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  1. Mr Apples


    I suppose the question really is can he do it on a balmy, summer's afternoon in London/Manchester/Liverpool? Apples
  2. Mr Apples

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    Special. Apples
  3. Mr Apples

    Danny Mills

    Poor guy...when your main ambition in life is to be the new Robbie Savage (with male pattern baldness, instead of a flowing mane) you have to feel a little bit sorry for him. Apples
  4. Mr Apples

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    I think you're right Rivvo, you can still see the Greys on Scroby Sands all year round where they rest up (with boat trips during the summer from Yarmouth front). Apples
  5. Mr Apples

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    "Each to their own but Horsey is free, and you can watch the seals at your own leisure. Totally free, and a nice walk amongst the dunes." The Nelson is a decent pub too for a refreshment and food. Apples
  6. Mr Apples

    Behind the Scenes

    I forget who we currently wish we were, but I bet they'll have much, much better cables than us. Club's a joke. Apples
  7. Mr Apples

    Things to do/places to stay in Norfolk

    Bacton Gas Terminal by night is a sight to behold. Apples
  8. Mr Apples

    Player diets

    "Yes! I have friends who literally just drink hot water and lemon! Very nice indeed..." An Earl Grey hits the spot too. Apples
  9. Mr Apples

    Player diets

    A big, juicy, sizzling sausage (ohhh, matron)? Apples
  10. Mr Apples

    Non-Football threads

    An interesting stat on how unaware drivers may be of their responsibilities/the law. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48181424 Apples
  11. That's hardly the point Mr Angry. Apples
  12. I'm not sure this is the appropriate place to discuss non-Norwich matters. Can we have a new location for Newcastle United-related threads which may be of passing interest to some but can also be easily ignored. After all, we're not animals. Apples
  13. Mr Apples

    Non-Football threads

    "Threads being moved now" A sad day for the forum. Apples
  14. Mr Apples

    Non-Football threads

    Oh, the humanity! Apples
  15. Mr Apples

    Non-Football threads

    We MUST find a scapegoat. Forum's a joke. Apples