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  1. Dr Greenthumb

    Eddie Howe - wise words

    I’d be very surprised if they did! They seem so keen on getting it done, just to save money!!!!
  2. Dr Greenthumb

    Eddie Howe - wise words

    As long as the emergency services agree to fulfil all that in such a short space of time, regardless of whether there are fans there or not, police and ambulance services will be required
  3. Dr Greenthumb

    Season ticket refunds

    So bullying and harassing a total stranger on the internet, whilst asking others to join in, is the righteous way?
  4. Dr Greenthumb

    Void season - what the rules say

    If two go up to the prem and zero were relegated, surely it would only require two teams to go up from league one to replace who has left the champs
  5. Dr Greenthumb

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    The obvious answer is have two seasons of 4 going down, 5 is just silly. Or they could have a 22 team league, im sure the prem started that way
  6. The championship wouldn’t be that big an issue, those teams in question for the playoffs, will have a chance of getting spot 1 & 2 next season, as no teams will be relegated from the prem. league 2can send 3 teams up, as Bury will need replacing.
  7. Dr Greenthumb

    Daily Mail......latest thoughts

    But that way the numbers won’t decrease with a play off. They should have two seasons of 4, or abolish the league cup and make it a 22 team league
  8. Dr Greenthumb

    Norwich v Southampton programme

    All proceeds to Willow charity though
  9. Dr Greenthumb

    Who am I ?

    You are: Really bored
  10. Dr Greenthumb

    Drmic dilemma

    Play both, there is more than one formation out there
  11. Dr Greenthumb


    Now we have enough fit centre backs, 352 wouldn’t be a bad shout, we like our full backs to attack, we will have Tettey and 3 cbs covering, give us some pace on the width and bring buendia in central.
  12. Dr Greenthumb

    Tom Trybull absence

    I’d have him instead of Tettey, Tettey looks laboured and Trybull is a better header of the ball
  13. Dr Greenthumb

    Tom Trybull absence

    He’s a good player
  14. Dr Greenthumb

    Lets discuss Duda

    He doesn’t look interested/good enough
  15. Dr Greenthumb

    6 goals in 15 away games...

    We have no out and out wingers, yet we have a formation that seems to accommodate them, the diamond looked good 2nd half yesterday