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  1. He is by most accounts an intelligent player and "a team man" who can contribute to the group and help them. If, promoted, we would not want to have a position whereby we we had nobody in the central midfield area with PL experience. Promoted clubs that stay up tend to do so for a variety of reasons (rarely due to massive expenditure) but because collectively they are greater than the sum of their parts.
  2. You would have a better point if there were lots (or even one) of premier league class players available on a free who were happy move to a championship club. The truth of the matter is that newly promoted clubs find it very hard to attract players of definite PL class: it is even harder or championship clubs. We've taken an educated gamble with Sara + Nunez, I don't think that playing safe with someone that you know will give 100%, has two years PL experience and will do a job is a bad idea. I know you do, but I imagine that you probably rate McLean less highly than the current and previous management have done.
  3. Around the top quartile is not that far off though and the season is only half way through, plenty of time to increase his stats. I'm sure that we do need to upgrade our playing squad, but I'm not sure that getting rid of decent players who will only cost us wages is a good idea. The club will know the "physicals" but I suspect he is fine in this capacity and again guess, that he is seen as one of the better performers "against the ball." If we get up this year, and let's face it that will require improvement, I think that the lesson we have learned from previous years is that we have to maintain some continuity and focus our purchases on two or three players that are most likely to have an impact, rather than "spread it thinly" over several.
  4. Not to mention PLM, Gilmour and Normann! And the thing is that none of these players would have even considered us when we in the championship - getting premier league quality players when you are in the championship is even harder than getting them once you are promoted.
  5. For those that prefer objective data to gut reaction/ prejudice, this suggests KM is 118th out of 443 championship midfielders by their model which is around the top quarter, which sounds about right to me. Last Championship season he was in the top 10%, but was in the bottom 15% in the Premier league last year. Given that he will not require a fee and is seen as "an experienced head" it seems a pretty sensible decision to me. Good championship player who struggles at EPL level. The idea that we should replace all our midfield and only buy premier league standard players is a bit naive. https://footystats.org/players/scotland/kenny-mclean
  6. They could have funded it by borrowing the money. The risk of this comes with the terms by which you borrow and your ability to repay the interest. I recall City being short of money after the financial crisis, when a lot of fans allowed the club to keep the rebate to buy Grant Holt, against the urging of one supporter's group, but I am not sure whether we were ever close to bankruptcy or if this is just a myth that grew up. There were a pretty unique set of financial circumstances in 2008-9 with the entire banking system facing collapse at one point.
  7. It isn't hindsight though is it - many of us, yourself included have been saying this for years. The extra income from the ground would have more than offset interest charges and they had the opportunity to develop a non-football year round revenue-earning facility making use proximity to the station, and the parking facilities + which would have been a real boon. The extra capacity would have been handy too
  8. Yes they are and they have, but they are more an exception than the rule. In the Glazer's case, if they get anything like the asking price they will have made a huge capital gain, which is probably too big to resist. Moving forwards it is easy to see Football Clubs as a pretty reliable cash cow, with consistent dividends and a good chance of capital growth as well.
  9. Given the new profit and sustainability rules that are coming in, is it not possible that English football will attract a new type of investor - income investors rather than growth. (Assuming that profit is the sole purpose which it probably isn't.) In the "new world" is it realty right to characterize football clubs as a high risk investment? Certainly restrictions of expenditure will make it easier for owners to take a steady income from buying football clubs that are reasonably successful with the possibility of capital growth and the attention/ kudos/ "sporting fun" that goes with the investment. The new rules must also "de-risk" investments in solvent football clubs. With caps on football expenditure, there will no longer be the expectation that owners "give" the clubs tens of millions to get to the next level. It seems to me to be a pretty safe field for new owners. It might also enable us to get a better City stand as surely there is a good business case for this although, given interest rates, not as good as it has been for the previous decade.
  10. I am not wedded to FPTP and can see its obvious weaknesses, but it does generally allow the electorate to change a govt. Many systems of PR make this much harder and would probably lead to a permanent conservative majority, propped up by Lib Dems.
  11. It really isn't the elected politicians that got us into this mess, it is the electorate that chose them. The Brexit vote is a good case in point - just about anybody who knew anything about it said that Brexit was a bad idea but the electorate swallowed the "fed up with expert line." It is the same with elections, people want great services but don't want to pay for them so vote for parties proclaiming "greater efficiency." Don't blame the politicians for Brexit, infrastructure/ police/ education/ health/ social services decline - blame the electorate that voted for it.
  12. Given the near certainty that new rules will limit player spending relative to the club's turnover, I think that the wealth of the clubs owner will prove even less significant than it is already. Not owning your own ground will no doubt limit turnover, so if they have any excess money their best bet would be to try to gazump Ashley on the ground rather than buy players.
  13. My recollection is that last time he did that in the Henry Winter interview (?) he landed himself in a whole heap of trouble! Keeping his mouth shut may be considered by some to be a sensible strategy.
  14. I agree with you re plyer mistakes, but if I were to be ultra critical, I could suggest that the frequent changes in formation and personnel hardly help establish a playing pattern and on-field partnerships - although this is no excuse for the very basic error that you point out.
  15. I agree that the 4 week break does make it extra tempting, certainly from the fans' perspective, but my guess is that they will give him at least some time in December - but if there isn't obvious improvement immediately he will surely be in a vulnerable position, given what he has said.
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