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  1. Canary Wundaboy

    Do you think we will stay up?

    I am worried about our ability to beat teams around us. In the past 3 weeks we’ve gifted 6 points to our relegation rivals, if anything is going to send us down it’s the fact that we can’t seem to raise our game against the teams that we need to beat, instead we expend all our energy against teams that won’t be struggling and then leave ourselves run ragged. Farke’s unwillingness to rotate the team selection is compounding the issue.
  2. Canary Wundaboy

    Advice on Prime matches

    You can mute the commentary and still have crowd noise. Love it.
  3. Canary Wundaboy


    It's a crazy league this year. All the more important that we're up for it every single game. If we can find a consistency while teams around us are struggling for any we'll be safe with games to spare. Tomorrow is huge.
  4. Canary Wundaboy

    And we thought

    Gosh your life must be miserable if you didn't crack a smile at that!
  5. Canary Wundaboy

    FA Cup Draw.

    The focus has to be the league. I used to be one of those “winning leads to more winning” but staying in the PL has to be the focus and the Cup is simply a distraction we don’t need.
  6. Canary Wundaboy

    Silly Contract Season

    No manager in the PL outside of a very select group of clubs is going to get anywhere close to 6 years. Brighton and Villa are not in that group. Crazy.
  7. Canary Wundaboy

    Complete Bulls***

    If Krul has saved it and the encroaching player affected the outcome by scoring the rebound, yes. If the penalty taker just scored from the spot, no.
  8. Canary Wundaboy

    FA Cup Draw.

    Honest question: Do we care?
  9. Canary Wundaboy

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    Just watched the punditry on MOTD, Keown is a total dinosaur. What a finish from Grealish.
  10. Canary Wundaboy

    Complete Bulls***

    No, because the encroachment wouldn’t have affected the outcome. I’m a Norwich fan through and through but the encroachment by our players was unnecessary and wasted Krul’s save. No-one to blame but ourselves, we need to wise up!
  11. Canary Wundaboy

    Complete Bulls***

    Watching it on MoTD2. You cannot encroach. Aaron’s would have comfortably made the clearance without encroaching. It was the correct decision. Zimmerman should never had has his hand in the air in the first place, I don’t know wtf he was doing.
  12. Canary Wundaboy

    Advice on Prime matches

    You can also use a games console or any other device attached to your Non-smart Tv that has the ability to install and use apps.
  13. Canary Wundaboy

    Excellent performance

    They all played well. On the TV by the end we were very unlucky not to win it
  14. Canary Wundaboy

    Team for Arsenal?

    Could have gone either way in the last 10 minutes. Disappointed not to win (their keeper deserves MoM for Arsenal) but happy that we kept them out, great block by Amadou.
  15. Canary Wundaboy

    The Brexit Thread

    I saw some disgraceful behaviour from both sides on social media earlier, false tweets being sent around proportions to be from Corbyn, and posters claiming the entire things was architected to help Tory support. I am truly saddened by the state of politics and general political discussion in our country at the moment.