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  1. Don’t think we will see Aaron’s or Pukki given they have played internationals recently. Probably the same for giannoulis and Hanley
  2. A quick provocation… if we in a parallel theoretical world sold Pukki this summer for say £8m and bought Scott Twine for £4m how would people have seen that? On a football sense getting rid of your best player makes little sense but our model depends on selling players to remain competitive financially on wages etc. £8m+ for a 32 year old in the last year of his contract must be tempting. The main issue for me is that I have lost all faith in our recruitment, which may be a bit harsh but we haven’t stumbled on a bargain for a while.
  3. You get the sense as always that the transfer market will take a domino effect. A couple of major transfers will take place and a flurry of activity will kick off. Norwich have a strong looking team/squad on paper right now but we don’t exactly know which ones fit into smiths plans, his primary formation or which ones have expressed a desire to leave. It could just be a tweak to the existing group or major surgery. if we started the season with Krul, Aarons, Giannoulis, Gibson, Hanley, Hayden, PLM, Rashica, Dowell, Cantwell and Pukki with a bench containing McClean, Hernandez, Sorenson, Omabamadiele, Sargent, Idah then that is pretty decent (on paper).
  4. The parachute money will probably just about cover the wage bill (even with reductions in contracts) it’s not a magic pit of cash to spend on new players.
  5. I bet the wages of drmic and Rupp is sizeable though
  6. He got 11 goals in a garbage team. Most teams below the big 6-8 would take him. Wouldnt be first choice necessarily but you could see him as back up at West Ham, Leicester, Leeds
  7. I think Pukki still looks fresh at 32. If we could persuade him to have 3 more years I think it would be sensible business
  8. No brainer. Picked him up on a free, got great service out of him. Now have a keeper ready to step up and we get some transfer fee and a big wage off the bill.
  9. It has to be that nephew Tom was the secret £184m Eurolottery winner.
  10. Concur TVB, you need to watch it in full to get the context. Like everything else nowadays people want to take a couple of quotes in isolation and blow them out of proportion. the bloke has an ego without doubt, but a level of that is probably what makes him successful
  11. Kind of true but at this very moment of time, we could name a team along the lines of krul, Aarons, Giannoulis, Gibson, Hanley, McClean, PLM, Cantwell, Dowell, Rashica and Pukki which would actually only be 2 players different to the team that most people would have picked as our strongest x1 2 years ago. i do accept Skipp and Buendia are quite a difference but the above is a strong championship first x1
  12. Open as in he said what he was feeling, rather than it being full of cliche or what he believed would placate the people who have been criticising him. Not the logistics of the interview which as you point out is somewhat controlled, rather this is my take, this is the views I care about, this is how I see it. I fully get that he divides opinion but he is not without one himself, which I personally like.
  13. But if you listen carefully he states we have a strong squad at championship level which is true. Good enough to win it without Emi, we will see but you cannot say that players like Hanley, Gibson, Giannoulis, McClean etc are not strong at this level as they blatantly are. Miles off prem as a team which is smiths point.
  14. I thought it was a pretty open, honest and blunt interview. He didn’t say things just to please people as is his style and he will always be a bit marmite to people. overall, as I have said before the club is in a much better place than when he started which has to be the key indicator. I do believe as a fan base we do at times have illusions of grandeur of how big a club we actually are. personally, I thought this season was sh*t but it can happen, the key will be how we bounce back. Fans need to decide whether they are now going to get back behind the club or continue with the approach of over reacting to every word said.
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