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  1. I can’t stand listening to the guy personally, but yeah, I get that gist
  2. Do people still listen to football on the radio? I couldn’t think Of anything worse
  3. Not that I believe the newspapers, but if Buendia for £20m and Aaron’s on loan are remotely true, then our negotiating model is telling us a few porkies
  4. Just because Evans sells his players for 20p, doesn’t mean we have to. At least the salary cap means you may be able to compete next season.
  5. I’d imagine after two seasons of loans, they should be ready, I can definitely see one breaking through soon (Famewo)
  6. Famewo and Bushiri are the up and coming centre backs ready for next season (2021-22)
  7. Mawson is an interesting one, £20m fulham payed for him. He was destined for the top, until injuries blighted him. Seems a very Norwich signing. Ryan Bennett’s a handy defender at champs level too. I’d be happy with either.
  8. Sylla seems a very Norwich style signing, free, came through a big club with a lot of hype and young!
  9. I cannot stand that Acura sports account, they are just throwing random names at players to link us with. The main talk on Twitter is that he is going to Trabzonspor.
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