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  1. Jim Smith

    Differential in perspective in PL

    The "relegation too far" comment resonates with me. I'm sure that if we go down then after a summer break I will get my mojo back and be ready to go again but post Watford and right at this moment I certainly feel a little bit "what's the point" about getting promoted at present. I think this is a slight risk the club needs to be aware of moving forward because a loss of enthusiasm/drive amongst the fan base would not be a good thing.
  2. Jim Smith


    Is there actually any evidence that getting abuse from our fans (or indeed anyone) was the reason Buendia deleted his Instagram account. Stiepermann did the same at around the same time. All I've seen is fans immediately jumping to the conclusion that he had received abuse from our fans and using it as a stick to beat our fanbase with which seems to be a favourite past time of many on line these days. A bit like those who trawl social media to find one critical comment about a player and then reply to it, copying in said player so they immediately become aware of it. Of course he may well have had some criticism but its also possible that the club have got the players together in the break and told them they need to be more focussed and less distracted by things like social media. Its not always our fans that are to blame for everything.
  3. Jim Smith

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Our shares are worthless and always have been. The only shareholding worth any value in this club is the controlling interest (and perhaps to a certain extent Foulger's stake). I don't expect them to do anything. Its their prerogative to ask whatever price they like for their stake should they sell if but to insist on a price that saw a very significant profit would certainly fly in the face of the statements they have made over the years and I think be a little hypocritical given those statement and that they effectively picked up a controlling stake in the club for well below that value and that the fans and tv money are funding everything of late.
  4. Jim Smith

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Well I think the answer is that it depends. Depends on how much someone wants it and how much Delia and MWJ would be willing to sell their stake for. My vague recollection is that the notional value of their shares is around £30m. However, they have said in the past that they do not ever expect to make any money out of the club. If they stuck to that line and were prepared to sell, to someone they thought could take the club forward, at a price that saw them recoup their investment then I think that's around the £5 million mark which would render us an absolute bargain.
  5. Jim Smith

    A club without ambition

    Yes although that's mainly because where clubs are performing well their owners want a considerable sum to sell them. Indeed if you read the stories about Leeds it suggests their owner is looking for a decent profit on top of the £38m he paid for the club and they are not yet in the premier league. If our owners were to stand by their statements about not expecting to ever make a profit from the club then our club "could" be available, debt free and in the premier league for a relative pittance to the right owner.
  6. Jim Smith

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Personally I would see such a takeover bringing a degree of risk but also being a massive potential game changer for the club and an opportunity too good to turn down. I would also have hoped that given it seems widely known they have been in the market for an English Club, a club like ours who acknowledge that we don't have the means to compete at the top level would have sounded them out but I suspect that's wishful thinking.
  7. Jim Smith

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Just asked the same on another thread. Genuinely interested in what people's attitude would be.
  8. Jim Smith

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    I've mentioned this on another thread but since this seems to be the active one what would people's attitude be if a takeover by Qatar Sports Investments (who are rumoured to be buying Leeds) was a genuine possibility? Would people want Delia and Michael to pursue that or would people not want that sort of owner for our club? Just genuinely interested in how people would feel. We all view things differently so there's no right or wrong answer here.
  9. Jim Smith

    A club without ambition

    Well I know Leeds are traditionally a bigger name but I would venture to suggest that one reason is because Leeds are available to buy and we are not. Unless of course our "task force" have made contact with them and enquired as to whether QSI are interested in buying a debt free, premier league club (and probably for a much lower price if our owners are to be believed) and they have said no, sorry we'd rather pay a lot more for a championship club with half a chance of getting to the prem. That said I am not sure how they would propose to get around the common ownership rules if Leeds do make it to the prem and ever look like qualifying for a UEFA competition.
  10. Jim Smith

    A club without ambition

    yes and all the time we refuse to consider such form of ownership we will get left behind. I'm sure there will be many who will say "wouldn't want them" blah, blah, blah though.
  11. Jim Smith

    A club without ambition

    I would say that arguably there is a strong moral case for doing that since the fans are the ones who are funding the club!
  12. Jim Smith

    The fabled academy

    Not writing him off at all Nutty. Clearly if a player is playing regularly for Belgium's U21s then they have some decent talent. I assume what we are looking for with his loan is physical development having come from a less physical league. I would though like to see him get a few games for Blackpool before the season is out so hopefully he can force his way into their team over the second half of the season. I was also a bit disappointed that we sent that other young centre back we have (whose name escapes me now) on loan to a non league side last season as well but again perhaps its a "character building" thing! James Husband is currently starting for them as a centre back in a back 3 so I think when trying to judge what sort of level he's currently at that is quite a helpful barometer! I'd love to see Idah go out on loan in preparation for next season and quite like what I've seen of that Hondermark too plus a couple of the young strikers in the younger sides seem to know where the net is and have a lot of potential.
  13. Jim Smith

    The fabled academy

    I agree entirely GPB. It would obviously be easier to give players a go in the championship than it is in the premier league. I think sending the players out on loan is a good thing. My point really is that I am a little disappointed that of the players we are sending out on loan who are 19/20 or even 21 very few seem to be holding down a regular starting place at a level which suggests that they are close to even becoming starters in the championship. For example I would expect a player who has played at Belgium U21 level to be able to earn a starting place in the Blackpool team at league 1 level. I am sure though that physically they learn a lot though from playing lower league or non league football (or Scottish football) and that can only stand them in good stead and with some of these youngsters that's probably what these loans are aimed at because we no doubt recruit looking for primarily technical ability.
  14. Jim Smith

    The fabled academy

    Its really hard to judge the academy at the moment I think because there is inevitably a lag between making changes and those players starting to come through to challenge for first team places. The results of the U23s and U18s have certainly been a little disappointing but I think are a little bit distorted by the fact that so many players are out on loan which means we have younger players in the U23s and presumably also has a knock on effect on the younger sides. I assume that the target is that of the players recently brought in and/or brought through we will see 1 or 2 a season challenging for first team action in 2 or 3 years time. my slight concern is who will be challenging in the shorter term should we sell a couple of the current first team youngsters. Idah perhaps, but i'm not sure who else is anywhere near ready (especially if we are premier league) and I've been a little bit disappointed at both the levels we seem to be loaning players out to and also that very few of our players out on loan seem to be getting regular rave reviews, I must confess I;ve not really heard how Gilmour is doing so he may be the one to watch but I note that Power has not been getting in the team up in Scotland (even though their fans seem to rate him) and Spyrou (who I've always thought looked very promising) has just had his loan at Chesterfield cut short after an unsuccessful loan at Wrexham and Bushiri is not getting a regular game at Blackpool. I would hope that as a premier league club, our young players would be able to play regularly and cope at league 1 level at the very least as otherwise one has to question whether they are going to make the grade long term for a "yo-yo" club like us. I would certainly like to see Idah given the second half of the season on loan this season with a view to preparing him to play in our first team next season in the championship if we go down.
  15. Jim Smith

    That Gary Neville interview with Delia

    Surely that’s just because when they are struggling buyers are able to pick them up on the cheap, often simply by taking on or clearing the debt. This is really where the statements Delia and MWJ have made about not expecting to make any money from owning the club become relevant because I agree that if they were to insist on the market value for their stake in the club then yes that might deter some. If, however, they were to sell at a price that maybe just saw them recoup what they have put in and forego any profit in return for a buyer putting funds into the team/club instead then we would be an absolute bargain.