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  1. jaberry2

    Corona Virus main thread

    Any of you guys based in Cromer? Im meant to be heading up for a week away up there next week, but wondering whether things are open or not? Pubs mainly :)
  2. jaberry2


    I imagine he'll have to try something new soon. Its win or bust.
  3. jaberry2

    Lets discuss Duda

    I imagine Rupp would be one of our better players in the champ. Its hard to judge him at present in an under performing team.
  4. jaberry2

    Lets discuss Duda

    I think that department has worked miracles before on the budget they've had available, but the gamble of going up and using the same strategy has backfired completely.
  5. jaberry2

    Farke out

    We'll need him next season. Or would you prefer some absolute shower of sh*te who is currently looking for a job which would undo all the work we've been doing the last couple of years?
  6. jaberry2

    Lets discuss Duda

    He is part of this transfer strategy where we look at long term injured / recovering players or players who are out of form but with a good track record. He obviously falls into the latter section and this is quite a high risk strategy, which has paid of previously with the likes of Krul but has offered nothing this season. The truth is we have been let down by our summer business and we're therefore heavily reliant on players to have an immediate impact when we purchased in the January transfer window.
  7. jaberry2

    Kenny Mclean

    We've had no real fixed midfield for the entire season with Farke looking to alternate depending on who he thinks is the best bet considering the opposition. I just wonder whether McLeans tenacity and work rate will mean he starts ahead of Vrnacic against Sheffield Utd. They're a very physical and hard working team, so we'll need to match their intensity.
  8. jaberry2

    Team for Sheffield United

    Certainly been a difficult season and for me there's been too much of an emphasis on the existing promotion squad being capable to make the step up. Webber & Co have been great at finding cheap additions at Champ level, but 99% of the players brought on board haven't been good enough - Amadou/Roberts etc and have failed to add anything to the first team XI which has then led to people looking (rightfully) at changes and calling for other players to start etc. I do think we should of invested more and given ourselves a better chance at staying up, but I wont criticize what they've done as I think for many a year we have the most competent management I've seen during my time supporting the club.
  9. jaberry2

    Team for Sheffield United

    Shame Hernadez is injured as would prefer to see him on the wing rather than Rupp. I certainly dont see Rupp as a winger and as a number 10 I think we have better options available to us.
  10. jaberry2

    Team for Sheffield United

    I think the problem with Rupp is he's been thrust into the first team XI with little settling in period and Farke has expected a lot from him. Will judge him properly after the summer and the new season. He essentially a utility player, with Farke playing him in numerous positions. You wont see the best of him until he's played a fair few games in one position, but I hear what your saying.
  11. jaberry2

    Team for Sheffield United

    A bit OTT
  12. jaberry2

    Kenny Mclean

    For me, Vrancic in the position he plays doesn't possess the right work rate to occupy that position which Norwich need and that's why I would pick McLean above him. I like Vrancic a lot, but to a degree is a bit of a luxury player at times. With that being said Vrancic is still one of the best in our team at set pieces and can often be one of the most accomplished passers too.
  13. jaberry2

    Team for Sheffield United

    Rupp did shoot on multiple occasions but were just at the keeper. Should of really been on the scoresheet.
  14. jaberry2

    Kenny Mclean

    To be fair to Vrancic, he was unlucky not to score (with a blocked shot which looked like it was heading in) and made a few key passes too. His energy for that position is probably a little on the low side, but I much prefer him taking freekicks or corners over Buendia. For me Buendias delivery is often poor and amounts to nothing and our set piece game is so poor currently.
  15. jaberry2

    Buendia Injury?

    I suspect we'll look very weary against a high energy Sheffield Utd. They'll be a fair few knocks, with a lot of players suffering with cramp. Hopefully they dont push too much in any training and its more spent on recovery pre Sheff Utd game.