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  1. nutty nigel

    Liverpool vs Man U

    Who decides what they look at though. The whole thing is bonkers!
  2. nutty nigel

    Out of Control? Yes! - Off the Ground? Yes!

    I was wondering what the VAR rule for a yellow card was. Are they all to be reviewed? Or is it to be reviewed if someone else interferes? Or is it something like every third one is reviewed? Or is it if the offense takes place near the dugout it's reviewed? Does anyone know this rule?
  3. nutty nigel

    Out of Control? Yes! - Off the Ground? Yes!

    Yes but that's not the point. If what you're saying is correct then the laws of the game are applied differently depending on what area of the pitch the offense takes place. I have no issue with the red card. My issue over how it came about.
  4. nutty nigel

    Out of Control? Yes! - Off the Ground? Yes!

    I wonder how many people are now involved in these checks. Could it be that this was reviewed because the 4th official was near and handy,? VAR is a crock of 5hit that seems to involve more human intervention every week.
  5. nutty nigel

    Ricardo's report v Bournemouth

    Couldn't remember when the cards first came in so I looked it up and they were first used in the 1970 world cup! However not made mandatory at all levels until 1992. I don't make things easier for younger readers and still listen to the wireless
  6. nutty nigel

    Why was the performance so bad??

    We were the better team from start to finish and thoroughly deserved to win according to Alan Shearer. Although I doubt he watched from start to finish I agree with his summary.
  7. nutty nigel


    I reckon it will be Zimbo and Amadou at Burnley Alex. Hopefully all three get through the three games safe and sound.
  8. nutty nigel

    Ricardo's report v Bournemouth

    Did they have cards back then SOB?
  9. nutty nigel


    So what have we really gained? It's gone from the fallible judgement of the officials in the stadium to the fallible judgement of an official with a screen. But whatever. It's absolutely carp for anyone who pays to support their team in the stadium. I held back on celebrating the pen to see if it was retaken. That's how it's got.
  10. Dipped his bread in and mopped it all up today...
  11. Yes fabulous Kev. What a star Getting six has been soooo frustrating this season so you go and get TEN!! I know this means a lot to you because it was this weekend. Means a lot to me too. Ray's Young Gun Soooo here we have the new updated totals with the £200 we've added today... And here is proof that you've joined an exclusive club with five wins... We all love ya Kev, you lovely old boy!
  12. nutty nigel

    Time to move on.

    I'm not a ref but don't doubt if the tackle was reckless and Godfrey wasn't in control it's a red. As the Sheffield Utd one was. Whether there's contact with the player is surely secondary. Anyway, we'll get one go for us eventually. Won't we?