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  1. Latest listening for me this week. Psychedelic / indie from newish Liverpool band. Selection here. I love the brief guitar 'solo' at about 2.10 on first song, esp good with headphones.
  2. Often, when you look back on the season at results you'll see a promoted team has won 0-4 along the way... #justsaying
  3. THE most inept official in my opinion. Just what was his role in that debacle just now? Really poor. Every time I see him on the pitch I just see Homer Simpson. About time officials were asked to account for their performances at full time. Difficult job for sure but how on earth do you produce such a farce as Mason and Hooper!
  4. Looking nice so far. Dortmund just scored @Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man
  5. sonyc


    Quite incredible and actually I think that Alex Salmond is for Alex Salmond and Scottish independence comes a very distant second! Of course, there may well have been stuff going on in the background. Maybe it will come out. Yet, you might think that he was cleared in court and therefore you'd just be pleased about that, relieved and get on with life (and look forward to your big lifetime project coming to fruition). But no....he wants to not only stick the knife in but twist it many times! It's an interesting watch anyway. I reckon independence (as Neoliberal mentioned a few posts back) could be taking a bit of a bashing. Now you can see Johnson being really helpful to the cause but not in-fighting!
  6. Me too Indy. AZ for me. Very professional, lots of people volunteering at a special hub. Nurses clearly very happy and in good spirits because they know they are making a difference. Lots of thank you's echoed through the rooms.
  7. That look suspiciously like the Cummings/Gavin Williamson algorithm. But I like your one better I had 95 points on my forecast (7 wins, 7 draws...and I hadn't been able to see a defeat).
  8. For Mandie to the Bundesliga and DORTMUND to win v Bielefeld For Wacky, I am going for a 0-4 scoreline with Captain Hanley (an anytime) scorer. Best of luck everyone for a long awaited brilliant weekend of results.
  9. Many thanks dj11. I've booked mine for tomorrow. Didn't know you could request one like this so most appreciated
  10. Agree with your general drift but do look at their defensive record. They don't half ship in goals. You'd expect major investment in that area next season.
  11. As the season has gone on and I've dared to even contemplate promotion, the question of the team in 18/19 versus the one this season has kept pushing its way to the surface. The truth is that I don't know. I thought I did in 18/19 because I'd just witnessed a fantastic campaign and I definitely thought with our team of youngsters that we were fit to compete. We did in moments too, despite that terrible tail off. This season has been less spectacular, even frustrating (!) but it's clear we are more balanced. I feel sure Max has been given the okay to leave because why else all the fuss in the media about bids knocked back (yet another story today!) and Delia's comment. Do we have a ready replacement in Mumba? It feels doubtful. He is an unknown relatively. Will Emi stay? He might. Irreplaceable kind of player? Probably. I believe Skipp has not only been fundamental to our success this year but I'd say now (and I've watched lots of football during lockdown, more than usual) that Olly Skipp is the best player in the Championship. He has adapted to the physicality, the speed etc. There is some football brain there (THE most important thing for me for a midfielder) so his reactions and anticipation have saved the defence many times. He likes the forward pass too. For me, the complete midfielder. I believe he would step up no problem. It's what we needed in 18/19 and for the last decade. We've never had such quality. If we could retain him I would be ten times more hopeful. The Skipp role, if we can call it that, is the most important, as the middle of a spine (Krul/Gibson/Skipp/Pukki). Can Teemu continue? Class act but he needs some equal support. Jordan and Adam might be that but I would want a decent signing alternative in as well. In summary: (1)Skipp plus (2) striker plus (3) RB needed. Of course we will look at all positions. No more predictions for me if we do go up other than to simply be like all the media and say bottom 3. Underpromise and hope to be so very wrong rather than gung ho followed by disappointment. Finally, will Daniel Farke stay? I really hope so. He has said he will see out his contract. Will other top teams want him? Definitely. Once again retaining him could be our best signing for next season.
  12. A wonderful segway ICF ...I'm very impressed, jumping across the forum seamlessly onto a different thread but maintaing an elegant continuity Perhaps though "T Cell" would be a good new name for T if only for this thread?
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