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  1. “Competed equally during the game and punished for one dreadful error” …. Are you sure you were at the game? Farke still has my full support and I love the man but to make the claim above is absurd!
  2. Really? Is that your honest response? I was genuinely seeking a reasoned reply. You honestly think that you don't often sound like other posters? Frankly, I won't respond by engaging in such childish antics, but it seems you intend to carry on. As Sartre would say, you choose yourself by choosing what you say and do. Posting a “private message” says more about you than it does me Billy.
  3. Its just astonishing isn't it, whoever is selected the problems seem to be the same.
  4. Not an issue with the "project", . The biggest issue for me is simply are we good enough, a lot of players performed badly today, I'm still not sure if we are a half decent squad who haven't got it together yet or if we just aren't good enough. I'm beginning to fear the latter.
  5. must have been based on fitness, no other reason to take off two players who were amongst the pick of what we had on show today
  6. Yeh they were really stretching the park with their guys out wide, seemed able to get crosses in at will. When I saw Danny Rose run out I thought he was selling pies, should surely have tried to expose his lack of pace.
  7. Couldn't see what style of play we were trying to play today, didnt seem to be any pattern and players looking unsure.
  8. Up against a class player, tough day for him, but not a time to single out individuals, poor team performance and no real idea what our style of play is anymore.
  9. Relaxed and confident, stools firm and controlled
  10. What an unpleasant character you are, whoever you post as.
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