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  1. Canary Wundaboy

    Official 2019/20 fixtures thread!

    Nice easy start!
  2. Canary Wundaboy

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Villa worthy winners.
  3. Canary Wundaboy

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Oh I don't think anyone who voted Green is a Brexiteers, I was merely suggesting that at least a percentage of Green voters did so without Brexit being the reason.
  4. Canary Wundaboy

    OT - EU straw poll...

    There might be people who don't have an opinion on the EU but vote Green on purely environmental issues. Doesn't change the numbers but as will all voting patterns in all elections it's a fallacy to say that everyone votes for a particular party for exactly the same reasons. I know plenty of students that believe Globalism and Capitalism such as the EU is bad for the planet but would vote Green on purely environmental grounds.
  5. Canary Wundaboy

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Hang on just a second with this remain vs leave vote totals, if we're adding the LDs, Greens and SNP together to get 45‰ then surely the Labour and Conservative vote totals have to be added to the Leave side as both those parties stood on a platform of "observing the referendum result" last GE?
  6. Canary Wundaboy

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Stayed up long enough to see enough of the results. Don't think the vote was decisive enough in either direction. Worried about the state of our country the longer this drags on.
  7. Canary Wundaboy

    OT - EU straw poll...

    At this point it's less effort to count the people NOT running.
  8. Canary Wundaboy

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Breaking up the NHS is a fallacy. It's the single largest healthcare organisation in the world, the amount of efficiency and buying power that should lend itself to means it should not be haemorrhaging money the way it is. The problem with the NHS is political interference and middle management. You could strip an entire level or NHS middle management out, employ some new senior execs from the private sector and dump all the saving into frontline services. I'm a Conservative voter but I do not agree with the privatisation of the NHS, at the same time the Labour party like to pretend the only way for the NHS to be saved is by dumping even more money into it which is motivated not by patient care but by keeping their voting base happy.
  9. Canary Wundaboy

    F A Cup final

    Rip your arm off right now for 17th at the end of next season. End of.
  10. Canary Wundaboy

    F A Cup final

    Corporate seats, you think it's bad in this game wait for the Champions League final. Man City have been ruthless. Makes me a bit queasy thinking we have to play them next season....
  11. Canary Wundaboy


    James must be off to a PL club... Great player.
  12. Canary Wundaboy


    It tastes so good....
  13. Canary Wundaboy

    Perfect Season?

    Buendia's reverse flick.
  14. Canary Wundaboy

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    My God that Leeds bench is dire...
  15. Agreed, it's a scandal. Cannot see why it's not 30k tickets for each team and 7k for the corporate drones who won't show up anyway,