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  1. Really the biggest USA airbase is in Doha called Al-Udeid Air Base. Al-Udeid Air Base It is the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East.
  2. I have a cousin (civvy) who works there servicing their aircraft.
  3. Doha houses the biggest USA military base in the Middle East.
  4. Because Mr Webber, on his own admission, does not speak to local journalists, and by his own admission does not use, at all, ANY Social Media platforms, (particularly the pink un messageboards), otherwise he would know how disliked he is! Unless fans call him out at matches, he will never, ever, know.
  5. Someone (Smith) thought it ‘was a very even game’. And ‘We played some very good stuff’ what planet is this guy on? One win from 8!
  6. May have had only two on target, but penalty or not, their centre forward scored, our misses!
  7. Will do for me. Just get Smith and Webber asap, in the same taxi if it has to be.
  8. 2 shots on goal!! And one of those was the miss by Pukki! Dreadful NCFC display once again. Deservedly beaten.
  9. You would likely do a better job than the last and present incumbent.
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