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    I knew I had a lovely picture of Lapps at one of our events, took me a long time to find it but with a little help from Eddie on dates, here it is, was taken at our August 2015 fans forum which was our very first event He was so pleased to get his cake from Russ
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    I mean this is nonsense. Cantwell out performed Buendia last time in the Premier League. The attitude some fans have towards Todd makes zero sense - all other Premier League fans of other clubs always identify Todd as being a top talent when they watch him play. Anyway, he won't be going for £20 million, as Webber has already said he would only let Todd go for more than the Emi deal was worth to us, and rightly so.
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    But we have these owners..... they took the club on, simple as that.... us fans don't 'deserve' other owners or investors, we definitely deserve these owners as they have done an exceptional job. Bottom line is they invested in and own the club and as long as they run it well, which they do and some, we needn't complain or wish for more money that would potentially destroy the ethos. We could wish for something else but likely get much, much worse. They might be paupers in comparison financially, but ethically, morally, and sportingly, they are what most football clubs aspire to be.
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    I just wanted to add my sincere condolences to Lapp's family and friends. Thanks to Til for informing us all and also to Diane for posting the lovely photo of Lapps with Russ. As a long-time reader of this message board, I always appreciated Lapp's posts and would often log on a hour before kick off to get the team news from him. From what has been written by those who knew him, he was obviously a lovely guy. I'd also like to add that it was touching that so many apparently diverse personalities on here have shown equal good-heartedness in their condolences and tributes. I've noted a few times this has happened when there has been news of a poster passing away. It makes me feel especially positive about this messageboard as an online community. Best wishes to all
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    Matt (who I known and is a very nice chap) may work in the field but as stated, I will follow the advice of world renowned scientists and take the booster jab, my flu jab and any other jab the scientific and medical profession say I should, that will improve my quality of life. I will not listen to quacks, anti Vaxer's, Covid deniers or Facebook warriors. Just the the people who have spent all their lives doing this... I will wear masks in crowded areas because I like to be considerate to my fellow human beings and it is proven to help reduce the spread. Those that choose not to follow advice or refuse to wear a mask when asked to by the establishment they are entering, don't whine and moan when you are rightly barred. Boring....
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    First it was Joshua King. Now Joshua Zirkzee. Joshua Tree next. And we still won't have found what we're looking for...
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    Either we need to change the school holidays or the transfer window so that the two don't coincide
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    Seeing Eddie's message that Lappinitup never missed a week in 14 years of PUPs has persuaded me to rejoin this year after a bit of an absence. £10 just sent by PayPal. Thanks.
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    Awful news, and thoughts go out to his family and friends. Lapps was a gentleman and his vital role as "Keeper of the Waveney's" always made me chuckle, no matter how many times I saw that list. RIP Apples
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    I can confirm that Todd will definitely be going or staying.
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    Lapps was a top poster, a top PUP and a top man. Was always there for me and Rays Funds and never missed a week in 14 years. Tilly told me this morning that he was ill. I tried to call him and left a message saying I'd call him when I got home. He answered that text at saying ok at 1:45. It's hard to take in. Lapps was always up for a PUPs meet but covid kept us all apart for too long. I will miss him. RIP Mick
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    This is still a great place to discuss NCFC stuff. Very little real abuse, just the usual spats and arguments which are sometimes irritating, sometimes entertaining too - and a forum that has people in it from all over the world. So it is still the main forum and better and more inclusive than the rest. With Facebook and twitter, it is difficult to sift through the rubbish to find something sensible, WOTB is not a great format to use imo, NorwichTalk could have been good, but stifles emotion and argument too much. Difficult to get the right balance for any forum, but this one has a real community spirit at it's heart, which compliments the community aspect of the club. A good place to talk about the club, make new friends and as we have seen with dear old Lapps, comes together in adversity and shows what a real community is all about.
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    With sincere apologies to Strummer (RIP) and Jones: Should I Stay or Should I Go The Clash Waveney you got to let me knowShould I stay or should I go?If you say that you are mineI'll be here 'til the end of my contractSo you got to let me knowShould I stay or should I go? It's always scampi scampi scampiYou're happy when I'm on the benchOne day is fine and next is blackSo if you want the Norwich shirt off my backWell come on an' let me knowShould I Stay or should I go? Should I stay or should I go now?Should I stay or should I go now?If I go there will be troubleAn' if I stay we'll win the doubleSo come on and let me know This criticism's buggin' me (La crítica me molesta)If you support Ipswich, set me free (Si apoyas a Ipswich, librame)Exactly who am I supposed to be (Dime! ¿Qué tengo ser?)Don't you know what hairband even fits me? (¿no sabes que diadema me queda bien?)Come on and let me know (Pero me tienes que decir)Should I cool it or should I blow? (¿Me debo ir o quedarme?) Split (Doble!) (¿Me frío o lo soplo?) (Es verdad) (Rrattarrattarrattaa...) (No) Should I stay or should I go now? (¿Yo me frío o lo soplo?)Should I stay or should I go now? (¿Yo me frío o lo soplo?)If I go there will be trouble (Si me voy, va a haber peligro)And if I stay it we'll win the double (Si me quedo, ganaremos el doble)So you gotta let me know (Pero me tienes que decir) Should I cool it or should I blow? (¿Me frío o lo soplo?)Should I stay or should I go now? (¿Me frío o lo soplo?)If I go there will be trouble (Si me voy, va a haber peligro)And if I stay it we'll win the double (Si me quedo, ganaremos el doble)So you gotta let me know (Pero me tienes que decir)Should I stay or should I go?
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    me, and my shadow
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    To be fair you didn't need to rename me pigesar when I was already hogesar.
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    The simple fact is we all lost. The EU, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales the UK economy, national unity, trust in government - all were sacrificed on an alter of deceit.
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    All this Hugill abuse from Bill, I can see Jordan taking it as a compliment. Bill is, after all, possibly the least knowledgeable person on anything football whatsoever, believing that formations aren't a thing being at the top of that list. Hugill is a good player. Four goals in Seven starts for us, on the back of 13 goals in 30 starts for QPR the season before. Equally, struggled at West Ham but they bought him in the first place, just as we did. Again, I reckon the Premier League quality scouting teams know a little more than "4-2-3-1 Doesn't exist" Bill from Norwich (who doesn't attend matches and watches illegal streams which cut out every 2 minutes, which might go someway to explaining his views on football).
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    Remember when the bloated buffoon said the EU could 'go whistle' - then agreed to cough up the £39bn, and "Boris Johnson has backed down and offered to drop the clauses in the Brexit Bill that would break international law, in a bid to break the deadlock in the talks." Dec 2020 "Boris Johnson has moved to dispel fears that Brexit will undermine devolution in the UK after making key concessions to the House of Lords over his “power grab” plans." Dec 2020 And with Johnson holding Mrs Bun the baker as his top card in yet another game of poker with the EU there is little doubt which way this will go
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    That is exactly the sort of rubbish that outlines what happens whneever a new drug is brought to market. Just because a drug is for Maleria doesn't mean it shouldn't go through the same rigor as if it is for Erectile Disfunction. We have allowed the pharma companies to short circuit the process to a large extent for Covid due to parellel trials around the world and the need to get something out ASAP, that doesn't mean that the proper trials should not also continue in the background just to prove that it is doing what we are fairly certain it is whilst not doing anything that we haven't spotted due to a lack of controled studies. As you may have noticed I am firmly against anti-vaxers and vaccine hesitency, but that doesn't mean we should totally ignore the scientific method. From memory Matt Juler actually works in this field so we shold respect what he says on 'this sort of rubbish'.
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    @TIL 1010 can you somehow arrange for Lappin's family to read this thread? His decency and humour shone through his threads and he'll be missed by all. This news has come as a shock and I'm sure many like me will shed a tear.
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    It speaks volumes that there’s been over a hundred posts on this thread in just one day. A much loved poster who will be sorely missed
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    Absolutely staggering how some fans can be so critical of our quality players and ignore the bigger picture. Can we really allow Todd to leave without it affecting the team? Ignore the fact that some club may be prepared to pay upwards of £30 million for Todd, the crucial issue is what he is worth to us, and more particularly to the team at this moment. It's debateable that we have more than 11 players that we can trust to start games over a full season. If we're going to replace players, from here on, we need to replace those that were not convinced can make the step up as opposed to those that have. For us to be competitive, we need as many players familiar with each other’s game and the system in which we play. Bringing in too many new faces at once is very risky and will leave us even more vulnerable. For that reason alone, we need to keep Todd at all costs. Based on what we have, he's currently our best playmaker and it's highly likely he will thrive on that responsibility.
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    Lovely pic, Diane. 2 gents of our club. One from the pitch, one from the stands. The whole forum and Pink’un family has lost a mate here. I hope this thread eventually takes its place alongside Ray’s as a permanent memorial to everyone’s friend on here
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    It looks like Hospital numbers will top out in the next week. My initial guess of 7k to 8k now looks a bit high.
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    Todd is worth more than £20m for us. As for the pointless Emi v Todd output debate - yes todd score 6 goals to Buendias one in the prem last time, yet only created 2 goals to Emis 7; 8 direct goal involvements each with both players on the pitch for c2500 mins each and taking shots at the same rate per game & near identical pass success rates of c80%. Very similar in "output" performance so should also be for value, other than Emi signed the contracts to ensure we get a decent a price, while Todds contract committment hasnt been so clear, even if the departure was as likely. The two areas of output performance difference was was in chances created - 83 ( for Emi (4th best in the prem that season) compared to todds 35 (49th) - and the ability to dribble past the opponent, where Emi completed 102 (4th best) compared to Todds 49 (36th). We have been lucky to have both of these players in our side at the same time. Whoscored is a treasure trove
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    Or both. Schrodinger's Cantwell.
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    This is what conspiracy theorists do. They take a given fact and don't read the whole piece, just assume that they can conclude what it means in order to put out garbage and look smart. Because clearly you're smarter than the thousands of scientists around the world who have dedicated their lives to helping a government or the lizards or Bill Gates or China or whoever else you think wants us all dead or incapable of independent thought or whatever. The alternative of course being that people die from a virus we can do something about. The CDC have given notice that from December 31st the existing PCR testing regime will be enhanced by in vitro testing but at the moment that is not available and is itself still undergoing testing for accuracy. The new tests will be between 98-100% accurate on both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases. This compares with 92 - 98% accuracy for the current PCR test. Do YOUR research. I'll help. Read this EUA withdrawal for CDC COVID-19 PCR test is due to the development of newer tests that help save time and resources, not because the test is faulty - Health Feedback I'm glad though that people who hold views like yours are given a platform to evidence just how ridiculous your views are.
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    Very sad news, his avatar always made me laugh-I couldn't work out if it was a real life dog or not. He was very well thought of on this message board, and will be sadly missed. RIP and condolences to his family.
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    There is a very detailed thread on this by Swiss Ramble. This shows that following our premier season our net debt feel from 22.6 million to a cash positive position of 29.5 million (later in the thread it is pointed out that this misleading as the club needed ££10 million to pay a short term loan and £18 for a deferred tax bill - covid, I presume). Other details in the thread: Wage bill rose from £51 million to £90 million. (Higher that Watford's btw, despite what someone said earlier) We had a short-term bank loan (£10.5 million at 5.2%) which had to be paid back in May 2021. We spent 18.5 million on transfers (the average 16-20 was £19.8million, but this is skewed by he 34.8 million we spent in 15-16 to guarantee that we did not get relegated!) Our profit on player sales was the lowest in the EPL that year, although it will be higher this year after selling Godfrey and Lewis. The same season Palace made £46 profit on player sales, Watford £22 million, Southampton 21 million, Burnley £7, Brighton £5 million, for example. Profiting on player sales is very much the model for all clubs. We had no paid directors (the same year Steve Parish at CPFC received 2.6 million -beaten only by Spurs and Man Utd). Our commercial income was very good for a club our size - credit to Ben Kensall - £21 million - better that Southampton, Fulham, Burnley , Palace, Watford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Huddersfield (not all clubs had published their accounts at this stage, so previous years clubs were used for the table). There is a very detailed thread on Swiss Rambles twitter thread which will tell you more (need to go back to Novemeber 2020 so takes some finding - hence the delay) - worth looking at.
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    Will wait for Pad, Connor, or MB to make a comment but Sam Seaman didn't exactly say it was wide of the mark Would be an exciting signing for sure - if this is our 'C' list targets, then I must say I am devastated to have missed out on Sancho
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    Also on BBC Radio Norfolk UK wide via BBC Sounds App if you don't fancy paying £10 for coverage.
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    Looks a great player and the way Dimi almost seamlessly adapted to British football makes me think there's a good crossover there. Admittedly, Dimi was not great in his first couple of games but you could see that desire to figure things out in our system was there. And he became integral. This kid got 16 goals and 10 assists in a league that's not too shabby. He has had admirers from Barcelona and Man Utd. I think 10 million could actually prove to be a really solid investment
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    And what was wrong with that at the time? We always said it was a year too early, the squad was very young. If we put too much on their shoulders it could have affected their whole career had we still failed. If they played badly then I would think they got told that and that wasn't acceptable, but chewing them out for losing when playing well (which we did a lot of before the restart) would have been counter-productive for a lot of the players.
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    There’s a lot of prejudging and ridiculing going on here, but how would people feel if it had been a group of blokes who’d got a woman drunk, taken her back to a hotel room and taken suggestive, compromising and humiliating photos involving her? I hope there aren’t double standards being displayed here.
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    Dunno, some of the marking in front of me made me wonder if social distancing was being observed a bit too keenly for my liking. We won 15-12, but were absolutely dog-s*it. The phrase "about as useful as Anne Frank's drumkit" definitely made an audio appearance in disgust at the lack of tackling.
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    I hadn't seen this when I posted that, but Southwell has plainly already had a negative steer on a Cameroon international defender we have just been linked with.
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    His account in anecdotal and as it appears he has an anti-vax bias, then it's suspect. The research quoted is with regard to "laboratory confirmed influenza" and claims it is inconclusive. Here's some research and appraisal of the influence of masks on SARS-CoV2 https://gh.bmj.com/content/5/5/e002794?ijkey=00a1a7966fadbe42b22c3badc63d16b231f6fc79&keytype2=tf_ipsecsha https://www.pnas.org/content/118/4/e2014564118?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_0a292f0b1463acdd0a558f9d81d03b10a599a2cc-1627486179-0-gqNtZGzNAeKjcnBszQiO
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    National 27,734 - 91 Down17k on last Wednesday rate of Decrease 36.1% (7 days) Local Norwich infection rate down from 352.1 to 333.6 (falling for third day) (9 patients in N&N not updated since 20th) Vax 1st Dose 35,446 88.3% done Norwich numbers 75.5% 2nd Dose 151,851 71.1% done 54.5% In Hospital 27-07-2021 6,021 26-07-2021 5,945 25-07-2021 5,601 24-07-2021 5,334 23-07-2021 5,270 22-07-2021 5,064 21-07-2021 4,895
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    Let's hope you don't remember the way back.
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    There's delusion on every forum, and I'm sure we could find several of similar posts like that on this forum. The poll in which more than 80% said Buendia is better than Grealish springs to mind; we'd have the **** taken out of us no end for that one by fans of other clubs.
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    Yep There’s one heading in this general direction from Athens I’ve got my eye on. It’s quite a way away at the moment though. Even if it comes to the U.K. then they generally go to either Stansted or Luton which is why I found it strange that we had two landing at Norwich airport yesterday.
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    And you really think Farke didn't analyse every game for such instances? There seems to be a strange myth that has developed about Farke that he just wants to pour out love to the youngsters and no criticism. Yet every interview with players that I've seen talk about his genuine honesty about their performances and his expectations. Buendia and Cantwell certainly knew where they stood at the beginning of last season whenFarke perceived them to be under-performing.
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    Transfermarkt has him down as a left winger so Tzolis, Cantwell, Rashica could be a pretty interesting three behind Pukki.
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    This is very sad news. Had the pleasure of meeting Mick several times over the last few years and always found his sense of humour and sense of fun was brilliant and of course he is a legend on here and liked by so many. Thoughts are with his family and friends. RIP Mick, the forum won't be the same without you.
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    Thankfully those anti+Vaxer's are a loud idiotic minority. If we had followed their amazing insight then, we'd still have massive issues with mumps, chickenpox, polio etc. Whilst, in the past we have had major issues with vaccinations we how have a far greater controls in place and I'd much rather listen to those great scientists at Oxford who developed a vaccination and gave it to the world at cost... No money grabbing no conspiracies.. just intelligent bright people trying to help solve a major world pandemic. Imagine the deaths if we'd not had these magnificent people.. far more than the current 4.16m that have already died. It's your choice not to have a vaccination, it's democracy for the rest of us to protect ourselves from your stupidity.
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    I’m talking about a bloke called Jim Anderson who has just joined the Hearts board and who bailed out Scottish football last year. look him up. Would meet every single one of Delia’s criteria (and the criteria for any “community club” really) although I will admit there’s nothing to indicate whether he has ever had any desire to put money into Norwich City. I would though be very interested to know if he’s ever been spoken to or invited to the club to see if he is interested in getting involved alongside the current owners. Somehow I doubt it and now I would imagine it’s too late as he’s getting more involved at Hearts.
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    Says the man with 15,256 posts to his name.
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