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  1. Not sure that's true. Going out and taking it to the opposition has often left the sort of gaps that even poorer teams can exploit. Plenty of the poorer teams goals have come from the strong team over committing. Very rarely do teams that "go all out and take it to the opposition" win tournament football.
  2. But they'd still look better. Although having seen your McLean comment I realise that you have demonstrably incorrect views on football that go beyond the capability of debate. If you were a mainstay midfielder in two championship title seasons you're not a League One player.
  3. Well, xG is certainly being ignored in this years World Cup, it's been insane! Germany have the highest xG this tournament of any side, but they're going home. Even more ununsual, The winner on xG has won only 15 out of 32 games at the World Cup so far (47%). Of course, since then (that was Nov 29th) the winner on xG won the following 8 matches....xG is back!
  4. I don't doubt he'd look better alongside a Kante or Casemiro. But then so would practically every midfielder in the world.
  5. Who is defending Smith by the way? There hasn't been a single Smith Out chant at the ground so presumably you mean the entire Carrow Road crowd and potentially also yourself?
  6. Especially when you've seen a lot of supposedly top teams in this tournament drop points against very poor opposition. I thought that might calm the entitlement a bit but not for some.
  7. You've been pretty much consistently wrong with every take you've ever dared comment on this forum so probably not the best person to start shouting now Also the game was 90 minutes. The 135 minutes you ran on about are completely irrelevant.
  8. Yep, about as close as you'll get at international level. Kept patient against a team sticking 11 behind the ball. Kept the ball well, dictated the tempo of the game Didn't concede a single clear chance. Scored 3 good goals. Kept a clean sheet. Rested a lot of players and gave minutes to fringe players. Still dominated.
  9. Perfect International performance. Always funny reading this match thread towards the end to see a huge endless list of awful takes
  10. That they all have sexual relations with animals? No, not all of them
  11. Thanks for the insight! Looks like you enjoyed it.
  12. In the Jan window 2020 it was around £10 million I think.
  13. Smiths quotes today alongside the previous quotes from Farke kind of underline everything that gets missed about McLean. Hes not rated by a lot of fans. A lot of fans are guilty of not seeing beyond a goal or a crunching tackle and let's be honest, there's plenty on here who have written off players and been horrifically wrong. Hes rated by the players. Having spoken to recent ex players in the past couple years they all start McLean. Other recent footballers like Hucks, Lappin and Eadie have all said the same thing. Ultimately two managers and there several different coaches have all also felt the same way. Not a Premier League player but that's for our recruitment to sort. He can certainly be a Premier League sub / reserve and it wasn't that long ago West Ham were interested.
  14. Most of your quotes come from one game where Gilmour played well and England were diabolical. It's not a norm or an accurate marker. Ryan Jarvis had a couple of good Prem appearances but that didn't make him England quality. Pundits are essentially paid to over hype. He is a nothing player and his career will generally prove that if it hasn't already.
  15. Equally, anyone would think you were talking about some Champions League midfielder who's been in good form and grabbed 5 goals and 8 assists half way through this season. Instead you're talking about Billy Gilmour who can barely get minutes off the bench for a Brighton side that will likely finish midtable. A Billy Gilmour who Brighton will delightfully allow to go on loan. A Billy Gilmour who has played 13 minutes of football this season. He can't even be trusted as an option to rest their better players. A total of over 2000 Premier League minutes for Chelsea, Norwich and Brighton with a single assist to show for all that passing and awareness.
  16. Rice is a much better midfielder than Gilmour too. Like @king canary says, Gilmour's weaknesses means he doesn't get ahead of those in the England set up who have limitations. None of their weaknesses are as catastrophic in terms of tactical structure and midfield stability than Gilmours lack of pretty much everything other than being decent at passing.
  17. Walking is about as much as Billy Gilmour can be attributed with in terms of ability. He can probably walk. He wouldn't get anywhere near England's midfield. He's a championship player. John Stones would perform better in midfield than Billy f*cking Gilmour
  18. I think its been proven enough times that recruiting a manager based on limited international performance rarely ends well. Seems to very rarely translate to the very different requirements of club football.
  19. Wins more aerial battles than any of our other midfielders. Makes more interceptions than any of our other midfielders except for Hayden. Good energy for counter pressing. Always gets some goals and assists at this level. Good leader, organises.
  20. It's not lazy management at all. Every single club up and down the country but more pertinently in this division, have some players who have been at the club a while, have experience and knowledge of the club and offer a steady part of the squad makeup. Alot of other clubs are less fortunate and those players they have, haven't been part of two previous title wins either. I suggest you take a pick of 5 other 'ambitious' clubs and look at their entire squad portfolio...
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