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  1. We go up as champions, Brentford in 2nd, Cardiff win the Play Offs. Perfection.
  2. You can't send your kids to nursery if they haven't been vaccinated, and you can't put your dog in a boarding kennel if they haven't had their shots. Same should apply across society. If you've refused the jab with no medical exemption, you shouldn't be able to mix with others and put them at risk for your own selfish reasons. I would fully support vaccinations being made a legal requirement in this country.
  3. It's that attitude that has resulted in us seeing increases in measles and polio cases in recent years. You have to vaccinate EVERYONE that can take it, in order to keep those who can't have it and are susceptible to it safe. If you make exceptions for those who don't want to take it the whole thing breaks down.
  4. Onel taken off for Hugill?! Got to be so he can start on Saturday??
  5. Onel unlucky not to put the game to bed, Birmingham lucky not to have a player sent off for 2 yellows there, player who threw the ball away already booked for challenge on Pukki.
  6. We have 10 outfield players on the pitch, are we expected to believe that Emi is the best dead ball player out there right now? Do we have no-one else who can strike a free kick? Getting past the wall would be an improvement! Props to Onel who’s played well since coming on.
  7. So at least we now know that Farke doesn’t rate Dowell. Given the option for a direct replacement for Vrancic he opts for Onel and moves Buendia into the 10. Let’s get 3 points from this game on this godawful pitch and get the hell back to Norfolk ASAP.
  8. No point waiting for subs tonight. Need to change it up. Vrancic totally anonymous.
  9. Pukki’s finish aside, what a dire 1st half! The penalty was woeful, Zimmerman not a a huge step down from Gibson and looks so uncomfortable at the pace from Bella, and what on Earth were they playing at to concede such an awful goal?!
  10. No room on the bench for a young CB but room for not 1, not 2 but 3 defensive midfielders?! I know Tettey can play CB in a pinch but some of us hoped we were past this?!
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