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  1. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    ....and of course the convictions.....
  2. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    That might be quite difficult since as far as I remember he didn't call them Nazis, he simply pointed out that the Nazis got started by being elected before they subverted their democracy. In any case he said what he said without the benefit of Parliamentary priviledge so if the ERG think they have a case it makes you wonder why they haven't got the b*lls to serve a writ. But they're not really the guys to pick a fight with anyone likely to fight back are they? Knife in the back is more their style, or simply tell a few whoppers and then run away and hide behind nanny.
  3. Creative Midfielder

    Team Vs Wednesday

    This, for me as well.
  4. Creative Midfielder

    How utterly poor was Tod Cantwell today

    Far as I can see the only thing Todd has done wrong is to not be Emi. IMO starting Leitner/Vranic is very long overdue but whilst we were winning every game its very difficult to make a convincing case to say Farke was wrong to stick with the same team team. But we've now seen two poor and rather tired looking performances which suggest that Daniel maybe hasn't quite appreciated just how physically and mentally draining the long Championship programme is. Still think we'll finish as Champions but would be a lot more confident if Leitner and Vrancic start the next game. The argument for sticking with a winning team no longer applies, time to play our best team especially as a couple of them have fresh legs.
  5. Creative Midfielder

    An arm away from losing

    Exactly this - I've not been entirely convinced by VAR yet but this was a perfect example of where it would very quickly give the correct decision and prevent yet another refereeing mistake - one view of the replay was all that needed to clearly see that it wasn't a penalty.
  6. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    True, but I see no way that any of those things can be locked into the Withdrawal Agreement which is (a) only about the withdrawal and not the future relationship, and (b) the EU are quite clearly not prepared to countenance any changes whatsoever. I may be missing something completely here but the only way I imagine it could work would be if the extension was used to reach a pretty firm agreement on the future relationship, which would also have to be one that would release us from the backstop (so Norway+/CM2) so that the HoC could pass the Withdrawal Agreement followed almost immediately (before Boris became leader!) by implementing the future relationship - maybe there is a way of making it effectively simultaneous? That is what I think she is supposed to have been doing for the last 18 months so that come the 29th we would have had a Withdrawal Agreement and a future relationship agreed in principle even if not in full detail? Instead she has wasted most of the time available on a withdrawal agreement that is still unacceptable to most people. Sadly I can't see her changing tack now - pretty much every decision she has had to make she has either deferred or got wrong and I think that will continue they finally drag her kicking and screaming out of No 10
  7. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    The second sentence is certainly true but that is simply because we have a common interest in avoiding 'no deal'. The last two years has shown very clearly that we are not remotely equal within the negotiations/process and the UK has only ever achieved things which the EU are prepared to give, even if a little reluctantly. At no point have we forced the EU to concede anything which falls outside the guidelines they published before the negotiations started and there is no sign that is going to change. May's foolishness led her to strike a very flawed deal and she's now stuck with it. The EU may (or may not) keep giving us more time to sort out our own mess but the choice we have available isn't going to change - her deal or revoke.
  8. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I agree with most of this although, much as I dislike refendums in general, having got in this unholy mess through one it is becoming very difficult to see any way out of the mess other than a second one. The problem with the general election solution IMO is twofold: firstly that although Brexit is the overarching issue of the moment our general elections can never be based on a single issue and therefore won't necessarily express a clear view on Brexit - despite the Government ignoring pretty much everything else there are clearly quite other issues that voters will factor in when they vote. Secondly in our two party system, it is very unlikely that the electorate will be given much, if any, actual choice as to the form of Brexit they want, or indeed whether they still want it at all - that has already been clearly demonstrated by the 2017 election which only offered two realistic choices - between May's very hard Brexit and Labour's ill-defined but slightly softer version and look where that got us!
  9. Creative Midfielder

    Alex Pritchard Or Maddison

    Exactly this.
  10. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Spot on
  11. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Extension dependent upon TM agreeing to Customs Union - about time he put the boot in!!
  12. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Seems pretty clear that its TM attempting to kick the can but you're absolutely right that it is the EU who will control exactly the velocity and the distance that the can travels down the road, and indeed whether it travels at all or whether TM's attempt turns out to be an air shot.
  13. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Exactly, also the one thing that TM excels in!
  14. Creative Midfielder

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Absolutely - pity he's not leader of the opposition, would be a considerable upgrade on the current one. Think he's the first Westminster politician (with the possible exception of Caroline Lucas) that I've heard be honest enough to admit that many of the grievances behind the Leave vote are actually the responsibility of our own governments, of both parties, and nothing to do with the EU. Noticeable too, that a few months ago he was virtually the only person from the main two parties that struck the right tone about the Windrush scandal. Makes it a great shame that, even now, very few people are really listening to him - a damning inditement on the quality of our civil society IMO - sorry @LDC this is not how a 'great' country behaves.
  15. Creative Midfielder

    I totally blame the Ref for the sending off

    No - Leistner didn't get the ball, Emi had already flicked it forward and it bounced off Leistner's trailing leg but Leistner's tackle was late, dangerous and hit Emi hard - much worse than Emi's tackle which was rash, arguably worth a card, and which the QPR players made the most of - unlike City, despite Emi having previously been repeatedly hacked with no action from the ref. Then, of course, there was Pukki with stud marks on his inner thigh......... As others have said this wasn't a particularly dirty or difficult game to ref but this guy was hopeless - yes, on a couple of occasions we probably got the benefit of a strange decision but on the important decisions we got no consistency at all - seems to me this is the fundamental problem. We all know the refs have a difficult job, and I don't think any of think of us actually believe our own players are saints, but nothing can excuse the glaring inconsistencies we see regularly in refereeing decisions and today was a prime example.