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  1. Darth Vadis

    Team for Bournemouth

    I agree, strange one. Had one poor half against Soton (as did most that evening) and hasn't had a look in since. I remember him having a very decent game against Arsenal.
  2. Darth Vadis


    Ah, there we are.
  3. Darth Vadis


    But that could be wrong!
  4. Darth Vadis


    Yep. Gets everything right. Apparently its Sonny Kittel, linked with him in the past.
  5. Darth Vadis


    German player incoming. Very soon.
  6. Darth Vadis


    The amount of points we have dropped at home... What do people think the reason for this is? Fear? Bad game management from players and manager? Opposition better at regrouping at HT?
  7. Players need to take a look at themselves. Disgraceful attitude towards the end. No one looked interested in working hard and trying to push for a goal. Strolling. How is this the same team as last year?
  8. Darth Vadis

    January window.

    I took this as purely tactical from Farke? I'm sure they definitely have £10m to spend but you're not going to broadcast to potential selling clubs how much you've actually got to spend are you.
  9. Darth Vadis

    What is your team of the decade

    Ruddy Martin Zimmermann Klose Olsson Tettey Buendia Maddison Hoolahan Johnson Pukki/Holt - can’t decide on that one. Think Pukki would suit that team more.
  10. Emi looked alright I suppose.
  11. Why do we always roll over for teams like these..
  12. Shocking first half.
  13. Darth Vadis

    Team for Arsenal?

    Solid point, who would you play? Vrancic?
  14. Darth Vadis

    Team for Arsenal?

    I’d go with: Krul Aarons Zimmermann Godfrey Byram Amadou Trybull Hernandez McLean Cantwell Pukki
  15. Darth Vadis