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  1. Did well seeing as though there was no funds available (as per)
  2. I’d imagine we already know about our business today
  3. He was far from perfect, but just remember how bad we were when he walked in the door and how poorly funded he was from the go. The owners got off lightly because of Stu
  4. No chestnut, just reminding of forgotten facts…..
  5. Also, being the only championship club to give him a chance in the first place and ignoring the noise after finishing 14th in his first season
  6. Nicolo Shira reporting it’s loan with 3m euros obligation if certain criteria is met
  7. This is getting a joke now, it’s not even selling to replace. We are literally just scraping by with every sale. Two seasons in the prem where we “had a go” (by our standards) and the other seasons “balancing the books” shows how badly run the club is. I cannot believe all the player sales from the summer and we are letting a very good backup striker go for next to nothing. It’s really concerning and this ownership change needs to happen pronto, not three years down the line.
  8. Aren’t tap ins what as equally as important? Also, how many Aboh goals have you seen? As he doesn’t just score tap ins. Also, you can’t compare u21 goals from Aboh to u18 goals from Myles
  9. No doubt it’s the best way. I’ve never lived in Norwich and wish I had the time to get a season ticket, but it’s never a struggle to get a ticket
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