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  1. Only you could defend the indefensible. NCFC were very very poor and totally incapable of breaking down a very very defensive side who came for a point.
  2. I’m no Wagner lover at all, but I think Webber turned us into that with his over age signings!
  3. Delia says you are not allowed to quote percentages unless it 80% v 20%
  4. One can only hope that Delia’s 80% have the confidence of a win with that team, my money is on the 20%
  5. Simply because they said they wanted to become an established Premier League Club! T.hey said in their annual report “The Club’s future strategy is to strive to be an established Premier League club.” and more recently: “Aim of being in the country’s top 26 has been upgraded”. When Farke was Head Coach. And what happened, they sacked him then they appointed Smith and Wagner!
  6. Between Norwich City's second goal in the 12th minute and the end of the first-half tonight, the Canaries had 22% possession and completed a total of 44 passes in 37 minutes, roughly one every 50 seconds. Speaks for itself!
  7. Play like he did, and you will be a scapegoat! Last season he was on loan at Birmingham and not deemed good enough for NCFC.
  8. Na! He (Lee) would have a smile on his face.
  9. Theoklitos would be better than LONG! I would be better!
  10. Please tell me why was the muppet Hernandez on the pitch? Just to make up the numbers? He was absolute sh**e as always.
  11. Personal money! Where have you been? NCFC are a self-financing club now. They sell players to make ends meet, going well, isn’t it!
  12. get used to it. He’s one of those out of work!
  13. Lampard among the favourites for Norwich job
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