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  1. Just go and wi. The Wycombe game, another vital 3 points would take us to 70 after 33, that would leave us needing 6 or maybe 7 wins out of 13 to go up. The Brentford game will look after itself, the players will be up for that big time.
  2. Or maybe the number of games has caught up with them. Give it 15 and then use the bench, that is what it is there for and we have talent on it.
  3. Hopefully too early to say but one or two of us look heavy legged out there. Dowell for Vrancic and maybe a change for Buendia after 70?
  4. I think this is where I am, I know Farke likes to play the same x1 and that makes sense usually but this big run of games till the end of the season now is going to see uS needing to use our squad. On paper atleast this is one of the advantages we hold with our squad depth over some of the others. However now totally contradicting myself I think these next 3 games for us our critical. No game is easy in the championship but if we can see off Rotherham, Birmingham and Wycombe we will have 70 points from 33 games and prob need 6 wins out of 13 to be atleast second, so I would therefore go as strong as we can for these games. in one way our early season injuries may have helped us a bit as Pukki, Gibson, McClean, Cantwell, Krul have all had a break at some point as have Hernandez, Rupp, Dowell, Idah, Hudgil and Stipermann which should mean we have less fatigue in the squad. Our main worries are Aaron’s, Skipp and Hanley who seem to have played most weeks.
  5. I think Watford have to be considered a serious threat, don’t concede many and seem to have started to score goals. I think they have Bournemouth coming up which will be a big game for them. We just have to keep winning to put them under pressure
  6. I wonder whether this is a double bluff and he is going to start on Wednesday.
  7. I think that result today just reminds people how hard and competitive the Championship is. Brentford are a really good side on a great run and the day they aren’t at it, they get turned over. Norwich can do no more than trying to remain consistent and composed and keep trying to churn the points out, if we do that and Swansea and Brentford match us then it will be an exciting end of the season. If we’re honest we have Brentford, Bournemouth, Watford and Reading all at home which are all tough games but if we have any ambition of trying to be competitive in the premier league then these are all games we should be aiming to win. Going to Norwich is and should be a tough game for anyone in this league. Big game Wednesday night now, need to get back to winning ways away from home against a side scrapping at the bottom.
  8. He did look to give us a more natural balance today, and I thought splayed well. I wonder how much we watered the pitch pre game as there were a few people slipping about. Overall team played well, you would think other than maybe number 10 (although a big Vrancic fan) that is probably our best side. It would be good to try and find a way to get Dowell a longer run, as I think he was bought for that role and clearly has talent.
  9. I’m the same X1 as you I think. If the game is going well then maybe we can get Dowell and Idah on for Hernandez and Pukki
  10. For San Marino game, it does provide a chance to tinker. This will never happen of course but Pope, Justin, Shaw, Stones, Maguire, Rice, Mount, Maddison, Grealish, Foden, Calvert-Lewin in a 4-1-2-2-1 formation (i.e. Grealish and Foden from wide).
  11. I think it’s the beauty of football that teams have very different styles and each game can be a different challenge, this seems particularly prevalent in the championship. Brentford remind me a bit of ourselves in the championship 2 years ago, very expansive and very open, we all know how that ended up in the premier but might well be good enough to blast themselves up. Swansea are very well drilled and try and overload in wide areas, they have been fortunate with injuries to date and hourihane gives them quality no doubt about it. I do think teams will start to set out to frustrate both of them the way they do us now so it will be an interesting run-in. I think our challenge this season has been a lack of goals, or more importantly threat from number 10. It has left Pukki so isolated at times and I think the lack of pace anywhere has restricted our ability to hurt teams in transition. I think Hernandez might be the key for us at the tail end of this season, He backs opponents up and can commit defenders to make space elsewhere. I’d like to see him start on the left and Cantwell/ Buendia both be interchangeable and let Aaron’s get down the right. Sorenson naturally won’t need to venture as far and gives us cover at the back. Dowell can be the main plan B and we need to get him upto speed quickly and rotate those 4 as needed. I would also be tempted to give Pukki the next 3-4 games and the change up for Idah if not working and bring A fresh Teemu on after 70 to go at tiring legs.
  12. The big thing they have is goals all over the team. Toney is looking great and Janelt, Ghoddos are good players too. Our biggest issue for a while is a lack of goal scorers, if,it isn’t Pukki, Buendia or maybe Cantwell then no one else really threatens (maybe Vrancic). long way to go though.
  13. I was right after all. Ffs
  14. Ffs, Bournemouth winning too. Football can be an ar5e.
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