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  1. Yes, but I was giving that as a reason why football fans in the UK (and other European leagues that had to put in an unscheduled break) might be feeling less well-disposed to this World Cup – and answering your question as to why there wasn't this level of outrage when Russia held it in 2018.
  2. In addition to the human rights issues we can also throw into the mix the fact that domestic schedules have had to be ripped apart to accommodate this farce of a World Cup, and also the environmental impact of air-conditioning stadiums etc. Though the deaths of thousands of migrant workers this time around trumps both of these. So, I'd say that's why.
  3. This question really should be posed by someone who is going.
  4. This really is p*ss-poor from the club.
  5. But if we actually tried a proper two up front with Pukki and Sarge might it work? As we have never properly seen it we don't really know. Personally I'd be inclined to try that, as those two are the only proper goal threats we have, so we might as well put them both into the area where they actually have a chance to score. Maybe 3-5-2 could suit us, with Max and Dimi pushing on as wingbacks?
  6. How about tonight he simply didn’t click after coming on as a sub into a ****e situation. As to his more general decline, I couldn’t say.
  7. Cantwell would improve us, I hope he’s back as an option for Saturday.
  8. Exactly this. (And £4m buys you half a Sara, Rashica, Tzolis or Sargent!)
  9. Why would we even contemplate selling the GOAT for the pittance we’d get at this point for him?
  10. One of Smith’s biggest errors appears to be that he hasn’t learned to come across to the Barclay and do an elaborate back-and-forth salute. Had he mastered this simple step he might just be a bit more popular among the fans now…
  11. Leicester this season are a comedy of errors, that’s for sure.
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