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  1. BobLoz3

    So.....can I go to work today?

    Yep... End of April
  2. I get the gloves but masks really is taking it too far imo. Why you ask? Well, it isn't airborne for a start and those masks can end up pretty damn unhygienic anyhow! As we all know, with the constant "wash your hands" messages, viruses and suchlike are spread by contact. I've always known this, as it's the same as a common cold. Makes me wonder how gross people really are if they have to be told continually to wash their hands! Everyone should be able to go out and go to the supermarket or suchlike, but clearly NOT if they are displaying symptoms (yes, I realise that there aren't any in the initial stages). Panic buying really doesn't help anyone (and it is more the people doing that who frighten me, rather than the virus!)
  3. Apparently Teemu was shopping in a supermarket this morning. A lady on the FB fans page who worked in said shop was delighted to meet him.
  4. BobLoz3

    Cinema night

    No worries pal! I also enjoyed the series 'I am not OK with this' which some of the folk who make Stranger Things worked on. Van Helsing is a pretty good series too. Lots of gore, if that's ya thing!
  5. BobLoz3

    Cinema night

    I can give you a few good film recommendations, of films that are on Netflix. Of course, you may have watched some of them already! Uncut Gems- Classy, chaotic, breathless drama starring Adam Sandler (yes, I know) in a straight role at which he actually excels. Blue Ruin- Kind of like the American version of Dead Man's Shoes or something. Super film. Made on a shoestring but was well received at Cannes/Sundance etc. The Ritual- Awesome, British folk horror movie starring Rafe Spall
  6. BobLoz3

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Well, I'm still at work and so are a lot of other people. We are not on country wide lockdown and probably won't get to that stage. Although scenarios in Italy, Spain etc. suggest otherwise. People will still be allowed to go to the shops etc (bearing in mind they don't close too). However, I do appreciate the fear over all of this and the uncertainty is making a lot of people very anxious of course. It isn't good for anyone. Either those actually getting ill or those making themselves ill through worry. The world as we know it may not be the same again, but I do not think we will be forced into hibernation for 9 months. Not even nearly.
  7. BobLoz3

    Sutton's thoughts...

    I know. I was being flippant!
  8. BobLoz3

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Knowing our fortunes this season they'll probably just think... "Oh well, it's only Norwich. Let's just hand Liverpool the title and relegate those three at the bottom. We'll feel a bit bad about Villa seeing as though we loved them spending all that cash, but whatever!"
  9. BobLoz3

    What’s your favourite animal?

    Well this guy, the blobfish, came top in a poll based on the world's ugliest animals. Alan Brazil was a close second.
  10. BobLoz3

    Sutton's thoughts...

    Probably as they're suggesting a 22 team Prem season so... Yeah. I'd still be cool with it!
  11. BobLoz3

    What’s your favourite animal?

    No, because the portions aren't big enough
  12. BobLoz3

    What’s your favourite animal?

    Or perhaps one of these gnarly fcukers
  13. BobLoz3

    What’s your favourite animal?

    Just gonna go with this guy... The Psychrolutes marcidus. Otherwise know as a blobfish.
  14. BobLoz3

    Catching crabs in Cromer

    Omar Cromer Korona
  15. BobLoz3

    Name that team!

    How far we've come! Mind you, Hucks and Dion, Earnie and Etuhu were good players. Obviously we love PMcV but I can't remember him being that fantastic in his second spell.