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  1. Hopefully its not true, but otherwise as you say he must go. I wouldnt say he's been rubbish but certainly the most disappointing of the new signings, so far. Still early days of course but not sure we'd really miss him as he seems, quite rightly, to be well down the pecking order for a starting place.
  2. Further proof that Angela Rayner was right and that most Tory MPs are quite literally scumbags. However I also wonder, once again, where the hell is the opposition??? I know the Government has a big majority but clearly with this feeble opposition they don't even need that - 265 MPs is all it takes apparantly. So I would blame those who didn't vote at all just as much as the scumbags that did.
  3. No wonder you are so often accused of lying. What on earth is the point of trotting out nonsense like that, when we've all seen you do it????
  4. Aren't you shooting the messenger here?? Good Law Project are the very opposite of Johnson in that they are always very sure of their facts before they say anything, and from memory I think they have won every time they've ended up in court with the Government. You may not like the message but it is unquestionably true however unpalatable you find it.
  5. Really surprised @SwindonCanary didn't get round to posting that - he's forever posting links to the Express, I suppose the dog must have eaten it this morning
  6. Well, there you go then. Must admit I hadn't looked at the NHS site but my understanding was that the rollout would be based on flu jab in one arm and Covid booster in the other which is exactly what happened when I took my Mum to her appointment three or so weeks ago. So it seemed an obvious question to ask when I got my text - and having now just checked when I had jab 2 it turns out that I was, through luck rather good judgement, bang on time. However there clearly are regional variations - not in the rules but in the delivery. As I said my sister in Norfolk should have been ahead of me and my wife throughout the process but in practice has always been behind us, even though we all booked the first jab as soon as we received our offers. I suspect that going via the GP (certainly in our case) speeded things up as it was all very well organised - in the early days when the vaccine supply was rather hit and miss, they were completely on top of when they were getting vaccine and very quickly organised things to blitz as many as they could by pulling all the doctors in on a Saturday when they should have been having a day off. You may have noticed that I'm a tad cynical (about many things) nowadays, but I was genuinely impressed by what they set up and the numbers they got through - appointments to the minute and people going through at a rate of knots without ever going anywhere near anybody else other than the doctor or nurse that jabbed you. Sadly, as I also pointed out with respect to the 'queue' - I read this morning that uptake of the booster offers is only around 50% of the double vaccinated people eligible. Doesn't make any sense to me but then that is true of so many aspects of this country nowadays
  7. That little bio suggests he had an education which comes as a bit of a surprise I must say.
  8. As far as I as I can tell there is no queue - that seems to be part of the problem. Take up of the booster seems to be very patchy, presumably because so many have lapped up Johnson's nonsense that it is all over and don't see the need, or perhaps the urgency, to have one. Certainly of the people I know of locally (most of similar age) they've all either had the booster or are booked for the next few days. Don't know why there are regional variations but it seems clear that there are - my sister is extremely vulnerable, lives in Norfolk and has been several weeks behind us at every stage of the vaccination programme this year.
  9. Here you can if your GP surgery is on the ball - I got a text saying I could have a flu jab so I rang the surgery to book a flu jab and asked if I could have a Covid booster at the same time, they said yes. So I asked if my wife could have both at the same time as well, they said yes. So last Saturday we both went in, got a jab in each arm and were back out again in under 3 minutes. Superbly well organised as it is always - as per earlier posts - if the government and the private sector would get the hell out of the way and let the NHS do the job that only they really understand then we would all be in a much better state.
  10. Excellent list lo which I would add: .............Start paying doctors & nurses properly - even with huge increases in recruitment schemes and training new medical staff we are going to struggle to retain the number of doctors and nurses we still have in the NHS, never mind start filling the huge gaps without a significant uplift to current NHS salaries. ..............Take social care seriously and put serious money into that (I know you also said that @sonyc but thought it needed its own bullet point) plus integrating it or at least aligning it to the NHS in a far more effectively than we have currently. ..............Remove the private sector from all involvement in the NHS - we have seen for many years the serious failures to deliver the services they are contracted to deliver, the huge costs involved for things that the NHS could deliver itself far more effectively and the hugely bureaucratic and costly contracting process that bogs down NHS management. ................Reform the Trusts to introduce some genuine local accountability.
  11. The sort of Torygraph b*ll*cks that Johnson would be proud of - they, like you, must be getting absolutely desperate to distract from the shambles of Brexit Britain to even attempt to peddle tripe like that
  12. You are clearly getting more desperate and even more stupid - didn't think that was possible but there you go, proving me wrong again The Government is not 'trying' to do either of those things - the Government's incompetence and negligence has created shortages all over our economy and only after the shortages became crises did Johnson dream up his narrative for the simple minded that this was actually part of a government policy to increase wages but somehow, he forgot to mention it until he noticed that nobody could buy any petrol. In actual fact the wage rises are pretty patchy but in the long term are a good thing but they will lead directly to us all paying more and not less for the things we buy - I would have thought even you would be capable of grasping that. I think it is also worth pointing out that Johnson's oven ready deal deliberately introduced additional overheads and delays to businesses which will also lead inevitably to price rises as it is impossible for businesses to simply absorb these additional costs without passing at least some ontot customers. Johnson knew this when he signed the deal but as usual he lied about it. The only way that wages can go up and prices down is to have a huge boost in productively and yet the UK's record on productively relative to our European competitors is very poor indeed and has been for many years - Johnson's government, and their Tory predecessors have known about this issue for the last ten years and done absolutely nothing about it, so you are, as usual, talking total cr@p.
  13. That chimes pretty much with what my daughter says about the patients she has been treating recently.
  14. Yes, but that was far from their only mistake - we were weeks, or months in some cases, later than most European countries in vaccinating the younger age group, possibly a bigger mistake. Plus of course we removed the final restrictions at a point when case numbers were dropping quite quickly but still at a ridiculously high level - Johnson said repeatedly throughout the last lockdown that the decisions on unlocking would be driven by 'data not dates' but in the end, as we always knew he would, he ignored the data and went with the dates. That decision, as @Van wink said the other day, could have been a calculated gamble to try and get the peak(s) out of the way before the onset of winter. Personally, I don't think there was any calculation involved - as with so many of Johnson's decisions on the pandemic response, he ducked a difficult decision and just hoped it would all somehow work out alright and of course it didn't this time, just as it didn't on the earlier occasions.
  15. I think that is very debateable, and its certainly no more stupid than pretending that there is nothing we can do to improve the current situation which appears to be the Government's current (failing) strategy. Lockdown is only the most severe option, out of a number of possible options we could introduce to reduce the spread.
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