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  1. Well b back

    Crawley Tickets

    Strangely enough Nutty the new supporters that have appeared from the woodwork have not bought for this game allowing us who went to regular away games last year to go and see the reserves play. Guess though they will all be back for another game soon. So far for my £50 I have managed a ticket in the home areas at WHU and a ticket for Crawley, neither of which I would have had to pay the £50 for.
  2. Well b back

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Will they be wearing tin hats ?
  3. Well b back

    Standard Home and Away memberships still on sale

    Lol We paid our £50 and Crawley is the first game we ( and many others ) have been able to get a ticket away. Amazingly enough the £50 is still questionable as we would have got these tickets without the £50. Where we sit for home games we had a quick survey. Prior to these tickets we had 2 people that did 9 games each last year, 4 people that did 8 games each last year and 7 people that did 4 to 6 games last year. Each of these had multiple phones and computers on previous sale dates. Not 1 ticket between them was managed to be purchased for Liverpool and WHU. Most of that group are going to Crawley. Should we get to the 1/4 even the semi final bet we will be back to square 1 and unable to get tickets. It does seem strange that us that followed the club in 1/2 sold out areas last year cannot get tickets for the more wanted games.
  4. Well b back

    Stat attack

    That’s spot on. Buendia stats were not only the best but unusually for not a top team in that division. I also understood that we also looked at stats for players prior to them getting injured ( Krul and Leitner ) and at their previous clubs to where we signed them from. Great for us at the moment but unfortunately with the different ways we interpret stats Webber will become hotter and hotter property.
  5. Well b back

    Stat attack

    It was because we look at stats in a different way. It was mentioned that most looked at his goals per game, we looked at his goals per minute on the pitch ( he was often withdrawn after 75 minutes ). For those that don’t think stats are that important this squad was assembled based on stats coupled with an attitude to get to the top again.
  6. Not convinced that if we had more than 2 fit cbs against Liverpool we wouldn’t have played 5 at the back. Would love to be proved wrong but I am guessing if we play this way against Man City we could be in for a right beating.
  7. Well b back

    Which Number 22 would you rather have?

    Sutton did on radio 5 said Pukki won’t ever score as many goals as he did in a season. Probably because Pukki plays less games in the top division. For a centre forward Pukki has everything. On Saturday I remember more than his hat trick the Newcastle counter attack where our midfield were on the 1/2 way line and Pukki was the last defender taking the ball off their £40 m striker.
  8. Well b back

    Paul Merson on Pukki and NCFC...

    Should Norwich and Sheffield Utd stay up this year then this is really starting a trend that the teams coming up that have built infrastructure and a system ( Wolves last year ) and more are going to stay up. This will of course cause huge problems for clubs that are ‘ established ‘ and then find their way back in the Championship with huge wage bills and worthless players ( in comparison to how much they cost ). The EPL needs to start enforcing FFP before several clubs collapse.
  9. Well b back

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    To clarify my quote, I thought VAR was there to put facts in place not be opinion based. As I mentioned I am not convinced as we first thought this will benefit the smaller team I now believe ‘ this will make it easier to favour the bigger club as it is opinion and not fact ‘ other than for offsides ‘ and seems to be there to back the referees up.
  10. Well b back

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    I guess where we thought this would help teams like us I guess we were wrong. Had we had committed that foul at Man Utd- penalty, had they car wouldn’t dear give it. Reckon from what I have seen so far it’s made it worse for the l8kes of us.
  11. Well b back

    Chelsea ticket

    Not sure exactly how it works, but you might be right. We went on about lunchtime Friday and happened to notice it wasn’t sold out for Newcastle. There were 5 tickets in the community stand ( £30 each ) 3 in the main stand, think that’s what you call it ( £42 each ) and plenty of hospitality. I also know somebody who happened to walk in the ticket office on Wednesday on the off chance and got 2 tickets. Think you just have to be lucky but it does appear like returns go straight on. Hope that helps.
  12. Well b back

    Chelsea ticket

    Go on the website every 1/2 hour they regularly go back on sale
  13. Well b back

    VAR at Carrow Road yesterday

    After seeing the penalty that wasn’t given to Manchester City yesterday I am beginning to question it.
  14. Well b back

    Jamal Lewis

    ? If you don’t get the Hanley bashing why have you just bashed him ?
  15. Well b back

    Empty seats?

    There are nearly always 4 in front of us ( front row lower Barclay ). They have season tickets but attend about 2 games per season 1 usually against the binners. Not sure how many they will turn up to this year but certainly weren’t there yesterday.