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  1. Big O

    Team for Sheffield United

    I’m almost with LDC here but I think at the blades we have to keep in the game when their initial high energy game is in flight and then maybe win it later on. I’m tempted to be a little different and move Emi to 10 and rupp to the right hand side to protect against their wing backs. We need to go and win the game but that might require discipline and patience to start with.
  2. Big O

    Kenny Mclean

    Is there not a strong argument to play Vrancic over Duda? I must admit for the blades clash with their overlapping centre-backs I’d be tempted to go with buendia at 10 and rupp doing a defensive job on the right.
  3. Big O

    Grant Hanley

    Superb performance, whole back four played well.
  4. Apologies to bring up the dreaded VAR but surely Mike Riley has to resign for the shambles of the implementation? i know the result helped us today but the two Bournemouth handballs were terrible decisions, the KDB one is laughable and the red card (or lack of one at spurs) even worse. The worst part is the lack of retrospective action after they admitted they had got it wrong. Time for Riley to go and an immediate rule change enforced of the referee on the pitch has to make the final decision for everything other than offsides which will have to remain consistent for this season. you just know if we do get close we will be VARed out of it.
  5. Big O

    Why we will be relegated

    I’m not trying to be blind to the position we are in or be ridiculously optimistic but I genuinely think we’ve not be a million miles away this season. It was clear that the premier was always going to be a huge challenge and I think the injury crisis early in the season stopped us dead in our tracks. We really needed to be able to play on our momentum and in effect we weren’t able to do that, the loss of Klose really hurt too as we lost a genuine leader. Further to this, we have a very young team, 4/5 players at 21 or below, really difficult to drop these boys who have been brilliant in getting us up but they are learning their trade in the hardest league in the world. Sheff Utd by comparison have an experienced core that has played together and they look a well drilled unit. They did spend some money but that was on trying to sharpen their attack which has worked for them. Our transfer business in hindsight hasn’t worked, Amadou, Roberts, Drmic haven’t made the difference we needed them too and Stipermann/leitner haven’t been able to make the step up. its frustrating as it would be great to see this team evolve overtime but we will have to prepare for a future without 3 or 4 of them. notwithstanding this, we do still have a good core of a team and we should, with the transfer fees received for Pukki, Buendia, prob Aaron’s, maybe Godfrey and Cantwell then we should be able to have a reasonable tilt at getting back up again but landing players like buendia again will be hard. I think as a fan, I’ll trust the model and hope as always we bounce back.
  6. Big O

    January window.

    I think we will do some business but the reality is that we have to ensure we get enough quality homegrown players through the door to cover the potential loss of any of our current sellable assets. I also think, impossible as it will be that we need to be taking a big step to bringing in a Pukki replacement. The bloke is class and capable at premier level and at 29/30 it’s highly likely he will want to stay there. In terms of the self funding model it’s ideal, sign someone for nothing, sell him for £15-25m and bring in the next option. Other than that it will be silly offers for our young players which other than Buendia are all homegrown. how many homegrown do we need in a match day squad in the championship again? One obvious answer is a good English back up keeper. I also think if we do go down (let’s hope we don’t) we will definitely need to find another central midfielder and or number 10. Tettey won’t go on for ever and whilst Vrancic, Trybull, McClean, leitner and stiepi were class last year we will need to have one on in trying to get back up and consider what our midfield could be like next time. I won’t be surprised (if we can find one) to bring in a couple of slightly more physical players with that in mind.
  7. Big O

    Stuart Webber

    Good point. im not going to be sad and dig back through all the boards about summer activity but my rough recollection was that most people said we needed a new keeper, right back cover, a defensive midfielder a winger and a striker. I didn’t here too many people saying a centre half but hindsight and bad luck (klose) suggests one would have been sage. Roberts and Drmic have given us nothing unfortunately so it is clear we need to find a way to get a tune out of them or we need 2 forward players and a centre half in the January (loans at best) but I don’t think we’re completely done just yet.
  8. Big O

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    What utter drivel! we have 3 excellent prospects who will all go on to be established premier league players, they are 19-21 for Pete’s sake. They will all be better players for this experience but they are probably at the stage we’re they need to be rested for periods and replaced with some experienced guys. Unfortunately we don’t have them so these guys are literally learning on the job. It amazes me the fickle nature of NCFC fans.
  9. Big O

    Stuart Webber

    I think this is a little harsh. Aston Villa have spent c£130 haven’t they and sit in the relegation zone too (albeit 4 points better off). I’m not certain I buy into this, “but we should have spent £10m and given it a go” rhetoric as that buys you about a 1/3 of Alex iwobi at this level. This league is hard, really hard and we are giving it a go but the naivety is killing us, but we have to persevere with our youth players and approach and continue to build. If that equates going down, selling a few and going again then unfortunately that is the only real option for us as a club in the absence of a Leicester like benefactor who wants to take forward a smaller club. Even then-if you look at how Leicester made the jump, it was through good recruitment of Vardy, Kanye, mahrez, albrighton etc. Norwich can do this too but patience is a virtue that Norwich fans will have to have.
  10. Big O

    Self-sustaining model

    I hate all the club bashing every time we lose. The simple fact is we don’t have the money to compete at this level and therefore we have to take an approach that is more around sustainability, nurturing talent and looking for bargains and we will always be in the favourites to go down for that reason. There are a lot of people expressing opinion with power of hindsight around our team and approach that certainly didn’t say that much in the summer. Personally I think the loss of Klose was big, Godfrey always deserved to play as did Lewis and Aaron’s but I envisaged a time when experience would be invaluable too, he was our £8m international defender and we miss him. I think if there is one area where I could be critical regarding recruitment it is the lack of value any of the additions have made to the squad. Only Byram and Amadou looks like they can play at this level but not really better than we have and we clearly lack some extra quality further forward, Drmic and Roberts haven’t quite worked out, both looked like gambles given their injury record and it has unfortunately turned out that way. Personal view is that there must have been a loan option we could have gone for, a Harry Wilson for example that would have given us some optionality which we just don’t seem to possess, an injury to Pukki is a frightening thought. we have to keep fighting and hope for a game to go our way through luck, bad decision or whatever that brings a confidence bounce but we do look in trouble for now
  11. Big O

    Team for Everton

    I personally think we need to change up a little from our 4-2-3-1 as teams have worked us out and picking it off, I would revert more to the Liverpool/Leicester 4-3-3 and make sure our midfield not wide open at any stage. This might also play to getting Buendia up the pitch and able to drift in without exposing Aaron’s so much. Krul aarons, Zimmerman, Godfrey, Lewis amadou vrancic/leitner, trybull buendia, Pukki, Hernandez
  12. Big O

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    I would have thought the person who may ultimately pay for the spending spree is Dean Smith. A really good manager but will be under huge pressure if villa get off to a bad start and even though, as some have pointed out, they have kept a degree of continuity they have lost Abraham’s goals. just to break with public opinion (and Micheal Bailey) I’m not convinced by McGinn. It was noticeable that it was he and not McClean who was subbed by Scotland in their qualifiers as he kept getting caught in possession. Clearly they have some good players and haven’t stopped spending yet but I would definitely think they will be amongst the bottom 7 fighting for survival with probably us, Sheffield Utd, Newcastle, Brighton, palace, Burnley and maybe Bournemouth.
  13. Big O

    Jordan Rhodes?

    I assume because he would like to come here. If he bought his final year out for roughly £2m, we would surely pay him that to sign on. I was more just wondering if he was allowed to?
  14. All, honest question. Can Jordan Rhodes buy himeself out of the last year of his contract and become a free agent? If so is this not a way round the transfer fee of £7m