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  1. Grando

    Onel out for 3 months

    Farke has confirmed that it should be around 3 months as it's 'just' a meniscus tear and the ACL seems OK. The best news we could hope for in the circumstances: "With Onel it is not the worst case. His ACL seems to be okay but his lateral meniscus is torn and he needs surgery this week. With this diagnosis he will be out for the next few months."
  2. Grando

    Madness at Peterborough station

    It would've been safer to have got the night boat to Cairo.
  3. Grando

    Same season ticket

    Thanks. I’ll try the existing ticket then and cross my fingers!
  4. I presume we use last season’s season ticket again - as I don’t seem to have received a new one (I’m sure I’ve had it for about four seasons now). Or should I have got one and it’s never arrived!?
  5. Grando

    Next four games

    Just, let’s not start referring to the Newcastle game as “must win”. Second game of the season, it certainly isn’t that. Yes, it would be great to win it - and we have a fair chance of doing so - but anyone who already thinks a victory is a necessity is going to find it a very long and fraught season...
  6. Grando

    Super Wet Spam!

    Sheff Utd drew!
  7. Grando


    Let’s be honest - slicing the ball into your own net after 8 minutes was not the ideal start. Farke’s references in his post-match interview to injured players coming back probably tells you that Hanley won’t be in the starting line up once Klose or Zimmerman are fit.
  8. Grando

    Amadou Confirmed

    No. There's going to be a hula lot more of them.
  9. Grando

    Amadou Confirmed

    To the left, to the right, jump up and down and to the knees!
  10. Grando

    DF is Rock Hard!!

    I know this article is a bit of fun. But in what parallel world is the 97-year-old Roy Hodgson not at number 20? And how is Solskjær above Steve Bruce!?
  11. Yes! Definitely out of the question.
  12. Are the club still doing the ticket buy-back off ticket holders? I’ve not seen anything about it recently? If so, presumably those tickets (if like before) go on sale on match day? I’m guessing if so they’ll be general sale?
  13. Grando

    Jordan Rhodes

    I don't see it's cheeky - we've let RVW (cost us £8m), Naismith (£8.5m.) and Oliveira (£4m.) go on free transfers to clear their wages off our books in recent times. As Wednesday have 74 strikers and seemingly little inclination to play him (particularly as he doesn't want to be there) then I can't see why they'd be offended. If they are then they're idiots. Yes, they might get a transfer fee from some other club, but it's a long shot, and any club likely to buy him and offer money will be one of their stronger Championship rivals. So, I think we're right to do this. If they want to get all arsey about it then fine, they can keep him as an expensive non-playing reserve.
  14. Dammit. I didn't see that. Think we missed a trick there.
  15. I still quite like idea of the wildcard that is Semi Ajayi as an option in the DM role. At least we could afford him - and though his footballing ability is still under debate, his sheer physical presence is undoubtable.