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  1. I know poor hand crank doesn't really understand tis but at times his stupidity goes to a level that would normally be thought unobtainable (excluding poor mouse brain) A new YouGov poll has found that none of the potential candidates to become a ‘temporary Prime Minister’ in a ‘Government of National Unity’ achieve the backing of more than a quarter of the public: Ken Clarke – 25% Harriet Harman – 19% Jeremy Corbyn – 15% Jo Swinson – 13% Caroline Lucas – 13% It’s even more damning for Jeremy Corbyn when you look at net figures. The person most likely to be installed as a ‘National Unity Prime Minister’ has the lowest approval of any official opposition leader, ever. the flaw in Hand crank's guff is that any ‘temporary Prime Minister’ in a ‘Government of National Unity’ would not require the backing of the public, a fact that seems to have eluded poor hand crank's thought processes ps keep an eye on the airport as Bertie returns waving a piece of paper - ;pees off you fat slime' will be the wording
  2. from above " MPs have only 22 sitting days in parliament until 31 October " now check out how long it took to pass The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019
  3. eh ? you have not the slightest idea what has been agreed and what the plan is -in fact outside of a small group none of us have, bar the certainty that there is a majority in both houses who want to stop 'no brexit' however even with a majority that will mean a lot of 'horse trading' as each party and MP seeks to defend if not improve their lot - so there is no more a struggle than the everyday dog eat dog of politics and just because they haven't send you their plans tied up with a pretty pink bow does nt mean nothing has been agreed etc a ky question is still wne best to act, as the later it is left the more support for ending te nonsense will grow, if only that bigots who have been the strongest supporters of leaving will be the most vunerable to the consequences of the UK leaving the EU..... it's them, after all. who are most dependent on medication and they who are the weakest should it come to physical confrontation over food supplies so it could be re-run of The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019 something I would strongly suggest some of the nupties on here have a read up on as opposed to regurgitating the usual ill informed sh yte they had read deom the barn wall
  4. Bertie the Buffoon stood next to the open door on the plane. Both Macron and Merkel had told him if he jumped he would be killed. "Pifflle paffle, wiffle waffle" Bertie had replied After checking that the plane was flying at 10,OOO Bertie asked that the plane be taken up to 15,000 so he could jump from there, again without a parachute. "But how will that help ? they both asked. "It will give me more time to come up with an answer" replied Bertie confidently
  5. " We will know at some juncture between September 3 and September 12, when Parliament resumes temporarily before party conferences, whether MPs have the will and the means to legislate against a no-deal Brexit " dearie dear me the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019 alone demonstrates there is both the will and the means but don't let reality or parliamentary procedure intrude on your desperate wish to cling onto your delusion distract you from that delusion other wise poor hand crank is in full rant today, RTB is back from Hong Kong, or is it Uruguay.....Jools is claiming the ownnership of numerous properties.................. and I have no doubt Bagster will be along to tell you how you can run a building business in France by using a Citreon C1....and we ma even have Len commenting on how it is all down to the globalists (Jews) which coincides with their loony friend Trump claiming his is the 'choosen one' so have fun, those daft enough to believe all the shy,te and characcters hand crank is putting out... me...........now finished for the w/e ps what odds hand crank signs in as Moy at some point and he will be here like a bad spell all w/e in some guise or other
  6. however when there is talk of there being 40 Tory MPs willing to vote him out there isn't really a majority is there ? my thought is that the best route would be that of passing legislation that commands Bertie to request a further extension from the EU... which I should imagine would be granted on certain conditions either way poor Bertie the Buffoon is dead in the water
  7. an early version of City fans 'going up, going down'
  8. will there be cumfy chairs ?
  9. oi' beggar off you two old codgers there's enough warped old 78's on here as it is
  10. oh dear. all that supposes that Doris and his lot are not aware of the numbers in any no confidence vote that those behind the vote have not sorted out who will 'take the reins' after any vote whether your post is out of ignorance or a wish to cling to your previous wish for a 'no dea' i Don't know but either show a distinct lack of basic knowledge of any of this
  11. Doris has just bid Mr Bunn the Baker .........piffle paffle, wiffle waffle
  12. poor Doris ere's no chance of anything that resembles a border between the ROI and NI If the UK leaves on 'no deal' then NI will have to remain aligned with ROI customs and regulation yep, the DUP are going to agree to that ! which will now undoubtedly see the DUP in discussions with the Remain side as they will want to see what is on offer after Doris is kicked out, as all they have to do is abstain, not vote against Doris but merely 'sit on the sidelines', and Doris will be gone if for some reason (his lack of intellect ?) he doesn't grasp that fact then pretty much every other politician both sides of the border and the channel do - hence their not taking him seriously a PM who cannot even introduce legislation never mind getting it passed and cannot command a majority in the house is not a functioning PM not credible head of government a true House of Cards scenario with poor Doris as the joker in the pack
  13. no, that is just you making up stuff hand crank.... as usual have a read here https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/bbc-bias-jeremy-corbyn-labour-centre-right-robbie-gibb-theresa-may-laura-keunssberg-andrew-marr-a7844826.html
  14. why would they, if they are 'scare stories' ?
  15. perhaps they also recognise that your guff about a 'soft brexit' was always that worthless old guff ps the UK is NOT leaving the EU