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  1. Makes me chuckle that anyone thought Soto would be near the first team at this stage. Was never going to get ahead of the current options. Hopefully he can move forward. I think Riley and Dennis may be the next ones out of those U23. Seeing as though Riley has already played first team "men's" football albeit at a lower level. His data (in terms of ground covered etc) were apparently really good for Bolton. Very data driven at Norwich too of course so I'm sure that's something they'll be keeping an eye on
  2. Possibly! Haha... May have got it the wrong way round
  3. Don't discount Hanley's ability to pass! He's done quite well when he's stepped into the midfield areas to set an attack going or play a good long ball. They also say he's the fastest player at the club... I know right? But apparently that's the case. Takes him longer to get to that top speed but when he does he's surprisingly quick
  4. The issue is that Lambert is such a smug fooker. He went there and thought he was gonna put one over on us and all his former fans would be devastated. Hahahaha... How wrong could one man be
  5. I agree totally and have said the same in the past. I think Godfrey is a good player but it also seems every manager wants him to play in different positions! That's a big plus for him in that he seems capable of doing it. In terms of a proper good CB, someone who can defend well, lead other players and also play a bit, Gibson is ahead of Godfrey, at this current time, for me. A more complete CB shall we say and someone who really knows his role. Shout out to Hanley too, of course, who has been immense imo.
  6. Oh god seems like there were a few I had forgotten! Yep... Martin was the obvious one! The CMS saga was what I had in mind. Seemed that was done and dusted at one point. Would have liked to have tried to sign Toney too!
  7. It seems that Regan Riley looks more likely than Clarke at the moment. Don't know much about Riley but have seen footage of Clarke and, of course, that great goal he scored against Cambridge. Looks a good player. But I think we would be signing these types of players for the U23 initially and 700k is already quite a lot in that case. The amount Peterborough will want for him will be silly and best avoided at the moment. On a side note... Can't remember having much luck, when interest was reported, in signing players from Peterborough since... Drury?!
  8. Sinani had two games over in Germany. They were on YouTube. He was ok. Think he hit the bar in one of the games. But I also remember Farke shouting at him a lot. I'm not sure he'll make the grade here. We'll see.
  9. I saw this yesterday and immediately commented that the female Sean Dyche looked like Ruth Badger
  10. What's so fancy about different coloured boots? Oh right. Nothing.
  11. All of this, but they were also really quite complimentary about us and how we played. I thought they were more energetic than our usual commentary team! I would love a go at bringing that energy to commentary on Radio Norfolk (Chris, if you're reading...) But the best bit was when one of them tried to pronounce "Omobamidele" Not sure how a Welsh person can complain about names, what with all the random L's, G's and W's in their words
  12. Yeah I have no idea what the guy who posted this is talking about. McCallum will very much be in Farke's thoughts. We're getting another LB in. And we will keep either one of him or Xavi if we go up. McCallum may well get another loan but we don't know that. Will all depend on pre season performance
  13. Byram came in and played LB, in the Prem, for 11 games straight and then got injured. He actually kept Jamal out of the LB position, such were his performances. Yes, he is considered an RB but can play both sides. And he is a brilliant player when not injured.
  14. Interesting if true. He came up in the Pink Un's list of potential LB targets they did on here about a week or so back. So it's either a case of someone running with that story and jumping to conclusions or there is, in fact, something in it.
  15. I'll stick my neck out here and say he ain't going anywhere in Jan and probably wouldn't leave should we get back to the Prem either.
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