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  1. It looked it at the time. Haven't seen the tv footage.
  2. They didn't. The counter was offside.
  3. Not the same but a reasonable criticism.
  4. Gunn was mainly very good today but what about the parry to the Bristol player who then scored? They all do it but shoving the ball back out to the middle of your box isn't clever keeping.
  5. Enough to allow you to sleep through it.
  6. Two sh1t teams playing sh1t football in a sh1t game. As agreed by both this Canary and a Robin after the game.
  7. Pump House, Rose of Denmark, Merchant Arms are all in Hotwells which is a short walk from the ground and generally friendly.
  8. Few west country ncfc fans want to go to the Bristol match. I've never seen this. I will be there but not with the usual bunch.
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