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  1. I think that they would love to if they could!
  2. I think that we should be better now that we have cleared the debt that we were facing - as long as we are sensible and patient and the covid thing doesn't ruin football club finances altogether. Basically, we were still suffering from McNally's last phase when he was "ambitious" - i.e. fiscally irresponsible.
  3. Of course they are disappointed that the two won't be in the Championship next year - it would increase our chances of promotion if these two were also in the Championship struggling to manage their debt and FFP! Don't you want us to go up?
  4. I think that if you speak to some fans they know loads of them personally. It kind of makes you wonder why they couldn't finance £8000 for a banner though doesn't it! According to the Sunday Times Rich List there are no billionaires living in Norfolk.
  5. They'd be in the final year of parachute payments, so would lose 30+ million year on year (?) + having to make the necessary adjustments downwards by getting rid of players that they can, but still having to pay the sky high wages of their equivalent of Jarvis/ Naismith etc, that nobody else wants. I know they have a very rich owner - they have been relatively unsuccessful since he took over, after having a period of success and stability with a much poorer owner. Btw - he's not as rich as the Barnsley owner and nowhere near as rich as the QPR owners...
  6. I know you'll disagree but I don't think Fulham would've been a threat next season. They'd have lost their best players and would have been paying shedloads of money for players that nobody wants so couldn't afford to replace them. Be interesting to see what they do in the summer!
  7. Why? Brentford finished above Fulham who will be having to sell players this summer. It took Fulham 4 years to get back up last time (via the playoffs) and they came straight back down - having spent a reported £130 million in the transfer market in an effort to stay up. Some of those who stayed loyal last year will probably want t leave if they don't get promotion (e.g. Mitrovic - 26 goals) - they will be left with the ones that nobody else wants (and probably on inflated wages). They did much better when they had a poorer owner
  8. Why? I thought that the rules were different for FFP and administration and that's why the deductions are at different times? If the rules have been correctly applied... Not saying I'm definitely right, but that's my understanding.
  9. Wigan lose their appeal https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11682/12042391/wigan-relegation-to-league-one-confirmed-after-losing-appeal-against-12-point-deduction
  10. We are not talking about a grumble when the club makes a mistake - we are talking about an (albeit disorganised) group of hiring a banner to try to embarrass the club on national TV. I sometimes grumble at my wife (sometimes even argue) but that's a hell of a lot different to getting a plane with a banner telling her that it's time to go! How can that be supportive?
  11. Whilst the UK wants to have a good trade relationship with the EU as a sovereign state, the EU has different ideas. They want our money and they want to stop us being a competitor. The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) we signed last year sadly helps them. (1/3) To avoid their own budget black hole, the EU gets £39billion as a “divorce payment” from us, reflecting our share of the current EU budget. But it gets worse. Buried in the fine print, unnoticed by many, is the fact we remain hooked into the EU’s loan book. (2/3) You can't be half in the EU & half out, the problem is the WA. It costs too much & it denies us true national independence. This WA giving the EU future control over us has to go. Now Britain faces a £160billion #EU loans bill AFTER #Brexit (3/3) Ian Duncan Smith So why did you vote for it then?
  12. True - but are either "supportive?" If you think so, say how it is supportive.
  13. Well how is opposing the club "being a supporter?"
  14. I suspect that it shows something about their financial understanding that they are not even able to raise £8000!
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