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  1. Now we get to the rub of it. HH44 would rather Godfrey belted the ball out of the ground than try to retain possession and would've replaced one of our most potentially profitable players at the start of the season. And yet he still wonders why other posters are questioning the logic. Classic.
  2. It's not overly surprising that Leeds are trying to wriggle out of it. If we'd stayed up (and hadn't cancelled his loan) we would've had to buy Amadou (I believe). A deal made in a bygone era..
  3. Surely both Sinani and Sitti were always the very definition of a speculative punt? Both cheap and young with one from Luxembourg and the other from a midtable Ligue 2 side
  4. Can't work out which is more moronic; those who think we should be signing "household names" and pretending they knew who Buendia was, or those who think signings are made in chronological order of importance. It's fascinating.
  5. And was nowhere near PL quality when the club received a bid at the very peak of his market value? Yes, that Bradley
  6. There is simply no "logic" in that whatsoever
  7. Some sites have him listed as 5ft 9". Regardless, I'd trust our scouting team and his numerous England age group call ups over something so ridiculously binary.
  8. The parallels between Idah and Becchio start and end with their preferred position.
  9. Don't really get the Johnson love-in, never have. He was very limited technically, was one paced, couldn't pass, and couldn't dribble. Not exactly ideal for someone who spent a lot of time at LM. I get that he tried hard, was good in the air, and could smash in a long ranger every now and then but hardly enough to make up for the shortcomings. It was a great bit of business getting £6m+ for him.
  10. So you think that the First Team coach of a Premier League side will have sufficient knowledge of a central midfielder who's played less than 20 games for a mid table Ligue 2 side? Especially in contrast to the scouting and recruitment department, whose job it is to, well, scout and recruit? Interesting
  11. My understanding is that the scouting and recruitment team, headed up by Webber, are the one who pick and choose targets, with Farke having input on the profile of player he'd like. This is the model on continent, I believe. Expecting Farke to be able to concentrate on the first team matters and also have an opinion on Patrick Roberts or Melvin Sitti doesn't strike me as particularly realistic.
  12. Webber buys the players and if we couldn't afford to strengthen the team in general, what do you propose as an alternative?
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