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  1. You could strongly argue his willingness to invest in the club to the tune of £40m+ has prevented us from going bankrupt in the last year or so. Or at least having to firesale every single one of our playing assets worth a damn. His financial clout and willing to engage with fan channels (e.g. TNC)? His ambitions for the club (to be an established EPL team)? Or that he already has a successful track record with another sports team that punches far above its weight and enjoys relative success for its size will remaining sustainable?
  2. He should have been sacked well before the last 4 fixtures. And none them were good performances.
  3. Why is your experience of supporting the club more valid than theirs? Jack on TNC, Connor on Pinkun, Steve on OTBC, Tom on ACN, they’re all young-ish fans but they all love the club and want to see it succeed, their opinions are no less valid than yours just because you value longevity and they value success. Your opinion is what it is Nutty but the way you talk down to people on this forum has really ramped up in the last 2 seasons, it’s very reflective of our fortunes as more scrutiny is aimed at the board the more you deflect and mock.
  4. I am not putting any “trust” in the media, I just agree with them. In terms of trusting the current ownership, that’ll be the “record relegations” and “£90m in debt” ownership yeah? The ones presiding over 28 years of ups, downs but overall stagnation in the 2nd division, now with an aged squad, a hopeless manager and an inevitable derby day defeat looming? Say what you like about the media Nutty, but they’re far more in tune with the fanbase than condescending boot-lickers like you.
  5. The big change that needs to happen has (for some reason none of us can fathom) a 3 year wait. I agree Jack is probably being unfair on Knapper and that’s born from a belief that Wagner cannot turn this around and therefore should be gone already, however he’s far from alone in that assessment. The Pinkun, Along Come Norwich and On the Ball podcasts are all Wagner-out. Knapper coming in is a change but until he DOES something you can’t say change is happening, it’s just a new man in the chair (albeit one without a history of antagonising the fanbase).
  6. I don't mind people mis-speaking on a football forum amongst peers. I do mind when a majority shareholder, at the Annual General Shareholders meeting, is clearly consuming alcohol and is either unable to weigh her words carefully enough or allows the booze to remove enough inhibition that she says what she clearly considers to be the truth. We can judge her on either scenario, either way what she actually said is worthy of derision. It's not professional, it's certainly not in line with her self-proclaimed role as club "custodian" (meaning to take care of something!).
  7. I agree with you on that. He just has to retain composure and every time Delia opens her mouth more fans will turn against her.
  8. 1100 fans will travel to Bristol City this weekend on Sunday, for a 1:30pm kickoff. In the freezing cold. They're obviously devoted fans who put money into the club coffers when buying their tickets, and go to support the team. So they're the "good" 80%. If we concede several goals, if the team look disinterested, the tactics are non-existent, the fitness looks poor and the subs are rubbish, they'll be singing "Wagner Out" and "Sack the Board", do they then magically transform into the "whinging 20%"? Of course not. That argument is insane. The fans react to what they see on and off the pitch. If the team play well and tried their best and we lose, we applaud them off. If they play well and win, we cheer. If the game's absolutely turgid and we draw there'll be a few disgruntled boos but mostly people will just sigh and wander home. When the club is showing a lack of direction, a head coach remains in charge with one of the worst records in modern history, the plays cant be bothered on the pitch, the style of football has deteriorated into something that's actually painful to watch and the approach of "youth first" has been abandoned so the average player age on Saturday was the highest in 40 years, THAT's when fans start to voice discontent. We have the highest season ticket prices. We have an ownership that lacks any kind of governance. We have had a Sporting Director who felt no qualms in only offering 90% and who said he could leave whenever he felt like it. Delia and MWJ's time is up. They've poured fuel on the fire with their comments/interview last night and they'll be a backlash against Preston. No wonder Attanasio shuffled uncomfortably every time Delia opened her mouth.
  9. I'm with you here, I worry that the club feel they can do this better than established, mainstream providers who have massive advantages in terms of investment as well as technological and analytics expertise for whom this is their only job and product. This feels like the same sort of technological vanity project as the Soccerbot.
  10. I am stunned reading that. Not just the responses which are almost unbelievable, but because Connor had an absolute wealth of counters and failed to press them in any meaningful way. What about the lack of a Chairperson since Ed Balls left? What about having 2 married couples making all the decisions related to the football club, resulting in a complete lack of partiality at the board level? I wonder if Attanasio shares the other 2's comfort at the governance setup in the club?
  11. Delia and Michael calling Wagner to tell him that his job is safe and he’ll be given plenty of time has stacked the deck against him before he even started. Absolutely unacceptable from the owners, they’re happy to completely abdicate responsibility to Mr “I’ll walk out whenever so feel like it” Webber but tie the hands of the incoming Knapper because Wagner is such a nice guy. Out of touch, past their time, need to go. Not in 3 years time, now.
  12. Smart Hive thermostat, alarm system I can control via an app, a Google Nest doorbell and a bunch of google home minis dotted around the house. a lot of it makes life just a bit easier, although the doorbell I struggle to recommend as i get more notifications about it losing wifi connectivity than I do that someone's actually at the door.
  13. I'd honestly forgotten how good Saka's 2nd (England's 4th) was. Great goal.
  14. If you feed the goat, he will score.
  15. My wife found out last week that her company is effectively being mothballed and a bunch of people were being let go, her included. She was 2 weeks away from going on maternity leave, no discrimination involved however as everyone in the European operation was being let go. While they've promised to sort her out financially it's been a kick in the teeth as she now has to worry about finding work after 6-9 months and until then has the worry about whether we can afford our household outgoings on my single salary. Wouldn't have been an issue but thanks to the exorbitant cost of childcare in addition to the Truss budget's effect on interest rates things are going to be a lot closer than comfortable for the foreseeable.
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