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  1. Fair enough! I’d rather a different, more physical striker than Martin as an option for us too. But for me he’d be better than nothing in the hugely unlikely event that we went for him.
  2. We won't sign him, but I wouldn't mind seeing him here for a year as a very different option off the bench. He'd be a good signing for the last twenty minutes of a game when we wanted some more physical presence up front to hold up the ball. I think our lack of different attacking options in those situations has been a real negative for us. At least with Martin coming on defenders would have to be on their toes. But anyway.
  3. We're not going to get vaccinations in a month's time. Even if a vaccine was approved this year, do you really think they're going to be able to vaccinate huge swathes of the population quickly given how incompetent the approach to testing, track and trace, and virtually everything else in England has been?
  4. You’d presume that ST holders would be contacted first to see if they want to participate; there will be plenty who’ll not want to go if not sat with their usual companions, or who just don’t want to go because in shielding categories etc. Perhaps they’ll be able to opt out for season while paying a retainer to keep their seat going forwards? That’s how I’d do it initially, to whittle down the ballot pool.
  5. It seems a bit odd to me that the auctioneer didn’t split up the lots. A Norwich fan is unlikely to be interested in a Rangers or Falkirk medal and vice versa.
  6. That's because it's all hypothetical! Listen, I don't feel that strongly about it, but you ascertain that spending a sum in the £15m-£20m region would have made no difference, and that's a reasonable position. However, I think spending more than we did (in some form) would have given us a better chance. I can't prove that – and quite clearly it would've required some excellent manoeuvring in the transfer market... And I would say that your assertion holds more weight after the evidence of the last nine games, but just because you've written it here doesn't mean – in this purely hypothetical situation – that you're necessarily right and that the club went down the optimum route! Hence my original reply – that I'm still of the opinion of – that we should've spent more than we did at that point in time.
  7. I'd argue that going into the season with 4 centre-halves was short-sighted. Particularly given Hanley and Klose's injury records to that point. More bodies may well have helped us in that regard, but there's no way of definitely knowing whether the OP is correct in his assertion that the "£15m spend" is a myth that would've helped us, or my hunch that it would've been a gamble worth taking. And, btw, that mythical £15m could've been used towards loan wages or wages of free transfers – I'm not saying we had to spend that on transfer fees, merely that I believe we underspent to some degree (and spent the little we did spend badly).
  8. Alright, let's say we bought three £5million pound players (or two £7.5m ones) who ended up strengthening the squad – including a proper centre-half who could have covered when our awful defensive crisis struck. Obviously it's all hypothetical so we will never know - but that could have helped. And, ok, it might not have done - but I would rather we had have gone in a bit stronger than we did. That's all.
  9. With our current way of defending we'll need to tear teams apart in order to get a result...
  10. Well, we'll never know. But personally it seems pretty clear to me that a moderate spend wouldn't have hurt our chances of survival. Though based on the last nine games even £200m wouldn't have kept us up...
  11. He might be alright. He might not. I'll wait until I see him play a few times. The last few years have taught me nothing if not that trying to anticipate how good unknown foreign signings might turn out to be is a fool's errand...
  12. Hmmm. Well they'll finish somewhere between 8th and 10th. I wouldn't exactly call that being 'found out'. 'Found out' is finishing bottom and losing your last ten games.* *OK, this may end up being nine games**, in which case will we have found out Man City? ** It won't be nine games...
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