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  1. Canary Wundaboy

    Penalty squabbles

    Rashford asked Pogba if he wanted, Pogba won the penalty and felt confident he would score. He actually hit it well enough and it was a great save from the keeper. If anything you would have to blame Rashford for not being assertive enough and saying "you've missed 4 now give me the ball". It was different with RVW vs Snoddy, RVW had a good penalty record, Snoddy's was only so-so. Also Snoddy should have deferred to the striker.
  2. Canary Wundaboy

    James Norwood - No words

    Not a great look but what would you expect from a sc*mmer?
  3. Canary Wundaboy

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    And a foul in the penalty area SHOULD automatically result in a penalty. It's the inconsistency in how VAR is applied that's irritating.
  4. Canary Wundaboy

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    Surely the ref not seeing the handball wasn't a "clear and obvious mistake" so the goal shouldn't have been overturned? I struggle to reconcile how the handball is so important that it has to be enforced by VAR but the penalty is not and can't be triggered by VAR?
  5. Canary Wundaboy

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    Defender has his arm round the attackers neck, drags him down from behind. Be reasonable.
  6. Canary Wundaboy

    Sheff U v Palace

    Palace another team I'm confident we can finish above this season.
  7. Canary Wundaboy

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    Couldn't believe that on MOTD. Cannot see how it wasn't considered an unfair challenge in the box.
  8. Canary Wundaboy

    Ratings v Newcastle

    2 assists today, looks like he's been watching Messi videos on YouTube.
  9. Canary Wundaboy


    Didn't mention any players other than Pukki, no mention of youth, Cantwell's 2 assists, anything. Perfectly under the radar.
  10. Yeah he does talk complete ****.
  11. Canary Wundaboy

    Nigella Lawson on board of directors

    Count me in for the next shareholders meeting, love me a bit of Nigella!
  12. Canary Wundaboy

    OT - EU straw poll...

    All this soft Liberal parenting that started in the 1980s has broken society. There are other factors but the youth of today have zero respect for authority and believe they're owed everything. Can list all their rights at the drop of a hat but can't understand those rights come with inherent responsibilities.
  13. Canary Wundaboy

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    Their striker certainly didn't look £40mill.
  14. Canary Wundaboy

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    For me, this game was the true start of the season. Important to get some kind of result to indicate whether we can compete and get results against the bottom half teams which is where our season will be decided. The fact that we dominated and got 3 points has definitely calmed a few nerves in this house!
  15. Canary Wundaboy

    Summer sport 🏏

    There's something either seriously lacking in our batsmen or seriously wrong with our order.