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  1. Bill

    We're Up!

    How dare you ! Join the others, wring your cap and be grateful that if we pack the defence and scrape a draw on Saturday we will be elevated to the promised land. Only a mad fool who has lost all touch with reality would countenance anything less.
  2. Bill

    The Title

    Nope. Thats how you are trying to spin it. I have never claimed or implied that a "trophy will define us in the years to come". What I have stated, and aimed at the ever so umble', is that not only is the title well within our grasp but is something that will be another trophy in the cabinet, and a medal for players and others alike. A fitting and worthy reward for all involved. Wanting to achieve that hardly equates to me having a 'little old Norwich mentalit quite the opposite in fac. And stating that our sort don't win that much is to put us on the same level of almost every other league club outside of the top six or so as that is where the PL title, FA Cup and League Cup end up most years now. And there is no trophy for staying im the PL either. When next we are this close to winning a trophy I can only hazard a guess at, so while we are this close then it has to be an absolute want. Having been to Wembley twice in the 70's I don't recall 'just making it there' compensated for not winning the trophy . And being 'little old norwich' would be to claim that being a losing finalist is good enough for us. At this moment promotion is an almost certainty, and there is every likelihood that we will go into the final game 3 points clear at the top, but I should be grateful (so it seems) if we then fail because we will still receive a lot of money....... dear me
  3. Bill

    Brentford v Leeds

    I wonder if the Football League will take the trophy to Carrow Road in case of the (remote) possibility We win, Sheff Utd draw so we are champions And if it goes down to the last game will there be a replica at Villa and Stoke ?
  4. Bill

    Brentford v Leeds

    that can only be done if the binners draw or beat Sheff Utd, otherwise it is three points and off to Villa to seal it I want to see the trophy at CR during the Martin/Hoolahan game or maybe as some on here would have an empty plinth with a scribbled note on it saying "we did come 2nd"
  5. Bill

    The Title

    yep, that's how I see it rather than this idiotic guff about only concentrating on promotion, which would only be applicable were City drawing v Blackburn and decided to 'play safe' and hold out for the draw the play off winners get more than 2nd place ! we will be aiming to win both our next two games
  6. Bill

    Today’s games 🐥

    eh ? did you not see the endless tippity tap around their box, something that has cost us points over the last four games as we are not getting the ball forward quick enough it's fine keeping possession but if that means allowing the opposition to funnel back and pack the box then it is always gong to be that much harder to score if we cannot vary our game then the opposition will be able to counter it easily Stoke did as Weds did in the 2nd half by simply battling that much harder in one to ones - and recognised that our 'fear' of giving away possession can be our undoing as it is so easy to stand off while we play short passing tippity tap
  7. Bill

    The Title

    eh ? are you suggesting there are supporters who are not enjoying this ? and the title is massively important, not only the trophy, but knowing we deserved it and years down the line it will be the trophy they stays on the 'board', not 2nd place I suspect though there are some who are scared or superstitious about 'little ole Norwich' getting above themselves so if we don't openly express a desire to win the title then we cannot be seen to have failed if we don't win it well beggar that, we have been front runners for far too long just to step aside - and even if we are not 'little ole Norwich' clubs like ours don't see too much silverware so as far as I am concerned lets confirm promotion v Blackburn and tee us up with a three point lead to fight for the title at Villa nothing less than what I expect the players, Farke et al will be doing
  8. Bill

    Aston Villa

    eh ? How can the result NOT have an impact on our winning the title, or not There is no 'option' there
  9. currently 6/1 on a draw, no result odds yet you can win a £1 for us to be promoted, for a £1000 stake ! and we are 1/3 for the title and Sheff are 3/1 so the money laid is heavily on us at the moment
  10. exactly if they are beaten it will be because they are crap, not because they have chucked the game imagine that coming out sometime afterwards (they did v Everton in the early 60's) but Lambert will still want to wring the best out of them, not end well adrift at the bottom
  11. I do. If we had been in 3rd and had a late run but failed on the last day I would think 'oh well' But we have been top for so long now we deserve it.... not entitled to it, as it has to be won We are three ponts cear with two games to go - it is ours to lose Which would be a real bloo dy shame if we did now
  12. chuck a game ? how will we know the difference ?
  13. Bill


    they will be fairly easy to spot, as well
  14. Bill


    I'm not sure if that was what was meant when Beilsa said the would be Roofeless in the final games
  15. Bill


    Christ knows what it will be like around poorman road on May 5th Each set of fans trying to out bore each other with tales of their glorious history it was the 27th story about Bobby Robson that finally done for one Leeds Utd supporter