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  1. To be fair with the initial guys that succeeded him probably wouldn't have been the end of the world comparatively. Play poorly and lose to Leeds next week and it'll be curtains
  2. I mean, Garth Crooks isn't a Norwich fan and its hardly surprising he's spouting without doing some basic research but as a Norwich fan I thought you would have. His point is invalid. Unless he's going to accuse several other clubs of the same. We spent more than the other two promoted clubs in the Summer. Just because they're not in the relegation zone its ok not to invest, apparently. That we may have bought the wrong players would be an argument, but not the one he's making. Probably because he's not bothered to even look who we've signed, and just assumed the same as 2 years ago.
  3. Its not looking good, the closest similar scenario I have where Farke excelled was the way he turned things around after our last relegation pretty much instantly. On the back of 11 straight defeats and incredibly low morale he got a tune out of them again. Obviously not that similar as we were able to sign new players and freshen up the squad. Youd think a lot of the players who haven't had much game time like Tzolis and Cantwell have a right to knock on Farkes door and ask to be involved as everyone pretty much let themselves down Saturday.
  4. Hopefully people will finally realise what Big Vince is, those who haven't already that is, from reading this.
  5. The guys pretty messed up though. He was pretty messed up with his old account on here too, and left after embarrassing himself one too many times. It'll happen again I'm sure.
  6. I promise you, the block feature isn't perfect but it's a significant upgrade for this forum. You only see the initial thread post and then anything another poster has quoted.
  7. Even if you've blocked someone, how come you can see historic threads and also, quoted posts? Some things just aren't fair.
  8. We arent battling away midtable in League One like you real losers though, are we? We've also not gone 10, 11, 12 years not beating our local rival. Credit for getting a draw at Cambridge though, nice to see a small club like Ipswich scrapping a draw against their actual local rivals. Next time you decide to post pretending to be a Norwich fan, try not using the term 'nodge' . Even for a binner that's pretty thick.
  9. Solksjaer should have gone several times last season, and didn't. So trying to use Man United owners as a way of slagging of our own isn't only desperate, its also misplaced.
  10. Cheers Paul. 18 months for that insight. Try waiting 4 or 5 years and you might come up with something on par with @Uncle Fred which is a low bar in itself, by the way.
  11. Exactly this. And whilst Lewis, Aarons and Godfrey were at the club already, we had only really heard of Godfrey from being on loan at York or something. Its still under Webbers tenure with the manager he appointed that he turned these young players into multi million pound assets.
  12. Are we at the stage of asking for random players from the u23s to be deserving of a Premier League start yet though? And do they jump the queue on the existing first team players not getting a game?
  13. Thats hard to argue against based on evidence so far.
  14. With respect I dont agree. Not least because Farke himself has shown a fantastic ability to nurture young talent alongside bringing the likes of Cantwell and Buendia back into focus for a promotion season. That suggests he is quite aware of what he is saying. Secondly, Farke isn't the only manager to big up the opposition in public and put down our own chances, but privately making it clear what he expects. Like I say, even our most successful managers have done that, such as Paul Lambert. The only reason that sticks in my mind is it was only a couple months ago I was talking about this very thing in a group of people that includes Grant Holt!
  15. I think most would like to see us revert back to what we know. If that happens, who's the 2 midfielders central? Most put Normann in then after that it's more difficult. Id say PLM but even then, McLean was better than both Normann and PLM yesterday, but thats hardly a barometer. We've not had the balance right all season even with three in that midfield so im not sure 2 is going to look much better but possibly Gilmour and Normann is an option? Feels too lightweight.
  16. Of course he's a good manager. You said the same yourself multiple times on this forum before these 8 games. Hes more than decent at championship level. You spouted how difficult it would be after the last relegation to turn things around and get promoted again. We done it, with record points and a title.
  17. I agree @Rhino1 that there are a group of posters on here who certainly enjoy their time when things go wrong for NCFC. I dont know if all of them genuinely support Norwich or just like to be here for some form of communication, but each to their own. Unfortunately the rest of your post pales into insignificance because the nature of the defeat was so poor that right now Farke and the players deserve everything coming at them.
  18. I think you need to be a bit smarter in regards to what Managers say when trying to relieve pressure publicly vs what they say in the dressing room. Any ex player will tell you its hugely different. If you want an example, ask Holty. Hes quite open to talking about that side of things.
  19. Who knows, we will see, won't we? Don't think I've ever referred to you as a 4 year old.
  20. Well if he does leave, we will see if a bigger club agrees with me or not...
  21. Now you're not being silly, you're either genuinely thick or purposefully being ignorant. I didnt say Rashica increased in value did I? But do I think hes worth more than Wildshutt who was in the squad when Webber first came in? Categorically yes. I was comparing the squad Webber came into to the one hes likely to depart with. I'm not sure how I can make this clearer.
  22. Yeah, there's literally zero difference in value, age, potential or quality of our squad now to the one Webber came into. None at all. Why be so silly?
  23. Of course not any other manager could win two championship titles in succession. Youre making it out like its easy. In which case Bournemouth should have easily gone up automatically last season, ahead of us, since they'd built a Premier League side over multiple seasons with hundreds of million spent. There's countless other examples. Be smarter.
  24. No, Farke didn't get lucky winning two championship titles. And this is where the pathetic rewriting of history begins.
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