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  1. I want Everton to go down as I just find it really funny listening to people from Liverpool moan and whinge and it would be interesting to see how they could spin this one into them being victims. Plus they could feasibly go under if their owner can't find the hundreds of millions needed to finish their stadium build, and what a great Football Manager that would be when they are reborn in the 8th tier. Actually don't want Leeds to come down. Going to be bad enough as it is with the prospect of Ipswich doing the double over us next season without the worry about a couple of heavy defeats to Leeds to add to that.
  2. If he keeps them up it makes Farke's sacking and Webber's subsequent claim that our squad was good enough to stay up look increasingly ludicrous. As that would mean he'd managed to keep 2 clubs out of 3 in the top tier wouldn't it?
  3. Just said that touting him out on a permanent at 20 felt premature (which was his age this summer). Considering Cantwell was 21 when he made his league debut for us, and Placheta still doesn't look like a footballer at 25.
  4. Never aim for profound. But I've anti-Webber for over 2 years. Long before the majority woke up and smelt the coffee, and I took my fair share of abuse for that. He's a fraud, and I wasn't one of his suckers.
  5. So have you.... some right guff. Take two players out of that team, one that we didn't even own, and we were left with a mid-table Championship side.
  6. Not really sure on current value of the collection. I got some of my best late 80s and early 90s ones from a tiny shop in the front room of a terrace house near Hillsborough Stadium across a few away fixtures, no idea if it's still operating but I'm praying Wednesday go up so I can find out next season. I lose a lot of ebay auctions these days as the prices can get a bit silly and postage is getting more expensive.
  7. Never seen anything particularly profound from you chap.
  8. The club have never suggested at any stage that it won't be Delia and MWJ, and the Yanks have at never stage said that they intend to pursue a majority holding. So people should proceed to protest against the owners if they so wish.
  9. He turned down several Championship job offers when serving as interim/caretaker as he wanted to earn the Bournemouth job on a permanent basis. He would have said no.
  10. You haven't started a thread to tell us that a former player got a yellow card have you? I'm reading this wrong?
  11. Norwich City wise. I've got a growing collection of pin badges from the 70s, 80s, 90s, up to almost 50 and have started exploring ways and means of displaying them. This is the only NCFC thing I've really collected other than keeping all my ticket stubs from childhood. Never kept kits etc. My dad had a massive collection of about 1200 Norwich City programmes but flogged them all to a dealer when downsizing from a house to a flat a few years back. Seem somebody on here say they had a full collection of Edwardian Nest postcards which must have been worth a few bob.
  12. Is that we've all been a bit presumptious about this supposed takeover, and that the Yanks could get cold feet, change their mind, or even have never intended to acquire a majority stake? Its not a given is it. I doubt they realised we were in this much of a state when they first got involved.
  13. Of course they did. Was just a disaster because we were left without a ball winner in midfield for most of the season. No Kante at Norwich sitting behind him.
  14. Gilmour just wasn't ready for that level of football last season. He had so little experience of senior football and we expected him to run things in the Premier League. Was utter madness. No joined up thinking at all at this club. Look at Trybull being packed off when he would have played more football than Normann had he been kept on.
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