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  1. Grando

    New membership scheme

    On a somewhat related note, did I read somewhere that we are at least, as season ticket holders, getting home cup games free this year? Or did I completely imagine that!
  2. Grando

    New membership scheme

    One solution would be for no one to buy any of these memberships and then take their chances on a first-come first-served basis.
  3. Grando


    They're sponsoring the burger van outside the ticket office.
  4. Grando

    New membership scheme

    I'd like to ask what is probably a stupid question: I presume that if I buy Premier Membership then I am entitled to apply for just one away ticket at, say, Watford. Or, will you be allowed to apply for two or more? Basically, I'm a ST holder and considering getting this to go to a few away games, but want to know whether my mate (also a ST holder) will also need to get membership in order to get an away ticket, or whether we could share one between us?
  5. Grando

    The Suffolk Svengali

    He might end up being a decent signing for them at that level. But he’s only one player and isn’t going to solve all their ills...
  6. Grando


    But he's better!
  7. Grando


    I can't see anything in this. Why would we sell him to Benfica for £20 million, when (albeit decent, but untested) players like Che Adams and Maupay have similar price tags? If he's happy here, which I think and hope he is, then a club would have to offer us £30 million plus for it to even begin to be worth even starting to consider, which isn't going to happen. (And even then, I'd want him to stay...) Now, if he (hopefully) has an amazing season for us and bangs in 20 goals then expect one of the big Prem clubs to come waving the dosh at the end of next season. That would be an altogether more difficult offer for him and the club to resist, I suspect.
  8. Grando

    Maddison to Spurs....

    Fair point! And Everton’s fault!
  9. Grando

    Dwight Gayle

    I'd take issue with claiming Huckerby wasn't a Premier League player!
  10. Grando

    3 more years of Marco

    And opposition fans really don't like him, which is usually a sign that you're doing something right!
  11. Grando

    Jordan Roades

    Presumably a deal with a lower fee initially but substantially more if we stay up might come into play.
  12. Grando

    Alan Brazil

    I wouldn’t necessarily take that Wikipedia page as correct - See the following. https://www.google.com/amp/s/stusfootballflashbacks.com/2019/02/07/the-english-clubs-who-were-denied-european-football-after-heysel/amp/
  13. Grando

    LMA Awards

    I didn't realise I needed to hit the irony emoji!
  14. Grando

    LMA Awards

    Would I rather Farke have won the LMA award and come second in the league, or won the Championship and not won the award? Ummm, I wonder...
  15. Grando

    Jed Steer

    I wouldn't exactly say that!