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  1. I predict that if we lose there will be some threads started by DCB and Vince saying that we are the worst team ever etc etc. And fred will suggest at we gat a Chinese billionaire investor!
  2. I don't really disagree with you in principle but there is absolutely no chance that it would be approved. A flat rate kills off any chance of a salary cap.
  3. I'd be interested in how you think that the salary cap would work. Flat rate or based on turnover?
  4. It would do exactly the reverse. Without parachute payments to underwrite some of the costs of buying new players and their wages clubs simply wouldn't be able to afford the risk of buying new players.
  5. A realist recognises that most newly promoted clubs to the EPL get relegated. The main exception (but not the only one) are clubs, like Newcastle/ Villa who should never really have been in the Championship (but for financial mismanagement). A realist would recognise that Norwich are performing slightly above their historical average. A realist would acknowledge that "investor owners" who "go for it" fail far more often than they succeed and that the best way to improve is through sustainable growth. A realist would recognise that there are very few multi-billionaires ready to gift Norwich money and that the current model is probably the best we are likely to have.
  6. What do you mean by "at present." Is this you allowing yourself some wriggle room to get off the hook? Are we dead certs or not?
  7. Thanks for the report Ricardo - good stuff as ever! There are signs that we are beginning to get a strong base, although we will have a better idea after next week. I agree with you that this is an absolute fundamental to any chance of survival. I said before the match started that I'd take a draw right now if I was offered it: it was crucial to get some degree of momentum and self-belief and another home defeat could have been disastrous. At some stage soon we are gong to have start winning some games - but not losing is a start!
  8. No just pointing out that you never stick by what you say.
  9. I didn't know this, thanks. I can understand it- they were about £130 million in debt, before last season, so it will presumably have gone up further. He is "only" worth £900 million, so probably feels that he has given enough and wants to get some back (if he can). Hopefully he won't leave them in the lurch, or I will have to cross another off my (very short) list of owners that I would have liked City to have
  10. I think that was Naturalcynic. Judging by his track record when he says that "the wealthiest owners get all of the best players and win everything," he doesn't mean "the wealthiest owners get all of the best players and win everything," but something else completely but vaguely related (or not) and it is pedantic of you to think that he meant what he said! Many owners of championship teams are wealthier than owners of EPL clubs.
  11. I suspect that they will smash £190 million over the next season or so. It depends on whether they are prepared to flout the FFP regulations in spirit (my guess is that they will be). They could have sponsorship deals with other companies they own a la Man City and then tie the matter up in courts for years, again like Man City. They could sell the ground to another of their companies/ training ground etc. There are so many ways around this with the EPL version of FFP. They would find it harder in Spain and may struggle a little with UEFA. Personally, I would enjoy it if the investors like the Liverpool and Man U owners end up with a bloody nose.
  12. It is a legitimate line of enquiry but I suspect that it will produce similar results. British football has been pretty ethnically diverse for at least 30 years. These players will now be largely mid 50s to early 60s which is above the average age of managers. https://www.national-football-teams.com/country/59/1991/England.html https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/premier-league/trainer/pokalwettbewerb/GB1
  13. Brilliant! That’s all you can say. Grow up you melt and smell the coffee. Well to be fair on birchfest, I can't think of many times that you have said anything positive about the club, the team or it's fans: there isn't much evidence that you are a fan is there, so you can understand people getting confused?
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