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  1. Not my first choice but better than Lampard - good experience in relegation battles and has improved every club he's been with. Let's get behind him - crucial 5 games of our season coming up. OTBC
  2. They've always said "an appointment by the back end of the week" - still think this will be the case
  3. Norwich City: Are Canaries at a crossroad over head coach? | The Pink Un On Monday - the Pinkun seemed very confident it would be Knutsen. Earlier today - they seemed confident it would be Frank Lampard. This evening - they are tracking back and are non-committal Basically - no one knows
  4. Henry Winter of the Times has already gone with it... "Ignore the noise" lol
  5. Was he always the top choice or were we unable to pluck the Norwegian guy out of Bodo?
  6. Just been appointed Dortmund's Technical Director as well - unless he misses management can't see why he would leave Interesting name though as won quite a few games when he was interim coach
  7. Pretty sure it was coming from Rosenberg-> Norwich - Fjords nice at this time of year?
  8. Hi BYG - do you mean you can see it being a breakdown in talks; or can't?
  9. Tbf he said that KK was the one the club really wanted, not that it was a done deal.. Agree with another above poster that it is unacceptable that Webber wouldn't have realised this - I know with Normann there were lots of stumbling blocks to get him out of Russia but that took weeks to sort - we arguably have like 72 hours.... Not sure how you would break the deadlock? Money? Compensation to B/G - send them loan players?
  10. It's this Friday but agree with you
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