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  1. While the entertainment on offer was poor it was a win but the apathy in the crowd was audible. More pertinent was the absence of the drummer. Are the rumours that the club have removed permission correct? Linked to behaviour at both the Coventry and Leedz games? The volume levels have certainly fallen as a result? Apologies if covered elsewhere.
  2. Barnes to start in the 10 role for me, off after 60 mins as he regains fitness. My prediction is rowe will start in a push to start the knappership with a win to maintain momentum. Batth to start on the right of cb. Can onlybhave fingers crossed we mark chair properly and don't back off him.
  3. His teams may defend from the front but that csn not stop the ball getting to the final third at some stage, it feels like we have no defensive tactic once the press is breached, and more fatally not attempt to solve such a fatal flaw. as for goals scored 13 in first 4 games masks 13 in the subsequent 11. Sargent alone can't be a saviour at both ends... I have only ever seen huckerby have such an impact, and he isn't that much of an impact player for us
  4. Tactics are causing individual errors which is the biggest driver, compounded by poor performances exacercerbated by a lack of defensive shield in front of aging cbs.
  5. Ultimately the footballing side has had ample funding; that its been spent in a haphazard manner, disproportionately in players without residual value and failing to provide any midfield defensive capability is an issue for the footballing side. The length of the experienced contracts is a potential blocker for new and emerging talent The debt is large but not insurmountable.
  6. And made a decent impression apparently. Warlock is perfect for avoiding relegation and a contract that stops at the seasons end, hopefully we won't need that and are aiming longer term and a little more ambition. If fans reaction is who is he then that probably suits me best, we need the next Neil, Farke or McKenna. None of the names mentioned so far inspire
  7. These are the whoscored equivalents equally placing KM relatively high. But hogesar, yiur defencenof both kenny and Gibson is that they are better than sara and duffy; are these stats reliable or not (I don't believe they are, like all data items they are pretty useless on their own and huge elements of context need applying) What these data views don't show is just how inadequate the squad are when out of possession or the impact of a team selection that gifts space to opponents.
  8. Enforced def changes; with no tactical amendments a hostile crowd, dank weather and a chance of moving into the top half of the table, what's not to relish....
  9. Not something we are going to have to worry about for a while And I worry even less about a mid table prem league borefess
  10. I think parma answered this earlier. Sadly this was promptly abandoned upon the second prem promotion, with the adoption of a pragmatic approach and move to 433, the recruitment of smith and creating a disconnect with academy planning.
  11. 3 typical champs challenges where all outcomes are possible but an inability to beat this qpr squad even with a new manager would show just how far we have fallen. That's its likely is an issue
  12. Those last 11 games last season were meant to be down to naivety and poor players. Well kenny and Gibson are back, boosted by the experience of forshaw duffy and stacey, yet the same fundamental problems are here this season as last. Heads dropping, poor effort, ineffective midfield and defence. Wagner has had his squad changes and ignored the need to dominate the middle of the park. We were sh!t then amd are now but worse we have a slow aging squad. Time to change
  13. The tactic are the issue, but that must mena the manager expects either the cbs to provide a more formidable screen against players running at them or he expects kenny and sara to provide a secure screen against those risks. Neither pairing nor any of the individuals are doing those roles well, so are part of the problem that needs resolving
  14. We will for sure whether these changes work, assuming the tactical approach remains unchanged then it's hard to see an improvement with that
  15. So if duffy and Gibson haven't been the problem and nor are sara or kenny, why do we have a central chasm like a chocolate tea pot at boiling point? At least one of them has been poor in key parts of their role to play like that
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