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  1. Absolutely yes. Ideally would like competition for Krul as that seemed to have a positive impact on his performances last season. McGovern ok as emergency backup but nothing more.
  2. Regardless of Godfrey's worth he's the only true athletic CB we have. Klose played about 30 games in the Championship (I think) but it looks as though he is going to struggle next season. Hanley's a decent CB but again has at least one lengthy lay off every season. We will have to wait and see with Zimbo. Meanwhile Ben has a hernia op and is back playing in a couple of weeks. Serious money will be needed to find a decent CB with a passing capability. I'd rather keep the player to be honest, it's such a specialist position where we need to strengthen not weaken.
  3. Why is he stupid? He left the club by mutual consent. Looking at the Bournemouth forum it sounds as if it was very much his decision and he wasn't sacked. Their fans are not happy as in saddened.
  4. This is exactly why we have VAR. Referees just cannot be trusted.
  5. Buendia is the one we really push the boat out to keep, he's the player who will be the main creator. Dowell is a replacement for Cantwell. We can't sell them all as we will be clobbered for tax.
  6. Two Chelsea players with pulled hamstrings. What the hell they doing in training
  7. Let's hope we won't be bemoaning crap Championship referees and no VAR to correct things.
  8. You can't argue with that return. We need a back up to Pukki (or his replacement) and I'm not convinced either way that's Idah. All very well having young players to develop, we need some experience as well and Martin is a natural finisher. Drmic isn't.
  9. Well he's better than Drmic, but age and nationality will rule this out.
  10. Away fans must be banned, no way should we be allowing someone from like Blackburn anywhere near Norwich or Norfolk for that matter. Likewise only the person named on the ST should be allowed entry. If the club is to take this seriously entry has to be strictly controlled otherwise the ground must remain empty. Freezing STs for a season sounds like a reasonable idea for supporters who don't want to attend. Of course that means that if you make that decision and a vaccine is found quickly, then you are stuffed for the season.
  11. Postponed for 2 weeks? Looking unlikely now that fans will be allowed back in. Unfortunately I can't see ant change until a vaccine is available, unless govt happy to accept a certain level of death rate. Defo not going to pay for a live stream when I can get it for free and can't see why single ST households have to effectively subsidise multi ST households.
  12. 97% of Newcastle fans disappointed the sale has not gone through. I'm not bothered who our owners are as long as they are not Chinese.
  13. 2-1 Cardiff. Encouraging some of the defending in this league is as bad as ours!
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