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  1. Hope you are still clicking the old camera shutter Herman. I paid a visit to WATATUNGA the new nature reserve in Watlington a couple of days ago and met this chap..a Great Bustard. Forgot to put the trusty Nikon in the car and only had my phone with me so pictures were not to good. Place is well worth a visit and the grandkids loved the ride in the golf buggy each family gets to drive round in convoy in. Will be going back but with my big cam and tele lens.
  2. Great bit of comedy (really the truth)


    Tonight from midnight till about five thirty is supposed to be the best time for them. I have on my phone an app called SKYVIEW LITE I have the free version which is excellent. Hit the app and hold the phone up and it tells you exactly what is above you. It is handy as it shows the outline of all the consterlations and names them. I was on a nav course years ago and plotting by the stars was a nightmare ( for me anyway) The old boys like my grandfather who could steer a ship with just a compass and sextant were exceptional men. Thank god for GPS is all I can say.
  4. You would...or anyone else on here who accused him of comitting an offence. Now crawl back into your pit.
  5. He would be to much of a coward for that Bill.
  6. Here's a couple of bits of JACKSPEAK for you SWINDO I bet you were a DOGSBODY.. WITH A FACE LIKE A SEABOOT. No wonder she did a flit.
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