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  1. I have to think like this to brace myself for the storm to come! To be honest I think I'm still recovering from how miserable it was to see our 'perfect' season of 2018/19 so brutally stamped on! I would count this promotion (fingers crossed!) as bounce back 2.
  2. I honestly think next season won't be too far different to 2019/20. Only teams on modest budgets that are built to dig in and play ugly can survive because those upgrades come cheaper. Our possession based game relies on gifted technicians and to upgrade them is unthinkable with the salaries we can offer. I honestly think the reality will be that we'll struggle to create chances and score enough goals and still ship in too many. With the budget we have to play with I think the plan behind the scenes will again be ... strategise for relegation, grow the club another notch, make sure we return to the Championship even more likely to bounce back than in 2020 and go again. Become 'established' on the 4th / 5th bounce back.
  3. It's going to be truly fascinating to watch how Webber copes with losing Max, Emi and possibly Todd. How replacements as good as them can be coaxed to join a promoted team unlikely to offer attractive wages looks like mission impossible!
  4. Remember the tail end of 2018? We had a lot of 'winnables' to seal the deal and really struggled to find a win! I'm sure we'll do it but you can't predict where the wins will come and when we'll cross the line!
  5. A long spell in the 2nd tier looks likely for them.
  6. We only love the Championship because we're rocking it ... few were beating that drum during the mediocre 2nd tier epoch.
  7. Ah, TWTD ... that was an enjoyable half an hour of my time.
  8. A genuine all rounder (and a bloody good one) which means that people without a football brain will never see why he's valuable. He doesn't play so many games for Farke and get capped by his country so frequently for no reason.
  9. Ha ha! Yes, aware of that but who are the understudies and is Emi far off them? Would Emi fit into how they set up?
  10. I'll admit that I am no expert on Argentina's current squad and systems but they must be pretty good if Emi hasn't had a call up yet. Does anyone out there with knowlegde on our South American friends know why this could be and whether you think he could be close to being selected? I would love to see him charging about in an Argie shirt!
  11. I genuinely don't understand how anyone can seriously criticise a player (especially a foreigner) before at least ten games. The current culture of instant judgement and projection of opinion is depressingly hollow and usually inaccurate.
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