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  1. I suppose in a strange way he is quite lucky that he recovered from his seizure, although he does seem to have been left with some longer terms health issues poor lad. An ex colleague of mine lost his son, who was 16, to heart failure when playing for his local club, He has since been involved in a charity that offers screening to players in amateur clubs, I believe academies do this as a matter of course for their players..
  2. Its community infection thats being measured by the ons survey, a representative sample of the community population. The crucial thing with this survey is it picks up people in the population with covid who do not report evidence of symptoms. This data then sits alongside the test data figures from test and trace, the Zoe data which picks up over 4 million people, the REACT survey which looks at antibody tests for 160000 people randomly selected, PHE antibody surveillance.......you put all that in the pot and it gives you a pretty good picture of what is going on
  3. 112, at least not 111
  4. Deary me.... “stuffed us” that sounds like an over reaction from someone obsessed by Brexit Madders, Murphy, Murphy, Jamal, Gunny, Godfrey, Aaron’s Cantwell, etc etc. Yes Brexit may well be an issue but don’t overplay the hand Horsey. Think how much money we would have saved if we hadn’t bought Ricky.
  5. Agree, the reason I have put a lot of faith in Zoe is of course because it has over 4 million, albeit self selected, contributors but mainly because whatever methodology they use they have nearly always been very close to ONS random data, so a good up to date barometer, hence my rather repetitive but heartfelt concerns expressed about their figures showing a recent upturn. I am pleased they have rectified the loss of accuracy which I think related to them not having sufficient regard to to the success of the vaccine in their model.
  6. Very difficult for any opposition atm typified for me by Matt Hancock patting John Ashworth on the head for supporting the Government. I thought Starmer was the right man for the job, I am now having some doubts but maybe judge him on his performance over the coming years rather than just the immediate crisis.
  7. There is a suggestion in some of the press that the NHS Covid app could be adapted to also become a vaccine passport, maybe pure speculation of course but does make sense to have all your NHS covid data on one app. Of course it may mean that some will have to buy new phones !!!
  8. It’s more a reminder of the jab you had and for most the date of your second dose. Importantly it also has data about the batch number on it but certainly not up to the job of being a vaccine passport.
  9. Weird isn’t it, had sabbatical
  10. Watching Premier League football next season, sleep well
  11. I think we were told that AZ production was a bit down as further gearing up was taking place to increase manufacturing output further down the line.May explain why supplies are reduced, maybe WBB will know.
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