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  1. Jim Smith

    Corona Virus main thread

    I don't understand why the government has not come out and either said that they will increase statutory sick pay and make it universally available or will underwrite a basic minimum wage for employees who have to self isolate or are not able to work for the next 2 or 3 months due to Coronavirus, payable to the firms provided they keep people on. That would take away a lot of people's concerns immediately and allow them to self isolate with a little less worry about the financial impact (for now). They need to enable people to stay at home and idiots still going out and not social distancing need to be told to tow the line and get it into their heads that they are endangering people. I am absolutely staggered at the number of people who continue to say "i'm just seeing such and such, surely that can't do any harm." If we can all cut our number of external social interactions to around 5 a day it will have an absolutely enormous impact on slowing/reducing this epidemic. Also stop the supermarkets doing ridiculous "over 70's hour" when hundreds of vulnerable people are all crammed together in a supermarket at a time when they should be social distancing. Horrendous idea even if the original intention was good.
  2. Jim Smith

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    or more specifically I suppose the rise in the death rate as its possible that some of those dieing from this might have died anyway from other health conditions.
  3. Jim Smith

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    It will be the death numbers/figures that ultimately dictate how well it has been handled. Our whole strategy is about slowing the spread so as to enable the NHS to cope, keeping it away from the vulnerable and buying time for vaccines or medicines that lesson impacts to be tested/developed. Case numbers will never be accurate because of the testing inconsistencies between nations but deaths will provide a barometer of how well a given country has coped with it.
  4. Jim Smith

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    I don't think that there can be successful legal challenges if they end up voiding it (once it becomes clear games cannot start up again) because everyone has been treated equally and fairly and the season's fixtures simply have not been fulfilled. If they try things like putting up the current top two from the championship or just declaring the current positions as final and relegating the current bottom three from the premier league then I think you will be into legal challenge territory, particularly in relation to relegating teams out of the premier league.
  5. Jim Smith

    Leicester City Coronavirus

    Bundesliga are apparently going to vote on cancelling their league, having no relegation and allowing the top four teams from their second division to compete in an extended top division next season. could be a good precedent for the premier to follow if it gets suspended/cancelled as now seems inevitable.
  6. Jim Smith

    Leicester City Coronavirus

    Isn't it the case that the rules don't cover the situation? I agree that declaring it null and void would be the obvious solution but then would the likes of Leeds and WBA look at legal action if they are denied promotion in the same way we no doubt will if they declare the current standings to be the final standings.
  7. Jim Smith

    That bond - two years on

    Its great that we have done and continue to invest in our academy although its also worth pointing out that the majority of those who have broken into our first team squad and who are going to make the club a hundred million when sold were brought to the academy under the previous academy regime which has been dismantled. I think Idah is the only one who came here on Webber's watch and that was very soon after he joined so may have already been in the pipeline. There is a lag I think with changes made to an academy and seeing players come through so it will probably only be in 2 or 3 years time we start to really see whether all the changes made are paying off. That said, improving the facilities and putting the foundations in place for the academy to continue to function in the future is very important/pleasing.
  8. Jim Smith

    Sheffield United

    We should have been 2 or 3 up at half time so not sure you can say they played us off the park but they did (as most teams do) come out fired up after half time and did a number on us in that second half as we (as we do every week) made yet another a slow start to the second half.
  9. Jim Smith

    Sheffield United

    Really? They will stay up and possibly qualify for Europe. We will get relegated. How the hell are we "ahead in our journey." Its this kind of thinking that must be music to the ears of the board and our owners. I do, however, think that Shef U will get worked out next season and will find it tough. Despite their deserved success this season I don't think their players are actually any better than ours in terms of ability (just better drilled and organised defensively and have successfully ridden the momentum once they got going) and I think now everyone knows how they play teams will start to adapt and will eventually nullify it. I must confess I am disappointed Farke hasn't managed to do that in the two games we played (he did so to a degree at half time on Saturday but as usual was too late) but then Farke has had a very disappointing season full stop in tactical terms.
  10. Jim Smith

    Kenny Mclean

    I think a player who has been hugely unfortunate to have been left out as much as he has is Trybull. I have never liked us playing Kenny in that deeper midfield role, even last season when we were on a heck of a run because we were not controlling matches in midfield and were relying on our attacking quality to wink us games. That was fine at that level because it did but at this level it isn't. I just feel Trybull is better on the ball and better at receiving the ball from the back four and bringing it out. I think its no coincidence that several of our more fluid midfield displays have been in the cup recently when he and Vrancic played and I think he also started next to Tettey at Everton which was one of our best displays of the season. Trybull has the odd ropey game but generally speaking I think our midfield operates better with him in that role than Kenny. McClean has been better when played further forward and I have nothing against him at all. Seems a good lad, a likeable character and he's never really let us down at all but I don't think we have got the midfield balance right really for the whole season.
  11. Jim Smith

    Kenny Mclean

    To be fair to Vrancic one of those times he was dispossessed was when Tybull played him the most ridiculous hospital pass i've ever seen in our own area. It was idiotic and had spurs scored (as they should have done) it would have been game over.
  12. Jim Smith

    Team for Sheffield United

    He did but not on the occasion where he absolutely needed to and wasted a very good chance, just as he did at Wolves. Feels like if he gets one then a few more goals may follow for him as he does get in some good attacking positions.
  13. Jim Smith

    Buendia Injury?

    I thought he had cramp. I think Aarons got a knock though.
  14. Jim Smith

    Team for Sheffield United

    I'm concerned about Aarons as I think he was playing with a knock for the last few minutes.
  15. Jim Smith

    Grant Hanley

    He's looked a different player since he had his operation to be fair. Think he's a bit fitter and more mobile and it shows. Probably our first choice CB now.