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  1. Having beat Sunderland, Middlesboro and Leeds in 7 days they've now lost 4 and drawn 2, and he's toast. Love it.
  2. Moyes, Cooper and Ten Hag can't be far from the chop.
  3. I hope the hate from 30,000 scummers drives them on. I have heard that Ipsh1t fans plan to be there for when our team bus arrives and give them a very warm welcome None of our players should have trouble getting up for this. We need maximum sh1thousery, cheat wherever possible, basically stink the place out and nick a winner.
  4. Nunez is starting to settle nicely and imo is on better form than Sara. Barnes is also offering very little at the moment.
  5. The play from the back was neat and tidy ish and Preston's lack of press allowed Nunez acres of space. The trouble was once we got over the halfway line we ran out of ideas. McLean, Sara and Nunez arguably our best attacking midfielders all on the pitch but none of them in an advanced role. No creativity in the final third and we could still be playing now and still not scored. I don't think our setup is right, it's not great to watch and easy to defend against. It will be very interesting if we play like that against the scum as I suspect Morsy will quickly tag Nunez and it could unravel pretty quickly.
  6. If Knapper brings in a dozen or so new (perhaps young) players then yeah I'd accept it as a 'Farkes first season' scenario, but what we have now is a load of under-perforining experienced players in some weird set up with 2 attackers who get zero service. I don't see where we are developing anyone or anything.
  7. This is nothing like Farkes first season. Most of our starting XI has played in the Premier League not the German 4th Division. They're are performing below their abilities not growing them. Bearing in mind where we've come from it's a bleedin' shambles.
  8. Yes really. I don't know what you were doing this afternoon but I was sat there in the wind and cold watching two utterly ****e teams. We need funds to grow the team and if that means getting slaughtered 5-0 every week so be it. At least I get to watch one good team. Barring a dramatic turnaround it looks as though the scum will be enjoying a year of Premier League money plus parachute payments. I doubt that lot will be moaning.
  9. What big screen? I'm in the Upper Barclay and it never ever swivels anymore to show us anything.
  10. One game at a time. If we can't beat Sheff Wed then I don't think Wagner should be in charge against the binners. I'm looking at the bigger picture now and I honestly can't see what Wagner gives us. Realistically as much as I'd love a point or more at binland we aren't going to get it. They would need a significantly below par performance and we would need our best performance of the season, probably just to get a point. It's just another match and we need to start building for the future.
  11. Him and Barnes were total passengers. It's a woeful legacy of Webber.
  12. Well they're the same every game so I think he decided them in September. You just know he'll swap the fullbacks, both wingers and a striker, who today was Gibbs and misses the best chance of the game. As useless as Barnes was you'd expect him to slot that away.
  13. Imagine they create a european super league and neither Manchester club would qualify. Hag out, McKenna in!
  14. A very tough watch. Luckily today was as much as a social occasion. Just don't know where we go from here with Wagner other than years of wilderness.
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