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  1. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    I will make a point of introducing you to Ruel on the night so you can share it
  2. Sheffield Utd - Home win Norwich - Draw at Wolves with btts Good Luck to everyone
  3. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Thanks Tilly for your support
  4. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    I've changed it just for you Lapps and no its not all old ladies like me We range from 19 to 60's 5 men & 5 women all volunteers are listed on our website which is completely up-to-date
  5. Diane

    Our Next Event - Thurs March 12th - Class of 93

    Probably also a good time to update you on our quiz night which we held last Wednesday, we had 40 teams including several from ncfc, 15 raffle prizes and 6 auction prizes. In total on the night we raised £3582 for our friends at the Community Sports Foundation which we know will make a big difference to them. Just a reminder that they still need more money to complete the next phase of the Nest, Eddie does a great job on here in raising money for them with the pups help, we will keep doing our bit, if there's anything any of you can do it will be appreciated. If anyone has any memorabilia that they'd like to donate to us to auction, please get in touch with me. We've already had quite a few donated bits from people on here, thank you, but would love some more for next season. Diane ( on behalf of ncfsc volunteers)
  6. Fulham to win please Pukki to score anytime Good Luck pups
  7. Coventry to beat Bolton Forest v Leeds btts Good Luck Pups
  8. Diane

    Match thread - Newcastle

    I didn't hear him say that in the press conference & have just reread the live tweets from ncfc & Archant journos. He said Emi has been back in full training since Wed & was in contention today. Nothing about him not being risked today or not being 100% unless Ive missed it ??
  9. Liverpool home win might be worth thinking about for the final picks Norwich to win 1-2 Good Luck everyone
  10. Celtic to win for me please and for Norwich to draw 1-1 Good luck Kathy & Greg & pups
  11. Man City to win is my suggestion for Kev Pukki to score anytime & over 2:5 goals is for Gary Good Luck everyone
  12. Diane

    Norwich City U23 2 Aston Villa U23 1

    Michael Bailey was there covering the game Plus there's a match report here https://www.canaries.co.uk/News/2020/january/under-23s-extend-win-streak-to-three-as-loanees-return-for-academy-action/
  13. Diane


    From twitter in the last few minutes Acura Sports News @AcuraSportsNews BREAKING: Norwich City have completed the signing of Ondrej Duda.
  14. Diane

    No Teemu

    Pukki will be in the squad for Sat, just having a rest day
  15. Diane


    Bethnal, who left here, is worth following on twitter, always posts some interesting stuff in the transfer window
  16. Chelsea home win looks good to me For Norwich more than 2:5 goals with Pukki to score anytime Good Luck Trish & Molly
  17. Diane

    Delia, Webber & Farke Out

    Best messageboard is it Nutty ?
  18. Diane

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    It was last time I looked but that was a couple of months ago, was very quiet though, looks like only a handful of people posting on there now but as I said most fans are on twitter now
  19. Diane

    Srbeny off?

    Think that's the case tbh
  20. Diane

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    There's only about 3 active ncfc message boards left now, pinkun, Norwich Talk, wotb so not much competition Nutty Most fans use twitter & instagram & facebook now, messageboards are outdated now & being phased out, though not sure what you'd ever do if this one disappeared
  21. Diane

    Srbeny off?

    Farke said in the presso he had a slight back niggle & wouldn't make Preston & is doubtful for Man U but he would be fine for Bournemouth, are you suggesting he's lying? Doesn't stop him going on loan does it?
  22. Diane

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Same people do the same arguing, that's why people leave & some don't bother posting so much anymore, shame really!
  23. Unlucky Gordon but well done Crabby, loads of cash
  24. Diane

    Player of the (half) Season

    Krul, Emi or Cantwell - take your pick