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  1. Because they never had to chase the game and were never behind.
  2. I'm a bit wary of starting Sorensen centrally given that he's not really had much game time yet there for us. I'm not convinced this is the match to attempt that in. Fortunately, though, I don't have to pick the team!
  3. He does have a reputation for going berserk though, which does mean the red cards tend to stack up...
  4. 1-3. Futon has put that one to bed for the Swans.
  5. I have a hunch that Stoke might replace Reading.
  6. Stringer, Walker*, Farke *For his first spell, and ignoring the sense of treachery when he went to Everton
  7. I think when healthcare staff and teachers can't get vaccinated it wouldn't exactly look good if footballers could rock up and get a jab...
  8. We are pretty woeful at them. Perhaps with Quintilla back we'll look a bit more threatening again. Though I don't really see who is going to put their head on the end of even a good delivery, unless Hugill gets one in one of his 5-minute cameos.
  9. If they’re going to draw these lines then I don’t understand why they don’t take a tangible fixed point: the furthest back defender’s foot and the furthest forward attacker’s foot.
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