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  1. Most people have customers, and I've had one accuse me of lying about having flu before.
  2. Which one of his work colleagues has done that please?
  3. You seriously going to agree that Lambert had a stronger squad than Farke?
  4. Elliott Bennett and Anthony Pilkington were signed from League One and completely skipped the Championship before playing for us in the Prem! Also.... Dennis, Sissoko and King cost Watford a grand total of about £6m combined in transfer fees and they tore us apart. Ryan Bennett our biggest transfer fee that season for £3.5m, that was the 14th highest transfer fee received by a Championship club that season.
  5. What is all this "free hit" nonsense that everybody keeps talking about. How about we try and win the game instead of having an "experiment" which can be done in a closed doors friendly against 'whoever' at any time.
  6. But why do we focus on developing a "brand of football that could be replicated at a top team", purely so we can produce players that we can flog to top teams? The idea of being a Watford or Burnley and have a sustained run without relegation appeals to me, its not really fun being the leagues whipping boys. I don't care if somewhere down the line we get kudos for producing talent... do people still talk about the time West Ham produced and then flogged Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard, Glen Johnson, Michael Carrick, Joe Cole, and Jermaine Defoe? They were basically the academy for the England national team; two of those players were genuine world class, we'll never beat that productivity. What history would remember is a run of 8 years in the Premier League or something, a cheeky FA Cup win.
  7. It is our mentality that is lacking. Paul Lambert kept us up with a weaker squad, and so did Chris Hughton. That's the fact of the matter, awkward one at that. Farke has been supported in the market, now its sink or swim.
  8. F*ck colleagues. Most who support better teams are glory hunting armchair fans. I always just say "I was born and raised in Norwich, I support Norwich, couldn't imagine supporting another team". Shuts half of them up.
  9. I also noticed that Monty13, the 25% included a lot of old time posters, not those that you'd expect to have a rant on canary call after watching the game on the wireless. It is quite high considering Farke also benefits from the goodwill associated with just being a likeable person. Although not quite high enough to justify any money on next manager sacked. I still think that will be Arteta, but the Southampton manager is also in desperate need of a win.
  10. Well that is the point I'm making in my thread really, that you don't sell Godfrey for £26m if you teach him to just hit it to Row Z or punt it long to target men for 90 minutes, all this playing the ball out from the back is designed to produce the footballers that we can then sell on to big teams who play possession football. But then Burnley stay up year after year whilst having a modest wage bill and a modest transfer spend, so when you say "have to", I think what you mean is that we choose to. It isn't the only way. Lets not forget that Brentford have no youth academy and instead invest in B team players. And Watford had a 5 year run in the Premier League with a very modest average net spend.
  11. If Keown thought we were any good or had a chance of survival he'd have said so. Clear case of somebody just saying it how it is, and somebody in denial (that's you) not being able to handle the truth. Nothing to see here.
  12. Presume you mean 'repartee', always good to check your spelling if trying to show off language skills.
  13. Brentfords owner is worth £3m. I've got an uncle worth more. They didn't sell Toney.
  14. Does the losing mentality start at the coaching though? Or even, from Stuart Webber? We've historically been plucky Norwich, punching above our weight and taking it to the big boys, now we often sound defeated before kick off. When we finish 1st in the Championship (21st in England) or 20th in the Premier League (20th in England) we are probably in our natural position. That isn't punching above our weight. McNally was the last person to oversee a couple of seasons of us punching above our weight, with 11th and 12th placed finished, it was only a decade ago.
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