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  1. Who cares ? It's all rinse and repeat the same with club football
  2. Day trip for our carful. One day in the cold, wind and rain is more than enough.....
  3. I don't think Badger was being serious. They were all great players for club and country even if that club was sadly in IP1.
  4. Good post about GP's woes TGMD. I recall it was becoming more difficult to see a GP several years ago but the pandemic seems to have shut the door almost completely. It certainly has where I live. Fortunately I haven't needed to present myself with an ailment for some time and I'm not looking forward to the day I need to. As this thread has now veered away from it's original heading my tuppence worth is that we all live too long. Back in the day a man would retire on his 65th birthday knowing there was a good chance he wouldn't still be around to celebrate his 70th. With all the advances in medical science since then coupled with the demonisation of smoking means that someone lucky enough to retire at 50 having worked for 30 years or so can now be retired longer than they worked. Clearly that sort of financial commitment by a pension provider is unsustainable in both the public and private sector. The problem is we're living, or in a growing number of cases existing, too long. Perhaps to lower outgoings the government could start adding extra ingredients to the Covid boosters ? Luckily it looks as though they haven't as yet as I had my fourth jab this morning and still standing
  5. Don’t really know what I’m signing up for but it looks like a well invested tenner. I’m not sure about this PayPal thingy. Is there a bank account I can send it to Nutty ?
  6. A couple of people I know saw them at the Waterfront in 2005. Tickets won’t be £8 this time round maybe
  7. As others have said I don’t think you’ll have any problems at all. It’s on TV and a fair old distance from Norfolk so there’ll be plenty of spare seats in our area. Clubs obviously insist away fans sit in their allocated spot when it’s a sellbut some let you sit anywhere. I can’t think they’d make a fuss especially with you having two young kids in tow.
  8. I know how much you love going to the footie Nutty and fair play to you for hanging in there whatever. Lockdown didn't do football any favours at all. Watching us win that second promotion felt very detached as if it was happening in a parallel universe. It didn't help that because they couldn't go some people found other interests that they didn't know they liked so the bond was broken to some extent. Coming back to the disaster that was last season also did nothing to regenerate enthusiasm. PS. I can see how ' c h I n k of light ' falls foul of the screening on here but ' Chinese ' somehow doesn't have the same ring, does it ?
  9. It might be better if all these stats meant a bit more fun. There is not a lot of joy watching Norwich at the moment and they are in the entertainment industry.
  10. This is a really excellent post. You’re right in saying it seems bonkers that the crowd is so subdued on the back of 19 points out of 21. The atmosphere was non- existent when we cruised to a 2-0 lead against Bristol City, a team just below us in the League, and it’s been exceptionally quiet for the majority of the home games. To be honest our football has looked pretty sub-standard throughout that run and it’s just not fun given how we’re likely to be outclassed from minute one.if we do go up. I suppose if you want a bit of an atmosphere it’s best to stick to away games as it’s usually better but I appreciate that’s not feasible for many. They say past performance isn’t necessarily a guide to the future but if the status quo stays the same as it has the last two PL seasons it’s likely to be a third consecutive dismal nine months. I suppose the **** of light is the arrival of the American guy. Delia and MWJ seem to have grown weary of the whole thing otherwise surely they would have hoovered up Michael Foulger’s share holding when it became available. Perhaps at 80 years old they want to enjoy their final years free of all the hassle. Nutty and I have been watching this outfit for 55 years and all I would say to Nutty is that we are both very fortunate to have seen a very successful period in Norwich City history. Given that we are not a massive club should we not live to see another PL season we can hardly complain. I wouldn’t want my last experience of the PL to be what they were in our last two showings there.
  11. I’m biased of course but there’s an unique warmth to British pomp and ceremony with an almost unfailing touch of quirkiness built in. I dare say Thailand’s King enjoyed a more ‘ spectacular ‘ affair and things might be done with faultless choreography in places like North Korea, China and Russia but I suspect an unfortunate person who dropped that piece of white paper ( twice ) during a ceremony in any of those places would likely as not never be seen again.
  12. Bit of a U turn here and well overdue. If you’d just said “ I’m an outstanding teacher…..at least that’s what OFSTED think anyway “ or something with a dollop of self-deprecation and humour you probably wouldn’t have been shot down so swiftly and deservedly.
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