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  1. A sensible decision, much better for the QPR fans.
  2. Don't think it's a case of us ruining him; take away his 69 appearances for us his playing career was a non event. I can't remember him being here tbh.
  3. It seems the majority of posters prefer a comedy response or pointing out what's wrong with English (and British) football. That's fair enough but also highlights why it's still likely Southgate will still have the job, even after the World Cup. There isn't much of an alternative! I'm wondering if some form joint appointment involving Wiegman might be possible. That lady knows how to win a football tournament!
  4. I think it will be Gerrard. Getting a top foreign coach here mid season (assuming Southgate goes after the WC) will be extremely difficult unless there are some sackings elsewhere. Gerrard isn't going to get the Liverpool job anytime soon and would jump at the opportunity.
  5. Yes the individuals that appoint a manager should always be held accountable
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