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    Team for Wolves

    So we have one of the most talked about young talents in English football ( in fact there is a certain German side also watching him ) and you would drop him ? Against Liverpool he was our MOM, Sky and BBC were raving about him, Klopp mentioned him as causing his players big problems. But let’s not just rely on peoples opinions, he made the most tackles, 3rd most headers, 3rd most dribbles ( not from his mouth but with the ball ) and looked absolute class, O and other than Pukki seems to be our only player capable of scoring at this level. This kid is improving every week and I hold my hand up to say I was one of those that thought he would be light weight. I also hold my hand up to say Todd’s dedication is amazing. I know football is about opinions but what you have against Cantwell I just don’t get ?. McClean as well ? If you cannot see what he does for our team then you really don’t understand football, but that one is just an opinion. If you believe Farke selections are as bad as you are making out then why on another thread are you saying he needs to be here for years. I appreciate you went to your first game for several years ( you keep telling us ) but maybe you should have watched us against Man Utd instead when what you are suggesting was about what we did. Wolves are no longer a league 2 team they are currently challenging for a champions league spot. Until we are officially relegated we need to try to win every point possible and then experiment if that is necessary.
  2. Well b back

    Forget how good some of our players are....

    What is it you have against Drmic. I speak to a number of players where I work and they are all very complimentary about him. You also seem to have something against Farke. I appreciate you wanted him out last year and stated we would be in league 1 if he wasn’t sacked, but most with that opinion last year have now swallowed their pride and held their hands up. Look at what he has done with his coaching to what is basically a squad of average players and kids. Please don’t start negativity against Farke as there are plenty of suitors that would happily take advantage.
  3. Well b back

    Son’s broken arm

    And Erikson gone, he always came in and changed the game against us. Don’t broken arms get sorted though in days this day and age to at least be able to play ? On a secondary note do the Koreans still turn up when he is not playing ? That may knock about 20000 off the gate lol.
  4. Well b back

    Home grown players

    Who knows. Did anyone say any of our recent crop of youngsters would get to where they are ?. When Aaron’s was thrown in against Ipswich people wondered, but he produced. Were the last 2 years one offs or will the next group be as good ?. Of course when they are introduced ala Cantwell we will be hearing how light weight they are not as good as x was. But of course we are lucky in having a head coach that does not listen to the fans he does what’s best to develop the players.
  5. Well b back

    I actually want us to sell a player

    I really cannot hazard a guess. He is clearly sort after property. With the rest you see papers linking for instance Aaron’s to Spurs for x. With Cantwell it is the top 6 teams, and it’s not just papers, it’s the managers complimenting him, it’s pundits building him up every week and clearly he is devoted to becoming a top player. Every time you see him play there is something else about him. Does he have weaknesses still, yep, but he clearly works on things. I always thought defensively he was a bit of a luxury until BBC started throwing those stats in Saturday night and he made more tackles than anyone else. Maddison was good but a gamble, he hadn’t done it in the EPL, Cantwell not only has but like I mentioned you can actually see him getting better by the month. Add to that one huge thing. With no injuries he is likely to score 10 EPL goals this year in a team that is likely to be relegated and playing as a midfielder expected to drop into a defensive position as soon as we lose the ball. On the epl site you can do comparisons, have compared him to Maddison, you can change to the likes of Grealish https://www.premierleague.com/stats/player-comparison ( hope that link works ). Put that into context of where Cantwell was 12 months ago and that will tell you why he is such hot property. It also shows how Farke ball is all central and does not use wingers ( but attacking full backs ) and why using the likes of Hernandez in the EPL ( except for short bursts ) does not suit our game. Reckon those who think he is a liability and can’t defend will be astonished when you see the actual stats. I think as fans we tend to remember the worse ( Krul is still remembered for his start with us ) but Cantwell is clearly becoming stronger and stronger. Anyone who thinks he is not capable in the top clubs I would suggest you rewatch the game on Saturday. That turn in the first half if done by Messi would have been talked about for years. When he started running at players you could see the concern on their faces, even Van Dyck backed off. Of course this is a commentators curse and he will be rubbish on Sunday and everybody will be telling me I don’t know what I am talking about, but all his suitors will know exactly where he is, but more importantly where he is going. One last point that sort of shows where he is. When you see the MOD interviews they get the biggest stars in front of the cameras, your Vardys, Sterling’s etc. Anyone noticed how Cantwell is suddenly our regular interviewee. So back to the question, how much is he worth in the current market, probably £30million, but there is a factor that if you add in a bidding war that goes up. We don’t have to sell so that takes out the drop from the relegation, but it is no secret our players will always be sold if a bid that the club see is at its peak we sell. Grealish and Maddison are being talked about at £80 million and they have already arrived at the level of superstars, whereas Todd still has a little way to go so is worth far less than that. But of course what this really all proves is how good our coaches ( Farke included ) and our scouting system is. Only 2 seasons ago as fans we were saying ‘ when was the last time we produced a young player ‘ To produce a Maddison, followed by a Cantwell, plus all the others we also know about is some achievement. Is this just a one off couple of seasons where we got lucky or is this something that continues for years to come ? Is it even possibly something that falls apart when Webber leaves or have we even got that sorted ?. Who knows, but over the next few seasons I reckon FCR will remain packed to the rafters.
  6. Well b back

    I actually want us to sell a player

    A Cantwell sale will fund anything we need.
  7. Well b back

    More points against the top 5...

    I understand that now Spurs are 5th this is true 5 points to 4, however on Saturday night when Sheffield United were 5th it would have been 4 to each banding.
  8. Well b back

    More points against the top 5...

    That was Culverhouses team not Lamberts
  9. This is not really a serious post is it ? It’s just a wind up to get a response. Cantwell has moved to the next level. From midfield he is likely to score 10 goals in a team ( that although you think are a top 4 team ) will most likely be relegated. On Saturday ( as much as I don’t like saying it as I hate the guy ) his touch and running with the ball was reminiscent of Grealish ( guess you think he’s not very good either ). His one touch in the 1st half ( if you didn’t see it Sky are playing it on a regular basis ) was sensational and something that not many players would be able to do in a game of professional football. When he starts to run with the ball defenders panic and drop off. There are not many players that cause that type of fear. He also I believe made the most tackles in the game, something that shows how disciplined he is becoming. Is he the finished product ? Far from it as he still can be knocked off the ball, but again you see him getting stronger and stronger every week. The media are raving about him, some already saying we have produced yet another Maddison. When we have played the teams near the top ( recently ) he has stood out as a player equal to anything in the opposing team. Please could you now state why you feel Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea ( all are linked and not just by paper talk ) are not swarming all over Hernandez and Vantric ?. We are all entitled to our opinion as to who should or shouldn’t be in the team, but to do down what Cantwell is doing is just beyond my belief. One last point. You have dissed posters saying we must always play the Farke way, the players and system you are talking about is not the Farke way, it does not involve wingers except towards the end of games. You have watched one game all season in real life and think what you saw happens every week, I believe you wanted Hanley dropped this week ? Good job that didn’t happen.
  10. I am guessing as you can’t even spell our players names correctly you are either 12 years old ( half term ) or a binner. The main reason he is here is as head coach and to develop young talent. Think he’s done that pretty well. Had the season have started 8 weeks ago it is likely ( in my opinion ) that we would have been much more competitive, even playing 5 at the back in games such as Saturdays.
  11. Well b back

    Man City and the likes

    Won’t be many clubs doing that I would suggest as many seem to do similar things. If they relegate Man City, Bournemouth and Villa for starters have to go.
  12. Well b back

    If we go down -

    Cantwell will be sold for a transfer fee that will make Maddison’s look like a drop in the ocean. Becoming a real contender for Young player of the year.
  13. Well b back

    One team makes tactical subs

    Lol Teemu it’s your turn to be subbed today. Doesn’t matter if we go one down Drmic is coming on and you are coming off. This is professional football not under 10’s. If a player really cannot give everything and use every last bit of energy over 90 minutes then he really should not be playing at this level.
  14. Well b back

    Rupp and Duda

    Blimey is this a wind up ?
  15. Well b back

    If Pukki had pushed......

    I was thinking the same earlier op. At the time I actually thought the linesman flagged for a free kick, but maybe that was my imagination. More my thinking was had the ref given a free kick ( seen them given for that ) what would VAR have done then ? as wouldn’t have been a clear and obvious error.
  16. Well b back

    One team makes tactical subs

    LDC our team is built around everybody giving 100% 90 minutes every game. Nobody needs to be told to give everything. Surely you work your subs around the game ? How would you know who you are taking off ? Against Sheffield United that changed after 55 minutes.
  17. Yep. That’s what we did with Maddison and that’s who MOD were just comparing him to. I must say today ( as much as I don’t like saying this as I hate him ) when he had the ball he looked like Grealish.
  18. If LiVARpool really have been thinking of making an offer for Tod, he probably shew he is worthy of that today. See MOD praising him up again and insisting he will be PLAYING in a top 6 team next season.
  19. Well b back

    One team makes tactical subs

    See your manager Lambert has recently become ( on stats ) your worst manager ever. You would give your right arm to have Farke and Webber do to your club what they have done to ours.
  20. Well b back

    One team makes tactical subs

    Do you feel there were players that didn’t give everything today ? I think this squad whatever their ability give everything for 90 minutes not just 20 minutes in the second half.
  21. Well b back

    Ricardo's report v Liverpool

    I haven’t either lol so happy to be proved wrong.
  22. Well b back

    Hanley chosen....

    I hope Hanley is our highest paid centre half as clearly, at this moment in time ( not in 3 years time ) he is our best centre half.
  23. Well b back

    Ricardo's report v Liverpool

    Thanks as always Ricardo. I thought Hanley was outstanding today and made me think had he been fit all season the outcome may have been better at the end of the season. I will stand to be corrected but I thought it was Zimmermann and Aaron’s Mane got between and not Hanley.
  24. No it’s when fans knowingly give or sell their tickets to away fans where there are thousands of Norwich supporters unable to get tickets despite paying out a non refundable fee to be able to purchase tickets. If the club sell them direct it is usually that they have been conned and certainly did not know they had sold tickets to away supporters. The signs are quite specific ‘ Home fans only. Away supporters will be ejected.
  25. Well b back

    One team makes tactical subs

    Op I am sure if we had rested Mane, Furmhino and co and Farke had them at his disposal then he to would have panicked at 75 minutes and brought on his main striker. You criticise Farke every week and told us before last season if we did not sack Farke we would be relegated ?. If we are in the Championship next year with the same or a similar squad our options on the bench will be enormous to change the game. Personally I have faith in Farke.