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  1. BobLoz3

    Scotland defeat

    I think the Fuzzar comment was said with tongue firmly wedged in cheek. Might be wrong though
  2. BobLoz3

    International Duty

    @Duncan Edwards Know owt about this?
  3. BobLoz3

    We hate Wolves, apparently

    The majority of whom were likely from Yarmouth...
  4. Funny you should think that as I've always thought Pukki does look quick. He's one of those with 'deceptive' pace. Takes him a while to get there but once he does... Zoom!
  5. BobLoz3

    Gone then.

    I guess this sprung up because of the new Netflix series on it? I watched three episodes and turned it off. Just going over old ground that many have read about, heard about or discussed before. I thought it was pointless even bringing the documentary out, in all honesty. A terrible incident, granted. But not really the place to discuss it here.
  6. BobLoz3

    Ben Godfrey

    Exactly this. Also big compliments to Farke (yes, I'm using HIS terminology) for spotting Ben's potential as a CB. He may well be, one day, "world class" as Farke predicted.
  7. Can you fit into a kids one?
  8. BobLoz3

    Who got Moritz's hat?

    Didn't hear that one!
  9. BobLoz3

    Who got Moritz's hat?

    The chanting was actually 'give it to Delia' which made me feel a bit weird... I agree with the fact we shouldn't have been concentrating on where a hat was going, instead continued to cheer on the team and actually watch the game. When that hat thing happened, the entire Barclay was pretty much looking over to the City stand and not watching the game. It was pretty dumb. But funny. I think...
  10. BobLoz3

    Buendia is ****ing OUTRAGEOUS!

    Totally agree KG. Perhaps not on the fact that Emi is more like Maddison, but I get what you mean. He wants to take corners and some set-pieces but I'm not sure his dead ball ability from freekicks, for example, is as good as Madders is. Yet. However, last point is spot on. My goodness he's a terrier!
  11. BobLoz3

    Buendia is ****ing OUTRAGEOUS!

    One thing about Emi that will elevate him above Wes (eventually) in my opinion is the fact that he doesn't have a weak foot! Outrageous play yesterday for sure! What a lad!
  12. BobLoz3

    TWTD Brains Trust

    Gotta get there first
  13. BobLoz3

    What Else Do You Fondly Remember..?

    This whole thread reads like a Peter Kay stand up performance... "STOP CASUALLY REMEMBERING THINGS PETER!"
  14. BobLoz3

    Mind the cafe......

    Wish they'd stop being so dgmatic about it
  15. BobLoz3

    No Reeves, no future - no fans

    Webber and Farke actually had a plan? Who'd have thunk it?