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  1. Moscow Mitch also said that tRump will face a lot of heavy duty legal battles..cannot be soon enough now that he has lost a lot of his presidential powers have been stripped away.
  2. WG Grace when being clean bowled once bent down and put the bails back on and said the wind blew them off. He stayed in. BBC said this morning.
  3. When I first started to listen to the wireless we had an acid filled accumlator to run the thing. One of us had to take it to an electrical shop in town called Bensleys to get it charged at the princely sum of sixpence a time. God help us if it ran out before the old man could hear the football results on a saturday. I can remember him with his lug to the speaker trying to hear them. Me and my brothers had probably run it down listening to Riders Of the Range or d.ick Barton.🤣
  4. Its not music I have been listening to (well not all of the time) but the digital remastering of the original Journey Into Space on R4 Extra. I first listened to it in 1953 and it is good to hear people like David Jacobs, David Kossoff and others again. Our wireless was hired from Radio Rentals that consisted of a box on the wall that you had the choice of about two stations on. Those were the days.😀
  5. tRump one year ago today. 464.000 dead today in the USA.
  6. Watching on C4 at the moment instead of sky. Its good to hear A Cooks thoughts on the reasons for playing on as against declaring.
  7. All keeper do it but he can be a bit over the top. He was told by the ump to tone it down a bit during our knock.
  8. Rishahb Pant. Great favorite of mine in the IPL. When he is behind the castle he is a non stop chatterer though. Get on my wick a bit.
  9. He was a real jack in the box in the field and always having fun. I have seen him doing handstands in the field when the play was a bit slow to relieve the bordom. I really loved being in the field more than anything else myself. We used to have a first class umpire on this forum, but sadly he cannot officiate any more.
  10. I was at Trent Bridge when Boycott ran out Randall. If the crowd could have got hold of the Yorkshire prat I think they would have lynched him. Not one of my favorites, especially after the woman beating episode.
  11. Just an out and out brexwit racist who should have been banned years ago you piece of excrement.
  12. He is an out and out racist and should have been banned long ago.
  13. Just had a look to see whats on on the talking picture channel. The Plank at 4 oclock. In F.uckwit Swindos case it is as thick as a plank.
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