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  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I hear the words “Elon Musk” I immediately think of the smell of two large red deer rutting. It’s quite unpleasant, and only marginally less unpleasant than thinking of Elon Musk
  2. For the Final Six I'm going for an Away Win for Genoa at Perugia. For BTTS, Cambridge United vs Grimsby Town. Good luck to @PurpleCanary, @littleyellowbirdie and all the PUPs everywhere in the world.
  3. The World Cup in 2026 will be held in the USA (jointly with Canada and Mexico). Although if Trump gets back in as President, you could argue that it will be held in a country that is worse than North Korea.
  4. 5 games featuring England and/or Wales so that’s 5 pints. Plus I’ve got 2 Greene King pubs within 200 yards of each other so I could get a pint in both for each game, so that’s 10 pints. It’s almost worth it.
  5. Last few tournaments (including the next 2) have been: ASIA, EUROPE, AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, NORTH AMERICA On the basis of rotating the continents, it should be Africa in 2030. If no African countries are bidding then it should be South America.
  6. For the Final Six, a Home Win for Pontedera against US Fiorenzuola. BTTS, Halifax v Borehamwood. Good luck to @ZLF, @NFN FC and all the rest of the PUPs. I’m good for the match pick on 17th December Eddie
  7. Yes, it would have been much closer if Afridi hadn't been injured, those 5 balls from Iftikhar gave England the momentum back.
  8. Exciting match but it has reinforced my view that in T20 the number of awful batting strokes outweigh the number of decent ones. It’s just a slog fest
  9. The one I usually use doesn't seem to be working despite the game appearing on the list, I've probably been using the same one you have found, was ok when it started working after about 20 minutes but it's been rubbish in the second half.
  10. Not there yet, my late night drink is a Gin and Tonic
  11. Our plan for our last 2 games at The Etihad was the same as our plan for all of our away games in the Premiership under Daniel Farke-pass out from the back. Only we almost inevitably lost possession deep in our own half.
  12. One of a number of truly forgettable League Cup exits against lower league opposition-see also Barnet and Brentford
  13. For the Final Six I'm going for a game in the Copa del Rey, the Spanish equivalent of the FA Cup, and an Away Win for FC Andorra against Manacor. For the Norwich match bet, I'll go for a Home Win, 2-1. Good luck to @Mandie Moo @Mandie Moos Mear Kat and all the rest of you PUPs.
  14. Might have to take the plunge as my latest FM20 save isn’t going too well. Is the National North and South still the lowest level available in England without a custom database?
  15. Not sure I’ve mentioned this before but I remember playing Championship Manager 2 as Wigan with the 3 Amigos-Martinez, Seba and Diaz. Anyway, it was very easy to hack into the commentary-easy for us even with no technical skills-so we would have text like “Martinez tw@ts the ball over the bar” or “Martinez hits a shot right out of the ground”. All very schoolboy-ish, although I was over 30 at the time
  16. Yes, his reading of the game was very good, personally he was my player of the match just ahead of Max.
  17. No, but if they are a skinhead/Oi band our guitarist has probably played with them in his other band.
  18. The end of this season. We would have to pay compensation though to sign him on a free unless they either don’t offer him a new contract or they offer him one that is less favourable than his current contract.
  19. The FAI approached him in 2019 but he turned them down.
  20. Didn’t Josh put a header wide from a corner in the first half?
  21. Yet he started 35 matches the following season for Watford-and got promoted again!
  22. Selling Malky might not have relegated us but replacing him with the man-mountain Simon Charlton possibly did
  23. My brother went to a few Chelsea games in the early 80s, reckons he saw blokes shaving outside before going in the U16s entrance
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