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  1. City 2nd

    David Turnbull to Celtic

    No great loss at all. The guy chooses to continue to play in a non competitive league instead of fighting for a place in a prem league team, he isn’t for us or the Farke policy.
  2. EG. Spurs new stadium is thought to have cost around £850 million!
  3. And the cost would be borne by whom?
  4. Well that isn’t going to happen. It brings in much needed revenue to the club who are % owners. That’s what it was built in the first place!
  5. May have made mistakes but kept us in many a game last season. A cracking keeper, richly deserved new contract. No abuse. Many will have their doubts, but it has to be realised he was coming back from one of soccers most serious injuries, with little game time to boot when he donned the yellow and green. You don’t become a failure overnight, as a 2014 World Cup Keeper!!
  6. City 2nd

    A big thanks to the future Mrs Pukki

    Thanks LDC. It says everything about Norwich City FC, Norwich and it’s people.
  7. City 2nd

    Lets be honest...

    Well if honesty is the key here, yes I couldn’t see promotion happening particularly after the scum away match when both teams looked like relegation fodder, and I couldn’t see Farke lasting here at all and hoped he wouldn’t. The brand of football at that point was pretty dire, as it had been the season before! Hats of to Farke, and Webber and their staff, following that town match we began to click and it all came together with a drastic change in the football we were playing which suddenly became quick, eye catching and foremost, entertaining. Thank you to all the players and Daniel Farke and DOF Webber for one of the best seasons I can remember in my 60 years of supporting City. Yesterday was brilliant and I am just more than thankful I was there to witness it.
  8. City 2nd

    Farke on Canary Call

    Var in the rem next season
  9. City 2nd

    Farke on Canary Call

    VAR in the premier next season!
  10. City 2nd

    Really Poor Support Today

    I think it was a very nervy city team which made for very nervy city supporters watching a team who really didn’t play too well, but credit to Wigan, they pressed us very deep first half, and we certainly didn’t get to play the stuff we are capable off. Cantwell, Stiepermann and Hernández were for me really of parr, but it was a very noisy quarter where we sat to left of goal near the front. A draw was a fair result all round.
  11. City 2nd

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Don’t think there is any way whatsoever he will leave McLean out. He was our one creative spark yesterday v Wigan. I agree I don’t think Cantwell was a good selection for yesterday, too lightweight, and if I was going to leave anyone out it would be him and Stiepermann, who was very poor yesterday in all aspects. Hernández too appears off form, but I would leave him in because you just never know with him.
  12. City 2nd

    Must be crazy

    Safe journey guys. Some of us are already here ready and waiting! OTBC.
  13. A straight red. Three match ban. Two yellows (red) one match ban.
  14. Don’t know what match you were watching, but the referee controlled the match very well. Buendia saw the red mist and was rightly red carded for a two footed high challenge. Not the refs fault for Emi’s naievety.
  15. City 2nd

    Lambert off ?

    I would suggest Wooster that Mr Lambert is the more fickle one after his antics at Carrow Road that saw him rightfully collect a two match touchline ban! His post match interview then did him no favours with city fans either, promotions or not! And let’s not forget the workloads of one Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa during those years! You don’t hear them ridiculing NCFC in the same vein. its not always greener on the other side as his now defunct career is telling us!