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  1. I've watch 75% of the world Cup so far and this has to be the most boring
  2. Actually thought he was decent. Making runs and was involved in their goal. They just didn't pass to him enough
  3. France to beat the Danes Pompey v MK Dons BTTS Good luck everyone OTBC
  4. The migrants didn't... ... cos they're dead
  5. They're counting the dead migrant workers buried under the stands
  6. Yes, they're all playing rounders, stoppy-starty rugby and end-to-end bouncy netball
  7. USA need to learn how to time a tackle. Rash challenges early on resulting in 2 yellows
  8. USA USA USA I'm 100% more excited about TEAM SARGE than England earlier
  9. Nice to see 'football's coming home' has been freshened up with a new tune and new pronounciation
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