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  1. Bill

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    73, if I recall - and quite lively in the Barclay as there were a fair few Chelsea in there I remember Keelan leaping in celebration in front of the Barclay when we scored, he could see the game as he was on the edge of the box.. we couldn't - the 'replay' had Prince Andrew in attendance with the Bishop of Norwich the first fence was literally that (around early 75 I think and the away fans were usually in early, leery mate had been gobbing at them and when some crushed up against the fence/railings he took the opportunity of punching a couple... christ the would have murdered him if the fence had give way that fence ran down the back of the Barclay and allowed the away fans part of the bar - great days, I could get in for 25p (I think) in the OAPS/Juniors, drink in the pub, get home as a half price on eastern counties and get into an X film in the evening however, thanks Ricardo.....your efforts are appreciated
  2. Bill

    Raging perverts thread

    gosh, what knowledge you have of the female body
  3. " But at no point since the referendum was set in motion has it been possible to say with even a smidgen of likelihood what the outcome would be " Whereas in Nov 2016 i sated that brexit would not happen - and since have been able to predict each twist as that screw fits ever tighter. Back then the idea of no brexit was way off the scale as far as anyone on here was thinking. Yet here we are almost 3 years to the day and it is pretty much the last feasible option. And one that certain posters have been recently including as a possibility. No deal will not be allowed to happen. Any deal to leave does not have the Parliamentary time to pass so would need a vry, very long extension. Guff about soft brexits, Norway pro plus, canada dry. CM 2 are just that...ignorant guff. The UK is either in or out, that's all. And for those interested then perhaps they might care to ask why was I posting up about the next PM facing a vote of no confidence way before MPs or the much fabled 'comentators' were even mentioning it ? In fact I even posted way back last August that they would be an extension. How they all piled in about May getting a deal through. How the EU always backed down at the last minute etc. Yes, you know who you are But cling to your delusions, it makes for a bit of amusement I suppose.
  4. rather strange re-action from someone of your age ta ra, back to work do enjoy your basket weaving class
  5. It is relevent as it brings into question the integrity of your posts (yet again). Your failure once more to back up your claims speaks volumes. For someone of your age to claim he attended a comprehensive school is absurd, and brings into question your other claims. You seem to have a very ose association. Happy to post up what you know to be a lie whenever you have been shown to have misrepresented (that's being generous) facts or the correct story. These lies are usually libellous, intended as an insult and are often accompanied by foul language. Something that brings into question your mental stability, and why you seem to have little selse to do bar post on this thread from 7am until the early hours. I will leave others to work that out - as I have done with your numerous altered egos.
  6. There is an other way which I'm suRe will be used if the idiot PM does not push for this nonsense to stop.
  7. Will be held in a Morrisons car park Thursday (20th) night 7pm We don't enter until the 2nd round (week starting Aug 26th ?) so here's hoping the binners get through for once, which gives us a chance of meeting them The other cup (Checkatrade) draw is made in August, where clubs from LI and L2 are joined by 16 U21 teams from the PL. Giving 16 groups of four, with the top two from each group then going through to a knockout competition. As this one is very regionalised there is every thought that we could find ourselves in the same group as the binners Hopefully that clarifies it
  8. Obviously. The longer it is left, the nearer the cliff edge becomes - which will make any way out more acceptable. As it stands there is not enough time to agree a new deal and have it cleared by Oct 31st - so to talk of that being a possibility is rather silly. May's deal was put together on the basis that it would be opposed. None of this is very hard to grasp once you recognise that no one, bar a bunch of dim witted voters, wanted this in the first place.
  9. As was brexit And don't pay too much heed of what is being said in this PM election, as much is aimed at the 160,000. Get elected then it matters far call on what is delivered Again much as with brexit. Feed the gormless a load of shy,te then backpedal - all the time blaming those who.... err.... pointed put that it could never happen.
  10. Unfortunately 'mad' moy has no more of a clue about any of this than the sheep who bleated out 'four legs good' it seems to be impossible for them to look this up themselves something that is a trait amongst the dimwitted brexiteers on here and elsewhere
  11. I will post up a 'comprehensive' plan of how that will happen...when I have time Meanwhile whilst I am off earning my crust perhaps you could point us all to this school you claimed to have attended you know, as in your claim " I’m a Comprehensive school working class boy "
  12. Or maybe, just outside the box
  13. That's just a random jumble of words ..... not much different to usual
  14. that may be down to your obvious lack of understanding of all of this (I blame the comprehensive education system myself )
  15. you sound as clueless as he did last night .....................merely mumbling out contradictory guff that the others pulled apart whoever is running him will need to either get him to remember his lines or keep him hid away (as previous)