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  1. I actually think there could be a lot of change over the summer. It's Webber's last with us and a ambitious Scott waiting in the wings. Webber won't want another relegation on his copy book. The problem for many players in our squad they have shown they are not good enough for the EPL. Add a few to that who seem to be struggling in the Chump. There could be as many leaving or loaned out as there are coming in. I like to see 6 maybe 7 high quality coming in and as many going out to balance the books.
  2. I know, beggars belief doesn't it. If we are to have any hope of surviving in the EPL we are going to have to break our transfer record once, twice maybe 3 times in the summer window. Even then there are no guarantees. The prospect of us grubbing around 'has beens' and freebies is really not an option. Don't send Farke to war without a gun again!
  3. I'm happy not to think about the playoffs until it's confirmed we're not in them. The flipside is going up against 'Agent McCarthy', where the consequences of defeat would be unthinkable.
  4. Get the job done, get out of this hack and hoof league, then start to rotate a bit. Another day off for Dowell.
  5. Not sure we played badly second half!! We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Huge investment in the playing staff required to get a squad anywhere near surviving in the Premier League though.
  6. Beat Wycombe and Brentford and we can start planning for next season. Typical Chump fayre tonight. I won't miss it!
  7. At least performances like this focuses the mind on how much we need to spend should we go up. But let's get the job done first.
  8. Yeah it's not like we haven't played on it before - since last week.
  9. Probably our worst half this season. Woeful all over the pitch.
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