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  1. Mr Apples

    Fabio Quagliarella

    "Dubio Fusilli is highly rated as the next Italian superstar fully intent upon wending his way to Norfolk." Sauce? Apples
  2. Hi all, I'll go for Stenny to beat Annan Athletic (home win) and Istanbul Basaksehir to beat Ankaragücü (home win). Best of luck Champions!!! Apples
  3. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "Bullsh1t. We are in this mess because we have a deceitful Remainer as PM who has worked hand in hand with Germany to crush Brexit and deliver us as a vassal state of the EU." Well, that ticks the Jolly Xenophobe box then? Apples
  4. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    From the Daily Mash: What sort of tiresome Farage-supporting tw*t are you? ARE you determined to support obvious chancer Nigel Farage due to your tedious obsession with Brexit? Read our guide to find out what sort of tw*t you are. Whinging home counties retired couple Brexit is an excellent hobby for comfortably-off retirees who, for some reason, are constantly f*cking moaning. You are the sort of tw*ts whose idea of a great evening would be having Nigel himself over to rant about political correctness and potholes. Jolly xenophobe People think you are being ironic with your constant references to the Nazis and cowardly French. But you actually believe Angela Merkel has conquered Europe without the loss of a single panzer. Idiot with completely unrelated obscure grievance You will definitely be voting for Farage and the Brexit Party because the last series of Doctor Who was not very good. You do not draw your curtains in the day and eat crisps for breakfast. Just very, very gullible In your blissful credulity bubble, Nigel Farage is a decent, ordinary guy with some great ideas. You’re also sending your fourth payment of £2,000 to a Nigerian scammer or encouraging your friends to get into Scientology. Apples
  5. Mr Apples

    you can make four signings. Who are they?

    Patrick Roberts from Man City could be worth a punt as challenge/cover for Hernandez. Had a decent spell at Celtic and then not figured much for Girona this season. Apples
  6. Mr Apples

    2018/19 PuPs prediction pledges

    "I''ll pledge £1 for every week (as of Sunday night) City spend at 12th or above in the league and add an extra £1 for each week in the top 6." I couldn't be bothered calculating this so I've just assumed we were in the top 6 each week (46 x 2) and will round it up to a £100. Nutty, will wing you the funny money via the usual route towards the end of the week! Apples
  7. Congrats Wazzy and Diane! Apples
  8. Mr Apples

    Mayor of norwich

    "Wondered if anyone would get Kenny’s poison right... we have a winner !" I don't know what that says about my drinking habits (been a resident of Scotland for many years now)! Apples
  9. Mr Apples

    Mayor of norwich

    "... more like vodka and orange." Could be Kenny keeping it real to his roots with some MD 20/20. Apples
  10. In a fit of end of season madness I'm going to go for a high stakes Falkirk vs. Ross County (home win). Ross County are already champions with nothing to play for and Falkirk must win to even have a chance of avoiding automatic relegation. For the Villa game I'll go for Zimm to power home a soaring header, anytime. Good luck everyone! Apples
  11. Mr Apples


    Can I ask, why when Webber/Farke have now got us to this position with their judgement, signings, system, long-term plan, suddenly the potential of keeping Rhodes is being questioned? If he has a role to play sign him up and if he doesn't let him go. Apples
  12. Mr Apples

    OT - EU straw poll...

    "More than 70,000 people, including myself, have made £25 donations or more online to TBP..." I'm sure there's a quotation about fools parting with their money? Apples
  13. Mr Apples

    Funniest Leeds Tweets

    Leeds Utd and their fans...utter clownshoes. Apples
  14. "Love to be there but 5.00 am start..." Would you have had to cycle from Ipswich, Pete? Apples
  15. Mr Apples

    Apparently we're after Kwasi Okyere Wriedt

    "Youtube reel looks good - I'm sold" Never trust Youtube...remember the Fozzy Flick... Apples