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  1. Well b back

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Didn’t think you could do that anymore ? But might be wrong
  2. Well b back

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Good explanations guys - thanks, but I still don’t get how for instance Birmingham have got in this position unless they are paying nobodies crazy wages ? Compare to Villa John Terry alone was reported to be on wages that would have blown the lower teams budgets, and they have signed players for multi million pounds. Jack Grealish has to be on silly money ?
  3. Well b back

    Brum 9 point deduction

    Agreed but QPR came down and only got a fine and the same I am sure will only apply if one day Bournemouth and Wolves come down. Allowing teams to get away with it by being in a different division is like robbing a bank in Norwich and not being able to be prosecuted because you have moved to Birmingham. Willing to bet now if Villa don’t go up nothing will happen.
  4. Well b back

    Brum 9 point deduction

    This is always confusing to me. On the face of it Bournemouth, QPR, Wolves, Villa Derby to name but a few look far worse than Birmingham did ?
  5. Well b back


    Southgates England team has the same attitude as Farkes Norwich team and it is full of team players not necessarily the best players. They do not carry anyone so if you don’t work for 90 minutes you don’t get in no matter who you are. Went last night and watching these players altogether gave you the wow factor. Never really rated Henderson watching him on TV but live wow he breaks up everything and some of his passing is like what you would expect from from a top playmaker in midfield. Seeing Sterling, Sancho and Endoi coming at you at pace is scary and the defenders are just so physically big. Great to see a few Dortmund supporters there as well last night to support Sancho.
  6. Well b back

    4 Home Games Left..

    The main reason for our concern is that it is easy to think negatively about your club, and positively about the chasers - that’s just football. A nice neutral way of looking is we are now 1/4 for the title, Sheffield 3/1 and Leeds 5/1. We are now 1/16 to be promoted. It is important our team on the pitch are shown the positivity not the nervous negativity.
  7. Well b back

    McLean, Stiepermann and Buendia

    That Kenny McClean guy is tosh lol
  8. Well b back

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Blimey he just lost it with the interviewer!
  9. Well b back

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    Is it not 1 ?
  10. Well b back

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    The Leeds manager looks drained in the interview on Sky.
  11. Well b back

    Krul Next Year

    Farke has asked for no more of these types of fan comments. Don’t destroy what we have this is a team with no individuals.
  12. Well b back

    Krull Footwork

    Spot on.
  13. Well b back

    Krull Footwork

    Be careful guys. This group of players are different. They are the most close knit team we have ever had. By criticising one of them they all take it to heart. Our team is amazing and there deserves this year the whole team to be recognised. Krull has organised a young back four and has become a leader. There are not many that could have come in and been given this sort of respect. He has been asked to play this way and has started many moves this season that have led to goals at the other end. If he was left after coming back from 2 1/2 years of very little football and simply played to his strengths we would recognise Krull as a great shot stopper, a commander of the box and somebody that could get the ball straight down the pitch for our big centre forward to win the high ball time after time. They were the dark days. Embrace what we have another player that has bought into the Farke way of playing. This TEAM does not have a weak link and every player needs our support. There seems to be also an underlying grumbling to put McClean down simply because people beleive Mo and Mario are better. The manager is simply judged on results. He sees who is performing, he comes up with the tactics and a team is put out against another team to beat them. Since McClean has been in we have won 5 out of 5 and finally put ourselves in a position where we have the luxury of losing games. Trust the manager on his signings and selections and support the whole team for these last 9 games through thick and thin. Like it or not a few negative vibes could destroy all the great work done in the first 37 games. Give Krull every confidence tomorrow and give him a huge song to boost his confidence.
  14. Well b back

    Krull Footwork

    If we did not play this way we would be exactly where you said we were going to be this year, towards the bottom of the Championship. We are playing a style of football that the top teams play. Barcelona, Man City, Liverpool to name but a few all play it. I think it’s fair to say they are better than us yet on occasions their defenders or goalkeepers make a mistake so if they do then inevitably we will. The one similarity is that like them we score lots of goals from playing out at the back.
  15. Well b back

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    As good as we are wouldn’t want the play offs this year, a wBA with a new manager and who knows a Preston unbeaten in the run in with a manager that master minded us in the same way a Villa that are finally getting there. So based on that and Sheffield Uniteds slightly more tricky run in I would prefer a Leeds win. If we can then win 7 points clear with 8 games less would mean beating Reading, QPR, Blackburn and Sheffield Wednesday at home would almost garuntee promotion and let’s face it we are not exactly pants away. The only reason we have doubts is we support the club, others looking at our position and remaining fixtures would say we are nailed on.