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  1. His corrupt GOP enablers have been the problem.

    Test match

    The Crowd. To tell you the truth as much as I love cricket the incessant chanting of the barmy army is a bit wearing after an hour or two. I only go to Trent Bridge now for the Ashes tours because for me that is a war...just the type of cricket I love. I always get as far away from the BA as I can. Same with the singing of god save the queen over and over again is a mystery to me as to why they do it. Looks like I am an old curmudgeon but I am not. This day I will be at a local match where there will no doubt just myself and Mrs Shrimp on the boundery along with some other bloke and a dog watching the game and listening to the sound of leather on willow..heaven.

    Test match

    Riviting test throughout. Thought we had blown it at 117 for 5 but what a fightback by Buttler and Woakes. Lets hope test 2 will be as good.
  4. SWINDO.. where has your certainty gone to that we held all the cards. You really are some dumb Fvckwit.
  5. China has 1000s of years of history behind them and have always played the long game. I honestly believe that china would not care if a 100 million died because of the dotards sanctions. A mere drop in the bucket when there are a billion and a half of them. It has happened in the past and will again. I always remember what chaiman Mao said when Nixon told him to open the borders and let the people leave if they wanted to, Maos answer was.. OK Mr Nixon..how many million do you want... that ended the discussion
  6. Nail, Head. No wonder she found solice in the arms (and bed) of another.
  7. There are no depths lower enough for the GOP scum that they will not try to sink to.
  8. I had to visit the cancer clinic at the N&N today for a checkup. When I went in to the clinic wearing my very expensive mask I bought in Japan about 18 months ago I was asked to wear a paper one that they provided. I hope it was not one of the useless batch Truss helped supply.
  9. No SWINDO.. you are an outright LIAR.
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