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  1. Quality documentary with him a while back. Certainly an eye opener. Thoroughly recommend too
  2. You do realise there are more costs to employing people than just their wages........
  3. The elite do, its smuggled in their drum! And if you don't believe me, just remember they have a sheet, which is almost a blanket too! Just look at the evidence.
  4. You could dish out the bovril & blankets...
  5. Can't have you missing in action, behind the lines wolfie! I'm in the upper N&P so if you take a ball of string ill hold onto the other end to guide back to the quiet serenity on the upper N&P
  6. Absolutely anyone is free to do what they feel will get the best results. Totally agree, but if the club has an official panel, surely they should be the first port of call in my opinion. Anyways. We've had this discussion before. Happy to move on, and wish all fans groups good luck in their endeavour as something needs to happen. @TIL 1010with the flags could be the catalyst required!
  7. I know, thats what this thread is about. Surprised city elite or whoever are canvassing fans after a meeting when the club has the osp. 5hat was my point
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