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  1. And there's an argument for collecting loan fees etc for these players, let's face it we've seemed to be copying Chelsea's business model in that regard. What niggles me is that the club chooses to make big announcements about many of these lads who we know are unlikely to ever play for our first team.
  2. Just reading between the lines, do you not shout commands in German during lovemaking?
  3. Did I not read that some of the people laid off are in the recruitment department because they're moving away from scout based system?
  4. Are you sure? Look at it again and you'll see Idah standing next to Krul? Rupp tripping and kicked ball by mistake? Rupp giving it away as usual but Idah anticipated and it ended up looking like a pass? Rupp was facing his own goal and didn't know he had passed it until Idah said thanks?
  5. Wear sunglasses at all times and keep your mouth closed.
  6. Fair enough, but you understand that when Farke says Rupp and McLean have good stats because "they cover an unbelievable amount of ground" I personally take stats with a pinch of salt and resort to what I see him do.
  7. I respect your opinion and posts, however, that's just one pass out of a whole world of facepalm.
  8. He consistently gives the ball away and passes backwards when players are running forwards into space. It's like Dorrans only more so.
  9. Vrancic and Steiperman are usually facing toward the opposition goal for a start
  10. You can't compare Rupp with Vrancic & Steiperman.
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