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  1. .......and while you’re at it Pete please have a word with all these b* oody internet companies who when you fill in your address seem to think the UK is a country.
  2. Double whammy there for Tilly’s OH. It may be some time before the leisure industry gets back to any kind of ‘ normal ‘. The Peterborough greyhound stadium has had to close permanently. They ran a very slick operation and used to do a roaring trade. Always a good evening’s entertainment. Sad to see.
  3. I get the feeling that Brentford might miss out. They had a shattering end to the restart when it looked odds-on they would get automatic promotion. They haven’t been in the top division for over 70 years and it would be nice for them to do it with a new ground to move into but I think they won’t do it.
  4. This. Decent player but returns often end in disappointment. Would cost a lot overall too. Got involved in a bit of social media nonsense while he was here and left under a bit of a cloud. Probaly best avoided.
  5. Just as well the restart after lockdown was behind closed doors. Paralytic would be the minimum attendance requirement the club should have imposed unless they have hearts of stone
  6. Yes, congratulations indeed after 106 years of trying. 4G is SO yesterday. 5G is where it's at but don't get any Chinese guys in to do the work
  7. Surely they won't let anyone in without some sort of photographic ID ?
  8. I've had an away membership since they first came out and I've never used the card and I don't really know why we need one.
  9. Oi......what about your poor ol’ Dad ? Still maybe he deserves a pass as he always has that ‘ Mr Happy ‘ blanket ? Protest planes are so last century. Hire an old U-boat to glide up the Wensum and give those parochial majority shareholders a good ol’ European what-for
  10. Might be handy if their justice system is anything to go by. Leg maufacturers too might be useful especially for a football club
  11. I can see what you mean but paying by DD is a good way to budget and it seems unfair that DD’ers have to wait longer than lump sum’ers. 20,000-odd season tickets holders won’t all be able to go at once if phased attendances are introduced and people who pay by DD have already paid a fair bit up front. With the current economic uncertainty both groups deserve to have refunds ASAP if they are unable to attend
  12. I thought we can’t both be right about the refund plans. Seems like we were as I’ve just seen a letter from someone who pays by DD and it does say end of the season. I pay mine up front so I got a different letter. Most odd.....
  13. Sounds like I’ll be getting 23 separate cheques then. God help me. PS. Make that 24. Forgot about the away memb
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