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  1. Cantiaci Canary

    Is it really possible

    For what it's worth I think things won't start up again for a very very long time. Even when the worst of the pandemic has passed there will need to be a pre-season type of window to get players back up to speed. The 2020-2021 season will be cancelled and the current season will be stretched out until July 2021. The contract situation will complicate this hugely but something will be arranged.
  2. Cantiaci Canary

    Decision not to spend will look very wise

    The current 3 in the bottom will be replaced by Championship sides.
  3. Cantiaci Canary

    Sheffield United

    They are doing a Burnley rather than a Fulham (unlike us ... bar the £100m they splashed at Craven Cottage!). And that's not meant as a criticism. They are drilled, tight at the back, fit and confidently still riding the wave of recent promotions. They can also fizz the ball about when they need to. We have one way of playing. Good luck to them.
  4. Cantiaci Canary

    Premier League considers bans on over 70's at matches

    Resistance is futile.
  5. Cantiaci Canary

    bad feeling about this one

    Didn't the Blades going into extra time vs Reading in mid week too? Either way - it will be one of our toughest matches today.
  6. Cantiaci Canary

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    I'll never forget them singing 'we'll never see you again' (and waving their cash at us!) the last time that they beat us as we slipped down to League One ourselves. Enjoy the smug satisfaction of a foe's agony because you shouldn't assume it'll always be this way ... you never know what's around the bend!
  7. Cantiaci Canary

    FA Cup or premier League football

    PL ... keep building at brake neck speed and become a club with genuine cup ambitions every season because of it!
  8. Cantiaci Canary


    Telegraph reported that teams in the bottom 3, as it stands, could well be relegated despite having games to play.
  9. Cantiaci Canary

    All of our signings this season have been crap

    Big fan of Farke and Webber but I was surprised that we didn't lure an equally awesome string of transfers as we did the previous summer window. I had hoped that there was a list of players that had been just out of reach but who were now approachable... but that didn't seem to materialise sadly.
  10. Cantiaci Canary


    I wonder if we'll see Klose this season.
  11. Cantiaci Canary


    Quality ... when fully fit.
  12. Cantiaci Canary

    Time for change

    The problem is ... what can be changed that would make a difference? When you throw on players who have been out for a while they look rusty. When you persist with the guys who have the shirts they look tired / not quite good enough. Apart from Vrancic everyone has been given a good run this season and most look just short of the standard needed - certainly no one is magicial enough to turn the momentum of a match. We are a Championship side with a big heart and a clear philosophy but, beyond Pukki, we don't have the quality to survive this season. Unlike SheffU we can only play a possession based game and, like Fulham last year, we ain't good enough at it at this level to pull it off. There's nothing Farke can do about that. It's the inevitable consequence of getting promoted earlier than planned and not having the funds / squad (we needed two £20M CBs and a £20M CDM last summer) to be competitive at this level.
  13. Cantiaci Canary

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    Best ever bottom of the league team ... Do we get a star on our shirt for that?
  14. Cantiaci Canary

    Banter today

    Only 8,000 fans there today ... poor from Burnley - wouldn't have that at Carrow Road.
  15. Cantiaci Canary

    What is the "five year plan"?

    Exactly! Stoke City have the money but not the planning. By having a long term plan that we HONOUR (rather than flush away when we're still drunk after promotion) we hope to more than make up for our humble finances. We'll have a clear focus, style, approach, philosophy and direction. Clever recruitment will give us round pegs in round holes. Players will be sold on our terms with funds reinvested in attracting and rearing the next best things - with a clear pathway for them to game time. The future is brighter with a plan than without one but with loadsa dosh to throw around. It's also quite a fascinating experiment to watch unfold ... and it has already added a trophy to our cabinet and wiped out our debts - not bad eh?!