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......and Smith must score.

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  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. If someone thinks they’re always right and refuses to accept that they could be wrong it’s so much sweeter when they’re caught out. Tilly’s probably right that he’ll lie doggo for a bit then suddenly appear on another thread as if nothing had happened. Perhaps we should be charitable and show him where the apology button is on his keyboard
  2. Thankfully this type of thing is very rare especially in such a young player. Doesn't make it any easier for Bobby though. I wish him well
  3. Don't agree that vaccines should be compulsory. There may be a lot of loony-tunes amongst those that don't want it but it's a basic right that the individual should decide. I wouldn't feel easy if it was compulsory to vote either.
  4. Good find. Weird how the commentator describes Wembley Stadium in 1973 as " the Wembley Empire Stadium ". Sounded OK in 1923 but not 50 years later.
  5. Strange how the Premiership became the Premier League in 2001 co-incidentally about the same time that lot in IP1 were last in it. Elementary slip there my dear Watson.....
  6. Didn’t think they were too bad yesterday Nutty. I usually mute it though
  7. If you tap the screen at the bottom there should be some icons appearing in the bottom right hand corner. Tap the cog and it gives the option of home or away commentary. Don’t forget that for the moment only the home commentary is used as the away commentators can’t travel to games.
  8. We've been so ridiculously flat that if we win this we must be going up
  9. Should be behind. Brum will be p*ssed off they haven't scored at least another one
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