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  1. Not sure I realised quite how much money there is in MLB - their top player is paid $26m per year?! The rest of these salaries are not cheap either... Can someone who knows more about baseball confirm this? That seems mental
  2. Brilliant composure from Kamara, what a goal
  3. We’d need a massive amount of investment - 10 additions at least. 2x quality wingers to compete with Sainz and Rowe 1x CM to compete with Núñez 2x DMs to fill our gaping defensive midfield hole A whole new backline A quality backup keeper to push Gunn Another good striker to push/fill in for Sargent would be needed
  4. Great piece. Is the drummer capable of keeping the timing though... https://x.com/Gary_Gowers/status/1760256204679385589?s=20 Beautifully sung 17 minutes in. Why was it ever changed to the version (drawl in comparison) currently sang?
  5. I prefer the Sainz song to the tune of this classic Heard it earlier this season but it never got going, can't remember the lyrics either
  6. "Stadium development. The club provided an update on the recent feasibility studies undertaken at Carrow Road." Sooo what was the update ?
  7. I keep reading that "we won in spite of those subs" - what a load of ****. Bringing Nunez on and pushing Sara further up with Barnes directly led to goal 3, with the other sub Fassnacht scoring the 4th. The substitutions absolutely made sense to me when watching, as we were being overrun in midfield - Nunez changed that. If it wasn't for an absolute belter of a goal for Watford's second then it would've been 4-1. Entitled and absurd
  8. The booing was pathetic & cringe-worthy. I think Wagner was spot on with what he said - probably the first time I've agreed with something he's done all season!
  9. Exactly, much more influential when he can see what's in front of him and drive forwards. Feel his best position would be on the left of a midfield 3
  10. Sara is so much better deeper, I hope we don't persist with him as a 10
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