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  1. We do have to get rid of the inconsistency. Our last 16 finals games, won 10, drawn 4 lost 2
  2. I go most England games, but not as many as 2 of our kids, one who has just returned from Qatar and the other still out there. It’s not those fans it’s mainly those that want England to fail. Those last games in the Euros Germany, Denmark, Italy ( especially the Germany game ) were the most amazing atmospheres I have ever been in. International football, qualifying then to manoeuvre through the finals, peaking at the right time is an art, you are playing against defenders, midfielders, goalkeepers and attackers that are mostly stand out players for top clubs. Unfortunately when you manage or play at that level, there are a huge number of fans that just want you to fail. I believe ( I maybe mistaken ) should we get to the quarters we play France, the disadvantage for both teams will be that they will both need to be at their optimum to get past that game, and the winners will need a massive effort to keep those levels up for 2 more games.
  3. Which Senegal players do you think would get in the England team ?
  4. All last 16 teams will be full of confidence and good. Southgates record in major tournament finals played 16, won 10 drawn 4 lost 2.
  5. Plenty will be saying that about Senegal as well when we beat them.
  6. I guess due to the lack of comments on the thread since we started tearing Wales apart most were on here hoping for a Wales win.
  7. Same old Southgate, Nations League S/F, WC S/F and Euro’s Final, let’s hope for at least the same s***. And that Jason Pickford he’s s*** to.
  8. It’s being monitored so closely that Braverman knew several weeks ago there was diphtheria in the camp and decided to move them untested all over the country. I am furious as I have just seen a guy on Peston say there is no quick test for diphtheria. You lying toe rag piece of s***, it is a swab, just like a pcr test, what a complete and utter load of c**** these people are. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63788016
  9. I’m a Tory voter ( or at least was ), some superb Trumpism there, firstly I am a righty not a lefty and I think you mention 1 rule break by the BBC and they investigate themselves, whilst you don’t mention the numerous complaints re members and MPs of the Tory party and guess what they investigate themselves, so I guess that leaves you soaking up far more BS than anyone on here. Stick to Twitter you will get far more attention saddo.
  10. A fantastic decision by the Scottish FA, while the English FA, UEFA and FIFA dilly dally trying to work out if there is a link between football and brain damage / dementia.
  11. Indeed clearly the thread you had started with numerous replies was not good enough for the op. I will go for 54.
  12. That makes an assumption I support Labour, I don’t I have always been a Tory voter, however I should stress I will do anything possible to bring my Tory MP down in the next GE. I will support whoever will challenge my MP and hopefully remove her from Westminster. I can find no Labour donors going to prison in that period, however I can see lots of problems around MPs expenses, and at the time supported the jailing of anyone involved. Recently we had hundreds of offences committed by people connected to the Tories and the Tory supporters reckoned the one against Kier Starmer which he was cleared of, was worse than all those 100’s put together, so excuse my scepticism that there is a bit of Trumpism going on here.
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