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  1. Grando

    Nightmare scenario

    Two margarines on the go, that’s the nightmare scenario...
  2. Grando

    Red cards

  3. Grando

    Steven Fletcher Dangerman

    Beware Gary Hooper. Not because he's particularly good, just because of the ex-players' curse...
  4. I can’t realistically see that Wednesday can still make the playoffs. 71 points max. I doubt even Hull can, who are a point better off. I’d say Derby are the lowest contenders for a place. But Wednesday might still be trying while it’s a mathematic possibility, so don’t think it will make any difference to their approach.
  5. Grando

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Er yes, I've been there! Listen, I'm not moaning, but I do think the side currently needs a midfield boost. DF may well stick with Cantwell and that's his prerogative as the manager. I'm of the opinion, for what it's worth (nothing), that Vrancic should start the next game (remember him at Leeds?), and possibly Leitner too. That's all.
  6. Grando

    Good Friday could be momentous

    If we need points at Villa for the title then I’d certainly fancy our chances. If we find ourselves in the situation of needing points for promotion there then it’s a far-nervier scenario and one I’m much less confident about. But still by no means a write-off. (And you’ve got to think this team will have picked up enough points before that point.)
  7. Grando

    Team Vs Wednesday

    I think starting with at least one of Mo/Mario will also lift the crowd. The same starting line-up as the last two matches will only create crowd nervousness now. And, ok, that in itself isn’t reason enough to make a change, but combined with the evidence that all the goals in the previous two games came after subs had been made should be enough to persuade Farke to change things up, I’d hope.
  8. Grando

    Not good today but

    Leeds also have Wigan next. And while Wigan aren't the same prospect away from home, they certainly were no mugs today. They do still needs point, fortunately, so will give it a decent go. The key for them if they are to get anything at Elland Road will be not falling behind, I suspect. In the scheme of things a point was a decent result for us today. But we do need to improve, which I think will mean changing the side on Friday.
  9. Grando

    Our run in not looking as good

    I think Sheff W’s play-off hopes are dead. I think they’ll know that too. Of course that doesn’t mean they’ll just roll over - they might fancy being on Sky with no pressure. But if we’re at our best it shouldn’t matter.
  10. Grando

    Going going gone

    Lambert’s been triffic for them.
  11. Grando

    Leeds v Sheffield Wed

    Leeds didn’t help their goal difference much either, which is a plus for us.
  12. Grando

    How to mark the Ipswich relegation

    Hopefully only ever in cups.
  13. Grando

    Dean Ashton

    If he'd have been in the crowd at Carrow Road he'd have got it. Once I'd stopped jumping around like a fool I felt physically sick from the overdose of adrenaline to my system. And I was just watching, so I get why the players reacted that way. And they actually calmed themselves down well afterwards, at least until that very last kick. (If Jordan's header had been better people wouldn't be finding fault in the minutiae, but that's football; hopefully the amazing team spirit will be present again at Wigan on Sunday and help us towards the finish line.)
  14. Grando

    Dean Ashton

    Yes, I thought his criticism of the celebration was a bit ridiculous. It was so obvious he'd just watched the highlights too, not even a pretence that he was aware of the whole game's picture. And I though his criticism of Krul for the first goal was harsh. Other than that though he did a grand job. Lol.