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  1. This op takes scapegoating to a new low. Just pathetic.
  2. Playing out from the back every time is predictable at this level and invites pressure and inevitably costly mistakes. It maintains control and possession at Championship level unless pressed by more physical sides eg Watford last season. Every Premier League team can counter this. Farke must be aware of this. We finally have the very impressive Normann in front of the back four. Webber said that he sent his head coach into battle without a gun last time around. We should give Farke the chance to get his weapons in a row. After that is in place we can better judge him.
  3. It's too early to write off Kabak. 21 years old and played his first league game since May. I liked his link up play with the midfield. It is our overall defensive play that is the problem not a lack of one player.
  4. Watford at home will be a target game whatever the management say in public.
  5. Football Mad used to link in with other teams' fans. Daly was a member as well I think. It was quite good with Binner banter and runnings with Shef Utd thickos but just wasn't very user friendly.
  6. I joined back in 2003 I think and was a bit disappointed to lose my post count when it relaunched. How sad is that? I think this is a surprisingly strong fan community compared to other forums. I value it as more of a reader that a poster living in the West Country. I wouldn't ban anybody but this is a kinder place since Morty was prevented from high jacking every OP. I read from others that he is a decent bloke in person. How odd that anonymity can make people into a keyboard warrior. As Penelope proves, a ban is not permanent. Welcome back Chops. Behave!
  7. I like your logic. How many goals have we conceded? We need a new keeper!
  8. I bought mine at the beginning of July. My long sleeved shirt is an xl as I have a 44 inch chest. I can't help as to whether it fits or not as it still hasn't arrived.
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