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  1. Maybe folk are out celebrating a bit, rather than being sat in front of a keyboard?
  2. Always wondered if Soccer bot is actually partially to blame for our downturn over the past few seasons. If the artificial nature of it was allowing players to get good at 'gaming' it, but actually taking the edge off when it comes to real world scenarios...
  3. While the last 2 seasons have been dire (should never have bowed to the vocal whingers who wanted to get rid of Farke), we've had 2 of the best seasons in my living memory under him. That season during covid was one of the things that at least gave a bright spark in an otherwise rubbish year too, which I am very grateful for!
  4. Good of the BBC to keep up with things in their match report... Daniel Farke's side looked set to go into the break without any reward, despite dominating the first half, when Stacey latched on to Rowe's deflected header and poked the ball past Travers.
  5. We're the only club in the champs that has Soccerbot and we're the team who has given up twice as many scoring opportunities from mistakes than any other team in the league. I may be completely missing the mark, but it makes you wonder if there is any correlation...
  6. Some pretty shoddy research there from the beeb
  7. It's evened up now and hopefully we can kick on, but those first 20 mins were ragged.
  8. Yep, the waiting for them to close the angle down is the worst. It's not too bad if an individual player does it, but if we're up against a team where they are all pressing together like Burnley are, it invariably ends up in a panicked pass and a mistake.
  9. It's not been amazing, but it is about the first game this season where had we won, we'd have actually deserved to win. Reading deserve nothing from this game.
  10. Should have had this sewn up way before then... I guess the one positive in that statement is that you can't say that about many games we've contrived to shoot ourselves in the foot in this season.
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