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  1. It's Character Forming

    Penalties in the Prem

    I#d forgotten the start of that season under Lambert, we conceded 5 pens in our first 5 games ! And still stayed up comfortably. As the article points out, some of those penalty decisions were just outrageous. There was also an element of naivety in that we'd not been in the Prem a long time and didn't realise just how adept Prem strikers were then at going down under the slightest contact in the box.
  2. It's Character Forming

    Penalties in the Prem

    I wish !!! I am optimistic that VAR will help to reduce the bias in decisions, to a degree. But we've already seen enough bizarre VAR decisions to know that it's not going to work solely against the big teams.
  3. It's Character Forming

    Penalties in the Prem

    Yeah I remember the Hoolahan incident, it was just embarrassing.
  4. It's Character Forming

    Penalties in the Prem

    Although not if the foul was committed by Beckenbauer, I seem to recall... In England I think it's pretty simple. Lower league refs are reluctant to give a penalty because giving nothing will attract less scrutiny than giving a penalty, so they'll tend to give one only if they're pretty sure. That's my experience of watching a lot of 2nd tier football over the last 25 years (and one season of 3rd tier football ). In the Prem, refs don't mind being in the spotlight, they are famous in their own right and are more confident giving big decisions (and some will even relish it, to a degree). But they know that giving a penalty against a big team, especially at home, will attract a shedload of scrutiny and flak. Man U under SAF was the extreme example of this but Wenger at Ars*nal would also whinge endlessly about decisions. Whereas giving it against a smaller team is an easier option, so it happens more often. It's human nature.
  5. It's Character Forming

    The cost of poor signings

    That would make more sense. Like you say, it's not really the end of the world to have these sort of clauses. Like the story about a lot of our contracts having wages doubling next season, it makes sense and I'd guess a lot of those are going to be key players like Buendia, Pukki, Aarons who need a big wage uplift anyway.
  6. It's Character Forming

    The cost of poor signings

    Seems odd with Naismith to have a promotion clause given we were in the Prem when we signed him ? But clearly we were desperate to sign him and had to give them/him pretty much what they wanted in return for him moving to a team under threat of relegation. Hence his wages obviously didn't go down much on relegation and clauses like this. If he'd helped to save us from relegation it would have been money well spent, just unfortunate that he didn't add anything to the team, nor was it obvious how he would do so when we first signed him.
  7. It's Character Forming

    Stunning season - at a cost

    But you’re not the only one
  8. It's Character Forming

    F A Cup final

    Can I just point out the bottom 3 had the worst points return against the entire league, which was possibly linked to them finishing in, errr, the bottom three.... Every season we hear that the league we’re going to be in will be particularly tough, whether it’s the Chanps or the Prem - people always find so much to fear. personally I have confidence that Webber/Farke can spend the extra millions wisely and the recruitment/stats team will be relishing the task of finding some improvements on their signings last year with a bigger budget. the Prem may be better than ever - it’s the nature of well-funded professional sports that standards rise over time - but this City team is IMO the best team we’ve had promoted to the top tier in at least the last 20 years and also has a style of play well suited to the Prem. There is no guarantee of survival but I think there will probably be at least 10 Prem teams who are equally at risk of the drop.
  9. It's Character Forming

    F A Cup final

    Watford gave it a good go and should have taken the lead. but Man City won 80% of their games this season as did Liverpool. So everyone should fear playing them, it’s only rational! Any points against either are a bonus, it’s not important in deciding where other teams will finish.
  10. It's Character Forming

    Perfect Season?

    Aaaaaaaaahh i Remember I was in NZ when this happened so I didn’t realise the full epic nature of the comeback till later. Not losing this sort of game was so important to the season
  11. It's Character Forming

    On the Beach.

    Yes, come to Wells-next-the-sea if you're reading Emi !!
  12. It's Character Forming


    The BBC have a link about that Oasis song which Leeds picked up after they were 1-0 up from the 1st leg, a trifle prematurely perhaps, and not surprising Derby have since returned the favour... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48293097
  13. It's Character Forming


    Generally I think the 3rd place team does better in the playoffs than the ones lower down, but it's rare that a top 2 team has imploded like Leeds and ended up down into 3rd so close to the end of the season. It's amazing that Leeds spent more weeks in the top 2 than any other team all season, including City ! Of course, it only actually matters being top 2 at week 46, which they weren't !! So no surprise that Leeds yet again defied the odds by failing to get through after winning the first leg way from home.
  14. It's Character Forming


    Yeah it'll definitely be available before the season starts and they only closed it off this season right towards the end - I got mine a couple of months or so before the end of the season.
  15. It's Character Forming

    Perfect Season?

    That'll be a tough one to match !