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  1. Yep ... you've saved me the job of typing this. The starkest missed opportunity in recent times.
  2. Too big for us now ... and maybe always was.
  3. Pretty sure it would be Robins ...
  4. Zero ins and JH to Cardiff on loan is what I'm expecting to see ... sadly.
  5. If we don't go up we'll deteriorate into a lower mid second tier club ... the Championship is only fun when we're too good for it.
  6. If we finish above Watford we'll be promoted.
  7. Am I right in thinking that none of these players could be signed / get loaned any time soon - nowhere near the immigration points needed???
  8. Ready to watch Huddersfield put eleven men behind the ball and cling on for dear life until we chuck it in our own net for them again.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mark Robins appointed ... if not then a foreign boss few of us have ever heard of. In all honesty though I don't see Webber even contemplating giving Smith the push before January.
  10. They were lucky in the sense that we didn't convert our many chances ... when we're up to full speed we'll win games like this.
  11. I recall a similar situation previously with Farke. Webber didn't panic because the performance / stats were good ... it was just a matter of time then and I expect that to be true this time. A win will do us the world of good and I think we'll be buzzing along very nicely soon (fingers crossed!).
  12. Strange how fans of Walsall, Brentford and Villa think he's an excellent manager
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