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  1. It's Character Forming


    They're not even the biggest club in League 1 this season
  2. It's Character Forming


    I did notice their run of unsuccessful derby games has continued when they were beaten by Colchester a week or two back, I only noticed it when I was checking some of the international results....Colchester is a much more natural derby fixture for them in so many ways
  3. It's Character Forming

    England look better with......

    I think we're talking about two different ex-City players on this thread. Harry Kane had an unsuccessful loan spell here under Chris Hughton, if he has a City tattoo that would be bizarre ! I remember seeing a City fan at a game during Kane's loan spell with a "Kane" shirt and mentioning that I'd seen this on here, and the fan in question posted to say he was a relative of Harry Kane's, so he must be pretty pleased with how Mr Kane's career has subsequently progressed ! James Maddison as we all know came through in Farke's first season having been recruited & loaned out by Alex Neil and was a brilliant player in a pretty indifferent season, the money we got for him quite simply allowed us to balance the books last season. I agree he didn't really have much chance to make an impact last night as Montenegro were pretty much in damage limitation mode by then, personally I can see him improving more and making a bigger contribution for England but it's always hard to predict who will make the step up internationally and who won't.
  4. It's Character Forming

    Steer clear!

    This is such a good post. It's true that stays in the Championship can be longer than expected tho', I still remember those T-Shirts printed in the Chase era reading "On loan to Division 1 for one season only". Didn't look so clever when we were stuck there till Worthy got us promoted but nowadays I think we know how hard it is to get out of the Champs. I guess the difference is that playing in the Prem has fun moments (winning at Spurs or Man City or Man Utd etc) but realistically the best we could hope for is a one-off really good season where we get in the top 7, anything beyond that would be a Leicester-style one-off and I never expect to see that repeated. Whereas in the Champs, you can have seasons like last year when we were truly amazing. I do remember QPR fans whinging when they were in the Prem that they wished they were back in the Champs so they could be winning all the time, obviously it's not worked out like that and I think we know better. The difference is the Champs is a proper sporting league which anyone can win including us, unlike the Prem which is a total closed shop.
  5. It's Character Forming

    Steer clear!

    Yeah I remember the freebie was the size of a single so the first time I put it on at 45 when it should have been 33 rpm and it made the Stranglers sound like Pinkie & Perkie !! Happy days.... My mum & dad got so sick of hearing that album
  6. It's Character Forming

    Lewis, how often did he pass the ball forward!

    Don’t go bringing facts into it! also given Hernandez was probably our most effective player going forward , he must have been getting the ball somewhere!
  7. It's Character Forming

    SWiss Ramble on NCFC

    Yep Alex Neil had this thing about buying attacking midfielders.
  8. It's Character Forming


    It reminds me of the situation when Burnley went up with Dyche in charge and their promotion was unexpected, so when they went straight back down they persevered with him. Unless I've remembered that all wrong, which is totally possible...
  9. It's Character Forming

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets

    Can't say I'm surprised that it looks like no photo of a City shirt with "Chippy" on the back is likely to be forthcoming . So I stand by my suspicion the OP is an Arsenal fan and hope he decides to shell out for tickets in the away section rather than trying to get cheaper ones among the home fans.
  10. It's Character Forming

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    We could have a debate about that.... I'll need to find time after I finish my debates on other forums about whether the Earth is flat and Evolution vs "Intelligent Design". Seriously, I've been following City for 25 years and I can never remember us having more than four specialist CBs on our books at the start of the season, especially given this season it was known that Amadou could fill in there if necessary. Yet here we are, after numerous games where we've had to have a midfielder filling in at CB and more recently it's even our 2nd choice midfielder for CB cover that we've had to draft in. Anyone who thinks that's not a serious injury problem has just shot any credibility for their views on football IMO.
  11. It's Character Forming

    Ricardo's report v Watford

    Yep. Whenever I hear that Kipling quote about treating triumph & disaster just the same, I always think it's just a load of tosh. If you don't find disaster a bit of a downer, then there's something strange if you ask me.
  12. It's Character Forming

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets

    Lol just well versed with the dodgy claims people make on t’internet I’m afraid. post a picture of you wearing a City shirt with Chippy on the back and you might even convince a few people
  13. It's Character Forming

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets

    As I see it there are two possibilities. first the OP is a genuine Norwich fan who shares the same name - and nickname - as a very famous Arsenal player and has used that name for his account on here , and has opened an account on here purely for the purpose of getting tickets for a game. Against Arsenal. What a amazing series of coincidences The alternative is he’s an Arsenal fan who’s a bit thick and didn’t think some people on here would recognise the name of a very famous Arsenal player (to people of a certain age). I know which strikes me as more likely
  14. It's Character Forming

    Dominated the game ?

    I agree with the comparison with Farke’s first season. We’ve lost the ability to create chances which we were so good at last season and the early part of this season. i think it’s a combination of factors. Buendia seems to have a crisis of confidence and he was our lynchpin last season . With players out injured (Hernandez, Vrancic etc) we seem to have lost the ability for players to combine in attack the way we did so well before ( look at our goal against Liverpool- no sign of scoring that sort of goal for quite a few games now). Also for many games we’ve had a lack of attacking options on the bench unlike last season when Vrancic and Rhodes often got goals late on as subs. Dunno what it is with Roberts, I’m not convinced he’ the answer but it’s strange he’s not had more of a chance. Many of our attacking moves ended with a hopeful cross , which isn’t our strength and was not something we did last season. combine that with a defence relying on 3 very young players plus a midfielder, it’s no surprise we’re actually playing much worse than last season.
  15. It's Character Forming

    Dubliner chasing Arsenal tickets