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  1. It's just been called out on Look East - Farke livid with Tzolis. Agree with Farke on this tbh. I wonder if Tzolis would have gone against Pukki had he been on the pitch? A lack of respect to Idah possibly, who will be pretty pissed if he's reading the thread about him on here! Will be interesting to see if Tzolis starts on Saturday.
  2. Don't think I know any manager who would say, "it's my fault, I am rubbish, and I deserve the sack". And you won't hear it from Farke.
  3. It's only a few weeks ago Farke was saying he wanted to see much more from Idah. At the time it seemed a little heavy handed as at that point he had precious little opportunity. Since then he has regressed imo. He needs loaning out but that leaves us with just Pukki and Sargent, not enough cover I'm afraid. A vicious circle but at the moment NCFC/Farke and Idah doesn't feel a good fit.
  4. An Ipswich Town fan. Our local rival, but we don't seem to play them very much nowadays It's a bit of forum humour to respond to introductions from new members in that way. Anyway, welcome, stick around, you've picked a good time to join as I think it will be getting a bit lively on here in the near future. This site will tell you all you need to know about NCFC.
  5. The only combination still to try is Gibson and Kabak. It might work, it might not. All I know is that Hanley's form seems to be getting worse on a weekly basis.
  6. Thinking about this we would have to do the entire Lower Barclay as if only half of it is done those still seated will have a restricted view. I haven't been in said stand for years so not sure of the age profile and whether they are likely to take kindly to standing? Also a bit of a nightmare if you have young children with you as they won't be able to see. It seems relocating potentially a lot of fans would be required also a lot of hassle for an end result of a lower capacity, the cost and less revenue. A lower capacity also makes extending the City Stand extremely challenging. Would be easier to move to a new stadium!
  7. The point around ageing players is wrong, but I think the rest of it is pretty sensible tbh. What they don't get is that our squad is strong enough for the Premier League and if relegated, even with the loss of Aarons and Cantwell, ought to be good enough to win auto-promotion (again). You'll never read a post on TWTD saying that we will do well with what we've got, no more than one on here that they'll do well with their new squad. In fact both clubs do have sufficient quality in their respective squads, but both have underperformed, so far.
  8. Monday was tough, worst since the humiliation of project restart. WFH for the rest of the week so have avoided Liverpool Reserves taunts.
  9. Feeling that it's starting to slip away from Farke now. Really not sure where we go from here. Still no clearer on our best defence, let alone first XI. Bit of a shambles really and we need a huge slice of luck to kickstart our season.
  10. Quite awful really. His corners are next to useless. Won't be playing for Chelsea anytime soon.
  11. Comfortably our worst performance of the season. Changes required I'm afraid.
  12. I was at the game tonight and there were enough plastics laughing at Idah. A quite awful performance.
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