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  1. Cans are definitely not allowed - but I think other than that most is accepted. They only check bags and not pockets.
  2. Whilst I totally agree there are always queues. If people made a statement and stopped buying there they would soon change prices. There is a Morrisons next to the ground, so im sure with some planning you can get your choc bars etc on the way in. hot drinks on a cold winter day, I get. but a fiver for a sausage roll ? Captive market, and whilst people pay it, they will continue to fleece us.. Same with Cinemas, theatre and (some) concerts. £48.00 for a cheap bottle of plonk at Sandringham for the recent gigs there!
  3. Maybe you've scared them off..... Do your children get to vote?
  4. 3 goals will now be called a TRIO rather than a hatrick!
  5. https://www.canaries.co.uk/content/intro-to-supporter-engagement-plan
  6. I was already feeling old! thanks for that CC!
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