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  1. Number9

    Derby Sack Injured Player

    As captain, he took part in recreation which saw a player with alcohol dependency issues get drunk and then got in his car as a passenger with said drunk driving. Didn't look after himself or his friends
  2. So what did you think of the tactics that Farke employed? How will this change of tactics translate to others games we are yet to play? It obviously worked against Man City but will it work versus Burnley and Palace? A little bit of logical reasoning please Lakey, not just gushing.
  3. Number9

    Summer signings

    I've seen Byram play and it's nice to know he looked ok against lower League opponents because he certainly didn't play well against anyone else. Heise too, sadly.
  4. Number9

    Sky Sports Top Scorers List

    Last I saw teemu was on 5 goals and an assist, while Raheem didn't have the assist.
  5. Number9


    They played 9 at the back, had 20% possession, 3 shots on goal and 3 points. Spurs couldn't break them down.
  6. Number9

    Mr Farke

    It's a matter of fact which players were on the pitch and which players were substituted at what time. Those journalists I mentioned are professionals and were employed by Archant, the Archant whose articles you may have read before logging into Archant message board.
  7. Number9

    Mr Farke

    It was mentioned several months running by Davitt, Bailey and Freezer in print, online, podcasts and video report.
  8. Number9

    Mr Farke

    Silly boy
  9. Number9

    Mr Farke

    You're entitled to your opinion, as I mentioned, the media spent months highlighting these issues. Its historical fact, it happened, I'm hoping it doesn't happen this season.
  10. Number9

    Mr Farke

    That stat is correct but doesn't actually tell the whole story. Many times, even during our unbeaten run, we were just getting through with the last kick of the game or hanging on defending for our lives. One of the main reasons for this was Farke playing the same team week in, week out. Our players were exhausted. This was despite there being fresh players on the bench who could have been utilized. Not just any players, some of the best players at our club / in the league, were left on the bench or subbed on with a few minutes to go to wind down the clock. 1) You could see that with your own eyes 2) It was widely and regularly reported on in the media 3) Bielsa did the same thing, they weren't as fortunate as us with the end result Team selection and use of substitutes was a weakness for Farke last season, we got away with it playing against teams at that level. We wont get away with it playing against Premier League teams, it's a lesson Farke must learn.
  11. Number9

    Mr Farke

    The two main problems which Farke kept repeating were team selection and substitutions. I did make this clear in my post. These two concerns were well documented in the media throughout the season and were there for everyone to see. We struggled through many games thankfully to get where we are now, whether Farke has learned those lessons will largely determine our destiny in the big league.
  12. Number9

    Mr Farke

    Making me feel a bit nauseous reading this thread. Yes he's done well, but he made loads of mistakes last season and weve not actually seen if he's learnt anything from that to improve his management in the Premier League. Time will tell if he has learnt lessons regarding team selection, use of substitutes etc. I sincerely hope he has and that we all have a successful season, but please stop gushing on, use your eyes and brains a bit.
  13. Number9

    Zimbo back in Training!

    If you actually watch the move you'll see McLean and one other going forward under the cross, both of them marking nothing but grass, leaving Van **** on his own with Jamal.
  14. No Lakey, think about the words. Some things should be ruled out.
  15. Number9

    Ipswich v Wimbledon

    Afc Wimbledon