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  1. Diane

    Let's all do the pools week 3

    No 7 please man city v liverpool Good Luck Tilly
  2. Diane

    Let's all do the pools week 2

    No 11 Tranmere v MK Dons please
  3. You are right Tilly, nothing has been decided yet, this is the latest from Lynn news https://www.lynnnews.co.uk/sport/linnets-await-national-league-outcome-as-member-clubs-agree-to-end-season-now-9104205/ They are now waiting for the decision to be ratified during talks with the FA and confirm who goes up and down. which could be done by final places or decided by points per game, unless of course they decide to void the complete season. Meanwhile they desperately need to raise £5000 to help them through this difficult patch if anyone can help them https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/kltfc
  4. Diane

    Football Pools help needed..

    Burnley v Watford please
  5. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Really pleased with the attendance in the circumstances. Those 16 centenary mugs and half of the books Roy's wife kindly donated were sold too so really pleased with that too, thanks for your help Tilly. Our 4 guests Foxy, Eadie, Newman, Gossy were great value, some great stories from the 93 cup run. Had some great feedback last night and today Thanks to those who supported us
  6. Wba to win at home is my suggestion for my friend Lappin - good luck For Ian, I'd suggest a 3-1 win - good luck and thanks for all the support you give us at ncfsc I'd also donate an extra £5 to be split between csf & Ian's SarcomaUK charity £2:50 on 2-2 and £2:50 on 3-1 Good Luck Pups ( Will give you a fiver tomorrow Eddie)
  7. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Nice piece on the pinkun, thanks guys https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/jeremy-goss-ruel-fox-rob-newman-and-darren-eadie-set-to-appear-at-fans-social-club-event-1-6556900
  8. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Nope no carpet Please to say our 4 guests have all re confirmed this week so shouldn't be any changes to our guest list. Should be a great night and only £3 for you pinkun posters!
  9. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Here's the front of our mug , think these will be snapped up quickly by our ncfc collectors Hope to see lots of you on the 12th, you pinkun posters never let us down
  10. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    We've had a great response on social media to this event so aim to get there for 7pm if you want a good seat. Really pleased that we've managed to get Gossy, Newman, Ruel, Eadie to this one and think it will be an interesting night. We will have some memorabilia on sale on the night to raise cash for the CSF. Beryl Blower ( Roy's wife ) has very kindly donated to us some of the 2002 centenary ncfc pottery mugs that were in Roy's collection plus some sporting books plus we have some Holty & Hucks autobiographies which have also been donated to us to add to the colection. Here's a picture of one of the mugs we have to give you an idea of what they look like, but they are all very different. If anyone on here is interested in one Im sure Eddie could pick you one out on the night and you could pay him by paypal. Big thanks to Tilly who helped us with securing these donations & for picking them up, much appreciated. Edit - Thats the back of the mug Im told lol, will put a picture of the front up when I get it from the person who is storing them for me, which will be Monday
  11. Liverpool would be my suggestion For Norwich Cantwell to score anytime Good Luck pups
  12. Well done Pockthorpe & Wooster, great result & more cash for our beloved CSF
  13. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    In my day of course
  14. West Brom and Pukki to score anytime Good Luck Pups
  15. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Only £3 for pinkun posters plus £2 for your raffle tickets so a good night out for a fiver Also when you come to events you're helping us raise money for CSF