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  1. Forest, Derby, Sunderland, Sheff Wed, Bolton, Portsmouth, Charlton and Ipswich. Could be an interesting League 1 next year.
  2. Yes I can see both of these teams going down this year, plus one from us, Watford, Burnley, Soton, Wolves, Palace, Brentford, Villa, Arsenal. I think the rest will be safe from too many worries.
  3. While they can whitter on about bringing back Imperial measurements and US/UK/Australia defense pact as "evidence of the positive effects of Brexit", reality is hitting home and the Brexit scammers gig is up isn't it?
  4. 1 point from 4 games. They obviously need to improve that - and quickly - to survive this season.
  5. Reverse Polish Logic on the calculator wasn't it?
  6. I'm not sure. Do you think the Chinese are scoffing about "US weakness" today, or are they taking notice of the US projecting power into the South China seas via deeper military cooperation with Australia today?
  7. Does the above word salad mean we'll fix it by banning transportation across county lines?
  8. Hey hey, a veritable bonfire of pesky EU regulations ... except most are UK regulations. Still it's a bonfire! https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1018386/Brexit_opportunities-_regulatory_reforms.pdf
  9. Dictators around the world understand the projection of power, not the lip flapping of political commentators trying to increase their website clicks. Get real people.
  10. Well they are playing Middlesbrough, who have “quality” you have to respect.
  11. Liz Truss new Foreign Secretary eh? That will raise Britain’s standing in the world
  12. So the only bad result was Liverpool, everyone else massively outspent us - especially Arsenal. Good to see that we will survive though, it’s about time the media love-in for Southampton and Villa is broken. Poor old Emi.
  13. The problem with you Uncle Fred is you are constantly cherry-picking statistics to make your points. First, you only focus on Norwich, when you know full well that every other team has better results - how unbiased is that? Then you focus on Farke - same comment re bias…
  14. Aye, 5 -11 may get you into the playoffs KC.
  15. Anyone who wants to see the BBC and NHS privatized should come live in the USA for a while. TV license? Try £100 per month for a wide selection of nothing to see here channels. NHS fees? Try £1,5000 per month health insurance premium plus medicine costs that will make your eyes pop. So by all means criticise and reform UK institutions, but the underlying operational assumptions and funding plans are good. Same was true with EU membership, and we can all what happened there…..
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