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  1. I'm glad he's screwed a load of money out of that grubby club, at least.
  2. Yeah, and for those 22 goals he's not been playing as a striker.
  3. Ask Ben Knapper, not me. But by your token we could have had Lampard instead of Farke and that would have demonstrably been a terrible decision.
  4. I dont think Tzolis could play striker - or anywhere centrally, in England at least, to be honest. His work rate isn't good, he is very poor at playing with his back to goal and actually, his first touch isn't fantastic and he isn't blessed with pace either. He has only performed in poorer leagues when on the left hand side cutting inside and being given space. He has a decent read of the game for playing balls into others but only in a situation where he can see the game in front of him so again, as a striker that's a big no.
  5. I'm afraid Zoe is light years ahead of you and has already sorted work permit.
  6. Thing is they arguably had the best side in the league this season and its doubtful that will remain next.
  7. We get it, you weird infatuated sexist. Zoe has more money than you and it makes your blood boil on a daily basis. Just let it go
  8. It does if you acknowledge completely different profile of striker.
  9. Good news is, although I know nothing about him, he appears to have been our first choice which is always positive.
  10. But they're rare. The top 3 goalscorers - one is linked with 20-30m move, one cost 15m plus addons, one was an absolute bargain but was purchased whilst a Prem club from Feyenoord. The point is its not very easy. It's very difficult. My 20m includes the wages required to entice vs other clubs. Armstrong is on 55k per week. Strikers are one of the hardest positions to recruit at our level which is why Farke and Leeds have shown a persistent interest in Sargent
  11. I think the signings of Pukki and then Sargent to a lesser extent has resulted in fans not remembering how hard it is to sign a top championship striker without £20m
  12. That's just you being silly, or obnoxious, or both. It's usually both. Webber made good and bad signings. Knapper has only so far made bad but has a whole summer to make some good ones. I really don't see what's so controversial.
  13. I'm not convinced we will sign someone better than Idah as a striker in the summer.
  14. No, Barnes delivered in the pseudo 10 role and our matches with and without him showed that. Alongside his goals and assists. Idah was never a pseudo 10 and that's not where he's been playing for Celtic. He scored goals when he played as a number 9 from the bench and that's where he should have been utilised in the second half of the season as he was the first. Well, I think its pretty clear that Idah would have been very useful in games such as Blackburn and QPR away where I think we would have attained maximum points were he an option for us. What pressure those extra points put on teams around us alongside the fact it could have altered who we played in the playoffs means you cannot possibly determine his relevance in the second half of the season.
  15. Scored an important winner in the cup. Could have scored some important goals for us in the second half of the season like he did in the first. Not sure if I've mentioned it previously but Knappers decision to replace him with Sydney really needs discussing on here at some point.
  16. What have I been quoted as saying?! I'm not leaving. Unless Sydney signs for another English club in the summer, I might go support that team for obvious forum-related reasons...
  17. Could end up being another world class Webber signing after all then..
  18. Yes, but I was talking more about what the average supporter is going to notice in the ground on a match-day; they're not going to be seeing 70% possession and retention of the ball at all costs ala Martin - everything i've read suggests he's far more direct and gets the ball forward quickly. Not a criticism either, just an observation
  19. Worth noting he isn't fixated on possession-dominating style, if anything he's closer to Wagner than Farke in that regard, from everything I've read over past few days
  20. And it didn't. Well, require isn't the right word necessarily, more that Wagner wouldn't play a typical CDM in his system, hence we didn't bother with one. We got playoffs despite a horrific injury crisis and Wagners tactics required the deep lying midfielder to be able to drive into space and thread ball into midfield (Kenny, Nunez) - no way could we afford a CDM who could do those things. Much more accurate than your whining all pre-season about selling Mumba who's been bang average at best whilst Rowe scored for fun 🙂
  21. He is my favourite too to be fair. And he's really economic with the amount of words he uses.
  22. I haven't bothered reading the OP but can I just take this moment to point out the most disastrous event of the season - loaning out our goalscoring striker from the bench in Idah, only to be replaced by a lanky, gangly, knock-kneed unfit player by the genius that is Knapper.
  23. The fact you listed 3 and I can list you 5x more than haven't, even with that investment you think makes all the difference, should speak volumes to you. But it won't.
  24. Apparently Ipswich have offered McKenna a £100,000 per week contract to stay...
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