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  1. Yes it could also be described as 5 wins in a row but there you are. I agree only the Watford and Swansea games (I didn’t see Luton) we looked anything other than the better side. Those games were a bit reminiscent of last season vs lower Prem sides though
  2. ...was brilliant but the GK was so far to his left that it would have been almost impossible to beat him. If he’d gone for the other side of the goal then he had a much bigger area to aim at and even a less good delivery would have scored. He’s defo our best set piece taker but I wish he’d tried the other side.
  3. Absolutely, being 7 points clear and 10 points ahead of 3rd and looking very solid and composed. I’m sure DF will not allow any complacency but I can’t see us failing from here.
  4. Yes I’d never heard of him but good to see him playing at this level. As context I think they said this is Wycombe’s first time in the Championship?
  5. Wow, I’m out of likes today but that’s seriously impressive!
  6. Really composed, Wycombe made it hard but never really threatened. Summed up our season really, well done boys !
  7. Happy with that given Todd’s injury. Anyone know anything about Wycombe?
  8. I’m loving the new album by the Pretty Reckless - instant classic IMO
  9. Frankly as good a set of results as we could hope for, we’re right in the driving seat and it’s down to us tomorrow- exactly how we want it to be
  10. Good to see we've all moved on and are not still harbouring resentment for him disallowing that brilliant goal by Jerome, it still makes my blood boil after all these years the utter idiot (Hooper not Jerome). Not sure which is the bigger shame, that Jerome was deprived of a brilliant goal or the knock on effect for our season had that goal been given ?
  11. Good one, I'll try this next time ! I've lost numerous crucial bits of information like that list of the 12 best books about Napoleon, a guide to walking the Pennine way, and a guide to the battlefield site at Dien Bien Phu from some random guy in Hong Kong....
  12. So I'm guessing this number has been published by the Chinese authorities without anyone stopping to think about the possible implications of a 150,000 reduction in people age 80+ claiming this benefit. Unless there is some other plausible reason for such a dramatic change, the reduction would seem to be a rough proxy for excess deaths among that part of the population. One could project that number across the wider population using the relative proportions for the number of Covid deaths in different age groups etc (from countries with more reliable statistics) to get a number that is certainly not accurate, but would give a very rough idea, and with a huge margin for error, for the actual number of Covid deaths suffered by China. I think that would be a lot more realistic than the official deaths number which is about as reliable as a totalitarian regime getting a 99.9% majority in a referendum. So what can we conclude from this ? Firstly any comparisons between how well China has done in dealing with Covid and any other country are literally meaningless; and any numbers specifically about Covid published by the Chinese authorities tell us what they would like people to think those numbers are, no more and no less. As with the famines created by the "Great Leap Forward" we will never have a really accurate answer, but it will take many years before people can even produce realistic estimates. Also, we can be sure the real number is bad enough that the Chinese authorities very much do not want people to have any idea at all of what it is. Does this matter ? I think it does, not just because deception on a grand scale is a bad thing, but also because China has been touting its authoritarian approach to dealing with Covid as more successful than the approach used by the West, for example. We can now say we should not accept the numbers on which those claims are made as being reliable.
  13. Well what can you say! I watched the last 25 mins plus stoppage time, I thought Watford looked pretty toothless without Deeney, what do people think? good result for us anyway.
  14. This one’s got potential banana skin written all over it...
  15. I tend to agree but what worries me is that Farkeball relies on a high level of understanding between the players eg look at the goal Teemu scored at Anfield last season, it caught out the defence because Emi was playing the pass at the same time as Teemu was starting his run towards the same place. It takes time for new players to bed in and achieve that level of understanding, we can see that Dowell and Hugill for example are still not there yet. Also as you say Webber will be learning lessons from last time so I’m optimistic we won’t see the same mistakes repeated and also I hope we won’t have the same injury nightmare. interesting times for sure!
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