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  1. Jim Smith

    Sheffield United

    Wilder has a different ethos and likes to have British players. It’s served them well just as our strategy has us. They seem to be addressing the areas I thought they would struggle which is creativity and pace going forward so I wouldn’t be laughing at them yet!
  2. Jim Smith

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    Apologies if this is old news but there are rumours that we are attempting to sign Jared Bowen from Hull with Ben Marshall going the other way possibly forming part of the deal.
  3. Jim Smith

    lack of quality signings

    I'm pretty happy with the quality of the first team signings we've made. Both Robert and Fahrmann on the face of it appear decent additions in areas of the squad where we needed improvement/better competition. Personally I think the areas we need to improve next season are as much down to coaching/tactics/training ground work as they are personnel. If we can tighten up the marking from crosses and set pieces and perhaps screen the defence a little better then that will go a long way. I have no worries about our ability going forward. For that reason if we only sign one more player then I would like it to be a CDM although we forget that we do still have Tettey who didn't play much second half of last season but is experienced at this level and that is things stand at least two of Trybull, Vrancic, Leitner and Mclean are going to be missing out every week.
  4. Jim Smith


    Villa's spending power will ultimately give them a better chance of staying up than us (simple fact of life in the prem that out fans who like to laugh at clubs like Villa spending money seem to have forgotten) but as we have seen with other clubs spending money doesn't guarantee success its about how you spend it and similarly not spending much doesn't guarantee failure if you can pick up a few bargains. with the way we do things we just have to be exceptional in terms of recruitment and pretty much every other element of the playing side of the club in order to maintain our competitiveness. In truth though you can legitimately argue that to date Villa have spent big to pretty much maintain the status quo from last season and as we were a better side than them last season, they will need to spend a bit more to overhaul us! They already had Mings second half of last season so that's £26m spent just to preserve their current side and the strike they have brought in is effectively a replacement for Abrahams. so it could be argued they are not yet really any stronger than they were last season despite all the money they have spent. What they go on to spend (or who they recruit) in the next 5 weeks may have more of a bearing on matters.
  5. Jim Smith

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I heard a while ago that there were big repercussions for them if they didn’t get promoted last season linked to the terms of the “investment” they secured a while back. They seem to have downplayed it in the initial period post failing in the playoffs but perhaps reality now starting to bite
  6. Jim Smith

    Ralf Fahrmann Medical

    Why not. We have to start thinking like a premier league club again and £40k a week is not ridiculous at that level. In fact its probably quite low for a senior pro. If you believe the fairly plausible rumours Klose, Naismith etc were on more than that when we were up last time. The problem with them was not sustaining those wages in the premier league but the fact that they apparently continued to apply when we went down and they had another 3 years on their contracts. If this is a one season loan you don't have that risk if we go down so I can quite easily see the board agreeing to cover £40k a week for one season for the right player.
  7. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    I’ve made it clear Nutty I don’t want or think they should do either. They don’t need to. It’s just greed.
  8. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    Or an owner who puts some cash into the club rather than sits back and lets fans build her asset up for her.
  9. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    They aren’t subsidising people who want to attend away matches. The subsidy for away matches is supposed to come from the club. To be clear I don’t think that anyone should be paying more in a season where we have been promoted and receive £90m in tv monies.
  10. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    I don’t think anyone should be paying more Ricardo. I really don’t. And I think the fairest thing would just have been to charge more for casual home tickets if they are that desperate for cash. But yes since it guarantees a seat I also think it would have been better/fairer to add a small amount to the STs than to charge people £50 to enter a lottery for away tickets.
  11. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    Its also a classic tactic for forcing through something unpopular. Apologise about the bits that are peripheral or everything apart from the thing people are most upset about. Turn all the attention to the "consultation" meanwhile the cash is banked and the scheme is in place. They will tweak it next year but then they were always going to have to anyway as if we stay up demand will be much lower and if we go down it will be as well. Job done for Ben!
  12. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    The notes from the meeting say that he said they've sold 6,000 memberships. I took that to mean away memberships but perhaps someone from one of the fans groups can confirm if any of them post on here. That video above just wound me up even more really. Membership is about belonging or being a part of something not just about jumping the queue for tickets. that's exactly what it was for my son last season with his junior canary membership but not any more. It is the club that has made membership about jumping the queue for tickets Benny boy but then you know that as that's why its a money maker!
  13. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    They shouldn't be putting anything up at all in a season where our income has increased by nearly £100m. Certainly not for the sake of raising £300,000. If we are doing ok and they wanted to put ST's up by £20 or so then yes I would have grumbled because again its a drop in the ocean so seems unnecessary (most comparable prem clubs have cut season ticket prices for fans in recent years or certainly have them available cheaper than ours) but I doubt it would have been much more than a bit of grumbling from us usual suspects. Football clubs may be a business but we all know they are not like normal businesses and fans are not like normal "customers" as it takes an awful lot for us to walk away. Fine if that's how they want to operate but lay off the hypocritical, community club b**locks and the bleating about the greed of the premier league and bow badly the fans are treated. Bottom line is they have targeted 5,000 of their most loyal supporters to make a quick buck at a time when they didn't need to. That should open some people's eyes about how things are.
  14. Jim Smith

    Membership scheme talks to be held

    Well I must say the meeting notes released by the various fans groups are very disappointing. My reading of it is: 1. The Club are sorry for not consulting but don't appear apologetic for exploiting the fans for commercial gain. 2. The message is this is what you are going to get as we are "self funding." The alternative would have been increasing the costs of season tickets (£20 on ST's would have been fairer in my view (plus £35 instead of £30 for casual fans) although I don't accept any increase is justified). Wonder when Norwich City fans will really clock that "self funding" = we foot the bill whilst increasing the value of the owners asset for them, paying to rebuild their academy for them etc. If they meant what they say about being custodians of the club for the fans they would give a large chunk of the considerable (and currently very valuable) equity they have accrued in the club to a supporters trust when the time comes rather than passing it on to Tom. In the meantime we all pay more than other prem fans but will be told we cant compete financially. 3. The club no doubt thinks they have taken the heat out of the situation, banked the cash for this season (£300k if we've sold 6000 as they say) and can now move on and bring in some changes next season when they would have had to change it anyway. 4. The stats from the FtC notes are particularly damning. Show the club knew that they have 4600 fans in the 4-9 away game bracket who would be hit by this and who would undoubtedly buy the away memberships. when you add in the 750 in the 10+ bracket in my view it shows that the club have cynically targeted its 5350 (in the main) most loyal supporters here to make a bit of extra cash which is really a drop in the ocean in premier league terms. Its rank hypocrisy. The fact it was signed off by the whole board is damning. I could have been more forgiving if this was someone new on the commercial side of things overstepping the mark trying to make an impression by generating revenues but the fact this was signed off by the whole board is in my view disgusting unless the board members were in some way shielded from some of the details.
  15. Jim Smith

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    PS a number ten or any more attacking players would not be my main priority anyway. We are good enough going forward to create and score at this level (although I worry it may be a step too far for Onel if he can't improve his shooting/final ball). Its defensively that we need to improve. I am pleased to see rumours of another keeper as well.