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  1. It'll probably be a very poor imitation of a successful German recipe with the product being unpopular and unsuccessful, lacking strength and giving them a dreadful case of the sh*ts twice a week. Apples
  2. Coming from NE Norfolk, it only took me about 10 years to adapt (i.e. just accept it). And anyway, the weather is bound to improve once Scotland rejoins the EU. Apples
  3. Having lived in Scotland for the last 3 decades this article provides a good insight on the question, from the Daily Mash. 87 per cent of English people think Scotland is mythical THE majority of English people think Scotland is a make-believe land of snow and monsters, it has emerged. Researchers found that very few people have bothered travelling beyond Carlisle, believing that a few miles after junction 42 the M6 goes off a cliff into the sea. Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “It turns out the reason Scotland is ignored by the English in everything from politics to football is because they don’t think it’s real. “It exists in their minds as a fantastical world full of strange beasts, vicious savages and a cruel, endless winter, sort of like Game of Thrones but with Irn-Bru. “In fact, most English people said they think Scotland is less likely to be real than Harry Potter, The Dark Crystal, Terry Pratchett books and every single Disney film ever made. “If you point it out on a map they’ll say there must have been a printing error. They refuse to accept it exists, even if you offer them a Tunnock’s Tea Cake.” Glasgow resident Tom Logan said: “Thank f*ck for that. We don’t want them all coming here when they realise England has gone **** up."
  4. Hi PUPs, back off to Greece these week and the beautiful city of Thessaloniki with PAOK VS. LAMIA (home win). For the City bet I'll go for Cantwell to score (anytime) against the team he should always have gone out on loan to and also a red card in the game. Best of luck everyone! Apples
  5. Hi PUPs, off to Turkey this week where there's a three way tie for the top and I'll go for GALATASARAY VS. KASIMPAŞA (home win). For the City bet I'll go for HT/FT Draw/City with Vrancic to score last. Best of luck everyone! Apples
  6. All the Union Streets in Scotland will be renamed Thank F*ck That's Over Street. Apples
  7. That's assuming they are all currently seaworthy, and those that are will all probably be patrolling the same piece of water (probably The Solent). Apples
  8. It's proper good old-fashioned weather like what we had before we joined them Europeans and that glewbul warmun is a right load of old rubbish too because how can the planet be warming when it's so cold outside. Apples
  9. Great suggestions from the pickers as usual and glad we could add some cash to the fund and brighten up a dreary Friday! Go Twidio and good luck for everyone else's picks! Apples
  10. The club can only afford to supply him with some mismatching fingerless gloves from lost property and a roll of baling twine. Apples
  11. Hi PUPs, here is the selection for the City bet vs. Swansea tonight. I think I've got everyone's suggestion in and have also added a couple of speculative punts over 10/1. 50p stake Hanley to score (anytime). Gibson to score (anytime). Giannoulis to score (anytime). 2-1 Norwich win, with Mclean to score anytime. £1 stake Placheta to score (anytime). Mclean to score first. Pukki to score first. Pukki to score 2 or more goals. No goal scorer. HT/FT - Draw/Draw. HT/FT - Draw/Swansea. HT/FT - Norwich/Draw. Result - 1-1 2-0 Swansea win, with Ayew to score anytime. BTTS, more than 11 corners and a Giannoulis booking. BTTS, with Pukki to score anytime. BTTS, drawn game. Swansea draw no bet. Fewer than 2.5 goals. Own goal in the game. Result - 2-2 Result - 1-3 Norwich win. Best of luck and here's hoping we turn them over! Apples
  12. Hi PUPs, many thanks for the nice intro Nutty, hopefully we can smash some cash for the fund! I'm sending on another tenner so we can cover as many angles as possible. I'll be posting selections after lunch tomorrow so fire them in. I'm staying in Greece this week with OLYMPIAKOS PIRAEUS VS. OFI (home win). For the match bet I'm liking the look of a return to goal scoring form with a Pukki brace at 7/1. Best of luck everyone! Apples
  13. Hi Nutty that's fine for me (what a great memory), I'll post them just after lunch on Friday! I'll fire you a tenner to open out the selection some more (can you message me you house number - the only bit of your address the pigeon can't remember ). Apples
  14. He'll probably end up (s)cuttling back to Spurs as quickly as he can after his time there. Apples
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