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  1. Idah scored 7 goals for us and Hwang 2, I think? So it was definitely Idah who was intended to be our back up striker and was playing pretty well I thought. His style of play fits Wagner's much better than the other two. As we've all said, bit of a weird one to let Idah go but who is gonna stand in the way of a young irish lad who has interest from Celtic? Surely a dream move for him.
  2. Is a sporting director and director of football not the same thing?! I understand your reasoning but let's just think about it for a minute. We are currently top of the form charts (or thereabouts) since Jan 12 and that is also down to Wagner. So I think it would be more fair to judge him on what's happened recently than in that poor run of form when we were missing key players. If we get promoted are you saying we should get rid? I actually think that would be counter productive.
  3. Leeds this, Leeds that.... Farke ain't gonna 5hag you, mate! πŸ˜‚
  4. Don't really understand all the "we're going to sell everyone and everything is terrible" vibes. We've been beaten today by a team who were expected to walk this league, and on the back of a few poor results for them. They just came out and things clicked against us today. It happens. Any other time and people would have been expecting us to lose this one. The point is, play offs still very much on and we could yet get out of this league and keep our best players.
  5. Big fan of David and Joe! Wish they still did Gossip Mongers
  6. This reads like you think he's Walsall's player and want us to get him on loan 🀣 He's one I'm excited about, as is Myles who I hope gets a loan or gets into the first team soon. If we don't go up we're going to struggle to keep hold of a number of players. Sara, Sargent, Gunn and Rowe. There will be interest. Hopefully we can keep hold of two or three of them but it's going to be tough. Luckily, we have some interesting talent coming through the academy, who I do feel we'll see more of if we stay in the Champs.
  7. It does rather highlight the financial disparity between the leagues. Doesn't stop me wanting us to reach the Prem but the difference in wealth is so ridiculously vast that it doesn't lend itself to anything like an even field. It's frustrating. Although money doesn't always guarantee success it often helps give you a shove in the right direction. We are often told we're the money men in this league but that seems stupid to me given our owner's rather small amounts of wealth compared to others. I don't really know what the terms that have been put to Premier teams are so it would be interesting to find out more about that.
  8. That Sean bloke who works with the players seems weird as all heck πŸ˜‚
  9. We have a ready made replacement for him if that does happen, but he is at Celtic πŸ₯΄
  10. I don't even have a black bin anymore! One of the wheels was slightly broken and I'm quite sure it was just taken away by the bin men without any kind of notice. The council wants me to pay for a new one and I've refused that too! Wasn't my decision for it to go missing so off to the neighbours bins I go πŸ˜‚
  11. Was watching it at a friend's house and had popped outside for a ciggie at halftime. All of a sudden, the lads in the house are like "come here! You've got to see this!" And rewound the live footage so we could watch. I thought it was hilarious tbh. The result wasn't, though πŸ˜‚
  12. Come on mate it's a bit premature for all that! Yes, he will definitely get noticed by Prem teams but if we can keep going the way we are, we could get back to that "promised land"... And that might mean we keep our best players. It's funny how he went from not being able to hit a barn door to a complete number 9. Almost like training and coaching works eh?! I guess he always had that in him. The importance of him to us this season cannot be understated.
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