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  1. The obvious would be Knapper taking advantage of his Arsenal connections with some young loan players coming in from there. Its anyone's guess at this stage.
  2. Im sure we could entice him with our warchest of £5 going into the January transfer window. I am more interested in hearing about our exciting january transfer window which has been touted on the main page.
  3. I just dont think he was the right appointment for us at that chosen time. We should of had a manager who has a similar emphasis on attacking possession based football ala Farke but with a better record in making teams harder to beat.
  4. I think its the latter in respect of Dean Smith.
  5. I am about as interested in Dean Smith as I am in Delia Smith at present...
  6. I would say Sainz is the closest thing we will get to Buendia style in a while. He chases back a lot more than the likes of Hernadez & co. I suspect they are breaking him in gently and he did look way off fitness wise not long ago.
  7. Would rather have Steve Cooper if he gets the chop, albeit I can not see out toothless and inept boarding acting anytime soon.
  8. Odd starting choices and playing people out of position doesnt help, however he seems to be getting results by the skin of his teeth currently. I am hoping Sainz becomes more involved in the next two games and we can start playing players in their traditional positions especially with players returning around xmas time.
  9. I doubt we could afford his wages and whether we are still an attractive proposition for players like Worrall remains to be seen.
  10. TBH i am not sure how he has settled and has been playing a lot of development football. I suspect he may of been earmarked to help in 24' after a period of settling, but seeing as he is on loan, we should have formed a fair idea of him by now. Was highly regarded by his last set of fans..
  11. We have one in Lima, who was meant to be readying himself for the first team.
  12. Batth will start over Warner with any hope. Sainz needs to start. Drop onel.
  13. Im hoping we dont see Sorenson back in the first team again. For me him, Hernadez and PP need to be shipped out and replaced at some stage in a squad refresh.
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