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  1. We were practising it at the beginning of November in the singing group I’m in-does this count? I haven’t heard it since.
  2. I’m not saying there didn’t used to be indirect free kicks, I’m saying that a direct free kick offence that occurred in the penalty area always resulted in a penalty even if there wasn’t a scoring opportunity. And they certainly haven’t got rid of indirect free kicks yet. https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-12---fouls-and-misconduct#:~:text=2.-,Indirect Free Kick,s) or other verbal offences
  3. For as long as I’ve been watching or playing football, offences that carry a direct free kick punishment have always been a penalty if committed inside the penalty area, regardless of whether there was a direct scoring chance.
  4. Who knew this was a thing? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-67659010
  5. For the Final Six, LASK Linz Away Win at Austria Lustenau. Lustenau are bottom with just 3 draws in 16 matches while Lustenau are 3rd with an 8-5-3 record. Odds are 4/9. For the Norwich match there will be lots of goals so how about a threesome of Home Win, BTTS and Over 4.5 goals. Best of Norwich luck to @Indy, @Leedscanary and all the other PUPs.
  6. I’ve never been into performance poetry but this guy was different-as you mention, he was principled-he turned down an OBE because of its connotations with imperialism and slavery-and seemed to be a genuinely nice guy.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/67618671 The obvious question is, was it a cat burglar?
  8. I’m disappointed with my return to be honest but the Norwich win made up for that disappointment. I was looking for the odds on @NFN FC’s suggestion of Own Goal but couldn’t find that on Bet365. Very well done to @TIL 1010 for his first set, fingers crossed for the Dons tonight for the second set.
  9. If you really think that Hernandez is the worst player to play for Norwich-out of the hundreds that have played for us-then it is you that is the idiot.
  10. He played on the left 7 times out of 154 for Aberdeen-and 4 times out of 47 in his last season there. He came on once on the left side of midfield after his injury, and twice in the centre of midfield. He then came on as sub in the first game that Vrancic missed and played as an attacking midfielder. No idea where you’ve got the idea that he played much on the left side for Aberdeen or for us.
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions, I've gone with anything that was suggested more than once, and then the lowest odds for the other suggestions. I will be sending @nutty nigel another £10 so that we can have £2 on the following 10 bets: Sara to score any time; Both Teams To Score; HT/FT Draw/Draw; HT/FT Draw/Bristol City; Over 2.5 goals; McLean to score a header; Result 2-2; Both Teams To Score and Bristol City to Win; Sara to be booked; HT/FT Bristol City/Bristol City
  12. Just about to go through the match picks so my choices will be up in around 30 minutes.
  13. For the Final Six, an Away Win for Real Betis against bottom club Almeria. Best of luck for @TIL 1010 and the rest of you PUPs. @nutty nigel, I’ve only just realised that the Norwich game is on Sunday so am I ok to do the match picks on Saturday?
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