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  1. Liverpool away would be my suggestion For ncfc 3 1 win Good Luck pups
  2. Man utd away please For us sadly without Sarge & Rowe Im thinking 4- 0 to Liverpool , hope Im wrong Good Luck pups
  3. Sorry im to late to help the pickers but i would have suggested Liverpool away Good Luck pups
  4. Southampton would be my suggestion I had a dream ncfc 1-2 win Good Luck pups
  5. So sorry im late, have tried to log in a few times today but got bad request so have had to go thru the hassle of clearing cache/cookies etc. Leeds away for win for me Sarge & Barnes both to score Good Luck pups
  6. Later than usual, sorry, but made it before the final picks were posted Man City looks a certainty for me For Norwich btts is the best I can come up with Good Luck pups
  7. Leic for me For ncfc 3-1 win Good Luck all you pups & Happy Xmas
  8. Man City away please Ncfc Rowe to score anytime Good Luck everyone
  9. Celtic away win for Tilly Norwich btts for Mr Angry Good Luck everyone
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