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  1. "Welcome to St.Carrow Road, where the blues are playing Norwich. The blues come into this match off a 1-0 victory against 11-man Sheffield who had a player sent off. The blues scored a penalty in that game and I'm sure blues fans would like to see another blues penalty in this game, if a blues player actually gets into the opposition box. Norwich have some exceptional players at this level. Teemy Pukki both scored and kept a clean sheet against Coventry, Martin Krul is an excellent keeper, and they have the always lively Emile Buendia. The blues defenders will have their hands full in this game but hopefully it's Norwich who will have the blues at the end of the game."
  2. That's what I was thinking. Hopefully we can get him for another year..
  3. Excellent post, largely what I was thinking with the usual sprinkling of Parma insight.
  4. I, for one, would love to see Crackerlele on the ukelele
  5. You are. I'm not going to get drawn into a long discussion and answer each of your points because they're all based on the same logical fallacy.
  6. Please don't waste your time, it's really not proving the point you think it is. Which part of our current league position (or our results over the last two Championship seasons) makes you think that Farke and his coaching team are missing something as basic as you're outlining? In the post above you insinuate you've got a better plan for managing the injury recovery of elite athletes and then go on to say that the only other variable you can think of in making a substitution is an in-game injury.
  7. We're top of the league, our statistics are the best in the league, we control and dominate games better than at any time in recent memory, our game management and ability to see out wins is the best I can remember, and opposition managers are routinely saying we're the best side in the league. PS You've not "validated your criticism" with the groundbreaking point of "other teams made some more substitutions so we should too". It's hard to imagine a more simplistic way of ignoring the myriad variables involved.
  8. This Which is why many posters, myself included, are more inclined to trust the opinion of the league-winning coach, who is widely regarded as the best we've had in decades, over RandomPoster123, whose main footballing achievement was once winning a game of SWOS on the Amiga.
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