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  1. Canary Wundaboy

    Corona Virus main thread

    Those 2 weeks of the herd immunity approach with hindsight now look like a massive error. There will be big debate after all this whether it was medically or politically driven. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Canary Wundaboy

    The current season

    This season will be finished even at the expense of next season if necessary.
  3. Canary Wundaboy

    That Fulham game

    I remember it being an absolutely horrible day. Full of optimism walking to the ground, and then the ground was just pulled out from under us. 1 goal, 2 goals and the team just gave up. Fulham weren’t even that good, we just didn’t turn up and the players didn’t take the opportunity despite the fact that our fate was in our hands.
  4. Canary Wundaboy

    FIFA quaran team

    Are they full 90 minute games?
  5. Canary Wundaboy

    President Trump

    America is going to be worse than Europe if that moron won’t keep his trap shut.
  6. Canary Wundaboy

    Corona Virus main thread

    Lots of reasons why Italy is more vulnerable that are cultural, multi-generational families living together in close quarters, more physically affectionate greetings etc. Could be some of the reasons we’re behind their curve.
  7. Canary Wundaboy

    Corona Virus main thread

    Stay indoors people. Just stay indoors.
  8. Canary Wundaboy

    Anyone else learning a new skill?

    I’ve picked up my bass more in the past week than I have in the past year.
  9. Canary Wundaboy

    Corona Virus main thread

    Only to those not in your household!
  10. I plan on using video games to pass the time, have a massive pile of shame built up and can’t wait to start ripping through it.
  11. Canary Wundaboy

    Sky Sports Is Now Free !

    It just worked fine for me, thanks for the tip. Wasn’t looking forwards to hours on the phone on hold to Sky.
  12. Canary Wundaboy

    Corona Virus main thread

    The credit agencies will only react if the banks lodge something against people's credit files if they don't have arrangements. Imagine the uproar if someone took a mortgage payment holiday as agreed by the government and had their credit history shot to pieces, won't happen.
  13. Canary Wundaboy

    Corona Virus main thread

    3 month mortgage holidays just announced.
  14. Canary Wundaboy

    What are you going to do at 3pm today ?

    Moving my desk and computer upstairs as home working is looking like the norm for a while.
  15. Canary Wundaboy

    Is it really possible

    I mean this politely, but the average cricket fan to me has never seemed the “rioting” type.