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  1. Best get them some underwater headphones!
  2. You know what, I actually completely forgot about them! Well played!
  3. I’d imagine as Scott is learning off Webber, Farkes contract will he looked at and he will already have a good relationship with Scott
  4. I’d be happy if this was the guy being trained to replace webber, seems to know his stuff and knows the club
  5. Excellent going forward (especially). Meant Cantwell had more of a role where he could exchange sides and cause more trouble.
  6. It’s daft we have two fit left backs and a midfielder plays there!
  7. It’s just telling us something that we already know and it has been discussed on here that our midfield (buendia aside) is not creating/chipping in enough
  8. It would have been better for us had he strengthened a team that wasn’t a competitor and hopefully cost our competitors a few points
  9. He needs game time, not 3 minutes! He also needs to be played in his natural position. So a loan is probably ideal
  10. The possession stats are high because Gibson, Hanley and Krul have an awful lot of the ball between them. I’m more interested in chances
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