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  1. The receptionists do the triage at our surgery when you call, is this not common at other surgeries?
  2. I stayed in a B&B for my last night and I remarked to the landlady that there seemed to be a lot of building work going on compared to when I was there last year. Apparently the council are spending £300 million on a development that they say will attract an extra 600,000 visitors a year and generate £75 million extra income and create 1,000 new jobs. As for the suggestion of going to Morecambe instead, I’ve been there this year as well and it is certainly no better than Blackpool, with considerably less to do!
  3. Spent 4 days in Blackpool last month, didn’t see anyone who looked like a smackhead.
  4. Our GP surgery is brilliant, I believe it is the best in the North West and pretty high in the whole country
  5. For food recommendations, Quilligan’s do a great breakfast and they do a lovely pizza at Stefani’s Pizzeria. Both are in St John’s Square which is next to the Winter Gardens.
  6. It seemed as though there would be a change in their ‘hire ‘em and fire ‘em’ approach but obviously not. Lots to talk about with my mates down south on our weekly Zoom meeting this Thursday
  7. I was in Blackpool for a punk festival last month and there are loads of pubs in the centre but the ground is about 30 minutes away by foot. I was staying at the Travelodge which is next to the ground and I didn’t see any pubs close by. I’m going but it looks like I might be driving due to the train strike. If I’m going by train it would be good to meet up before the game for a drink or 3
  8. Thanks for that. What is the point in applying for permission on land when they already own land that has permission? What do they gain by it?
  9. The RSPB are the latest to get angry about the Government. Now I understand that nature is important but in the other hand there were about 100,000 households living in temporary accommodation in September 2021 and that number has surely risen since then. We do need to build more permanent homes for people so what is the solution?
  10. We tried to watch Wolf Hall but we found it hard going because of the lighting. I thought the Dark Ages had ended by the Tudor period.
  11. I sang Ballroom Blitz when our cricket team did a Stars In Their Eyes night at our local pub. I was quite frankly brilliant and should have won but I was beaten by the bloke who was counting up the points
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