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  1. As it stands we need 9 wins to guarantee promotion, 11 wins to be champions. That obviously changes in our favour if Brentford, Watford and Swansea drop points
  2. I think if Placheta could just bag some goals he would be a tremendous asset. Maybe he's so dam quick once he gets to the 18 yard area his heads gone. Just look at a Greyhound if it manages to actually grab that fake rabbit "mental"
  3. I'd just be glad to beat Luton at the moment. One game at a time
  4. First ambition get to the Premier league Second ambition stay there Can't think beyond that at the moment because those two things are hard enough to achieve
  5. The rules are crazy I saw a game were a guy ran into the box and his toupee fell off. He picked it up as a cross came over, the ball hit him on the hand and went in the goal but because he was holding his hair it was deemed a header and the goal stood
  6. I'm predicting a scrappy park the bus, Derby at home type bo!!ocks. They haven't got Wayne Rooney on free kicks though so we should break them down eventually. Plus Emi is on a mission and I don't think he will allow anything other than a win
  7. Yeh I noticed that, you could see how much it mean't to the players
  8. Any posters on here featured on the wall paper in the tunnel?
  9. I read the back pages on the East Anglian today and this takeover seems unlikely to me.
  10. Here we go nice and positive then. These are my definite no brainers for next season: Krul plus all the other keepers, Aarons, Pukki, Sorensen, Giannoulis, Skipp, Josh Martin, Buendia AKA Jesus, Farke AKA God. These are my yes'es : Hanley, Gibson, McClean, Rupp, Dowell, Hernandez, Mumba, Soto, Cantwell, Tettey. Maybe out on loaners until January: Zimmerman, Vrancic, Placheta, Quintilla, Stieperman, Idah. Sell: Sorry Hugill it's not happening for me
  11. You're a very good side that had an off night. I hope Brentford finish 2nd you deserve a promotion to the premier league. Swansea are still a threat to us both and there are plenty of points up for grabs and no games are easy. Good luck to you mate
  12. could well be a 10/10 performance you don't see that very often
  13. Yes I agree, he came across really well during commentary and is obviously knowledgable about the game. Every week please
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