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  1. I have voted Tory all my life, but there is no chance of me voting for them again whilst Johnson is in charge.
  2. There would be no vaccine rollout out without it.
  3. The complete t*** on Question Time is trying to justify it, and just admitted it was true and also admitted it was 0.3% in real terms. These are people that put their lives on the line, shame the likes of Gove and Mogg weren’t prepared to go on the icu wards.
  4. Surely they will not go with the 1% recommendation, Johnson will be destroyed.
  5. £350 million a week to The NHS we were told and now it is reccomended that our nurses only receive a 1% pay rise, the people responsible for this should hold their heads in shame, clearly a few fisherman are far more important than our nurses.
  6. Missed the budget, is the 350 million a week for the NHS starting yet ?
  7. Thanks SONYC As I have mentioned before I suspect the mRNA jabs will be altered for lots of things such as cancers so this is probably likely.
  8. Hi Steve I believe appointments come on regular so keep trying, however in Norfolk can you not book via pharmacies ect, if you have received your letter ?. You sometimes also find their supply is a bit slow, then suddenly they get or are told of a big delivery. Not much help I know when you are trying without success but hope it helps a bit.
  9. Good job Morrison’s are saving 1 trawler British fishing businesses could go bust or move to Europe because of post-Brexit trading disruption, industry figures have warned. MPs were told paperwork due to new border controls had proved a "massive problem" and should be moved online. They also heard extra costs had made it "impossible" for some firms to trade profitably.
  10. the EU will still be vaccinating well into next year Fancy a bet to Covax that that’s wrong ?
  11. Strangely enough the latest YouGov poll shows similar here now Asking people whether they would vote in a 2016 re-run shows a 12-point lead for Remain – similar to the outcome of our right/wrong to vote to leave the EU tracker. Half (49%) say they would vote to Remain versus 37% who would vote to leave. The remaining 13% say they would either not vote, are unsure, or refuse to give an answer.
  12. Your links said you could not go on your own unless you left the EU, the Poster Swindon Canary put up links to show you lied.
  13. Lol unlike you and mad Moy I don’t lie. You will see also from the link at the bottom that America will also have enough supply by the end of May. To see the rest of the World also moving on is surely amazing ?, Strange how Germany went on their own, do you think they maybe will be thrown out of the EU now ? Yesterday 20 million were vaccinated worldwide with the US doing slightly short of 2 million and the EU doing slightly short of 1 million. When they talk of next month, this report was beginning of Feb so about now. Before you say that is not enough doses, please bear in mind Germany has around 12 million under 18’s bringing the figure down to 71 million of which 70% are expected to take up the jab 50 million. You can also now get an extra dose from each phile accounting for around another 10 - 15 million doses. Thanks to deep pockets, Germany snaps up extra coronavirus jabs While Berlin championed the bloc's joint purchasing of coronavirus vaccines while holding the European Union's rotating presidency in the second half of 2020, it simultaneously made additional agreements with vaccine producers — including BioNTech/Pfizer and CureVac — for extra doses. And it's now purchasing additional vaccines other EU countries didn't want. Germany, a country of 83 million people, said it's getting 94 million doses of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, 64 million from the EU and 30 million from a separate bilateral deal. On top of that, Berlin will buy doses that other countries don't buy, securing 50 million of 160 million Moderna doses — far more than its pro-rata allocation.BioNTech and Pfizer plan to supply an additional 700m doses of their Covid-19 vaccine this year thanks to a new factory in Germany and adjusted European guidelines that allow for an extra shot to be extracted from each vial. The companies had originally pledged to make 1.3bn doses in 2021 but now intend to provide as many as 2bn, BioNTech said in a statement.In addition to extra production from a new facility in Marburg, due to begin next month, European supplies have been boosted by a decision last week by the EU regulator to follow the US in allowing a sixth dose to be extracted from each vial. Previously, the small containers were only licensed to be diluted into five doses in the EU but healthcare workers had noticed there was material left that was going to waste. https://apnews.com/article/merck-help-make-johnson-johnson-vaccine-9ca6f1f4c502b095531926a53abe7262
  14. I am very confused, what’s that got to do with you telling us you could not go on your own, and then putting up evidence that you can.
  15. You would make a terrible CPS worker. You told us under EU rules that you were not allowed to do it on your own, then you put up evidence that you were lying ? Germany and Slovakia went on their own a couple of weeks ago, and Slovakia are catching us fast. Germany will soon have enough Pfizer in the Country to give all their citizens 2 doses, keep up. If you are going to tell porkies ( ie Britain couldn’t go on their own ) it is a bit silly to then put up the evidence that they could.
  16. Promotion odds. Cardiff 8/1 via playoffs look value Norwich 1/25 Brentford 2/5 Watford 10/11 Swansea 13/8 Bournemouth 9/2 Barnsley 13/2 Reading 13/2 Cardiff 8/1 Middlesbrough 28/1 Stoke 40/1
  17. Latest title odds say. Surprised with their games in hand Swansea are 18/1 Norwich 1/4 Brentford 5/1 Watford 14/1 Swansea 18/1 Barnsley 200/1 Bournemouth 200/1 Reading 250/1 Cardiff 1000/1
  18. When reviews and a public inquiry at some stage look at lessons to be learned from the handling of the pandemic in the UK, the question of the readiness of the NHS is sure to be considered. NHS Providers has highlighted one key part of this - the relative lack of critical care beds in hospitals, reflecting in part insufficient investment going back many years. The UK has fewer hospital beds for seriously ill patients relative to the population than leading European economies such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain. So going into the pandemic the health service was in some ways not as well resourced as it might have been. The NHS coped astonishingly well last April and in the most recent surge, and hospitals were not overwhelmed. But sufficient critical care beds were created for Covid patients only by using wards which could not therefore be used by others - much routine and non urgent care had to be postponed. The argument now being made is that there needs to be a review of what is needed as a safety net for future crises - and funding to go with it.
  19. Sorry with the Oxford vaccine it was based on data, unless Andrew Pollard lied to the world. You will note all approvals for Oxford-AstraZeneca are 8 - 12 weeks not just the U.K. As was known at the time because of an accident with the dosing the reason it was not so effective was either, a smaller dose first, or a delay to 8 - 12 weeks the latter the most likely.
  20. That’s really weird as the kids hate Brexit.
  21. As at yesterday 202, 354, 341 doses had been administered. 88 countries are now vaccinating. The supply is visibly moving up every day.
  22. The latest Israeli data shows that Pfizer is far more effective than the trials suggested. The efficacy 2 weeks after dose 2 was an overall figure of in excess of 98%. Crowds are now allowed back at 75% capacity ( subject to a max 500 ). In Turkey where a similar scheme is run using Sovac ( Chinese vaccine ) it is becoming so successful they are aiming to open up again at the end of March. That efficacy is showing the same sort of results in the field. Begining to look better around the world.
  23. Absolutely nothing to do with Tony Blair or Johnson regards the Oxford Vaccine it was how it was presented to the MHRA that Oxford felt the missing bit of their jigsaw was an 8 - 12 week gap. This was discovered during the trial by accident and Oxford-AstraZeneca said they would release the Lancet paper as soon as they had more cases which was done yesterday via a Lancet paper. The Lancet paper is available on the internet showing it brings efficacy up. The decision was taken to do the same with Pfizer, where the jury is out as there is no data yet. The data from Israel is based on dose 2 being given 3 weeks after dose 1 and it is 99.96 effective 2 weeks after the 2nd dose. Hopefully the same will apply for the second dose being delayed. It is important that Oxford second dose is taken 8 - 12 weeks after the first dose, and always has been. The new efficacy is confirmed at 76% an increase from the original 62% which was exactly as expected ( although it was hoped it would be higher ).
  24. No wonder we didn’t have £350 million a week for the NHS
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