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  1. a bit early, but ensures it stays Lapps meanwhile, you can have a try at this https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57849560
  2. " Hugill could be extremely profligate, and this was a common criticism of the 27-year-old – “He takes 10 chances to score 1” and “He couldn’t hit a barndoor” were slurs often bellowed from the stands. " Preston media comment Have a look and you will see the delight when he left
  3. No progress ? You've backed down on your guff about hate towards Hugill Now let's see if we can make some progress with your guff about my being "consistently' rude to me" one comment, in one post is not 'consistently' - and your retraction above suggests it was not rude, merely pointing how where you were wrong ie no hate towards Hugill (in fact that might be construed as you making up stuff, again)
  4. Hate ? That is just you making up stuff Posters on here have merely pointed out that he is not up to the standard expected - in fact, outside of the non league clubs he has shown himself to be useless. I cannot see where that amounts to 'hate'.
  5. there's plenty of other cnts around that I am not best disposed towards your cringing defence of them would not stop them from being cnts
  6. no, and I am sure that as the transfer deadline gets nearer he will become more concerned about securing a contract .....a sort of desperate Dann
  7. Interesting to hear the deafening noise coming from the farmhands leading up to the goal - and Hanleys speed and determination made that goal 'something out of nothing'
  8. whereas in the real world his popularity continues to slide Uriah Heep v actual figures hmmm https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-poll-rating-falls-women-b945709.html
  9. Barbie boy still spouting his disingenuous ****e - much as with some supposed metropolitan elite being at fault for Brexit. They failed to take the 'lower orders' with them in their critique of brexit we are told. An absurd attempt at distraction from the real cause. That rich and powerful people, those running Leave etc, had the means (the media) and the money to ensure their lies were not challenged. In this incidence, Barbie is trying to put over the notion that the present level of inaction is down to those who have for years been working towards dealing with climate change. Them not joining forces with those who still deny the problem. In fact, according to Barbie, there is no history of their denying climate change. That this troll should continue in this vein says much about his reasons for posting.... whatever name he is using.
  10. Intellectual perhaps, intelligent not Drop Latin and Greek quotes into your conversation when you know those listening have not the same knowledge, is merely behaving as De;boy with his use of French.....to impress. Johnson does much the same, only his very limited knowledge is based on swatting up before, so he can pass of his 'ad lib' as an example of his thorough knowledge. And an example of why a learned man like him should not be troubled by the requirements of others ie honesty, trustworthiness and a reasonable degree of integrity. Powell failed because he spent more time under the bonnet that he did driving. Learning Urdu because he expected to be made governor of India, does not speak of a flair for languages, so much as a man out of touch with reality. That failing was what ultimately 'did for him', as it will Johnson. Politics requires many skills, most of which Powell lacked A highly educated idiot, which at least it could be said he was highly educated, something Johnson clearly is not. He is merely an idiot.
  11. perhaps we could be shown where the bloated buffoons poll ratings are in that poll or "His overall approval rating has fallen to -16, down from the -13 he recorded two weeks ago and -8 a fortnight before that. It is even lower than the -15 he recorded back in January, when Britain was in the grip of a Covid peak, lockdown measures were in place and the NHS was under severe pressure." 7th Aug While the party polls continue to fluctuate within a pretty static range, fatboy has been on a steady slide for a while perhaps it is his lies
  12. Worse, WBA are actually marginally further north than Villa WBA - South Villa - North and are the same distances as Villa/Brum
  13. I can't think many will make the 500 or so mile round trip and there will be no extra time straight to penalties if the scores are level at 90 mins
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