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  1. Count me, I'm away on holiday at the moment but will send the cash when I get back. Apples
  2. There ain't no gas to be fracked, the answer...noocular parr...funded by the Chinese, built and operated by the French, 10 years away. Apples
  3. Fracking is the obvious solution...hopefully kicking off around JRM's Somerset constituency, Chipping Norton and Westminster. Apples
  4. Hi PUPs, i'll go for the Faroes vs. Turkey (away win). For the BTTS Plymouth vs. The neighbours. Best of luck everyone! Apples
  5. The sinister overlords who control the Army of Snowflakes and the Woke Brigade. Fortunately I'm in Portugal at the moment...are they still hauling the box around the country? Apples
  6. Bamboo cup gets double points, just saying. Apples
  7. He [MES] also put us in one of his videos, blink and you'll miss it though. On Rodgers, we couldn't even afford the dentistry bills. Apples
  8. Have we now employed a hot drinks management coach...if so, worth every penny. Apples
  9. Has anybody checked to see whether there's actually anything in the box? Apples
  10. Hi PUPs, off to Serbia this week with RADNIK SURDULICA VS. PARTIZAN (away win). For the City bet, I'll go for Sarge to score first. Best of luck everyone! Apples
  11. Herman, I hope you've run that comment by the Pink'un's libertarian freedom of speech approval committee to ensure it is acceptable? Apples
  12. I've just painted a wall twice and watched it dry twice...the BBC have given me a 3 year contract with a option for another 2 and global rights. Apples
  13. I got butted by a sheep climbing a hill in Scotland. The b*stard waited for me to pass and then charged me from behind (it was protecting a lamb)...luckily it wasn't witnessed, but I don't know who was more sheepish. I proceeded to then walk backwards until it was out of sight in case it fancied a second go and at least I could swing my boot at it. Apples
  14. This is a valuable public service, after all no-one wants to be on the end of slipped fingers (well, unless they quite like that kind of thing) and it sounds like there might be some serial offenders out there. Apples
  15. It'll probably depend on whether they want to be Mickey Mouse or not? Apples
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