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  1. jaberry2

    Team for Everton

    Krul Byram Godfrey Zimmerman Lewis Amadou Leitner Hernadez Steiperman Buendia Pukki
  2. jaberry2

    Ricardo's report v Watford

    Hopefully a few more tweaks after the international break and some players returning from injury. Some minor things to be positive about, despite things being a bit glum at the moment. Probably an unpopular opinion, but would like to see Byram start ahead of Arrons, I think he's actually a more rounded player. Now before I get slated for this, I like Arrons just dont think he has been that effective as of yet. With Zimmerman coming back and pushing Amadou into his natural DM role, I think this will give more protection going forward, so our more creative players can get going again.
  3. jaberry2

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    I think its fair to say Zimmerman hasnt really played at this level, nor the majority of our team. Their is a step up needed by the team collectively and it remains to be seen whether they are indeed good enough.
  4. jaberry2

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    Their is no doubt that Zimmerman will add leadership at the back. Is he going to answer the various flaws within our team by himself, no, but he should help. I cant see Hanley adding much to our team either, as I just dont think he is anywhere near the standard required of a Premiership centreback. Things will definitely be better when Zimmerman is back though as we can start looking at putting Amadou in a protective role in front of the back four which should help matters, with him alongside Leitner or Trybull depending on the opponent. Let the good times roll.....
  5. jaberry2

    Where is Mario?

  6. jaberry2


    Famewo isn't ready for the premiership. Im not gonna speculate on a first team XI until I see the latest injury bulletin. Hopefully some good news their. Would like to see Steipi keep his place, as not many people would of complained if he shot which hit the cross bar over the weekend went in. I do agree, there needs to be changes and adjustments, but would rather Farke bring on subs earlier if isnt working rather than leaving things to the 80th minute.
  7. jaberry2

    Where is Mario?

    Rhodes is certainly better than Srbeny, but I don't think he is the same class as Drmic, who has yet to show us what he can do due to such limited cameos on the pitch. Its certainly another area which needs looking at, but Rhodes for me isnt the answer.
  8. jaberry2

    Patrick Roberts

    Im assuming he hasnt produced during under 23's matches to even warrant a place on the bench at times. Why sit their and wait for a player who may never get into first team XI waste a valuable loan slot. Im just guessing Farke just doesnt rate him.
  9. jaberry2

    Patrick Roberts

    Surely the time has come to terminate his loan agreement, if he is indeed not up to scratch. That way at least we can get a new addition in asap to help out the first team.
  10. jaberry2

    Another DM on his way?

    Rammed full of Defensive Midfielders is a bit of an overstatement. Tettey likely to retire at end of season and Amadou is just on loan with an option to buy. Which leaves the likes of Trybull, as I wouldnt class other midfielders we have as a DM. Would expect to see quite a few players touted around this time of year in the lead up to January.
  11. jaberry2


    Leitner is a quality player, but of course is better playing from deep rather than Stiepermann's position. It all comes down to who is fit and available. For me, its a centre back pairing of Godfrey & Amadou. With Trybull & one other alongside him / Leitner / Tettey, depending on the opposition. I would like to see Stepiermann get a goal which would boost his confidence and get him playing with a little more guile. Im surprised that Drmic hasn't been considered more for that position, as he's agile, creative and a goal threat. Guess we'll have to speculate on who starts next game until the next injury bulletin comes in.
  12. jaberry2

    Score vs Man Utd

    Probably our best chance to get 3 points from Manure this weekend. With them playing last night and also a few key injuries. If we get 3 points tomorrow we should be able to kick on up the table.
  13. jaberry2

    News from the farmyard

    Really couldnt care less about Ipswich. Rather focus on whats happening in the premiership with us.
  14. jaberry2

    An evening with Sam Allardyce

    Im washing my hair that evening...
  15. jaberry2


    Probably a way behind in terms of match fitness. Clearly a good finisher but needs more first team minutes. Wasn't overly impressed by his recent performances, so needs to start putting in a shift to put pressure on Steipermann & Pukki to start. Albeit the latter unlikely to change.