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  1. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "They quite like Brexit." Maybe that's what they want you to think... Apples
  2. The sound isn't working on my central speaker, but it's slightly better (though still poor) on the right...all Russell Martin's fault. Apples
  3. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "Just the usual native exceptionalism based on no evidence beyond repeated viewing of The Great Escape at Christmas" I'll never forgive them for what they did to Shughie McFee. Apples
  4. Mr Apples

    Scotland defeat

    Peter Grant is assistant to McLeish...I'll leave it there. Apples
  5. Hi PUPs, off to Africa this week with Mali vs. South Sudan (home win). For the BTTS I'll go for The Rovers vs. The Sons (Raith/Dumbarton) in Scottish League 1. All the best everyone! Apples
  6. Mr Apples

    Scrapping the barrel on TWTD

    "the worst place to have a fart “!!!!! As manager of the club? Apples
  7. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "All motorways in the South will be blocked by lorries for starters..." So, just a regular day then? Apples
  8. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "Perhaps we could import a few T54's" The EU would have got us a better deal. Apples
  9. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "But not the fish we eat, no, no, the fish we catch and sell to the EU. We want someone else's fish. Can we swap? What can possibly go wrong?" Don't worry BF, I'm sure part of our Brexit strategy is to resume whaling. (Note: whales aren't fish, but beggars can't be choosers). Apples
  10. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    And to take back control our fish...don't forget the fish, the fish are the whole argument. Apples
  11. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    1988? Apples
  12. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I wouldn't disagree with you there VW. Apples
  13. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "Shame, as I think it would be the nation's favourite outcome." That along with TM and her band of appalling bawbags f*cking off, never to be heard from again. Apples
  14. "Why does anyone think Lambert will walk?" Before he gets found out...again??? Apples