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  1. Well b back

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    My question was will Zimmerman be fit soon, the answer was he plays on Saturday. Was then told the boost this gives is we can recommence our attacking game with the confidence of a back 4. Should have asked the rest of the team lol but was quite taken aback to be told this info. Obviously with these sort of long term injuries things can go wrong and I assume any aches or pains and he will be on the bench.
  2. Well b back

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    I understand from a pretty reliable source that he will make his return on Saturday against Everton and will almost certainly start.
  3. Well b back

    England look better with......

    Spot on. Unfortunately this is why I don’t think we will win the Euros ( hope I am wrong ). There is an argument however that the way they play just like our own Norwich leaves you open at times so you always concede goals.
  4. Well b back

    Will pukki be sold in January

    The thing that worries me is often come January a club in the Champions league race gets an injury to their star striker re Kane last year. A club could just see Pukki as the answer and offer silly money which we would find hard to turn down. Not saying for 1 minute it is likely to happen just something that concerns me. I reckon Aaron’s will be at Spurs very soon.
  5. Well b back

    The fabled academy

    Hey op didn’t realise as well your ITFC academy also released Pope ( now an England goalkeeper ) for not being good enough.
  6. Well b back

    Kensell on Ground Expansion

    Please refer the consultation thread when he told us the land had now been bought to make this possible. He also confirmed that all those that said previously this was or would be happening were not telling the truth as it has only become possible since this land was acquired.
  7. Well b back

    The fabled academy

    Op you have shot yourself in the foot with fake news. Had they not been in the first team Aaron’s, Godfrey and Cantwell would have been in the under 23’s as of course would Maddison have also been but he developed even quicker. Add to that the players we have on loan I think you are talking complete and utter garbage. Your academy at the binners simply take in our academy cast offs and those that you do get that are any good ala Jordan Rhodes you tell are not good enough.
  8. Well b back

    England look better with......

    Without him we win nothing. Strangely Portugal looked to give the ball to Ronaldo last night ( from the highlights I have seen ) and Barcelona seem to give the ball to Messi as that’s what happens when you are the best player usually on the pitch. It’s strange how in this country we despise our best players and try to do them down wether it’s club football or country. Look at Tim Krul if it was left to the fans we would not be playing him this year despite him looking class from 1/2 way through last season. I remember the why have we signed this Pukki guy ?. At the moment Aaron’s is getting a bit of stick yet I was talking to a Spurs fan last night who can’t wait till he is part of their set up. Wish Sterling played for us. They were shocking yet they still managed to rip our defence apart 3 times.
  9. Well b back

    England look better with......

    I go all England games are you serious ?. We were all saying we dread to think what the score would be with Sterling playing ?. Sterling is a real world class player the best we have produced for years. Montenegro really were shocking, possibly the worse team I have seen at Wembley. We won’t be winning anything without Sterling in the team.
  10. Did you get them for the 8/12 ? I would have thought your game was on the Saturday ( 7/12 ) and away. You find it easy to get tickets as you haven’t filled your ground for years, even when you played us.
  11. Well b back

    VAR Farce

    Any one watching the wolves villa game ? If it was a penalty re Godfrey v Man United how was that not a penalty for Wolves ?
  12. Well b back

    Moritz Leitner

    My bigger worry about the togetherness is Emi. Constantly stropping, moaning at all those around him and throwing himself to the floor.
  13. Just thought it worth mentioning for those who like a little wager, Betway have a Super Boost tonight and are offering 2/1 Norwich to score the 1st goal. Shouldn’t encourage anyone to gamble but that seems pretty good odds.
  14. Well b back

    So is Friday a must win?

    If there is a winner the team losing will lose all confidence. Both have boosts to come us with our centre halves, Watford with Troy Deeney. I suspect that will be a bigger boost to the side that wins on Friday ( if indeed there is a winner ). Games like this that have 0 - 0 written all over them often finish up as 5 - 4 thrillers.
  15. Well b back

    In terms of quality

    Did you not see Klose play in the Premiership previously ? It all went wrong when he got injured at Palace. Up until then he was keeping us up single handed.