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  1. I think they were both there...one was a one-dimensional cardboard cut-out from the 70's and the other one was David Bowie. Apples
  2. I was in Iceland for a couple of days last February (just after a large dump of snow) and did the Golden Circle Tour. The coach journey was terrifying as we sped along in whiteout conditions from the snow being blown across the road but the sights were totally amazing. The windchill was pretty incredible too. Thingvellir also has toilets with possibly one of the most spectacular views in the world. Apples
  3. Apparently he was in the crowd to watch Dundee Utd vs. St Johnstone at the weekend. Apples
  4. Hi Nutty, the second half of my bet was for City to stay up (£20) and a pound for every goal scored. Unfortunately we didn't manage it, but we scored 30 odd goals during the season so I'll round it up to £40. The cash is on its way to you in by the usual method. Apples
  5. Well done Kathy, a great achievement in a very difficult season! Although I'm not sure about that treble... Apples
  6. The true test of it's merit will be if Duda is actually any good in that kit next season. Apples
  7. Interesting that he chose to visit Orkney...next stops St Kilda and Rockall. Apples
  8. Who needs the Russians when you've got Boris on your side? Apples
  9. Hi PUPs, off to Norway with Haugesund vs. Rosenborg (away win). For the City bet I'll go for Idah to score anytime. Best of luck everyone, especially the title contenders! Apples
  10. He'll need to get that hair sorted if he doesn't want to incur the wrath of the style guru element of the fanbase. Apples
  11. "also nepotism is one of the most ugly diseases in our society" Can you get cream for that? Apples
  12. Were you chief consultant on the bananas regulation? Apples
  13. And don't get me started on that weekly winner title... Apples * (20 points)
  14. Hi PUPs, I'll stay in the Greek Superleague relegation round where the odds are all over the place and go for Atromitos vs. Panionios (home win). For the City bet I'll go for Pukki to go wild and grab a brace. Best of luck everyone! Apples
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