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  1. Big O

    Team for Everton

    I personally think we need to change up a little from our 4-2-3-1 as teams have worked us out and picking it off, I would revert more to the Liverpool/Leicester 4-3-3 and make sure our midfield not wide open at any stage. This might also play to getting Buendia up the pitch and able to drift in without exposing Aaron’s so much. Krul aarons, Zimmerman, Godfrey, Lewis amadou vrancic/leitner, trybull buendia, Pukki, Hernandez
  2. Since the inception of the premier league in 92/93 and the vast wealth coming into the game the ability for clubs to compete without having an owner who can spend money well above the turnover of the club and sustain losses has effectively disappeared. You will get the occasional club who bucks the trend for a period (Swansea, Burnley etc) but eventually it catches up with them. This makes it incredibly tough for a club like NCFC without that backing to compete. Clubs like Brighton, Bournemouth, Watford have wealth well beyond Norwich and can therefore spend £20-30m on centre halves and centre forwards, we can’t - its a simple as that. In terms of this summer, most of these boards said we needed a holding midfielder, cover at right-back, another winger, cover up front for Pukki and most people would have loved us to get a number 10 in. I think most people thought that Aaron’s, Lewis, Godfrey, Zimmerman with Klose should be given a go and that buendia and leitner /Vrancic would be good enough. In essence with the exception of the 10, Webber/Farke bought in them players and then invested into the model of identifying the next load of youngsters to bring through like Fitzpatrick/addshead. The signings haven’t quite worked out yet, We have been unlucky with injuries that halted our momentum and now we’re struggling but we have to let this team go for it with our support not this already fickle over the top negative reactions. It is clear we do need to adjust the way we play a little, teams have worked us out but we do need to play atleast a few games with a settled team and amadou in his proper position. I think then we can say how far short we are. For now let’s get behind them and see where we are in January, we can’t suddenly splash the cash so let’s persevere and show some patience.
  3. Big O

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    I would have thought the person who may ultimately pay for the spending spree is Dean Smith. A really good manager but will be under huge pressure if villa get off to a bad start and even though, as some have pointed out, they have kept a degree of continuity they have lost Abraham’s goals. just to break with public opinion (and Micheal Bailey) I’m not convinced by McGinn. It was noticeable that it was he and not McClean who was subbed by Scotland in their qualifiers as he kept getting caught in possession. Clearly they have some good players and haven’t stopped spending yet but I would definitely think they will be amongst the bottom 7 fighting for survival with probably us, Sheffield Utd, Newcastle, Brighton, palace, Burnley and maybe Bournemouth.
  4. Big O

    Jordan Rhodes?

    I assume because he would like to come here. If he bought his final year out for roughly £2m, we would surely pay him that to sign on. I was more just wondering if he was allowed to?
  5. All, honest question. Can Jordan Rhodes buy himeself out of the last year of his contract and become a free agent? If so is this not a way round the transfer fee of £7m
  6. Big O

    you can make four signings. Who are they?

    I agree with a lot of the posts on here, the summer transfer activity will require a very careful balance from Farke and Webber. The team spirit and the intuitive way we are now playing should only be tinkered with care. Our best chance of staying up is riding our momentum and getting early points on the board. We do need to keep planning 2 seasons ahead though and whilst highly positive about our chances we do need to consider the potential constraints of the home grown rule if we do drop back down especially as our key talent Aaron’s, Lewis, Godfrey all tick that box. in terms of outs I assume srbeny, Thompson, cantwell and oxborough may well go out on loan to get a season under their belts and will be interesting to see if Ben Marshall is sold or not. In terms of signings - Nick Powell on a free at Wigan could be useful. Good age/pedigree and gives us another physical option to compete with Stipermann or off the bench with Pukki. If we go down the loan route Mason Mount rather than Wilson for me. I assume Rhodes might be on some type of buy if you go up deal too but if not it would be great to bring in Maupay from Brentford. I like everyone else recognise we are short in the two wide positions in terms of depth so a winger is a must - I’m sure there will be a detailed list of overseas options but Daniel James would be a dream addition. A back up right back is a must and I think a more defensive minded player to compete with trybull would be useful, although I agree with other posters that Klose back to centre half and Godfrey in midfield in there is an option.
  7. Big O

    May you not get what you want


    I have to say that whilst I have always been for patience when it comes to Norwich and particularly Mr Farke, I have to admit after watching the Preston game I thought we were in trouble. We just seemed to lack any plan or confidence in our play.

    I am so pleased that I was wrong, because as you say the club is in a good spot at this moment in time. We have to urge a little bit of caution in that this run could splutter to a halt but there looks to be a steel that wasn’t there previously and players competing for spaces.

    If I had one concern, it is that we don’t have enough players who score goals, we need Stipermann, buendia, Cantwell to add a few but I’m really looking forward to McClean playing too.
  8. Big O

    Team for stoke

    Although I retain concerns about Pukki burnout, I think I would at least start with the same again, assuming all fit.

    Will need to use subs wisely though, would be nice to have Hernandez, Rhodes,vrancic, trybull as options off the bench, let alone Godfrey and Thompson.
  9. Big O

    Stoke's Squad

    I expect Stoke to be up there at the end of the season. Rowett really does need to take a team up or the plumb jobs might start drying up.

    I am a little concerned about tomorrow as we were starting to look a little leggy in places mid-week and we could do with the international break to take a breather.

    I would start with Rhodes or Sir Benny tomorrow over Pukki as he looked shot after 75 on Wednesday and I think maybe Vrancic deserves a start but not quite certain where.
  10. Big O

    Team for QPR

    I’m not certain we can make too many changes today, given the injuries.

    The obvious concern will be whether tettey can go again and how we control the young guy Eze and Wells for QPR. I would be strangely tempted to bring in trybull for Leitner and keep him fresh for the last 30 mins when we can go and win the game. Cantwell gave us some legs the other night and has the ability to interchange with stipermann.

    I’d li,e to see Sir Benny get some minutes today too, he needs to play to develop so maybe a cameo from the bench.
  11. Big O

    Next 6 games

    [quote user="wooster"]NN/LDC,

    I''m with 6088m canary though I see it as realism rather than negativity. I like the idea of turning this into a PuPs bet though so I will donate the following:

    18 points £100

    15-17 £75

    12-14 £50

    9-11 £25

    6+ £10

    (hope the formatting works out)[/quote]

    £10 in already Wooster
  12. Big O

    Interesting re Oliviera

    [quote user="Parma Ham''s gone mouldy"]As Napoleon knew, occasionally you have to shoot a general or two.

    If red lines are drawn, crossing them undermines coaches and other players - and their attitudes to ‘the boat’ - can be negatively affected.

    A Sporting Director has to simultaneously support the Coach and boat, whilst endeavouring to protect and maximise the value and saleability of the asset.

    Thus apparently conflicting statements and actions are actually no such thing.



    It is possible to pull up from the water and back into the boat an appropriately remorseful and contrite individual of course.

    Whether Nelson wants to eat that large slice of humble pie to be re-integrated is a question but I fancy him to be top scorer in the u23 league in the interim!
  13. Big O

    Reading match thread

    I thought we played pretty well in the main and I concur it’s great to see Lewis, Aaron’s and Cantrell play but Zimmerman was outstanding.

    We definitely look better when we’re being positive though, when we backed off a bit we looked much less effective.

    Squad depth looks improved but could do with finding some pace off the bench or for when Hernandez out as an option. Keep going Farke, the tide is turning
  14. Big O

    Players out

    [quote user="ron obvious"]Hernandez out for a few weeks -hernia op. Been playing through it (explains why he''s not been at full throttle lately.

    Marco hip problem.

    Marshall bug.

    McLean, Thompson and Hanley remain out.

    Not good :-([/quote]

    You forgot Jarvis!
  15. [quote user="Big O"]It’s a difficult one with Oliveria. I find myself thinking if we decided to change manager then the first thing the new one would do would probably be to reintegrate a centre forward who can score goals at this level.

    Part of me likes the fact that Farke sets clear boundaries and expectations on his players (I’m not close to the Russell Martin rumours) and the players who are flourishing under him appear to be the ones that are hungry, Lewis, Maddison, Aaron’s, Zimmerman etc and that’s not a bad sign, we want players busting a gut for the club.

    I do think the club needs a solid period of stability and that this will probably help us to progress and I’m opposed to continually swapping managers, however the difficulty for me is evidencing that we are actually progressing. I don’t blindly expect Norwich to be competing with clubs with bigger resources, that haven’t been through the cost cutting transition we have been but I need to see something that gives me a spark.

    I was talking to a lifelong diehard NCFC fan yesterday, you know the sort in tears at Wembley, bleeds yellow and green and idolises the community nature of the club etc and he said to me , I’m not actually looking forward to going tomorrow -that is a deeply worrying sign.

    Really hoping for NCFC that Farke now takes us on a good run and gets the spirit to course back through the veins of the club, as I feel we need a lift to give us back some belief. As for today, I’d take a 1-0off howsons arse as long as we win!,

    On a slightly different note, I watched Birmingham vs the baggies last night and still maintain that Garry monk would be an excellent manager for NCFC.[/quote]

    Looks like I might have my spark, great result