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  1. If you're serious, you need your head checked.
  2. Far from the finished product and does give away the ball far too frequently in the premiership. Cantwell is better technically IMO, i just think Cantwell will be in more demand than Buendia.
  3. This above post is spot on. I will judge Rupp on a full pre season and im sure he will have something to offer in the champ. Didnt really show us too much this season.
  4. I think the saving grace on the Buendia front is that he wasn't free scoring this season. If he was they would be queued up for him. Can see us selling the likes of Cantwell to raise funds and hopefully keep Buendia for a while.
  5. I clearly meant Matthew Dennis, not Dennis Man #ITK. Plays rightback and is apparently unplayable at times according to teammates. He is essentially still a youth team player though
  6. Why would he emulate something which hasn't been successful at Norwich? Bit of a sh*t question in the first place. Plus why do Norwich care what Bilic are doing in the first place.
  7. Todd Cantwell out, then the likes of Dennis Man in. Something along these lines is what I will expect will happen over the coming weeks. Whether that be Cantwell, or another one of the younger first team members.
  8. I wouldn't blame Max for leaving for such a team. Hopefully their would be some interest from the Prem to push up his price if he were to leave. I would expect some substantial add ons factored into any deal to factor in his future development and likeliness to become a full England International etc at some stage.
  9. Quite an exciting Arsenal youngster this one. Meant to be unplayable in training sometimes, but still quite raw. Plays right back / right wing
  10. Very frustrated with Farke the last couple of games due to formations and wrong selections in my view. He has shown complete naivety. Like others have said he is still a reasonably young manager and should learn. The last games remaining all being played like cup finals was utter nonsense. We are going out on a whimper once again, which is a real shame and an embarrassment. He does however deserve another chance to get us up, if he indeed stays put. It may be time to get rid of the likes of Tettey and start investing in players coming through like Sitti. Its quite clear our central midfielders aren't up to scratch, exposing an already fragile defence and the areas we need to improve on next season, albeit not playing against such good teams.
  11. Any of you guys based in Cromer? Im meant to be heading up for a week away up there next week, but wondering whether things are open or not? Pubs mainly :)
  12. I imagine he'll have to try something new soon. Its win or bust.
  13. I imagine Rupp would be one of our better players in the champ. Its hard to judge him at present in an under performing team.
  14. I think that department has worked miracles before on the budget they've had available, but the gamble of going up and using the same strategy has backfired completely.
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