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  1. Dr Greenthumb

    Too much loyalty, too much hype?

    It’s probably because the club cannot afford to
  2. I’d imagine they may have splashed at the start of the Season, but we won’t be as attractive now. Didn’t Delia say she wasn’t going to profit on a sale of the club? Or have I dreamt that up?
  3. I’d say we are at our most attractive now, the infrastructure is in place to build on, playing Man C and teams of that level weekly. I get what you are saying, the thing is, it’s hard to go from League one to the prem and with FFP in place aswell, they may just want to cut out the grind and get their name on the advertising boards for the sky cameras
  4. Do you really think that any of that will happen? I cannot see us spending much money on anything. I hope I am wrong and the club blossoms and comes back stronger, but I just feel there’s going to be some form of an excuse coming from the owners and the sales money just evaporates for wages over the years and we are left languishing in the championship miles behind richer clubs. Again, I hope I am wrong, I like being wrong as a pessimist.
  5. But the club is debt free and the clubs you have quoted will be in millions of pounds worth of debt. They must be aiming high to purchase a top division french club!
  6. It can be done without them! I remember seeing an English gentleman purchasing a french club earlier in the season, as he saw them as a low risk gamble. Surely Norwich fall into that bracket?
  7. It was only for Maddison that the club didn’t get into big financial trouble last season. I hardly see that as being ran properly! I don’t want to hear about the over spending in the prem either, as we also had player sales that year too. It seems the club is always on a shoestring and as soon as we are out of the prem, it’s fire sale time! I agree on Webber and co, they are the right people in the right places. But you need to ask why he really isn’t staying for more than a few years. I’d imagine a prem team who is established comes calling, he won’t be jetting abroad quite as quickly. good on the nephew for asking for fans to dip into their pockets, I’m still not impressed with it, I, like yourself, put more than enough of our hard earnt cash into the club as it is!
  8. I wouldn’t want to turn on anyone, especially someone who is a similar age to me, but there is no way on this planet that lad should be given reign of a football club! I am not talking Chinese Billionaires or anything like that, I want an owner who can at least dip into their pockets when the going gets tough! Not ask the fan’s to dip into their pockets, we do that enough!
  9. The AGM clique get their way every year and it’s so blatant to see who it is, even on a forum of people I have never met. I cannot understand why a kid who has never had any running of a football club and has no money, should be given control over Norwich!
  10. I want Delia to sell up. She is holding this club back! Nephew Tom should not even have a place on the board. Webber needs to stay, I know it’s hard right now, but if he feels there’s aspirations within the club, other than “top 26”, he may stay. I am enjoying the youth investment we are employing, will reap a lot of benefits. The squad needs more pace, that means spending money. i want consistency in the premier league!
  11. Nephew Tom is not the answer to this
  12. “Community minded”, the owners are skint and couldn’t afford to keep up with the times more like!
  13. Dr Greenthumb


    You follow that account on Twitter too? Seems to be very in the know
  14. Dr Greenthumb

    A dearth of strikers

    You not watched many leicester games this season? I’d say they have a much better defender than mings on their books
  15. Haha I’m the same, off to play footy myself tonight and 3/4 of them are villa fans, long may it continue