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  1. Well b back

    Our away support

    It’s strange how people who have hardly ever gone to an away game are suddenly telling me they are going to Anfield. I don’t think the club have got this one right ?
  2. Well b back

    'Baptism of Fire' v 'Eased in Gently'

    Harry Kane never scores in August
  3. Well b back

    New membership scheme

    To be fair they had a choice as to wether it was as cheap for my season ticket as for a casual supporter.
  4. Well b back

    New membership scheme

    Should have graded the first year on number of points you have already. My son and a couple of friends ( all 14 and 15 ) started going away games and hardly missed the last few away games including a long trip to Middlesbrough away. They accumulated 1300 points and spent lots of pocket money as well as our money travelling. They were very excited that they could go to the likes of Spurs and old Trafford. By changing the rules so drastically the club have taken a risk in the ‘ one club scenario ‘ that they had built so brilliantly.
  5. Well b back


    So let’s look at this as if it was NCFC. Pukki was injured and Rhodes was brought in against Blackburn. Rhodes scored a hat trick against Blackburn, however we needed a win against Villa who needed a win to get into the playoffs. Would you be happy to play Rhodes or would you want Pukki back ?. Kane is one of the most lethal strikers in world football and every Spurs supporter I know was praying for Kane to be fit. I suspect every Spurs player ( other than Mouras ) were given a boost when they realised Kane would be fit.
  6. Well b back

    Tim Krul signs new 3 year contract

    We will never know but I suspect with Gunn in goal we would have finished mid table. Tim organised 4 young players and gave everyone complete confidence to play the Farke way, with no worries of how he was perceived by the fans. He became better game by game, showing he is moving back to his prime. At Villa he looked immense catching anything launched high in our box.
  7. Well b back

    What price Webber?

    I thought his initial job was Liverpool and by the ways he scouts players he was responsible for bringing in Suarez. I believe with Huddersfield and Norwich he has proven without doubt his process of selection works. Imagine using the same selection process and then being able to look at the best players in the world ? From a selfish angle I would want him to stay, but in fairness to him he has always said it’s an i will help you Norwich because it will make another huge step in my career. If this is true the only way I could not see it happening would be that Ole Gunner has already been garunteed to much power.
  8. Well b back

    17.87 - City among Europe's shortest passers

    This year we are promoted and short passing is a good thing, last year we didn’t win a lot and short passing was the reason we struggled. Football hey
  9. Well b back

    The cost of poor signings

    You also wanted Farke and Webber out, no more 2nd rate signings from the lower reaches of German and Spanish football and although I can’t find it I think you were telling us the negatives about Pukki ie his record at Celtic - I noticed unless I got the wrong six pack.
  10. Well b back

    Transfer finance

    It’s secured against our payments and therefore very safe for Barclays. As secured Barclays will get paid before we see the money so will be a very low rate.
  11. Well b back

    Case for the defence

    This, we were well in compared to others and this is what we asked for fast attacking football and plenty of 4-3 ‘s.
  12. Well b back

    Case for the defence

    Klose is a quality International defender far more suited to the premier league than the championship. Only his injury got us relegated last time. In my opinion performances by Klose in the championship are not really that telling, look at his international games to get a better feel for how good he is.
  13. Well b back

    Timmy Time

    In the Premiership he is our best defender. Had he not have got injured v Crystal Palace we would probably have stayed up. This is like a several million pound defender being brought in on a free.
  14. Well b back

    Another gem from Paul Lambert

    They have just announced the release of 10 players and loanees have returned to their clubs, don’t think you have anyone to sell Mr Lambert so I guess your comments are technically correct. The Phrase ‘ WILL THE LAST ONE OUT SWITCH THE LIGHTS OUT PLEASE ‘ springs to mind
  15. Well b back

    Home, hosed and promoted with six games to go.

    In fairness OP I think the problem was that some on here were suggesting at certain stages not only that Leeds and Sheffield Utd were going to win all their games, but we had bottled it and were not going to win another game.