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  1. Surfer

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Yeah I get the bit about 10 v 11 and all that, but honestly our passing was off again today and we consistently got bullied off the ball because of it. When we pass quick and forward we are excellent, when slow and sideways we are a train wreck waiting to happen. Got away with it today fortunately. A welcome 3 points of course and hopefully it will help the team confidence.
  2. Buendia would / will be a great player once he starts scoring in the PL. At the moment he certainly excites, and I’m so glad we have him, but the fact is his corners and free kicks are not producing any results. On the latter he at least has to hit the target or maybe McLean / Vrancic should be encouraged to have a go. His assists are excellent, but there is more to come still - and for us I hope. Fortunately I whined In a similar manner about Cantwell earlier this season and since then he’s subsequently scored 6 goals. So Emi I will keep whining until you also prove me wrong
  3. Surfer


    This ^ It should be that way for every decision.
  4. Surfer


    Well we got the win, that and Duda's performance gives us something to build on now. He could quite easily have bagged a brace today, now that would have been some debut!
  5. Surfer


    Oh well at least he'l be properly fit when he's available again. Main issues for me today were the tendency to always pass sideways or back, and not converting chances. Can and must do better. Happy for the win of course, hopefully getting it will help address those two issues.
  6. Surfer

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Well I'll take the three points obviously, but man do we have to keep toying with the self-destruct button so often?
  7. Surfer

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Let it not be ANOTHER one of those game that we don't convert our chances....
  8. Surfer

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Wow Pukki. Could have done with that chance being converted.
  9. Surfer

    The Brexit Thread

    Um - of course the UK can negotiate more than one deal at a time: with the number of deals that they need to do they will have too. However the only way an FTA will get done quickly will be to concede everything the Trump administration wants, and to find a fig leaf like “this represents our special UK/USA relationship” to cover up the fact the UK just caved. America and Trump do not need the UK’s trade, because it’s already got it thank you, it’s now a question of what else they can grab in return for a pat on Boris’s head. And then there is the subject of N. Ireland, an FTA can be agreed but Congress must also vote to approve it and the Irish have a lot of supporters there, including the Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi. So areas you can expect to get screwed on are - pharmaceutical patents and drug prices / leveling up of branded drug prices - taxation of multinational corporate profits - elimination of renewable energy subsidies, relaxation of car mileage goals & purchase of American LNG, elimination of country of origin rules on food and bans on antibiotics and GMO in food production. Increased anti-piracy rule on media content and derived works, relaxation of media consolation rules, relaxation of retirement savings plans rules to eliminate the need for fiscal responsibility. Increased private insurance in healthcare and reduction in annual time off, maternity and sick leave.... I hope y’all think it’s worth it at the end of the day, the trend is most people in the US are treading water, the rich are scooping up all the benefits of the (slowing) economic growth.
  10. Surfer

    President Trump

    Well of course it's politics, that word describes what politicians do. The question is whether what they do is justified, honourable and in the countries interests.... One thing that has become crystal clear over the past three years is the center - right and right of the political spectrum have just disengaged from reality, projecting their own worst behaviors onto their opponents, taking no responsibility for any actions - So Trump has been good for America? And the left wing are too sensitive snowflakes, there is a vast left wing media conspiracy. Below, just from today ... now you are free to believe what you want, but I prefer the truth.
  11. Surfer

    President Trump

    Meanwhile, liars can lie, but the truth will always come out (despite whatever obstruction is put in its way) The President "doesn't know Mr Parnas" - and neither does anyone else apparently - well at least according to what they say .... Lev started working for Fred Trump selling condos at age 16, and obviously has been with the family since then... That's the President, the Vice President, Jared and Ivanka, Presidential advisor and spokeswoman Kelly Anne Conway, Mike Huckerbee, Minority Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy, Eric and Don Jnr. Trump, Steve Scalise. And there are several other pictures too.
  12. Surfer

    The Brexit Thread

    Yeah, right. You believe that PR then? it’s the usual hyped up phrasing hoping that the public and politicians say “wow you guys are great” Start ups are technology incubators. You create a new process and then your investors decide what to do with it from there. So who owns them becomes the key question. The phrase “thousands” can mean as little as 2,000. a drop in the bucket in the car / van market. The phrase “at plants” means they will hold and assemble parts in more than one location. The phrase “in the UK and internationally” covers a lot of ground and could mean one plant - possibly a pilot plant - in the UK. You don’t need multiple plants to build thousand of anything except ships or aircraft.
  13. Oh Todd could certainly make a fine # 10, but as Mason 47 explained, not in this team.
  14. Surfer

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    I don’t think their is much danger of Leeds being in the PL to sign Pukki next season anyway - they are about to hit their annual tailspin.
  15. If you want to roll the dice put Duda straight in at # 10. It’s why we arranged his loan.