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  1. How many of them have had 4 separate opportunities in the premier league in the last 10 years?
  2. What about the stats for teams who mark zonally and don;t challenge for the ball or track runners at all?
  3. Since most of us can see it then I can see your point but for me the fact they are not even challenging for the ball suggests we may be playing some kind of very rigid zonal system that needs to change. I get that all defensive/marking systems have to be zonal to a degree but you still need to attack the ball or track your man until you can pass him over to the next defender. We simply don;t do this. They literally mark patches of grass and ignore the attackers movements. The system last night was actually quite effective at stopping them running directly at us on the counter which has been our other problem. We were not overstretched too often. However as long as we can do the basics when defending crosses and give the ball away in our own third when pressed everything else is going to be irrelevant.
  4. Since he's a mate of Delia's I wonder if we could get Roy in for 3 days a week as a "defence consultant". His Palace side certainly didn;t concede that many.
  5. We’ve been putting the whole team in the box for corners for a while (sometimes all in the 6 yard box) and in my view they get in each other’s way and it causes confusion leading to frequent bouts of pinball in our box. Have a couple of players marking zonally if we want but the others should be tracking runners and one or two just need to get out of the way.
  6. I really, really don;lt want to see Rupp or PLM on the team sheet on Saturday. For me they embody "not quite good enough" at this level. They are ok squad players/stand ins but nothing more.
  7. I like this. I think we need to go back to the formation that served us so well. I think playing two genuine defensive mids gives us solidity. If yiou want to go even more solid and have a bit more height you could play Kenny in the Dowell role there like we did at Everton 2 seasons ago to good effect. Ort you could play Sargent there and put Tzolis or Rashica out wide for some extra pace. Todd is a premier league quality player but looks way less effective out of his normal role. Pukki needs a player just in behind him.
  8. In fairness, until later on in the game last night they weren;t able to do that and I thought we looked a lot less susceptible on the counter attack. That is all rendered irrelevant though if you concede soft goals of the sort we did through poor defending. If we can actually just bl**dy mark properly from crosses and cut out the errors playing out from the back then that system could be effective, especially away from home.
  9. Krul Aarons Omobamidele Hanley Gianoullis Sorensen Normann Sargent Cantwell Tzolis Pukki
  10. I've always agreed with you on this. I also got told "Webber says we have to be patient" blah blah blah when we knew we were promoted in April to be honest. The absolute priority should have been a center back and Skipp replacement through the door as early as possible in the summer. With Ajer we should have just paid the extra and we would have got him ahead of Brentford. Instead we have brought in 2 players (who may turn out to be good) who are half fit who we are trying to integrate into a team that has already lost 4 games and has diminished confidence. This has been a major c**k up. And even if you accept that Normann coming in so late was unavoidable why will he not play the one defensive midfielder we have at the club who has impressed every time he's played for us regardless of the position? Not rocket science is it. Get the back 6 or 7 solid and well drilled and then build from there.
  11. One **** of light is that Everton have an injury crisis with their forward line and are coming in off the back of 2 poor results. This could be an opportunity to park the bus and grind out an ugly point to get something started although not easy to do that unless you can avoid making errors for 90 minutes. After that we have Burnley who have not won at home for 15 games. So thats either "along come Norwich" or an opportunity as well whichever way you look at it. We just need to get something from these two games to try and build on.
  12. My point is he knows how to organise a defence and to maximise his resources. I'm not saying he's a better coach than Farke, he probably wouldn;t have got us to the premier league in the first place but right now, he would have this team doing better because they would at least be organised, hard to break down and all know their defenive systems and roles. This is our biggest single weakness at the moment. And before you say it i'm not adviocating going long ball or completely changing our style of play but we need someone who can work with the back 6 to get them doing the basis properly. I honestly think we are playing a zonal defensive system at all times and whilst i apprevciate that all defenive systems are "zonal" to a degree (because thats what keeping your shape is all about) sometimes you need to be attacking the ball and also tracking/marking the players.
  13. I didn’t say we are the worst team ever I said this is the worst team I can remember for the quality of the marking
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