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  1. Cnutybaws is also an excellent alternative. Apples
  2. I started posting as I thought I would get footballing insights from some of the brightest minds out there and to feel the brotherly love of fellow City fans...after a couple of minutes I realised I was in the wrong place but carried on posting anyway to mostly kill time at work. Apples
  3. Rattling rusty sabres, that's what made this country great. Apples
  4. Hi PUPs, off to Sweden with ÖSTERSUNDS FK VS. ELFSBORG (away win). For the City bet I'll go for BTTS with Cantwell to score any time. Best of luck everyone! Apples
  5. Raab's only got himself to blame, he never really embraced the importance of cheese like Truss did. Apples
  6. Williamson has apparently cleared his desk...I wonder if he ever did find his old A-level certificates? Apples
  7. They'll give you a couple of jabs and then look after you for 15 minutes to make sure you're ok. Apples
  8. The gammon is strong with this one. Apples
  9. Alan Shearer whose managerial career lasted 8 games and oversaw relegation before deciding to stick within his limitations by spouting obvious, "The lad's done good", "He'll be disappointed with that", "It was a nice height for the keeper" drivel. The MOTD slot would be improved by filling the time with dead air instead...more insightful and informative (and much cheaper). Apples
  10. Is that your house built of dried pasta, canned goods and bog rolls? Apples
  11. Hi PuPs, the hills are alive with the sound of music so I'm off to Austria with WSG TIROL VS. SALZBURG (away win). For the City bet I'll go for a 2-2 draw with the Sarge to score last. All the best everyone! Apples
  12. How much of the money will actually find its way into the NHS or social care...and look, we've now got an additional revenue stream we can bump up a little every time the trough needs to be refilled. Trebles all round. Apples
  13. That almost brought a tear to my glass eye. Apples
  14. Taking back control was all about being able to sh*t on our own doorstep if we wanted (despite secretly knowing we didn't really want it), trample it around, find out it we didn't really like it, complain about it and then still manage to blame everybody else...it's the great thing what made this here great country great again. Still, at least we've now got plenty of flags to help mop it all up. Apples
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