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  1. I think we'll get beaten easily something like 4-0 which will be hard to take for us fans but Delia and Mike won't care too much its all part of the ups and downs of football to them. Their ambition or lack of it doesn't match ours i'm affraid.
  2. Carrow Road was completely empty of home fans until all the tossers leave the club. Forget the boo's and the after match protests, just don't go, do something else. What a statement it would send out.
  3. Most of us hopefully want to leave some kind of legacy when we move on. He has invested in a PL training facility wow big deal. Player pampering clearly doesn't work.
  4. Any other championship side can see by now we have a soft underbelly. In boxing terms we're on the ropes
  5. By this time next year we'll have a new SD who can rip in to the squad and rid it of dead wood and a new manager that instils some fight. The Middlesbrough game was pathetic and very worrying. We need to somehow avoid relegation this season forget about it and move on
  6. I think we have to adjust our expectations. For me avoiding relegation is the new hope
  7. I'm no business man but I would have thought given Webbers poor recruitment and wasting club money on a momentous scale, he should have been sacked years ago. We called for it on here and it didn't happen. I think you have to be ruthless sometimes and Smith and Jones are too sentimental and the result of which is unfolding before our eyes.
  8. I think without the loss of our two strikers we would currently be top3. The frustration is we still give away sloppy goals which we haven't cured for the past 5 years.
  9. We were rocking until Sarg got injured and then Barnes. We would have beaten Leicester with those two on the pitch and again today, its a ball ache for the rest of team knowing we haven't got a goal scorer in the team. We've lost our goal scoring threat which has affected the whole mentality.
  10. I agree with this. In all walks of life you have to chose your words carefully and sometimes be diplomatic and complimentary even if you don't mean it. Webber could have been complimentary about the women's team success and progress but instead chose to be inflammatory and disrespectful. Yet another own goal by Webber. He has done some great things at NCFC but he is letting himself down.
  11. Unfortunately Webber is a narcissist. Its always someone else's fault even though he is the one who has personally blown millions and got us going backwards. There is a solution to shut that idiot up. Its not words, they fall on deaf ears. Empty seats is the only thing that will cause a board to sh1t bricks but no matter how bad things get people always go and pay their hard earned money to the club. If you really want to shut that fat head up.. DON'T GO TO GAMES, SIMPLE
  12. I mean the fact that Leeds are even considering Webber is a joke. They just fired their sporting director because of the poor signings he's made and they are considering Webber the king of poor signings. I hope he goes, I imagine the Leeds fans won't be horrible to the poor little man if he gets it wrong there.
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