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  1. They're calling for Big Sam now.. Absolutely deluded
  2. So sorry to hear this - thank you for what you're doing to help keep us all safe. It's disgusting what the deluge of dis/misinformation has done to society.
  3. Big call, that lineup. Hope it works out.
  4. Somewhere out there, Paolo Maldini is crying (and not just because Todd nicked his hairdresser)
  5. Debilitating long covid cases are also something to be concerned with
  6. To be honest, I'm not really aware of the details of this - I just wanted to make the point that Brazil under Bolsonaro has done an absolutely awful job of containing Covid and so it seems somewhat hypocritical to now turn the screw on 4 foreign (from their biggest rival, no less) athletes who will be amongst the most tested and healthy people to have entered their country recently.
  7. The UK is the only country in north west Europe to suffer from declining exports since the Brexit vote in 2016, according to new research. The House of Commons Library analysis, using IMF data, shows that every neighbouring European country has increased its exports over the past five years except for the UK. The Commons data shows the UK saw a decline in exports of -5.5% over five years, putting it behind 13 neighbouring countries: Ireland (+48.1%), Finland (+18.8%), Sweden (+15.5%), the Netherlands (+15%), Denmark (+14%), Luxembourg (+13.6%), Austria (+11.1%), Germany (+9.5%), Switzerland (+7.5%), France (+6.7%), Belgium (+6.2%), Norway (+4.8%) and Iceland (+0.8%).
  8. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Brazil have been stricter with the Argentine players than.... *checks notes*... their actual country
  9. If you're referring to the current government, their track record on "keeping their word" is absolutely horrendous
  10. No, but Javid announced he was on his way to open one of the "new" hospitals. Turns out they'd just rearranged the mops in the janitors cupboard..
  11. Trivial? Trivial? Trivial? Trivial? Trivial? Trivial? -- You can keep lying to yourself all you like - but the facts are that you voted for something that has helped drive a wedge through the nation, caused untold economic damage, and utterly soured our relationship with our biggest market and most strategically important allies. It was an act of huge self-harm that you helped enable. Perhaps one day you'll come to terms with that.
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