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  1. Team. And it could have been worse. Allegedly. But it would have been better. If supporters could have supported. Also allegedly.
  2. Worst team in Europe is what the thread says. I don't think we are going to agree about this. I still believe it could have been different if supporters had been in the stadium. Probably not enough to stay up but that was always a tough ask anyway. It was our home form that went down the pan. Anyway, it looks like we will have to go again without the supporters. To start with anyway. And I'm not looking forward to it one bit. I'm sad to say the games just don't seem so important behind closed doors.
  3. That was the feeling on here when the virus first hit but it didn't last long. As soon as 'football' restarted so did the calls for more and more money for players to pocket. What will it take to halt the juggernaut...
  4. Sure I've been to games with a poisonous atmosphere, but it doesn't happen out of the blue. It's always an accumulation of unexpectedly poor results or bad form. That Southampton game was the next home game after beating Leicester and the first home game since we'd won at Spurs in the Cup. Carrow Road would have been rocking. I'll admit there's a few who sit on their hands and wait to be 'entertained' but most of us would have been really up for that game. As is often the case on here we all probably dwell on different things. Perhaps you had already accepted relegation and saw the FA Cup as a bit if a triviality. But surely you have to admit the atmosphere in the stadium after that Leicester win was brilliant and the whole city was buzzing after we won that pen shoot out? The point about worst team in the world was simply because the thread is about us being the worst in Europe and your suggestion that supporters could have made it worse. Sort of a "it's worse than that he's dead Jim" situation.
  5. Just how much worse do you think it could have got? Could it have meant with supporters in the stadium we were the worst team in the world? Or even the worst in the universe? I still think the supporters would have made a positive difference.
  6. Maybe I overplay the role of the fans in the performance of the team. Maybe you underplay it. Maybe the truth is between the two. Whichever way it is it's the only thing we can influence. Or could.
  7. I know. I shall have to review how I see football. Because I was sure we played at least twice as well in those WBA and Leeds games as we did in the Forest and Millwall games.
  8. Imagine if we'd gone 0-3 behind to Forest in the game after that magic switch where we went from awful to brilliant. Or 2-3 to Millwall. But of course we were playing so much better by then....
  9. All I do is post what I want where I want when I want. Then people can reply with what they want where they want when they want. Perhaps there's an alternative universe where you didn't post, I wasn't amused and dear old Ren didn't get all precious about it. That place wouldn't be so much fun.
  10. I do wonder if the same people who criticised the flags and banners also criticised the plane.....
  11. The happy clappers have actually come out of this rather well. With 19 goals from the 14 games they could clap and 0 goals from the 5 games without them we can see that the Carrow Road clappers are worth 1.357 goals per game putting them top of the 'most valuable supporters before lockdown' table.
  12. If course you can boo. I wouldn't presume to suggest otherwise. But virtual booing had the same effect as virtual supporting.
  13. I think there's a few well disappointed to have missed out on so many booing opportunities....
  14. We're the elite ones 'cheap tat' too? Club's a joke...
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