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  1. kirku

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    Seems that Webber/Farke think similarly, if we take the rumours as a positional guide at least..
  2. kirku

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    And as we saw at the tail end of last season, we struggled without Emi and would've done similar if Onel had been out. Those options are worringly thin for a Prem campaign, the addition of an entirely unproven (and coming off the back of a massively underwhelming season) Roberts doesn't fix it
  3. kirku

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    That's not a wholly inaccurate analysis though, is it? We have a worrying lack of depth for wide AMs.
  4. Rather have Serena Williams
  5. kirku


    Pukki, key Passlack, key Buendia, key Odusina, key LDC, surplus to requirements
  6. kirku


  7. kirku

    Dwight Gayle

    Can't pretend to know much about Isak at all, but does sound like the kind of punt we could well be looking at? We aren't going to be able to spend enough to get someone in that'd be both effective in the Prem and happy to be behind Pukki.
  8. kirku

    Felix Passlack

    The delusion continues. He played 6 minutes of league football all season (according to Transfermarkt). Absolutely key. Vital, some might say. Tell us again about how much better you are at motivating a squad of players than Pochettino and Klopp...
  9. kirku


    Well this is pretty hilarious. You've just doubled down on claiming to be a better man manager than Pochettino. You're either a troll or one of the most deluded people with access to the internet. There is no third option.
  10. kirku


    Nonsense. A guy on a message board knows much better and all he has to do is look at a teamsheet to instantly understand the incredibly complex nature of group psychology.
  11. kirku


    Poch is one of the most highly regarded managers in the league and yet you think you know how to better man manage his players than he does? Guess Klopp is also a terrible motivator, given he did exactly the same thing with Firmino and Origi.. Good one
  12. Would rather have Jason Roberts
  13. kirku

    Saido Berahino

    Absolutely, unequivocally, categorically no
  14. kirku

    Wish list for our club

    Too expensive for the role he'd fill
  15. kirku

    Wish list for our club

    Love the new recruitment set up at the club (who doesn't?) but it does take the fun out of realistic options for the off season, given that my knowledge of the Macedonian 7th tier is somewhat lacking..