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  1. Hmmm......I wonder if Sheff Weds fans think the same ?
  2. "Please,please,please ....let me,let me,let me .........let me get what I want this time"
  3. Give him a ring and ask if he'll let you have a seat on the bench from now on so that you can enhance his knowledge of the game and advise him on the error of his ways ............
  4. Anybody ?? Lambert,Hurst,Keane,Jewell come to mind ...........Binman
  5. Presumably he doesn't like clubs that do actually win the odd trophy now and again
  6. Round 3 ??? That would be proper nosebleed territory for them ............and highly unlikely tbh
  7. LOL,I meant that she strikes me as being a bit of an Ice Maiden
  8. ......and they got a damned good lashing into the bargain
  9. Shame that Holty couldn't make a guest appearance just for today
  10. By letting in more goals ?
  11. 1) Give £100m to the club for players 2) Buy the Binners for £200(they're not worth more than that,surely) then sack Cook,appoint someone like Phil Brown or Steve Evans and give them big fat zero to spend as they descend down to their rightful place in the Suffolk Sunday League 3) Swan off to the Bahamas with the rest to live out my remaining days in sun-kissed luxury
  12. Sure you didn't mean S & M ? .............Christ Almighty ...your posts on here are painful at best
  13. Well,at least his username is entirely fitting .................Dean Coney's boots never really served a useful purpose when it came to the subject of football
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