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  1. Gilmour played ok. Dimi put himself about a bit but jury’s still out. Rupp made some good interceptions but passing/shooting naff. Tzolis raw. Idah poor. Not many positives this evening.
  2. “Everything they fire goalwards just isn’t good enough.” Head meet nail.
  3. Don’t keep the sound on Lakey, going to be plenty of boos at full time.
  4. Not going to argue with any of that. Looks way out of his depth at even this level, let alone Prem. Supposed to be strong, mobile and lethal, not seeing much evidence of that tonight.
  5. Rupp does well to intercept and tackle, but can’t find a pass and can’t shoot. We are so toothless it’s painful.
  6. Whatever he says it will ring hollow. We just look so embarrassingly out of our depth.
  7. So who was supposed to be marking the zone right in the centre with the 6ft Liverpool forward in it?!
  8. Absolutely this. One red shirt in the box, defenders can’t mark, don’t make it difficult, simple goal to concede. Embarrassing.
  9. He fouled him at the right point but that is appalling defending and an awful goal to concede. 3 CBs and we can’t defend a ball into the box. Shambles.
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