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  1. kirku

    Todd Cantwell

    Hoolahan was our most technically gifted player over a number of years, and will go down as a great player in that era. But he wouldn't get in the current team as the system doesn't suit him.
  2. kirku

    Unpopular opinion...

    Don't see why any of those opinions would be unpopular..
  3. They've had a bit of joy down our left. Hayden has put in some decent balls and their #17 had a good chance.
  4. 69% possession at HT. Keep it up lads. Could've had more than the 1 goal, but Joelinton missed an absolute sitter of a header. If he's worth £40m...
  5. kirku

    Martin interview in The Athletic

    Well done Webber and Farke. Club badly needed a change by the sounds of it
  6. This is just hyperbole. After us, Chris Brown managed a magnificant 37 in 230 odd games in the Championship and L1. Goran Maric went to the 4th Tier of Spanish football and Kazakhstan. Dave Striker played on for another 10 years, never scoring more than 6 goals a year (including a goaless stint in the Dutch second division). Koroma currently turns out for Dulwich Hamlet and went scoreless over 20 games for Forest Green in the Conference. Yes, RvW was a massive let down when you consider the fee. Yes, Hughton's tactics were unsuited to him. But no, he quite clearly wasn't the "worst striker in 40 years". Hope he gets well soon. Terrible news.
  7. Well, that's not even remotely true. He was bad, especially given the expectations, but we're talking about a Dutch international who had a decent career before us and went on to play for some reasonable teams after. Tactically, we couldn't have set up worse for his style of play. Omar Koroma, he is not.
  8. kirku

    Get excited!

    But do you need an away membership and be willing to queue from 6:00am to get one, though?
  9. kirku


    Krul was excellent. Anyone calling for him to be dropped after tonight needs their head checking (and also probably didn't see much of Fahrmann in the preseason games).
  10. Can be proud of the performance, especially 2nd half and certainly within the context of the game. If we play like that every week, we'll be fine. Yes, we'll ship some goals. Yes, we'll probably get hammered a few times by the top teams. But we'll do it our way, with an exciting brand of football and a load of young developing players. OTBC
  11. Loan with a deal in place if we stay up might well make sense
  12. The eagle has landed.
  13. Apparently, the plane is owned by Saxon Air and operated out of Norwich. It does all add up, but it's not over until Luke Chambers has sung..