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  1. Canary Wundaboy

    The Great Escape mini-league

    I’m hoping this win results in some better performances on par with Everton and Man City, inject something confidence into the team. Duda looks a good signing and hopefully 3 points yesterday has settled some nerves.
  2. Canary Wundaboy


    Silly challenge all round, high, late, studs showing and in a totally “nothing” area of the pitch. Silly boy.
  3. Canary Wundaboy


    They won’t scrap it but I reckon they’ll impose a strict time limit on the Stockley review and make every decision an on-pitch monitor review. They’ll also rectify the offside rule.
  4. Canary Wundaboy

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Sitting here shredding my finger nails. Come on City....
  5. Canary Wundaboy

    Press Conference

    It’s great that our injuries have cleared up and that we now have options available up front and in defence. Unfortunately Mr Farke, some of those options are either simply not good enough for this level (Hanley) or have a woeful injury record (Drmic) and simply shouldn’t be anywhere near our Premier League survival push. Of course I don’t for a minute believe that given the choice, he wouldn’t bring in reinforcements to bolster the squad, and it’s only because the club has refused to spend absolutely anything to try and stay up. Given the Premier League is supposedly worth £100m+ for a promoted team, where on Earth has all that money gone and why isn’t some of it being made available to try and stay in the lucrative EPL?!
  6. Canary Wundaboy

    Villa to spend another £10 million

    Unfortunately if they survive as a result, it will be worth it and nothing bad will happen to them.
  7. Play good football, bring through exciting young players and play in the Premier League for more than a season at a time. I expect the club to realise this is a sport as well as a business and aim to compete at the top level.
  8. I was under the impression that tying almost the entire Championship-winning team to long contracts and spending the sum total of sweet FA in the summer so as not to get ourselves into trouble in the event of relegation was entirely designed so we could keep the squad together and NOT have to sell the family silver if we went down? If we go down having spent pretty much zero and still end up selling players in the summer I would be asking serious questions about where the EPL money has gone, every season is supposedly worth £100m in the PL, I’m not saying Delia is trousering it but the club simply cannot plead poverty with that amount of cash injected and barely touched.
  9. Canary Wundaboy


    The problem was that yesterday there was very little fight on show and only a couple of players “gave it their best”.
  10. 0-6, Aguero hat trick. Fair play to the Villa fans still there, they’ve been utterly rubbish and never looked like being in the game.
  11. Canary Wundaboy

    The Great Escape mini-league

    Urm, our season started a while back Lakey, that’s how we’re 6 pts adrift already...
  12. Quite enjoying the football today....
  13. Villa are all over the place and Man City are just ripping them apart.
  14. Canary Wundaboy

    Duda signed