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  1. Grando

    Casino Royale

    I reckon it's a bit rich to have a go at Maddison for being in a casino when more than half of all Premier clubs are sponsored by gambling firms...
  2. And yet if we do go down and sell off some of these players for reasonable money, allowing us to sign "a good experienced championship cb" etc, I'm not quite seeing what the strategy is... Because even if we then, statistically against the odds it must be said, go straight back up again, we'll have a defence martially by said good championship cb, who presumably won't be good enough for the Prem. And if we then have a similar transfer policy on promotion once again, he will presumably be given a new contract as reward for helping to get us up and no significant upgrade will be signed (we won't be able to afford to, presumably). Resulting, we might imagine, in us coming straight back down again. I can't see much strategy in that approach... (Before anyone takes this too literally, please don't. I'm really trying to say that I think this kind of premature what-ifness is pretty pointless. And I'm aware of the irony that I'm too engaging in it to make this point...)
  3. Of course, if we end up going down with a whimper, and with a hugely porous defence, some of the values that people were placing on our youngsters may end up being revised sharply downwards... Or indeed, may result in them not being particularly sought after. (Before anyone jumps on me for this comment, I'm not running down the team or suggesting this will be the case. One way or the other I think it's far too early to start predicting the consequences of what may or may not transpire...)
  4. I agree that Vrancic makes a huge difference. Just look at his impact in key games last season. He also has some physical presence, unlike Leitner, which is a positive in this (and any division). And offers a goal threat. I'd like to see what he can offer in this league.
  5. I certainly can’t believe it’s sensible to allow Lewis to go.
  6. Grando

    Match thread

    And scored five goals.
  7. Grando

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    I’d argue it did have something to do with it; we’re a goal down after 15 minutes. And perhaps the last two away results and the pressing weight of all those injuries plays upon the crowd. I’m not defending it, nor attacking it either. I think we just have to write today off and hope for some relief on the injury front, and some tactical nouse from Farke to make us less predictable. Though he has his work cut out for him in that regard given our lack of personnel.
  8. Grando

    Must go

    I think it was somewhere in ‘Lord if the Rings’.
  9. Grando

    Suck it up, grow some b*lls and get over it.

    Being two down after 30 mins probably didn’t help it. If we’d have got one back at 0-2 then maybe the atmosphere would have lifted and things turned out differently. But we didn’t.
  10. Grando


    Farke's said he’s hopeful that Godfrey will be okay for the Bournemouth game after his op. Fingers crossed!
  11. Grando


    He's not in the England U21 squad, which the EDP takes as meaning he may have an injury. Please, no!
  12. Grando

    When will it end

    A broken elbow sounds bloody painful. Let’s hope it’s just a bad bruise and a quick recovery.
  13. Grando

    Sticker book exclusions

    Do you have to pay 20 times as much for RvW's sticker, only to find it's poorly printed and ineffective at occupying the space it's meant to occupy in the album?
  14. Grando

    We need a Plan B

    I'd conclude by reiterating that our plan B options are currently limited by injuries. But also that Farke has consistently, throughout his entire time in charge, left substitutions way too late. It'd be my one criticism of him, and I made it last season too. He rarely gives players enough time on the pitch to make a difference; I can't remember him ever making a tactical substitute at half time, for instance, in a match where a particular player was having an ineffective game.