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  1. I have no illusions that this man is not a con-man, fraud, liar and felon, but oh boy this book is going to set off some alarms... https://disloyalthebook.com/download-the-disloyal-foreword-written-by-michael-cohen/
  2. If you ever bothered to research WHY Colin Kaapernick started to kNEEL during the national anthem, it is because he was advised to do so by a US ARMY RANGER as a mark of RESPECT. Kudos to both Colin and the Ranger for meeting, discussing each other’s point of view (CK was sitting at the time) and coming to an agreeable outcome, protest inequality but with respect. So Trump and other false patriots who will only “wrap themselves in the flag and quite the Bible” while ignoring the equality of every human life the flag and book both represent can go to the special place reserved for them they all bang on about but believe is reserved for lessor people
  3. Ah yes, the problem apparently being Liz Truss is determined to expand British exports of hard Blue Cheese to Japan worth - check notes - £102,000 year. So never mind the overall economy, she the one who is “bringing home the bacon”; well something like that, I’m sure Doms will come up with some snappy PR headline the press can use. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/dbfff350-f404-4c10-96fc-64da55a8fb09 So that’s the US deal derailed over Whiskey and Japan over Stilton .... anything else the private club crew can screw up - Lamb, Sherry and Vegetable Samosas the next sticking points?
  4. Oh dear ... reported by the Express - no FTA with the US until at least Spring 2021. Lack of progress being blamed on Covid 19 and Nov election. Simple fact is Trump throws everyone under the bus, including his own supporters, so no great surprise the UK is being shown the back of his hand. How will Boris’s lot spin this?
  5. Fox News is so obviously a propaganda arm of the Republican Party that it's not funny. Exactly what is she referring to, does she and Carlson, and Hannity etc already know what Attorney General Barr's "October surprise" fabricated "report" is going to say?
  6. I thought Haley was smart enough to stay away from the Trump train wreck, but in recent weeks she seems to be acting like a moth in front of a flame. So yes I think she would. Meanwhile the RWNJ media is losing it's mind over Kamela Harris. Here is Mark Levin: she’s not an African American apparently as she is half Jamaican. Hum, don't you wonder where black Jamaican's might have come from Mark? And then Dinesh D'Souza - the pretend historian who said Trump was correct to pronounce Thai land as Thigh Land is on the same tack...plus his story her father says he was descended from a major slave owner ; well genius so were all the **** children the founders of this Republic fathered with their black women slaves. And the other guy claiming if she is African American then hE is an African American ... so three closely aligned attacks in one night; that's not just a coincidence is it? I do wonder how they would contort themselves into an even tighter pretzel if Trump did drop Pence for an Indian American woman Nikky Haley. See now Nikky, that's a respected American name, which shows she respects American values, unlike Kamela which is what - foreign? p.s why do they think a) anyone cares, and b) anyone cares what these blowhards think?
  7. Trumps worst nightmare just came true. His only way out now is a Hail Mary dumping Mike Pence for Nikki Haley and massive vote counting fraud..... Harris will destroy Pence and AG Barr when the latter drags out his October surprise about “spying” and as a tough prosecutor and State AG she shoots down the “Democrats don’t want Law and Order” nonsense argument - she can also go full tilt at corruption and vote suppression because she has law and order chops. This also spikes the Kanye West spoiler campaign. An all-white mid-west ticket would have opened that door, this mixed race / age / gender / region one shuts it tight.
  8. I see the tabloid press mission is fully underway - reset expectations for player sales to under £15m please boys? OK boss, we are on it....
  9. Meanwhile another reason this administration has to be voted out .... they just don't care about anything other than $
  10. Meanwhile - this is excellent snark...... Schaub used to be the White House ethics administrator until pushed out.
  11. Indeed. Now what we'd have to do first is allocate some Electoral Collage votes between the counties based on some daft historical data - like " number of churches within the principle walls of your medieval cathedral city " so tough if you only have towns, then the political class can focus attention on those counties who now have the biggest influence on selecting the next ... oh hang on a minute we'd need a President to elect too, sorry Queen.
  12. Not at all, red necks only object when state handouts go to the “wrong” people..... I’ve mentioned it before but if you want to understand why poor whites vote for rich guys (or fight for slave owners back in the day) watch Mississippi burning and the story Gene Hackman tells Daniel Defoe about his grandaddy poisoning his neighbor’s mule.
  13. Sorry to repost the whole thing but that CNN interview is even worse that it seems ..... The Federal subsidy for unemployment has been $600 per WEEK. The $1,200 number he keeps throwing in there is payroll taxes on the first $100,000 of wages. IF you earned $100,000 your contribution PLUS your employer’s would be $1,200 per MONTH. And it’s not even a $1,200 pay rise it’s $600 x whatever fraction of $100,000 you earn. Plus you have to pay it back next year. So a complete red herring, and opens up the question, is the proposed Federal payment $300 per WEEK or is it per MONTH? And the other question is, is he stupid, drunk or just full of BS? No Payroll Tax also defunds Social Security and Medicaid (Pensions, NHS) So is this another attempt to impose policy they can’t pass through Congress, just like killing off Obamacare (their perjoritive phase not his) Of course the rich will like the above idea as Social Security and Medicaid are for the poor anyway. - And worse and worse - the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnunchin is on Fox. He says out load that Trump wants to kill the entire Payroll Tax that pays for Social Security and Medicare. Asked it that would not create a big problem for payouts from the fund he blithely says "no, we'll just pay it out of the general fund" a) that's not his call, Social Security is a ring fenced independent revenue and payout program v general taxation. So it's Congress's decision not his ... and certainly not the President's. b) it's been a goal of the right wing to kill Social Security and Medicare for a long time, pushing it into being funded by the general fund lets a future Republican Congress starve the programs of funds. So the Democrat push back should be - no, hell no!
  14. Here is a classic example of so called professional journalists totally missing the story. a) the President does not have the authority to do any of what he says he is doing outside of a national emergency. b) Talks with Democrats have not collapsed, the President's own Republican party in the Senate - The House already passed a Bill two months ago - didn't want to extend the $600 per person at all, refused to negotiate on anything and went home. A very convenient "crisis" the President can now try and exploit as "the hero". c) The tax holiday does not mean you don't pay the tax, it means it's deferred until later, so next year you will pay double. And people in work - the only ones that no payroll tax can possibly help - don't need the help. d) The extra unemployment benefit is $300, not $600. They are doing magic math again - see the link to Larry Kudlow's interview below. To get anything the State would have to find an extra $100 to trigger the $300 from the Federal Government. So using his numbers - which I think are way high for average State aid - previously: State existing $400 plus Federal $600. Now under this "order" State pays $400 + $100 and Federal pays $300 conditional on the State including the $100 extra. States have already said they are broke because of loss of sales tax revenues. It's another of the items that the Republicans have refused to discuss.... so most States probably can't afford to spend an extra 20% (I think it's more like (33 - 50%) on their Unemployment Benefit budget when they are wondering how they can avoid laying off teachers and firemen and police. It is just so frustrating to see this happening again and again and again with the media. They only have to wait a few hours before posting their headlines and breaking news - or even insert the word "claims" into the headline with an invitation to read more as the story develops. Their current behavior lets "the big lie" run rampant around the world with the truth struggling to catch up later. Just change. "Donald Trump has bypassed Congress to give" to "Donald Trump claimed today he will bypass Congress using emergency powers to provide" And it's clearly not thousands of Americans it's tens of millions..... or if it is only thousands, why isn't anyone asking why its thousands not tens of millions? How hard is that?
  15. It’s behavior protected by the 1st Amendment and why proper broadcast channels like NBC, ABC, CBS have a massive responsibility to report the news not repeat propaganda - the latter is the role that Fox News and talk radio have adopted as their business model. it’s a really serious problem, and you have the same kind of issue in the UK with the press. It is supposed to be free and independent, but what regulations are appropriate to prevent it from become a propaganda arm of powerful people.
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