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  1. Let’s not put Crook ans Vrancic in the same breath. maddison was arguably the most creative I’ve seen since him and he’s a class above vrancic.
  2. Bristol City and Man City last season aside, I’ve not seen anything near a good performance from him in a long time. Even when he scored v Swansea he was poor.
  3. Hugill will now suffer from Steve Morison syndrome. That was that he wasn’t someone else. Grant Holt. Hugills problem is he isn’t Pukki. let the lad settle. It’s far to harsh to judge him on the few minutes he’s had. We all knew he would be back up to pukki or alongside. Let’s face it, the shape isn’t changing, so it’s going to be back up. a great option to have.
  4. Well spotted! The perception of his subs are very different!
  5. 3 sublime free kicks into the box that we should have scored from. 1 chance at the end of a great move that would have been a fantastic goal. as assist for Mclean. yep. He’s rubbish and he throws his hands in the air too much I think we need to address the complete lack of movement ahead of him when he gets the ball. I hate to say it but Pukkis ship has sailed.
  6. Gunn culverhouse bowen butterworth linighan crook maddison huckerby hoolahan holt bellamy. I don’t care about formation. Good players can play together in any formation haha
  7. Great performance from Rupp has been great so far and I can definitely see why he’s ahead of leitner....
  8. I don’t understand how we’ve valued him at similar to Godfrey. We sold him on the cheap.
  9. What’s happening with the Free tampons with the ground closed @TIL 1010
  10. It’s hard to get excited about defenders but genuinely pleased with Gibson, albeit a loan. The feeling we got from signing Hucks will never be repeated. The whole unveiling and the rollercoaster will never be forgotten.
  11. Think we’ve found our pairing. just need the 4 in front firing!
  12. Looked class again today. Wins his tackles, keeps it simple and reads the game well. Will go on to have a good career at the highest level, I can see why Spurs fans love him. shout out to Rupp also, looking good in that role over the last two games. Definitely better than McLean.
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