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  1. TeemuVanBasten

    Transfer ban for clubs like Norwich

    Well they'd be waiting a long time, he died three years ago.
  2. TeemuVanBasten

    Matchday casual staff pay

    Glad to be of service, lol
  3. TeemuVanBasten

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Haven't looked very hard then, loads of CEO's and executives have taken pay cuts. Primark CEO 50%, ITV CEO 20%, Super League Chief 40%, Capita 25%, Disney 50%, Delta 100%, Monzo 100%, every Apple executive, everyone at Daimler. I could go on and on but I haven't got all week. May I advise you fact check before posting? The lack of a pay cut from Stuart Webber whilst matchday casual staff lose income is something worth questioning.
  4. I don't have any particularly strong feelings about the furlough and the players wages at the minute, I'll wait to see what the industry standard becomes. I guess the club doesn't want to risk putting itself at a competitive disadvantage, and although we moved early with the furlough thing I suspect that other clubs will follow here. Take players wages for example, they could all agree to take a 20% paycut today and we could announce that to plaudits, but what if FifPro and PFA then agree a recommended 30% across the board paycut for the Premier League, club would have royally stitched itself up? But one area where I think we definitely have lacked class is our failure to guarentee that matchday staff like stewards and the people who make the Bovril's will be paid for the rest of the season? A lot of other clubs seem to have moved quickly to ensure that this was the case, one (larger) club said that this would cost them £750,000. I'd have at least thought the club and players could get together to guarantee this at the very minimum? The stewards will have day jobs, many will be taking a 20% pay cut or even have to sign on the dole, would be a nice gesture to ensure that they at least get their £80 or whatever it is from the postponed fixtures? Not too much to ask surely? The players clubbed together £200k, I do feel that the players guaranteeing to pay the people who make the games possible on a Saturday afternoon would have been a gesture more worthy of praise!
  5. TeemuVanBasten

    Furlough & relegation

    I dunno, Huckerby was already minted when he came here as he was on £40k a week when that was mega money and had some very tasty signing on fees, I liked watching him!
  6. TeemuVanBasten

    Furlough & relegation

    Hate to say it but Leeds players and manager have shown some real class as well in voluntarily taking a pay cut so early!
  7. TeemuVanBasten

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    Most other clubs seem to have committed to paying their matchday staff until the end of the season (stewards, catering staff etc), have we heard anything from the club about doing similar or have we stitched them up?
  8. TeemuVanBasten

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    This is going to be a serious recession, you'd want to be in a really high demand job to risk quitting your job over a 20% pay cut at the minute. I suppose those with very long service and enhanced redundancy might want to try calling their employers buff and asking for redundancy as an alternative, but I should imagine most are just going to have to take that 20% pay cut on the chin. An employer I know bumped up the pay of employees on over £30k a year to ensure they still get 80% rather than £2500 a month. So for somebody on £50k a year, they actually get £40k a year (£3,333), which felt fair to me. The alternative is mass redundancies. Remember also that a lot of people are saving on commuting costs and coffee shops in this period, they can make their own coffee for 30p and don't have to fill up the tank. A reduction of 20% in salary unlikely to result in people actually being 20% worse off during these crazy times.
  9. TeemuVanBasten

    Furlough & relegation

    That's better than the leagues below, where Swansea are making redundancies and Barnet have layed off all non-playing staff
  10. TeemuVanBasten

    Furlough & relegation

    Eh? That literally is socialism. Or do you advocate socialism sponsored by Nestle. I don't get it?
  11. TeemuVanBasten

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    Agreed and let's remember that decisions made my individual Premier League players could undermine negotitiations which impact players on much lower incomes in League 2, that's why an industry wide solution is necessary.
  12. TeemuVanBasten

    Players - Take A Pay Cut

    But as things stand the clubs still have TV and Sponsorship income, e.g. Sky haven't asked for a refund, so why on earth would players take 30 percent. I'd suggest 50 percent now, 30 percent deferred and spread throughout remainder of contract, but sacrificing 20 percent permanently in solidarity with the furloughed of the country would be a decent gesture.
  13. TeemuVanBasten

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Pretty sure I saw a documentary where some old fella got out the £3000 piece of family rhino horn which they'd pass down from generation to generation and use a tiny piece of when sick. Didn't look very rich to me. And bats are very common animals so can't see them being the reserve of the elite, Chinese eat all sorts of weird Insects and stuff on sticks. And of course one region has an annual stray dog eating festival.
  14. TeemuVanBasten

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Even if a vaccine was approved tomorrow you'd expect it to take many months to bulk produce, distribute and then actually give the vaccines to sufficient numbers of people to end this.
  15. TeemuVanBasten

    The season is over now

    Just finish it off at a goals soccer centre with a load of 30 minute 5 a side games. Play it over three days, stick it on the box. Bank holiday weekend may be a good time, will persuade the general public to stay in to watch it so they aren't out spreading the virus. And the bookies can make a bit of cash, no other sport to bet on is there! Yeah some teams are missing a few players but all will have enough to put out three or four good 5 a side teams with a bit of rotation. I'd happily give Sky £30 to watch a few days of footy!