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  1. Churchill wanted the legacy of defeating the Na*zis to be a united Europe subject to international law and common human rights. He would weep at what this current bunch running his own party has done to that vision.
  2. With this government I'm beginning to get confused about whether I'm watching our politicians "governing" the country or watching an episode of The Wire. We now have a PM who is effectively using burner phones to cover up for his criminal activity.
  3. Very understandable. It's all the time you have to spend on the phone persuading someone else to pay for a new cleaner to come in and sort everything out. And then of course you have to get rid of that phone and get a new one just in case some nosey parker official accuses you of doing something wrong.
  4. It is a wee bit odd for the leader of an organisation that demands celibacy from its staff to criticise people who don't have children.
  5. I see all the RWNJ (apart from the terminally confused Swindon) have disappeared as it is now universally recognised that Brexit has turned out to be a catastrophe. Even Tory MPs have stopped pretending, and have decided to shut up making claims that are now provably false. The best Boris can come up with is that we can print crowns on the side of a glass, something which was immediately ridiculed on the grounds that we could have done that anyway while in the EU. And how much has all this cost? According to the Bank of England to date Brexit has cost £127bn in lost trade https://costofbrexit.netlify.app/
  6. Actually Herman it was only 37% of those eligible to vote (72% turn out rate). So 63% of those entitled to vote did NOT vote for Brexit.
  7. Here's an example of our fine new negotiator
  8. Nope! Still hasn't answered a single email despite his public shaming on tv, the radio, and in the press.
  9. Well at least they'll have more space for these, now they won't need the fields for growing crops or rearing animals:
  10. Knock down the house and build an ark
  11. £12 billion in October alone; F*ckin' hell: https://www.itv.com/news/2021-12-10/analysis-shows-brexit-caused-12-billion-of-lost-trade-in-october Analysis shows Brexit caused £12 billion of lost trade in October
  12. Thicko loses it again. All you have to do is point out he hasn't got a clue what he's taliking about. Never informed, never a reference to any serious article, or anything longer than a page. And clearly hasn't heard of the Socratic fallacy or he wouldn't be so stupid as to ask for definitions of terms that have clear accepted application but like most social concepts defy any attempt at a definitive definition. Laughably ignorant!
  13. "Left-wing" is a meaningless term these days. It just means people who consider themselves right-wing think it's bad. Yep! That's how stupid your statement is.
  14. As ill-informed as ever. Try keeping up to date with the news and the facts. The party was organised via WhatsApp and involved people coming from outside the office to attend. It also involved a secret santa (not something that can be done on the spur of the moment). Guess you won't be getting a job in the press department of No.10 anytime soon; "shrugged it off" FFS!
  15. If you find talk of parties a little trivial (despite the fact that it involved the government in law-breaking) take a look at the following:
  16. The very same rag that has given us daily headlines about how wonderful brexit Britain is going to be.
  17. You misread the room (as usual). We simply think he's an immoral, fraudulent, lying King Cnut.
  18. Bercow absolutely nails the difference between the sleaze that has infected past Tory regimes and the current mob's utter immorality:
  19. We just didn't realise it was meant as a stage for stand up comedy for enterprising Tory shysters
  20. Campbell absolutely nails it:
  21. Would he send one of those cards to the families who have become victims of all the school shootings this year? If he would then he is scum. If he wouldn't then that tells him just how disgusting this card is.
  22. I guess if you're going to talk sh*te you should expect it to cause you to slip up.
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