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  1. C.I.D

    Grandstand & World of Sport

    LOL.........but even more exciting on B & W telly
  2. C.I.D

    Anyone know about the night sky?

    If it's got no arms then it's definitely Venus
  3. C.I.D

    Corbyn Speaks

    # BeKind
  4. C.I.D

    Corbyn Speaks

    Ah,but he is older and wiser than the rest of us
  5. C.I.D

    Corbyn Speaks

    Probably ..........in hindsight
  6. C.I.D

    Corbyn Speaks

    'Slow' maybe in the eyes of all the amateur 'experts' and 'know-it-alls' ............but in the context of the barely-believable scale of what was to hit us then surely some credit should be given for the unprecedented package of measures put in place to help everybody in the country. Hindsight is a wonderful thing,isn't it ?
  7. Dylan's post is timed @ 11.20 .........yours @ 11.24...............am I missing something there
  8. C.I.D

    Jamal to Spurs

    Noooo........he should be self-isolating............like a (Herman's) Hermit
  9. C.I.D

    Confined to Barracks

    With or without a Magnum ?
  10. C.I.D

    The BBC are playing their part

    Presumably their tsunami of reporters together with umpteen cameramen and sound recordists etc flooding nearly every street in the country are exempt from self-isolation and 'stay at home'
  11. C.I.D

    Sky Sports Is Now Free !

    You're lucky if your April bill has been lowered as I finally managed to get my Sports package paused,after 3 days of constant buffering and 2 snotty complaints using their on-line procedure,but only May and June has been amended.I had an automated response to complaint No 1 promising me a reply within 48 hrs but ........guess what........over 48 hours later I'd still had no reply so I sent another shouty complaint,following which I made 1 final attempt to do the Pause procedure and .......would you bl**dy believe it,my Sports Package pause went straight through in a few seconds. Why the hell did SKY not do this as an automatic procedure for ALL Sky Sports customers without the need for potentially overloading their website for days on end ?
  12. C.I.D

    Sky Sports Is Now Free !

    I've tried at least half a dozen times since yesterday and every time my screen is just buffering after I hit the 'Pause Now' option...............April bill hasn't changed and my May payment looks to be unchanged also.Short of trying to phone them I'm not sure what the hell I'm supposed to do to get my Sports package paused
  13. C.I.D

    What’s your favourite animal?

    That's Alan Brazil surely ?
  14. As already mentioned........ - Dave Stringer's last minute winner v C Palace to keep us in Div 1 ('72/73 was it?) - Justin Fashanu's 'Goal of the Season' v Liverpool _Simeon Jackson's late winner v Derby - never heard such a crowd reaction before or since .............also an honourable mention to another one of my favourites - Adam Drury's late equaliser v Middlesbrough after being 1-4 down with about 15-20 mins left - an incredible comeback
  15. Good God..........now you're really going back a few years