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  1. Todd remains one of our most gifted technical players, when his head is in the right space. We can all speculate as to what is happening, however some of my brentford supporting friends are confident he'll be going there after being spottted with their owner. It could all be rubbish, but it could also be him trying to force a move in January and Norwich looking to cash in if he wants out and wont renew his contract.
  2. I dont know, watching Brighton against Arsenal they are a much better team than us currently. But anything can happen on the day.
  3. You can only judged on what I have seen to date, despite being only one start, he wasn't looking particularly confident/competent which I understand takes time. But he it would seem it will take time to see him back to his previous best, hence im assuming the long term commitment in why we invested in him.
  4. Mclean seems to have an outstanding game, then a series of championship quality style games where he losses possession too often. Gilmour does need to be included somewhere in the Midfield, as he is probably the most accomplished passer other than Norman in the centre of the park. The issue is he cant compete size wise against a number of midfielders in the Prem.
  5. I have been championing Gunn for sometime, but judging on his recent performance he is way off par atm and needs to rediscover old form.
  6. Parts of his game look good, but will no doubt take time to adjust to pace of Premiership. We have a number of players in the same boat, so difficult to say. At present, he looks an ok squad player with a good long range pass in his arsenal and can certainly chip in with goals/assist, in the right position. The key now is keeping players confidence up despite losses, or otherwise we will never really know the new additions true level in order to judge them appropriately.
  7. I was quite surprised with the first team XI on Saturday, but it would seem we had a number of players exhausted from international duties. For me going forward and dependent on fitness, Normann needs to come in as does Gilmour. For me Rupp just isn't good enough at this level. Hanley is looking like he should be replaced by Kabak when he gets up to speed, providing we still have enough leadership in the team without him starting. Ive been saying for a while that Krul will be a weak link this season. Ive always rated him as a shotstopper but his kicking/distribution/decision making is questionable at this level. I'm hoping Gunn can gather confidence and wont be long before he can step up. Pukki does look exhausted, with no surprise with the over reliance on him at club & national level. I hope Sargent can come in and recover from his injury shortly in order to provide him competition and add some much needed energy up front. With so much change in this team we really need it to gel quickly. Im sure Farke will be changing the XI a lot for Watford and working on integrating the new signings this week. 3 points at Watford are much needed and if we fail to get those, it will be quite deflating for the team.
  8. I like Dowell, but I just think at this stage he doesnt have enough energy to challenge when we dont have the ball. His energy levels are that of a more luxury player, but without doubt he does offer a good range of passing/assists and goals & for that reason we do need to find space for him from time to time, but for me would vary dependent on the quality of the opposition.
  9. A mid week game, i'm based in Herts, so a mission to watch a cup game doesnt appeal. Will see whether its on Canaries TV, ta.
  10. Its the Turkish media, known for making up sh*t up
  11. Reading between the lines, its going to be Brandon Williams coming in on loan imminently to provide cover/competition to fullbacks and a loan to perm option (of some quality) coming in from Europe somewhere for the CDM position. Then it begs the question if any monies are left over to pursue a CB option, but all this talk of looking at free agents via the pinkun etc, I wouldn't be surprised to see an experienced face come in on a free for a 1 / 2 year option to steady the back line & provide a little more experience and leadership.
  12. He's probably one of our most fit options currently.
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