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  1. And as I pointed out last time you showed that spending table, it’s wrong.
  2. Not sure why nobody has pointed this out but Cambridge has done what he often does, posts an article or comment that he either doesn’t understand or hasn’t read. The longest losing steak is 20 games, by Sunderland, spanning the end of the 2003/03 season and the start of the 2005/06 season. The OPTA stat is for the longest losing streak for the same manager.
  3. Do we not have a defensive coach? And if not, how many other teams in the PL don’t have one either?
  4. Don’t worry, I’ve been to Goodison twice and not seen Everton win-three in a row next week
  5. Thought you were serious there for a minute, then you said you had a friend so I knew you were being sarcastic
  6. Surprised to see Foster back in goal for them, I thought Bachmann was their first choice and Foster had some woeful games last season. On paper our starting XI is the stronger but we have to transfer that to the pitch!
  7. After a good first half against Villa, they’ve played poorly and I think that perhaps Xisco is too inexperienced for this league. All my mates are worried that they’re going to lose to us but then they think that Xisco will get the sack and that won’t be so bad. I think that even at this early stage of the season it’s a must win game.
  8. I am in horrendous form so far this season-1 from 5-so I'm giving the kiss of death to @KiwiScot's choice of an Inverness CT away win at Dunfermline. For the Norwich match bet, I think that we will win by I don't think that either side will keep a clean sheet so how about, Norwich Win, Over 2.5 goals which is 11/4 on Bet365 or 13/5 on William Hill. Good luck to Graham Humphrey, The Great Drinkell and to all you lovely PUPs out there.
  9. Why did your post count disappear? Mine didn’t. Did you have to create a new account?
  10. Maybe we can find someone to do a jobshare with him, one season on and one season off. DF in the Championship obvs
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