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  1. So mr Trump reckons Moderna will be ready before November 3rd ?. If he’s right then the good news is Oxford is well ahead of Moderna, so can it really happen in October ? https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/07/politics/donald-trump-coronavirus-vaccine-november-fact-check/index.html
  2. Wow it looks like Moderna are out to rip the whole world off, no wonder we haven’t bought this in advance, it’s 10 x more expensive than Oxford. This is a big kick in the ***** for Trump as he gave them a billion dollars - whoops https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/08/06/899869278/prices-for-covid-19-vaccines-are-starting-to-come-into-focus?t=1596761565404
  3. That’s quite interesting as your post sort of contradicts itself. Lets firstly take Aaron’s, Godfrey and Lewis. They have been regulars in a back 4 for 2 seasons that all I hear is we can’t defend. With one of the best PL keepers behind them we had one of the worst defensive records in PL history. On the one hand I hear we need to improve our defence on the other hand I hear if we sell these 3 players we will be worse defensively. Lets move to Pukki next. Pukki has scored one goal in about 6 months. Had this been anyone else ( Grabban a good example ) the first season and the beginning of this season would have been disregarded. Finally Cantwell and Bundeia. Lots of the people on here that are now telling us no players must be sold were also telling us Cantwell and Bundeia were not good enough ( Cantwell in particular ). Now a player who should never wear the shirt again is suddenly worth 10’s of millions of pounds and despite the abuse he received ( especially after the Wigan game ) people now think he should stay loyal. My view. Yep I feel we have had these guys in the team, but we have had them during their development. These guys will soon be at the next level. I would love that to be here next year, but alas I feel it won’t happen as these guys have had a taste and want more of the higher level. Can they be replaced with better ? Better than what ? Better than what they have been or better than they will be ? If it’s better than they have been ( Cantwell and Bundeia aside ) absolutely. We already have plenty at the club that could do that. Better than what they will be, probably not, but then don’t all players need to make the next move to get better. So if Pukki stays will he start scoring for fun again - who knows. If Aaron’s, Godfrey and Lewis stay are they going to become toP defenders next year or is it likely to be the season after. In fact will Lewis even get to play should Byram be fit. - Who knows. My belief is that Bundeia and Cantwell will tear the Championship apart, but the players we have been signing may equally tear the championship apart, that’s decisions for the likes of Farke to make. If these players indicate they want out surely it is pointless trying to force them to stay. Can you imagine Bundeia being told he can’t move ? Yes I know he shouldn’t have signed a long term contract but a contract these days protects the club as much as it does the player. So to finish personally I trust Webber to rebuild, in fact it should be very exciting. However to do that successfully anyone that cannot commit 100 % needs to be moved on and quickly. I have my tin hat on at the ready.
  4. Where is it now being said Liverpool have made this offer please as I can’t find that story anywhere with us still denying any offer is yet to be made. Has this changed this afternoon ? as yesterday Lewis was still on holiday. All clubs use the tactic now to get moves, Liverpool have it done to them, Suarez and Sterling spring to mind and we do it to clubs smaller than us. I am not saying that is a correct way of doing business but unless you are Real Madrid or Barcelona you are attacked for your players in the same way.
  5. Except when Byram was fit and Jamal was his back up for about 1/3 of the season
  6. I agree, but Jamal is the most difficult one to keep as the rest are almost guaranteed starters at Norwich, Assuming Byram is fit and McCullum is already ready Jamal may find himself warming the bench. It’s a very difficult one.
  7. This thread has been very strange. Normally paper talk is laughed at, but for some reason several, who clearly want to bash the club took it that we have agreed to sell Jamal at £10 million. Some also said Jamal wasn’t ready for a move to Liverpool. It now seems the club are asking for £20 million, Jamal is saying within 2 years he wants to be with a side in the Champions League, It is Liverpool that have put a figure in the papers and in fact we have not even had an approach, let alone what most have reported as fact that Jamal has returned from his holiday. Of course what Liverpool have done is turned the head of one of our players, and probably several others. This is the way big clubs operate. And before people suggest little ol Norwich I would suggest this happens to much bigger clubs, Leicester, Wolves and even themselves when Real Madrid and Barcelona come calling. Do I think Jamal will be sold - If there is a real offer yes probably. He has his goals just like when he was brave enough to leave Luton. https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/canaries-jamal-lewis-liverpool-transfer-pursuit-1-6779464
  8. Thanks They seem to be very secretive at the moment, whereas the press outside the U.K. seems to have a different take. Have you seen the NY Times piece I posted ? Somebody must be telling them this ? And most of the stuff from them so far has proved spot on.
  9. I missed her. What did she say ? Been trying to find it online.
  10. Oh I do hope this is right, but I must say most of the stuff reported on here from the NY times has been pretty much spot on. You will note one vaccine has now moved to limited approval, that is of course the Chinese vaccine. I noticed AstraZeneca vaccine had an update today, that update as you will see says ‘ possible approval for limited use October ‘ then it goes on to say millions of doses are now ready for trials ? Is that for the limited approval ?. This of course ties in with the Indian report we saw about a week ago. Could it really be October ? Does tie in as well with Trumps speech on Monday. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/science/coronavirus-vaccine-tracker.html
  11. Do you not add to that to get to the highest level possible and to win as much as you can. I am sure Jamal trusts his ability to become a Liverpool player and sees that he can better himself training and playing every day with the likes of Van ****, Salah, Robertson, ect. In the modern world of professional football he would be an under 23 at most clubs not about to be signed by one of the biggest clubs in the world. This move is less of a risk for him than his academy move to Norwich where overnight he made it several more times difficult to even become a professional footballer. Do you think it would be better for him to move to the likes of Crystal Palace, still double his salary but play every week ?. In the real world I can’t think that any young footballer would turn down the opportunity to sign for Liverpool ( or Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea ect ) .
  12. That could happen at any club you are at. Had Byram remained fit Jamal would have spent most of the season on the bench here. A lot easier to move on again as a back up Liverpool player than a back up Norwich player ( that’s not meant to do our club down just a fact ). Had all the players stayed I would still see Jamal as back up to a fully fit Byram, unless we move to a 5 at the back system where our full backs would not have to defend as much.
  13. Wow. All we hear about is the deaths. This report has many catching it as developing serious kidney problems and also gives a good reason why many more African / Caribbean’s are dieing.
  14. You predicted his demise 2 years ago, telling us that if he stayed we would switch divisions. You got it right we would switch divisions but you said League 1 rather than the EPL. Be careful what you wish for.
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