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  1. Agree. We have big problems. Ultimately Webber failed with the player recruitment to give Farke a chance in the PL and Delia bottled it and sacked the wrong guy.
  2. I'd ask Dean Smith does our defence give him actual nightmares. I'd ask Webber does he waste his personal money as easily as he does his employers. Does he drop £20 in street and think ah fcuk it I can't be bothered to bend down to pick it up. When the cashier at Sainsburys says that will be £90 please sir does he say, I tell you what I'll give you £120. I doubt it, It's easy to be wasteful when it isn't yours. TOOL
  3. I think Everton were doing a Norwich in regards to sh!t player recruitment and blowing millions but they have turned it around a little. That just leaves us as the biggest money wasters in recent history
  4. Not a great response from Hanley. He wasn't asked how this result compares to the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis or our farcical government. Of course there are bigger problems, but that's your job so maybe take some responsibility and take it seriously. With that attitude from a captain no wonder we're sh1t.
  5. It appears from this forum Keith that a vast majority believe our problems are down to Dean Smith. The players aren't good enough and that is 100% on Webber but like Webber did with Farke the fans want to make the manager the scapegoat. For all the PL multi millions we've had, Webber has taken us back 10 years. Farke was a good guy that didn't have PL players to work with and Smith also a good manager trying to get a tune with mid Chump level players. You don't get anywhere without some degree of quality and apart from Pukki and maybe 1 or 2 others we are bang average. That is not Smiths fault
  6. I'm sure I read that Chelsea were looking at Webber, I had to be dreaming right? Any club looking at Webbers signings over the past 3 years would know he can't recruit footballers fit for purpose. Webber got lucky with a couple of signings long long ago but has subsequently put the club back 10 years
  7. Agree, I love Max he is always one of our best performers and is good going forward but his lack of height and build is a weakness in defence. We haven't addressed our defence in 3 years, we have been poor defensively for as long as I can remember.
  8. Yes I was wondering the same. The question has to be a wind up we have p1ssed multi millions away over the past 3 years and gone backwards. I do question some of our fans logic. We got promoted to the premier league twice and not only failed to buy anyone near PL standard we are now about a top 6 chumps side at best and it appears that the recruitment failures of the past 3 years are all Dean Smiths fault.
  9. Apart from Pukki, Aarons and Sinani I don't see a lot of quality in this side. God help us if we get promoted again we would have to do a Forest type overhaul and we know that won't happen
  10. I thought Mclean was one of the best performers against Huddersfield. Other days he plays like a colour blind nonce who forgets his team mates are playing in yellow
  11. I don't mind DS I think the problem is poor player recruitment over the past 4 years. We don't have much quality. Quality players can pass the ball to each other which is a basic starting point. We don't even have that.
  12. We spent quite a lot of money on bang average players. After two recent promotions to the PL and all the millions that go with it, we have probably only 3 PL quality players and 2 of them (pukki and Aarons) have been here for a while. We haven't added any proper quality in about 4 years.
  13. 1) Naismith. 2) RVB. 3) Hugill. 4) Tzolis. 5) Rashica. 6) Klose. 7) Placheta. 8) Gibson 5 poor signings in the last 12-18 months not good enough for what we need is a warning for the future. Webber needs to be more prudent with club money. The money wasted on the 5 could have have been better spent on 1 or 2 quality players.
  14. I would have made an offer for you Toddy but you're only a 5/10 most weeks. You gotta realise you ain't as good as you think you are
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