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  1. Van wink

    Prime Minister in ITU

    There was only one reason he was taken in, a bit more serious than further tests I'm afraid, best wishes to the man.
  2. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tony-lloyd-coronavirus-labour-mp-rochdale-covid-19-boris-johnson-a9449971.html Best wishes to Tony Lloyd for a speedy recovery.
  3. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    You cant trust a cheetah!
  4. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    No more shaking hands for Larry
  5. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    One of the key drivers of the current strategy, as we all know, is to prevent NHS capacity becoming overwhelmed, the knock on result being that the NHS is unable to provide most of its usual health care services. There may be a possibility that as numbers of admissions plateau and then begin to drop that the Nightingale hospitals become the CV19 specialist hospitals and that the rest of the NHS estate returns to its previous use. The Nightingales can remain prepared for any future upsurge or indeed mutation of the virus equipped with all the necessary range of facilities for treatment. The risk of cross contamination of patients in the existing hospitals is a problem, I know of two people who have contracted CV19 whilst in hospital for another reason.
  6. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    Testing and contact tracing is the traditional public health approach. As I have said previously, a massive testing capacity and increased number of public health officials to trace contacts of those that become infected is the way out of this, with some form of ID system and release from lockdown for those that become immune. But to do that we need to get the numbers way down from where they are now so it becomes manageable. We need to add in the continuation of social distancing, wearing of face masks, widespread availability of sanitisers in workplaces and public places, any intervention that may have even a small impact in likelihood of spread of infection.
  7. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    I wouldn’t be surprised at this stage in his infection. There doesn’t seem to be any half measures with this, you either seem to start your recovery or go down hill pretty fast.
  8. Van wink

    New Labour Leader

    The precision of pronunciation will be missed and of course the hair, which must be looking interesting now.
  9. Van wink

    Mismanagement of CoronaVirus

    Why do you want to sunbathe, its April 5th FFS
  10. Van wink

    What y'all listening to?

    Enjoyed going through these last night. Good thread.
  11. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    Just about to watch episode 3 of Unorthodox, been very good so far.
  12. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    Bit slow but got there in the end
  13. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    He'll be "lying" there next to the cold ham.
  14. Van wink

    New Labour Leader

    He has a massive job to make Labour electable again, but it has been done before after seeing the party being trashed and I hope he succeeds. I fear the left now has a stronger grip than ever before and sadly the next few years may be more about internal battles than proper scrutiny of the government.
  15. Van wink

    Corona Virus main thread

    FFS where are the charts