete, if they feel sorry for themselves and dwell on what could have been they'll get thrashed every week. They have to believe that the XI which walks out onto that pitch is good enough, like they did against Citeh. The injury crisis seems to have knocked the players confidence, Krul the straw which broke the camels backs.
  2. TeemuVanBasten

    Our summer business

    I'm not putting him down, I have no opinion on him whatsoever at this stage - I'm just hoping that World Cup goalkeeper Krul stays fit and in top form and we aren't forced into using him.
  3. TeemuVanBasten

    Our summer business

    What does this actually mean though?!? Because if just so happening to play some Champions League games qualifies you for that made up status, let's say qualifying rounds don't count (so must make group stages) then Kyle Lafferty is a "Champions League Striker". Tim Krul would presumably be considered a "World Cup goalkeeper" because he made an appearance in the 2014 World Cup, which somewhat trump's Michael McGoverns status as a mere "European Championships goalkeeper". I didn't realise merely making an appearance in a competition bestows some sort of honourary status on you forever, is this a new thing?
  4. TeemuVanBasten

    Akin Famewo

    Fair to add that 10 of the U23's are out on loan including a few who are considered among the better prospects like Savvas Mourgos and Rocky Bushiri. Other than Lewis and Aarons all of our kids to breakthrough in recent years have gone out on loan to mature before nailing a place in our team including both Murphy's, Godfrey and Cantwell. Mourgas in particular impressing in the same league Cantwell did over in Holland, so poor performance doesn't mean there aren't one or two capable of a breakthrough. Especially when you see Category 2 academies churn out players like James Maddison, and we're playing against superior opposition to those academies.
  5. TeemuVanBasten


    He is a defensive midfielder by trade, so lets hope so. But Trybull should be back soon and that's better than nothing...
  6. TeemuVanBasten


    Hanley doesn't look suited to our system yet we gave him a new 4 year deal last season for being a good cheerleader in the dressing room
  7. TeemuVanBasten

    Akin Famewo

    I thought it was Jones who was tipped to breakthrough, heard more about him.
  8. TeemuVanBasten

    We've just f'cked it up.

    To be fair they probably do have similar strengths and weaknesses, what with them both being big traditional centre halves. I'd expect Raggett to settle at lower Champs level if he doesn't get any further bad injuries, a Wigan or Milwall. But Hanley not too far ahead of that level in reality? Blackburn for him most likely? Can't see how Raggett would fit into our way of playing to be honest, although Hanley doesn't either and he would have been handy to have around in hindsight and would probably have grabbed an appearance or two in the Premier League if he'd stuck around... football is a funny old game!
  9. I don't think he's as bad as people make out, but he doesn't show for the ball quite enough. I think its more being a bit of a square peg in a round hole when it comes to our particular style of football rather than shirking. He's all we've got fit at the moment though. We miss Vrancic though, who I think is our most complete deep-lying playmaker. He can't dictate tempo quite as well as Leitner, but he sees more opportunities in the final third and can ping the odd genius long range pass that can split the opposition in an instant. It took me a long time to take to Vrancic but I honestly think he's the most complete player of the three. One annoying thing about McLean is that he actually has a change of pace in him, which is one of the weaknesses in Leitner's and Vrancic's games, but he doesn't utilise it enough. Vrancic's goal threat from range and from direct free kicks is something else we could do with right now... Leitner been a bit unlucky to hit the woodwork a couple of times, but he's just not really ever had a goal in him.
  10. TeemuVanBasten

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    Don't encourage him for christ's sake. For all of our sakes.
  11. TeemuVanBasten

    Jack Rodwell

    I'm not a YouGov statistician but I'm pretty sure typing 'Rodwell' into the search bar of brfcs.com and cherry picking a few of the quotes from the results page isn't sufficient to come to a conclusion like that. Having just performed the exact same action it is 100% clear this is the full extent of your research. You ignored the two posts bemoaning the decision to release him though, from August. Please note also that in my OP I quite clearly state that it would be a "gamble". Throwing an U19 player in at the deep end after deciding he wasn't good enough to play the last 4 games is similarly a big gamble. If we can just get Hanley fit though.... I'd be up for Byram as part of a back three in a wing back system.
  12. TeemuVanBasten

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    Krul Bryam Hanley Godfrey Aarons. Amadou Trybull Lewis Buendia. Cantwell Pukki Project counter attack. Leitner and McLean dropped for tactical reasons. Stiepermann dropped because he isn't good enough.
  13. TeemuVanBasten

    Jack Rodwell

    Would be very easy for me to compile a list of quotes from a few months ago off the Pink'un which make Todd Cantwell sound like a Conference standard player and a similar list of quotes from the same forum which made Moritz Leitner sound like the German Paul Scholes... So what do you really expect me to take from that?
  14. TeemuVanBasten

    Jack Rodwell

    What "clear model" is that exactly? Signed a 25 year old right back and a 26 year old striker in the summer. A 28 year old free transfer has become one of the best signing in our history. I'd be up for seeing Famewo though, if they think he's ready... Do they though? If they do why have though only just put him in the squad? We've been playing a midfielder in defence for a month.
  15. TeemuVanBasten

    Jack Rodwell

    Probably because he believes he's too good for the Championship. Give him 5 games here and we'll find out.