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  1. BobLoz3


    Very encouraging indeed. Nice to see him come straight in too, I hadn't thought that would happen. Very quick feet and mind. Can see the quality and I hope he just gets better
  2. BobLoz3

    Press Conference

    But Pukki is made out of steel and doesn't seem to let much bother him. I appreciate this argument if we apply it to the fact that we could do with competition, but who is going to edge Pukki out really? He was always destined to be our main striker this season.
  3. BobLoz3

    Press Conference

    I've been saying that I don't think he's consistent enough for some time. Has looked out of his depth on too many occasions now. I'm not going into it again though! Have a look through my posts if you can be bothered!
  4. BobLoz3

    Press Conference

    Never thought we required another striker. We have three, really, and only ever play one up top. A CB would have been good but we're close to a full deck of those again so I guess it's nothing worth getting upset about. I'm sure someone will find a reason to...
  5. BobLoz3

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    Yeah I have to say, I'm usually pretty positive, but this is one of those games set up completely for an ACN moment. I hope I'm wrong... I really do! We should be able to beat these guys, but we have also struggled a fair bit with teams around us. It's an anomaly. I don't get it! The issue with this one is that Howe is fighting for his job to some extent, Wilson hasn't scored for ages, blah de blah... I was speaking to a Bournemouth supporter on the phone yesterday and he said "Put a tenner on for Norwich to win!" When the fans of the opposing teams aren't expecting anything it makes me worry a bit more! Ha! It just seems one of those games where the opponent might well be more motivated than us. As I said, I hope I'm wrong.
  6. BobLoz3

    Jamal Lewis

    Not sure, Byram has been really good in that position. I realise he's not a natural left footer of course. Lewis and Aarons both going forward was leaving us horribly exposed in some earlier games. I think Byram is getting the nod as he is better defensively.
  7. I agree man, but Farke probably won't do that. Don't get your hopes up! Depends on how well Duda has done in training I guess. But as a lot of us have said already, Farke likes to take a bit of time with new recruits in order for them to get up to speed with how we play. I can see Duda perhaps being on the bench but would be very surprised if he started.
  8. BobLoz3

    Let's get Jarrod bowen

    He's a winger, really. Or an AM, yeah. But he's scoring goals from that position sooo.... Yeah. He'd be a good player for us. But we won't sign him. Can't afford it, he likely wouldn't come anyhow thinking he'd be straight back down to the Championship, we've just signed two midfielders... Not happening. As for Idah... Do people really think he's going to set the world alight? I am a fan, don't get me wrong, but the lad is still learning. Looked way out of his depth against Man Utd. Doesn't run around as much as Pukki, harrassing defenders and keeping them busy. Won one header all game against Man U and that was to nobody. Perhaps there's an argument to say he'd be suited to the Championship but it isn't a guarantee. Played against a second string and depleted Preston side in the Cup and scored a hattrick yes. But that's all we really have to go on as far as Championship opponents are concerned. Also... £10 million for Pukki? I know he'll be 30 by then but if he scores, say, 15 this season I would expect we'd want more than that for him!
  9. BobLoz3

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    People are never going to be happy with this, one way or the other. Everyone will still moan (probably) until the points thing comes back. Norfolk folk... we're resistant to change for the most part! (Myself not included although I am most definitely a good ol' Norfolk boy).
  10. BobLoz3


    VARncic... Hahaha! Well, bloody good job we didn't have VAR in the Championship. Mind you, on that evidence it wouldn't have come into play anyhow!
  11. BobLoz3


    I meant in general, TL. Including last season, but understand your point. I actually think we've done quite well in avoiding giving away free-kicks in such positions this season since we've only conceded from one. It was mainly just meant to be a point about Krul, to sort of counter-balance all the positive stuff I said! Yes, I feel like Vrancic and Tettey could have both done better against that Eriksen freekick. However, there are tonnes of moments from that game we could discuss! Pukki's disallowed goal... VAR... Why the heck Eriksen was allowed to move the ball back from that freekick position to get a better angle... etc. All of which we've done to death on here already!
  12. BobLoz3


    Aside from potentially damaging Krul's confidence? He's a big boy, should be able to handle it. But I think it's important to have a 'keeper who has a relationship with the defenders in front of him. Krul has that and Fahrmann perhaps doesn't. I know that you might think "how do we know that unless he's given a run of games??" The answer is, we don't and we won't. But I would have thought Farke sees enough of them in training to make a good call. Plus Krul has Premier League experience, is very vocal in games, pumps up the defenders when they've done something good and gives them a rocket if they don't! Would Fahrmann have the confidence to do the same? I'm not so sure... Oh yeah, and we don't 'own' Ralf either. Makes a big difference. The issue isn't Krul so much, more the fact our midfield and defence aren't doing their jobs properly at times! I'd like to see the stats on how many goals scored in open play due to mistakes from our players and how many scored from set-pieces. Not always something the keeper can control. Especially from set-pieces, with our refusal to do anything else other than zonal marking. One thing I will say is that I don't think Krul is very good from direct free-kicks. If an opposing team get one in the 'danger' areas I'd back them to score from them... if they can get the shot on target! Krul doesn't seem to set up very well for these.
  13. BobLoz3


    Not saying we shouldn't do this, but what other clubs do you see regularly changing their goalkeeper unless an injury comes in to the equation? Not many. In fact, the only one I can think of this season is poor ol Angus at Southampton who got 9 put past him. Many people thought Angus was the best thing since sliced things when he was at Norwich but I firmly believe that Krul is actually a better 'keeper. The sigining of Fahrmann was to help push Krul to new levels and perhaps provide cover if needed. The fact that Krul gets in over him is telling and that's all we need to know really.
  14. BobLoz3


    Sure we'll have something lined up for that position.
  15. BobLoz3


    Lukas Rupp... Seems to be the name on the tips of tongues. Attacking midfielder.