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  1. I have often thought it would be great to for Holt to spend some time with Idah. He had particular qualities in abundance, particularly a determination to get on the end of crosses, which Adam seems to lack - even more so when he might have to head the ball. I actually think Idah is a decent player but there is something missing in his attitude (or whatever it is) to getting on the end of crosses.
  2. It's certainly the case with strikers that very few of the young ones end up making it with us. I guess it's always extra-appealing to think that we have a great up-and-coming striker in our ranks - Paul Clayton in the 80's and Chris Llewellyn in the 90's both come to mind - but they don't manage to have the careers we and they hope for. Dickson-Peters always seemed to be the one thought most likely to break through in recent years but he didn't get as close as Tyrese Omotoye in the end. Abu Kamara is doing well at Portsmouth it seems but is being played out wide - but may well be in the first team picture for us next year if he continues to develop - he had a great understanding with Rowe in the Academy teams so would be great if they could bring that to the first team. Of course, it's sometimes one step back and then two forward - so some of these players who leave for lower leagues may end up doing well - eg Carlton Morris and Harry Toffolo. I was just thinking how wonderful it is that three of our Youth Cup winning team are plying their trade in the EPL.. Jacob Murphy frequently does well when chosen as a starter for Newcastle; Morris is probably the first name on the team sheet for Luton; and Toffolo apparently did very well for Forest in their last game and always equips himself well when I catch snippets of the matches he plays in. Well done lads!
  3. I thought they had already appointed a new manager. Marti Cifuentes????
  4. Eustace did very well at Brum but his tactics against us weren't at all impressive - didn't seem to realise our weaknesses. The only match we've won in ages.
  5. Is he a CDM? I saw him for part of one u21 game and he was very skilful and tenacious but still a bit lightweight
  6. I'm pleased to see Gibbs in there but I'd prefer to see him in the Forshaw role than the advanced role Wagner keeps talking about. I presume Giannoulis is being rested - I think he's in his best form ever for us.
  7. I hope everybody else reads this and feels as pleased with this appointment as me. Welcome Ben!
  8. Darren Kenton on Warner https://insidefutbol.com/2023/09/28/i-know-its-a-massive-statement-former-norwich-star-makes-bold-claim-on-canaries-talent/622201/
  9. Sainz and Lima both looked like top players last night but not strikers. Lima has fantastic midfield skills and Sainz is more of a wide player. Both have a fantastic shot so maybe will contribute goals.
  10. Thanks very much Nuff Said. Hope we both enjoy watching the match today
  11. Has anyone used the free Proton VPN along with the canaries.tv ifollow £10 per game to know whether it works in the UK?
  12. Was Lima our no 8? - looked a fantastic player. Welch also looked good apart from giving away the penalty. In fact a lot of our players did well - must be a few gems there for the future.
  13. Aren't we now more suited for a game in awful weather having more physical players and more direct style? Compared with Leicester who are presumably more Guardiola style? 2-1 to us
  14. And he was a player with us in the early 80's
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