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  1. Looked ok I thought the other evening, especially considering he is returning from injury. Got caught massively out of position where Gibson covered him well to prevent a potential issue. We'll soon go from being a problem position to be well stocked for leftbacks, so it will be interesting to see who emerges as first team choice.
  2. He'll come in for Hayden I expect.
  3. A far too ambitious appointment for us.
  4. The problem is at the moment we cant find the right mix in Midfield. You can understand why with Nunez looking pretty poor recently, Sara only offering glimpses of what he can do, Cantwell running about and trying to impact the game but having little affect. That leaves you with Sargeant who is relatively ineffective on the right wing, mainly due to his lack of tracking back and positional sense. Then the only real operators that leaves you with are Gibbs / Hayden / Kenny, with the latter not being favoured by many and the previous two being a little two defensive to play with one another.
  5. I was disappointed getting Smith in as I wanted someone who was known for playing possession based attacking football like under Farke, but with the hope they could sort out our defence. Smith was probably the best of a bad bunch in fairness but did show to me we have abandoned our philosophy to start from scratch again, which was always going to take time. I am just hoping we Hayden coming back to that it stops our leaky defence and we can piece together our midfield and find the right balance. Hopefully Dimi and Hayden will be the catalyst to turn round our season when fully match fit.
  6. The problem is with that we dont have that many competent wingers other than Hernadez, thats not to say if we played more advanced wingbacks this would work more effectively. It would require Dimi for example being able to actually being able to cross the ball and not hit into the stands.
  7. What is becoming clear, it that we do need Hugill on the bench. I think we're missing a trick with him, as our playing through teams isnt working as effectively as we would like, so we need a good plan b. He is capable and will a much more level at the front if we fail to break down teams as we are so often doing this season.
  8. I doubt we'll appeal Kennys red, it looked like a blatent red to me. It would be too much of a risk of him sustaining a further suspension.
  9. Its a hard one to call this. The subs who came on looked woeful the other night including Nunez. Really got to hope that Hayden can play more minutes and provide that anchor style to cover our inability to close down players in the middle of the park. Sara isnt particularly quick and Nunez does get brished off the ball due to his size. It is quite clear we arent gelling really as a team and as such confidence is now starting to dip. Im gonna go for a line up of: Gunn, MA, Hanley, Gibson, Giani (need him to gain match sharpness/fitness, Hayden, Nunez, Sara, Cantwell (need him to get match sharp, Hernandez, Sargeant. What are peoples thoughts on Sara to date? He doesnt look as box to box as I thought he might do, albeit I appreciate he is probably still working on his match fitness levels.
  10. No thanks to the return of Krul.
  11. I personally wouldnt live for football, as you will have a miserable life being a Norwich fan.
  12. I cant see them challenging it, looks to obvious to me to backfire and be given a longer ban.
  13. I thought Kenny was one of our better performers last night, other than the incident aside. Wins more in the air at LB and can offer more than most of our other left backs. Whats quite clear to me is, Sinani and quite a few others just really arent capable of playing for a top two side in the championship, he blows too hot and cold. Players like him, Dowell and others should really be chomping at the bit to get on the pitch and impress. Im sure if Dowell started it would of helped link up play. We appear to still be struggling to find the right mix in midfield/attack.
  14. Tough game tonight. Norwich will have to raise the game throughout the team to come back with 3 points. People will be out for Dean if we lose tonight for sure unless he starts finding his feet quickly.
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