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  1. Number9

    So.....can I go to work today?

    Some things you can't buy online. I could be mischievous and list here, but the thread might be pulled and the FBI will be banging on the door, you'll need to just use your imagination.
  2. Number9

    So.....can I go to work today?

    Boris definitely said don't travel to work if you can work at home. I can't work from home but my work doesn't require any contact with others so social distancing isn't a problem, I've been working.
  3. Number9

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    Jostling mob of morons indeed!
  4. Number9

    The season is over now

    You see the problem with that is where it says BBC NEWS. They've been looking at a doomsday scenario since this started, seem to have an agenda against the government. I can't see this season being completed any time soon, however, don't believe everything media outlets tell you. ie. China has pretty much seen the back of it now. If news readers tell you it's raining, stick your head out the window and open your eyes.
  5. Number9

    Match Analysis

    I'm not sure that's a proper explanation of Farkes change in tactics.
  6. Number9

    Match Analysis

    That move has been purposefully done past few games. When we have possession, Jamal and Arrons bomb forward to overload the midfield, the centre halfs split and move out to the full back position, while the dm, Tettey / Trybull past couple of games, drops back slightly. It looks really strange, leaves huge gaps at the back. I'm not sure of tactical reasons why Farke gets them to do this. Also Krul has been coming a long way out of his area, playing as a sweeper. Anyone offer any ideas?
  7. Number9

    match thread

    Rupp and Vrancic should swap positions.
  8. Number9

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Steiperman? My word
  9. Number9

    Wolves Match Thread.

    I know we've had a conversation about it but I wasn't specifically referring to your comments Alex. There are many others who have said similar to you, I didn't have you in mind when I posted.
  10. Number9

    Wolves Match Thread.

    It's not just you Nice vocabulary
  11. Number9

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Too late for subs now, it's passed Farke by again
  12. Number9

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Sorry, I've been led to believe by many on here that it's down to bad luck and we're bound to get the rub of the green soon
  13. Number9

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Looking forward to Emi coming on 85 mins
  14. Number9

    Wolves Match Thread.

    The failure to upgrade our defence during the past couple of years killed our season early on.