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  1. I guess we should have seen it coming, as despite our overall dominance last season, we still lost most games against ex prem teams that still had those 6ft2 pacey units in them... Now we get to play those teams every week.
  2. This season's Sheff Utd it appears... always seems to be one of the promoted teams that does it, just never us! At some point the bubble will burst though and they will get found out. Only so long that players can keep playing above themselves week in week out.
  3. Cannot see us starting brightly as some say, Burnley will come at us like a runaway train for the first 10-15 mins, like they did last time we played them in the league. If we can weather it, I see is growing into an even game, but if we concede early I think it will end 2-0. They will together weak links, it was Lewis last time who the fans got onto and he had a shocker.
  4. The War Inside by Switchfoot... someone used it on a Grant Holt highlights vid on youtube and it reminds me of those days every time I hear it now!
  5. That pitch brings back memories of Sunday league... horrible as a keeper!
  6. He needs time and support for sure - not folks laying into him after 3 games around sides that will be challenging for the title/top 4. Nobody should be immune from criticism if they are doing badly, but give the lad a chance and let's see where we're at after 10-12 games when he's properly bedded in with the system, tactics and how his team mates play. Really don't see what his wage has to do with anything really either, as it's all relative. Footballers get paid more that your average Joe, shock, horror... Plenty of players in the championship that earn more and 20k a week, it's just the pond they swim in, like it or not.
  7. Popped my knee out way back and it was more the damage it did popping back in that was the problem, as it smashed up all the cartilage around the knee and I end up getting down to bone on bone when walking long distances now. Hope it's nothing like that for him!
  8. Just need to break the goal duck and hopefully we can kick on.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58033862 It is a nice looking kit!
  10. Great... few things in football **** me off more than seeing him in a villa shirt.
  11. We need Germany game Pickford, not Denmark game Pickford - where it was like having a frightened chihuahua in goal. That game aside, he's had a strong tournament and the other options on the bench are weak. I guess Italy will target him though, hopefully he pulls out a worldie.
  12. Just put my bet on Denmark to win, so feeling more confident now! It works with Norwich...
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