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  1. BobLoz3

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    He was in training yesterday too. Only the first session by the sounds of it. So, they may have eased him back into training over the past few weeks to get him to a level where he can play a competitive game. The man is an ox! He's a physical beastie! Get him back as soon as possible. Will be delighted if he does play tomorrow... let's hope he is fully fit.
  2. BobLoz3

    What is it about horses?

    Haha! Yeah I saw this yesterday too. Absolutely brilliant! "It's a slightly Irish horse"
  3. BobLoz3

    Jokes Thread

    Organised a surprise **** party for my girlfriend the other day. Everyone came. You should have seen her face!
  4. BobLoz3


    This bit, particularly, hits the nail on the head Corky. I love using social media and think it's a fantastic thing. I'm happy we can all be connected, we can get news really quickly, we can create our own stories in our heads from a simple post which may seem telling but probably isn't really, etc. However you're exactly right in saying it's faceless and those who post horrid tripe and aim it at others can escape retribution. That isn't right. There has to be some way of holding them accountable but, of course, it's all rather tricky to do that. I think censorship is **** (see what I've done here?) But I also think that if people can't respect their fellow human's lives, opinions or preferences and decide to spout off on social media there has to be some way of pulling them up on it and trying to make them realise the errors of their ways. I suspect some never will, though.
  5. BobLoz3

    Everton fans not happy

    Yep... Was about to say that our fans definitely complain about certain refs... a LOT in fact. Hooper is one of the worst of the bunch.
  6. BobLoz3


    I think it's more to do with the pure savagery of their attacks. Players should be able to cope with criticism, sure, but unfortunately social media allows these fans to be pretty faceless and headbutt their keyboards until some really offensive stuff comes out. The same could be said with the whole Sterling vs Gomez thing which got blown way out of proportion online. It is true that there isn't this 'safe environment' in football but for a player's own fans to criticise and chastise so much through social media, that it forces a player to shut down their accounts, is ridiculous.
  7. BobLoz3


    Spot on, dude!
  8. BobLoz3


    I don't know, BP. I have seen some ridiculous comments from our own supporters with regards to different players and Emi got crucifed on FB groups by some because of his mistake vs Watford. They also tend to moan about him losing the ball and then flapping about and complaining rather than getting up and chasing back. He's a young lad and I think some have short memories. He was fantastic for us last season, started off well this and I'm sure things will get better once confidence is back.
  9. BobLoz3


    I was just reading the piece about Emi on the front page of this website and read this: "At 22 years old he needs to be in an environment where he knows he won't be vilified for every error despite the best efforts of a small section of fans, which saw the player reportedly delete his social media accounts this week." I mean... come on! Our own 'fans' trolling him online? What the fcuk is wrong with some people??! I hate to say it but there really are some thickos who support this club. I got ya back, Emi.
  10. BobLoz3


    Such a shame. I think Potch was the best manager they've had there in years. Can't see Jose making much of a difference, aside from the fact they'll now play more defensively and will be BORING to watch.
  11. BobLoz3

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Would Webber and Farke even still be here if we were bought out by a huge consortium like that? I imagine they might have their own thoughts about how to do things! There are so many potential variables that it's hard to give an answer, really. Oh and don't worry about Leeds. They'll still find a way to spaff things up.
  12. BobLoz3

    Delia is 78, MWJ's is 78

    Both 78, yes, so what? I would say the real question here is, who looks better for it? And I would suggest that the answer is... Delia.
  13. BobLoz3


    Oh mate... Tell me about it! It's quite shocking. Some of those posters on the FB group are so stupid they're like the exact blueprints you need to build an idiot.
  14. BobLoz3


    Just rely on me to provide you with your football news, updates, views and opinions... https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2019/november/lewis/
  15. BobLoz3


    Oh dear! Hint: If you want to lead a life less frustrating, I'd suggest never looking at FB footie groups!