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  1. Our full backs look a bit small for this. Ref is too keen.
  2. During the game my son and I were commenting that with the talk of our starlets moving on our best player is Krul and that we hope he stays.
  3. Pukki is not Harry Kane but he is our Kane and I am glad we have him. He is not back on form yet but did ok in the Prem at the start of the season. Give Idah a run and bring Teemu on later with the pressure off.
  4. The injury to Drmic has opened the door for the run in. I had forgotten how good his penalty was against Spurs.
  5. I could look on Wiki and pretend that I have heard of him but can't be bothered. Is he any good?
  6. Just making the point that you don't rate a player that you don't know anything about like the rest of us.
  7. Maclean is our best all round midfielder imo although Vrancic is my favourite due to his creativity. Let's not go looking for fall guys although I think that Russell Martin is past it.
  8. Agreed. The defence was exposed by a non existent defensive midfield. I know that we like a fall guy but there was not one person to blame. I would have liked Tetty to have protected the CBs.
  9. Or this could have been an opinion expressed in a constructive post. Not disagreeing but is it really worth it's own op?
  10. I agree. We are wrapping Tetty in cotton wool. Our midfield defensive play was very poor to non existent.
  11. Any chance the admins can move this post into the Renta Cliche Forum. Thanks
  12. Of course all lives matter, that's why we protect those lives that are threatened more than us in our societies. All houses matter but let's concentrate on the one that's on fire.
  13. 10 000 people, no arrests. They have footage and will arrest them after the event. Best to avoid a pitched battle against protesters with the potential for serious injury than intervening to stop a statue being removed. One that only a small portion of the population respect. Different when it's a war memorial.This Colston issue has been a thing for years. I suspect that the restraint of our Bame population up until this point has been remarkable.
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