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  1. Some good names here and mostly young enough to be appealing to Norwich. If we were to go up, we could see this as an opportunity to get rid of players not capable of stepping up, where in reality we need to be brutal and get rid of some players who just dont possess the skills for the premier league. In my eyes, thats a fair few players.
  2. Vrancic currently contributes about as much as Steipermann in that position. A few key passes and nice link up play here and there. The position is still there for the taking, but Dowell has looked rusty since his injury, but when fit is a better player in that position than the other two previously mentioned. He needs game time to get sharp. Which then begs the question do you drop Vrancic and start Dowell, probably not as it stands based on recent performances.
  3. I can imagine Farke will keep things the same. Dowell still needs to get up to match fitness, so would bring him on earlier than he has been. But yes, he does need to step it up a level.
  4. When has Wikipedia ever been relied on for facts!?
  5. Firstly are Luton due any sell on percentage? If we were to get £35m for him, it would be good business and providing the whole amount is reinvested back into the team we should be able to find a capable replacement and adding to other positions as well.
  6. Nothing good about Brexit. End of discussion.
  7. Very good player and one which West Ham are looking to buy come the Summer. Brentfords recruitment is top notch.
  8. 1 year contract if in the championship still. If we reach the prem, we'll have to be brutal with our current squad and he for me is not needed for Prem campaign. Just my opinion.
  9. Both very good players. Dowell has looked exceptionally rusty. We have probably rushed them back a but due to the team struggling a bit of late, but both will come good.
  10. But we do have back up tactics of 3 at the back with wingbacks, its just not utilised too much. If we produce a decent display soon, this minor blip will just be forgotten about. Most teams at the top often go through them. The worry obviously is, that we start spiralling a little, but hopefully we have enough mature / seasoned players to prevent that from happening.
  11. Whilst there will become a time for Sorenson to be a starter, at the moment Skipp is ahead of him for me. If he needs resting then Sorenson can provide cover. Im not going to be one of those people who think our squad needs radical changes due to losing a bit of a cutting edge of late. We persevere with the team which got us into pole position, with supporting players coming back from injury providing any (hopefully) possible sparks when the team looks flat. I am awaiting for Hernadez and Dowell to step up.
  12. On my ifollow the worst thing was, away audio was not available, so I had to listen to bl**dy welsh commentators. For me I would stick to pretty much same team and show some confidence in them to get out of this mid season rut. With players like Hernadez/Dowell getting more and more minutes im hoping players of this ilk can find form to help with the promotion push, sooner rather than later. Buendia back next game as well.
  13. For me it's: Krul, Aaron's, Hanley, Gibson, Dimi Skipp Rupp Cantwell McLean Martin Pukki Subs if not working Vrancic for McLean and Hernandez for Martin
  14. As previously mentioned Idah I'm sure will contribute this season, but he isn't currently good enough to play second fiddle to Pukki. His movement is nowhere near good enough currently and is still developing. Could do with a loan in my view. For me, we should of gone with someone like Nketiah on loan in January or gone in for Charlie Austin when he was available
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