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  1. Best of luck to them with raising the money they need. But quite a few clubs at that level (League Two downwards) seem to be offering equity, and that's what I'd be wanting in return for cash as somebody who has no interest in attending King's Lynn games. Grimsby Town are issuing shares in £100 blocks. I know of four in the National League and several in Scotland doing the same.
  2. Signing whatever striker Peterborough currently have is probably a good strategy, seeing as they've churned out Gayle, Assomblonga, Marriott, Toney and more. Toney's replacement was Jonson Clarke-Harris, who is currently top scorer in League 1. Peterborough have the magic touch with strikers. Perhaps it is Clarke-Harris that we should be signing for £5m.
  3. I mean, I think signing Rhodes is a ridiculous idea if we win promotion.... but the awkward truth is that his 3 goals in 710 minutes this season in a very poor team isn't much different from Hugill's 4 goals in 751 minutes. And like Hugill said when he arrived, he came to score goals and should be judged on his goals. Dwight Gayle isn't a terrible idea as a squad player, somebody to bring on for Pukki etc, plus he's a don at Championship level if we go down again. But Hugill will offer next to nothing in the Premier League, and that's the truth.
  4. Sure, I'm hardly a homophobe but he joined up some dots which weren't there and constructed a strawman argument to throw that word at me... and that was my point.
  5. Didn't take much at all for you to call me a homophobe, so I'm happy to call you a racist.
  6. I believe he was p*ssed off that we'd signed Simon Power to take his place in the U23 team, and felt that he was a better player. With Simon Power now at Harrogate in League Two, and Glenn Middleton currently on loan at St Johnstone, its probably the case that both are bang average... but we'll see how their careers progress. Can't see either going on to play for their National teams at senior level.
  7. Bit a weird move that one, the Barnsley owners also own Oostende. Owners finding a way of getting money into Barnsley for FFP purposes perhaps, by paying them a transfer fee from their other business?
  8. Hello comrade, He actually turned us down for Celtic because they'd been chasing him for a while and he had his heart set on that move, but then failed his Celtic medical, didn't join Celtic for another year after that.
  9. Eh? Was 9th by distance covered out of all Premier League players in the Huddersfield season (season before last), and 14th last season with Bournemouth. The highest placed Norwich player was 24th, Never stops running, evidently.
  10. I meant 50/50 on being able to get Skipp back if we get promoted? If we don't, I'd love Billing but don't know whether he'd fit into our strict wage structure!
  11. They gave Woodgate his coaching job just 2 days before they sacked Tindall, so perhaps they'd already decided he was their next manager at that point. But it does smack of being a cheap appointment, and no doubt Woodgate will be tasked with trying to sustain a decent team with a constantly shrinking budget, then will become the fall guy when it leaves them being a bottom third Championship side. No in demand / high profile manager is going to accept a job like that. Reckon they've got any players we might fancy if we get promotion? I like Billing as a defensive mid if we fail to land Skipp for another season, I'd probably rate our chances as 50/50 there?
  12. He signed a new contract in summer 2019 just like the others. It was just a shorter one, 3 years from that point.
  13. He signed a new contract after promotion in summer 2019. But it was a 3 year deal rather than the 5 years that Aarons signed.
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