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  1. Yet more benefits if you enjoy queueing or throwing money down the drain. Were we not told this would never happen as Europe need us to much. NB I haven’t posted this article before. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/ckmm866p23mo
  2. I think they had loan contracts which despite players not playing for them costs still. It does evidence however the general belief that this squad was the most expensive ever assembled for the championship.
  3. If only we were Leeds ! If reports circulating tonight are correct even £96m ( which it isn’t ) would be a drop in the ocean and goes to show that our club is well run.
  4. They haven’t the press did, ie ‘ it is thought this was Knappers 1st choice ‘.
  5. I think this board would be the same if we had peed an estimated £300 million up the wall and a manager who promised promotion in his interview, didn’t succeed. Potentially they could now become the latest Derby.
  6. Reports are beginning to show that this post is already outdated, with Leeds appearing to owe £190 million in transfer fees alone. They so didn’t want to go up this year, it seems they went s*** or bust
  7. To think some on here saying Farke had been given 3 seasons to build a team for promotion and promotion wasn’t expected.
  8. Lots of bookmakers no longer taking bets on Thorup, so looks like we have our man.
  9. If reports are to be believed we are about to appoint our new manager. We need to get behind him, not the past.
  10. We genuinely may not want to sell, but that doesn’t stop players going. Rowes agent made it clear he was off speaking in January, and Rowe never said that’s not true. Some of our players also put up with some bad abuse aimed at them by a section of our fans and some of those may or may not be considering their futures.
  11. Living near Birmingham as many close away games as ever to wet the appetite. With our youngest still qualifying as under 20 our away membership ( being season ticket holders ) is £25 and £15 less 10% £36 total. So despite what Essex tells us good value if we go on a charge and suddenly the glory hunters jump on board. Anyone think if 10 of us donated our 10% discounts to the Essex fund to buy him an away membership it would shut him up ?
  12. We were floundering when he was sacked.
  13. Are you serious ? Leeds didn’t take him on to get promoted ? According to SKY today that was one of his promises in his interview, he just didn’t allow for 85+ points not to be enough. He won 2 of their last 9 games. Most expensive squad ( reportedly ) ever assembled for the championship, to not get them promoted is a bit of a failure, but after saying that I do believe had they have been promoted, he would have been gone fairly rapidly as the end of the season saw complete capitulation. I didn’t want Farke sacked, but I couldn’t constantly be as negative towards NCFC as you.
  14. Most expensive squad ( reportedly ) ever assembled for the championship, fail to get promoted, now that’s much more of a story.
  15. Strangely had they gone up I think he would be a gonner. There is one thing in his favour that he returned the promised 85+ points and 75 goals, meaning he is more likely to get them up than keep them up.
  16. Farke fails to get what is reportedly the most expensive championship side ever assembled promoted. Well done Russel Martin.
  17. I guess there will be a new PM whatever as even if Sunak was to win, they will oust him asap
  18. Yes I saw somebody put on here there was no evidence of people going to vote tactically, I see nothing else. I am voting tactically as even though I am voting Labour, had it been the Lib Dem’s or Green that could oust the Tory here I would be voting for them. I know several people who have voted Lib Dem’s for years who will be lending their vote to a different party as they could cause a Tory winning a seat. A lot of Tory voters I know, just will not be voting as they can’t bring themselves to go the whole hog. 90% voting Reform will be voting as an anti Tory vote, so is that not even tactical voting as it won’t win them a seat but will oust the Tory.
  19. Was he rallying the troops to attack the RNLI volunteers again or donating his EU pension ( that we pay for ) to charity.
  20. Not quite sure why the new thread talking about the topic already being discussed in another thread, but as I said in that one, our youngest is 19 and earns silly money. He had no intention of voting ( couldn’t be bothered ) like most of his friends. This one issue has got him motivated and him and his mates have decided they best get down to the polling station on 4/7/24 and vote Labour. You have to congratulate Sunak for getting the younger voters out and engaged in politics. In my son’s words ‘ so what are they going to do if I don’t go, put me in prison ? and make me give my job up ‘.
  21. Our youngest is 19 wasn’t bothered about voting, earns cracking money, now he’s going out to vote Labour with all his mates lol
  22. Leadsom the latest to step down. Reports that lots more senior Tories are going to stand down over the weekend. All candidates have to be named by 7/6/24, doesn’t give long to get them in place and then not long left to campaign
  23. Michael Gove standing down, that’s one less liar for me to be constantly moaning about.
  24. Are we the nearest airport for him to use to get to poor man road ?
  25. Even now the rubbish spurts out, didnt Johnson refuse constant debates ?
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