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  1. If Celtic and rangers were allowed into English football (which they won't be) they would soon be regulars in European football. Celtic's average attendance is the 11th highest in Europe (c 59,000) and Rangers is 46th (c39,000). With Premier league football being more attractive, these attendances would probably increase (e.g. Man U would be a more attractive fixture than Kilmarnock). Revenue would greatly increase with access to EPL TV money and would be further stimulated by increasing "brand value" that regular appearance in the EPL would bring. Their financial power would be far greater than most Premier league teams and they would, I suspect, become attractive to foreign investors. As somebody above pointed out - for this reason it is never likely to happen. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/zuschauerrangliste
  2. Interesting to see QPR in 7th with only one defeat but Wagner was given dog's abuse for "only" getting an away draw.
  3. Thank you for the thoughtful reply but ultimately I'm not sure that there is much the club can do about the so-called "disconnect." There will always be the vocal minority who moan and boo at the first sign of difficulty - they have been here throughout my 50+ years as a supporter and much as we might (I) might wish they stopped coming, I doubt they will. When things go well they will shut up for a while, but as soon as it gets difficult they will resume. With regards a "reset" or "5 year plan," I think that we all pretty much know what such plan would look like and realistically there is nothing that the club can do to promise that we will be competitive in the Premier League besides saying that we would be pragmatic, direct and make full use of set pieces, which is the main chance of getting a few years in the Premier League. Announcing an honest and realistic plan would not enthuse fans because there is nothing a club our size can do guarantee regular premier league survival except do what we have already done - survive by trading players + add to it a more pragmatic style of play a la Palace and the old Burnley.
  4. From the article: After returning to Norwich’s first team off the bench against Huddersfield on December 23, Gibson said one of the scariest moments came immediately after their 1-1 draw at home to Southampton on New Year’s Day. As he was walking down the tunnel at the end of the match at Carrow Road, he was met by Jonny Martin, the club’s head of first-team operations, who told him he must call Ashley. “That moment of fear just hit me,” he recalled. “I rang her off his phone and she said Mylie had basically stopped breathing eight times. I went straight to the hospital. That moment was, ‘Wow’. It was, ‘What’s going on?’. I should have been there. Ashley didn’t want to call to disrupt what I was doing in terms of the game. I said to her after, ‘Football is not important compared to that.’ On Wagner - “I’ll never, ever forget how the manager was with me over this whole situation,” Gibson said. “He couldn’t have been any better with me, I’m so grateful for that. I was lucky he was so understanding.”
  5. I don't find it that convincing at all. Uninformed people being critical of things that they don't understand is quite a normal thing - we see it all the time with fans bemoaning the cat-and-mouse games that are played to try to break the opposition and just wanting us to hoof it forwards. We have had some pretty dire football over the last few years - the last time were really good was during lockdown so we couldn't be there. The underlying issue (singular) is that we have not be playing particularly well for a number of years and some fans don't have the patience to wait for the good times to come around again and place all their hopes of simple, instant solutions. The ones now moaning at Wagner and Knapper, are the same ones moaning at Smith, Farke, Neil, Adams Hughton etc. When things improve (which they will), they will be ok for a while, but start booing and moaning at the first significant drop in form and call for more new managers, sporting directors, owners etc.
  6. I don't think that he has done apostrophes yet.
  7. TBH, I think that the club has missed a trick here. If they had put the prices up more in the Thorpe Corner they may have been able to drive away some of "the divorcees" who are probably being hit with extra child maintenance charges as well. Lack of strategic thinking!
  8. Not really likely - it's for next season - Rowe won't be here then anyway.
  9. It might be preferable to meeting you? But, in the spirit of concerned helpfulness, I attach another link. https://www.udemy.com/course/free-online-social-skills-course-communication-interpersonal-skills/
  10. But you just said I was an expert? You are being somewhat mercurial.* (* Thought this might help. https://www.google.com/search?q=mercurial&rlz=1C1GCEA_enGB1079GB1079&oq=mercurial&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUyDAgAEEUYORixAxiABDINCAEQABiDARixAxiABDIKCAIQABixAxiABDIGCAMQABgDMg0IBBAAGIMBGLEDGIAEMgcIBRAAGIAEMgYIBhAAGAMyCggHEAAYsQMYgAQyCggIEAAYsQMYgAQyBwgJEAAYgATSAQk1OTYzajBqMTWoAgCwAgA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 )
  11. Well thank you. I pride myself on being able to communicate with people of all levels and find your praise reassuring. (But stop it now, you will make me blush).
  12. I refer you to my post. As I suggested, there are a certain section of the fan base, who don't like any manager we have had since Lambert who escaped before the inevitable opprobrium was aimed at him.
  13. Possibly. I don't profess any expertise in playground language. I suspect you would know better than I.
  14. Just about sums it up really. Of course you are within your legal rights to do so, but if you had any empathy you would understand why real fans might think we would be better off without you.
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