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  1. As long as you know that Jamal Lewis is nowhere near the best young homegrown left back and any Premier League suitors may have other options... With Rico Henry being linked to a lot of Premier League clubs and Brentford missing out on promotion, I suspect Jamal Lewis's price will be partially linked to how much Brentford are prepared to accept for Rico Henry. Sessegnon also tipped with a move back to Fulham. Jamal Lewis not the only young homegrown left back on the market, there actually seems to be an abundance right now.
  2. For a little bit of balance here, stoning is a legal punishment in Qatar but has never been used and the one execution in Qatar this year for any crime was the first one since 2003 (and that's only 5 years after the death penalty for treason was abolished in the UK).
  3. Eh? He's just injury problems. A mid-table Premier League side have just extended his contract.
  4. I found it very odd when Neil Adams gave him an insulting squad number, made it pretty clear that he wanted to push him out. The grown up way to do it would have been to let him keep his squad number and then tell him to his face, in his office, like a real man instead of a petty vindictive weasel. And in hindsight I do wonder whether a better manager would have disciplined Sebastien Bassong and then got him back on side after coaxing out an apology in front of the squad, rather than exiling him when we could really have done with him in the back 5 (as evidenced when he came back under Alex Neil). Neil Adams only has Bryan Gunn to thank for not being the oddest managerial appointment in our history.
  5. Remember that he's very oung and playing this season without pressure. Whether he'd cope with the intensity of regular football in a tense promotion battle is another question, and I'd argue that whilst we need to give the opportunity to break into the side we also need to ensure that we aren't too reliant on him for goals. The problem with getting into that position is that we'd risk a spell of bad form wrecking his confidence by the time he sees criticism on twitter/facebook/instagram from some of our less intelligent fans. I think we should plan on him being a squad player with opportunities from the bench, and celebrate anything more than that as a major bonus. Also, cup games and league games are simply not the same. Drmic has scored 66% of his Norwich goals in cup competitions, Van Wolfswinkel 50% of his. Idah needs plenty of opportunities to impress but he doesn't need pressure. We need to go into this season with at least 3 strikers including Idah, preferably with Drmic not being one of them.
  6. Personally I think Ivan Toney will be the missed opportunity when he moves for a similar fee to the £6m Rangers are said to have paid for Roofe.
  7. Sure, but you can't make a professional footballer redundant as they aren't normal employment contracts. Is there a better example right now of somebody being literally redundant than somebody whose job it is to sell tickets to events? It's unlucky and unfortunate, but external factors mean that they have no job to do. Even in the event of spectators being allowed to return to football they still won't need probably 90 percent of the ticket office staff due to the limited capacity.
  8. I think you'll find most clubs outsource the match day positions now, e.g. stewards will all be contractors for a security company. And in the news it says they are in the football, administration and commercial departments. Should imagine ticket office staff will be among them as they haven't got any work to do, and you'd need fewer people to flog hospitality boxes or corporate experiences, and possibly fewer people working in sponsorship's... think about Carrow Road, who is going to be renewing their sponsorship board on the South Stand, cameras never show them! Redundancies just make sense I'm afraid, you can't pay people to do nothing indefinitely.
  9. I feel that Josh is the more well rounded of the Murphy twins, but I think we've moved on.
  10. Jed Steer is a good keeper and good with his feet. And he's homegrown, McGovern is not. So I'd go with him. Rudd and Lewis would also be McGovern upgrades but Steer would make more sense due to being able to use his feet.
  11. Perhaps we can get a player or two in exchange, e.g. Sheyi Ojo on a permanent and Rhian Brewster on loan for a year?
  12. Farke has said he wants some experienced Championship operators in his squad. I agree with him. People like Bennett and Rhodes tick that box. Rupp, who has played 0 games in the Championship does not. Neither does 22 year old Kieran Dowell. Simple. And Farke is right, if we want to hit the ground running then we should sign 2 or 3 who know what it takes to get out of this league. Remember that Ryan Bennett has been promoted twice with two different clubs.
  13. Recent signing of players well over 25 include Krul, Pukki and Vrancic. Its silly to assume that just because we have a focus on developing our own talent that we may not see the need for some experience now and again. How many points would we have had this season with an inexperienced keeper? Krul has been indispensable. If Klose and Vrancic are on the way out (very possible) and with Tettey in his last season, there probably is a need for a mature head or two coming in.
  14. You are taking about the manager who signed Grant Hanley and Sean Raggett here. And who tried to sign Jordan Rhodes.
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