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  1. Dilly ding, dilly gone! We've gone n sacked another one OTBC
  2. I'll have a go at Sevilla v celta vigo home win And how about Rashica to score? Good luck everyone OTBC
  3. The club accepted relegation months ago
  4. He was alright. The best of a sh*t bunch. There was a golden opportunity to thread a ball through to Pukki he missed though. I think it was mid 2nd half. Needs to grow better awareness of the players around him.
  5. Well done Josh. Unfortunately for us, he scored back when he wasn't our player!
  6. True, he's a scrapper. He's playing at the right end of the table
  7. Damn, I clicked on this thread thinking it was some sort of wrestling showdown that Holty had organised for charity
  8. The term "Man Utd quality" get less and less every day
  9. We are terrible. At least we put in the occasional good performance last time we were in the prem. Worst season to watch since in dunno when
  10. From the Under23s, probably would improve the starting midfield. But then again, so would anyone
  11. Why not? We aren't exactly putting points on the table atm
  12. Yep exactly. Kenny gets infinite games to prove himself
  13. Yes they were. Sorensen needs a few games to sharpen up in midfield and then we will see what he can do
  14. There are many players better than Sargent. We don't need Grabban though
  15. Yeah maybe you're right but I thought I'd put a more realistic transfer prospect up than Ramsey or Origi
  16. Based on one game Mumba played like a demon possessed?
  17. Can play anywhere on the right. Having a cracking game against Arsenal. On loan from Middlesbrough. Only 21. He's the kind of player we can afford. What do you all think?
  18. Knock knock Who's there? Thomas Thomas who? Thomas Tuchel, now stop p***ING about we want our player back. Haven't you heard the pundits? He's an incredible little player!
  19. Newcastle were always gonna have a big window. Watford are the early birds and have really gone to town on sorting out their issues. We seem to leave it late and get the scraps.
  20. You're totally right. It'll be without the 'hot' part
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