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......and Smith must score.

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  1. ......and Smith must score.

    Burnley Tickets

    As Tilly said the club originally didn’t intend to have any but last season’s holders protested and they were re-instated for existing holders. No new season tickets have been issued for this year.
  2. ......and Smith must score.

    Now do you understand??

    To be fair wouldn’t we all .
  3. ......and Smith must score.

    How many will man city get

    Fair play to you LDC, you were the lone voice in the wilderness and you proved us all wrong. Enjoy the moment. I still maintain you must be off your trolley though
  4. ......and Smith must score.

    This sounds just Like our Daniel

    DF sure knows how to rock ‘n roll....
  5. ......and Smith must score.

    66 to 1

    66/1 for a 3-2 sounds a bit skinny when outside the ground you could get 25’s just to win. That said the coupon at the ground had us at only 11’s to win which was really stingy. No wonder there’s no poor bookies....
  6. ......and Smith must score.

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    No, just fancies a night away from the missus
  7. ......and Smith must score.

    Raheem Sterling

    I'd have thought you'd have a soft spot too for Angus Gunn and Nathan Redmond who has improved in leaps and bounds, although possibly not for Bob Snodgrass Someone mentioned the ' Invincibles " Arsenal team of 2004/05. I was lucky enough to be at Carrow Rd for the 1-4 game and it was like watching football from another planet. Thierry Henry was majestic and it must rank as one of the best losing matches ever seen at Carrow Rd. Of course all geniune City fans want to see us win on Saturday but most are realistic enough to accept that they're more likely to see a comprehensive defeat instead. It's no good beating ourselves up about that as teams like that are also on another planet. It's the following games where we should be disappointed if the results don't come.
  8. ......and Smith must score.

    Anyone have a spare ticket for Man C?

    Try tempting them with a crate of Branston....
  9. ......and Smith must score.

    The Pinkun

    Had we not got promoted I suspect none of this would have happened.
  10. ......and Smith must score.

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Where’s it being held ?
  11. ......and Smith must score.

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Yep......OTBC ( Off Their B*oody Cranium )
  12. ......and Smith must score.

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Surely all the more reason for Corbyn to fancy the 14th ?
  13. ......and Smith must score.

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Interestingly Tom Smith told me that the club were going to introduce these new schemes this season whether or not we were promoted. Had we missed out on promotion I doubt they'd have got away with the same membership fees.
  14. ......and Smith must score.

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    Exactly the same thing happened last season under the old points system. Example : You have a shedful of points but can't get to a game and a mate wants to join your first priority group for a match but doesn't have enough points. He uses your membership number to get a ticket and you get the points. Win/win. Review it they might but there's no way they can know if it's happening regularly or indeed at all. If they wanted to stop it they would have to abandon the ' Friends & Family ' scheme and make a sale conditional/checkable by ID on purchase and again on entering the event, eg, Wimbledon tennis, Glastonbury. A logistical nightmare for NCFC and all the clubs they're visiting. Not going to happen.
  15. ......and Smith must score.

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    For good reason there's unlikely to be any hard evidence that it's happening but anyone lucky enough to be in the ' 750 ' would be daft not to try to get some away ' credit ' for next season if they attend few, or even no games at all this season. In probably 90% of cases you'd have people biting your arm off for your ticket even if you didn't already have someone who wanted it.