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  1. sonyc

    That's An Absolutely Superb Point

    Assuming Liverpool beat Man Utd tomorrow then a win for us next week will mean we overtake them. Plus we will move onto 10 points from 10 games.
  2. sonyc

    3 positives & 3 negatives

    Have to agree with your point about shipping goals. Unless we score a lot more it's going to bite us. We have conceded too many. Big problem for Farke to try and solve.
  3. The injuries have been devastating. Yet we have lost two at home and won two. Just imagine a couple more wins in our next four games and November will look much brighter. It is not impossible. Think folk are giving in to the idea of relegation far too soon. Farke won't be, nor will our group of players. Where we are at the end of November is likely to indicate the most likely trajectory for us into the second half of the season. If we are out of the bottom 3 or 4 by 30th November my confidence will be re- confirmed.
  4. sonyc

    Our problem is.......

    I suppose one possible positive, hard though it is to find one at the moment, is that our injuries have come in the early part of the season. Should we have had the issue we are experiencing in January or later, I would be extremely concerned. There is time to get 2 or 3 back by November and try and generate some results. It is worrying but not time surely to panic just yet? Having a settled squad like last year means we can create different plans, formations in-game. It's hard to have Plan Bs from the assemblage of players we see starting atm. Point taken of course (with respect to the OP).... But I think there is a context.
  5. The main difference today is that we lost a match. And when that happens the usual posters bashing the club emerge. Good results... and the difference is they go eerily quiet.
  6. Even the mighty Man Utd have gone 2-0 down at West Ham. And such an expensively assembled team.
  7. People have short memories. Even the 92/93 team has a few heavy defeats but we still came third playing lovely stuff. So this time we end up mid table playing lovely stuff (tongue firmly in cheek) but in a much changed Premier League financial environment. What's not to like? Farke knows the flaws. Even he has said he would like £20m+ players but will work with the current team. Who knows, by game 20 we may have our first eleven nailed with long term defensive injured players back, with Onel too and we start conceding lots less.
  8. sonyc

    Soton vs Cherries

    Bournemouth have real fire power and Howe never gives up on the way he wants his team to play. Our game with them might be a real corker (cue 0-0).
  9. sonyc

    Last Time I Went to Turf Moor...

    I was there too and remember it well....a family day out indeed with my two young sons. Think it was Robbie Blake who scored their goals. But we won the second half 3-0. Burnley fans were quite gracious but I recall feeling a bit sorry for them as the Burnley team were struggling at the time.
  10. My heart is willing us to get 7 points (draw, win, win, loss). I would take 2 wins though from this set of fixtures. If we manage that, we should be still sitting around mid table. And as long as we have more points on the board than games played I will be very happy at this stage of the season (6 points giving us 12 pts from 10 games).
  11. Yep. We will play our game and other teams will have to work out how to stop us ... It's a great strategy
  12. It's going to be very physical I'm convinced of that. Dyche is a seasoned manager too and has set up teams against the best in the league and got results. He will see Saturday as a real chance of 3 points. But...how will they stop our incisive play if we are on it?
  13. Burnley will be a more difficult game for sure.
  14. Agree LDC. There is one big 'but" though.....how do teams stop us when we play like that? This is not me being arrogant. It's what we have seen in the last 12 months. It's not a one off thing. We will lose games but this team has serious ability, happily coupled with desire and sheer teamwork. That combination is hard to play against. I was confident of a good season before the first game. I was worried by our depth of injuries. But I was always confident in this manager and this group of players. Such a season to look forward to. Hell...how can you even predict the result or score in any game!!! OTBC (NMTD) ....
  15. And your report matches the performance and result. Bravo. A lovely summary report Ricardo.