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  1. Sargent can't really be blamed for yesterday. Before he came here, we knew he run around alot, helped with defending and was very energetic yet failed to score goals or create assists. That's why he had been playing in midfield rather than as a striker. For us to suddenly expect him to set up Pukki for goals or to score a serious amount himself is rather strange.
  2. There's no parallel universe where relying on Byram to stay fit is likely to happen. Get real.
  3. BK8 were running the live chat line at £2.59 / minute.
  4. Did you actually watch the game?
  5. Sargent who hasn't scored any goals anywhere and hasn't got any assists anywhere.
  6. Farke takes Normann off who seemed to be doing ok, gets McLean to do defensive midfielder and hey presto! he gifts it to Watford.
  7. You think Ipswich won't have been relegated by then?
  8. Farke has regularly had a rant at media and fans since he's been our manager. In hindsight, he may well realise that it would have been better to check the League table before telling supporters they don't know anything about football.
  9. How is your new chip shop business getting on Dylan?
  10. Err Dave, can you take my photo mate, yeah. What do you mean? What if I just hold my pants up like this?
  11. Surely you need two defensive midfielders, if not, you're just one injury / suspension away from the crap we're in now.
  12. And being based in Dussingdale, obviously he's going to need a serious motor.
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