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  1. I have been all for the lockdowns and measures to protect people. But once every adult has been offered, and most have had, a double jab, its time to open up society fully and get on with it.
  2. Why the hell are people surprised Rupp is playing well? Before he was injured his midfield displays were fantastic. He was unfairly attacked at the end of last season by the pinkun morons. Quality player.
  3. And yet you felt it appropriate to do exactly the same... "Not a big fan of his by any stretch" What a vile hipocrite you are.
  4. And this shows the level of intelligence on this forum. Its nothing to do with us having it wrong. Those are the passes and players we are being forced into using because of how Wycombe have set up. Jesus wept its not tough to grasp is it?
  5. Who is this we? Ah the delusional pinkun forum cuckoo crew. Rhodes is weak in the tackle, in the air, at tracking back, and influencing a game over ninety minutes. Everything pukki is good at. As evidenced by the fact Rhodes has been a bench warmer for the past four years. The obsession with him is based on some weird love in rather than any footballing reality. Which describes pretty much everything the regulars here post.
  6. Woeful... Disaster... Awful... Mess... Moan.... Whine... Cry.... We must be about six nil down reading this match thead. Oh no. Drawing and all to play for. Utter moaning turds.
  7. I see the pinkun geniuses all want McLean dropped in favour of sorenson. A player yet to prove they are any good in the defensive role or the deep Acf role. But yeah, he will be good there, drop the player doing the job already. And playing two purely defensive players in the middle is stupid, which is why you won't see tettey and skipp start. It will always be Rupp or McLean. You're like kids on football manager.
  8. Ah the old completely make stuff up to justify a view. On that logic no player would make mistakes.
  9. Amazing. Before yesterday the pinkun forum was almost unanimous in saying we can't score, and are in free fall, even going round the whole is farke good enough, subs blah blah nonsense. One win and you're all banging on about the Premier league again. Bipolar forum members and an utter joke.
  10. Rupp isn't championship level? Well that's your opinion disregarded as utter bull, as you evidently can't see the game you watch. That would be the Rupp who was are best midfielder prior to getting injured.
  11. Would they? I wouldn't. Yet again the pinkun bubble rears it's head amongst those who listen on the wireless. Most city fans couldn't give a stuff about Kings Lynn, and it be furious if my club gave some other random club money. Screw them. That's for linnets supporters to deal with, not ours.
  12. The thread title could just apply to the town not just the football club.
  13. If you can't see what McLean brings to the team then seriously, please go and watch another sport, as your brain evidently can't see what's in front of your face.
  14. Wow there's some totally ignorant xenophobia right there. Despicable.
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