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  1. I have been greatly enjoying Liverpool fans across social media 'stamping their feet' that little old Norwich won't sell one of their crown jewels for a price that Klopp has decided! They can't understand how a relegated club can resist! Many have built Lewis up to be far more of a world beater than even his biggest fans here would believe and they are devastated for the player. Sorry folks but if you want him you've got to pay what WE want or jog on! Same goes for Emi, Todd, Max and Ben.
  2. Great news ... it sends out a very clear message. If you want our stars you have to pay what WE want for them - even if you're European Champions! Nice to be in the driving seat for ONCE! Thanks Webber!
  3. If we flatter to decieve in the opening months of the new season Trybull and Mo will seem like world beaters if they've left!
  4. Will we find a taker for Josip???
  5. You wouldn't have seen Southampton selling a player of Jamal's potential to Liverpool for £10M! Clyne went for over £12M a few years back.
  6. Sorry... I didn't read the story carefully! I assumed that he'd been fired.
  7. Seen Sitti mentioned a few times here ... are we seeing him as a regular match day squad player?
  8. He gets it in the neck from lazy eyed football fans. He game isn't step overs, scoring often or bullying the backline and so he's 'invisible'. He's an important player for us.
  9. I totally disagree with the sentiment of that 'myfootballwriter' article. It seems to want to continue doing things the way that they used to be done ... which we REALLY should learn from instead! As far as I see things there are 3 routes to take. 1. Do what we used to do pre Webber ... go up, spend what we can, fail to stay for a sustained spell, go down and feel the burn of owning relegated mercenaries on big wages that don't have the hunger to fight for promotion. 2. Sell the club to billionaire investors ... we could do a Leicester, Wolves, Hull or Portsmouth. Fingers crossed. 3. Stick to a long term plan which concentrates limited funds on the roots - recruiting promising starlets, building an enviable academy, polishing up our training facilities, tying major assets down to long contracts, clear old debts and OVER TIME buy and sell shrewdly enough to get up and stay up. For me only options 2 and 3 make sense. I'm patient enough to watch this fascinating experiment unfold but suspect that if it crashes the argument against option 2 becomes a lot tougher.
  10. I know... it's fascinating isn't it?! I think CZ & GH are good enough for the Championship but no higher and I don't expect Godfrey to be strong enough for the Prem for a few more years yet. Do you stick with what we have and upgrade both CBs in the summer (should we bounce back) or start from scratch with better options next season?
  11. I'm fascinated to see what happens at CB. 1. Will Godrey stay? If not how much do we reinvest on a replacement? 2. Will Klose play a role next season? 3. What do we do with CZ and GH? Do we see them as good enough for next season but not for a return to the Prem (fingers crossed!)? If so ... what's their role? Personally, I would like to see them all sold and three grisly / illiterate / giant thugs brought in with every penny that we can chuck at it!
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