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  1. kirku

    £34 million loss

    Where's the idea that we spent £1m on Godfrey come from? I always thought it was in the low six figures?
  2. kirku

    Patrick Roberts

    Player X scored Y goals at club Z is about as basic as stats get - that isn't what the analysts will be looking at. For Pukki, I believe part of it was his shooting accuracy in the box, especially first time shots. Apparently, it was felt that our system produced a decent number of similar chances.
  3. kirku

    Patrick Roberts

    Is it? Suppose we'd better drop Pukki based on his Celtic history.
  4. kirku

    Underestimating the Gulf

    The players who "got promoted predominantly as a result of smashing most of the mid-table and lower end teams, but now the same players are unable to lay a finger on even modest Premier League opposition." beat Man City, dominated Newcastle, and acquitted themselves well against Liverpool and Chelsea. I think your comment about confidence is spot on. The downward spiral was sparked by the worst injury crisis that I can remember.
  5. kirku

    Patrick Roberts

    What evidence do you have that he "scores goals and creates chances"? Is it his entirety forgettable cup appearances or his grand total of 0 goals and 0 assists from last season?
  6. kirku

    What’s the problem?

    Yes, every team has injuries. No, most teams don't have them so concentrated on such few areas of the pitch and to regular starters. Man City, the most extravagantly assembled squad in history, struggled when they had just 1 of their £50m+ defenders injured. You stated that we lacked a midfield that was both combative and creative. Amadou would surely be starting in MF, if he hadn't had to fill in as a CB, would tick the first box and Vrancic is probably the best (or 2nd best) passer in our squad.
  7. kirku

    What’s the problem?

    With a fully fit squad, you wouldn't expect Tettey to start. And he's always been perfectly serviceable as a midfield screen.
  8. kirku

    What’s the problem?

    Bit confused by the logic here. Zimmerman at CB would've allowed Tettey to play in midfield - surely making our midfield "combative". Similarly, Amadou wasn't fit enough to start, Vrancic hasn't been fit all season, and Onel is on his 2nd game back from a freak injury.
  9. kirku

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Hughton-esque. Confidence is shot, so trying to play the free flowing stuff from earlier in the season is going to be very hard
  10. kirku

    Patrick Roberts

    Nearly impossible to have an opinion on him
  11. And not once in those 20 years did you realise a club like ours is always going to flit between the two top divisions? Amazing
  12. kirku

    Today's Match Thread

    Amadou is down, of course.
  13. kirku

    Today's Match Thread

    You've got to say, that's a great goal. FFS.
  14. kirku

    Today's Match Thread

    Onel has looked so much more impactful. We missed him a lot. Not having a like-for-like was a big failure of the transfer window (guess, it was meant to be Roberts..)