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  1. ZLF

    Which Number 22 would you rather have?

    blimey thats close. At the moment I would say sutton, but happy to review come the season end..
  2. together with adrians off the line save perhaps var wasnt working but yes - the officials on the pitch had a good game
  3. My pick is the fast starting, end of season collapsing stay in the champs specialists Leeds - away win at a poor looking Wigan. As for City - Buendia to get a yellow card. Wishing Diane and Fenway the best of luck!
  4. ZLF

    That Idiot Streaker.

    i know a couple who are villa fans first but have had season tickets in the river end for several years after moving to the area - and they are far from alone in adopting city as their second local team and attending plenty of games. Should they be barred from attending away games? Could that be the case here? If a premier member friend (or one of the 750) has bought them a ticket should they also face censure? Which happened extensively under the old system too, so it is hardly a new phenomenon. He deserves his punishment and irregardless of whether he follows us or not I would want city to ban him from our games too - for pitch infringement.
  5. ZLF

    West Ham tickets

    witch hunted?
  6. ZLF

    West Ham tickets

    6 Will be fine - apparently the upper limit is 50
  7. ZLF

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    I agree with the Leitner / Amadou selections, if the latter is fit and up to pace with what we need - suspect he may start on the bench with TT alongside Leitner, who is a must start. Agree with Klose for Hanley, assuming his hip recovers too - a no brainer I think they call that. Behind Pukki I would def keep Cantwell and Buendia, the only question is over steipermann. At the moment I feel keep it unchanged - on another day he would have had a goal and nbo one would have worried. He will play better and he adds some physicality in a way that Onel or Roberts lack. Swapping one of them on a little earlier to inject their pace, as Todd tires, would be my tactic
  8. ZLF

    VAR and last night's linesman

    Not that I am a consipiracy theorist but it looks like there can still be a big team bias; great way to stop "smaller" teams attacks without much criticism or any risk of VAR overturn
  9. ZLF


    Krul did well and my motm, thought aarons & lewis improved significantly in the second half which bodes really well, and despite the horror own goal Hanley was not a 4 bad - 6 without the OG; not outstanding but didnt have a bad game and will be an able 4th choice cb until Klose then Zimbo returns. Leitner (7)had a real impact when he came on and was the best outfield player for me; Todd impressed (6) and Buendia got better ast the game went on. Pukki did what he does. Steipi was disappoint with his shooting (5) but marginally better Trybull (5) who was marginally better than Kenny (5) who played like he was still enjoying some 20/20 - off the pace and the game went on around him. Plenty of positives, we will improve and I am keen to see what an Amadou / Leitner base can provide us.
  10. Home win for Mansfield. As for city under 3.5 goals at around 8/11. Good luck all!
  11. it is good to have this back and delighted to do the 24th. Will post my picks for the weekend shortly.
  12. We have unfulfilled talent so could be 11th but with a confidence knocking bad run it could be bottom. Right now I would say 17th but with little certainty. How we bounce back from defeats will be key, retaining self belief and luck with injuries in a couple of positions will be key.
  13. Silly prices but the price is always what a club would pay, and is unrelated to worth or value. Here it's mainly highlighting how desperate Manu had become and that Leicester didn't need or want to sell. Spent weeks negotiating to virtually pay the originally quoted price.
  14. Absolutely. You have me sussed..
  15. ZLF

    Will Villa be the new Fulham?

    Definitely a whiff of spend to avoid dropping back down again. However there is not the same mix of signings, the average age is lower than the Fulham ones and most have something to proven, expensive but at least will retain a sell on fee. Many are from last years squad which will minimise the disruption fulham saw to the promoted squad. But the figures remain eye watering. we will know in 10 months whether giving bigger contracts to our stars of last season or spending that money on new faces works best; it could easily happen that both teams survive. I remain quietly confident in how we are going about things.