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  1. It’s the owners. Too many managers been and gone and different styles. The club needs backing.
  2. The defence has been notoriously bad since the day Farke walked in (and also before). The situation is never addressed and it’s biting us
  3. Agree to a degree, pukki was playing champs league when we signed him. Holt was in league 2. To get him scoring at premiership level was remarkable. I’m not a massive Lambert fan, but he did very well for us and to thump us 7-1 at home with the two players mentioned was a good achievement.
  4. We should’ve stuck with Bryan Gunn, absolute failure of a manager we took on
  5. Lambert was lucky? 3 excellent seasons with naff all backing. He did an excellent job. Farkes had 2 good seasons, 2 dreadful ones and isn’t covering himself in glory in this one (whilst being backed).
  6. I’d take Watford’s Midfield two over any of our central midfielders any day. They actually have strength and athleticism.
  7. Gilmour on free kicks and corners, Rupp the first name on the team sheet, bizarre subs, Hanley as efficient as ever. Another Farke masterclass
  8. He is being judged by someone who believes Rupp is the first name on the team sheet
  9. He is not learning, that is yet another dross performance
  10. Gilmour and Tzolis are doing well. Rupp is a waste of a position. Idah should have been taking the penalty.
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