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  1. We should just stick to substitution timings................
  2. our thoughts before today were reflecting on his 14 months managing our team. Our thoughts after today are reflecting on his passing at a young age, and leaving being a young family etc. Is it that hard to understand? If you cant anything nice, then dont say anything at all is usually a good rule.
  3. Should we have a whip round / collection for him?!
  4. 65 is too young for anyone to die, of course. And during those 65 years of his life he was our manager for 14.5 months. A very small percentage. I think he enjoyed success as a player and most of his managerial appointments. You don't get to be an England coach without having some credibility. It didn't work out here, for whatever reason, some appointments don't, but now / this thread is not the time or place.
  5. Bill must be back Tuesday with it being his membership anniversary. Maybe we should buy him a celebratory cake!
  6. Was about to say - you need to quote the entire post. Not just what suits your agenda. Lets not make this thread, about someones passing into something lacking respect, what ever anyones personal views are.
  7. Looks like someone has missed the English lessons though!
  8. So, why will you be going if you're going to dislike it that much?
  9. Because you don't have 2/4/8 thousand people leaving the supermarket at the sametime, that you would at a match.
  10. Could they do that on a wet Tuesday night in Stoke though?
  11. @Pete Raven Would you be able to pin this thread, for a very worthwhile cause. Thanks
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