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  1. It's Character Forming

    Buendia's Transfer fee

    I don’t think that’s logical. At the moment EU players have free movement so logically the bar is set high for non EU players, as the only way to keep down the total. If we leave and EU players lose that preferential status, logically you could set a bar for all players at a lower level than currently and end up with the same number in total.
  2. It's Character Forming


    Do I have to pick just one? Also I love that our 3rd goal came from pressing them high up the pitch and Buendia robbing them on the edge of the box in a carbon copy of a goal he scored against Swansea last season. if asked I would have been very doubtful we’d be able to do that against Prem sides, very glad to be proved wrong!
  3. It's Character Forming

    🙃And nobody needed to 'beat the traffic'....

    Simply brilliant!
  4. It's Character Forming


    Very tempted !
  5. It's Character Forming

    Ratings v Man City

    You should also take account of the opposition, Byram’s performance against one of the top players in the world in his first league start this season was phenomenal and IMO would justify MOTM but others also have compelling claims such as Amadou as well as Buendia. I can see arguments for them all, personally I can’t get too worked up who actually gets that award given teamwork is so fundamental to City right now.
  6. It's Character Forming

    The genie is out of the bottle - in more ways than one

    Burnley will be a totally different challenge to Man C so I can’t wait to see how we handle it. i view Burnley as taking a classic Champ side approach to surviving in the Prem, focusing on a very organised defence while maximising their chances from crosses and set pieces, and accepting they cannot match the more established Prem sides man for man. Basically a similar approach to Rotherham but with much better finishers. Rotherham were surprisingly good last season but let down by embarrassingly bad finishing. plus I think Prem sides are adept at tactical fouls to prevent quick breaks and disrupt the flow of the game. we all know we have a weakness against set pieces so I’m sure a Farke will make sure no complacency creeps in after Saturday. Roll on Saturday is all I can say!
  7. It's Character Forming

    This stage last season...

    Amusing to see the scum had already taken up residence at the bottom.
  8. It's Character Forming

    The Arbitrary Reactions Limit

    Agree with the OP it was frustrating on Saturday! i think the “day” runs on non-UK time, I got reactions back on Sunday afternoon.
  9. It's Character Forming

    Otamendi Disaster

    The OP describes the result as a “sickener”. I’m pretty sure he means every word and I’m also very sure which club he supports and it’s not City
  10. It's Character Forming

    Otamendi Disaster

    Coyright (c) First Wiz I hope he's looking down from somewhere and saw that performance !!
  11. It's Character Forming

    Was a PL record smashed yesterday?

    Yeah but unusual not to have any new signings start after promotion until game 5 I’d think.
  12. Yep you got it spot on! Reported we have an option to buy Amadou for £9m at the end of the season
  13. It's Character Forming

    Time to cash in?

    Godfrey looked better than his opposite numbers which does make you wonder about his price tag now! happily we can ignore that issue for the moment!
  14. It's Character Forming

    Ricardo's report v Man City

    Fantastic, really sounds like it was written by Alan Coren!
  15. It's Character Forming

    Ricardo's report v Man City

    Excellent report on a night to remember. we thought this team could spring a few surprises in the Prem didn’t we!!