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  1. Our high possession stats mean the number of duels is going to be low, so the left right axis relatively meaningless. As we know Hanley is very good in the air (although as his set piece efforts at the other end show and relative lack of goals show the direction of his headers can be a little random) - but he is bang average overall - just below the median line, indicating he is playing a little below his levels, an average CB in the champs when he is usually one of the best. While Omo may be below average aerially (does he get targetted because teams know Hanley is so strong?) he is in the top 10 CBs for total challenge successes. Dijksteel is strong but would be costly, while Jacob Greaves at HUll as a 22 yo who is definitely heading in the right direction and has caught my eye, as would Cabango. Ajayi and Dickie are probably at their peak and i would be less interested now
  2. Is it true that if you are in Blackpool and dont see one then YOU are the smackhead?!?
  3. I think that the game highlighted just how good Mumba is going forward, skill, pace, energy with a touch of class. However his defensive work continues to let him down that left a lot to be desired, often deeper than the rest of the line and playing ladapo on side or losing Jackson for several big chances. I suspect it is this lack of focus that seems him playing in league one - until he improves that element of his game he will struggle to break through - however he is young enough to make that change and fulfil the potential he clearly has.
  4. Home win for Doncaster for me. I think barrow and orientbwill both score. Good luck all....
  5. For the 6 pick I will go for a birmingham home win against coventry, with a price that doesnt seem to reflect an improvement in performances against a poor sky blues. As for city a 7th successive win with BTTS and pukki to score anytime. Fingers crossed for lakey and lincsy
  6. agree on the spain element - the physical growth of some players at RM & FCB is miraculous..
  7. Pockthorpe has already chosen my nap, so in an effort to provide a bigger choice I will go for an away win for league 2 leaders Leyton Orient at AFC Wimbledon as for city, BTTS, >4 bookings and >5 corners. Good luck everyone
  8. Listen to the report I posted - it gives a more balanced view of why the ratio is higher than the general population, whether the perceived performance increase is there or not, and the source of the "data" and the subsequent sensationalist click bait conspiracy versions. I have no doubt there are widescale performance abuses particularly in the larger clubs, incl lfc, but the evidence here, for me, isn't strong.
  9. There are drugs at clubs, including the big UK ones, but the asthma one is now easily detected. An ex player I know insists it's not an issue in britain clubs, The Spanish clubs in oarticular seem to physically increase players without retribution. The drugs test regime does always seem to be one step behind.
  10. Prob more needed by the defenders than forward tbf I've got me coat
  11. This has been regularly debunked the last time here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3ct3k4z?partner=uk.co.bbc&origin=share-mobile Conspiracy tgeory from a rogue Russian troll for this one
  12. My pick is a home win for Bristol rovers against Morecombe. As for city, home win, btts and more than 5 corners for city. Good luck for the chosen bets!!
  13. Blooms money has created a model that more clubs with wealthy backers should follow. Clarity of purpose, strong infrastructure with modern stadium and a scouting model that invests wisely and sells strongly in both players and managers. They are a stable club on the up with a much better chance of European football this year than villa. The latter remain a basket case with money to burn but no real idea on how to use it. Squandering money on poor managerial and player choices and lurching from one dissatisfaction to another. Potter should wait to see what better offers come along, for they will, and ride a solid season to see where his squad can take him, Europe league is possible this season.
  14. Locallish for me with Cambridge hone win against a bereft Burton As for city, reborn Sargent to score anytime seems prudent
  15. As has been mentioned body language is part of a wide range of observation factors that work together with analytics as part of the scouting process; its a balanced holistic approach that gives the best chance of a good signing, rather than using just one or another. most people know of the RBF (resting b!tch face) phenomena - some players (see the earlier chris waddle reference) portray a poor body language. The opposite is also possible, and there is also the Andy Hughes effect - huge positive energy but low quality.
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