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  1. slow on the turn, a couple of years too old, poor distribution (apart from the occasional success with the overused diagonal long ball from right to left) and only shone with wolves in a 3 while we use a pair. undoubtedly there are better options out there.
  2. My tip of doom is a preston home win. As for city a 0-0 is my prediction. Good luck pups!
  3. Add in McGovern and I would happily lose all of these this summer - simply put we need better for the long term plan. However we are told there wont be huge scale player turnover so it seems unlikely that all will leave. Kenny and Mario can do a championship role next season but having both is likely to limit pitch time for their replacements; we need significantly more presence than either of these can give us and they are at an age where they wont be improving. Klose could be the tettey exception, but his injury record is poor and he has struggled since his return; not being fully recovered and only playing as others are injured is the only valid excuse; if he was to get back to his physical best then maybe, but otherwise cheerio.
  4. Lazio home win v sassuolo for me As for city Idah to score and under 2.5 goals. Good luck all.
  5. I am assuming that the homegrown rules remain in place for EFL match day squads so assume we have more in that category being targeted too.
  6. Lots of Idah love, just not sure he is quite ready to lead the line alone; been marked that he has impressed when accompanied by a partner, while he really struggled at away manu. it may be better to start him alongside someone but my preference is to keep him from the bench if sticking to 4231/4141 (which I expect we will do) I wonder if 3421 would suit us better and leave pukki/idah less isolated. Whoever we play in the centre of the 4 (Rupp, Kenny, Trybull, Mario, Leitner) leaves us weak. Away at brighton was when i realised there was no future in the TT/KM midfield partnership, sadly resused too many times to prove my case. I would rest kenny as mario out tackled him v arsenal despite only having a 6th of the time on the pitch. marios passing was shocking on weds mind. rupp is defensively disciplined nd could help keep some shape. Krul Godfrey Klose Lewis Aarons Vrancic Tettey Onel Cantwell Buedia Idah
  7. Middlesborough home win v QPR as set piece warnock has an impact. As for the city game, less than 1.5 goals
  8. West brom home win is my pick. As for us, a win with a clean sheet.
  9. Wigan home win to Luton my punt. As for city krul to be carded for ****housery..
  10. Apologies for missing the selections. My selection would have been port vale home win to Scunthorpe
  11. Good luck all and fingers crossed for a winning weekend My pick is a Crewe home win to Macclesfield as I try to return to winning ways. As for city a score draw.
  12. Ricardo is right, the law states offiside applies to 'any part' of the head, torso or legs is, so on the tech used an pic shown it IS offside. My issue is that the technology has a margin of error that means the image is likely to be wrong, and to such an extent the whole body may be onside. At the moment there is a mismatch between the tech and the law which makes even apparently correct decisons debatable. Add in the time taken and the decision to keep the attending fans ignorant about what is happening is what makes var so unpalatable for me
  13. I dint see Farke changing his formation or philosophy even for Liverpool, so am anticipating the familiar 4231. Assuming Emi is fully fit again & addressing my main concern of pace of the liverpool attack ahead of their aerial ability I would choose Krul Aarons Godfrey Zimmermann Byram Tettey Rupp Duda Buendia Cantwell Pukki Subbs Fahrmann, Lewis, Hanley, McLean, Vrancis, Hernandez, ,Drmic but I do expect the Farke to start Hanley for of Godfrey and Kenny for Rupp.
  14. Several have picked my EFL choice so as a fifth pick I am on Cardiff for a home win to Wigan As for city a draw and a red card.
  15. David Jones was an early fav of mine too.
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