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  1. Saw this the other day, any idea why it didn't work?
  2. Would this make the Man deal more likely? Becali in €11m debt...
  3. Would've thought at least £25m? But wow! A Norwich player signing for one of the biggest clubs in the world is pretty mad.
  4. Not really sure what's wrong with this to be fair. Would we be reacting any different if it was us?
  5. Anything close to around £10m then surely we have to take it.
  6. Do you know the reason why, out of interest? Seems pointless if clubs aren't legally bound to pay the release clause. Or are they?
  7. Yes, just confused me somewhat as a 30m release clause seems absurd, and obviously there's no way we'll be paying that.
  8. Paulinho, 27 year old striker. Transfermarkt has him valued at 4.5m I think, although I'm not sure what the 30m in the tweet is about.
  9. Not our Man, apparently... Shame as he looks like he'll be a very decent player.
  10. Don't agree with the thinking that we'll be "plundering lower and lesser known leagues for gems." Hasn't Webber already said that we are now in a position to spend a bit of money, albeit not the most in the league, on higher quality players that could do well for us in the prem too?
  11. Anyone heard anything about Dennis Man? Seems to have gone quiet. Suppose Placheta is the target now instead? However they do seem like different types of wingers.
  12. July 27 - October 5 Domestic Window from October 5 - October 16
  13. How is Rupp still on? Lost count the amount of times hes lost possession.
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