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  1. I agree wholeheartedly but we need the niceness to be a two way thing
  2. All he's going on is the front page of this website. Which hasn't said they've left, it just says they can leave.
  3. Yep. Was about to say... Balenciaga tees are expensive. Max is also wearing Dior shoes which are pricey in themselves. I think they both look ok but a lot of footballers just spend tonnes of cash on clothes and don't get the look right at all! Just a flex, as one may say.
  4. Ah right! Maybe that's where he came up with the name! I don't like Twitter much, so very rarely use it
  5. Very odd you should mention him as a friend literally said to me an hour or so ago that we were potentially signing him. I have no reason to believe said friend would have any inside knowledge so I'm not sure what he was basing it on! But there ya go.
  6. As you know, my dude, I have already donated but hopping on here to say good luck in your quest, once again! I'd also wholeheartedly endorse the cause and would encourage all to dig out a few pennies for the lad! Big love, mate. @Feedthewolf
  7. Sinani isn't really a winger. He's more of a number 10 but he has played as a 9. So I think we'll try and utilise all those new players Farke thinks can make an impact. Sinani is a good goal scorer. Let's hope he can find form in the championship
  8. Trybull is off I reckon. Anna is pregnant, she doesn't seem to like living here and he isn't getting any game time really so yeah... Probs back to a German side. Leitner, well, from what a lot of us have heard it seems as though he'll be off too, something may already be in place for him and probably has been for a while. For some reason I can see Vrancic staying. Fans love him but he might be frustrated by lack of game time in the Prem. However, we've seen he can be decent for us in the championship and I think he might be a useful squad player. Then again, it isn't really fair of us to ask him to stay if he isn't going to be playing much
  9. Hey up Franko. He's a young American striker. Starred for USA in the U20 world cup and did rather well. He was joint second top goal scorer. Haaland was at the top of course (scored loads in a very short amount of time!)
  10. Whoops... My apologies. I've noticed this has been discussed
  11. Is Soto close? Really like the look of him. Was excited when I heard we were looking at signing him
  12. What's the ostrich rider got to do with this regime? They didn't sign him
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