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  1. Given the momentum they have and the fact that they have gradually improved from a slow start, I imagine that everyone else is now going to going after 2nd place realistically.
  2. I'm amazed that it's only 10 tbh, feels like we make about 3 of those a game through poor decisions. Is there any correlation between this and us being the only team in the championship using soccerbot? A tool that is supposed to improve player cognitive response, but maybe removing the human element when using this tool is actually having the opposite effect in real world situations?
  3. As I've said before, I think the underlying issue has been the inability to replace Buendia in any way shape or form. But right now we're sleepwalking into mediocity - a blind man could see that Smith is not going to turn this around. Maybe nobody can... maybe the squad was simply overrated... but surely we have to try something before it's too late as we're going to be bottom half in 2 more games. Smith was banging on about chances created being the highest in the league not long ago, but just having 1 shot on target seems to be a struggle now. How can we create so few chances with what is supposedly an attacking outfit?
  4. Whatever the reason, you don't win games if you don't create any chances...
  5. Poor decision making at the crucial points has been a constant in all games. Makes you wonder if something like soccerbot is actually having an adverse effect
  6. Just one of the joys of the internet and social media in general. The general anonymity makes folk think they can say what they like without any repercussions like there would be if they said them face to face. Not that they would anyway, as most are keyboard warriors who wouldn't say boo to a goose in real life.
  7. Just don't see Villa being an attractive proposition for any up and coming manager... unless it's someone who knows they have punched above their weight and wants a payday before they get found out.
  8. We drew some for sure, but we really didn't win many without him. It doesn't go right to the end of his last season, but this article in the Athletic refers to us only beating one team without him. https://theathletic.com/2374414/2021/02/09/analysed-norwich-city-without-emi-buendia/ I really miss those days
  9. Not a one man team as such, but he was a player that seemed to bring out the best of those around him and the whole team performed greater than the sum of their parts. He was unusual as he was the flair, but also a real grafter too.
  10. Allied to this, remember those championship games where Emi was injured or suspended... how many games did we win when that happened - not many, if any.
  11. After the shambles last night and waking up with a fresh perspective this morning, I was thinking about our current predicament... Smith doesn't inspire me like Farke did, but I'm not sure fundamentally he's the real issue as such. I think the real issue is that a team of reasonably decent players were made to look like a cohesive powerhouse (at least at championship level) by one player who brought out the best side of all those around him, either through picking them out with pinpoint accuracy / inspiring them / making them not want to let him down / or giving them the confidence to play their A game, as they knew they could rely on him. Said player in effect dragged those around him up an extra 10% and made them all look better than they individually were. We grew accustomed to the players performing in that way and thought the team were collectively better than they were. Once he left, we're left with the reality that is a bunch of generally decent but unspectacular players at championship level. In a sense, it does throw up the question of whether Farke was actually all that good, or whether he really lucked out with Buendia. With Buendia in the team, we were a threat and created chances regularly, since he's left, we're lucky if we get a more than 1 or 2 reasonable chances a game. In the season before Buendia, sure we had plenty of passes and possession, but had no cutting edge then either. Pukki for example is a good player, but Buendia made him a great player by picking his runs out on a regular basis, rather than hit and hopes we get now. Maybe it's already been said before and I apologize if so. Thanks, Ed
  12. 100% Agree - it's just not working, getting progressively worse than better. How can a team containing so many attacking players be coached into generating about 1 shot on target per game.
  13. Not sure we'd have a shot on target if this match when on for another 90 minutes.
  14. yet still we seem incapable of carving out any chances.... given the players we supposedly have, we should at very least create chances in games, even if we dont take them... 3-4 more games like this and we've pissed any chance of promotion up the wall.
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