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  1. I will certainly wait up to see this total A-hole lose his seat
  2. Yep! The great "patriot" can't be bothered to fight an election in the country he claims to love, but is happy to fight for the election of a rapist and self-confessed serial sex offender in a foreign land. The truth is he can't face being rejected for an 8th time. The man is an utter fraud and self-serving scoundrel.
  3. Indeed! And still Webber was ripped to bits for lacking ambition for not being prepared to take much more massive financial risks.
  4. Interesting! When City took a very similar approach, Webber was ripped to pieces for "lacking ambition"
  5. Only 5 weeks and 6 days left to endure the most corrupt and incompetent Tory government in UK history. No wonder the sun is shining.
  6. Better start stockpiling the champagne to get ready to celebrate when all those results are announced declaring Tory sh*its like Gullis, Mogg, Anderson (Reform UK Ltd), et al have lost their seats.
  7. Hilarious! He will have seen what happened to Farke twice. Hailed as a hero, then demonised for failing to keep the team up. Why on earth would he want to go to an established PL team for more money, rather than watch his Championship side get thrashed week in week out, and repeat Farke's fate.
  8. Absolute tosh! More than two thirds of the US troops had already been removed from Afghanistan by the time Biden came to power (about 2,000 were left). There was not the remotest possibility that Biden would or could send them back again. This was down to Trump who negotiated with the Taliban alone (NO NATO involvement, NOR the Afghan government) for the complete withdrawal of ALL US troops. He even set a date in May, that Biden had to delay for months to prevent an even worse calamity than the one that subsequently ensued. As usual you are trying to squirm out of your original ridiculous original claim that the desertion of Afghanistan was due to Jeremy Corbyn and the Stop the War coalition. Your original post is clear for all to see. I asked you to provide me with evidence of a single political/military expert who supports your view that Trump was influenced by these groups and still you haven't supplied one. No surprise, of course, because there isn't one. Trump couldn't have been clearer himself that the Afghan withdrawal was a direct result of his "America First" policy. As far as he was concerned there was no material benefit to the US in supporting the Afghan government so he withdrew US aid. The idea that he was influenced by the "moral" arguments of STW or Corbyn is beyond laughable. You would be better served just to admit you got this one totally wrong, but the chances of that happening are, of course, as likely as NCFC winning the PL.
  9. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha!!! Now we have your standard attempt to deflect from the utter crap you've been posting. But being a kindly sort of guy, here's a rather good book written by a political expert on the crucial influence of Nige on the Brexit vote and on UK politics generally (plenty of others are available, try Googling) 😞 https://www.amazon.co.uk/One-Party-After-Another-Theha/dp/1471192296 Your attempt to defend your ignorant claim is truly astonishing. But it also remains truly hilarious. So, back to your claim that Trump was persuaded to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan by Jeremy Corbyn and the Just Stop the War campaign; feel free to name a SINGLE political/military expert who supports such a view.
  10. Hahahahahaha! And still the utter rubbish continues. Find me a SINGLE expert who claims that Trump negotiated with the Taliban for the unconditional withdrawal of all US forces because of the influence of Jeremy Corbyn and/or the Just Stop the War campaign. Just one! Trump made it very clear that this was the direct result of his "America First" policy. He had absolutely no intention of continuing to pump billions of dollars into a cause he thought entirely irrelevant to the interests of the USA. Continuing to flog this utterly ridiculous **** is simply making you look more and more absurd with every post. But feel free to continue, it's bloody hilarious.
  11. Absolute bollox yet again. The very idea that Trump was influenced by Jeremy Corbyn or leftie protesters is beyond parody. Truly idiotic.
  12. Absolute bollox! But that's no surprise. Moron!
  13. One rumour suggests we are involved in advanced talks with a foreign manager who would require a work permit. If true that would rule out a large number on the current betting lists.
  14. What an absolutely ridiculous post. Are you seriously suggesting that anyone took a blind bit of notice of the Stop the War campaign? This was entirely down to Trump and his negotiation with the Taliban to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan unconditionally. A negotiation he conducted without the presence of the Afghan government or any of the NATO allies.
  15. I see your consultant passed on your latest brain scan. It's amazing the detail they can provide these days
  16. A very dignified statement, in keeping with his genuinely decent character https://www.leaguemanagers.com/latest-news/david-wagner-statement
  17. Alan Brazil. Make him player manager and stick him in goal, nothing would get past him.
  18. When VAR was first introduced for the world cup it was widely regarded as a great success. It was quick, and ensured that correct decisions were made to a far greater degree than without it. So what happened?
  19. Mind you, Melania only has to wait for 30 seconds and the ordeal is over.
  20. Not a chance it will be dropped.
  21. Shocking https://x.com/NeilAlcock/status/1788864254608543802
  22. Yep! The last big flock I saw was on Halvergate marshes. When I was a kid there were flocks in all the local fields. Not for a long time, alas.
  23. There's also a wonderfully hilarious rant from Gullis doing the rounds on Twitter.
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