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  1. Gave support to teemu and covered a lot of ground. His good positional sense let down by his touch on a couple of occasions particularly in their pen area. More to come but not looking like an instinctive finisher.
  2. Good afternoon and good luck to our pickers. Torn between a couple - but will head to Hillsboro and a home win for sheffield weds against Shrewbury. As for city BTTS Yes for me.
  3. Good morning all For the pup6 my suggestion is a home win for leyton orient to Oldham to try and avoid a hattrick of losing picks. As for city I am struggling as i am not sure what the starting xi of either side will be, for us not starting the 2 new signings and i think we lose but start kabak and normann and i think we have a chance. My skinny priced pick is both team to score yes Good luck for a successful weekend for us all.
  4. Good evening! A Bradford home win to Walsall in league 2 is my tip for cosmic Good luck all
  5. Not liking this weeks selections tbh, esp as (for me) the stand out bet is the already nabbed Forest Green home win, esp with odds at over evens (have i missed 5 suspensions or something??) In an attempt to offer a variety my pup6 pick for First W is Cardiff - home win. As for city, I predict no goal scorer.
  6. Not yet I dont think; the service has been woeful and he has had a thankful task so far. I would like to see Lees-Melou take the emi role and feed some through balls but he may be too deep to do that - i cant see Rashica doing that and todd hasnt yet had the opportunity too. As for Sargent he has had a good cameo playing off the flank v Liverpool but frankly was as anonymous against Citeh as Pukki was, no criticism in him for that as there was no service or support; Too soon to suggest he will prove any better (or worse) add in his goal scoring record isnt great and its a bigger leap of faith to go with him than sticking with pukki right now. Same applies to Idah, he has always impressed me more when part of a striking pair rather than the lone striker.
  7. Pretty sure that in our first premier league season we beat both Arsenal & Chelsea in the opening two games - but yes we did still stay up
  8. I would like to see Lees-Melou get on the ball a bit more; he played one of the few decent attacking passes in the game - 2nd half inside both full backs for aarons to cross and gundogan to deflect the right side of the post (our luck would see an OG) - and hopefully its time and other teams that will see him link up with Teemu - who seems to have been prematurely written off. I wonder whether we should play with Rashica as the furthest forward player against the top 6 clubs; his pace on the break seems to be our current biggest threat as his defensive work hasnt been great so far but if we can get him to harry as teem does. Add in 5 midfielders around him perhaps the false 9 could help.
  9. what became clear yesterday is gilmour, rupp & kenny (& rashica as the attacking left player) offer no wide protection to the left back and we were probably marginally worse second than first half. None of them provide that physical element we are missing, or the ability the shield the back line or the ability of either skipp or buendia to win the ball back. Gilmour at the base may prove to be a poor choice for the base despite the occassional flourished ball out wide. PLM has some physicality and has offered limited success in front of aarons while being the best of the middle 3 for probing through balls and goal threat. Lungi appears to be an option but farke doesnt seem to want him At the moment it feels a big step to assume that this formation with this squad will fare better against lesser sides than the last two PL champions, so either personnel &/or formation has to change.
  10. We may not need a DCM but we do need a more physical defensive capability from our midfielders; Gilmour isnt going to offer that protection and we know from the previous prem adventures that its not really Kenny or Rupps strength either, although both offer other strengths. Too soon to say with Lees-Melou, although his first outing hints that he will be better going forward than those two, and probably no worse defensively. So having that option with either a dedicated dcm or more mobile physical box to box-ers remains a must for me.
  11. I am not sure I would make any changes - we started well against liverpool but some defensive sloppiness made things to hard - I am not sure either sargeant or kenny will offer or improve that: a little luck with the ricochets nd more focus from the cms and cbs should suffice. For me stick to the same, but use the subs earlier when its clear we are starting to tire.
  12. Good luck to Duncan and Mr Angry; fingers crossed for a winning week. My pick for the PuP6 is a home win for Forest Green who have started the season impressively & seem over priced at about 4-5. For city I suggest BTTS and over 3.5 goals (all down to the btts methinks...)
  13. Definitely good to be back. My 6 pick is a home win for Barrow against Hartlepool. As for city while my heat says we will get something from this, my bets is for an away win with a -2 handicap for liverpool, at odds of c9-4. Good luck everyone.
  14. Tzolis joins Placheta in the talented but raw step. Hopefully both can show us how quickly they can learn
  15. Williams - we are skinny in fit full back cover but is experienced and versatile. A loan isnt perfect but would be an ok fit. In the pragmatic category rather than exciting. Billing - I dont rate him, performances are very inconsistent but what he does have going for him is some much needed physicality. Carter-Vickers - very underwhelming for me, a career over several seasons at EFL level; would add numbers but i want an improvement on what we currently have. Tzolis - too soon to cast a judgement by a yes option for me. he has the right profile and potential to be anything, plenty to be excited about but with a large dollop and potential is only ever any good once realised.
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