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  1. I certainly haven't given up hope yet but recognise that it is going to be a struggle. The injuries at the start of the season limited our "promotion bounce" and since then we have been trying to catch up. Obviously I would have liked a win last night but I think it is silly to read too much into one game. Our performances at home are always likely to be more important and with this in mind, the performances against Villa and Watford were far more concerning. I am hoping that these can be at least partially attributed to the injury crisis. We can't afford too many of the same type of no-show, particularly at home. On a positive side, I take some comfort that we have not given away a goal from open play in the last three games, which suggests that we have tightened up somewhat, but obviously we have to improve at set pieces if this is to count for much. The other issue is how we deal with teams that press us high, which caused us to give away possession so much last night - how do we keep the defensive solidity whilst retaining the ability to pass our way out from the back - a recall for Leitner or Vrancic or, like last night, move McLean back?
  2.  Badger

    Advice on Prime matches

    Yes it seems that people prefer to pay taxes themselves rather than make rich American corporations pay!
  3.  Badger

    Advice on Prime matches

    That could easily be sorted if there was the political will to do so!
  4.  Badger

    Advice on Prime matches

    Sorry - just managed to find out it's HDMI (which I have ). Thanks again.
  5.  Badger

    Advice on Prime matches

    Thanks Bristol, Matt. Do you know if the Firestick connection is via USB?
  6. We have some away games coming up that are to be showed on Amazon Prime. I have this but have never used the TV option. I don't think that I have a Smart TV - I don't use it for the internet (although I get Youtube through Virgin). If I buy an amazon Firestick, will I be able to watch it on my TV?
  7.  Badger


    Yes, I saw that too - yelling and waving his arms to get us to push up.
  8.  Badger

    Ricardo's report v Arsenal

    Thanks Ricardo. Great report as ever. I agree with Budapest Canary - I thought Hernandez played well and gave us an option with is pace. Not saying he was MOM, but worth a mention I thought.
  9.  Badger

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    It's from the bible. ("The love of money is the root of all evil...)
  10.  Badger

    The Brexit Thread

  11.  Badger

    The Brexit Thread

    As I understand it, 5G will not be the solution that you seem to think it will. According to what I heard on the radio, it will not penetrate buildings. If you search it, there is a lot online about it.
  12.  Badger

    The Brexit Thread

    It does try to give this impression but it is incorrect in doing so ... it is either designed to mislead, or more likely (?) just ignorant. The report is trying to give a current value to future costs, so has adjusted the figure to 2020 prices, because by 2050 inflation would make the figures pretty meaningless. It has used a discount value of 9.3% which seems very strangely high to me - so I am not confident, without reading the report that the figure is genuine or another misrepresentation/ misunderstanding. So, in actual fact the £230m operating costs IS CORRECT FOR 2020. Using the questionable 9.3% discount figure, the operating cost in 2021 will be £230 million x 1.09 (251 million). The figure in 2050 will be £230 million x 1.09 to the power of 30. If my rather rusty excel skills are correct, this would be about £30 billion. The revenue base to fund it would be expected to increase by a similar process, but the 9.3% discount rate seems strange as I say.
  13.  Badger

    The Brexit Thread

    Possibly ... but just quoting the liability without the assets to meet the liability to meet the liabilities is meaningless. You don't add the pension fund liability to the cost of purchase without include the pension fund assets. It is the same stupidity that perverts peoples' understanding of the national debt. Anybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of economics and finance knows that a balance sheet has two sides - assets and liabilities. Referring to one without reference to the other is just about pointless in most circumstances. It's the same sort of nonsense that Cameron used to talk about in "paying down the deficit." Nothing has been paid down or paid back - we were still borrowing huge amounts - despite the pointless promises.
  14.  Badger

    A club without ambition

    I think that it's only the "stinky" ones that give you all the money for nothing - perhaps they are trying to buy friends because of their personal hygiene issues? Normal rich investors take money out of the club, so sorry, only "stinking" ones will do.
  15.  Badger

    A club without ambition

    Yes - you want to get one of those ones that just gives you the money for nothing and doesn't ask for it back if it all goes wrong - apparently there are loads of them about!