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  1. No we are disputing your lies about the Poles. Pity people like me didn’t see Farage for what he was.
  2. @Van wink This shows Israel data watch how cases start to rise after 5 months and cases drop after boosters and they are not that highly vaccinated as a % of population https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/israel/
  3. 4 weeks in the government have finally launched a campaign to get publicity out on the boosters, strangely enough more people are now coming forward. 6 million now to catch up, let’s hope we can put it right.
  4. Hi VW The latest efficacy rates are getting quoted at 20 weeks, the rates vary depending on which report you read. If you look as well at real world data you will see when Israel hit a problem and how Wales have followed in their footsteps. As I understand it ( after hearing the Israeli man in charge on Peston ) Israel are possibly planning for dose 4. You must remember as well they used Pfizer, whereas a lot of our older citizens had AstraZeneca ( and you know my love for Andrew, Sarah and co ). Here is a bit quoting a Lancet report, so not a dodgy website. I have seen AstraZeneca being quoted as low as 47% after 20 weeks and Pfizer has been as high as 77% at the same time. It is impossible to get 100% accurate figures as this is such a new disease, but wether you look at real world data, or any data studies, they will all show you get your booster as the longer you leave it ( and the older you are ) the more risk you have of catching it, and then following on the more chance you have of hospitalisation and of course death. Have a look at Israeli data, cases, hospitalisations and deaths you will see the 5 month effect. Our findings support recommendations from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) that adults who are clinically vulnerable, those aged 70 years or over, and all residents of care homes for older adults should be prioritised for booster doses. In addition, those who were vaccinated with the Astra Zeneca vaccine, including most care home residents, are likely to have much lower antibody levels than those vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, so this may also need to be considered when deciding who takes priority.
  5. And who is lying about Polish citizens ?
  6. Lol Did you not see the 100’s of thousands demonstrating last weekend, they see their version of Farage as a t***, pity we didn’t think the same about our Farage.
  7. My stepsons are Villa the one that lives with us just launched a torrent of abuse at Emi, and after it just seemed he had a strop when withdrawn being absoloutely crucified on the Villa sites. They want their manager out to lol
  8. Wee, are you taking the p*** lol
  9. I will bite again, as I hope this person on some of his ‘ myths ‘ are not advising the government. As I have mentioned immunity starts to plummet at 20 weeks ( five months ) so despite his comments re Wales, the reason Wales are seeing more hospilisation, cases ect is that they were 3 - 4 weeks ahead of us with the majority of their initial vaccine roll out. He forgets to mention countries like Portugal who also have vaccine passports and masks, but based on Israel started their booster plan at 5 months. In 3 - 4 weeks time if our boosters don’t pick up we could be in the same situation or worse than Wales. I suspect over the next days we will be hearing that our booster jabs will be administered in line with others at 5 months and not 6.
  10. Horseflee with a capital H that’s what Jools used to call him, and spelt it that way to.
  11. Unfortunately it’s supply issues, getting vaccines in for the flu and then finding drivers to deliver it, not your GP’s fault.
  12. Go to a walk in or if it is more than 6 months and 1 week you should be able to book on the national booking system, if you can’t for some reason ring 119 and they are obliged to sort you out. Anyone that works in social care / NHS ect do not need any type of invite.
  13. From the national booking website which has now changed it was the same wording with 180 days instead. If you haven't received an invite by 6 months and 1 week, you can try to book your appointment online without an invite.
  14. You just go to a walk in, 6 months less 4 days after your 2nd dose, the government claim they have improved it by adding 11 days, they are clueless. 10 million called up, under 4 million have took up the opportunity. We are taking a van to an area on Sunday where we will jab over 100 with boosters that just pass who didn’t even know they could have a jab yet. 2 hubs just in one area closed down that were doing 1200 a day each, to save costs. You are supposed to get your booster and flu together, we’re you offered that ?. It’s the government telling you you can’t have a jab unless you are told, absolute tosh. Today’s date to be vaccinated at a walk in was 2nd dose 17/4/21 or before. Before the last few days did you see the boosters being pushed 24 hours a day, nope because they messed up. The government also announced 2 days ago that the 12 - 15 can book in on the national booking, they were in cloud cuckoo land. They had no idea that it would take days to make that possible, so now you have loads of parents who press the 12 - 15 button then it kicks you out. We can’t even advise parents when it will be live although we know it will be sometime over the next 3 days. They should have been vaccinated in the summer holidays in the hubs but they were to scared of public opinion.
  15. Maybe the good Lord Robathan could run this plan past Boris https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58996499
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