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  1. More drama relating to Todd, hair we go again
  2. Us, Watford and Burnley are terrible and deserve to go down. We are 2 wins adrift of safety and we won't make that up. At least we aren't losing by 3 goals every week which is progress but only to stop being a complete embarrassment. After the first 6 games i'm glad with the progress but we will still fall well short. I like you optimism though
  3. I think Farke's main aim after Watford Everton was to stop gifting goals away. After Everton we were already getting cut adrift. Two clean sheets has given him something to build on but we don't have a goal scorer at this level. We are kind of now witnessing a slow death this season rather than the quick death of the previous 5 games.
  4. But this is hindsight. Of course with a crystal ball Webber would have gone for Toney instead of Hugill, but who knew Hugill would be so useless and Toney so brilliant. Brentford got it right we got it wrong. Sergent will come good his miss yesterday wasn't as horrendous as people make out he just didn't put his foot through it. The Brighton miss 6 yards out was worse.
  5. I think Farke is a legend and 2nd only behind Mike Walker IMO. He has everyone's respect but the one thing I disagree on is, he deserves time. He has had oodles of time, unless some incredible turnaround occurs we are fast heading back from where we came which I don't call progress. Farke set the team up to be hard to beat against Burnley which was the right approach but 5 games too late IMO and now we are adrift already. We have 1 point from 6 games, if we carry on that trend we will finish on 7 points. I can't believe any fan of any other football club would give a manager with those stats more time.
  6. I think we are in a mini league now with Burnley Newcastle and Watford fighting for 17th spot. I think Leeds, Palace and Southampton will do enough. As for which players of ours are premier league quality i'd go for: Krul, Aarons, Kabak, Giannoulis, Normann and give ginger Pele a few more games and I think he will make the grade. I still think the recruitment was good but there was no guarantee how these new players would deal with the step up, some have done well, others not so well. No point fretting about it though it is what it is
  7. I think Farke has stuck too much to his principles of playing across the back and we are too slow going forward. That hasn't worked for 15 top flight games and we have been masters of our own downfall. At least today Farke made a culture change of being more solid and harder to beat. At least today we scrapped for an ugly point. Once we become harder to beat we can try to be more offensive.
  8. A few positives are a clean sheet, an away draw which is never a bad thing, a roll your sleeves up battling performance, no costly errors at the back and some good individual performances. If we'd have started the season like this we'd be in a better position but credit to the players for putting a shift in today, can't expect much more than that
  9. Mclean must have something on Farke, If we lose and Farke is still here Monday morning he must have something on Webber
  10. beats me "real heads gone" I'd say the same for Hanley he is not a leader, Burnley will target him. I hope we get a win, we must win, last chance saloon for Farke
  11. Watford was the first nail in the coffin, if we lose tomorrow we could well need 3 wins just to catch the team above us. Lose tomorrow and we are already relegated, shambles
  12. I think the club deserves credit for the signings and I believe we should be competitive with our squad. The problem has to be the coaching. We are trying to play nice honest football every week instead of running through walls to scrounge as many points as possible. When the season is over we won't get any plaudits for being nice Norwich we will be slagged off for being soft
  13. I'm quite partial to a bit of salt water fly fishing, nothing to do with hair style
  14. Well I thought it would be obvious, If you keep believing that we will become good offensively and defensively and stop making stupid mistakes you are only going to be disappointed. And I am very happy so no need to worry
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