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  1. Though not very successfully if the amount of mask-wearing in the Lower Barclay during the Leicester game was representative!
  2. It would make more sense to encourage mask wearing, at least in the concourses and inside areas.
  3. What I don’t really understand in this business ‘model’ is that it seems to hinge on getting to the Premier League in order to strike it rich… But surely, from our own experience, you’re not really much better off getting promoted as you then have to invest millions in players/wages etc. wiping out all those Sky millions. Anyway, I’m certainly glad my pension isn’t invested in Binner PLC…
  4. An interesting line in there, too, re. future testing: "In line with the Premier League’s guidance and anticipated government requirements, it is anticipated that there will be COVID-19 checks taking place at all subsequent matches throughout the 2021/22 season. These details will be communicated ahead of each match."
  5. Anything less than third and a cup would be a failure in my eyes...
  6. I can confirm that Todd will definitely be going or staying.
  7. I'm not sure we really need a Nice midfielder – I think we'd be better off with a nasty one...
  8. He didn’t look to be smiling to me. Walking ok though.
  9. Given there's every chance we will come bottom again then I can imagine we're not necessarily that attractive a sponsorship option for all companies. Albeit the ones who are happy to promote their product with wiener-based shenanigans are probably less likely to have such qualms and just be happy to get their brand name displayed any which way... But since we seem to have, rightly IMHO, dismissed those firms then our options would seem to not be all that wide.
  10. Usually we do only have two of those though!
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