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  1. I think its great value for £20 for the year
  2. Argentina would be my suggestion this week For BTTS Derby v Sheff Wed Good Luck Mr Apples and Astro Still getting Bad Request on my phone so had to fire up the laptop which is a pain - will anyone ever sort it - doubt it
  3. Good news, sorry don't know how to load tweets on here but heres copy Ives Galarcep @SoccerByIves · 4h The #USMNT injury update: Christian Pulisic is still "day-to-day" w/the pelvic contusion suffered vs. Iran (but he's speaking to media today, a good sign). Josh Sargent is day-to-day w/right ankle soreness. Considering how his leg bent on the play, that's good news.
  4. Japan to win for me Btts Kings Lynn v Stevenage Good Luck Pups
  5. We dont have a forum moderator anymore, the sports guys were asked to keep an eye on the place to pass any issues onto their tech team . I am trying to find out the contact details for the tech team but no luck yet.
  6. She definitely uttered a word as she was chatting to you near the bar when i got in or should I say listening to you , Michael was patiently standing nearby waiting to move her on.
  7. Glad its not just me then. Not sure theres anyone to sort it tbh, Pete used to look after this in his spare time, think it was passed to the sports journos to keep an eye on, but with all the job cuts recently theyve probably got more to worry about than a messageboard
  8. Some of the stuff hurled at the Supp Panel on twitter and facebook has been really horrible. Think people forget they are all volunteers, all nominated & picked by us fans. Some of the informal discussions they had at that meeting, for example re rotating the panel members shouldnt have been documented in the minutes
  9. Well done ZLF, hard luck NFN FC Not so happy with you Plymouth, losing the lead in the 97th min so I lost my winning run
  10. First time ive been able to log in for a week, have been able to read but to even do that I have to clear my cookies daily, which is ridiculous & too much hassle, thats on my phone using chrome. Guess now noone is looking after it or sorting the problems, its destined at some stage to be binned by Newsquest?
  11. I get this every day and have to delete cookies to get in which is a pain. Amy idea when it will be fixed @pinkun_admin
  12. Arsenal away please for me and for ncfc btts Good Luck everyone
  13. Dont understand your post, do you mean if Attanasio deal turns into a takeover all our shares will be worthless?
  14. Well done Kathy and Cosmic,knew you two ladies would smash it
  15. You dont need to answer now @GMF as looks like everyone has worked it out & answered for you
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