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  1. Exactly where I'm at. Cannot honestly see how we can get going this time around though. We are really struggling. Defence, midfield and attack all look deficient so it's not just one specific area. Unsure at the moment on our recruitment but less so than the team dynamic. What I'm not going to do is jump on the bandwagon of doom. Life is too short to spend such hours posting angry comments. Not a healthy pastime, not a balanced thing to engage in. Life has its ups and downs. That includes Norwich City life. And even in this grim phase there are maybe 70+ other teams in the leagues who would swap places with us. Whatever that lot down the road think (for the binner fans on this board) we are literally leagues apart in so many respects and that's not going to change any time soon. Perspective. Or is it wisdom?(the only thing worth gaining as we age unfortunately). You've said many times we have been privileged to have been part of our journey especially this last decade. I'm still very proud of who we are and how we go about things. Actually, having written that, I would even say I'm intensely proud. In the final analysis nothing can stop you supporting the team you love can it? You don't throw away something that's been so good just when times get tough you support even more. Ah well...can only just dream of getting our first point. No idea now when. A bit of luck is certainly overdue too.
  2. Personally I would have Omobamidele and Kabak as the CB pairing. Hope that is what shakes out. They're younger and look to read the game better. I've never been convinced by Hanley or Gibson. Okay in the Championship but look to be slow in thought in the PL. That said, Omobamidele hasn't had this best evening (nor Mumba yet)
  3. Agree. The stats show we have been competitive. But somehow people at the moment just see all the negatives.
  4. That young Liverpool keeper has been very good. I remain very hopeful we can get something from this game. We are definitely in this match.
  5. Rupp has been very good. Sharp and twice he's robbed the Liverpool midfield.
  6. You sound like the fella on the thread who makes a "terse" statement about his thread being rather pointless. Which in some ways he is. I like his takes because he offers ideas and has no agenda one way or the other. I like his musings because they open up questions. He is an observer and somewhat of a geek (imo) but he offers some ideas and possible reasons for trends in data. Would rather read his thoughts than Piers Morgan or someone like Julia Hartley Brewer (to pick two people) who just offer populist opinion. Oliver Johnson is also worth following as well as John Burn Murdoch for their charts and thoughts. I know you like your analysis and evidence Aggy (no bad thing because folk, including me, need to be called out from time to time in making grander comments than can be supported). This bloke though is probably not for you!
  7. I agree about openness. If you think about it, it's one sure sign of an inferiority complex to come onto a rival's forum to undermine and cause as much trouble as possible. Shows that the poster feels quite unsettled inside and is attempting to gain some kind of psychological equivalence in doing so. So, I think of this forum as a service really. Some posters only like to post when things are looking bad. In such times they break cover and literally cannot help themselves. Big difference to true supporters. Easy to spot and more so over the years. What is also interesting is that they also sometimes hit a nerve too (sometimes a truth hurts). I think the answer is to recognise it when you suspect and simply not respond or use humour (yet, like many, I sometimes fail to do myself but it's a great challenge to think about and even enjoy). Some posters love division, nothing better in their world. It's fine really. It is only football after all.
  8. A good update here (10 points in his summary of where we are and useful questions follow his thread. Especially interesting are the ages and the profile of new infections). He begins to contemplate endemicity too (which is what our team needs in the PL....attempt at a cross forum joke). For interest (click to open it up).
  9. Far too sensible in analysis TGS. Annoyed, frustrated, aggrieved, disappointed ...yes, panic...no. Is everything great?...no. Is Farke a great manager in the PL?... not at the moment...... but will getting some results soon change everything? Yes. Imagine you're the board and you sack someone immediately when things start to go wrong. There would have been no Ferguson for sure. The fan base is turning though isn't it? A lot of more moderate supporters ( a sizeable minority) have voiced their anger. Yet, Farke for me is not like the Hughton or Roeder situation (or even Worthington) because their demises went on and on before we acted. Give DF some time with this new team - that's my take. I am able to accept I would be in the wrong if he fails. I have wondered too that if DF did go (scaked or resigned) could we imagine that Webber and the management team would stand down too fairly quickly? The 'project' is one large united team after all. Webber is a large cog in the recruitment process. Maybe that is what some posters want (along with the owners out too of course)? Maybe too those posts by Big Vince and Big Keith have also influenced some members of this board? They only sing when we are losing after all. Given the PL now is so fragmented by wealth there has never been such a massive gap in resources between the top 8 to 10 clubs and the rest. A club like Norwich will always struggle to be at the very top table. In which case, the critics of our club will often have their field days. I notice Bad Gateway has returned - I can now only hope it's around next Saturday around 5.00pm if we lose the match!
  10. Famously there was the £350m for the NHS ....but now that gas supplies are under threat for the coming winter, with all kinds of consequences for many sectors let alone the NHS, it is worth reminding ourselves of this other exaggeration from 2016. Another promise and just how he might have honestly linked together gas prices and Brexit is interesting to say the least. Gas supply a complicated subject should we just say. Perhaps he was gung ho on wind farms? A solution perhaps but hugely long term and not solved by Brexit.
  11. I've stayed away from the forum for a good 24 hours though tempted to like some posts. Your common sense though has brought me here. I still support the project which you've more than hinted at: * Signings that I have been intrigued about and bought at good prices (for us). Never thought we could attract a player like Tzolis for example. Farke has been a factor * I like the fact that there is harmony between board/management and we are not seeing the kind of upheaval we have seen at other clubs (Sheff Wed, Derby...many others) * I didn't expect many points from those first 4 games. Then we lost yesterday (Farke has yet to win a point against a Watford team I heard). Am I panicking? No, bollux I'm not. Am I resigned? No. It's still early and it feels to me like we have a brand new team. Nothing like 20/21 in the Championship. And...though we won the league, we HAD to bring in new faces. Everyone (well, most) were pleased with the window. Jeez, two played their FIRST ever game yesterday. The moaning on here is justified for a poor performance....but talking of sacking the manager now is beyond stupidity for our club. * I will wait til 12/13 games are played before giving up on my club for the season and resigning myself and my expectations to relegation if we don't get many points by then (feel we need a minimum of 11 by the time game 13 is played). I watched Chelsea blow Spurs away today. They have the England captain and a whole load of experienced players and a very experienced boss. It happens. Last year Southampton lost a match 9-0. Hell knows what this place would have been like if it was us. Hasselhuttl is still there. I say this to make a point about perspective. Is it Farke's fault that Ozan missed his marker yesterday? That Kenny McLean made an horric attempt at a clearance gifting Watford the chance? Too often folk cannot wait to jump on the manager blame wagon. I don't expect there are many managers as motivated than Daniel Farke in being a successful manager in the PL right now. He has said as much. What is needed now is real support not trial by keyboard warriors on social media. When times get hard you have to support in my view. A few weeks ago DF couldn't do much wrong. Then we lose 4 games we knew were difficult and played crap for 60% of the fifth game..... We are seeing more like 2 strikers up the field and a virtually new midfield and 50% new defenders. I realise this is an unpopular post for maybe 60% of posters on this board right now but (and I will leave my usual temperate persona here) I couldn't give a f*ck. I would ask for a bit more patience to see if we can turn this around in the coming weeks. Sorry. Long rant.
  12. Everytime I see a poll Ricardo I am reminded of this sketch. Somehow there is a deep truth there.
  13. One thing that annoyed me last night on QT is that when he was pressed about whether he felt the channel was far too much to the right (asked a couple of times by Fiona Bruce) he kept saying "that's for everyone to decide for themselves". Yet, when Kate Green, the shadow secretary for Education stated she felt the rule of law should be honoured (in the Begum case), Neil was irritated and suggested perhaps she could have a view! It was okay for him to give a 'political' reply in answer to a direct challenge but not okay for her. He is a formidable interviewer and sharp as a knife, no doubt about that. Yet, he has a completely annoying way of always having an answer for everything, a smugness that borders on arrogance. No-one, you sense, can ever tell him anything. I reckon he has thought about his longer term reputation and decided to cut his losses and get out quick. You only need to see the roster of people who have been prepared to go on the channel to see its direction of travel. This country appears to be moving towards the USA in every area of life...language and media influences, populism, a kind of individualism and capitalist greed ...and so on. I guess it depends on your stance.........GB News feels a bit of an anachronism. It's not a representation of the (so-called?) GB in which I grew up with a rough sense of belonging. It is where Brexit comes in yet again. Grrrrrr
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