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  1. Mr Angry

    Lawro ( Berk )

    Does he still do radio commentaries? They were excruciating
  2. You think another owner will adopt him as their nephew?
  3. Mr Angry

    Lawro ( Berk )

    "A fool doing some stupid thing a second time is like a dog going back to its vomit" Lawro's stupidity goes back to biblical times.
  4. Mr Angry

    Todd Cantwell

    Agree with this. For example, we only play with one recognised striker, so you could say that Grant Holt, Chris Sutton, Flecky, Kevin Drinkell, Craig Bellamy, Iwan Roberts etc would not get into this team-or that one would get in and Pukki wouldn’t-but that doesn’t recognise that they were all excellent players for us at the time, and who knows how they would have played in this team? It’s interesting to compare the present day players with past players but ultimately it’s meaningless!
  5. But was there any locommotion? Sorry
  6. I suspect that the Finnish PM has heard what Pukki means in Malaysian and this is his subtle way of telling Macron that he's a c**t.
  7. Mr Angry

    R.I.P. Fernando Ricksen.

    Shocking to see the effect that it had on him, very sad and a horrible disease for anyone to suffer.
  8. Mr Angry

    Ratings v Man City

    Krul was a doubt and I think it was an arm injury-could this be why he wasn’t able to keep out the shot although he got his hand to it?
  9. Mr Angry

    Sheff Utd fall out

    Yes, I think it’s relevant that someone who has been a lifelong Utd supporter and has invested money in the club-maybe not £100 million if you think some of the funding has been a bit dubious but probably more than the £18 million that the prince has put in-has been forced to sell his shares to someone who has been involved in the club for 6 years and has hardly attended a game. The clause in the original deal allowed either of them to buy back the other’s share for £5 million so neither of them would have been ripping the other off. it just seems strange that the court has found in favour with the person with less investment-personal as well as financial-in the club.
  10. Mr Angry

    Sheff Utd fall out

    You didn’t mention the fact that McCabe has invested £100 million in the club. Neither did the Guardian article.
  11. Mr Angry

    Mings again

    Not sure if this is the point that you’re making, but if VAR decided a penalty I don’t think the ball has to go out play does it? It can be awarded while the ball is in play.
  12. The Man Utd game is not scheduled to be shown live on TV so you won’t be able to watch in a pub.
  13. Mr Angry

    The Arbitrary Reactions Limit

    Does anybody know what the daily limit is?
  14. Too right, those bins don’t empty themselves
  15. He’s already posted twice-he has no thoughts left and his brain hurts