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  1. There is undoubtedly an argument that they would be more than happy to have a term out of office having handed Labour an impossible hand
  2. Don’t often agree on politics but spot on in this case
  3. Agreed, the dramatic changes in public policy between Governments is very counter productive imo, we are even getting it now within the same term of office.
  4. Nothing wrong with your mini fantasy, I can relate to that. ( maybe best to think carefully before revealing your maxi fantasy though )
  5. I would anticipate comforting words regarding moves towards regional government and enhanced devolved powers.
  6. Do you think they have any realistic chance of regaining a significant number of seats in Scotland, I very much have my doubts, the best they can hope for is to overtake the Tories into second place there.
  7. He has captured "the middle ground" now (whatever that is ), all he has to do is keep it. Not heard a lot about Momentum recently.....thank goodness.... he seems to be nearing a position where he has enough authority to suppress the nutters. As Blair always said, or was it Kinnock, you cant achieve anything in opposition. Having mentioned Mr K, one pitfall to now avoid is premature celebration, and walking on the beach of course.
  8. pound rising against the dollar now, incoming BOE statement?
  9. I doubt they have to go to big on policy while the Tories are self destructing, the less you say the less there is to be scrutinised seems to be the way, cant really blame them for that. They probably have enough to get elected just by not being the Tories, as Biden did with Trump.
  10. Pound marginally up against the Euro atm, and down one half percent against the dollar
  11. Thats part of the cunning plan I imagine, as said previously, take a big big gamble and if it doesn't pay off leave the mess for somebody else to pick up. The hope is that the financial markets and particularly UK Govt borrowing rates will force a general election before too much damage is done.
  12. Labour preparing for Government.
  13. Mumba tearing them up down the left
  14. Massive gamble with our economy, if it works she will get credit, if it crashes and burns the new Labour Govt will be left with a massive financial hole.
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