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  1. He gets more clueless by the day. If this deal were to be agreed, then setting aside it's horrors, it would still lead to another (minimum) 21 months of negotiations whereny business would not know what customs arrangements were to be in force afterwards... likewise with the Single Market. Th negotiations could stretch to 2022. How on earth is that supposed to be anything that comes near to stability ? Or is it that the UK would be in the EU in all but name for the next 4 years or so without knowing where it would be after then is some sort of bizarre stability ? However Lakey does do us a favour, if only that he gives a rather disturbing look into the utterly clueless mindset of the average brexiteer. By all means have a different view point, but at least have it based on some grasp of the facts and the reality...however tenuous. Lakey has nothing that suggest he has the barest understanding of any of this.
  2. Bill

    Hello Everybody

    That must have been a bit of a pane. Still always look on the bright side, which I should imagine is south My first wife suffered like that. Pauline if I remember, her not the conservatory. Not always a good idea to name parts of the house. Once had some plant, we called her Ivy. She became rather attached to us. It was not Pauline, it was Windowlene. Ran of with a bloke called Sheen, if I remember.
  3. That 'deal' is to stay in the EU.
  4. If they go down they will lose around £7m in income (TV money/tickets) I doubt the irony of them having to suffer through a drastic cut in income will be lost on most. As this is what the shyster Sheepshanks was telling gormless at their AGM in Dec 2002 " We remain solvent as we are able to meet our liabilities as and when they fall due and our bankers remain supportive. " A few weeks later they were in administration, with no warning. Local suppliers and contractors did not have a season to prepare themselves for the loss of money when the binners defaulted on payments to them. That loss of money was not any cause of theirs. Whereas yet again the responsibility lies solely with those at poorman road....who have been poncing above their weight for years, if not decades. Always expecting someone else to pick up the tab. Just like the bloke you know who always tries to dodge out off his round. Sadly, for the paupers time has finally caught up with them. Maybe moving in with Colchester may soon become a financial necessity rather than an idle thought.
  5. Not everyone is happy about Farage leaving ukip
  6. Bill

    Bolton’s Jack Reeve

    is he wearing pink lipstick ?
  7. oh dear, poor handcrank (or Dafty as he is today) I'm not sure where I am supposed to have talked of an unelected mob, but as it is hand crank we have to accept a bit of artistic license ( lying) I suppose However I do know that whoever votes in a General Election is not required to be elected first, as poor hand crank is suggesting Perhaps he should bring back poor 'mad' moy ps how many was it that turned up today for their free Tommy Robinson ? Not many it would seem. Could it be that fascism is not as popular as some on here would have it ?
  8. The problem for the paupers is that gap is not only not closing, but is actually increasing. Unless the pick up points at home to Wigan next week they will likely to be a dozen or more points behind come the net year As Sheff U at home followed by QPR and Boro away will not see much earned there.
  9. the desperation just oozes out still flakey is all we have left with the rest of the brexit cranks having jumped ship so we will have to make do with his brand of ignorance for the time being
  10. Bill

    Leeds reactions.

    Angry northerners are nothing new to us here's a gut bucket version - one in which the interviewed fan has tried to disguise himself with a rather silly looking stick on beard and is using a speeded up voice that requires him to consistently add the letter 's' to random words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC0ZiBAKQ-4 ps perhaps this lard ae.se might like to remind us of the respective attendances today
  11. maybe they already have enough 3pm games so these are for a later slot in the schedule
  12. you forget to add that it would need to then join the ROI who may not want them
  13. keep the border open as it is now and the UK government would soon fall as the DUp would vote against, as it would reqire a border separating NI from mainland UK any border between the two Irelands breaks the GFA agreement and would be extremely difficult to police when this was pointed out before the referendim the sheep ignored the point and merely bleated out 'project fear ... baa baa " instead now somehow Remainers are at fault for their stupidity
  14. I think she has done her job well, by convincing a fair number of leave voters what a total bag of sh.yte brexit would be So MPs can happily vote down this nonsense deal and pave the way to pushing back Art 50 as I stated way back. You, like many others, can only see the tactics being used, not the strategy behind them If, as I have stated all along, the intent was to keep the UK in the EU then I would suggest that aim is looking closer by the week.