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  1. Yeah, it wasn't a pop st McGovern or Barden, both did a good job of filling the void after a slightly shakey start. More that Krul adds something extra and and us probably worth 0.5 goals per game over 95% of other keepers in the champ or bottom half 8f the prem.
  2. Going back to the point about the Swansea defence, I do feel we'd likely have the meanest defence had Krul not been injured.
  3. Throughout my life, I've always found myself to be very unlucky with bets... I remember at Uni, betting with a mate that Norwich would win the league when around the top at xmas, then Muscat took out Bellamy and the season fell to pieces... So because I know that, I regularly bet on the team playing Norwich in order to try and jinx them... the other week I bet on Brentford and Swansea to win (when both suddenly forgot how), so you can thank me for that one! I even have a 5er on Wycombe this weekend... Best case Norwich win and I lose a 5er, worst case I get money to attempt to jinx another team the next week
  4. Thing I like about Kenny is his ability to ghost past a couple of players when he drives forwards - completely taking those players out of the game. It's like he lulls them in with that weird semi walk / run thing he does and then seems to be able to immediately switch the afterburners on. Deceptively quick in short bursts.
  5. Nice to see us coping with this pitch, despite it being a nightmare in a passing sense.
  6. Coventry commentary is comical! Timi Pukki... Martin Krul and Vrasic...
  7. What I was meaning was we didn't really have anyone back then who had that potential to step up to the next level. Bar Green, there weren't exciting players that bigger clubs would be sniffing around like we have now. They were players who had found their level in Division 1 and while the odd one may have played a few games in the prem, they were really bench warmers at low end clubs that wouldn't have looked out of place back in division 1. Slightly further back, we had Eadie for a few years, then Bellamy for a short time, but there was a long run with very little to get excited about back then in terms of individual talent. MM, CF, GH and PM were certainly good for us and helped us go up. But realistically no prem team would have swapped like for like with any of them. Maybe PM at a push with a yoyo team like West Brom.
  8. You're missing a player - two had the same initials. Would not want to go back to those times... bar our goalie, a team where every player had peaked either before or when they were with us, with most to gradually slide down the leagues into obscurity.
  9. Deeney - There's just nothing likeable about the guy. Just a thug, with one of those smug faces... doesn't help that he does usually ends up doing the business... Probably great if he's playing for your team, like Grant was. Grabban - Just a complete door handle.
  10. I didn't think the commentary was too bad today tbh. Yeah they had a little moan at some perceived diving / card signalling (which imo is fully justified, I hated it when we were on the receiving end of that a lot in the prem and it should be stamped out), but overwhelmingly they were dishing out a lot praise for how Norwich play and Cantwell's performance in particular - you could tell they wished Cardiff were as well run a club as Norwich are right now.
  11. Looking back, Sunday league was pretty horrible all round... we were the worst team in Lincolnshire to begin with culminating with a 20-0 loss in the cup when we only had 9 players (most of which were not fit to last 90 mins due to a birthday the night before...) - i like to think it would have been 40 or 50 if I'd not had a decent game of shot stopping and got MoM. As we were easy meat, there was never any trouble or abuse, but as soon as we started getting competitive and won a couple of promotions it was a different ball game with potentially leg breaking tackles coming in on a game by game, going unpunished... as usually the ref would end up being a spare player from one of the teams, or a 14 year old. There was one game (not ours) where it was rumoured that one team stuck a bunch of knives in the sideline before kickoff, due to bad blood between local teams - De Wint and St Giles, so I wouldn't be surprised that there was truth in that... both teams were brutal to play against. We ended up packing it all in after 2 players had legs broken in the space if a few months and a normally mild mannered father who would come watch his son play was driven to running onto the pitch to hit a 'player' *knuckle dragging thug* with a thermos flask after he was basically committing GBH against his son. The police got involved and we decided it was simply not worth it - not when you are a team who simply wants to play football and not too get away with beating people up after a skinfull the night before. It would make such a difference when you had a good strong and fair ref, but those games were few and far between. I remember we had the chief ref assessor for a few games and he was so good at keeping things calm and talking to players.
  12. Isn't that the norm, certainly always was in Sunday league.
  13. Probably get a wage hike as part of his contract if we do go up and he's still here... which I'm sure everyone would like to avoid, as it wouldn't be deserved in any way shape or form. Would rather we went back in for present day Cottee...
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