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  1. Good call, although we would probably be unable to persuade Bournemouth to buy him again if it didn’t work out this time
  2. Yeah, I said later on that I expect Teemu to find his scoring touch again, but good point about not putting too much pressure on him. And it’s sad that we have to worry about how the negative reaction on social media might affect a player. Years ago, criticism would come from the crowds at the game-and if the criticism was out of order, other fans would put them straight. Now it’s from faceless people who have no accountability and may not even have been watching the game.
  3. I've just read his thread on this-apparently he has sued the Government for this contract and ones for Pestfix and Clandeboye-all 3 were to provide PPE for the NHS, none of the PPE has been used by the NHS. Not sure whether these all involved Government advisers.
  4. Oven ready-but nobody turned the oven on
  5. I’d forgotten about the keeper- but I still think he’s got enough to be back up to Teemu-I’m expecting TP to rediscover his scoring touch anyway but we’ll definitely need a second first choice striker due to the number of games in a shortened time frame.
  6. As I said straight after the Preston game-it wasn’t exactly the reserves we were playing against.
  7. Adam Idah is capable of playing in the Championship as his hat trick at Preston in the FA Cup shows.
  8. I hope for your sake the forum police are on their night off, there was a very long-running thread about this a few years ago.
  9. I think Brentford are a better footballing side but I’d prefer Fulham to go up-when you’re sitting in the away end at Craven Cottage it can be freezing with the wind coming off the Thames so missing out on that would be good
  10. Option A: Under pressure, clear the ball into touch allowing the rest of the team to regroup and defend. Option B: Under pressure, attempt to retain position but fail, allowing the opposition to score. There is a time and place for Option A.
  11. Yeah, that Danny Murphy, what does he know about football. Oh-600 appearances in a 20 year career? Ok, perhaps he does know a bit then.
  12. I can’t help it but whenever I see a picture of Ricky I immediately visualise FeedTheWolf
  13. Bournemouth and Watford were both promoted at the end of the 2014/15 season. Bournemouth finished 1 point ahead of Watford. They’ve both been relegated at the end of the 2019/20 season. They were level on points. Over the 5 seasons, Bournemouth won 1 more point than Watford. Over the 5 seasons, Bournemouth have had 1 manager and Watford have had 6. Watford are routinely criticised for their policy of rotating managers. Bournemouth are the press darlings.
  14. Donated-very good luck, it’s a great cause. Just steer clear of Delia if you see her, cycling and red wine don’t mix very well
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