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  1. Dr Greenthumb

    Season hinges on Amadou?

    He was incredible, what a surprise! Good on you Daniel for this selection
  2. Dr Greenthumb

    Jack Rodwell

    Ah ok, I see, I’ve not seen the squad, just seen a lot of talk. He’s got to be worth a look.
  3. Dr Greenthumb

    Jack Rodwell

    Can we sign any frees after naming a full squad?
  4. Dr Greenthumb

    Aarons nooooo!

    Imagine people actually use this board for Norwich information and to discuss Norwich city
  5. Dr Greenthumb

    Grim Injury News

    Not the point of this thread, is it?
  6. Dr Greenthumb

    What's wrong with Super Mario

    His record last season speaks for itself. Certainly deserves a chance on the pitch. Big game player too, always delivered when most needed.
  7. Dr Greenthumb

    Sweeper System, could this work?

    Well no, but it’s of recent years. It may still be happening in Italy, but I’m not that knowledgeable on their football
  8. Dr Greenthumb

    Sweeper System, could this work?

    Didn’t Chelsea bring Luiz back to play sweeper?
  9. Dr Greenthumb

    Sweeper System, could this work?

    Who would you implement as the sweeper. ?I’d love is to have fit cb so we can push Aaron’s and Lewis on to provide pace
  10. What have you been smoking?
  11. Dr Greenthumb

    *****Official match thread v West Ham*****

    Beat me to it. Buendia hasn’t exactly hit the ground running either tho, just pulls up every time he is tackled. Vrancic needs to be on
  12. Dr Greenthumb

    Just park.com

    It isn’t a car park, it’s a very long road you can park on the side of, there’s a health club at the other end of it. I’m dreadful with roads or could have been more specific
  13. He stamped on a united player a few years ago, I can’t remember who, but Zlatan is the name that pops in my head
  14. I saw Spurs and Everton and Mings looked at home in the premier league. He deserves a callup
  15. Dr Greenthumb

    Just park.com

    West Brom has that massive stretch near the church, literally round the corner from the ground