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  1. This is f*cking ridiculous. Penalty saved then they almost score at the other end.
  2. Unfortunately we're in the Premier League this time.
  3. You're far too fragile Lakey. Keown's comment seemed fair if brutal. On yesterday's showing it will be a long hard season. If you're going to get upset about things people say on MOTD the simple solution is don't watch it.
  4. Perhaps they should re-christen Portman Rd the Wankdorf Stadium ?
  5. I'd agree with kc on this one. Chops/Bor Bor Bor, etc, was hilarious for a long then, probably egged on by others he became quite unlikeable. I think he may have been banned a couple of times. Message boards shouldn't be taken too seriously. They all have a mixture of contibutions from real loonies, not that loony, ' normal ' ( whatever that is ) and everything in between. The world kept turning before message boards turned up and it'll still keep turning after they've gone. On the whole this board has a lot more good than bad about it so I hope it survives for a good while yet.
  6. Yes, the beer prices in Norwich are fairly reasonable compared to Brighton The car parking charges certainly are.... I've paid twenty quid down there. I don't think I've seen the Red Lion on Bishopsgate mentioned. It's a few mins along Riverside Rd ( not to be confused with Riverside ). The landlord who runs the Trafford Arms has recently taken it on. They do very decent real ales and good food. There's a paved garden at the front and one at the back overlooking the river. Can get busy before games but decent crowd in there. Might be one to try after the game. It's next to the oldest bridge in Norwich, Bishops Bridge built in 1340, and it's said Queen Elizabeth crossed it during a visit to Norwich in 1578. Norwich's oldest pub the Adam and Eve is also in Bishopsgate and well worth a visit too. Enjoy the socialising but I hope the match turns out to be pointless.
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