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  1. @Highland Canary So this firesale. Does it start by us refusing to sell below our valuation?
  2. I haven't set or defined any paramaters to be a Norwich fan so good try. I don't deny your period of transition. I never argued that. If you could try not spouting essentially the 'happy clapper' nonsense just using more words, then maybe we can have a proper conversation about it. You've tried telling me I wear everything with yellow and green glasses yet if you bothered to read my posts properly I criticise regularly. I just don't go over the top and have the equivelant of an online hissy fit. I was amazed because we still have a lot of the quality of our side that won this division with nearly 100 points and 100 goals, however Webber has also noted the need to freshen and make several signings to combat that. It's just to praise Stoke and Boro for apparently now having a structure, yet ours means a rebuilding season is a bit odd. I'd expect them to both have much better seasons but there's a reason why we're 3rd favourites to win the league and they're 5th, Middlesbrough are 9th, etc etc.
  3. I'm hearing more and more that anyone who isn't a "happy clapper" can't post their opinion on this board. If that's the case, why bother? Why not create a group of "NCFC fans who detest everything NCFC" and you can all happily go about your ways? For what it's worth I think you should definitely post your opinions on here. Generally speaking I disagree with every one of them. Some of them I think are incredibly stupid, but I'd always defend your right to say them. But if you're not happy with that situation there's a fantastic Facebook Group I can link you to? They're producing a Delia Out banner did you know? Well, they would have been if any of them would put their money where their mouth is.
  4. How can the fans be to blame? If the fans are happy they're happy and therefore there's nothing to lay blame for, is there?
  5. Of course you could be right but it does amaze me that a Norwich fan having seen our structure and what we do, albeit having just been relegated, conversely believes that two teams who struggled last season in the division below are likely to 'hit the ground running'
  6. As if youre going to start throwing bully lines out when you posted the reply you did the other day calling someone a c*nt and god knows what else What a place this is at the moment.
  7. So just to clarify, contrary to this weird attempt to attack Farke and Webber in the original post, turns out, comparatively speaking, yes, we were a young side last season: https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-premier-league-top-dogs-academy-minutes-played-1-6783447 Not that the above should have been needed to evidence that.
  8. Well, having been sacked by Norwich I ended up at Swindon who were 5 points adrift from safety in League Two. Kept them up fairly easily, no transfer or wage budget so was interesting next season but got promoted to league one and then up straight again via play-offs to the championship. Then I got a bit bored and Blackburn offered me a place in Jan as they were cut adrift at the bottom and I thought i'd give it a go because they had Vadis Odjija Ofoe playing for them haha.
  9. Dutch, you're not new here so what right you think you have using evidence in your posts to support the club god only knows. What we have to do is criticise the club for receiving a bid on a player, for some reason. And then paint some doomsday scenario where selling Lewis means we are selling everyone. Its important at this point to note that Lewis was likely the one we were most willing to sell as we purchased a replacement six months ago and already have another player who took his place last season. But please note that is evidence so can't be used here. DELIA OUT. Lets get a banner or something.
  10. We as fans might not do, but i'm guessing our scouts and more recently our coaching staff do.
  11. Of course, its a good point but the problem is the same fans will kick off day and night that the club hasn't shown enough ambition and spent enough money on players etc etc.
  12. You're good at getting things wrong so sounds like we won't be selling many. Great news.
  13. Let's just be honest here for a second. At no point are any of our players going to turn around and go
  14. I hope you realise no club in the world was going to spend £40 million on Maddison who'd only proven himself at Championship level. He was, if I remember rightly, the most expensive player not to have played in the top flight.
  15. I agree it doesn't look as strong as some recent seasons on paper but the unpredictability of the championship means its possible anyone including the likes of just promoted Wycombe could end up being a force. Its ridiculous but its the championship.
  16. I agree apart from I do think Dowell ticks that box even better - experience in this league and still young.
  17. Correct, but some businesses earn that investment themselves whilst others can't seem to achieve that and have to therefore look to third parties to offer external investment. We've been able to do the former, by creating our own assets, in theory.
  18. Sorry, but he's not even remotely within 95874 miles of being a 'legend' for NCFC.
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