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  1. You missed out “scoring more goals than the opposition”
  2. Are you sure, it sounds like your issues are a little bit more than a cup of tea?
  3. So your issue actually isn’t with what the manager is drinking. It’s the way the club the is run. I’m not a fan of the the owners, but my word, I won’t peck at a drink being an issue. The footy is dire, but we are scoring different types of goals and lie 2nd in the league. Try and find some positives from it. Farke had an identity, but without Buendia, he could barely get a win.
  4. This is such a weird thread and who really cares what the manager is drinking?
  5. They don’t defensively, very short in numbers. Apparently Wallace is there best outlet and Grant isn’t taking enough chances. My mate reckons the lad from Salford is looking extremely good
  6. Best mate is a baggies fan and season ticket holder. He’s not impressed with the amount of chances they are rent taking at the moment and the defending (Bartley especially)
  7. Yep, also had a great opportunity to clear the ball at a crucial time and put a dire pass in his own area instead
  8. I don’t mind Kenny, but he is not the player he was 3/4 years ago. It was nice to see him get an assist, but he doesn’t get many. He has about 2/3 goals in the last few years too and his tracking back last night was sluggish to say the least.
  9. How many saves did Krul have to make that troubled him? I don’t think the passing from the back can get much worse than last night. The worry for me is how poor we are in front of the defence. McLeans two goal involvements were very good, but he was so bad helping the defence out.
  10. Could have a left back, Gibbs and Hayden back for the re-arranged fixture
  11. Not at all, there’s other articles stating it, not just Hagan, but I won’t litter the discussion with it.I don’t believe the rubbish that he was Buendias replacement, he was just perceived to be. Agree with Tzolis being raw though. Just annoyed he wasn’t given the chances Rashica was!
  12. https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/ncfc-signing-rashica-as-good-as-buendia-8084386
  13. Tzolis- “I’m always careful in praising young talents too much,” said Farke about his latest signing. “The best way is always to protect them little bit and work with them on a daily basis. We are all happy to have him and we see a lot in his potential and skills. But they have to learn a lot, to adapt to a new country, a new football culture and then the best league in the world. We have to be careful in our expectations and not put too much expectation on their shoulders. “We have the feeling he is a top signing for the mid and the long-term, and we also have many hopes he can already deliver in the short term. But you know my attitude. He hasn’t played one game in a top flight so we don’t expect that he can cut all of the Premier League into pieces. We will give him the time to adapt to this level.”
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