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  1. ZLF

    Who will miss out

    Kenny v Brighton was invisible, not for the first time in the prem, playing deep. That was the day we go out be out that is not his position. Vrancic is better there, if only for 60 mins. Trybull a far better option, while leitner and amadou have shown more there too. Kenny is much better further forward but even then his best game was against a much shorter mason holgate, which is why Duda is here.
  2. ZLF

    Who will miss out

    If not today it looks like Kenny won't be no 10. I would rather have mario with tettey than Kenny who has yet to impress in the deeper role at this level. Add in Trybull at best he is 3rd choice there, but probably behind amadou too. With Ben back too the bench should look much stronger so more than 1, 2 to miss out as it could look like fahrmann, Godfrey or Hanley, Lewis, Trybull, Kenny, Onel, drmic/idah.
  3. A tight game that screams ACN. Need to avoid the tension that was in the crowd v palace but that may not be possible. Will should take something from the game but a tense 1 goal finale methinks
  4. Swansea home win v Wigan is my pick. Very undecided on my city pick, but given the tension on and off pitch I will go for a red card for either side.
  5. Seems much fairer but still not sure why the groupings are not based on a combined 18-20 season total rather than just the points based one that was overly biased to home season ticket holders. There is no perfect system and whichever they landed on was bound to upset some. Hopefully this is the last change for a while.
  6. The link is a couple of years out of date https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41482931 but we are were and still are far from the cheapest ticket. It is all about supply and demand and despite the cost still represents good value. But is does highlight just how expensive they were 8 years ago... ps - this link has our average ticket price as the 7th cheapest in the prem this season. https://www.90min.com/posts/6404583-ranking-the-average-prices-of-premier-league-club-s-season-tickets-ahead-of-2019-20-season
  7. ZLF

    Team for Bournemouth

    My team is fitness dependent and based upon some very poor performances last week by Kenny and mario, probably poorer than the one that cost amadou his midfield slot v soton. Krul Aarons Godfrey Zimmermann Byram Tettey Amadou Emi Duda Cantwell Pukki Krul while near the bottom of the keeper table has not been playing badly, likewise tettey. Add in amadou as the further physical option to bolster a woefully powder puff middle. Rupp on the bench as a longer term purchase and less time to adapt but we may see more towards the end of the season. A solid core allowing the fullbacks to push on. However we need a return from Duda and 60 mins v Bournemouth is as good an intro as anything.
  8. ZLF


    So many stats - none are the arbiter; I think Krul does was in the saves per shots faced ratio for example. This one simply a calculation of how many he has not saved out of those that stats says he should have saved... From memory its a 30% chance keepers dont concede from a penalty - so 0.3 expected save.
  9. ZLF


    Always a good data reference site, reliable consistent and accurate. Ryan & Guaita are particularly impressive. As you can see from below, Krul sits at 17th out of the 19 rated, performing about the same as patricio, is above Kepa and Pope. He has "cost" us just under 4 goals more than expected - one extra every 5th game or so. Still significantly better than mcgovern (-1.2 goals per 90). No data for Fahrmann as he does have enough minutes on pitch - the only one of the three yet to concede a prem goal. With 4 extra goals with a GD of -23 & 45 goceeded suggests that the real issue with the players in front of him. I do see a slight deterioration in performance over the last couple of months so at some stage it may be worth giving Fahrmann a try - but no reason at the moment. For me strengthening the keeper for this season isnt a priority (a longer term signing is another thing) Rank Player Corners xGd Goal/90 ▼ 1 Alisson 0 3.7 0.3 2 Mathew Ryan 4 6.3 0.29 3 Vicente Guaita 4 4.7 0.23 4 Kasper Schmeichel 3 4.7 0.22 5 Ben Foster 3 4.5 0.21 6 Martin Dúbravka 8 3.6 0.16 7 Dean Henderson 2 3.2 0.15 8 Bernd Leno 4 2.7 0.12 9 Alex McCarthy 3 0.8 0.07 10 Ederson 2 0.8 0.05 11 Jordan Pickford 4 0.9 0.04 12 Aaron Ramsdale 4 -0.1 0 13 Paulo Gazzaniga 2 -1.7 -0.11 14 David de Gea 6 -2.4 -0.11 15 Tom Heaton 7 -2.4 -0.12 16 Rui Patrício 5 -3.9 -0.18 17 Tim Krul 9 -3.7 -0.19 18 Kepa Arrizabalaga 4 -5.2 -0.23 19 Nick Pope 3 -8.7 -0.39
  10. ZLF


    Not if it is a defensive midfielder. Just need them to have a better impact than Drinkwater yesterday...
  11. ZLF

    Duda signed

    He has been clearly flagged as the number 10 so I think it is safe to assume that it is Kenny (& Steipi) who will miss out from the starting XI. If Duda performs to the levels he can we will be a significant improvement on both. My one concern is that Kenny is again asked to play at DCM which does not suit his style and where I think Tettey, Trybull, Vrancic, Amadou & possibly Leitner are all better options - even if I am far from convinced that any of them are consistently good enough for the prem.
  12. Ideally competitive in the prem league but without the corporate feel of the majority of those clubs (& VAR). The match day experience and atmosphere is far better below the prem - but I love seeing the best players, and they are a step up in class from last year. Being competitive is key and, while its a little underwhelming, a residency in the top 26 isnt an unreasonable aim. The tables in the link (with the usual wiki style data accuracy health warnings) highlights we have the poorest owners bar Luton and the relative miniscule size of our finances to draw upon compared to the top 44 clubs in the country. 20+ clubs backed by billionaires across both leagues amply demonstrates that weatlhy backers of any nationality doesnt guarantee success (incl those down the road). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_owners_of_English_football_clubs
  13. ZLF

    Why we will be relegated

    players having the drive to win the ball and poor communication is the issue with this goal, not zonal marking. Martials movement was hardly electric yet hanley gets under the ball by being in the wrong area. I know kenny has not been great at the front post (replaced by trybull post leicester) but hanley is in the wrongplace. it is the players decision making and capability that is lacking.
  14. ZLF

    Why we will be relegated

    This is part of the problem, with not enough goals from outside of Pukki & Cantwell part of the issue, hopefully Duda can improve that and add to defending from the front. Only 1 of the 4 teams to have scored fewer than us are in the relegation places (Bournemouth) with two of them in mid-table - mainly because we have conceded +10 goals more than all of them. Improving the back 7, especially their physicality, while maintaining the ball playing capability remains our biggest need
  15. ZLF

    Why we will be relegated

    Not having the cash to strengthen the defence and defensive midfield has hurt us - concede that many goals in the champs and not strengthen means you will struggle at the back - for all hanleys improvements since regaining genuine fitness he remains a champ cb. Duda is a decent short term signing and fills a genuine problem slot for us at number 10 - neither kenny nor steipermann are good enough often enough nor will they attract prem buyers and they are more than good enough for the champs. But the real issue is at cb and cdm. We need improvements for next season (irrespective of which league) as much as this. 24 points from the remaining 48 isnt impossible - but it does feel increasingly unlikely