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  1. It should be illegal for him to play in the championship, like a game cheat code. Unreal plerrrrrr
  2. Stoke Coventry Rotherham Birmingham Wycombe Anything less than 13 points I would consider a failure. Need to get as many points as possible on the board with these fixtures, especially as the game after these 5 is against Brentford.
  3. Same here with Crewe. Went to watch a few years ago when visiting family. Beat league leaders Lincoln City 2-0 I think and have looked out for their scores ever since.
  4. Gotta be this one. The away shirt that year was class as well
  5. That game was this year's Norwich vs Leeds 18/19, and we were Leeds
  6. To squander the lead we had at the top of the table is quite frankly a disgrace
  7. 2 goals gifted to them on a shiny silver platter. Bottle jobs
  8. I wonder why Farke threw Giannoulis straight in against boro and Millwall as he must've seen he wasn't ready yet
  9. Krul Aarons Hanley Gibson Giannoulis Skipp Sørensen Hernandez McLean Cantwell Pukki
  10. Also worth noting that Millwall have drawn fourteen games and only lost seven. Obviously a difficult team to play against especially on that swamp of a pitch. They know how to grind out results and are obviously very good at it. Swansea will be much different as the game will be far far far more open.
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