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  1. I agree on face value with that. I guess it ultimately depends on who comes in as it’s pretty likely we now need 2 new left backs. Some type of wonder youngster hopefully but probably toffollo or Jamal Lewis.
  2. But he is also still a decent player, player of the season in a squad which needs major change. By all means bring in other midfielders to challenge him and Nunez but assuming Sara leaves we will need him
  3. Agree. Sainz and Kamara are nailed on starters with Nunez and McClean, Gunn and Stacey. After that I have no clue
  4. I think it will be a very painful summer. We have to sell to cut the wage bill and comply with the financial rules. We have atleast a couple of ageing players on multi year contracts and assuming Sargent does go then we are either starting with Idah or looking for a centre forward. my one hope is they move quickly, if Wagner is staying then say so, if he isn’t then sack him and move on. Either way we will be needing to somehow increase the squad post exits (sold or out of contract) with little money
  5. But not in 6 months surely? This season has ended better than we thought but ultimately in a fairly embarrassing failure tonight. Can’t change everything as there will already be massive player turnover this summer. First thing is a massive reduction of wage bill now parachute payments have gone and a rebuild. Next season will be hard but there is some hope, Nunez looks a decent player as does Sainz, kamara has potential and we have some good young centre halves to return.
  6. Sell him with a clever sell on percentage for when they mould him into a super star and sell him for mega millions. focus on what we have here, use the £8m to fill some of the obvious financial hole and move on. Shame it didn’t work but too much of a risk to bring him back and for him to sink again. Bring Kamara through now Placheta has gone.
  7. I’d go for: 1. teams having to make a decision on whether to keep a youth player by 21 in a first team squad of 30 or have to enable them to go to a different club on free 2. Youth players remain on youth contracts until they either get into first team squad or released and picked up. Stop silly salaries pricing lower pyramid clubs out and keeping talent in the game 3. Max 5 loans out of a club a season, stop them stock piling talent and stealing smaller clubs talents when they have no intention of ever actually playing them. 4. salary budgets capped at a flat rate plus a small percentage of turnover. Think it’s fair that bigger richer clubs should get an advantage but not such a massive one 5. Not allowed to poach a manger mid season, you would have to appoint someone out of work when the season started or within if you wanted to get rid of your manager. Stop some of the short-termism. 6. Roll it back to 3 subs, More than ample. Happy with a concussion sub if needed. 7. technology rolled back to goal line tech and offsides. 8. Red cards only for serious serious foul play and should be used in extremis not the norm. 9. weekly review of this people diving. Week ban for every instance until players get the message, upto 3 weeks to get a penalty if player sent off. For example the grant Hanley special… that’s a week 10. Simon Hooper to allow all overhead kicks
  8. You might be much better informed than me but how do you even know if he had any resources to make any changes. id agree the radio silence hasn’t helped but it does bring it back to reality that he has only been here two months. What type of miracles were you expecting?
  9. I personally thought he came across well and outlined what you would expect from a sporting Director of NCFC under current circumstances. It must be hard for a new sporting Director to come into that environment, which was turning toxic, and retain an ability to make logical decisions. we won’t all agree with keeping David Wagner on (I’m not a fan) but keeping his focus on building pathways, trimming the age etc and making use of the assets we have (I.e. getting talent out on loan, academy focus) has to be his start point. you get the sense that he is gearing himself up for a challenging summer as (assuming we’re not promoted - which we might be!) he will have to resolve the following: 1. Is Wagner the man to take us forward? 2. Do we keep any of the out of contract players? 3. Do we need to sell a key asset to create the ability to invest across the team? 4. Are any of the young players out on loan ready to be part of a championship squad? 5. where are we going to get value in the transfer market? Are we back to cheaper markets or players who burnt out from promising starts? sounds like quite a list to get through as next year the finances will be tight.
  10. Goes to show why our transfer strategy has to be spot on. Find one youngster who shows promise and the fee is £20m.
  11. I agree, if we can get some comfort that his injury worries are behind him then he seems sensible to renew a contract. He’s a good age, could be coming into his prime and is a nice footballler. We will have to have a full of players so a utility one could be a god send
  12. 100% agree with this. Baring a disaster we aren’t going down this year so make sure Gibbs and maybe Lima have a path into the squad/team. I know Knapper has been v quiet on the transfer front (prob driven by ffp/debts) but the exits and loans appear to be sensible decisions
  13. Let’s hope you’re right LDC and this is the turning point. I’d love to see us go on a run but our style of football looks so turgid to me. We got our noses in front last night against the run of play through a beautiful goal and then Hull penned us in for large periods. Fortunately we have plenty of experience in how to get through games but I can’t see us really coming back in games where we go behind too regularly. but… as you say if we can string some consistency together over the next 19 games then we have a sniff, there is certainly good players in that squad.
  14. A slightly better side???? that team was a much much better side, 3 quality forwards in hooper, Jerome and Grabban… supported by Wes, Howson, Redmond!
  15. I think also reserve team football was much more competitive than the U23’s level
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