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  1. Cantiaci Canary

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    Out of our reach.
  2. Cantiaci Canary


    Fahrman going = domestic based replacement incoming = Biglia signing with freed up foreign spot.
  3. Cantiaci Canary

    Luke Woolfenden

    Too expensive
  4. Cantiaci Canary

    Lukas Rupp

    Interested to see if he's here to play a role as an alternative AM or cover for FB. I don't thonk he's a DM is he?
  5. Cantiaci Canary

    Farke getting off lightly

    Farke doesn't have a Saudi prince behind him. Farke performed a miracle last season. He deserves a free hit at the big time.
  6. Cantiaci Canary

    We failed because....

    It's certainly not 2.5 years in! The end will be when we are an established top tier / top 2nd tier club with such a strong financial footing that we can sweep up excellent young talent, grow them, give them their chance and sell them when we want and at the price we want whilst gradually improving the general quality and depth of the squad, playing attractive football and having a good stab at the cups. To demand more requires either ownership by a Russian oligarch or a Saudi Prince (like Bournemouth and SheffUtd respectively) and we're not taking that risk. There won't really be an 'end' ... it is a rolling philosophy for an ambitious club without a billionaire. It's a better plan than before ... go up, spend what we could but still be short and come down in a perilous financial position REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT.
  7. Cantiaci Canary

    We failed because....

    You can only measure failure at the end of the project. We are WELL ahead of where we SHOULD be, after JUST 2.5 seasons of the Webberlution, and so, actually, we're over succeeding! No one thought we would be a Premier League team when we kicked off against Birmingham in August 2018 but we won the league - were we at THAT stage suddenly supposed to flush the project down the toilet by copying what we had done in previous promotions and risk relegation and financial jeopardy AGAIN??? The Webberlution deserves patience and can't be judged YET!
  8. Cantiaci Canary

    Bounce straight back up?

    We've been promoted from the second tier 4 whilst I've been supporting the canaries ... it would be daft to discount our chances of doing it again - BUT, we know more than most, it ain't easy! For what it's worth I'm just sitting back and watching how this Webberlution unfolds. To be fair to Stuart and Daniel I think we got promoted quicker than they (and all of us!!!) anticipated and so perhaps we need to be as patient and philosophical as they both appear to be. In the worst case scenario we'll end up back at square one (where Alex Neil left us) but with a trophy in the cabinet, a far healthier bank balance and some awesome memories.
  9. Cantiaci Canary


    Yep, this one ain't happening!
  10. Cantiaci Canary

    Todd Cantwell Instagram post

    General talk about his long term career ambitions... nothing to do with January 2020.
  11. Cantiaci Canary

    Players Values

    Because of where they'll be in 2/3 years time. They are green now ... the top teams are licking their lips at the prospect of what they'll become. Think of where Maddison is now - a few seasons back we had him loaned out to the SPL!
  12. Cantiaci Canary

    Model / Plan

    It will be a fascinating watch ... I wish Webber was staying around longer though.
  13. Cantiaci Canary


    I'm Thelin good about this one ...
  14. Cantiaci Canary


    That's the funny thing with our backline isn't it? Over the last 1.5 seasons we've adored what Krul, Zimmerman, Klose, Godfrey, Hanley, Lewis, Aarons and Byram have done (so much so that we struggle to pick between them and dread their departures / injuries) ... BUT - we've let in so many goals!