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  1. I generally rate and like Angus. I think keeper is the least of our worries. However he had a bad day on Saturday. The majority of their goals were not particularly powerful shots or right in the corner and I feel he should be saving a few of those. Not sure why but he just didn’t seem in the zone at all.
  2. It’s not though is it. We did it at Rotherham. We also were crap in the second half against Stoke. In fact we’ve not really played well since Sargent got injured and defensively we’ve been looking more and more iffy.
  3. What the hell has happened to Rowe and Fassnacht by the way. Both look completely shot
  4. The way we have fallen apart since Sargent got injured I’m afraid shows neither Webber or Wagner are up to it. Webber has once again assembled a squad that relied completely on getting no injuries in key positions. He’s assembled the slowest trio of centre backs know to mankind and sold the only one with any pace. He’s given a 5 year contract to a striker who can’t score and is immobile (and frankly a bit slow mentally on the pitch) and placed reliance on that player to our detriment. Yes brought in a crap loan signing to cover Sargent. Wagner is also culpable because this 4-4-2 formation is a crock of sh*t that leaves us way too open on the counter and means that most weeks Kenny and Sara are outnumbered. He should not be playing it without Barnes and Sargent whose attributes somehow make it work.
  5. The decision to back Idah by the club has ****ed us. We have nothing up front. the decision to play Gibson and Duffy as our centre back pairing is also a huge error. I like Duffy but we need a more mobile CB alongside him. Gibson is a total liability.
  6. The player who challenged Gibson comes back from a clearly offside position
  7. To be fair, that goal was an obvious offside. Again we don’t get the decision
  8. Had started really well as well. But until we get Gibson out of this side we will continue to concede stupid goals out of nowhere. He is abysmal
  9. Don’t disagree. But these things don’t often seem to go to our advantage! Anyway the second goal is a bit irrelevant, we got caught on the break, chasing the game. If he gives that penalty then doubt we would have been caught out like that.
  10. Yes I know, I’m just saying, as people are looking at still pictures from the video footage to try and judge it, that it’s relevant he was moving backwards not running onto the ball at pace. I think the VAR analysis has shown that one frame difference can see a player move quite a distance when they are running!
  11. Yes but it’s relevant in terms of the frames on the offside or it would be if we had VAR!
  12. Yes it is. Some might also remember that goal Arsenal scored against us a couple of years ago where Max left their player on the goal line to play him offside and he ended up tapping it in after a fluke deflected cross and it was allowed. Of course when we do it and Barnes scores the (fundamentally wrong) decision goes against us because we just seem to get screwed by officials at every opportunity.
  13. He’s offside (at least unless he’s judged to be behind the ball when the final pass is made) but it only becomes an offence if you are active or interfering with play. I assume the officials took the view that he wasn’t earlier in the move as the ball didn’t get played to him, he didn’t challenge for it and he didn’t influence/interfere with the keeper. they will then be treating the pass across as a new phase of play and I assume judged he was not in front of the ball so not offside. Which is absolutely how Barnes goal at Saints should have been treated. Here though I do think he was fractionally ahead of the ball when it was passed so still think it’s offside.
  14. The Dimi one was a definite penalty. Theirs was a penalty. Their goal I think was offside, if you look from the side angle the player is in front of Vardy slightly and ours worth noting he was also coming back from being further in front of him, not running forward
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