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  1. Through an amazing string of luck I won the euro millions. Then I invested the cash in medical companies and amazingly have become a billionaire. So I am buying NCFC. Daniel Farke will be sacked and is to be replaced by the dream team of Sam Allardyce and Joey Barton. Covid will also thankfully allow me to accelerate my plan to make carrow road the first zero seater, fans free ground and club in the world. Members of the Pinkun Forum will form the board of directors. Finally you will have the benevolent billionaire owner we all want.
  2. This constant argument about how x player would have done better in a better team is rubbish. It's been said of so many of our players that you have to conclude we should have been a better team than we were! So either we underperformed or those players aren't as good as we think.
  3. I've picked up on it, as have many others. It was a poor excuse all last season and completely untrue.
  4. Looks like someone is optimistic there won't be a second wave!
  5. Aarons, Lewis and Godfrey will go. Too much interest for them not too. Buendia, I just don't see his performances last season and attitude leading to a better team where he could flourish making a serious offer.
  6. If that was true every football team would always get stronger.
  7. Young English full back with 10 years ahead of him and all the right attritubutes... And you think 10 million is fair. Wow.
  8. Is this another parody account? Please tell me real people don't think like this? Or.... Perhaps.... We have got in the cheaper and younger targets fast because its easier to get done, and when the big outward transfers our underway we will know the money we have to go for the top targets.
  9. No thanks. Expensive, on the decline, and slow.
  10. We need, and will, bring in a number 2.
  11. Then you differ to the football World and anyone with eyes and a functioning brain.
  12. If we only invest half of player sales, if all four wonder kids go that still means webber will have about 30+ million to spend.
  13. Omg let it go. Literally everyone in football sees him as a centre back.
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