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  1. Surfer

    National Press Coverage

    Imagine for a minute Norwich were promoted along with two of Leeds, Sheff Utd and Villa. Leeds would instantly be hailed as the new Manchester City; Sheff Utd the new Cardiff - all Championship grit and nous - and Villa would be the next "Sunderland till I die" team. We'd either be forgotten or pigeonholed as the next Bournemouth. Whatever happens with the national press, I really don't care t.b.h.
  2. Surfer

    City on German Sports Show

    That didn't - but this did https://www.zdf.de/sport/zdf-sportreportage/norwich-city-weg-in-die-premier-league-sportreportage-100.html
  3. Fulham spend gobs of money and it didn’t help them... still rather have Sheff Utd there - someone has to replace Cardiff / Warnock as the best Championship team / manager in the Premier League.
  4. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Great question. and fundamentally because of the Constitution KG. It's held in semi-religious awe. If you believe that the Russians or other actors have targeted and possibly tainted the US elections, but the President has not taken "care to administer the law" by actively encouraging that activity, or passively ignoring that activity, the remedy described in the Constitution is Impeachment of the President (and / or other Office holders) for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors". Under that process, the House of Representatives would investigate, and Impeach (similar to a Grand Jury investigating and Indicting) and the Senate would hold a trial. If 2/3 of the Senate vote aye, then the President is removed from office, the Vice President takes over etc. I suspect that no court in the US would agree that a law that invalidated a presidential election and re-ran it was constitutional. I know that one court could be found that would say it was not, so that would need to go to the Supreme Court and that's been packed with Republican appointees. Re-runs do happen on a local level sometimes, and has happened in South Carolina recently because of documented cheating, but for such a law to be passed for a Presidential Election it would have to be passed by both Houses of Congress and I can't imagine the Republican controlled Senate would let it pass, and the President could veto it if they did. As overcoming that veto would need 2/3 of the Senators to vote for it - it's the same vote hurdle as Impeachment. So Impeachment it is, or just vote him out in 2020. Either one relies on winning public sentiment, and that won't be easy given right wing media propaganda. I suspect that this issue will turn, as usual, on influencing specific States and Constituencies of Republican Senators and Representatives who are up for re-election in 2020 - will they see more personal advantage in voting for impeachment or backing up the President? All politicians are cowards at heart, so probably the best strategy is to push for more regulations around voting and make sure potential voters see Republicans arguing against that and getting them on the record as voting against that. The problem is the Republicans are already heavily involved in voter suppression anyway (not a partisan comment, it's plainly true) so will the voters see this as a just more partisan sniping or a genuine repair of democracy issue. I wish I had confidence in the PR capabilities of Democrats to win that argument. The parallels are there for the UK too, how do you shut down the propaganda and bad faith of the right wing, and take action to protect what we have assumed to be shared democratic ideals and activities when there are actors only interested in power. My fear is this is a re-run of Germany in the 1930's.
  5. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Whether you accept the Russians actually affected the 2016 Elections (and other elections in Europe) it is obvious that they tried. The real scandal is/will be this US Administration and Republican enablers blocking the required counter-measures to it happening again. This witch-hunt is far from over, and we will see two competing threads in the coming weeks. Propaganda that the President was framed by the FBI and now the DOJ must prosecute those that conducted the investigation, and efforts by the Democrats to gauge when 2020 likely voters feel impeachment is worthwhile given that Republicans have the majority in the Senate and half of them would have to vote in favor of impeachment. This morning Rudy Giuliani is on TV pushing the first of those threads....
  6. I would imagine that if the £10,000,000 bonus is true, it would be split evenly across the squad. Or the squad and coaching team.
  7. Surfer

    502 Bad Gateway

    Indeed. The constant symptom I see is - select a link / get the 502 error / refresh the browser / link accesses O.K.
  8. Norwich plus Sheff Utd and Bristol via playoffs please. Let Villa, WBA, Middlesbrough, Derby suffer FFP sanctions and restructuring. Feel a bit sorry for Leeds as they haven't spent gobs of money and their football has been good to watch this season, but then again its wonderful schadenfreude / karma to witness another melt down by the champions of Europe. Maybe they will be able to pip Huddersfield and Barnsley next year for the Pride of North Yorkshire Trophy.
  9. Surfer

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    Let's talk about this on Tuesday, because it may be academic by then....
  10. Surfer

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    Prediction - Leeds won't beat Ipswich. Yes I know, sounds ridiculous but Ipswich will want to go down with their heads head high. What better way than to beat Leeds?
  11. Surfer

    Farke on Canary Call

    He looked totally unmoved when Vrancic scored at the end. The bench around him erupted, he just sat there deep in thought.
  12. Surfer

    If only......

    That's the point about a team, the sum is greater than the individual parts. Like a well oiled engine built from complimentary components, you take one of those components out and it won't run as smoothly. Emi straight back into the team for me...
  13. Surfer

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    Fact is three games ago we were 7 points ahead of third and now we are 5. And over the next three games we'd have to lose that 5 points plus goal difference advantage to finish in third. That's not impossible but very unlikely - so let's go and get 3 points at Stoke and see if Leeds and Sheff Utd can get any points from Brentford and Hull respectively.
  14. Surfer

    Dirty Word - Playoffs

    It's called pressure. And the fact that all three of us are having a similar issue with patchy results is good for us. If Leeds or Sheff Utd draw on Monday and we win at Stoke, we are guaranteed promotion.
  15. Surfer

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Good question - Len? One other thing the Mueller report has done is put a dagger through the heart of the “Fake News” mantra from the President and his minions. In virtually every aspect the reporting on Russian collusion with Trump’s team and his obstructive acts from the NYT, WAPO, CNN, AP, NBC etc - I.e. the mainstream media - has been validated by the evidence in Mueller's report.