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  1. In case any of you doubters thought the referendums would be rigged, the initial set of results are in: Donetsk - 99.23% Lugansk - 98.42% Zaporozhye - 93.11%
  2. We'll see. As many have noted, if the men in russia had half the courage of the women in Iran...
  3. They not anti-war, they're anti-mobilisation. Two new elements have emerged today: The mobilisation seems to be almost total in the provinces, especially amongst the ethnically central Asian areas, and much lighter touch in St Petersburg and Moscow. Hardly surprising but really does ram home the imperialism at the heart of the russian empire. There are rumours that the decree allows them to mobilise up to one million men.
  4. Lies, what do you mean? Only ~6000 russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine, and they heroically died while inflicting 100,000 losses to the Ukranian military. This is the reason russia now needs 300,000 men in their partial mobilisation, have stopped fighting age men from leaving the country and have allegedly started press ganging men on the streets. Obviously.
  5. Sham referenda and a mobilisation are one way of looking at it, I guess
  6. Russia is retaliating against its military defeat in Kharkiv by hitting the power grid across eastern Ukraine, plunging Kharkiv, Dnipro, Poltava and other cities — and millions of civilians — into darkness.
  7. "russia is more dangerous at this moment than any time in the last 7 months. They are cornered, crippled both militarily and economically and running very low on options. This won't end with Putin just graciously accepting defeat."
  8. Couldn't agree more Let's be honest, there's been zero evidence of their ability to do anything remotely as complex as would be needed for this kind of baiting strategy Sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one: they're collapsing in disarray
  9. 100pc It's a very fluid and murky situation but the good news keeps rolling in
  10. Izum has been liberated. It took the russians about a month to capture it and it has fallen in half a day. The speed of the Ukrainian advance, and the russian collapse, has taken many people by surprise. Not least the new russian POWs. Hopefully this is a genuine collapse...
  11. A solemn Tony Cascarino is broadcasting on Talksport. Who better to cover this historic event. Cascarino said: "I had a Chinese delivered just moments after the announcement. It felt wrong and very disrespectful to eat it, so as a mark of respect I threw it in the bin."
  12. FA guidance is that training can continue. I've no idea why anyone would think a few kids having a game of football on Saturday morning could possibly be inappropriate but...
  13. The russian invasion has absolutely nothing to do with religion or Christianity - they are simply tools that Putin's fascist state has appropriated for their own gain.
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