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  1. Number9

    Time to move on.

    No it isn't luck. We conceded too many goals last season, to not strengthen defensively on promotion to the Premier League is not bad luck.
  2. Number9

    Time to move on.

    To concede 45 goals in the 22 games is not luck or complicated.
  3. Number9

    Time to move on.

    Its not luck
  4. Number9

    Press Conference

    The pitch fork mob may suggest that our defensive errors are mostly from set pieces and not as you suggest.
  5. Number9


    He's on Instagram @ralle.1 Its one of those short clips across the top of the screen rather than a photo.
  6. Number9


    None taken
  7. Number9


    Hardly in depth Mr 'King, aren't many reasons why players are at training ground in the evenings and the video clip was on a rather public site. I'll grant that he hasn't been spotted at Morrisons or Argos though.
  8. Number9


    His normal videos are all of a certain style, this is completely out of his usual, like he's saying goodbye
  9. Number9


    Fahrman on Instagram posted a strange video this evening. Basically if him driving away from Colney, it was dark so I'm assuming it was filmed this evening too? This is very different from his normal content. Anyone heard any rumours?
  10. Number9

    Duda signed

    Would suggest that letting in two goals per game is our problem, therefore an excellent signing would be a decent defender who can help to organise the lads we currently have. An attacking midfielder is not going to score three goals per game to get us a win, and as we have in Buendia one of the best in the League for assists etc, are we saying that in 16 weeks, Duda is suddenly going to come from not playing in Germany to being better than Emi? Get real
  11. Number9

    Why we will be relegated

    Nativity can cause defensive problems, I'm sure....
  12. Number9

    Lukas Rupp

    Should have been, how many for 450k? Other that in the Blue Square North
  13. Number9

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    The answer has proved to be different to Farkes Plan A, lets try and outscore everyone, and see how many attacking midfielders we can get.
  14. Number9

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    You sound very much like someone who was happy to concede so many goals in the championship last season and with the belief that it'll be ok to keep doing that in the Premier League. Our defence and or tactics aren't working.
  15. Number9

    Todd Cantwell Instagram post

    He always posts gumph like that. In posts he comes across quite badly, those who know him say he is a good lad.