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  1. Yeah I love Al Stewart, I've been to see him play live about 10 times - last year he toured the UK with a support band which was awesome, until then I'd just heard him play basically acoustic sets. But a total marmite artist like you say. Someone singing songs about World War 2 or Amy Johnson or Lord Grenfell is always going to be a bit of a niche interest !
  2. No one told you when to run - you missed the starting gun....
  3. Currently “Music from before the storm” by Daughter. Seems appropriate at the moment. I found them from the theme music to Altered Carbon.
  4. I know what you mean, I am open to any other recommendations for news sources ! Also their reporting is often reactive, e.g. if a body representing the travel industry puts out a story that quarantine is a nightmare for them, the BBC lazily pick it up and report it as news, often just repeating what's been said. I don't mind them reporting the quarantine re Spain, it's the fact that stories often start with them saying things like "The Government is under pressure to reduce the period of quarantine...." when actually what they mean is travel industry bodies are saying the period should be reduced. I often feel when I hear that sort of story that there should be someone standing up for the rest of us and saying back to them : aren't you just lobbying for your particular business and what about the safety of everyone which will be put at risk by easing restrictions ? The BBC is funded by the licence fee and it should report those sort of views but then challenge them, in the same way as they do if the Government says something.
  5. Personally I am finding the mainstream UK media incredibly irritating in their reporting of Covid. For example the BBC are still going on and on about the requirement to quarantine when returning from Spain, when they interview people from the government they challenge the policy, but when they interview people complaining about it (or from the travel industry etc), there's never any attempt to challenge them or ask them why restrictions shouldn't be imposed to try to stop case numbers rising again in the UK ? I find it amazing here we are just months after a lockdown that gave us all massive restrictions on our daily lives, yet people are whinging about a couple of weeks quarantine after coming back from one country or about the need to wear masks in shops. It just beggars belief.
  6. According to Sky News the UK government has signed a deal with GSK/sanofi for a fourth vaccine with 60m doses. It’s got to make sense to cover the bases with multiple vaccines like this. Surprised to see it in the mainstream media before it’s been reported here !
  7. Yes I agree completely with this. A mask is clearly just going to make a marginal difference but the marginal differences are really important ! It has irritated me over the weekend that the BBC lead news story constantly has been about the requirement to quarantine if you come back from a single country, when it's not long since we all had to stay at home all day except for a single daily exercise period. Why is 14-days of quarantine from one country such a big deal and why can't they challenge some of the people complaining about it ?
  8. Until now I think it's been done by a small number of random checks ? In the main this is like the speed limit. If you break the speed limit, chances are you'll get away with it, but for public safety you shouldn't, and nowadays most people stick to the limit most of the time. Also on some other posts about Grant Shapps having to quarantine when he comes back from Spain - so what ? Presumably he'll just work from home when he gets back. One of the people in my team has a holiday booked in Malta in August and she's assuming she may have to quarantine for 2 weeks when she gets back, just in case. She's been working from home since lockdown began in late March so another 2 weeks is no big deal.
  9. Useful update here on where we are now with the virus and hot spots https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/incidence-update-23-july
  10. the Economist blog on science (called Babbage) current entry is an interview with Sarah Gilbert, I think it’s available to all. Nothing particularly new (she’s pretty cautious in what she says) but it does confirm where they are on Phase III trials etc. Basically it sounds like it is going as well as it could so far. But the Phase III trials ongoing in Brazil & S Africa are the ones that they’re expecting to give results on it’s effectiveness (now there are too few cases in the UK) and these trials are all blind ie during the trial the data about who’s had the vaccine vs who’s in the control group are kept separate to avoid prejudicing the outcome. They wait until they have enough Covid cases to be statistically significant and then check how many of them are in the vaccine group. The data then Is passed to regulators to check before it can be used. Also the two doses are a month apart which adds a further delay in the process. it seems to me from what she says October is realistic to have an answer on the Oxford vaccine, just that there’s no guarantee it will work. Fingers crossed!
  11. Hi Indy The research on that link isn't looking at which is more important - it seems pretty clear from the success of lockdowns in containing the virus that distancing is crucial and it's also obvious that hygiene is essential. What hasn't been clear though is how far the weather has a link to Covid, which was speculated about early on (part of which was wishful thinking that it would just go away by itself over the summer) but AFAIK hasn't had follow up research before this. This research is based on analysis of data about 7,000 patients admitted to hospital in various countries, and it simply shows that in better weather, the severity of Covid (including the level of mortality) is (to a marginal extent) not as bad. So in other words, it will get marginally worse in winter (other things being equal of course). This completely supports the suggestion that we need to get the vulnerable vaccinated before winter as far as possible. Let's hope we have a vaccine available by then !
  12. Some negative news from the Covid app website https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/weather-covid Basically answering the question about whether Covid is worse in winter with the answer yes, so part of the decline in cases here since March is due to the better weather. its just one factor, so Covid has still had an impact in some hot places. But in the UK it’s likely to get worse through the autumn
  13. Yeah I was at both games and both keepers played really well, pretty sure Remi was credited by the Bolton fans for keeping it to 4.
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