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  1. "Trump had cheated in the election, with Russian connivance, as you will discover in these pages, because doing anything -- and I mean anything -- to 'win' has always been his business model and way of life," Cohen wrote." who would have thought that pretty much everyone with an IQ into double figures anyone who realised that Trump was "a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man," Cohen wrote in the 3,700-word release."
  2. you might earn the respect of others by refuting what I have said about a recession, you know..... explain your point better, show how it disproves what I stated ps you can post it up as RTB or Hand Crank...... or maybe some of the lesser names you use elsewhere "Ladies and Gentlemen all the way from sunny Rennes I give you Monsieur Crank du Main and his thoughts on why we are no longer in recession .... and no laughing during the performance, please take it away, bagster "
  3. yep, because the containment is not quantified as we have no knowledge of who is breaking it - one 'loose cannon' and it can break out in another part of the country numbers put up on here are meaningless as we have no knowledge of who is not reporting possible symptoms, and so could be 'endangering others' as to precautions we have those fancy dress wearers but the times I visit the supermarket and BQ I have yet to see anyone use the hand steriliser, nor clean the trolley/basket, distancing is non-existent we need to stop the comfort stories and put it to the populace bluntly, as all this tea leave reading and mystig meg stuff causes more harm than good
  4. If you are not prepared to address the points made then don't expect me to reply so either stop lying, read what I have said and stop lying
  5. TJ You overlook the social benefit this meaningless numbers serve - just as using AA was during the blitz - it done nothing to stop or even deter the bombers, but te noise reassured residents, and more importantly allowed the government to claim they were doing something The r number thing is about as much use as a TV detector van is at actually detecting anything - but it convinces enough of the not too bright to believe it is doing something. There are so many variables involved in the spread, in and becoming infected that this nonsense that gets put up here regularly might just as well be predictions based on certain stars aligning. The only thing we can know for certainty is that there are an almost defined number of people this will kill if they become infected. Whilst we have a fair indication who those are (at risk) it is only at best a generalisation. So instead of counting numbers the work should, and is almost certainly being directed at who this will kill and how to combat that. The rest is just worthless nonsense - and yes I do side with your thought that we have to begin to 'get on with it'.
  6. that quite correct, but that was what I tried to explain to you before you demanded that foolish bet and if it was all caused by the virus why were you squeaking about the UK not having such a downturn after all, if it was the virus then that would be as silly as claiming Swindon was better than parts of Wales because Swindon did not have storms and heavy rain
  7. oh dear, poor hand crank that must have seemed quite profound when he was writing it - bit still clueless what ever he thought rather than to post up reams of explanation I will put it football terms a recession is real decline of national income over a certain period - usually accepted as two months so hand cranks idiocy is akin to City going 3 nil down after 60 mins, then scoring a goal after 70 mins if you only measured City's goal scoring over the latter ten minutes then City would be deemed as winning, as they have been the only scorers in that ten minute period but as we all know the game is determined by 90 mins of play, or even 180 if it is a two legged game at the moment the overall decline in the past two months plus the last six weeks do not, nor would not, show the country's GDP in growth - hence it is in recession ps perhaps BB could regal us about his exploits as a track and tracer, at least we cannot so easily point out the errors
  8. Michael Foot Chris Reeve Jack Reeve Tim Nice But Dim
  9. perhaps turning the volume down might help a bit
  10. Thousands of travellers returning to the UK from France will face quarantine restrictions from Saturday following a surge in coronavirus infections That kicks in at 4pm I believe, so hand crank, RTB, BB et al will have to think carefully before making a visit to dear old Blighty perhaps he could stay with his mate in Cromer (Jools).... quite near to West Runton, I believe
  11. So that was another lie glad we cleared that up just in case someone might have mistakenly thought you were telling the truth..... for once
  12. sorry, he left Boro out of contract (see above)
  13. I think the binners believe in their youth is more a recognition of how **** their first team is, than any real great optimism about those youths Just as someone with a lottery ticket can be a multi millionaire at some point in the next few days So the binners can have the same hopes - though not the same odds, as I would spend £2 on a lottery ticket and believe it had a better chance of winning, than £2 spent on a bet the binners will get promoted
  14. As a brexiteer Jools will feel duty bound to lie, and lie to such a silly extent that the lie is so obvious Let's have a look at what that marxist, left, liberal communist rag the Spectator has to say "......has left us with our worst recession on record and the sharpest economic contraction since the Great Frost of 1709. '' * The chart will show how much Jools is lying (enclosed) https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/in-the-race-to-recovery-britain-is-losing * time you gave RTB, or BB a run out, methinks
  15. separated at birth Father Jack Donald Trump
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