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  1. Ah-thanks. Is there any way to tell in advance?
  2. Doesn’t appear to be available on the Sky Go app
  3. BTW I used to hate the royal family-on Charles’ and Di’s wedding day I was furiously writing anti-monarchy lyrics to songs that never saw the light of day. I have mellowed since then, mainly due to the fact that Wills and Harry seem to be a bit more normal.
  4. Obviously Philip’s 6 years service in World War 2 isn’t work then?
  5. There are a few other ‘illegible’ ones around the ground-I think they all say ‘For the drivers’ but some are upside down and/or back to front and some don’t appear to be fully unfurled.
  6. Henry’s combined record as manager of Monaco and Montreal-Played 49, Won 13, Drawn 9, Lost 27. That’s pretty poor
  7. Our defence has improved in personnel and our philosophy has become more disciplined-however I think that if the team from 2 seasons ago played the team from this season it would be a draw.
  8. I totally agree with that sentiment but I don't have the self control to ignore.
  9. I stopped coming on here halfway through DF's first season because of the arguments, stupid comments etc. It seems to me that it's getting that way again, which is f&!@ing ridiculous considering that we're 7 points clear at the top! This time, I'm taking a more considered approach which may help others: 1. Just remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how wrong it is; 2. Don't get angry, just gently take the p!$$; 3. Use the block button if needed; 4. If all else fails, be happy in the knowledge that none of what happens on here has any effect on our manager, players or owners.
  10. Deeney signed in 2010-it was his testimonial last year.
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