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  1. Chelsea at home in a cup game which was abandoned due to fog rolling in off the river. I’m sure it wasn’t the first though. Crystal Palace relegation scrap when I was allowed in the “grown ups” South Stand comes to mind too. Edit: the allowed fog of time perhaps. Just looked it up - Dec 20 1972. League Cup semi, we were winning 3-2 at 75 min when game was abandoned. We obviously won the rematch but I didn’t see it or the Wembley final - read about them in the paper Pink’un
  2. Like yellow for example. Why give up a natural advantage?
  3. There is a perfectly reasonable “away” kit, so we roll out a third kit. Absolutely pointless, and an insult to the yellow and green army. Ditch the 3rd kit - 100 % losing record to date.
  4. Well he’s a progeny of Man Utd, so yes makes sense they’d pick him.
  5. Oops. Well at least they can concentrate on the league now.
  6. Indeed they are. However the threat to the EPL finances is lack of TV eyeballs. And the key question them is - do TV viewers watch the sport for the players, or the clubs, involved?
  7. Would they like to take Idah instead? Summer Sale offer of $25m, just for the new American owners.
  8. Nothing wrong with CE Newton Flotman school, or Hempnall, or Saxingham or Shotesham. If you don’t like what the Old Testament says about homosexuality, reject it. As Marcion of Sinope famously did in the 2nd Century.
  9. They are above us in the table though .... yeah I know its only because I comes before N, but still. We must do better.
  10. There is zero color similarity between dark blue and sky blue. Neither on a colour or b&w TV Just as there is zero color similarity between Canary Yellow and Orange for that matter.
  11. Right. That's two huge mistakes from Ayling, he clearly does not want to be there. I reckon a 20 million quid all-cash offer for Max Aarons would be appropriate ....
  12. This Leeds performance has a very Farke Season 1 vibe.... and the defence a very Season 2, 3, 4, 5
  13. Maybe so .... or maybe not
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