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  1. Cantiaci Canary

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    I think the problem with buying from the Championship was that decent players were still far too expensive ... e.g Maupay £16m.
  2. Cantiaci Canary

    Paddy D and Daniel Farke

    He totally deserves a free hit at things this season and should only come under pressure if we're off the pack by next Christmas (2020).
  3. Cantiaci Canary

    Sheffield United

    It's easier to come up as a Burnley style team and survive rather than do what Fulham, Blackpool and Farke have tried to do. Plus I would love to have their injury burden from match day one to now - especially at the back. They'll comfortably survive and good luck to them. No sour grapes from me.
  4. Cantiaci Canary

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    If we aren't going to sell out to a billionaire then this is the only way. SPENDING £30m - £100M WOULDN'T HAVE ASSURED SURVIVAL ... but would have snookered us financially. We have tried doing it the other way before and got burned. We may not stay up (or return next season) but this is the cleverest way to GRADUALLY evolve and hopefully one day be strong enough to stay up and flourish.
  5. Cantiaci Canary


    Yes ... things are a lot different from under Hughton! A lot.
  6. Cantiaci Canary

    What’s the problem?

    You have literally typed out my brain here!
  7. Cantiaci Canary

    Tin hat on

    Let's see what happens when we HOST WestH, Burnley, Palace & Brighton.
  8. Cantiaci Canary

    What’s the problem?

    Thought we should have spent every possible penny on 2 new CBs in the summer and nudged Godrey & Zimmers down as their understudies. Not hindsight. Obvious that THAT back 4, which was leaky in the 2nd tier, would be too flimsy at this level.
  9. Cantiaci Canary

    We do this every time

    Despite what I've typed THIS is very much true ... and probably more valid.
  10. Cantiaci Canary

    We do this every time

    I get the theory but wonder about the practice. Theory = spend little on players (the current squad deserves the opportunity / don't unsettle their morale / investment doesn't guarantee survival anyway) and invest instead on the club at large (debts / facilities) = even if we're relegated we'll bounce back quickly and become established eventually. Practice = spend little on players = not enough quality (especially after injuries) = relegation = promotion as difficult to secure from the Championship as ever = disappointing that we didn't seize the golden opportunity that promotion affords and speculate to accumulate. Maybe we'll make a few key signings in January with the funds we have available (e.g the millions ready to be sent to France for an AM on deadline day). The problem is ... so will all our rivals too!
  11. Cantiaci Canary

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    SheffU have pretty much fielded exactly the same team every match so far ... why do we have such an injury curse???
  12. Cantiaci Canary

    Webber’s new contract official

    Everything starts and ends with Webber. Fab fab fab news.
  13. Cantiaci Canary

    Goals on Sunday

    We might not have kept hold of him in the last window if he was 22!
  14. Cantiaci Canary

    Another Daniel admirer

    Must try harder!
  15. Cantiaci Canary

    Chris Hughton

    There was a reason that he ended up being pelted with clapper boards at Carrow Road! He ruined our chance to lay down roots like Burnley, Watford and Bournemouth are doing. Hughton was guilty of polluting the dynamic, energetic, passionate, proactive and goal scoring squad that Lambert passed on into a timid, stodgy, hesitant, reactive and toothless shadow of its former self. Apart from a ten game unbeaten run we were dire with him at the helm and he should have been fired many months earlier (as Brighton have done). Nice chap ... but so's my nephew and I wouldn't want him managing NCFC.