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  1. Danny Mills is certainly up there. For a more random one I also get disproportionately wound up by how fired up Sergi Canos is every time he plays against us for Brentford. i know he wasn;t treated brilliantly by the manager and not really given a fair go which i assume is the reason he harbours a bit of a grudge against Norwich but there is no reason for him to hold that against our fans.
  2. My ambition 5 year plan/aim would be for us to be still in the premier league (even if we've gone down and back up again) and with the ground expanded. One of my main gripes wiht the last few seasons is that in terms of imporved infrastructure we've not had much to show for the reletive "success" that we have apparently had. Even the training ground improvements were a belated think funded initially by the bond. We need to at some stage spend 3 or 4 successive seasons in the top flight so we can really cash in on premier league status and build the club further so that we pull even further away from the sc*m whilst they are at such a low ebb.
  3. I thought he was ok to be honest. Bit too tolerant of their repeated fouling perhaps but other than that was fine. Could have sent Hanley off to be honest. I don’t actually think it was a foul at all but once he gave it then it could have been a red.
  4. Good performance, especially first half. Being ultra critical I would have preferred to see us push on a bit second half and try and improve the goal difference but you can’t really argue with a comfortable 2-0 away win. Hanley is worrying me a bit at the moment though. Two or three times a game he’s getting caught on the ball trying to be over elaborate in tight areas. Keep it simpler please Grant.
  5. The other issue is that Placheta is utterly sh*t and makes the wrong decision every single time he gets the ball. Its all very well having pace but if you can;t use it effectively and have no end product its not much use.
  6. I don;t know what you would ordinarily expect for "goal conversion" and "shot accuracy" figures at our level but some of those from our regular starters seem low. Vrancic in particular which backs up my perception that he's lost his shooting boots this season. I would bet you a fair amount that in our previous promotion season his (and Pukki's) figures were significantly higher. Cantwell needs to be doing significantly better as well.
  7. I don;t think they do this season. They certainly did in the prem and that have in the past but i think more often than not we are completely missing the target this season and not even really working the keeper. I certainly can't think of very many games where the keeper has been MOTM.
  8. I do definitely think there is something in the point about opposition defences having time to nullify our threat. The three games this season where I think we've looked really back to our dangerous best were away at Bristol City and Stoke and the first half at Cardiff. In all three we got the ball forward much quicker, managed to get players running in behind their defence and basically opened them up with ease. Appreciate its not so easy to do at home where teams sit back but i do feel that we are overplaying it at times in midfield thus giving teams the chance to get set defensively. We still manage to get the ball tp Pukki but when we do so he's invariably get a few defenders around him and is snatching at chances a bit as he feels under time pressure. I've said in another post that as much as I think they are both good players (and both are arguably playing well) I don;t think we are direct enough with Rupp and Skipp together. They both like to play short passes and keep the ball moving but I kjust think they slow down our play a bit through that mid section of the pitch so we are not stretching teams like we used to. There is actually a strong argument to drop Vrancic deeper and play him next to Skipp at least in the home games as he can play longer passes to unlock the defence. Rupp too often doesn't see the early pass in my opinion.
  9. Yes Vrancic in particular has been vety wasteful. he started the season well when coming on as sub but as a starter he's scuffed a lot of shots i would expect him to score.
  10. Pukki's form is obviously key for us in terms of how clinical we are because most of our best chances seem to fall to him. However, I still mainain we need to look at the midfield balance. There was a spell earlier in the season where we were dominating games but not scoring enough goals to put teams away and it was also a spell where we had Rupp and Skipp together in midfield. Both good players and both actually playing well individually but i just feel that with that combo we don;t move the ball forward as quickly as we might, play a lot of short passes and it enables teams to get set against us defensively. I recall several games (Millwall, Derby etc) where we dominated for long spells but just couldn;t score and others where it was onluy Vrancic coming on late that broke the deadlock. We've started 12 games now this season with those two as our midfield combo. We've scored 10 goals in those 12 games and of those only 6 came when both were on the pitch (i.e. 4 came after on had been subbed off). 2 of those 6 were in one game as well at Bristol when Stiepermann and Pukki were back in sync. So for me, there is a balance issue in the middle of the pitch that is perhaps giving the opponants time to crowd out our attacking players and (never thought i'd be saying this) we need to get McClean back alongside Skipp and be a bit more direct. Rupp never plays badly but he and Skipp are just too similar.
  11. Yes. I just don’t understand what’s happened to our shooting and final third decision making this season. I’ve never seen a team get in so many great positions and not even make the keeper have to make a save. Can’t really think of many keepers who’ve had a blinder against us recently as they haven’t had to.
  12. If Vrancic has scored that easy chance we would have beaten Boro easily in my opinion. Goals change games.
  13. I think it’s clear our very poor performances of the last 2 weeks have cost us hugely. I’m not at all convinced we can hold off these teams. We are just not scoring goals in the same way Brentford are. They remind me of us last time we went up. To be honest it’s hard to claim we deserve to be top on the basis of our performances for much of the season. We haven’t really played very well in more than a few games and we’ve been cr*p against all our promotion rivals.
  14. Whilst I agree with you that we have other issues, we would have won the last two games had Pukki been in anything like his form of two seasons ago. He had about four decent chances at Millwall and two in the first half last night that you would expect him to score and he completely messed all of them up. The thing with him is that because he often tries to “pass” the ball in rather than leathering it, when he’s off form some of his efforts at goal look particularly poor.
  15. We see it differently then. I think they were better chances than they had but the fact we don’t get shots on target makes them look lesser chances than they actually are. i just don’t understand how or why we are suddenly having so few shots on target as we continue to get into decent attacking positions. Part of it is Pukki bring completely out of sorts but there seems to be an endemic inability to work the goalkeeper in the rest of our side as well.
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