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  1. I've got 28 suggestions for the Norwich bet, have looked through them all, have looked at the odds for different bets and these are my picks 2-2 £1 1-3 to ncfc £1 Draw £1 Emi to score anytime £1 Godfrey to score anytime £1 HT/FT draw £1 Norwich to win £1 Pukki to score first goal £1 Ben Mee, Emi Buendia, Sam Byram all to get shown a card £1 Over 2 goals, 3 cards, 10 corners £1
  2. Diane

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Its an open meeting in Oct but you have to register here https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2019/september/membership-consultations/
  3. I think Man City will be back to winning ways this week so thats my suggestion for you King Canary - Good Luck Looking forward to doing the Norwich picks, so keep the suggestions coming and i ll be back Friday night at 9pm after Corrie
  4. Diane

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    You beat me to it Nutty, was going to say the same thing ask the two st holders who usually sit in those seats
  5. Diane

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    A man called Matthew who went to the London meeting tweeted this I spent the evening with Ben Kensall at a consultation on the membership scheme. I have some observations. Ben is very impressive. I’ve worked in politics for 20 years and let me tell you that a lot of politicians can’t do what he did tonight. It was an impressive show of normalcy, niceness, competency and determination. The evening was also clearly a genuine attempt to listen. It wasn’t set up as a show trial. He could’ve won points by coming down to London for a verbal beating. He did a bit of that *and* ran a proper, professional, thoughtful listening exercise. It was good and interesting. The club is in a tough spot. There aren’t enough tickets for what fans want. And the club wants to make as much money from the process as possible without pissing people off too much. There are - imho - somethings they can do. 1. Make some tickets available to people who can show they have a long-standing commitment (ie points holders). And make some (25%?) tickets available to people who can’t or haven’t attended many games. 2. Do allocation of tickets by ballot/lottery not a 9am scramble. 3. Create an international membership so fans who travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see a game can get a ticket. 4. Have some sort of concessions 5. Whatever happens, definitely keep the glorious silky scarf they gave out with this years membership. Anyway, the membership stuff has been annoying af but tonight’s meeting is another reminder that we have it *infinitely* better than any Norwich fans in decades. They got this one wrong but their efforts to fix it are genuinely impressive (so far). OTBC
  6. Diane

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Hope to see you at the next event Keith
  7. Diane

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    So whos going to Palace ?
  8. Looks like we'll have Hanley, Roberts available for Sat and maybe even Mario & Mo Leitner , though doubt he'll change the team unless any of them pick up any injuries in training
  9. Diane

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    Likewise Eddie, remember meeting Neil at the Bayer Club, but that was years ago but never met Steve Weaver whos in charge of the academy so looking forward to hearing stories from Colney. Should be an interesting night and we have kept the price at £3 for the 5th season running to make it affordable for everyone. Hope to see some of you pinkun posters on the 3rd
  10. From press conference '' “Timm doesn’t need surgery but that won’t reduce his time out sadly. We think it is nine months, maybe one or two less''
  11. So is this an up to date list ?? Hanley - May be fit enough for bench to play 30 mins Roberts - ineligible to play Leitner - Out Short Term Vrancic - Out Short Term Drimc - Out Short Term Trybull - Out until Mid Oct Zimmerman - Out until Jan Aarons - Out until Mid - Oct Klose - Out for season Hernandez - Out until Dec Krul - doubtful for tomorrow Godfrey - doubtful for tomorrow
  12. Sorry but Im going for Man City away win, would be very happy if I lose my 100% record this week For Norwich BTTS Good Luck Twido &Vazzza and the rest of you pink un pickers
  13. Diane

    Next Event - Meet our NCFC Staff - Oct 3rd

    Doubt it, he will have had 3 out of 4 membership meetings by then so hopefully everyone will have asked him their membership questions by then
  14. Diane

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Why are my very few posts being misconstrued? Now Keith of course I know who you are, bless you, but where did I say you would waste a space or not have anything to say? I didnt mention you & was merely teasing Tilly that he couldn't take a whole list of people with him
  15. Diane

    FAO PUPs

    I'm confused, where did I say it was exclusive, or that it belonged to you or regular contributors? Then you talk about why some pups don't pick, don't have time to pick etc etc where did I mention any of that? I just agreed the opening post is too long & suggested Rays Funds had its own section which you and another didn't think was a good idea which is fair enough, sorry it was such a crap idea