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  1. City 2nd

    Season Ticket Online Renewal

    If you are an existing STH paying by D/D it will automatically be renewed at the lowest price renewal date. You have to notify club if you do not wish to renew!
  2. City 2nd

    Help with ticket renewal please

    There isn’t a ‘movers’ day any longer. You can move seats any time up to final deadline day by calling at the ticket office personally or calling 01603721902. hope that helps.
  3. City 2nd

    Max Aarons

    We are a self financing club. Aaron’s will be sold, if it’s this window no doubt a loan back until the summer, when he will sign a spurs contract. And he will not be the only one out the door.
  4. We may soon be searching for another first team goalkeeper too!!
  5. City 2nd

    Delia simply never ever learns

    asms: it was 57 years to the near day that I last attended old trafford. On that day no one gave city a chance, absolutely no hope against the likes of Charlton, Best and Law! Every city player gave his all, with heart, passion and pride in a 2-1 win! Alas my visit on Saturday saw absolutely none of that, apart from Cantwell, who was mom for me. Buendia was nothing but a Norfolk windmill, constantly moaning and throwing his arms about. Mom he was not. Yes there has been far far worse displays, but I have never seen a city team beaten before KO who played without heart, passion and pride. They were awful and I have serious misgivings on the now and the future.
  6. City 2nd

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    Makes yesterday more palatable!
  7. City 2nd

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    Trouble is NN, if our style is very much possession based, the team (particularly yesterday, and throughout the season) has been very very poor at it. We give the ball away consistently so so cheaply. Yesterday it was a nightmare, and simple mistakes whilst trying to retain possession has been far too costly this season. We are sadly lacking in quality, and to retain possession et al Liverpool or Man City style, requires exactly that!
  8. City 2nd

    Time to go Delia

    How many times under Delia and Michael have city been promoted to the prem, how many times have they been relegated having made it to the prem? Need you say any more! It’s mere history repeating itself. We’ve been given the “dream team” of managers, we’ve suffered Roeder, Gunn, Hughton and a few more. Historically they were moved on for failure. History repeating itself! we have tried following the ideals of Charlotte Athletic and a few more clubs. It didn't work. History repeating itself. we now have the self sustaining model and the wish to be a top 26 club! if that is the way forward, then smith and jones need to become history themselves I’m afraid, just like Chase, Watling and the rest. history repeating itself once again.
  9. City 2nd

    Farke getting off lightly

    I wouldn’t disagree KS, but yesterday, whilst at old trafford watching, and after listening to him post match and watching his body language during the game, I honestly believe that Farke is far from happy and that he might be thinking he can do no more with this crop of players (who buy the way we’re just awful yesterday - apart from Cantwell.) It must be very galling to any manager in knowing that the best of the talent you have is very likely to be sold off, so in essence you have to start again.! I just feel that it is the reason why his qualities don’t shine through at thleast s time. He knows there was is no money, and he also knows historically at Norwich after the euphoria of a promotion has passed, which it has for many, he is just another manager et al Alex Neil who will be moved on if a poor start to next season in the championship prevails. It’s a vicious circle, he is a long way from home and his comfort zone, with German clubs apparently circling for him. I got the feeling yesterday’s demise was the last straw. Has he already started to break up the squad was a question I asked myself when Srbeny was allowed to leave when we had one fit striker in Idaho! When sports reporters tweet that it seemed players had “downed tools” at Manchester, I can only agree with that having been there, then something is seriously wrong.
  10. City 2nd

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    It is over!
  11. City 2nd

    Delia simply never ever learns

    FF, I sat at old trafford today, and it’s the worst I have seen a city side play. There was no passion, no pride and no fight. They were a disgrace to the shirt, and only Cantwell can claim any credit. That’s not being negative, that’s the truth.
  12. Lost a bit and of heart - it wasn’t there in the first place Lakey! I have no idea what NCFC learnt today, but one thing is for sure, we the supporters learnt that we are a very very poor side, devoid of ideas, other than going backwards. The times city gave the ball away so so cheaply was amazing, quite simply we are a team devoid off the quality required at this level.
  13. Yes I was there the support once again was tremendous. City were in fact pants and didn't deserve the support. They were awful against a very very poor United. It was like s training match to them.it was so easy. Shame on you city.
  14. City 2nd

    Srbeny off?

    of the current crop (Stieperman, Vranci , Leitner, Cantwell) I would think we will lose one or two of them.
  15. City 2nd

    Srbeny off?

    Attacking midfielder on loan from Hertha Berlin coming in, apparently done deal, Ondrej Duda, Slovakian international.