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  1. I have long felt our defence just don’t talk to each other enough. Hanley is the “strong but silent” type. Byram also not hugely vocal nor is Max.
  2. Thought they were pretty good, at least they were when they were not time wasting or generally engaged in gamesmanship which was about 50% of the match. Never seen a team time waste so persistently from so early in the game. They will click at some point and climb up the league.
  3. I thought he looked “ok”. A reasonable all round midfielder. Useful for the squad. But I don’t see an £8m player there at all.
  4. I’m still a bit undecided to be honest. I like him and want him to do well. I think he makes better subs than Farke does. He seems competent enough. But on the flip side I’m really not impressed or happy with how we are playing. I don’t think he’s got the balance of the side right and in some cases I think he’s having to make his subs to address issues due to a poor initial team selection. In his defence, I still think many of our issues stem from the recruitment/squad complexion and the fact we’ve relied on Hayden to solve our midfield issues and he’s crocked. That rests with Webber.
  5. The balance of the front 6 is not right and we don’t have a midfielder capable of sitting deep to screen the defence and also to pick the ball up from the centre backs and carry it forward. Because neither CM was able to show for the ball today when being pressed (or when Kenny did he often gave it away in dangerous areas) AO ended up passing wide to Max every single time which became predictable. Also lack of genuine pace out wide in the starting line up meant we had to cut inside and go sideways a lot. Sara looked “ok” but not an £8m player. For me we need either Dowell or Todd behind Pukki to provide some extra craft and ball retention. Don’t get why Ramsey seems to be the favoured one of the attacking mids.
  6. Going unchanged would be suicidal in my view. We will get done down the flanks way too easily.
  7. Smith just said that hopefully Hayden is back in training with the team next week. How long that means he is away from being match fit I don't know but hopefully he can at least be an option on the bench shortly after the international break.
  8. I agree. I'm bemonaing the absence of other options more than the presence of Kenny although I do think a player of his experience should be capable of playing the CDM role more effectively than he does at times. He's a good player, never lets us down, can cover several positions and is a good character in the dressing room. Its not his fault that our squad is left threadbare in certain positions or that we suffer injuries meaning he has to play every game.
  9. Agreed. The problem with Kenny in that role is not that he's not a good player. Its a question of positional discipline. he gets dragged towards the ball. The problem is Nunez does the same. he puts in a great shift running all over the place. When you add in Cantwell as well you have 3 players who are generally roaming all over the pitch. This can be very effective when we win the ball back and break, but when they get sucked in and the opposition beat the press it leaves a huge amount of space in front of our centre backs and full backs for teams to run into. If a few of them were better in the final third then we would have been punished more in recent games. If Kenny os going to continue playing that holding role (and we don;t really have a choice til Hayden and Gibbs are fit) then someone needs to take him aside and tell him to hold his position more rather than constantly running to where the ball is.
  10. Yes, and the same happened against Cov during that awful second half spell. Todd drifts inside and it leave a huge amount of space down that flank. It makes us hard to defend against when we have the ball because it allows us to overload teams through the middle and makes Todd hard to pick up. But when other teams have the ball he's slow to get back into position and last night the guy playing on the right for Bristol City was unmarked and with 40 yards of space to run into constantly. It changed a bit after Onel came on because he stayed wide and also their defender dropped a bit to keep an eye on him. If Sykes had been a better player we would have lost that game last night. WBA have decent wingers. We must not play the same line up on Saturday.
  11. He just can’t do that role. Not his fault but he’s bye passed too easily. I agree with the other post above that Krul did not have too many saves to make. Our last ditch defending and defending from crosses is seeing to that and has improved hugely, but our full backs are left so exposed and teams who put better quality into the box will exploit that. Thankfully we won’t meet too many this season so will get away with it most weeks but we are far from convincing defensively, in terms of ball retention and our ability to control games. The CDM vacuum continues to haunt us.
  12. I don’t think he played badly to be honest (apart from that stupid pass near the end). My issue with Kenny is that he’s too porous as a holding midfielder. I realise that is not his fault and that it’s not his natural game. I’d happily have him in a more advanced midfield position. But we still don’t have a CDM and tonight it really could have cost us. Even Cov played through us quite easily on several occasions. I know we’ve brought in Hayden but for this absolutely pivotal role relying on an already injured player was a risk.
  13. Well I will take that. Important win. But awful performance for long spells. The midfield is still not right and the formation is exposing the full backs too much. Thankfully there are few teams good enough to take advantage.
  14. Sara’s display a minor plus from tonight. Looks up to speed. Sinani on the other hand has had a bit of a mare
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