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  1. Creative Midfielder

    What on earth does - Error code: 2F173/O - mean....

    It might be normal in those circumstances but we're talking about web site that has supposedly been developed by 'professionals' whose only job is to interact in a pretty simple manner with the public - spitting out rubbish like that is incredibly poor design/execution/testing or perhaps all three!
  2. Creative Midfielder

    What on earth does - Error code: 2F173/O - mean....

    You have got to be kidding, it certainly isn't normal for any halfway decent software team - this is rank amateurism.
  3. Creative Midfielder

    What on earth does - Error code: 2F173/O - mean....

    It wasn't that thread but I imagine you are on the right track - still baffled as to why the site can't respond in English rather than meaningless error codes!! Where do Archant get their software developers from???
  4. .......and more generally, why are threads disappearing?
  5. Creative Midfielder

    VAR Red Card Check?!!?

    IMO VAR's record prior to this season has been extremely patchy, nevertheless I was pretty optimistic that's its implementation in Premier League would be good and a positive step towards better\fairer refereeing. Whilst it is still fairly early days I have to say so that so far its been a bit of shambolic disaster - not just, or even primarily, in our games but generally. Firstly when it is applied appears to be very inconsistent, and certainly misses plenty which should be viewed whilst sometimes looking at other incidents without any justification at all. But worse than that - when it is used, it is producing clearly wrong decisions - I don't whether there has been a change in policy or whether this is just a subjective impression on my part but in the last week or two there appears to be a much greater reluctance to change the referees' decision, even when it is clearly wrong, than there was in first few weeks of the season. So whilst it is early days at the moment I would say VAR is actually getting worse as the season progresses rather than better, and unless this can be turned around and improved considerably then it should be abandoned at the end of the season - that would be a great shame IMO and I hope things do improve as the season goes on but I think so far its been hugely disappointing.
  6. Creative Midfielder

    Ricardo's report v Villa

    Thought Godfrey was far more culpable than Amadou yesterday, but in addition to carrying an injury its a very fair point about the number of partners he's had to play with - pretty sure he would be much more effective with Timm or Zimmerman alongside him.
  7. I would add Stiepermann to that list.
  8. Creative Midfielder

    Did we miss Hanley?

    Spot on.
  9. Creative Midfielder

    So, should it have been a penalty?

    Think the new change to the rule is really daft but nevertheless given that it is now the rule last night looked absolutely clear cut penalty to me.
  10. Thought he was decent today for much of the game day although it is starting to look as though whilst he's a very good 'traditional' centre half he is going to struggle against some of the quicker more mobile strikers he's going to come up against in the Prem. But certainly wouldn't pin the defeat on him today, didn't think either Aarons or Lewis hit their usual standards but that is very forgiveable given their youth and that they were facing a very good team - far more impressive than Liverpool IMO. Godfrey was the only one of the back four today that really looked the part but with Klose and Zimmerman on the way back and all the youngsters learning quickly I'm still very confident that we'll be fine.
  11. Creative Midfielder

    Unpopular opinion...

    Seem pretty reasonable to me.
  12. Creative Midfielder

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    The technology seems to work pretty well but the way and the when of it being used is another thing altogether. The penalty incident wasn't a subjective decision - the replay and presumably therefore the VAR quite clearly showed the attacker dragged down from behind by a defender with his arm round the striker's neck. If the ref did see the incident, then it falls into the 'clear and obvious' error because there is no possible interpretation of the rules in which that wasn't a foul.
  13. Creative Midfielder

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    Completely agree, some very strange logic involved in the way they seem to be using VAR this season.
  14. Creative Midfielder

    Final Premier League table

    @Evertonian My prediction would be pretty similar to yours, apart from the Everton position But I hope you do get up there because the Premiership is going to continue to be as dull as ditchwater if we're going to have just three teams competing to win it yet again. The real excitement is always at the other end of the table but I don't think we'll be too closely involved in that either - but anyway as long as Farke sticks to his principles and keeps playing quality football I'll be happy wherever we finish.
  15. Creative Midfielder

    Spurs v Villa

    I clearly haven't been paying attention over the summer - Villa paid £26m for Mings???? I'd have said they would have been robbed paying £6m, so hopefully they will turn out to be this season's Fulham.