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  1. Thanks, was going to ask @Pete Raven to pin it on Monday when the footy chat has died down, which Im sure he'll do for us.
  2. I'm still getting it, all yesterday & today Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
  3. I'm still getting Bad Request everytime on my android phone , then have to delete cookies/data etc then it works but its a pain doing that everytime.
  4. Statement from Ipswich last night seems to put the dampeners on the news ?? https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/39781/town-evans-not-actively-looking-to-sell
  5. I think its just the club trying to communicate with more fans Nutty which must be a good thing, they already have regular dialogue with 2/3 from each fans groups, this opens it up a bit.
  6. I think a supporters panel is a great idea it will be good to have 15 fans picked by the fans to represent the fans at regular meetings with the club.
  7. Man City to win please and for Norwich 3-1 with Pukki to score anytime Good luck Pups
  8. Thanks to everyone who's booked so far, remember its free and its mental health so am important subject to discuss
  9. I've had problems the last 2 days on my phone, keep getting Bad Request, then have to delete cookies/cache and refresh then blank page. Seems ok now though
  10. Oh Trish & Lakey, I so much wanted you both to win but you both tried hard and could do no more. At least our team made you both smile.
  11. Thank you so much to the posters who attended and to everyone for their kind feedback. Around 120 watched the event, the most popular zoom event we've held so far. Some of the feedback received can be found here, too much to put it all up but every email/tweet/message has been relied to Next event is on March 11th, will put the details up in the morning. Enjoy the game today
  12. Man Utd to beat Newcastle please For Norwich 3-1 with Pukki to score anytime Good Luck Trish & Lakey
  13. Thanks to everyone who booked, much appreciated. Zoom link will be emailed to you by CSF at 7 ish tonight, if its not in your inbox, check your other boxes. See you all at 7:30 pm well I won't see you but you know what I mean
  14. I asked Pete to unpin this as bookings close tonight so if you want to join us suggest you do so before the game starts. Thanks to everyone who supported us and CSF on here, much appreciated
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