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  1. What I was surprised at yesterday was the number of times that a Wolves player won possession when our player was in control-the one that really stood out was when Max cut out a pass meant for Jota, but then Jota got a touch and Max had to foul him and got booked. Too many times they looked like they thought that they had done enough to get to the ball first but Wolves players had more determination and energy. You might have been forgiven for thinking that Wolves had had a weeks rest and we had played less than 72 hours previously.
  2. Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo who has equalled Fabio Quagliarella’s record of scoring in 11 successive Serie A games. (Held jointly with Batistuta).
  3. Mr Angry

    VAR - what needs to happen

    Surely what needs to happen is that we bung the PL more cash so that we get the benefit of the dodgy decisions, not the team we’re playing against?
  4. But a plastic wouldn’t even bother getting tickets would he?
  5. Why should anybody have to explain the reason that they support a team from anywhere? I was born in Watford and have lived in the area almost all my life but I support Norwich. Is that ok with you?
  6. Mr Angry

    Possible postponement

    Really don’t understand this, I live about 6 miles from Prenton Park, there have been a few games called off there recently but there hasn’t been much rain. If the pitch is waterlogged it’s because of poor drainage.
  7. Mr Angry

    I had a dream....

    With a bit of luck I'll be watching the game in a pub full of Liverpool fans. I'll ask them.
  8. Mr Angry

    I had a dream....

    They can’t have a perfect season as they’ve already drawn one game.
  9. Mr Angry

    Has Pukki been found out?

    For us he has scored 31 with his right and 8 with his left.
  10. Mr Angry

    Tesco £3 meal deals

    As a snack I think, I’m pretty sure he gets a sandwich as his main.
  11. Mr Angry

    Tesco £3 meal deals

    My brother says Co-op do a spicy chorizo scotch egg in their meal deal but sadly not in my local one.
  12. Mr Angry

    Illogical dislikes

    When you’re reading a news story on the internet and there is a quote from someone’s Instagram account in the text-and then they show the original Instagram post too-what is the point of that?
  13. Mr Angry

    Norwich City games we can win

    This should be in the football section
  14. Mr Angry

    Philip Schofield

    No, society hasn’t been magically fixed-in fact it appears to have got worse. There are still people around who will give abuse if it suits them.
  15. Mr Angry

    Philip Schofield

    Because he’s in the public eye, and if he didn’t announce it and someone else did he’d get loads of abuse for trying to hide it. That’s how society works these days unfortunately.
  16. Mr Angry

    Philip Schofield

    Even now I think it is still a big deal when a celebrity comes out. I think a lot of people forget or don’t know that homosexuality was only de-criminalised in England and Wales in 1967-and even later in Scotland and Ireland. And obviously still illegal-and with a wide variety of punishments-in many countries around the world, some of which a celebrity may have to visit for work. Possibly relevant for him may be that his family went to live in NZ when he was 19, and homosexuality was still illegal then. He may have been having feelings that he felt he couldn’t act on at that time, and has repressed them ever since. Who knows? The human mind is not a simple thing to try and understand.
  17. Mr Angry

    Philip Schofield

    He’s had a lot more time to think about things since he decided to sell his car through ‘We Buy Any Car”
  18. Mr Angry

    What constitutes a good breakfast

    Trying to lower my blood pressure so I’m eating porridge with fruit for breakfast at the moment.
  19. Mr Angry

    Onel Hernandez Instagram... er?

    Good first post
  20. I believe this started when Bradley Johnson pointed out to Joey Barton that he had bad breath
  21. Mr Angry

    Looks like the Spurs then?

    Can't see it listed on the Spurs site but fingers crossed it's Tuesday or Wednesday.
  22. Mr Angry

    Looks like the Spurs then?

    Has there been an official announcement on the date? The Pink-Un story says that the tweet about it being on Thursday has since been deleted. All 8 FA Cup matches are on Tuesday 3rd March according to the BBC website-but presumably this will change. I went to Preston & Burnley as they were in the North West and I'll be down South on the Tuesday and Wednesday that week but I'll be travelling home on Thursday so won't be able to go
  23. I would agree that if we conceded within say 5 minutes after scoring, you might be able to put it down to a lack of concentration, but that wouldn’t necessarily be down to the celebration-one of the commentator’s biggest cliches is that a team is most vulnerable when they’ve just scored. But it may be down to a brilliant piece of skill from the opposition. I would say though that anything longer than 5 minutes after we score is not “soon” so in my opinion, last season we conceded 6 goals soon after scoring and this season we haven’t conceded any. Obviously though, we have scored far less this season
  24. Last season, we conceded 2 goals in the first 5 minutes of the first half and 2 in the first 5 minutes of the second half. Those stats are the same this season so far.
  25. Because I was bored, and because I doubted that this was correct, I have done the research on our league games this season and last season. Last season, there were 27 occasions when we scored, and the next goal was scored by the opposition. The gaps between these goals, in ascending order, were as follows: 2 @ 1 minute, 2 @ 2, 1 @ 3, 1 @5, 3 @ 6, 2 @ 7, 3 @ 9, 1 @ 12, 1 @ 14, 1@ 17, 1 @ 19, 2 @ 23, 1@ 27, 2 @ 29, 1@ 31, 1 @ 38, 1 @ 58 and 1 @ 67. This season, there have been 14 occasions when we have scored, and the next goal was scored by the opposition. The gaps were as follows: 1 @ 8 minutes, 1 @ 9, 1 @ 10, 1 @ 11, 1 @ 12, 1 @ 17, 1 @ 18, 2 @ 22, 2 @ 37, 1@ 38, 1 @ 43 and 1 @ 81. I’d say that especially this season there is no correlation between celebrating a goal and conceding soon afterwards.