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  1. kirku

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Are you able to substantiate this claim at all? Players wages are paid via PAYE and so will be subject to the tax bracket and NIC as any other employee on that salary. I'm aware of some historic avoidance (evasion?) around image rights.
  2. kirku

    NCFC to furlough staff

    They haven't lost income though, have they? (unless the club aren't utilising the CJRS properly, which would be very poor on their part)
  3. kirku

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Double post
  4. kirku

    NCFC to furlough staff

    As I understand it, the players have been advised by the PFA to act collectively. They haven't done the players many favours because we can see the public outcry already. Their silence is being taken as outright rejection. I don't believe that to be the case. I can absolutely guarantee you that there are many many businesses out there where the exec team is still on full whack while the frontline staff are being furloughed, and not topped up to 100% of their wage. No doubt about it.
  5. kirku

    NCFC to furlough staff

    In all honesty, I'd imagine clubs further down the pyramid will already be looking at it. It won't get much media traction, I wouldn't have thought, but their management teams would be idiots to not have considered it as an option. Furlough (nearly) everyone and mothball the club
  6. kirku

    NCFC to furlough staff

    Afternoon Disco, "I'm sorry Kirku but I don't have much sympathy with our players when staff who earn in a year what the players earn in a week are being furloughed." But the staff being furloughed are not being financially impacted by this in any way. The club are paying 100% of their wages and will simply claim 80% or £2,500 a month back from HMRC. "The fact the club have taken that action says to me that the club are going to be seriously financial impacted by all this and are trying their best to mitigate that (which is fine). And yet the high earners (players/management/coaches) do nothing? Really? All in this together are we? Community club?" They have agreed to donate £200k to local causes (although it is unclear if this one-off or ongoing). But, yes, I agree the impact will be big on the club - which is why they need to look at using the CJRS like many other much larger and more profitable businesses are doing. "Why does this need to change? They pay their taxes and get their (still) massive chunk back. They then give some of that chunk back to the club so we can stay financially solid. Standing orders are remarkably easy to set up." It doesn't need to change, I was just highlighting the amount contributed to public coffers. All in, the Premier League clubs and players contributed £1,409m in tax last season (according to Kieran Maguire). "I have NO issue with them using the scheme AS LONG as everyone in the club is pulling in the same direction. At the moment, they aren't." I think they are pulling in the same direction, it's just been a horrible job of managing the communications and timing of what they're doing. Besides, can you imagine the outcry if the club tried to furlough the playing staff and claim the £2,500 per month from their wages?
  7. kirku

    NCFC to furlough staff

    I also don't understand the moral outrage in all of this. Norwich's financial issues over the last years are well documented and so are not remotely in the same financial situation as many of the other Premiership clubs, by far the largest source of income is TV money and, given there are no games being played, is there any certainty that those payments would continue at the budgeted level? As others have stated, far larger and far more profitable businesses are using the Furlough scheme - in this environment it is incumbent on the management to use every possible angle to help the business survive precipitous drops in revenue. Morally, Norwich have done the right thing in topping up wages to 100% - not all businesses are doing that. From a business perspective, the players are simply assets - with a level of CapEx required. Not unlike other businesses - except that the assets are people rather than aeroplanes, factories, shops etc etc. For those who think that the players should take a vast wage cut, defer or forego wages are likely missing the financial reality that a lot of these young people are operating under. They will also have financial commitments, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many people, footballers included, tend to scale their spending to their income. Yes, they're significantly better paid than a vast majority of people, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they have easy access to funds to cover their outgoings at the drop of a hat. Their high wages also contribute a huge absolute sum in terms of PAYE and NIC. Very simplistically, a player on £20k a week equals about £1m a year - and takes home about £550k. This means that £450k is contributed to the state. This seems a realistic figure for Norwich players. A broad average of Premiership salaries seems to be around £3m a year. With 25 players in a squad and 20 teams in the league, we have 500 players. The contribution to public funds would be around £700m a year. The effective tax rate at that level of earnings is about 50%. To put it in some perspective, David de Gea reportedly earns £18m a year for his new deal and, in terms of basic salary, is the highest paid player in the league. Denise Coates, CEO of Bet365, pocketed £323m last year.
  8. kirku

    Rishi Sunak

    This, absolutely. We've had months to prepare a response to this, have the benefit of being behind the curve of lots of nations and yet have p*ssed it all up the wall. Johnson's "leadership" during this has been abysmal and the timing of many announcements idiotic. Key worker list at midnight. Close pubs etc on Saturday (giving morons a final Friday night out). School closures with a few days notice. Don't visit mum on mother's day, at 10pm last night. Sunak has come across well, but it's been amplified by incompetence of the mumbling bufoon he's been stood next to. The one who so recently boasted of shaking everyone's hand, including corona patients, whose own father undermined social distancing just hours after it being announced, who joked that the effort to build more ventilators should be called "Operation Last Gasp", and who can't answer any of the press questions at his own press conferences with even the slightest bit of credibility. I'm genuinely interested in why anyone thinks Boris has done a good job this week.
  9. kirku


    Clinton Morrison? WTAF
  10. I, for one, have missed the vital insight into top level scouting and ITK information that only True Grit can provide us with.
  11. And the co-commentator here kept on for the whole VAR saga and the rest of the game that he'd "seen it a few times and still wasn't convinced". Madness.
  12. arhgggggggggggggggggh