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  1. Can't help but feel that you don't quite appreciate how big the Arctic Monkeys are. Their impending stadium tour should be sufficient indication. Think the only British band that would be bigger domestically is Oasis if they reformed. They still wouldn't be as big internationally though, Arctic Monkeys cracked America... Oasis didn't.
  2. In the modern world Bowie's career wouldn't have survived his Thin White Duke phase in the late 70s, he'd have been banned from twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blacklisted from TV and Radio play, and no way back from that. I can't think of anybody who has been 'cancelled' in that manner who has managed to become uncancelled.
  3. Its a complete dump chock full of smackheads, and not by accident but by design. Possibly the worst place I've ever been. My top tip is to sack it off and spend the time in Morcecambe or Lytham St Annes.
  4. I never really rated Jamal Lewis as anything other than an average Championship left back, just looked good because the dreadful James Husband came before him.
  5. I think their music reflects whatever drugs AT is into at the time to be honest, he was definitely in a dark and reflective period in the humbug era. Wouldn't have been healthy for him to have stayed in that place. I still laugh at the time a few years ago when they came out of semi hiatus and he started rocking the middle aged peado from early 70s Brooklyn look.
  6. They have evolved to stay relevant, like Bowie. My favourite album is the 3rd one, Humbug. Cornerstone and Crying Lightning my favourite AM tracks and they are both on that album.
  7. Wonder if that tree has protected status
  8. Yes, it's a disgrace, even the city boys aren't buying into this one - and they are beneficiaries.
  9. Isn't the top rare of personal tax now going to be 40 percent though?
  10. Best couple of grand the government has ever spent to be fair, can they buy us a defensive midfielder?
  11. She went over to encourage American investment in UK sports, so what if she had a role in bringing in our new investors and this covered hospitality? Charles Clarke tried to get Peter Cullum on board that time didn't he, so stranger things have happened!
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