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  1. Or full of his own self importance. Anyways let's not go there, and keep it friendly.
  2. What a condescending, self entitled, and patronising comment.
  3. Greavsy

    Help with ticket renewal please

    They used to have movers and shakers week, but think they've stopped that. With renewals only just issued the available (free) seats will be limited at current time either to those who have told the club they are not renewing or seats that are not currently S/T owned. The rest will be reserved pending renewal.
  4. Greavsy

    Max Aarons

    They could quote you FF!
  5. How would we know about it? They don't share everything with the fans.
  6. Greavsy

    Hopefully we can

    Absolutely nothing against jokes and banter TL,fully in favour of that. Need something to laugh at with how our team is looking in the league atm.
  7. I'm not even a member there, but got a mention. #Honoured. Nice to know I've not been forgotten.
  8. Greavsy

    Hopefully we can

    Oh, I thought this was a serious forum too....... My bad!
  9. Greavsy

    VAR Table

    It's all there to see.
  10. Greavsy

    VAR Table

    You usually do.
  11. I dont get why if this board is so bad they keep posting on it.
  12. Greavsy

    Duda signed

  13. Greavsy

    Bounce straight back up?

    Nutty pedantic, never!
  14. Greavsy

    A good experience

    I think you've confused him midlandsyellow. Easily done
  15. Greavsy

    A good experience

    Nurse - hes up again!