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  1. Capt. Pants

    Perfect Season?

    The mental goal celebrations at fortress Carra.
  2. Capt. Pants

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    2-0 up on aggregate and they fell apart. Again.
  3. Capt. Pants

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Derby zero shots on target at home in a play-off semi. Throw back to the McClaren days. The darling of the media not so good after all.
  4. Capt. Pants

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Derby look every inch a Championship club. They're happy to let Leeds build from the back and looking to hit them on the break. Disappointing from them at the moment, thought they would have had a right go at Leeds.
  5. Capt. Pants

    Who tried to poach Webber?

    Webber is a difficult person to read, doesn't take fools gladly, says it as it is and wasn't exactly doing cart wheels after our promotion. If he's happy to be with a yo-yo club then Norwich might be for him for a few years. If we get relegated next season and he feels he's done as much as he can with us, it wouldn't surprise me if he goes for a new challenge. Same for Farke too.
  6. Capt. Pants

    What was going on with the buses ?

    I too heard the yellow bus had a problem so they piled on the red sight seeing one. Bit like the big screen didn't quite go to plan.
  7. Capt. Pants

    Lets be honest...

    If it were up to some on here we'd still have Alex Neil in charge. Thankfully we don't but that's just how fickle football is and long may it continue.
  8. Capt. Pants

    NCFC celebrations

    Great time. Shame about the big screen failure towards the end but well organised event and didn't we score some wonderful goals? That back flick from Biendia was just outrageous!
  9. 11 points ahead of Leeds and 13 goal difference. Never mind the gap but that's a chasm.
  10. Capt. Pants

    Sheffield Utd congratulating us 👍

    Out of all the visiting teams to Carrow Rd this I think I was more impressed by Sheff Utd than any of the others. When questions were asked of them they answered them, and over the course of the season thoroughly deserve their promotion. Tbh I'm not sure who I hate more out of Leeds and Ipswich so quite fitting they are where they are. Leeds have a made a late charge for the play-offs and must be low on confidence now and can only hope that Derby choke to even get to the final.
  11. Capt. Pants

    Title Day! Villa vs NCFC

    Derby will rinse Leeds
  12. Capt. Pants

    Title Day! Villa vs NCFC

    What a season! The boys only did it!
  13. Capt. Pants

    Title Day! Villa vs NCFC

    We deserve this make no mistake about it!
  14. Capt. Pants

    Title Day! Villa vs NCFC

    Yes I think we can see where the money needs to be spent.
  15. Liked the way he paid tribute to Pints too. Class.