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  1. Greavsy

    Spurs v Man City VAR

    Totally agree, and not all grounds have screens so fans at Anfield and old Trafford get even less info.
  2. Greavsy

    Spurs v Man City VAR

    What bugs me is how the TV commentators say what the decision is before its shown on screen / indicated by the onfield ref. How do they get that info? Also when they call play back, like they did today after 2mins of play which is a farce, there is a potential for a player to get injured in play that shouldn't have taken place. Farcical and inconsistencies need to be addressed.
  3. Greavsy

    I think we can now safely say

    Why not answer the question FF instead off your constant diversionary tactics?
  4. Greavsy

    I think we can now safely say

    You're entitled to that view hoggy but I, Of course, disagree. Didn't realize you had to post regularly on all topics. Plus it's almost impossible to post on a thread that NN hasn't posted on before.
  5. Greavsy

    I think we can now safely say

    Care to elaborate on your libellous statement FF?
  6. Greavsy

    I think we can now safely say

    Glad you're back FF, forum hasn't been the same without your insightful wisdom and humourous posts. Welcome back to the nut jobs and weirdos
  7. Well said flying dutchman, totally agree.
  8. Greavsy

    Help with ticket renewal please

    They sound like they are a member of this board! Seriously though club have always been helpful with issues with other fans, and subsequently moving seats etc. You are able to swap with others too, maybe worth starting a thread with peoples requests, and seeing if we can help each other out.
  9. We are all equal, just on here some are more equal than others. We cant all be part of the elite.
  10. Or full of his own self importance. Anyways let's not go there, and keep it friendly.
  11. What a condescending, self entitled, and patronising comment.
  12. Greavsy

    Help with ticket renewal please

    They used to have movers and shakers week, but think they've stopped that. With renewals only just issued the available (free) seats will be limited at current time either to those who have told the club they are not renewing or seats that are not currently S/T owned. The rest will be reserved pending renewal.
  13. Greavsy

    Max Aarons

    They could quote you FF!
  14. How would we know about it? They don't share everything with the fans.