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  1. Grando

    Ref for Sunday

    Good ole Super Dooper Hooper. I dread to think what a combination of him, VAR and Chris Wilder can cook up together to p&ss me off...
  2. Vrancic needs to be in the side. For Trybull.
  3. Grando

    FA Cup Draw.

    Seeing this draw I get the sense that the old “we’re going to concentrate on the league” expression is shortly going to be getting out of its annual early January box.
  4. Grando

    Will Emery last for Sunday?

    As it's just Ljunberg as caretaker hopefully that won't be quite as motivating as a new flagship appointment. It's still not great, but perhaps in some weird way it takes the pressure off us, as some people were starting to think that they'd roll over while we hammered in the final nail of Emery's reign. We should at least now know that we've got to be at our best.
  5. Grando

    A club without ambition

    I never said we weren't even trying. I said we didn't sign them. Trying but failing to sign good players has been a bit of a feature of our recent escapades in the Premiership... But I get that it's hard to find the right targets and persuade them to come, so I'm going to shut up about it now, because we are where we are. I just hope we do as Weber suggested and sign a player (or two) in the mould he describes as soon as possible in January, if we're to have even a fighting chance of staying up. Because Farke and the squad need all the assistance they can get in this highly sloping playing field.
  6. Grando

    A club without ambition

    Sadly, coming close butters no parsnips... (I guess you're referring to the French winger/striker.)
  7. Grando

    A club without ambition

    Yes they are. But were we even looking seriously at players who would have fulfilled this criteria (as much as you can ever predict) in the £5 to £15m bracket?
  8. Grando

    Sellable Assets

    I remember the heady days of the summer when people were talking about Buendia being our first £50m player. And to be fair, maybe I dared to believed it too... What a time to be alive that was! (And, football being a funny old game, let’s not entirely write the possibility off yet, even if it does seem like a distant dream.)
  9. Grando

    A club without ambition

    I suppose the point is that you only waste transfer money if you buy badly (e.g. Wolfswinkle, Naismith). Weber is now saying (and it seems a reasonable point): "If we do spent money it will be on players who have a potential future value for us. That will be on players who aren't going to lose their value if we are relegated, players who aren't going to be on outrageous sums in the Championship if the worst was to happen." However, the position we're now in begs the question why a couple more of those type of players weren't signed before the season started...
  10. Grando

    Match Night Thread -

    Can the Sky commentator stop pronouncing it Tett-ay please?
  11. Grando

    Team for Watford

    Fair enough. Perhaps give Pukki a rest on the bench, and bring him on for the last twenty minutes... I'd go with this: Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul Krul
  12. Grando

    Famewo new contract

    This, if Amadou is still injured for Watford, allowing Tettey into midfield.
  13. Grando

    What’s the problem?

    He may not end up being our saviour but he was immense last season and played a huge part in getting us over the line. We were struggling without him at the season end, and when he finally featured he salvaged a vital point against Sheff W and then that goal against Blackburn. And then there’s Leeds away... I’m hopeful he will make a difference. Because I need some hope from somewhere.
  14. Grando

    Match Thread v Brighton

    What I find really frustrating is that not only did we have such limited activity in the transfer window, but that the players we did buy have had such little game time. It’s one thing that we had a minuscule amount of money to spend, I understand that, but of the signings we made Roberts has slid off the radar, and Drmic hasn’t been given a proper chance (even when he has been fit). Amadou’s done his best out of position, but we have to hope he improves things if and when the injury crisis ever allows him to play in midfield. Byram, in fairness, looked ok in his limited game time, but no one so far has brought any particular improvement to a struggling squad. And that’s already starting to seem like terrible summer business.
  15. Grando


    Who are the subs?