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  1. If you were actually interested in a real answer to that question then I'd suggest you direct your question at the Tory shambles of a Home Office that issued those 504,000 visas.
  2. Must confess I didn't realise it was still going but clearly it has at least 1 dedicated viewer.
  3. I imagine that there will be fair few current Tory MPs who will prefer to step down rather than risk the total humiliation by ballot box that they so richly deserve.
  4. Don't know anything about Mastodon but as a complete guess I'd suggest that improving the navigation, if that is the major issue, is a far simpler problem than trying to fix the multiple and fairly catastrophic issues that Twitter is facing - as KIO just said, its pretty easy to see how Twitter might crash and burn pretty quickly from here on in. Probably not yet inevitable but give Musk another couple of weeks on his current trajectory.........................
  5. Not sure I'd call it a special talent but its a pretty regular modus operandi with LYB when flaws in his arguments are highlighted - we all know he will never make even the slightest concession and yet he seems to feel compelled to reply. He seems to think that raising a distraction and then after a couple more exchanges accusing the other poster of irrelevance or distraction is a clever way of winning an argument, or perhaps its just his way of telling us he thinks we're too thick to notice He's tried it on with me several times and it is a rather tedious process but at least when we reach that point I can happily walk away knowing that not only is he wrong but that he knows he is wrong and hasn't got the balls to admit it.
  6. Never had a Twitter account and never intend to, but I am tempted to create one just to vote No before ditching it again
  7. I think the most striking about that graph to me is not so much that Paris has overtaken London as a result of Brexit but the massive size of the gap that existed between the two pre-Brexit, which has been closed over the last few years and is now starting to be reversed.
  8. True enough, but I don't think anyone has ever accused KamiKwasi of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  9. Fair comment that talented Tory MPs are as rare as hen's teeth nowadays but although it seems a long time ago now it was Johnson who was responsible for kicking out most of the talent they had left, only a bit over 3 years ago - one of his many extremely stupid mistakes which has certainly already proved disastrous for the Tories and will doubtless continue to weaken them going forward. But I think your point on integrity is the key one - we've had five Tory PMs in twelve years, each one of whom put the interests of a divided Tory Party first, second and third with the national interest nowhere to be seen. It is even more extraordinary that they've been the worst five PMs in our history and have got progressively worse!! (Early days for Sunak I know and commonsense says he can't be worse than Truss and will break that sequence but commonsense seems to be in almost as short a supply as integrity within the Tory party). Of the five Cameron is the only one who appointed a Cabinet based ability (as he saw it anyway), Johnson and Truss appointed Cabinets of their mates/cronies purely to ensure personal loyalty to themselves whilst May and Sunak have assembled equally dusfunctional Cabinets in an obvious but futile attempt to unify their bitterly divided backbenchers. Twelve years is a long time to be governed by a party much more concerned with fighting internal battles than ever trying to do the right thing for the country and the damage it has caused is now clear for all to see - even so it seems we still have another 2 years of this sh*tshow before there is any chance of a change.
  10. Spot on, although it is very unfortunate that the global response was so feeble in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea - that must have played a part it Putin's calculation that he could get away with this year's madness. But also all the more reason why a total Russian withdrawal from all Ukrainian territory is the only feasible\acceptable outcome to the war. There will still need to be some negotiations but presumably only around issues such as prisoner exchanges, reparations to be paid by Russia, and handover of suspected war criminals for trial in Ukraine or perhaps The Hague.
  11. You seem to have conveniently forgotten that it was you that started throwing the accusations of delusion around - par for the course really
  12. There you go, deluded again or perhaps just plain stupid since I do not talk like that and nor does anyone else on here - it would be pretty difficult to discuss rejoining the EU or how damaging Brexit has been to the UK from a position of believing that we had never left As usual you much prefer to rebut or simply dismiss points that people have never actually made than to try and discuss/rebut the points they really made - that is your stock in trade and it is both unimpressive and unconvincing, rather like your CPTPP delusions.
  13. Oh dear, a second delusion........!
  14. I have no such delusions and indeed the post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek but I expect that completely passed you and your sense of humour by-pass by. The only serious element of the post was to highlight a significant rise in anti-Brexit sentiment amongst voters generally and that even in the current Tory Party in the HoC the hard Brexitty nutters seem to be losing their hold over their own Government that has existed for the last six years and now are becoming marginalised. Frankly, it is quite difficult to see this Government having the capability to implement any significant policies at all, given how deeply they and their backbenchers are split - it appears that the only thing the current Tory Party can agree upon is that they are all desperate to avoid an election, so everything they do or even attempt to do is going to represent the lowest common denominator which can be agreed between the multiple warring factions in the party i.e. the square root of SFA. That is a climate which will continue to generate further anti-Brexit sentiment but as has been pointed out many times before rejoining is not going to be a one step process, it will be preceeded by several, possibly many, steps of gradually improving of our relationship and trading arrangements with the EU. Its also quite possible to envisage a future where we never actually rejoin the EU but stop at the point where we rejoin SM & CU - I suspect many Rejoiners would be content with that. Oh, and on the subjection of delusions I've always thought that your delusion that joining CPTPP was going to be of any significant benefit to the UK, never mind a replacement for our loss of EU membership, was pretty tragic but I don't feel the need to point it out every time you post up some nonsense about CPTPP.................well at least I didn't until now
  15. Quite, although I'm quite happy to remove 'policy' if it helps LYB's peace of mind. In fact it would probably be more accurate as over the last three years we've witnessed a stream, no sorry a flood of screeching government u-turns of all shapes and sizes, and both prior to and post decisions being implemented - so the word 'policy' is superfluous but handy for LYB as it allows him to respond without actually addressing the real issue.
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