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  1. So, here we go For the City bets: £2 Normann to score anytime £1 Kabak to be booked £1 Sarge to score anytime £2 Over 3.5 goals £1 Hanley to score £2 Draw £1 Parma's BTTS, Pukki to score, Chelsea to win, more than 2 goals For the Fleetwood game £2 G. Garner to score 2 or more £1 HT/FT Draw/Fleetwood £1 HT/FT Binners/Fleetwood £2 Over 4.5 goals £2 Fleetwood to win from behind £1 G. Garner to score last £1 on Parma's (might have to ask for a special on that) or, if not, Fleetwood to win by 2 or more Good luck everyone especially Lakey OTBC
  2. Probably got asked to take it down. You never rage posted before?
  3. Or he's pissed off with all the speculation. From the start it was a personal issue and if what Pugin has said in another thread (https://forum.pinkun.com/index.php?/topic/144442-the-end-of-life-pathway/) then there are a lot of you here that are quite simply a bunch of idiots
  4. He's been out for a very good reason. I trust that Farke is doing everything in his power to support one of our younger stars. Everyone should get off his back and stop the speculation. We've got plenty of players in the squad.
  5. Hope he smashes it and gets back to the 1st team soon
  6. I'll be doing it around the same time. Don't forget the Binners picks too! The more hilarious the better!
  7. A solid 2-0 victory to Norwich. Sargent and Normann to score.
  8. Cheers Nutty! I hope I will be able to add into the pot again this week. Valencia v Mallorca home win for Lakey I'd also like to chuck an extra £10 in the pot for some extra match day fun. If people could also give suggestions for matchpicks for the Binners vs Fleetwood game as a bit of a laugh and a chance to add some extra into the pot. If that's OK with you @nutty nigel OTBC
  9. Leeds are not playing particularly well. 3 points Brentford have got to slip up soon and hopefully against us. 3 points Southampton 3 points Wolves have been playing well 1 point Newcastle it's hard to say as they'll have a new manager but keep their striker in Hanley's pocket and maybe we get a draw 1 point 11 points total. Yes, this is optomistic! OTBC!
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