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  1. I adored Webber until: 1) he broke what Farkeball had matured into during the summer following our 2nd promotion - by choosing not to replace Skipp & Buendia and trying to convert us into a counter attacking side (Tzolis, Sargent & Rashica). We should've just kept yoyoing and improved millimetre by millimetre. 2) he went to war with the local media for no good reason and hasn't communicated candidly with the fans since. Overall, I'm glad he was hired - the Farke years were special - but it was sad and unnecessary to see how sour, muddled and angsty things became.
  2. That was a special time for sure wasn't it? I'll always remember how chuffed I was when we survived that Premier League season under Paul having started the journey in League One! We played Villa off the pitch at Carrow Road in his last game. It hurt a lot when he left - such a shame ... what could've been - for him and us???
  3. Perhaps abroad convincing the next Daniel Farke to take up the hot seat here - or hiding away from the insulting chants from the Barclay???!
  4. Do managers resign these days? Although, saying that ... didn't he walk away from the Terriers?
  5. How much would you bet that the next manager starts with Batth and he becomes the first name on the team sheet?!
  6. A fascinating thread . For me, I will cherish two trophy lifts, 'all the Germans', Buendia&Pukki, Man City at Carrow Road and Farkeball ... BUT I will forever curse the man for getting bored with his own project and trying to adapt the ideology part way through. Even though the media (and many fans) were criticising the club for its lack of ambition (inability to look even close to surviving in the top tier after each promotion) he should've been strong enough to keep beating the drum that triggered and drove the early steps of the Webberlution - accepting short term pain for long term gain. The initial plan was to yo yo relentlessly, under Farke, until we eventually stuck (ignoring the noise of critics) OR prove that you truly couldn't stick without a billionaire DESPITE having a crystal clear vision, style of play, top notch Academy, shrewd scouting and shiny facilities. He bottled it when he started to lose interest and broke Farkeball (and Farke) when Skipp & Emi weren't replaced and we tried to become a counter attacking side over night (signing Tzolis & Rashica). He tried to rush things so that he could exit a completed job (Premier League security) way sooner than reality dictated. Once Farke was knifed the whole project lost its soul, focus and effectiveness and the Great Unravelling began.
  7. I wonder if we'll have the East Anglian derby back as a top tier clash next season - it has been a while!
  8. Not that I'm desperate to listen to this humiliation unravel even further BUT ... Does anyone listen to the Radio Norfolk commentary via canaries.co.uk? I've paid for the commentary but nothing plays when I click the big white play icon! This happened to me for a previous fixture too but I thought it was just a glitch - but evidently not. I listened to a fair few games this way last season but can't get it working this season ... but I do have a new phone! Any ideas? Tips? Techy suggestions? I would be hugely grateful.
  9. Who knows how good Sainz may be! He could be awesome and propel us even more.
  10. I think it's more accurate to say - 'we don't have to sell for fees we aren't happy with.' Hence why Max, Milot & Andy departed in the manner that they did. Every club has 'a price' for every player ... look at Kane for instance and perhaps even Salah.
  11. Everything I'm seeing seems to suggest that Moore to Cardiff is more likely than to here ...
  12. Apparently, we'll hear after the match tomorrow. Hopefully it has been a ruse to ward off late bids and he'll be fit and available next weekend!
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