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  1. Been pretty disillusioned with it all recently (let's be honest, for quite a while now). Just saw the lineup and came back here to say, WTAF. Omnishambles
  2. Be fair to the guy, it must be hard coming to terms with the fact that the zombie corpse of Jordan Henderson is still a better option than your own son.
  3. England put 3 past Scotland at Hampden in a 150th anniversary match. You: it was only a friendly! England draw with North Macedonia in an utterly pointless game. You: England failed to beat the 66th ranked team! Scotland have footballing greats like Jack Hendry and Ryan Jack in the squad. You: Scotland don't have a weak squad! England have Henderson, Phillips, Rice and Bellingham in the squad. You: Gilmour would walk into this team! The only player I fear is Kane! As someone else said, it's like you're dedicated to crushing your own credibility.
  4. Not Lyndon Dykes or Lawrence Shankland. Besides, I wasn't making comparisons with England - there are some really poor players in that Scotland squad. The likes of which, if you wanted to compare, wouldn't get within a country mile of the England squad. Players like Grant Hanley and Kenny McLean.
  5. Of course Scotland have a weak squad. They may be marginally less weak than they have been in recent years but there are some seriously poor players in that squad.
  6. **** person, **** player, **** car. Get rid.
  7. At last you got to see an actual world-class young midfielder at Hampden
  8. Gilmour definitely walked into something tonight. The home dressing room. Now where's Sean Longstaff?
  9. There was another similar run a few minutes later, all it needed was the ball over the top and he was away. The defender must've had a good 10 yards head start but stood no chance, if the ball had been right.
  10. It was a largely professional performance which just needed us to tick over after being gifted the first 2 goals
  11. Yeah, he got subbed off for a team that lost 3-1 to West Ham, that's why his dad is on here crowing in this zombie thread. Fairly sure he said Ward-Prowse was bang average in that insane thread where he tried to make out that Gilmour would walk into an England side that was a couple of injuries away from having to play Shaun Longstaff.
  12. Placheta has been a real menace since coming on and Idah has had a very good half
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