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  1. Meanwhile Putin's chief propagandist got call up papers.... I didn't go down well From Sunday calling for recruiters to be shot, to today publicly being called a coward ... yes, it's parody. But probably not so far from the actual truth.
  2. Oops ... .... the announcement also includes a referral to the Federal Government and Internal Revenue Service for potential federal statute crimes.
  3. Still ... at least she got (or gave away) a trade deal with Australia. So much for the strategy of growth. Declining EU trade, no US offset. Time for a new leader .... just not a Tory one.
  4. How embarrassing ... might as well get used to it though.
  5. Welcome back, Jimmy G - I think. A win is a win, even if it was against Seattle.
  6. They really do want a civil war ... over this corrupt guy too: https://twitter.com/TheRickWilson/status/1570488210350051328
  7. Roll out Tucker Carlson for a rebuttal.... apparently its the Ukrainians who are losing.
  8. Meanwhile on Russian TV the recriminations have started. Well worth watching. Apparently it is a real war, and telling Ukrainians that they don't exist as a people is not a winning strategy, I love the concluding line - "Thank you for your honest answer ... so my 10 year old kids will get eventually get a chance to fight?"
  9. Marjorie dear, I think the word you are looking for is "revealing" not "building", but don't worry your pretty head.
  10. I am RTB, neither Covid nor Father Time has gotten me (yet). Silence is indeed golden. But good to see you back.
  11. Oh, and I thought this was a President Biden thread, never mind. p.s. RTRB we've missed you. Where have you been?
  12. Oh.... nuclear, secrets, foreign governments ...
  13. Yes I know the FBI planted the evidence and the former President is the true President of the US yada, yada, ... but I would say this image from the Dept of Justice today suggests someone is well and truly legally f****d.
  14. Murdoch's minions and Mick Mulveny - and our course Farage - doing their best to spin their way out of this ...
  15. Maybe because he sold out our intelligence assets ... he infamously did claim he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and get away with it, well he may have done virtually the same thing for American spies around the world.
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