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  1. Looking forward to Duffy doing what that other "old-timer" Klose did, and breaking Ip**** hearts.
  2. Spot on! The ERG represents a good example. They literally acted as a party within a party and were able to exert massive unwarranted influence over Tory Party policy.
  3. Yep! Took me 6. What I object to is using an acronym. Doesn't seem right somehow.
  4. Exactly! Anyone thinking PR is a solution to corruption is simply ignoring the history of all those countries in post-war Europe that have been operating such a system. It is power that corrupts, and and arguably, when small extremist groups hold the balance of power the possibility of corruption is increased not lessened (as Austria's recent history attests).
  5. It's the thought that counts
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We know that dumbo! That's not what he's been indicted for. Do keep up!
  7. Let the church bells ring. Georgia about to follow with an even more serious charge
  8. Yes indeed! They guy is simply brilliant at this game. Far too good for any of his critics to get close to beating him.
  9. I'm with you on that. But just take joy in thinking what it must have felt like to have your own constituency party members tell you to pi*ss off because you're a lazy useless bastar*d.
  10. Ah! the guy who described the victims of a child sex abuser as who*res is back on form talking sh*ite as usual.
  11. Oh dear! You do realise that we are the only country in the G7 that has yet to regain its pre-pandemic level of economic performance don't you? Fast growth is the easiest thing in the world to achieve when you are starting from an appalling low base.
  12. I guess you didn't read Lineker's eloquent response to the ending of his suspension. Far from towing the line he effectively restated precisely the criticisms in his original quote. Bravo Lineker!
  13. Indeed! So let's hope there is some kind of inquiry into why the DG made an absurd decision to suspend Lineker when BBC policy on the rights of freelance sports reporters to speak freely is clearly stated in their regulations. Either the DG is seriously incompetent, or he was leant on by those with influence to respond to comments that the government disliked.
  14. Indeed! Post-Brexit cost of returning "boat people" to French detention centre: £500,000,000 Pre-Brexit cost of returning "boat people" to the EU under the Dublin III regulation: £0
  15. Oh dear! That lasted well did it not! I know the idea of worker's rights appall you, but alas for the BBC it has very clearly stated policies that protect the right of freelance sports presenters to speak freely on any matter they like when they are not on air. So there can be no sackings. So sorry to burst more blood vessels in your pinky gammon face.
  16. FFS! You don't need much scientific knowledge to grasp the basic FACT that increased levels of some chemicals (eg. CO2) in the atmosphere contribute to increased warming, and that reduction of those chemicals contribute to reducing that warming. I guess you also haven't heard that the ozone layer has largely been replenished because "mankind" acted to stop pumping PFCs into the atmosphere. So much for your absurd claim that mankind cannot control the climate.
  17. Seems all those unanswered emails that I and others sent to Bacon and the South Norfolk Conservative Constituency Party haven't been in vain after all: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/23384420.norfolk-mp-richard-bacon-faces-fight-political-future/ A good indication of two key things: First, that things are so bad generally for the Tory Party at the moment, that they don't feel confident of retaining a seat which saw them get a majority of 21,275. Second, that Bacon's performance as an MP has been so egregious that they don't feel confident he personally can hold a majority of 21,275. Bacon has treated South Norfolk as a sinecure from the moment he placed his overfed rear end into the seat. For him the 20,000+ majority was a licence for laziness, not a spur for action to further the causes the people of South Norfolk needed to be addressed. The fact that he sat idle during the entirety of the Covid crisis, without a single page on his dysfunctional website displaying government advice (or links) for his frightened and desperate constituents, summed up for me the total disregard he has had for the people he has had a duty to serve. Defenestration at the hands of his own constituency party will bring an ignominious end to an ignominious political career.
  18. You display a complete ignorance of post war European politics. Countries with a voting system based on PR have been just as susceptible to corruption (if not more so) as any other using FPTP. Do you really need me to reel off all the major scandals? I'm in favour of PR. What I'm not, however, is stupid enough to think that PR would prevent corruption in politics. And just how you can hold on the one hand that PR would restore trust in politics while simultaneously claiming that we should expect minor parties to lie about their promises, invites nothing but ridicule.
  19. It was YOU that claimed that the introduction of PR was the only way to restore trust in our democracy. Now you're telling us we must expect the minor party in any coalition to break any promise they may have made to voters in order to share power. So do tell us how trust is restored in our political system by that Machiavellian deceit.
  20. For someone who has banged on and on about the need for electoral reform (PR) to improve standards in parliament, it's rather hilarious to see you then say that one shouldn't expect small parties to keep any of their promises once they achieve influence. Yep! That should restore faith in our democracy.
  21. They are indeed! So just as well no one on this thread has ever made such a claim.
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