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  1. Grando

    The season is over now

    I reckon it should be decided with a penalty shootout. In Krul we trust.
  2. Grando

    Season ticket refunds

    I imagine they’ll offer a discount on the renewal price of next season’s ST.
  3. Grando

    Warnock on his way to Portman Road

    In fairness, at that level - and in the unlikely event that Warnock were to go there - he couldn't fail to be an improvement on where they currently are!
  4. I suppose I asked about Premier League as that's where NCFC are... But yes, obviously, any level of sport could be affected. In addition, I thought the amount of money at stake might perhaps influence the PL's decision makers as to how to (and how quickly to) react. If, for argument's sake, one of the big clubs were affected, that might have more effect on what transpired than if we did. Anyway, I'm sure none of this hypothesising is particularly useful, though I guess we can assume (hope?) that the footballing authorities are at least having the same conversations.
  5. This thread did get me wondering what would happen if a Premier League player tested positive. Presumably then the whole squad would have to be quarantined for 14 days (and any team the affected player played against in that period)? Which would obviously have ramifications for fixture completion.
  6. Grando

    Games today

    3-0 to Watford now.
  7. Grando

    Anyone else hugely excited?

    It’s a no from me.
  8. Given that, unfortunately, there's a much bigger chance of us going down now than staying up, I also think that the management are being a bit naive in not trying to give Buendia more game time and therefore put him in the shop window. Because I really can't see Emi sticking around if we're back in the Championship (I may be doing him a disservice here, though I doubt it)... In which case, a fired-up Emi having a free reign to be creative for the rest of the season could end up putting several million on his potential transfer value - and if we are down then I'd much rather see us having the financial resources to pay up to keep hold of Pukki instead of having another possible Oliveira situation on our hands with a peed-off Emi. (And, if Emi really were to catch fire over the last few games then, just maybe, he'll be the spark that triggers our unlikely great escape. Win win.)
  9. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we begin with the same starting lineup on Friday. In which case we’ve all got a problem.
  10. Grando

    Wolves Match Thread.

    Really though, two subs at 3-down. What’s the point? It would’ve been a miracle at 2-down to get something out of that game but perhaps there was still a very vague hope if we’d have brought subs on at half-time. There was certainly nothing to lose at that point.
  11. Grando

    Wolves Match Thread.

    I think if Farke brings Buendia on at 55/60 minutes if we’re chasing a win then this is all fine. If he does the usual and brings him on with 10 minutes left then his omission from the starting line-up will be really annoying. (I’d still have one of Mario or Emi on from the start though...)
  12. Grando

    Norwich 100/1 for FA Cup

    Think I'll be saving my money.
  13. Grando

    Rupp and Duda

    I suspect if Vrancic had been picked more often this season he would’ve added to his tally. I can’t understand him being left out.
  14. Grando

    Top 26

    Could we at the very least not aim to be a top-25 team? It rolls off the tongue better. And besides, if you ever were to see a banner somewhere - let's say on a chip shop - proclaiming 'Top 26 Chip Shops in the Country', then you'd know that the establishment in question came 26th...
  15. Yes, I've heard that trawling football forums is how they discover most of their license-dodging cases.