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  1. I agree that the three main priorities are right back, defensive midfielder and a striker - as well as replacing any leavers (not that I anticipate loads). I do hanker for a little more power in the centre of the pitch, esp with the lower league teams scoring nearly a quarter of goals from set pieces and it being a significant weakness - but that may just be me. I think what we can offer players is a spotlight - effectively a stepping stone for emerging players that have a desire to play and develop and enable a move further up the pyramid of teams if they shine - repeating the Emi route, obtain some talent with a sell on value if they shine and we fail to avoid relegation.
  2. Hi all. Feeling the celebratory vibe so am going to cover nearly all of the suggestions.. Goal scorers, anytime £1 each = £6 Jamal, Rhodes, emi,Mario ,Zimbo, pukki and pukki to score 2+ Results £3 each = £12 City to win with -2 handicap City to win to nil A draw Away win Specials £1 each = £5 Norwich win and BTTS Krul to get a yellow City win and a game red card City to win both halves City winning at both half time and full time. Total bets £23. Will ping you the cash Eddie. Bring on a great evening and good luck all
  3. ZLF

    Timm Klose?

    Would be happy to see Timm here next season, premier experience and clearly great for the squad even when not playing too. I would like to strengthen at CB so if we were to lose one of the CBs I would tenatively suggest Hanley, who I think would still attract a fee, performs best at Championship level and is least suited to the ball playing requirements of our style. Wont be disappointed if he stays either though. That is with Franke and Raggett clearly not being part of our plans.
  4. He did the same with the murphys, from memory, was he connected to their agent - if so does Ben have the same link?
  5. Thanks for the build up Eddie. For the wolf my suggestion is for Rotherhams relegation to be sealed with a baggies home win. Please give me plenty of choices and will see if we can bring a winning selection. Thanks for the ideas already - its gonna be a tough pick..
  6. My top two picks have already been taken (Portsmouth and brizzle) So going further down my acca and ignoring the nil pointer relegation battle at Bolton, I am going for a Cheltenham home win. As for City, zimbo to score anytime
  7. As Swindon has my first choice with the well priced luton i will plump instead for an mansfield win against crewe. Btts punt is colchester Tranmere. Good luck!
  8. Odds against for a boro home win to Brentford is too tempting for me. As for City... Score draw.
  9. ZLF

    This Season's PUP Pledges

    Do goals v tahn count double?
  10. My pick is for a Swansea home win against Bolton. As for our tip to the den city to win to nil. Good luck Mandie Moo & gregt and each and every one of you.
  11. ZLF

    Leicester sack Puel

    And lennon back to celtic
  12. League 2 for me and a bury home win. As for the tough city game I am stubbornly sticking with Godfrey to score anytime Good luck all
  13. I think the xG for a penalty is about .74. Which was the % of penalties scored in the prem last year. Apply that uo each scenario and you get a team xG per game. Do that for attacking your xGf and defence you have xGa.
  14. ZLF


    I cant see the formation changing given the success it has brought us. The key to the result though is at the back and we can not start so sloppily in defence again. I cant see Klose quite being ready (or risked; or perhaps my head is in the sand as I dont know which of Zimm or Godfrey would make way) and while Hanley may be better aerially he isnt a patch on what either Zimmerman or Godfrey bring to the side overall. They and the rest of the team simply need to be more determined for set pieces - I am putting those for 20 mins on weds down to a Derby day hangover / wake up call. For me T&T, while it was extremely successful last season, is well down the list of options this year where the wealth of creative balls players is key to our surge up the table. Hopefully Mo can make a return to both increase solidity (so few goals conceded when he partners Tettey there) at the back and improve the rhythm going forward. Steipermann is the curates egg for me; well below his best in the last two games but his physical presence is missed if we start with say Kenny instead, as a high press on the keeper means a long outball is effectively ceding possession (some height in that area of the pitch is definitely a summer transfer need for me). But given the lack of alternatives he does start. Mo alongside Tettey if he is fit, if not McLean would be my next choice as the deep ball player.
  15. Grimsby home win to Cheltenham is my EFL pick. As for city I remain in the Godfrey to score anytime camp.