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  1. Surfer

    Top of The League !!!

    The only thing that seems out of whack is the premier league badge at 7 Pounds. But as we haven't released this years shirt yet, how do they know that is the price? Our shirt is actually the lowest cost of all, except Man City.....
  2. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Well that is all you need to know right there. Same bullish!te that is spouted here in US. You can't trust any media (except Fox) so you must trust me. Everyone is out to get us, we have to isolate ourselves from the world.... and especially don't trust anyone who looks different to us or has a different religion to us. Oh and BTW the Pope is a Socialist and climate change is a hoax, we have to give more money back to the rich as they are being oppressed by taxes, the only allowed government spending is on the military and if you can't afford to pay for healthcare, beg at your church or maybe you should just die. There's your "manifesto"
  3. Surfer

    Women’s World Cup

    OK at least one team can play proper football. These French ladies are really good - can run, pass, header and shoot. If England play them they will get rolled over, not 13 - 0, but they are in a different class to any of the other teams I have seen. Good for them for showing what women’s football can be.
  4. That was me LDC: I said "Carrow Rd is not on an ideal site for a ground, road access and parking are not up to expectations for some people, but it does have lots of things going for it - not the least being rail access" It's not an ideal site because of limited road access but it is a good site, and a whole lot better than a new site out of Norwich. So the issues - which could be impacting redevelopment options for the City Stand - are around crowd access and safety especially post game, plus lack of parking. Let's leave the latter alone for now, but for crowd safety I've seen enough reconstruction videos of accidents caused by crowds meeting constrictions I wonder if that is not an additional concern for building a stand extension with 4,000 additional people that would empty into Carrow Road immediately behind that stand. In an ideal world there'd be another pedestrian bridge across the river connecting to Carrow Hill Rd to relieve some of the post game pressure on Carrow Rd caused by the biggest portion of the crowd leaving by the intersection of Carrow Rd / Wherry Rd / Koblenz Ave / Geoffrey Watling Way.
  5. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    re P.M. Thank you for your replies - but only Hunt and Johnson are candidates so my comment stands. A basic level of competence and morality are what the UK deserves and requires in its PM's.Boris is neither of those, So maybe you could work out who I'd vote for if I was in the UK? Not everyone with a moral conscience votes Labour - now there's a surprise? But everyone deserves a P.M who won't lie to them all the time.
  6. Agreed. And this is the relative space available if you mirror the South Stand depth to the City Stand side - i.e. with the back of the stand at the edge of the road. Also I don't see why you couldn't add the roof first on such a "standalone" addition - especially if the result is not a two tiered stand, but a large and deep single tier like the South Stand.
  7. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Well that agreement didn't last long It is legal to seek asylum, despite what Republican "lawmakers" may claim - but when did they ever understand what the law actually says and not what they say it does? This isn't about economic migrants, the numbers of single, male migrants crossing the border for work has fallen dramatically as the economy of Mexico improved due to NAFTA. And sIngle males don't bring kids with them, so that is not why kids are being split from their parents and concentrated in these detention camps. This is about families fleeing violence in the Central American states for which this Administration just cut supportive funds, which could make the exodus even worse. Now irrespective of whether they have legal or illegal status, refusing to provide soap and toothbrushes and forcing kids to sleep on concrete floors with the lights on all night and chilled down to 52 degrees with just a silvered metal blanket to cover them, and even withholding medical care is callous and inhumane. And when it inevitably leads to people dying from communicable diseases I hope that those responsible are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If they were convicted felons, or prisoners of war, they wouldn't be treated this way. So it's not about their immigration status, it's about how we care for, or we abuse, other human beings. Some have commented that this lack of basic care / cruelty isn’t a bug in the implementation of the policy, it is the point. This is going to blow up into a major scandal (unless someone accidentally or deliberately starts a Middle East war) And before anyone jumps on the phrase concentrated / concentration, we British invented such camps in South Africa, and Jews like Anne Frank were not always murdered in extermination camps, she died from typhoid because of poor hygiene. So what is the relevance to the UK? Oh nothing other than everyone should be on the watch for these kind of inhuman treatments of others, and this is the administration that is being held up as a friend and special ally that some (Farage and Johnson especially) say we can rely on ... shame on all of them. p.s. photos from the inside are scarce as the Administration will not allow independent press organizations or Members of Congress into these camps for fact finding trips.
  8. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    A basic level of competence and morality are what the UK deserves and requires in its PM's. Boris is neither of those, he's just like DT over here - rushing to cover up the latest scandal with a new one. Almost started a war this week. Set up detention camps and trying to deny those held there even basic sanitary products like soap and shampoo as well as basic healthcare as a deterrent to immigration. Take an emotive issue, yell a lot, demonstrate your absolute incompetence in making it worse and blame everyone else when it goes horribly wrong is not a way to run any country.
  9. Surfer

    Defensive midfielder

    McLean looked lightweight when the opposition ran at our defense last year, so not sure he's the right player for that position.Then again who would have thought that Stiepermann would make a great No.10 after his performances at left back the previous year?
  10. The City Stand may also have policing and health and safety issues like emergency vehicle access, crowd control and fast egress in an emergency because it’s hemmed in by the access road and that could be preventing any low cost re-development - those rules have trended to become stricter in recent years.
  11. Carrow Rd is not on an ideal site for.a ground, road access and parking are not up to expectations for some people, but it does have lots of things going for it - not the least being rail access. But focusing on construction costs, there is no way a new stadium is going to cost anything like a rebuild of one stand at Carrow Rd. Someone is telling porkies if they suggest that, they have to be estimating out of city land acquisition cost + building cost - sale of Carrow Road for redevelopment v the total rebuild of one or two stands. Then there is the demand equation. Maybe 32,000 seat stadium? O.K. We are close to 28,000 now, so 4,000 seats? I believe that is the capacity of the current City Stand, so just building a standalone extension on the back of it (like Fulham have proposed for Craven Cottage) would probably add that many seats - without having to solve the structural and crowd logistics problems of adding a second tier. Or if an out of our city site with 32,000 seats is OK for everyone, I know of an existing facility near a rail station that could be taken over fairly easily... it's a bit far out of the City, and it would need some new paint and seats, but then quite a bit of our support (and probably a growing portion of our future support) seems to live within 20 miles of it
  12. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    As we are in this unusual place of essentially agreeing with other - which is welcome - I would say that excluding medical products and treatments from the expectations we have for almost every other consumable in our market driven society is unreasonable. Yes the Canadians invented Insulin, yes they sold the patent for $1. Chalk one up for government funded research and altruism. Now why do we not expect that with all the economies of scale, that drug (medicine) prices should not be falling over time? OK, I'll give up 10 years of patent protection to recover development costs, but after that we should be seeing economies of scale kick in like for almost no other industry. In the medical field there are staffing costs true, the population is getting older on average true, but we are not seeing costs falling for even common treatments. Instead we see increasing costs - why, and how do you stop that? What is clear is that the US government at all levels, the health insurance industry and the market as it is set up has failed miserably in this task. And the US model is not one the UK should adopt.
  13. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    If we follow that argument, which at some point I time would be fine with, why do fossil fuels or nuclear require a subsidy at all? It is true that renewable energy costs have fallen dramatically, and I have no problem removing subsidies at the appropriate point in time, but there is no reason why governments can't be even handed by removing all subsidies after markets have developed. In the US the cost of renewable energy has fallen BELOW the cost of coal fired power stations, and is on a par with gas fired power stations - because the "fuel" used is free - and if only the market were to decide the outcome, coal would be retired from the inventory. And it is being retired unless politicians decide to interfere on behalf of their donors and prop up that industry. If there is an argument FOR more subsidies in renewables I would suggest it would be around storage solutions for excess electricity and power grid upgrades. https://energyinnovation.org/2018/01/22/renewable-energy-levelized-cost-of-energy-already-cheaper-than-fossil-fuels-and-prices-keep-plunging/
  14. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    There are stupid people all over the world, the west has no monopoly on that. And yes Russia and China have appalling histories. Now can we get back to the real world, there is NO equivalence between the U.K's Social Democrats, Labour or the US's Democrats and those communist countries. None. But boy are the RWNJ trying hard to sell that storyline. Properly regulated market capitalism is the model the West economies have utilized for decades and it works fine. What does not work is deregulated capitalism where greed drives extreme outcomes, social inequality and even death. Example : Insulin. Science gave us that, the inventor even waived patent rights for the good of society. So why does a vial cost more than 20x more here in the US than it does in the EU? Why do healthcare costs go up not down? Capitalism is why, not Socialism. https://www.latimes.com/business/lazarus/la-fi-lazarus-healthcare-lilly-insulin-prices-20190308-story.html Meanwhile, the worldwide insulin market exploded. A $7.3 billion business in 2005 achieved a $21 billion global market by 2013, mostly as a result of the U.S. health care system’s “willingness to pay for modest differentiation and its acceptance of repeated price increases” (6). The United States was (and is) paying a disproportionate amount for insulin, and although there are many complex reasons for this, the most important one is simply because there are no real price controls, as one would see in the government-run systems of Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, or virtually any other country. In fact, although North America accounts for 7% of the world’s diabetes, it accounts for 52% of global insulin sales (6). China, by comparison, accounts for 25% of the world’s diabetes but for only 4% of global insulin sales. Ultimately the answer to why bad things happen is power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. That's what you got in Communist countries and that is what you get in unfettered capitalist countries. And that is why you need broad based political parties to keep everything in check, not this nonsense of "Oh let the market decide that the Tories are hell bent on" - let the market shape outcomes when you have put proper guardrails in place yes, but let rich rig the market, no way. That's actually Fascist history.
  15. Surfer

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    About the same time as that Chelsea match was a relegation game at home v's Crystal Palace. We were in the South Stand and the place was rocking. I know that Palace wore their iconic white shirt with maroon and sky blue stripes down the center. I also know we won 2-1(Suggett and Stringer) although I couldn't see very much - and I know I was scared stiff every time the crowd surged as I was on the "wrong" side of the crush barrier. BTW I also just found this link some good video clips in there - http://canarieshigh.blogspot.com/2015/07/norwich-citys-first-season-in-division.html 1973 was also the year we joined the EU (EEC back then)