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  1. Alas natwest, who I bank with don't offer such a facility I'm afraid.
  2. With you on that one. Why would you? I avoided a reference to Maya, but knew you wouldn't let me down! . Will miss seeing her on a Saturday night.
  3. Was just about to post that mine has just been delivered too.
  4. Impressive knowledge there, at your age Til! You'll be quoting some Stormzy lyrics next!
  5. It is a bit old school Til, I'll agree with you there. I may for my season ticket in one payment, and they have said to expect a cheque. I know my son's away season ticket is being done by cheque too, although he has received his home season ticket refund in the bank today, as he paid monthly. The only problem I have with a cheque is the queues outside the bank. Hopefully I can bank at a post office, which may be a bit quicker. Modern times eh?
  6. My understanding is away memberships are being refunded by cheque, like the season tickets paid for in full (ie other than by direct debit)
  7. Does the few weeks they just had 'off' not count?
  8. Seems strange with Mair, unless we really don't have any other players to sit on the bench, or Krul has aa knock as previously suggested, as Mair is off to Kings Lynn for a season long loan after this.
  9. Cup ones (assume you mean man u in the QF) have been done, and was discussed on another thread.
  10. I have been the recipient of pms from Norfolk, and his info has always been 100% accurate. Always been appreciated, and never shared out of respect for him. No need for a 'I know something you don't know' one upmanship that other posters seem the thrive on,, on here. Keep it up Norfolk.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53357841 It really shouldn't be that hard, as you say lakey.
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