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  1. Surfer

    The Brexit Thread

    A strategic mistake for the Torygraph to be pushing the line "all they want to do is sell drugs".... yeah but for how much?
  2. Surfer

    The Brexit Thread

    Back on the polling .... this is a useful analysis of the various polling company's "bias"
  3. Can we kill the grey shirts now ... ? Forever yellow and green.
  4. Cantwell would have buried it....
  5. Why are we playing in grey? Is it a deliberate ploy to be low visibility?
  6. Surfer

    The Brexit Thread

    So RTB, thank you so much for your response. I’m sure all potential Jihadi’s would be repelled from swearing an oath of allegiance to the Crown, just like vampires repelled by garlic. That is as nonsensical as the US Visa form you filled in asking “Have you ever been a terrorist?” Why officer, no, no I have not, I swear, no. When would this oath of allegiance be held - at 18? Are you not a British citizen until that age if so? What can we swear the oath on - a Bible, the Koran, Mein Kampf, Animal Farm? What if you have a religious objection? After all the Queen is the head of the Church of England.... and one of the greatest English statesmen, Thomas Cromwell was executed for failing to swear total allegiance to the will of King Henry VIII. So we’d have to sort all that out.... Meanwhile what about digging into the causes of radicalization - the few Imams and other religious leaders that are spreading hate, and while we are at it newspaper editors and owners who are also spreading hate - surely free speech has limits right? And could we wean the world off of fossil fuels so we don’t have to invade Middle East countries every 20 years or so? I just thank God (and MPs) we have sensible gun controls in the UK.
  7. Surfer

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    That is what is wrong with the argument though. If you are a commercial media outlet reliant on advertising then I see your point. But a national broadcaster should not be following that incentive, it should be presenting a balanced view of all national events, without bias - political or commercial.
  8. Surfer

    The Brexit Thread

    Yes its not "flogging off the NHS" you should worry about. It's letting Pharma prices rip, adding on "top up" private insurance policies and the like. As someone who has livd in the US for several years, the medical system here is an absolute disgrace, and the NHS should be protected as a single payer service, not broken up into public (poorhouse) plus private (penthouse) fiefdoms.
  9. Surfer


  10. Surfer

    Ratings v Arsenal

    I will grant you that he looks a lot better as an AM than as a DM, but we had Stiepermann playing that role keeping Kenny out. In the DM role he rightly was criticized for allowing runners through without much resistance, in this new role I say fair dues, two MoM performances for me so far ....
  11. Surfer

    President Trump

    Meanwhile the Republicans are winding up their "see no evil, hear no evil" defense: i.e they don't have one; so they will throw up all sorts of deluded "process" and "misdirection" arguments. " In their impeachment defense of President Trump, House Republicans will argue that his decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine was based on “valid” concerns and not politics, a conclusion that's at odds with sworn testimony from the inquiry" https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/02/us/politics/republican-impeachment-defense.html?smtyp=cur&smid=tw-nytimes
  12. Surfer

    FA Cup Draw.

    Oh that could be tasty....
  13. Surfer

    To the "child"....

    In the same way there is the "letter" of the law, and the "spirt" of the law. The latter is what we all understand, and react to, the former unfortunately is what has to be written down, hence we rely on the "judgment" of the referee assisted by linesmen to administer the law.
  14. Surfer

    Complete Bulls***

    I'm up for the one or two appeals per game from each coach approach that has been mentioned. That works fine in the NFL. They way VAR is operating now is just silly.