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  1. McLean isn’t a DM. How does Smith need more evidence to see that?! It’s no surprise we’re so defensively exposed with Mr Pointy in the middle of the park. Need Hayden or Gibbs back ASAP.
  2. It’s just football, pal. It’s just a game.
  3. I’d previously dismissed solar panels based on cost and time to pay back but with electricity prices where they are right now it’s a much easier sell.
  4. Had a bloke over to quote us on some solar panels this morning. Based on current electricity costs and the increase from October, they’ll pay themselves off in 5 years and not cost me a penny in additional monthly costs as the cost each month of the finance on the panels (over 5 years) is actually less than the savings on my energy bill each month. No brainer.
  5. The only question for Haaland this season is how many he’ll win the golden boot by. I thought Aguero was deadly for Man Cuty but this lad is unworldly. They’ve gotta be aiming for Champions League this season.
  6. Rashica was even playing in a team apparently more setup to his strengths, unlike poor Ricky…
  7. We have an embarrassment of riches on the bench at this level and Smith has shown capable of choosing the right players at the right moment to turn games in our favour and get the results. I didn’t think there was much wrong with the starting 11 or the subs tonight and we got 3 points. So job done.
  8. Wes was always guilty of the odd rubbish pass too. Funny how people forget that. So, so happy for Onel.
  9. Thank you hoggie, spot on! This love affair with Farke has to end, the way people speak about him is like we played prime Barca and won every game by 4 or 5 goals. We won so many games by the odd goal late on, just like now; relying on our passing and pressure to cause teams to run out of steam and buckle in the last 20 mins. We’re still dealing with injuries, there’s still a real fluency to find, but after 3 games people wanted Smith out, based almost solely on the basis of half a Prem season with an absolutely woeful squad. After 7 games we sit 2nd in the League and Pukki hasn’t even found the net yet, when we get a formation that clicks, when we have a proper LB playing, when Sara is up to speed and a proper DM (Hayden or Gibbs) is sat in front of the back 4 we’ll have the best team in this league by a country mile. Farkeball was wonderful when it worked and gave us some great memories but that’s what they are, memories. Smith is the here and now and he’s getting the results by hook or crook. The table is all that matters and right now it looks great!
  10. I salute those fans, a credit to the club!
  11. I honestly don’t understand how people are moaning? We’re not playing beautiful free-flowing football, but we’re winning games. We don’t look solid defensively, but we’re without any recognised LBs or defensive midfielders. We’re winning by odd goals but Pukki has yet to find the net this season. Come on people, this squad has the potential to absolutely storm this league and we’re 2nd after 7 games with 4 wins on the trot, 2 of them away from home! Let’s enjoy it a little!
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