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  1. Just bumping this up in case any of the winners are on here, as know about 15 of you entered, bless your hearts.
  2. Well done to Kathy, Purple and Palma for coming top 3 Well done to everyone who picked for the majority of the 37 weeks to support Eddie & the rest of us pups Biggest well done to Eddie for his hard work and passion in keeping this going to raise cash for the CSF, Ardee would be so proud of you See you all Mid Sept
  3. Nope no ladies in the top 10 and I'm not in it if ure having a pop at me us volunteers don't enter any of our own competitions , we would be too embarrassed if we won any prizes☺
  4. Spurs away win please For Norwich maybe Man City to score in both halves & win by more than 2:5 goals Good Luck NFN NC & Cosmic Well done Nutty for your hard work and for running the pools league in lockdown. Well done to all the pups who have done the majority of the 37 weeks to support Nutty & the rest of us pups.
  5. Cmon some nice person must want to give csf £85 for these wonderful signed boots
  6. Fulham at home please For Norwich Cantwell to score anytime Good luck Purple and Trish and all you pups who regularly support this wonderful thread & Eddie & CSF
  7. Liverpool win would be my suggestion Re West Ham btts maybe? Good Luck Pinkun Pickers
  8. Man Utd home win for me too please For our team more than 2:5 goals Thanks Eddie for all the hard work you put into these threads, can't believe we've been doing it for 34 weeks, always sad when its near the end
  9. My £5 for Michelle's Sarcoma charity is split as follows £2:50 for over 4:5 goals ? 4/1 W Hill £2:50 for Pukki to score anytime and ManU to win 1-3 (sorry) ? 35/1 bet365 Good Luck everyone
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