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  1. Skipp has a good season on loan at Norwich, they win the Championship. Therefore Skipps value increases. He has more experience should the Spurs manager wish to have him in the squad. Should he get sent out on loan it will be to a higher level club for a far greater fee. Should he be sold it will be for a significantly higher amount. Daniel doesn't give things away.
  2. You've included in your list some players who are unlikely to be with us next season anyway.
  3. You are curious, Parma saying thst Farke has realised we're too open for the Premier League so need to adjust our tactics. I've been telling you that for the past few years Hoggy, yet I'm being proved wrong? Nowt queerer than folk.
  4. This 'really good' (excellent) coach didn't realise this prior to last season? Even though it was plainly obvious to everyone who cared to look objectively and risk the reaction of the Pinkun gang's yellow tinted glasses. Let's hope he can see the problem with our playing squad being drastically diminished in the summer. Perhaps he will excel in dealing with it in a couple of seasons time.
  5. They're owned by a Russian with plenty of £. May have a small stadium but there's plenty of cash behind them.
  6. I'll ask you, Was the defence strengthened prior to the Premier League season?
  7. My feeling about McLean is that he's not going to make the leap to the Premier League. He's Championship at best, not what a club needs if they seriously want to survive in the Premier League. Farke? He has gotten us promoted and looks to again this season. He deserves credit for that. Has he got what it takes to enable our team to flourish in the Premier League? Didn't have the required skill set last year. He has to take responsibility for that. Has he adapted his approach to ensure we survive upon being promoted? Not really.
  8. It's ok to be realistic Hoggy, having your eyes open and being aware of where we are doesn't mean that you're not a fan.
  9. This is exactly the situation. You have omitted the players who we have on loan. They are in no way guaranteed to be here in August.
  10. It's a problem Farke had two seasons ago. A team wins, so it remains unchanged. Eventually the team gets absolutely knackered but the players on the bench are so rusty because they've only been subbed on at 85 mins. We're probably going to be promoted, as it stands we don't have a team for the Premier League.
  11. I'll take it as a compliment that you're hanging on my words. Stats collected by a bot don't tell the full story. Your welcome.
  12. You're correct, everybody on the planet should share the same view regards skin color and ethnicity. I struggle to understand why people feel differently.
  13. Skin color or ethnicity shouldn't be deciding factors. Just a small point, whichever color your skin and wherever your family originated from - if an armed police officer asks you to drop your weapon, just drop it.
  14. I'm happy to admit I'm wrong when it happens. Us spending a fair bit on players and loans since Farke arrived is just a fact of history. McLean not being the best player you'd hope for is just a fact of history. I was wrong when I believed that the club wouldn't extend contracts for Vrancic & McGovern. Doesn't make sense to me but there you go, I'm not in charge as you point out.
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