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  1. Felt we needed 4 points from Southampton and Sheff Utd. Come on City
  2. sonyc

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Agree that McLean is a much better option than Stiepermann. For me, this has been the main difference these last two games. Marco slows things down far too often as he seems not as quick thinking as Kenny. At last we seem to be playing like I thought we would at the start of the season. But...I will take a better second half of the season rather than fading after a decent start. Win at Southampton and a follow up over Wilder and I believe we will set ourselves up nicely. Thanks for the report as ever Ricardo.
  3. sonyc

    Team for Arsenal?

    Amazing Amadou block
  4. sonyc

    Team for Arsenal?

    I'm proud of this team. We matched them in the last 30 minutes
  5. sonyc

    Team for Arsenal?

    Who might be the late sub?
  6. sonyc

    Team for Arsenal?

    We had looked decent and comfortable until that corner. Crucial we carry on well in next 10/15 minutes so Arsenal don't get momentum. Great save from keeper from Kenny
  7. sonyc

    Team for Arsenal?

    You beauty Todd!!!
  8. sonyc

    Team for Arsenal?

    Kenny left one on him there
  9. sonyc

    Villa interested in Emi

    He went off various social media outlets after the last game apparently because of 'fans' laying into him for his mistake. I expect him to be benched for the next game knowing how Farke so often retains a team that has just won a match. He would be really useful to have coming on with 20/30 minutes to go to give teams something to think about in his attacking threat.
  10. I hope we go for the same team against Arsenal. The team yesterday had a nice balance about them. Odd because there was no Leitner, Vrancic or Buendia. Nor Stiepermann.
  11. sonyc

    Should Srbeny start?

    In my opinion he has done better than Drimic. Yet, we've seen very little of Dennis or Drimic or Idah for that matter. It's hard to judge without seeing players have a run of 3 or 4 games.
  12. sonyc

    Should Srbeny start?

    The lad can score. It had been a bit unlucky for him we have Teemu. A few don't rate him I know but I'm pleased he got his goal today and after only 3 minutes on the pitch
  13. Me too. I love us in that bright red
  14. Krul, Godfrey, Todd and Zimbo immense
  15. Will Adam be back tonight to give us his expert knowledge? Don't you just love it when whingers have to eat their words.