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  1. Fair point, poor fella, he looked pretty good when the beat us 3-0 down here in the Alex Neil era
  2. That Duncan Watmore was good when he burst on the scene and really rapid from memory. He could be worth a punt for a year
  3. There is usual a period of transfer domino’s dependant on 2 or 3 big transfers and then the rest happen quickly. The short nature of the window before the new season starts presents a bit of a challenge but the European trophies haven’t concluded yet and this maybe the catalyst. I originally thought the most likely outs from Norwich we’re Cantwell and Aarons but with Chilwell potentially leaving Leicester and Liverpool looking for a left back then I think Lewis might go to. I have a feeling that Buendia, Pukki and Godfrey will stay.
  4. Without getting carried away (or atleast trying not too!), have we ever had a better crop of young players than we have currently got? I do fully appreciate the views of many posters that you need good experienced players to get us out of the championship and compete up a level (if we get back) but it is really pleasing to watch these youngsters come here as they believe they will get an opportunity to play and progress their careers. We have 5 very valuable assets in Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey, Cantwell and Buendia and have Idah, McCullum, Sitti, Dennis, Martin, adshead, famewo, platcheta, Mair, Silani, Sorensen, Gilmour and Mumba all on the books. We only really need a couple of them to make it and it supports our continued development. I would like to see us bring in a good number 10 to really drive us through the championship this year but what an exciting time with the crop of quality we have.
  5. I think this is a good reflection and a lot of people on this forum were positive about these signings on paper at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it hasn’t worked at all resulting in a painful season and all the usual over-reaction both sides. I personally was more disappointed with the lack of investment at Xmas when despite it all we weren’t miles adrift. Duda and Rupp just didn’t make any type of difference and the fact we spent £3m on the future at that stage was a little odd given the position. I’m not saying Mccullum wasn’t a good signing but that it was pretty clear we needed a centre half who could header and a more physical midfielder. Could we have got them, who knows? overall I’m supportive of the model the club has in place as it’s really the only one you can do when you have no money and don’t want to risk the financial standing. Like a few others I am also not opposed to different owners if someone genuinely wanted to invest in NCFC.
  6. If it’s results in top flight then walker has to be top doesn’t he? Did we finish 3rd or 4th under him, I’m loosing my memory.
  7. Would be interesting to know the age demographic of the views, I can imagine if I hadnt been old enough to see the stringer/walker eras then based on recent years only I would have gone for lambert and I wasn’t lucky enough to see the Saunders era hence why I didn’t go for him.
  8. Lucky enough to have watched a few eras. I would go with: Stringer Walker Lambert Brown Farke/worthington although I have to say Bryan Hamilton, Peter Grant, Bryan Gunn, Glenn Roeder and Gary Megson spells were unlucky to miss out in all seriousness Stringer\Walker have to be out in front as we were simply one of the best sides in the country playing great attacking football and so close to competing for top honours. No one has got even close since
  9. All, Under DF we have predominantly played the 4-2-3-1 formation that at times has seen us play some wonderful fluid football but perhaps always left us looking fragile defensively. I know it’s a bit of a how long is a piece of string question given the potential fluidity of players but how do people think we should set up going forward? I do think we could set ourselves up in the Liverpool 4-3-3 formation but this would require more pace and goals from our front three but with cantwell and potentially buendia off, this might be why were linked to the polish winger, more pace and power through the team. thoughts?
  10. I think this is a really important point. We have to be careful not to get ahead of ourselves or the championship will gives us a huge kick up the ar5e. The first job will be to find a way to stop losing and get some momentum going again, this will be harder than it seems. Although we will drop a level, finding our free flowing football with changing personnel will not happen instantly and in the interim teams will think they can physically get in amongst us and score from set-pieces. We will therefore have to correct that issue urgently and keep in games to let us start to build up some rhythm. Personally I would also advocate for Stipermann to stay, he was good in the championship and importantly gave us a physical presence and an out-ball, he hasn’t worked this year and needs replacing going forward but him and Pukki should start for me.
  11. I’m going to be brave and say that I think Drmic will get 15 goals for us next season if he stays. I agree with the majority of posters on here that he hasn’t looked great, especially since the restart but as a team we’ve been pretty awful in that period and pretty much permanently on the back foot. I think it would be hard for any isolated striker to look too good. To me he looks like a type of player who is quite aware in and around the box. I therefore believe as long as we are competitive and playing on the front foot next season, I think he will get a lot of them ugly follow them in type goals. it is pretty difficult to guess the shape and set up of the team at the moment and I would be surprised to see him leave but if he stays I’ll have a £20 charity bet that he gets 15.
  12. Pukki didn’t cost a thing and he got nearly 30 last time. at the top level you are absolutely correct, money tends to buy quality but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a bargain. I expect quite a few championship clubs to have to severely tighten their belts this summer due to COVID and therefore there might be some interesting options available for cheaper than usual to a club like us that bizarrely in the championship terms will be cash rich (assuming we sell some of the stars)
  13. I don’t think we were ever going to keep Maddison, perilous financial state or not. He was clearly a class act, had been looked at by big clubs before we bought him and had now proved himself capable of standing up to some of the physical elements of the game at a young age. It was a bit like when we had Dean Ashton, only a matter of time, the only variable was how much would we get. I can also remember a few of the players saying last year that despite Maddison being a superb player the team operates better without him, sometimes every cloud has a silver lining. I do agree that the club must be a reasonably attractive proposition, no debt, good supporter base, run in a sensible manner, competitive chance of operating in the premier league but I’m also in the camp that we could get much worse than Delia that impacts the club. I can still remember the poisonous Glenn Roeder era that shows just how bad things can get when the wrong people are involved.
  14. I agree but I think I’m right in the assumption that his contract expires this summer so it is a natural linkage
  15. Interesting to see we have been linked to a Romanian winger for decent money, that would go against the model.
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