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  1. From my very earliest memory of attending Carrow Road (c 1957) wasn't this photo,or a similar close-up of the ground,used on the cover of the matchday programme for some time in the late 50s or early 60s? Maybe some of you oldies with better memories than me might remember
  2. Er,right.............so for how long does 'unsustainable' breed success then?
  3. If only we were Watford ........we would have been spared the embarassment of last season's promotion.............
  4. Do they contact you in their 000s as a first point of reference then ?
  5. Irrespective of what a good strike it was it just seems so predictable ....1st half added time and we concede
  6. ......especially if he marries a stinkin' rich Chinese investor's daughter
  7. Thank God that a 'fan from Sunderland' "hopes for football that they never get back to the Premier League".............as opposed to those sleeping giants in Div 3 who's rightful place should be spent stuffing their snouts into the money trough of the EPL
  8. No .....but I used to quite like his sister Pansy when I was a mere babe
  9. Should be the 'Carrow Road Action Project' in that case
  10. Yep,he was our Teemu Pukki of the late 60s ........came from nowhere to have one absolutely stellar season .......and then gone in a flash to pastures green(or in this case gold) before the ink on the cheque from Wolves was even dry
  11. Hugh Curran - 1969 for £60k .....a bloody giveaway imho
  12. Yes indeed ...until that gin-soaked old bat took over we'd never in our proud history had to sell our most prized assets,and for peanuts,to keep the club financially stable,had we ? It's a disgrace,I tell ya
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