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  1. The Leeds situation was raised here a week ago after fans celebrated and broke social distancing. Harehills & Kirkstall are quite densely populated... https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/local-lockdown-warning-new-clusters-22481245?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  2. Jamal would also do well to reflect that he has been developed, nurtured and rewarded contract wise with us. If not, he wouldn't be having this attention from a top 6 club. I hope he recognises this whilst any potential transfer is sorted. He seems a level headed kind of bloke. Just depends how his agent guides him too.
  3. I would be happy to go along with these two. Oasis thought they were the bees' knees didn't they and our Kevin still thinks he's an interesting artist. I might add Midge Ure for thinking he was something for a while but I've forgiven him. Then, I used to like Gilbert O'Sullivan until I watched a TV feature programme about his life. And it turned out he was an ungrateful and entitled kno*. Alone again naturally? Yes Gilbert, I think you are. Though some of your music is ok. I recall Paddy McAloon once saying in interview that he never wanted to know anything about his favourite artists, nor what they looked like. He just wanted to enjoy their music...and I understand that completely.
  4. Went to see him at Leeds Varieties maybe 10 years ago. Expected to see some long haired hep cat (it was my wife that liked his 'year of the cat' album and the reason we went) and when he came on, there was a man who looked a bit like my dad in a pair of work trousers and smart M & S mid-blue cotton shirt. All very odd but pleasant enough as a set. A quiet introverted type and no doubt the Leeds gig alone will have paid for his yearly Spanish villa bills. We could just about imagine him in the taxi to his hotel after "that's bleddy Leeds done for the next 5 years". As to stuff I dislike I would have thought say opera, something like Carmen. Once had to see the film (was with a new girlfriend at the time and it was like the longest 3 hours of my life). André Rieu on Sky Arts makes me cringe too ....all that Strauss stuff and folk being mawkish in the audience dancing about in their Sunday best...for f*** sake. I've watched it once but in a mixed state of open-mouthed curiosity, irony and contempt.
  5. In slightly more normal times, this contract would be a major scandal. Quite an incredible series of issues and actions. If you were a minister (and a cabinet one at that), wouldn't you strongly push against your advisor taking on such a contract?.... indeed wouldn't you declare an interest from the outset? And the company had no track record in producing of procuring PPE? And it was worth £252m? It wasn't exactly 'de minimis'. And there was no tender? Incredible in so many respects and presumably all just signed off under the cover of the pandemic and emergency provisions? This is what it looks like from the outside. Maybe we will get a full explanation.
  6. Look what I shared: Relegated Norwich willing to listen to offers for Emi Buendia | The Independent https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/norwich-transfer-news-emi-buendia-premier-league-championship-rumours-gossip-latest-a9656786.html Here is the Buendia link
  7. Here is the Buendia link...see below as link didn't work first time
  8. You may be changing your life FTW because after this experience you'll never be the same again! The bike may keep calling you and you'll be addicted to keeping active.
  9. I have had a definite belief that a move for Jamal has been in train ever since we signed McCallum. It's been clear he was likely to be sold. Jamal and folk at the club have known about it. The Liverpool talk has been around ever since January. I'm quite sure the two clubs will have been in contact. Once one leaves then you'd imagine the other young stars would want a piece of the action, not a re-run of a season in the Championship? It's a natural progression for them and the club.
  10. Michael Bailey today I recall casted doubts through a report that Vrancic might also be one to leave (making 4)
  11. Interesting discussion now on Newsnight on your exact point @Aggy and talk of the degree of false positives (maybe very small particles in people not showing any symptoms nor infectious) and the dangers of making public policy based on these. 4.6m of us in the north currently affected of course
  12. Thanks for this. It's fascinating. Heneghan is an interesting analyst and his periodic Newsnight appearances make for a good watch. It makes compelling sense and is counter-media hyperbole. I hope this is the same story across Europe. Have you been able to evidence if testing has been increasing in France, Germany in the same manner as in the UK? I think you mentioned France the other day had improved their testing numbers.
  13. I think this is fair comment but the PPE issue is relevant both in its own terms but also in relation to your point (a). Staff were struggling with adequate protection. There were countless care home managers reporting at the peak about availability and cost. It's why we saw a whole cottage industry of home made garments being made for them in local situations.
  14. I believe sell-on clauses and bonuses will be very much the order of the day in this Covid era to insure an income down the years. Especially so for the younger players. Therefore, you can see a case for lower transfer prices being quoted because the total value will only be realised over a longer period of time.
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