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  1. It's Character Forming

    Jordan Rhodes

    On paper bringing in Drmic instead looked a good idea, but he's never clicked with the other players on the pitch in the few chances he's had, and his injury record was always a risk. Having Rhodes to bring on as a sub who can fit straight in with the other players and our style of play, and will get you goals would have been even more valuable this season than last season, because we've needed it so regularly and that was completely predictable. Realistically he'll have no resale value but it would have been worth it if we'd bargained sensibly with Wednesday. It would still be worth it now at a sensible price.
  2. It's Character Forming

    Newcastle Tickets

    I'm not surprised, it's a massive trip from pretty much anywhere, a big stadium so we probably get a big allocation if we want, and the away fans are stuck in an upper tier which is further away from the pitch than any other Prem stadium so you don't get a decent close up view of the action. I can't make this one due to family commitments but it's not a great away trip TBH. This probably means we'll get a win as my last few trips there have been defeats.
  3. It's Character Forming

    Norwich vs Preston Match Thread

    Just fantastic
  4. It's Character Forming

    VAR conspiracy

    The problem for me is that VAR was meant to be applied only to "clear and obvious" errors. That was the remit FIFA gave the Prem when it approved VAR being introduced - as covered on one of the threads here. For offside especially that's just not how it's being used, instead they're focusing on tiny gaps between players, even if you ignore the problem about exactly which frame they pick to make the decision. Most of the offside calls overturned by VAR are simply not clear and obvious errors, so VAR just shouldn't be applied. VAR is used by other professional sports in a sensible way to cut down on major mistakes by the officials, so it was reasonable for us as fans to expect it would be done sensibly for football, instead of the massive ****-up that's happened.
  5. It's Character Forming

    Shout for Tettey -

    He’s been consistently excellent for us in his position. Ive been watching City for over 25 years now and IMO he’s the best defensive midfielder we’ve had in that period.
  6. It's Character Forming


    I agree. After a good start to the season he’s struggled for a spell when people started to pay attention and close him down quickly, now he seems to have adjusted and is showing he can deal with that. If he continues to play like this things could well look up for us. i saw a young Maradona play for Argentina at Wembley in 1981 when he’d recently come into their national side and he looked amazing, I really think Emi has the potential to reach that level .
  7. It's Character Forming

    It's been some decade for Norwich City Football Club!

    It has been an amazing decade looking back to Lambert taking us from L1 straight on through the Champs into the Prem, going up via the playoffs under AN - winning at Wembley is a never-to-be-forgotten experience and winning the title last season in amazing style. Also I can't help a wry smile at the fact that us beating the scummers in the semi-final of the playoffs is not our "moment of the decade" whereas scoring an equalizer against us in that tie (despite the fact that we won the tie...) seems to be a very strong candidate for their "moment of the decade" - I mean, how completely bizarre and hilarious is that ?
  8. It's Character Forming

    Leicester goal

    As I see it there are various minor rule infractions that go on in football all the time and are often not picked up by the officials, and the last thing we want now is for these to be picked up all the time or checked by VAR where they make no difference to the outcome. Such as Free kicks not taken from exactly the right place Throw ins where the player moves a few yards up the pitch while preparing to take the throw Players not being 10 yards back when a free kick is taken, or being slow to get back. Foul throws where the ball is not properly taken back above the head. Corners not placed properly within the D when taken. All of these mostly make no difference, but it's up to the Ref to pick up when they do, e.g. making a player move back before taking a throw or booking a player who over-does it when not getting 10 yards back from a free kick. The risk if these are picked up every time is that the game would be stopped a lot more and if VAR was applied it would become completely farcical e.g. if a goal was disallowed because the move started with a throw in a few yards away from the correct place. It would end up being like rugby where it seems play is being stopped all the time for infractions where the crowd have no idea what has actually been done wrong and even the commentators on TV with replays are struggling to work out the decision the ref has made. With VAR I think it would be better for it to focus more on major incorrect decisions, not getting even more picky about trivial infractions which make no difference to the outcome (as here). It's bad enough as it is !
  9. It's Character Forming

    Guardian Top 100 Players

    I'm always pretty dubious about these sort of polls, but good to see Teemu in there. Also I was intrigued to see who's in there at 94, still doing well at his age to get ranked 94th in the World at the moment !!
  10. It's Character Forming

    Leicester fan in peace

    Nice to have some opposition fans come on here for a sensible discussion and I guess if positions were reversed we’d have expected 3 points, but City are doing much better this season against the better footballing sides and yesterday was a good example. I’d be interested in what the home fans thought about the incident when Iheanacho attacked from the throw when we’d put the ball out of play when both sides had a player down injured. My guess is that it was a rush of blood to the head when he got the ball and suddenly found no one was challenging him, then when he was on the floor he realised what he’d done. After that he basically went to pieces and gave the ball away every time it came to him , obviously having the away fans on his back didn’t help (although I’ve seen far worse directed by home fans against out players at some northern grounds). probably a sensible decision by Rogers to take him off soon after.
  11. It's Character Forming

    Could be worse ......

    For those who don’t bother going all the way down to the lower league on the results page, the scum lost 2-1 at home to Bristol Rovers yesterday , one of their big rivals.
  12. It's Character Forming

    ICF’s Leicester match report

    I said I’d do a report today come hell or high water, when people were speculating how many Leicester would score... so here goes. A cold clear day, perfect for football, already with floodlights on by kick off at 3. Put it this way, coming into the game one team was 19th and one was 2nd having won 8 in a row. If you were visiting from Mars I think you’d have struggled to tell which was which, but would have picked the team in yellow as the latter if you’d had to. Farke went with Cantwell and Buendia on the flanks after Hernandez a bit lacklustre last week, Tettey/Trybull, unchanged back 5 (phew) and McLean just behind Pukki. leicester did start brightly, creating one chance to shoot centrally from the edge of the box but it had no power and was easy for Krul, shortly after he had to be sharply down to push another shot onto the post and gather the rebound. City came into it from then on and a brilliant move by Aarons on the right let him whip in a low cross after a 1 - 2 and at the far post Pukki just couldn’t stretch enough to get it on target with the goal completely open. I worried it would be one of those days, but soon after a brilliant ball from Buendia- looking back to his best - allowed Pukki to run on goal beating Leicester’s highly rated CBs and tucking the ball into the corner with the keeper stranded. City pushed on seeking another but Cantwell was unable to get a shot away from the edge of the box. Things got a bit tasty when City put the ball out with a man down, from the throw Leicester sent the ball to their winger and City were waiting for him to return the ball but he was purposefully running to the centre and our defence suddenly woke up that he wasn’t going to, and swarmed around him at the edge of the box. He went down and was surrounded by furious players in yellow, the ref harshly booked Cantwell and gave a free kick, fortunately things calmed and Maddison passed the ball back to Krul. A few minutes later Leicester won a corner and Maddison had some deserved applause from the City fans as he came to take it. He curled it to the near post where Vardy was unmarked to flick it on and it deflected in off Krul’s arm, unfortunate for him in a generally excellent game but to have Vardy unmarked at the near post is unforgivable, surely a player must be defending there whether you’re playing zonal or man marking? As the half wound down it was a very equal game and the 6 minutes of injury time saw half chances ( but no real threats) at both ends. The Leicester no 14 who’d failed to give the ball back was clearly shaken by it (roundly booed by City fans whenever he got the ball) so I’m guessing it was a misunderstanding by him. About 10 minutes later he was subbed (before half time) having given away the ball every time it came to him after the incident. The second half opened again with a strong start by Leicester but City weathered it - a few half chances rather than a storm - as the half wore on City came into it again and had the better chances. Turns out Pukki was playing with a broken toe, a couple of times later on he was played through but this maybe slowed him just enough for their no 4 to catch him and do just enough to stop him getting the shot away. At the other end, Leicester were mainly restricted to set pieces and fortunately City were now looking sharp defending them. Vardy got away once and went past Krul well to the left of goal, but from a very narrow angle he put the ball the wrong side of the post with Zimmerman covering the goal anyway. At the far end I felt Leicester were very much there to be take, but Cantwell and Buendia were both clearly tiring heavily from about 75 minutes and I was disappointed Hernandez didn’t come on until 10 minutes later, and would have preferred Vrancic to Stiepermann when he finally came on. We really needed at least one change sooner. As time ticked down City looked more likely to score although Leicester were always a threat from set pieces. One flowing move saw the ball played from the right to Stiepermann, it seemed perfectly teed up on his left foot and last season he’d probably have buried it, instead he laid it on to Hernandez who had a worse angle and trying to create another opening the ball was lost. So in the end I was disappointed with a point, which tells the story really. The question is whether we can translate these performances into points against the less good footballing sides where we’ve lost most of our games such as Watford, Soton etc etc. Lots of good performances from the starting 11, Cantwell was good again, Buendia close to his best, Pukki superb obviously, and McLean continues to be excellent in the no 10 spot. Tettey and Trybull and our CBs did very well against a quality attack and Aarons looked superb like last season, Byram continues to be excellent defensively and is improving in attack as he gets to know the others. Krul again was a rock. this season is frustrating because we’ve shown repeatedly we can compete and get points from the top end Prem teams - I can never remember a City team looking so competitive in the top flight against the good teams, you’d have to go back to the early 90s. But it’s the less good teams we’re struggling against and we just need to learn to cope with them and we’ll be fine, problem is the season is so short that we’re running out of games. Fortunately the table is so tight that we are certainly still in with a real chance if we can only find some consistency.
  13. It's Character Forming

    highlights - enjoy

    Yep it wasn’t touching the line but I don’t think it made any difference! Atrocious highlights, I was looking forward to seeing our chances in the 2nd half and also when they didn’t give the ball back when we put it out when a player was injured.
  14. It's Character Forming

    Championship financial crisis

    True , but Wolves made a loss of £57m according to the article and we don't really need telling Wolves splashed the cash to get promoted. Fulham £45m loss and £39m Cardiff. Interesting for me that QPR and Birmingham both lost £37m, I mean where did that go ? So if we assume the promoted clubs paid out £15m due to promotion bonuses etc, then there were also several Champs clubs that made similar losses without getting close to promotion.
  15. It's Character Forming

    Championship financial crisis

    A fair point but he was a rather eccentric signing by Alex Neil among lots of other players in a similar position and then loaned out, and made a rather surprising breakthrough into the first team under DF. Then he had a significant injury near the end of the season which could have kiboshed any transfer and without selling Maddison no one else would have been saleable for that sort of amount. So elements of good fortune I’d say.