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  1. It's Character Forming

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Good point so , err, what position do people think we still need to focus on getting someone in ?
  2. It's Character Forming

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Great to hear that NO is moving on, talented but not suited to the Farke approach. Agree totally about wanting to see Buendia playing in the Prem !! But the need for a new DM is key, surprised it's not being mentioned more...
  3. It's Character Forming

    Danny Mills

    Ok for me it’s that he’s a player of very limited ability who somehow managed to play at top level. Now he’s an equally mediocre pundit who never misses an opportunity to take a pop or have a dig at City.
  4. It's Character Forming

    Aarons New 5 Year Deal Confirmed.

    Good news! so any developments about a defensive... just kidding there!
  5. It's Character Forming

    Danny Mills

  6. It's Character Forming

    Danny Mills

    He has a chip on his shoulder about his time with us but TBH I can understand it because he struggled to hold down a starting position with us when we were an average 2nd tier side. frankly he was a championship (“first division” as I think it was then) quality player back then, never mind now ! how he ever played for England amazes me.
  7. It's Character Forming

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    Just got back yesterday from a long weekend in Wells and my family love it there we love holidays abroad and now that my daughter is old enough we’re going to do the Inca trail this summer... but we’ll always come back to Norfolk !
  8. It's Character Forming

    Ben Godfrey - phew

  9. It's Character Forming

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Looking at it the other way, would Spurs really be happy to go for a player who’s not played in the Prem at all and has less than a season’s first team experience? dont get me wrong, I rate Max as a top player but it just seems a bit surprising Spurs would be willing to sign him now. he’s already on a long contract so if they do, they’ll have to pay a pretty stiff price for him.
  10. It's Character Forming

    New signing photo leaked

    Another smart signing I'd say, gives us backup at RB where the hope is that Max has another superb season, but we now have a quality player as cover. A bit of a concern on his injury record but the club must be comfortable and in the end, that's what has made him affordable. Just need a good DM in and I'll be very happy with the business done this window. Oh and Rhodes on a sensible dealt too would be nice...
  11. It's Character Forming

    Is VAR such a good idea?

    I think VAR can prevent some clear mistakes. For example we've seen cases where the ball was clearly over the line but no goal was given, e.g. Lampard had a goal not given vs Germany in the World cup before last where the replay made it clear it was over the line. Some decisions will remain debatable which shouldn't be a surprise, given discussions over the years after fans have seen replays numerous times and still can't agree about the correct decision. But VAT can cut out some mistakes so is a good thing. But I agree some sort of a challenge system with a ration for each team would be good to reduce the current number of appeals. For the England penalty, although the contact was minimal, it did clearly knock her foot when she was swinging it forward to strike the ball and therefore had the effect that she missed her contact. So even minimal contact can be very important, if it's contact with the right (or wrong, as it were) place ! 100% correct penalty, just a shame it was taken so poorly.
  12. It's Character Forming

    Buendía signs new 5 year deal!

    Thanks Alex, this has made my day ! I am really looking forward to seeing how he does in the Prem but my feeling is he's going to be a star.
  13. It's Character Forming

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    According to Elon Musk, the chances are we're all existing in a Matrix-type simulation rather than the real world
  14. It's Character Forming

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    Can anyone remember the odds on us winning the title last season at this stage ? Just curious really. When Leicester won the Prem, their opening odds were 5,000-1 along with most of the bottom teams from the previous season. Since then I think the bookies don't give such long opening odds at the bottom end, although the difference between 5,000/1 and 2,000/1 is not that great in reality in terms of the implied chance of the event happening. But yes a lot of confusion about odds being wrong, if something has a 5% chance of happening that would translate into 20/1 (ignoring the bookies margin) but that doesn't change the fact that 5% chances do sometimes still happen.
  15. It's Character Forming

    lack of quality signings

    But haven't you signed that striker from Tranmere ?