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  1. Not really as his team are not in the Premier League. I reckon he’d turn down Rangers if asked but would happily waltz of to someone like Everton.
  2. If we can't win at least let's put a decent shift in like we did at Fulham. I think we will.
  3. They may be a con but if you think they help where’s the harm ?
  4. It’s not compulsory but most threads seem to morph into something else. Lost count of the number of times, for a made up example, where a thread about say Stuart ‘ 90% ‘ Webber somehow ends up In an argument about the war in Ukraine. Likewise any thread headed ‘ Ipswich ‘ is just as likely to descend into a wrangle about HS2 or the Lib Dems chances in the next General Election The header is pretty irrelevant.
  5. Of course we all hope that we can regain a 100% first team squad asap but it stands to reason that we’ll always have at least a couple of injured players at any one time. Has any club ever had a squad of fully fit players for more than a couple of weeks ?
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