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  1. Sorry with the Oxford vaccine it was based on data, unless Andrew Pollard lied to the world. You will note all approvals for Oxford-AstraZeneca are 8 - 12 weeks not just the U.K. As was known at the time because of an accident with the dosing the reason it was not so effective was either, a smaller dose first, or a delay to 8 - 12 weeks the latter the most likely.
  2. That’s really weird as the kids hate Brexit.
  3. As at yesterday 202, 354, 341 doses had been administered. 88 countries are now vaccinating. The supply is visibly moving up every day.
  4. The latest Israeli data shows that Pfizer is far more effective than the trials suggested. The efficacy 2 weeks after dose 2 was an overall figure of in excess of 98%. Crowds are now allowed back at 75% capacity ( subject to a max 500 ). In Turkey where a similar scheme is run using Sovac ( Chinese vaccine ) it is becoming so successful they are aiming to open up again at the end of March. That efficacy is showing the same sort of results in the field. Begining to look better around the world.
  5. Absolutely nothing to do with Tony Blair or Johnson regards the Oxford Vaccine it was how it was presented to the MHRA that Oxford felt the missing bit of their jigsaw was an 8 - 12 week gap. This was discovered during the trial by accident and Oxford-AstraZeneca said they would release the Lancet paper as soon as they had more cases which was done yesterday via a Lancet paper. The Lancet paper is available on the internet showing it brings efficacy up. The decision was taken to do the same with Pfizer, where the jury is out as there is no data yet. The data from Israel is based on dose 2 being given 3 weeks after dose 1 and it is 99.96 effective 2 weeks after the 2nd dose. Hopefully the same will apply for the second dose being delayed. It is important that Oxford second dose is taken 8 - 12 weeks after the first dose, and always has been. The new efficacy is confirmed at 76% an increase from the original 62% which was exactly as expected ( although it was hoped it would be higher ).
  6. No wonder we didn’t have £350 million a week for the NHS
  7. the vaccine rollout You forgot to say The NHS vaccine rollout.
  8. Do you not want to tell us about how they are now back on track, and how they now have huge supplies ? Thought not as that does not fit in with your agenda.
  9. Now here is a bit of worrying news ( can’t report good news all the time ). It is estimated that 5% of those that get COVID are developing diabetes as the COVID cells attack the pancreas.
  10. Indeed @Van wink This follows Macron yesterday stating that there is now so much vaccine that the rich countries should be giving 5% of their current supplies to poorer nations, on a monthly basis which is of course ( US aside who refused ) what was promised in June. I maybe wrong but I think this is because China and Russia are giving away such huge quantities to countries like Turkey that they want to work with, rather than The W.H.O. View that no country should be vaccinated under 50’s ( underlying conditions and health workers aside ) before every under 50 is vaccinated.
  11. Hope all goes well Sonyc. Get that test booked.
  12. Yet again the daily vaccinations for the world move on and the total now stands at 193, 291, 612. 87 Countries have now commenced. As you can see the daily number increases by the day and supplies are beginning to show rapid growth. The biggest vaccination campaign in history is underway. More than 193 million doses have been administered across 87 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 6.47 milliondoses a day.
  13. https://www.thenational.scot/news/18982490.350m-nhs-oven-ready-deal-broken-brexit-promises/
  14. "As and when the cash becomes available – and it won’t until we leave – the NHS should be at the very top of the list."
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