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  1. Mr Angry

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Is loving your own money, pride?
  2. Mr Angry

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    QSI is a subsidiary of Qatar Investment Authority, which is state-owned.
  3. Mr Angry

    PSG Owners To buy Leeds

    Whenever we were linked with “dubious” characters-Joey Barton and Ched Evans for instance-the horror was almost unanimous. Imagine being owned by a company which is based in a country with an appalling civil rights record-that would have to seriously improve before I would be happy.
  4. Mr Angry

    The Brexit Thread

    Although I suspect not as quickly as Philip Green would make it disappear.
  5. Mr Angry

    England look better with......

    The game was dead by the time he came on and the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half were as dull as anything. Slight improvement once he was on but whether that was down to him or not I couldn’t tell. It would have been nice to see him on from the start but I don’t think we’ll see him ahead of any of the others, as Southgate doesn’t seem to rate him.
  6. It’s quite common in Kazakhstan
  7. I’m more worried about the fact that Keith Scott has managed to get 8 likes for his posts. Who are these people, do their carers know that they are using the internet without supervision?
  8. Mr Angry

    Ownership/Money/The Long Term

    I’ve never looked this up personally, but apparently our owners are the poorest in the top 2 divisions-so presumably we won’t actually be one of the richest teams in the Championship.
  9. And spending £200 million in less than 3 seasons, and only managing to beat us because of 2 defensive errors, doesn’t exactly bode well for you does it?
  10. If you think that pointing out the bleeding obvious is trying your best, you are very stupid.
  11. Mr Angry

    Wtf is going on here?

    Didn’t you go the 5-0 mauling at Brighton?
  12. Mr Angry

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    Everyone stopped listening to you 19 years ago.
  13. Mr Angry

    Match Night Thread -

    Not sure what you’re getting at here, Webber didn’t leave a sinking ship, he left Huddersfield before they reached the Premiership.
  14. Mr Angry

    Self inflicted defeat

    It hasn’t really changed all that much, we were trying the clever stuff last season but when it didn’t come off we weren’t being punished like we are this season.
  15. Genuinely think you’re a half witted moron.