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  1. He's exceeded my expectations this season, I did think he had the potential to have this impact but not quite this soon. I honestly thought he'd be spending at least half of this season out on loan. I mean, he's had a couple of absolutely terrible games, but he appears to have transformed himself into a credible goal threat and his work rate has been tremendous. The difference between Todd Cantwell and a Murphy twin is that Cantwell just wants it enough to make it happen, he'll have a better career as a result. Really unlucky not to get a second when he burst into their box to try and pick up that loose ball, that's the level of desire we need from our players to get on the end of things. At the moment he's well worth his place in the XI.
  2. I did notice that about Hernandez, but let's be fair... Several months out and now trying to find his feet, he'll win us a lot of points over the course of the season and we look a much dangerous team when we gave the option to switch play with a long diagonal to Hernandez. He gives the opposition a lot to think about. Not squaring to our chance-starved striker was criminal really, but Onel probably looking for a goal to settle his own anxieties. Stiepermann and Leitner definitely failed to step up, I didn't really expect Marco to do much in the league. Emi has had good games but definitely has some growing up to do. We forget he is only one year older than Cantwell though... So same applies the other way. Can't justify Cantwells lack of consistency by pointing out his age but then not do the same for Buendia. Both still learning and both need more consistency.
  3. TeemuVanBasten

    Moritz Leitner

    If I were to pick 3 players from our squad that I could imagine having a big tantrum he'd definitely be one of them. Lets hope it isn't one that is so bad it can't be rectified (thinking apology to manager in front of the squad?), just makes me think of the Hoolahan situation when he wanted the Villa move and then had some making up to do. I could see Farke forgiving and forgetting something like this, whether Webber would is a different question and you'd think that he'd need to appease both. At least he's one that you'd think we could get a couple of million for, if the relationship has completely broken down.
  4. TeemuVanBasten

    Moritz Leitner

    After Farke joined the club Webber made it very clear that our existing players would need to show themselves willing and able to adapt to his training methods (presumably similar to the ideas Webber subscribes to), and by that he of course meant the intensity and duration of training. We do double sessions most days I believe. In Farke's first season he called out several players for poor effort in training. All three were subsequently bombed out. Watkins, Murphy, and Oliviera. When we sign a player I'm guessing we make it very clear that it is going to be an experience which really pushes them to their limits (Whether this contributes to our injury problems is something that people have discussed before, but that isn't relevant to the point I'm about to make). But whether they actually manage to adapt to that and give full commitment is a whole different thing, and I'm guessing that not all players do. Perhaps Patrick Roberts hasn't shown himself willing to train at that intensity and with sufficient commitment to his own development. Marcus Edwards I think was one who didn't get along very well with Farke's training methods, it was also said that he needed to do more work defensively (like Murphy!). I'd guess that Roberts isn't in the team for the same reason that Edwards didn't break into it. Either not training with enough commitment, or not showing enough willingness to adapt their game to contribute more when not in possession. The constant pressing and tracking back is essential to how we play, Roberts may be a very good attacking player but perhaps (like Murphy) just doesn't have real willingness to get involved in more of the dirty stuff that is a requisite to succeeding in Farke's system or to change his game to be able to succeed in our system. Yes I'm speculating, but it is probably a decent guess.
  5. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    With her People's Vote campaigning she may now be a Lib Dem...
  6. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    We only had 2 fit centre backs though? But anyway, all noise, my personal opinion is that we should look to bring in a 4th centre back (possibly loan) due to Klose's injury status. I don't care whether Hanley is then 3rd or 4th choice. We are a centre back short.
  7. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    If I can't find a source I'll have to accept it came from here, a dodgy tabloid, or was Chinese whispers, although I will have a look because I'm sure it was mentioned in a Pink'un article at some stage?
  8. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    I blocked smallcockcanary because he has replying to every single post I make, following me around like a dog wanting to snuff my bum to see what I ate for breakfast.
  9. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    Hanley almost left to join a Championship side in the summer, believed to be Blackburn.
  10. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    I stated in the OP what positions I'd sign for and why? Centre back could prob be a loan, to cover Klose injury. Why risk Hanley when there are big doubts about his quality at this level? I don't think Buendia is the answer on that right side.
  11. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    I bet if we're 17th or 18th we'll be doing something in the market, even if its just loans with a clause to buy if we stay up.
  12. TeemuVanBasten

    Now that optimism levels are on the up...

    Cantwell was here, there and every f'in where
  13. And people (fans and players) have been given a bit of belief again. Assuming we can pick up a few more points before January and look like we are in with a chance of staying up... ... what positions do we try and recruit for in January? I'd go for: A player for that right side if Roberts isn't considered good enough, because I really think Buendia is wasted having to play that deep (a liability in fact), I think Buendia should be challenging for that number 10 position. He created more chances for Pukki than any other player last season, he won't do that hanging around in his own half for most of the game. For me he needs to be competing with Cantwell for that number 10 spot. A centre back, for obvious reasons. Because we have one out for the season, and one of the others isn't really good enough (Hanley). And as long as no further serious long term injuries before the end of January, I'd probably just leave it at that. Signing a domestic homegrown keeper and sending Ralf back or dropping McGovern from the 25 is an option we may need to consider, just purely because we need to free up overseas player spots if we are to sign any of those other two from overseas. Angus Gunn has just lost his place in the Southampton team!
  14. TeemuVanBasten

    Should Srbeny start?

    I've put you on ignore Corky That guarantees I'll do a better job of ignoring you when you try and follow me around like a dog wanting to sniff a bum. And I can focus on being in a good mood after the team that I supports wins instead of being put in a bad mood by your irritating pedantic tripe.
  15. TeemuVanBasten

    Villa interested in Emi

    They can do one.