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  1. @nutty nigel 20th is good for me Eddie; about time I finally chose 6 winners My pick is a fairly confident Exeter home win v Grimsby - assuming the actually goes ahead on time.. As for City I suggest a 2-0 win with PUkki to score anytime. Good luck one and all.
  2. Home wine for Lincoln for me this week As for City I am going for home win to nil winning ht & ft Good luck all
  3. I think 0-0 is the most likely outcome; swansea extremely tight defensively and combined with our lack of chances in recent games means we may struggle to score, while we continue to concede very few goals. Against that is swansea wont be as defensive boro or millwall so we may have more space for todd and mario to create more openings. We have been tight with Krul, Gibson & Hanley at the core, although we have allowed some good chances in both of the last two games and it is foreseeable that Swansea will be able to be better at exploiting that than Boro or Millwall. My negative nancy head can foresee a 1-0+ defeat as we are missing emi & Giannoulis continues to adapt to our style of play.
  4. The proposition does get confusing but as a season ticket holder and lockdown sky subscriber it does make things a little easier. Not being on ifollow for lives games seems the norm now, probably due to boost NowTV sales. With precious little else on my tv football watching has never been higher, even if too many of the games have been dire. I have started using Fanslide app (in usual app stores) to help with the worst non Norwich games, its a live fantsay football game broken into 20min segments has has given some interest. Not on commision but it has helped me through some dark lockdown weeks and even grimmer games..
  5. Good luck for Twidio and Mr Apples and all out pup pickers this weekend. Home win for Accrington v Northampton for me. As for city I am predicting a 2-0 home win with Ayew to score anytime Good luck all
  6. a home win for port vale for me please - although draws at both brum and cardiff look tempting. As for city i will go for hanley to score anytime. Good luck pups
  7. Good luck all in what is a hard to predict weekend with some many players rested. My pick in an attempt a winner for the first time in a month lands in Exeter for a shorter priced home win than i would usually opt for. As for CIty I will opt for a score draw after 90 mins.
  8. Good luck to two of our strongest PuPs for a winning week. I will try and pick get a game that that can both start and actually finish after 2 poor consecutive choices, so will go for boro to complete a double over birmingham - with an emergency plan b of an away win for us in Cardiff should the weather close in on the north east. For the city bet it is city to win and teemu to score anytime. Good luck all!
  9. The vaccine is primarily to stop the NHS being swamped, its a vaccine that has a limited supply which should be controlled centrally, and not have the rich getting a covid passport early. We all have a selfish case to get it but here we are talking about fit and healthy young athletes who have a very small risk of requiring treatment should they catch it. Krul feeling under the weather is a typical response - he will almost certainly be fit for the next league game. As long as they stay bubbled (the issue) and now that the EFL has made twice weekly testing mandatory it should remain managable. Too many footballers already think they are outside of the rules of real people (Walker, Grealish etc flouting of the rules), this would only exacerbate that feeling.
  10. Home win for Forest Green for me. As for city i think over 2.5 goals. Good luck, and a happy new year to all pups.
  11. Blimey, found it hard enough to find one pick let alone one each day, esp I am on a poor run. But I am loving it So, my pick on Saturday with an away win for Charlton at Swindon. My main pick is on Sunday with a Man U home win Finally for our early kick off I am predicting 1-1 draw. Good luck one and all
  12. Good luck all My best pick this weekend is a home win for Blackpool. As for city this one is a 1-1 for me.
  13. At the moment I would much rather we made an offer for skipp than Gibson. Both playing well but Skipp seems to have the scope to cope with the step up should we get promoted. Historic lack of game time may mean we are not yet seeing peak Gibson, so it will be interesting to see how he improves over the winter. He seems to be at a similar level to Hanley / defence last season and we know that wasnt really good enough.
  14. A home win for Blackburn against Barnsley for me. As for city it really depends on who is fit... a narrow 1-0 home with with city to have >5 corners. Good luck all
  15. According to whoscored it was after the goal was scored. Assume the ref took the view we scored so that was enough of a punishment. As for Emi the first booking was soft, but you see them given, but highlighted what was excellent his work ethic, knew he had over run the ball and just tried to retrieve it, and the second was never a straight red as his eyes were clearly on the ball through out, but was definitely a yellow though as his foot was high. As such it was one of the rare decisions the ref got right. Anyone suggesting that was a dismissal through petulance or sulkiness clearly has a preconceived agenda they are looking to sustain.
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