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  1. City 2nd

    Do you think we will stay up?

    That is not guaranteed at all. We might drop the other way and be the richest club in Div 2!
  2. "Nearly" is never enough you. Points are what they need not "nearlies"!!
  3. Based on one game! Look at the league table won, drawn and lost columns!
  4. Shocking in every department. Game over looks like.
  5. City 2nd

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Fat chance. We are self financing in case you hadn’t noticed. And should we get relegated, his stock would decline in value. As our director of football openly states ‘everyone has his price’!
  6. City 2nd

    Tonights officials

    Well Michael Oliver was the VAR official v Arsenal, and he wasn’t brilliant either!
  7. City 2nd

    Emery sacked

    Was always going to happen. Pochettino ready to fill the void no doubt.
  8. Could someone enlighten me as to the reason for the change to the Sheffield Utd fixture to Sunday 8th Dec, 1400 k.o. as it doesn’t appear to be on Sky or BT sport that I can see.
  9. City 2nd

    A club without ambition

    Haven’t they? Would they openly state such a fact? I very much doubt it, Carrow Road would be more than half empty if they did, finances would become crippled, especially if relegation follows this season. Is not about posters having the stomach for set backs, it’s about the current playing and management having the stomach against those set backs currently taking place, and it looks strangely to me like they haven’t. Perhaps they know and feel that towel is being tugged away!
  10. City 2nd

    Is 'The Model' flawed?

    H, can I suggest you read the Huddersfield examiner for 27/4/17. See what they make of the ‘model’ Webber introduced there. It’s not a new concept at all, but was introduced by Webber in his early and formative years there before moving to Norwich City, where low and behold, he introduced it here? He even went back to the club where he took Wagner from to get Farke. And the former couldn’t stop relegation either. And where are Huddersfield now?! You might like to rephrase about ‘trusting his judgement’!
  11. City 2nd

    Match Night Thread -

    My point is this Mr A. Webber is not the messiah everyone thinks he is, he is a football mercenary. He didn’t stay with Huddersfield, or his clubs prior to that. He isn’t a city fan, just another employee on the band wagon using various means in making his way to the top. Yet he set city up just as he did Huddersfield Town. He recruited our manager from the same club as he did Wagner. He recruited German players from their lower leagues. Did he leave Huddersfield in a good place! Where are they now? Should you care to read their local newspaper the examiner you will read about ‘the model’ Yes he might have signed a new three year contract with us but openly stated that if he sees that through, he will move on. Do you think that means he will stay here? Is he committed? Listening to his pre match interview there is no doubt he knows this is a sinking ship simply from his own words. Not going to spend money to survive in the prem, no knee jerk reactions, our status in that we are in the prem but really a top half EFL team blah blah blah. I have been watching city for very many years. People like him will come and go, as will owners, board members, managers and players. I’ve seen it all before. Webber came here with a brief to make the club self sufficient. That he has done. He, like many before him will move on on this carousel of football merry go rounds. Norwich will never, ever be a wealthy club. The current owners have seen to that!
  12. City 2nd

    Match Night Thread -

    Webber became Head of Football Operations at Huddersfield Town in June 2015, becoming instrumental in the recruitment of players that got Huddersfield promoted to the Premier League. In April 2017, he became Sporting Director at Norwich City, and oversaw another promotion to the Premier League.
  13. City 2nd

    Match Night Thread -

    Read the Huddersfield examiner from 27 April 17. You just might read something very very familiar! Quote: He then went on to specifically talk about the Huddersfield Town model and said: “Hopefully the model at Huddersfield proved it can work if you have good people. "If I’m not the right person, or the Head Coach isn’t the right person, it doesn’t work. It works when you get the right people in place, the structure is one thing but actually the people are the most important and then also there can’t be any ego in it."
  14. City 2nd

    Self inflicted defeat

    To be honest CT I think that is inevitable come January. I would imagine the agents for the likes of Aaron's, Lewis, Godfrey and Cantwell are sounding out other prem clubs already. All have been called up before for international duty, and being bottom of the prem won't help their credibility longer term. I fancy the 'self funding' model will see them all touted with January moves away, along with the likes of Krul and Hernandez.