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  1. Hmm, I can't help feeling Watford have a been more spending from the owners that we do.
  2. I'm sure people have offered stuff for sale on here in the past, I'm not aware of any rules against it, why not add some photos and sizing etc OP ? I've got the N&P shirt with "Newsome" on the back. That didn't age very well...
  3. Lol not exactly offering to present MOTD in your underpants
  4. Interesting table @hogesar thanks I thought during Farke's first promotion season, our xG for was not as good as the actual goals we scored, but our xG against was actually better than the number of goals we conceded. I.e. we scored more than xG predicted but also conceded more than xGA predicted ? I remember a poster called westcoastcanary who was a big fan of stats, but his attitude IIRC was that we were lucky with our goals scored, but the fact that we conceded more than xGA predicted was because our defence was not very good.... As I recall it during that season our xG for improved through the season so the gap with our actual goals narrowed, but our xG against and actual goals against were always poor. Which never boded well for what happened after promotion.
  5. lol that cuts out most pinkun posters then…
  6. I don't mind us passing the ball around at the back, but passing directly to one of their players on the edge of the area is another thing altogether ! Also when our players receive the ball in the box they need to be alert for players around them, as shown by their last goal. OK it may have been distracting that everyone was expecting the foul on Aarons to be given, but given the new directive to refs and the general poor quality of refs in this division, our players need to wise up ! I am expecting Smith will improve all of this gradually - fact is, we still have a lot of new players in key positions. The fact that we're on a winning run of 6 games despite clear areas that need improvement, and we ended a good unbeaten run for Bristol last night, all bodes well for me.
  7. I thought Pukki looked re-energised this evening and really up for it. Bodes well.
  8. Definitely a brilliant match thread. Kudos to their poster who predicted 3-2 win for us ( not sure if he knew about the ref mind).
  9. Yep ! Got it via NowTV month pass all ok.
  10. How about Canary TV, is that available only if it's not on Sky red button ? Also, can you get the sky red button on a Now TV day pass or is it only with a month pass ? Last time I checked I think it didn't work for a day pass.
  11. Lol I agree. If I've understood what a desperate double-down is
  12. Championship Football News, Fixtures Results, Table | Sky Sports Currently showing as a red button game on this link.
  13. Personally I think it's definitely a mistake to cancel this weekend's games, it would have been the perfect chance for people to come together and show respect.
  14. Oh dear, Chelsea are in trouble. As for David Moyes joining Man U, following probably the top PL manager there has ever been was always going to be a big ask. He's still managing in the Prem so hasn't done badly in career terms.
  15. I imagine part of the thinking is this gives them time to sack the replacement before Christmas if things are not working out....
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