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  1. Umm... Wow. That is very interesting. I mean, you're right, it does sound crazy, racist, abusive etc. but it's also not surprising that it happened. Which is the saddest thing
  2. Once went into what is now Last Pub Standing with a mate, before a game. Probably about 5 or so years ago now. When we got in there, it was teeming with some rather sketchy, chavvy yutes, clearly off to the footie, and the police were actually IN the pub to keep an eye on proceedings. We drank our beers pretty swiftly and left. I still don't know to this day what the heck was going on in there!
  3. She probably hasn't but wanted to do it. Why wouldn't she want to be involved with the FA Council? Another thing to put on an already impressive CV.
  4. Brewery Tap will be ideal for you! It's my local and they are the best pub around! Honourable mentions for The Arti, Fat Cat and Canary and Wig and Pen.. plus shout outs to Coach and Horses for a good away day experience. Although it's always rammed so perhaps not ideal. No, The B Tap is the one. They don't have any TVs and are not really interested in footie (well showing it at the pub at least) But they do have some cracking beers and all ages are welcomed!
  5. Personally I think Rupp is a neat and tidy player, while not doing anything too spectacular, he keeps things ticking over. But look. We've signed some new midfielders and when they have settled and had more time with the team we may not see Rupp starting so often. Farke likes to keep a settled side as much as he can. You could argue that, much like the last time in the Prem, because we never string wins together like we do in the championship it's a bit more difficult for him to choose the same side week in, week out.
  6. Oh yeah. Wildschutt as a full back. Pretty hilarious Also... Husband. Eek. Bless him.
  7. I think the best thing we can do in this situation is look at how we've developed other young talent in the past. That, after all, is partly the reason we have been trusted with Gilmour. Skipp didn't start amazingly well for us in the championship, but he progressed with each and every game, until he was fully comfortable in his position and the rest is history. With Gilmour, you have a player who has had a few games in the Prem albeit with some excellent players around him. Chelsea want to see how his progression pans out in this league hence entrusting him to us. The issue is, it's not the championship now so he has to try and develop in a difficult league. If he plays enough I think we'll see more from him but it is entirely possible that now we have our other midfield enforcement, he won't get in at all. That would be disappointing for all involved but now it's up to him to show what he's got.
  8. Haven't seen the other promoted clubs signing many (if any) players with Premier League experience...
  9. Gilmour's position is his position. That's where he's played for Chelsea in the past. Thing is, there he has Kante alongside him, or one of Chelsea's other many good midfielders. We may not see him start at all now we have our other midfield reinforcements sorted.
  10. Totally agree with the last part here. Pukki isn't really the type of player who thrives on balls from the wings. Most of his goals come from defence splitting passes, often straight balls for him to run on to. Having watched Tzolis now I feel that he may well be more of an answer to provide those kind of passes. Also, possibly Normann when and if he pushes up the pitch as he's a very good passer of the ball. However, from all I've read and watched of him this far, it would suggest he likes to play with fast wingers too, pinging balls from deep out wide (which he is very adept at). So, this suggests to me it'll continue to be more the way we play now.
  11. I don't know if anyone else has seen this but it's a really good analysis of our new lad! https://totalfootballanalysis.com/article/mathias-normann-2020-21-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics?s=09 TLDR: Can pass really well especially when sat deep, doesn't tend to make loads of tackles but makes a lot of interceptions through intelligent positioning, can progress play well but doesn't tend to run with the ball. (Edit: just seen different stats that suggest he does like a dribble and is pretty successful at it) Ps. I think this may have changed slightly now as it's from last season.
  12. A donkey who Ronaldo fully rates. Probs just so he'll give him rides around his estate
  13. Yep trawl back to another thread a while back where I said exactly this (if you can be ars*d). Annoying me hearing the S being pronounced! It's more like a Z sound and rhymes with jolly
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