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  1. Well b back

    Villa to spend another £10 million

    Lol yeah, buy it back for 1p and then sell it for £100,000,000. But if reports are correct looks like they bought it and then placed it in a holding company linked to Aston Villa FC ( alledgedly ).
  2. Well b back

    Villa to spend another £10 million

    So you say doing it our way is the right way but if they are cheating ( that needs to be proven ) you think that doesn’t matter ?. It certainly could effect us either this year or next.
  3. Well b back

    Derby in the doo doo.

    Villa did the same and their fans brag about it. I realise the FL and EPL are different competition’s, but surely if you are promoted from one into the other and proven ( I emphasise proven ) to have cheated to get there, surely they should be automatically relegated.
  4. Well b back

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Thanks guys. Looks like no more having to get up in the early morning queuing for us.
  5. Well b back

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    With the greatest of respect £10m for Pukki at his age is almost unheard of. Wasn’t Giroud £8m to Chelsea due to his age ?. Whoever signs him is likely to only get a year out of him so possibly £5m a year wages and a £10m fee, can’t see anyone paying that unless they are like Spurs with Kane out for 6 months.
  6. Well b back

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    Where was it please. Seem to have loads of boxes other than history. Thanks
  7. Well b back

    Max Aarons

    Here’s a reason - Not sure what Aaron’s is on a week guessing it definitely won’t be more than £50 k a week. Abraham’s and Hudson Adoy are similar sort of ages but Abraham’s won’t sign another Chelsea contract until they offer him the same as Hudson - £188,000 per week. Whatever the rights and wrongs unfortunately clubs of our size cannot compete on salaries and a footballers career is short. Just like us players have their whole life to consider and I can’t see loyalty or playing all the time as part of any consideration, those days have long gone.
  8. Other clubs are paying for what they are expected to become not what they are. As long as the money is invested wisely we will be in a good position. In most other EPL teams these young guys would not be playing and developing, at least certainly not every week.
  9. Didn’t you say that when we sold Maddison?
  10. Most do see we are on a good path. You keep telling us we don’t though.
  11. Well b back

    Been conned

    Be aware though they may ask how you didn’t get for Watford and Bournemouth as they were general sale
  12. Well b back

    Question regarding Villa.

    No, their accounts are for the 3 years prior to promotion. Selling now will not solve the problems. The FA only seem to throw the book though at clubs like Birmingham, Bolton and Bury. You must remember they brought in players like John Terry on huge wages and they also sold their ground to their owners at an inflated price, something that is now outlawed and backdated.
  13. Well b back

    Question regarding Villa.

    If it helps op this paragraph is in the bbc report for their game against Man City today But, with a Financial Fair Play issue hanging over them if they return to the Championship after a single season in the top flight, it looks like being a busy couple of weeks for Villa as they try to bolster Dean Smith's squad.
  14. Well b back

    Question regarding Villa.

    I thought Bournemouth as well had broken ffp when in the FL but couldn’t be punished at the time due to their promotion to the EPL ?. 2 well loved clubs via the FA and the media so nothing will happen.
  15. Well b back

    Farke getting off lightly

    Just look at how players have improved from Maddison to Tettey and then please let me know he is a bad coach. He’s so bad in fact that tiny German club Dortmund seem to see him as the answer to their problems.