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  1. It's Character Forming

    Pukki starts for Finland

    Thanks, that's good to hear !
  2. It's Character Forming

    So, who’s going to Boro ?

    Last time I looked it’s a fair way from Rotherham to Middlesbrough.,, but as a definite Rotherhsm ticket winger I can confirm I’m going. I was lucky enough to get a Rotherham ticket too, at the last minute
  3. It's Character Forming

    So, who’s going to Boro ?

    I’m sure DF will be putting the international break to good use but it’s feeling like a long time between games! 5.30pm Saturday for a long trek from Norwich when it’s on TV.... Curious about who’s going to make it? I've managed to arrange lunch with friends up near Leeds so it’s not too much of a trek on from there for 5.30, and I only have to get back to Notts after.,, kudos to those doing the full round trip
  4. It's Character Forming


    It’s nonsense reporting at this stage. If we go up the price tag on all our players will get pretty stiff. If not we may lose a couple where the offers are merely generous.
  5. It's Character Forming

    QPR Further tickets released

    Returned by QPR, in South Stand next to away fans, going quickly ! Got mine !
  6. It's Character Forming

    Gone then.

    And sadly it seems to be continuing indefinitely, also like Brexit itself !!!
  7. It's Character Forming

    Gone then.

    If people make defamatory comments on a message board like this, the person making the comment and the website host are both at risk if sued for libel, in the same way that a book publisher can be sued as well as the author. Defamation means comments which are false and likely to bring someone into public disrepute. There is a defence if the statements are true, but in the UK you'd have to prove that, which obviously would be impossible in this case. There is a defence for the website host if the comments are removed quickly in response to a complaint, but it makes sense for the website host to just do it anyway where it notices that sort of content, without waiting for a complaint. Accusing anyone of a crime would normally be defamatory, so I'm not surprised that thread was pulled and don't like it anyway. With anything that's reported in the media, all of us can have our own suspicions about what really happened, but whenever I've been privy to what has really happened and it's then been reported, there's always been a lot of difference, so I'm always cautious about making judgements about stuff I know nothing about at first hand.
  8. It's Character Forming

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    I'm beginning to think the international break is a bad idea....
  9. It's Character Forming

    If Bolton go ....

  10. It's Character Forming

    If Bolton go ....

    This link is to a statement by their chairman. It’s the training ground that’s been sold but he says all their other assets have been charged ie mortgaged meaning those debts can’t be got rid of by administration.
  11. It's Character Forming

    If Bolton go ....

    I think the stadium has already been sold and the problem seems to be the club is running at a loss with no real assets of value so who would be prepared to buy it even for £1?
  12. It's Character Forming

    Wigan Tickets On Sale

    Thanks for the reminder OP, got mine now. Boro tickets are still available!!
  13. It's Character Forming

    If Bolton go ....

    Accrington Stanley?
  14. It's Character Forming

    If Bolton go ....

    I think so. According to EFL rule 12.2 Bolton's record would be "expunged" so the points would presumably be wiped off. As you say, WBA would only lose 3 points but would still be 8 points behind us, so really not a concern for us, if anything it would add to the pressure on 3rd place Leeds.
  15. It's Character Forming

    Are we powderpuff? Discuss

    Was very satisfying