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  1. sh it storm oh ye of little faith the UK is heading for sunny uplands, glorious trade deals, an extra £50m a day for the NHS, a unicorn for all have your forgot those brexit promises already ? they lied, didn't they ?
  2. Or hardly surprising that brexiteers were too dim to grasp that once the UK was out of the EU that advantage would not exist And it won't be the last either
  3. Making up stuff again hand crank ? ps do feel free to point out where I said that
  4. the hypocrisy of hand crank knows no limits, it would seem
  5. except those who read them, then bother to reply
  6. odd how non of this wonderful money from muslims was not mentioned before
  7. mark it as you wish hand crank but this here for all to see how you lied "But then we got dragged into the EMU system when Major took over as PM and wiped out growth"
  8. no, me laddie just had a bite out of the second that's all
  9. No one is asking you to take my posts seriously, it matters little to me what some saddo who posts under various names thinks What might matter though is those who read your comment about the EMU realise you haven't a clue as obviously you don't know the difference between the EMU and the ERG Don't even know who the PM was in 1988 and so rely on your usual hand crank ploy of whataboutery when exposed as a liar And if that doesn't work you'll be claiming I stole money from the British Legion what a sad loser you are
  10. whataboutery ......................baa baa you were caught out lying, yet again and you know it
  11. But given how around 90% of it's production is exported that is rather desperate.... even for you hand crank otherwise "But then we got dragged into the EMU system when Major took over as PM and wiped out growth" readers can look up for themselves whether the UK ever joined the EMU or who was the PM when the UK joined the ERM and who was the PM when the wiped out growth " took place (1988 onward) you then decide
  12. Swindon Canary "Haven''t seen it plastered all over the headlines about yesterday''s news that Honda are committing to production in Swindon regardless of the Brexit negotiation outcome. " or "Honda was always likely to relocate the manufacturing capability at Swindon to its home market of Japan. " If they ask why the country died - tell them it was because their Grandfathers lied
  13. If you still haven't twigged, RTB and Jools are one and the same unfortunately their other login, (hand crank) gets rather confused as to who he is and often makes this kind of mistake .........................among other slips
  14. how easily the stupid were fooled
  15. odd how you keep whining about what I post yet never seem to be able to refute any of it and if it is bilge then why bother reading it, never mind replying ? perhaps this would better occupy your time, as it does appear aimed at your sort