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  1. If he can’t get that Leeds squad promoted, along with Leicester, I guess he won’t last long.
  2. The rule changed and is quite clear, that was not a penalty. Even VAR representatives cannot explain why the referee was not called to the screen. If somebody stood a yard offside, would you ignore that rule and not give offside.
  3. So you are happy to ignore the rule the fa brought in themselves that if the ball deflects onto your arm ( whatever the position of your arm ) at speed ( this was timed at 0.2 of a second ), then no penalty should be given. I could understand this being given on field, but VAR not at least sending him to the screens, indicates they either don’t know about the rule, or are not fit to do the job. Why bring the rule in then ignore it. Seems from what is being said by the referees association this morning, that Wolves will be receiving an apology. Keown was adamant the arm was in a natural position, as was Mike Dean. I appreciate most of us, me included, don’t like Wolves, but this has wider implications. Like it or not, one day ( I think there is VAR on Tuesday ) these decisions will effect us again.
  4. Lol The decision to uphold the decision ripped apart by mod.
  5. As much as I dislike Wolves, todays decision to uphold a penalty decision against them was bizarre. Mike Dean has even come out and said he has no explanation as to why it was not overturned. For those that haven’t seen the incident the ball hits the defenders leg and deflects onto his arm. Yes his arm was outstretched, but the rule is clear, if it deflects of your body onto your arm, no penalty. Also cost us £330 in an accumulator with Derby and Blackpool. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mike-dean-makes-worrying-penalty-27775823
  6. I think after the 1st few games, teams realised he was a threat and took appropriate action. The action they seemed to take was to get physical with him. Once he muscles up I am sure he will be an outstanding player.
  7. They will, Leeds and Leicester will be way ahead by the end of the season.
  8. Fair chance at least 2 of them will be relegated this year. I guess you are blaming the people who you used to defend when most on here told you they needed to go. And are you saying you want Hugil back.
  9. We can’t sack Wagner until the real Buh starts his manager out campaign.
  10. My question was, why was the goal Gibsons fault, which was the posters message.
  11. Have you watched the game ? Gibson has made in the second half some outstanding interceptions. Maybe you can explain why that was Gibsons fault ? Suspect maybe that would give away your complete lack of football knowledge.
  12. Wouldn’t be surprised if they amass the biggest championship points total ever.
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