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  1. I enjoyed this too. Poetry. He also said he would not wish to be head coach of any other team in the world but would prefer to be at Norwich.
  2. Thank you as ever Ricardo. Enjoyed reading. Some folk saying it was as good as 92/93? Would you agree? (That would have been in your 49th season if my maths are correct!)
  3. sonyc

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    We might be first on or second?
  4. They looked quite woeful and toothless last night. Nor was I impressed in their first match. They looked like a team who were going to struggle. Reckon the board could see that and decided they had to act.
  5. sonyc

    Ratings v Newcastle

    Maybe this is one occasion where a player gets a '10'. Pukki power.
  6. sonyc

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    Always feel comforted when Lawro speaks. Mainly because he is so often wrong. He really is a master of mis-judgement.
  7. A battling point today by the binners against a very difficult opponent. An away point as well , (a 'well done' to the team of Keith). Have to give some credit where it's due. Just thought there needs to be some balance after reading the negatives about us on twtd these last few weeks. Hopefully both teams can achieve a respectable mid-table finish by the end of the season.
  8. sonyc

    Injury news

    Terrible news. Plus Hernandez out long term....might be back in 2020? Time for Roberts, Vrancic, Srbeny...plus new fella Amadou
  9. From the same people who made the Farke rap. Made me smile anyway.
  10. Just how naive is Chelsea's defence? Losing away at team of multi-million pound footballers too on their first day of the season. Ooops.... Wrong team.
  11. I was waiting for Shearer's dull analysis too, anticipating the negative slant. I wasn't disappointed because he came up with the goods as predicted. To add insult to the expected injury, Linekar then asked both pundits who would win the league...both went for Liverpool! The irony of it.
  12. sonyc

    Membership Consultation

    This season will be my first in many years where I don't think I will be able to get to any away games...We often go as a family (and manage about 4 games a year, any within 100 miles from where I am in the north.). I am just hoping that the scheme changes for next year. At present, it means spending £200 plus then ticket cost....then add travel and food costs of course....and all for only a lottery of getting 3 or 4 tickets. That's well over £300. An away scheme based on points wouldn't help either. Not for the likes of me (part time fan I hear folk say now). And it's a challenge these days to get an answer if you phone the ticket office. I find it sad really. I guess that's commercialism and the Premier League. Maybe have to live closer to my original home and get to home matches. There seems no alternatives. So I won't be going to Burnley, Sheff Utd, Man Utd or Newcastle this year Thank goodness for Twitter ...and the lovely Pinkun forum posters for my match news and vocarious catch up on matches!
  13. sonyc


    A very fair and accurate post Indy Bones. Agree on McLean and Stiepermann (and Trybull). Yet, look who they were playing against. But we can only assess the game we watch. As you've said, there is no shame. None whatsoever. A lot of learning last night for the lads.
  14. sonyc

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    Leitner in for me rather than Kenny, obviously Klose or Zimm back too for Hanley if it's soon enough. I would even prefer Roberts to Stiepermann. Feel he would have completed one of the 3 chances that fell to Marco last night.
  15. I thought Gary Neville nailed it ....he was concerned for us but was won over, with some qualifications as to how we learn defensively. He seemed to read the whole game quite well, especially our fullbacks.