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  1. Yes I can. It is quite easy to not click the link and, as it was posted by you, I know it will be a load of sh1te
  2. I think get rid of the Premier league until we are back in it
  3. I find your comments very offensive to mice
  4. Hopefully you are the far left outlier on the intelligence Bell curve otherwise humanity is in real trouble
  5. I was thinking more of a number
  6. It's a pity that Sitti is sitting in the wrong city. Although Paris is a nice city, it's not a fine city.
  7. A friend of mine is a U's fan and he is delighted with Wessi joining them and rightly so! I might pop down to a game or 2 wearing a shirt with his face on.
  8. Swindo, what are you views on immigration?
  9. Is there a genuine medical reason this guy can't move his head and talks like a robot?
  10. "They don't speak a word of English!" "Will you teach them?" "I can't, they don't speak a word of English"
  11. Well not only but using facts and logic with Swindo is pointless. He'll just dredge up some redundant stuff from the leave campaign.
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