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  1. Bill

    Where does 30% go?

    More relevant is where is the money supposed to come from to carry on paying the players. With no games there will be no match day earnings, sponsorship etc - that's without the thought that Sky, BT etc are hardly likely to be wanting to cough up in full for games they are not showing, or getting money for So where is the money coming from ?
  2. Unfortunately that is rather meaningless,as to have any valid use there would have to be few variables. Whereas the opposite is true. As how many of the daily number of deaths are 'road' deaths, how many a directly 'ar work' deaths, or simply accidental deaths that don't fall into either catagory, but as with the former are not happening due to lockdown ? I spoke earlier how these figures can be distorted by, say, deaths at a nursing home. Seventeen died at a nursing home outside of Glasgow. Should those deaths be an indicarion of spread, mortality rate or just an unfortunate occurence of infection ie if the cause of that infection had visited a property with a large number of much younger residents would the death number have been the same ? If infection risk rates increas with levels of contact then would there not be pockets of infection at racing stables due to the Cheltenham Racing festival/ Similarly at that w/e's football matches where one infexyed person could infect others who do likewiase., before it is even known ? As said there are so many variables in just the movement of people for there to be any analysis that gives us an worthwile data. Even the suggested mortaily rate varies over a 600% range. And is of little worth as we do not know the infection rate as there has been no mass testing.
  3. Bill

    PL statement

    But that assumes bigger grounds, bigger gates All other things being equal the probability of that is high - but not guaranteed, as our impoverished neighbours and their half empty ground demonstrate
  4. Maybe if some read up on that 1918 flu pandemic we might not get these 'astrological charts', horror scopes and face palm readings. What this wiki article and upteen writings elsewhere show is that one hundred years later we do not have much in the way of conclusive answers. Theories abound, as does evidence....but not the answer. So to speculate on a daily basis what will happen, and when, maybe a harmless pastime but it does have the concern that folk will place too much expectation on what should happen and become mistrustful when it doesn't. My suggestion is to have a read of this, rather than study the form of this virus as that is about as reliable indicator of future behaviour as speculating on when ball number 47 was last drawn out in the lottery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_flu
  5. or in reality.....ignored. Evidence of this has been repeatedky posted on here and elsewhere/ Just as the shortage of nurses can be laid at the door of those who cut the grants and bursaries, so can the above shortage be laid at the door of those who I suspect sought yet again to cut costs. Why ? Maybe it can be seen starkly in that Eton and others are deemed a charity so as to avoid paying tax, whereas non EU nurses are charged £625 to use the NHS. A change that Johnson increased from £400 last November. The latter being such an absurd move that folk should have been up in arms about it. Yet not a peep. Not a peep, when at the time th NHS had a shortnage of 100,000 staff and was paying agencies through the nose to cover vacant shifts. to paraphrase John Dunne 'seek not for where the blame lies, it lies with thee those who not only stood by and did nothing - but actually supported such action, and those on here who even now try to claim that criticism is down to tribalism - and that whatever our views it is us who determine how this pans out, not the shortage caused by government policy...............sick
  6. Bill

    Let's all do the pools week 3

    I'll have a three. please Bob Cherry v Toon
  7. A very informative and quite positive read. It does point to the relative worthlessness of counting deaths as any indication of anything but..........the number of deaths Too many areas to use as an example of how well things are now being done on a practical level https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/03/nightingale-emergency-coronavirus-hospital-london maybe when this has quitened down a bit voters might take time to wonder how they sat back and allowed those services to be underfunded for so long, and how it is that the supposed magic money tree, far from not existing, has now appeared as a forest. Yes, you...... the ones who happily trotted out that lie and who saw no wrong in doing so, or voting for the same Tory MP's who cheered when they blocked a pay rise for nurses https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/theresa-may-nhs-nurses-election-2017-bbc-question-time-leaders-special-a7770371.html
  8. Bill

    PL statement

    Unfortunately I don't think professional football was ever funded that way. And it would raise the question of how you would deal with variation in cup games. Bristol Rovers draw Man U aw ay, Bristol City draw Carlisle away. Would B'mouth be able tp cpmpete with Sunderland etc The genie is out of the bottle I'm afraid unlike George Best where the genius was on the bottle
  9. All about as meaningful as astrology - given how they are so limited, and probably questionabel in accuracy in some cases. Take a look at what happened in 1918. Gazing at tea leaves would not have given any indication of there being a second 'wave' nor that a mutation then killed the healthy. Nor that it woul suddenly end. All that is being done is to hazzard a rough gues as to how the medical resources will cope. The rest is just worthless speculation.
  10. The problem there is that the number of deaths tell us no more than hat tthe numbers Deaths up bad Deaths down good and that is it. Nothing else, as I stated. Believing that you can then set aside discussion on what we do know, to quite a depth, seems rather strange .......if not some attempt at distraction.
  11. Bill

    PL statement

    therein lies a big part of the problem, Any reduction in players wages would mean a reduction in how full the trough is. And there are plenty enough snouts in there. My though is that a a 10-155 reduction in Rees-Moggs income is one bottle of Champagne less in the case - whereas the same reduction for many is that of head above water or sinking (see Mr Micawber), So yes it is affordable, and ill behove anyone who says it isn't. As admirable as the money towards non PL clubs it is much a matter of not letting the structure collapse from below. And much of that will go to player wages. It was always going to be the case that the PL would finish the season. The TV money rrequires that it does. However whether this problem causes a much needed realigment of the game we shall have to see. My thought is that whatever happens in the short term it qill eventually return to what we had before.
  12. Bill

    RIP Bill Withers

    gosh, I bet nobody had thought of that perhaps you are not so dim as might appear
  13. I'm not sure what the fascination, almost fetish, is with death numbers given how many variables there are involved One infection in an elderly care home will distort the figures in one measurable are, all other things being equal. How many deaths are to those thought to be at 'death's dor' ? There is no reliable evidence of when the person contracted the virus to date of death ie is contracting the virus that caused the death known to be before or after the lockdown ? Is there any genetic evidence as to why some survive and others don't.....medieval plague, 1918 flu pandemic, etc It rather reminds me of the news where the Footsie figoures are announced....as if they are some measure of national well being. Whereas to the vast majority they are meaningless. Is it a need for the populace to have some sort of comfort blanket ? Just as clapping last night afforded some for of action ?
  14. I think you mean did anyone ever believe the figures that came/and still do out of China ? much as North Korea where their are 0 cases
  15. welcome back ................ whoever you might be sadly the point is missed by you unskilled is a subjective term, and it is that those workers are no longer deemed to be that, not that they are supposedly heroes