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  1. still not sure who are the biggest idiots; the WUMs or those who take the WUMs comments as opinion rather than a prod and continue to engage them.
  2. We have a squad that is good enough when it is one its game. but last night too many players were not - and the wilted under the press. The movement, position and touch of the players receiving the ball was poor last night and when added to slow passing *& too many touches and inaccurate passing absolutely emphasised Farkes point about small error snowballing, impacting our own confidence and encouraging an increase in pressing intensity of the opponents press. There was a lot of focus on Amadou last night but the whole right flank was particularly poor, & he was joined by Max, Todd and Kenny who all lost possession at least 25% of the time. Add in the continued problems of lack of focus at set pieces (kenny and godfrey found wanting last night) and it wasnt great. Continue with those lapses and we will struggle to stay up - we need greater consistency. Where do I think our key weaknesses are? Primarily it is CDM. Tettey has shocked me, again, with just how pivotal & consistent he is; we miss his leadership when he is not there. I think Amadou will get there but is clearly adpating to the pace of the prem and will hopefully improve his consistency over the coming months. But the tettey partner is a problem; Trybull is anonymous too often, kenny just not suited to being there, leitner or mario may be the answer but at the moment no one is pulling up trees to be the player next to tettey. It is where we lose games, when its good we do well - we just dont seem able to do it week in week out at the moment. Secondly, I would say the number 10 role currently filled by Kenny / Steipi. Both have good games but neither are quite good enough to deliver consistently. We do need a more physical presence in that part of the pitch. Perm 2 from Onel, Todd, Emi & Mario from the other roles and we are would remain potent.
  3. Good luck to Splutcho & Swindon. My selection this week is a home win for Bristol Rovers to Southend. As for City - a red card for either side.
  4. ZLF

    Farke v Emi

    It is less EMi v Farke than Emi v the fans. He is a bright spark but fans getting on his back affects every player. Two into 3 positions does not work, I dont think we can have a team with Emi & Todd & Onel so one will sit out. Both Todd & Onel did well v Everton & Arsenal but were both too peripheral v Soton and when they did get the ball were poor with it. For me he is a better ball player than Kenny or Steipi but playing 3 of 4 from Todd, Emi, Onel & Mario would be too lightweight. There is a strong chance he will be back come sunday. Is leitner missing a bigger concern? Wanting the ball in tight situations and moving its quickly and accurately are what beats the press, that was missing from yesterdays play - and in these sorts of games his defensive contribution isnt short of what TT or KM brings at CDM.
  5. ZLF

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    He will be taking a step up at some stage, the question is when and for how much, but it wont happen without some incoming replacements. The summer seems most likely - but £30m+ now would test our resolve.
  6. Brentford Home Win against a currently poor looking Luton side at around 1-2 looks tempting this weekend. As for city 10 goals conceded in the last 3 home games will hopefully change if the CBs have retained fitness.However our record at home to arsenal is not great so a draw and less than 2.5 goals is my tentative suggestion. Good luck PuPs
  7. Not sure whether I am below Hissing Sid in the form table but it must be close. I will persevere even though I suspect even making 50%+ is now beyond me... So this weeks tip to avoid is a Crewe home win to troubled Morecombe. As for city I will go with a 2-0 home win prediction. Fingers crossed for a welcome win and the best of luck to all
  8. Gonna need another. Just not meant to be.
  9. Equals my best winning run of the season! Bring on the next one.
  10. Both labour and the Tories are watching this thread for future chancellors
  11. Just seen it was last night. Can I swap in Kathy's Italian home win...