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  1. Jim Smith

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    Sadly I think they will get promoted this season. That division is incredibly weak. They’ve been cr*p so far yet still look likely to be top two and unbeaten after 8 games.
  2. Jim Smith

    Todd Cantwell

    I find the habit some of our fans have of disparaging past players through comparisons with current players very strange. Its possible to say that Cantwell is good without being disrespectful to one of our greatest servants in Wes. I can remember Wes almost single handedly transforming our team when he came into it during more than one of our premier league seasons. As one of our most technically gifted players ever I don't see why he could not play in a Farke side, indeed I think in his prime he would have flourished in it. Cantwell is looking good and I think going to be great for us. Wes was great for us for a prolonged period. No need to slag off Wes to make the point that Cantwell looks good.
  3. We will obviously need to change tactics for Saturday because our tactic against Man City was to let them have possession and force them into wide areas rather than let them play through the middle. This is a good tactic v Man City because they don't have big players up front and goals from crosses are not their strength. They like to play through you and we stopped them from doing so. They had 32 crosses against us. Their average is 13.5 per game. Burnley on the other hand will have two strong strikers up top (on of whom is in great form) and if we let them get lots crosses in from wide areas they are going to cause us problems. I would expect us to have a lot more of the ball on Saturday and we need to control possession and try and dictate the tempo. I think we can but it will be a physical test which is probably more like West Ham than Man City. We got a bit roughed up at West Ham but I think Mclean and Tettey are a more physical combination in the middle so should be better placed to deal with that. Whatever tactics we play I think having Tettey holding in front of the back 4 just helps give us more solidity and makes us less easy to play through (that stat about Trybull, Todd and Mo being the most dribbled past players was telling) but he will have to avoid giving away cheap free kicks in our half against Burnley as they will pump it into the box at any opportunity.
  4. Jim Smith

    Questions about the tickets

    I think there is a group of Finnish canaries who have been over as well. They seemed to get tickets so perhaps worth asking them too.
  5. Jim Smith

    Questions about the tickets

    Hi Niko Welcome and I hope you enjoy your trip. the answer to your question is that getting tickets this season is very difficult. They won’t go on general sale and I doubt they will even go on sale to standard members as they will sell out to premier members very quickly. This will be a high demand game and Man United will take their full allocation so there will only be limited number of tickets. if you are prepared to pay a bit more then you may be able to get something in corporate hospitality but will be pricey. Failing that your best bet is either to try and find someone who can’t go and may be willing to let you use their seats or alternatively it’s worth calling the club to explain and ask their advice as I don’t know if they ever keep a few tickets aside for fans who are travelling long distances. I think (although I’m not 100% sure) that game is on sky so it should certainly be on in the pubs in the city.
  6. Interesting that on social media, there are a few references to the fact that Man City's performances sometimes dip a bit after international breaks. Presumably thy lose a lot of players although I would point out that Argentina gave Aguero the week off and also released Ottamendi early so he could come back and be ready to play against us (cheers boys). Anyway it just got me thinking because I think that with us there has, under Farke, been a very clear pattern of us coming back after international breaks with much improved performances and I think it is indicative of what a good coach Farke must be on the training ground because when he gets a prolonged period of time to work with the players. Perhaps the most notable example was last season where we turned it around after a defensively iffy start but we always seem to see an improvement and it happened again this week even though we are now ourselves losing an increasing number of players with our three new U21 internationals. I do think that Farke's hand was perhaps forced in terms of the selections at the weekend which may have inadvertently done us a favour. I'm not sure he would have changed our style and set up quite so drastically were it not for the injuries. Byram and Tettey coming in I think gave us a little more defensive stability with both being more naturally defensive players than those they replaced. I think against the bigger sides we need to have Tettey or Amadou as a holding midfielder not Trybull. If Hanley had been fit it would have been interesting to see if he got the nod at CB ahead of Amadou because that probably would not have worked out half as well given the latter's greater mobility. Things kind of fell into place for us in that respect and out of adversity we were able to prosper. However, coupled with that is was evident that the team had been incredibly well drilled and were playing without some of the defensive naivity that we have seen in some of the earlier games. Buendia and Stiepermann were working hard and tracking back. In short, Farke and the players had learnt from those previous games as that for me was as encouraging as anything else we saw on Saturday. Despite what some are saying we definitely DID change how we played but we changed it for a much more savvy, streetwise style. I have also noted in the last few games an improvement in our defending of set pieces which at the start of the season was a continuing worry - long may that hopefully continue as we are sure to be tested in that area next weekend at Burnley!
  7. Jim Smith

    Todd Cantwell

    I must confess I didn't see him featuring regularly for us this season until I saw him play a couple of times in pre-season and it was immediately clear that he was a yard quicker and a yard stronger. He always had the technical ability but he seems to have really worked hard on his athleticism after dropping out of the side last year and its really paying off. I think he will now go on to have a top career. Its also very noticeable that he is making a lot more forward runs through the middle to get up with and at times beyond Pukki which I assume must have been something that they worked on in pre-season. Playing alongside Pukki must be great, especially now he is well known and teams are watching him carefully as his runs attract defenders and free up space for midfielders to run into. Much like our whole side did last season, he seems to have learnt when to inject that bit of extra pace or forward thrust into his game. He didn't always have that last season which is why at times when Buendia was missing (and I think Todd was feeling the pace a bit after a full on season) we looked a bit toothless and it was the right time to rest him.
  8. Ironically if there is one game where a traditional style Cb is not needed then its probably Man City. Having to play more mobile full backs in a 3 at the back could in some ways work in our favour. Not saying its not a blow and would ever be my choice but in some ways I think having none of our usual CB's against Burnley would be more of an issue as we are sure to face an aerial bombardment there.
  9. We did look noticeably better defensively for that 20 minutes that's for sure!
  10. I think though you could question the fact that one of them was Hanley who we were supposedly prepared to let go on loan and who we know is not really good enough at this level. Klose also has a poor recent injury record and we knew Zimm was injured., There was definitely an argument for perhaps bringing in a Cb on loan to bolster the numbers,
  11. I don't think Zimbo should have played v West Ham and although I know he was done by a tackle i'm still not convinced that the fact he was not 100% fit and probably not as robust as usual did not contribute in some way to that injury. If Godfrey has even the slightest hint of a groin injury he should not be risked, if he plays, aggravates it and misses a month or something then we really are in the sh*t.
  12. I know it sounds a bit childish but there is a little part of me that just wants to have a bit of a blub when I see how these injuries are threatening to undermine our season. We have worked so hard to get here and have a team that at full strength should be competitive and yet we are clearly not going to be able to put out anything resembling our first choice line up until January at least. It all just seems so unjust. I do think that we have left ourselves a bit short in certain areas and so to that extent we have to accept that we took a bit of a risk but even so these injuries are hugely unfortunate. The Man City game is not a big deal but the three after that are a real opportunity to get our season going and we are clearly going to be significantly under strength. I guess we just have tio hope we can hang in there until January and still be in touch.
  13. Although it sounds a bit ridiculous, its possible that Farke can use this to his advantage and build up some kind of siege mentality over the next few weeks with the players we have left. Tomorrow could be embarrassing and will clearly be very difficult but if it was a holywood movie then our patched up band of heroes would scrape a draw or something!
  14. I don't want Godfrey to play. He clearly won't be 100% so its too big a risk, I do agree with you though re Man City. They wont play much long ball stuff and don't have many big strikers so this is perhaps one game where mobility at the back will be as important as size/aerial ability.
  15. Surely a good chance we will go three at the back given what we have available?