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  1. I've seen him play lot's, sometimes in person and sometimes on tv where we have the benefit of replays, I just don't rate him.
  2. Mr H, I've got full confidence in your ability to understand how stats work and their limitations. Your posts are well written and suggest that you're a reasonably intelligent person, so I'm not sure why you give the appearance of basing your arguments on stats which are easily manipulated and so vague that they are almost worthless. ie. You make a short pass to a teammate who is surrounded by opposition players, he gets brought down, possibly injured, and your team loses possession. Hogesar's stat says Kenny has made a completed pass. Your striker passes to his teammate in the penalty area, it's a risky pass almost resulting a goal yet it comes to nothing. Hogesar's stat says NOT a completed pass. I would suggest that reading the stats whilst reviewing with your own eyes what happened on the pitch is the best way to get an accurate view on a team or a player. As regards your assertion that I only highlight Kenny's failings, then I suggest that you don't read all my post's. We have a few players who are struggling and I have made these a subject of my post's several times. You, for whatever reason, jump to the defence of the indefensible and highlight my comments about Kenny. I don't know why you do that, it doesn't offend me, but perhaps you should ask yourself why? That's for you to sort out.
  3. He played for us lads, you know what he's like away from the pitch. He couldn't be trusted in Norwich City centre, I wouldn't want to be stood near him in Qatar.
  4. Covered every blade of grass today, not where he was supposed to be but he was there, giving the ball away all over the pitch, Go Kenny!!
  5. Liz Truss has been approached to be the new manager but has turned it down
  6. He's gonna look even more ridiculous hoofing back to the keeper from higher up the pitch, it's enough seeing him do it from the halfway line every time he gets a touch.
  7. Max doesn't go forward though, does he. His play last season and this has been sideways and backwards. He struggles to defend more often than not.
  8. Definitely to start the game, but obviously it could move to 4', 3, 3 if Kenny gets subbed on at 60mins.
  9. Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny
  10. He'd be an excellent choice on the sidelines using his full on pointing.
  11. BBC = dinosaur Stop taxing me for that chuff!
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