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  1. City 2nd


    We are far too one dimensional. We rely on playing swift counter attacking football with our two full backs getting forward as wingers. play a high line against us, as did Liverpool, Burnley, Palace and now Villa and restrict the space available to stop the full backs getting forward, and there you have it. With a lightweight midfield who had no outlet as the full backs were not there to receive the wide ball, our attempts at playing it out from the back were nullified by a very competent Grealish who ran the Villa show. Giving the ball away as we did, with horrific defending to boot, there was only going to be one winner. The pundits on MOTD were not wrong, in fact they were spot on.
  2. Oh have you been watching for a full twelve months? When you get to sixty years let me know and I’ll listen to your bull s***e. We didnt just lose, we capitulated. Have you read Ricardos match report. He states exactly the same as me regarding our defensive frailties! Us he manning, no, just stating the obvious. oh and the financial crisis. Of whose making!
  3. City 2nd

    We've just f'cked it up.

    I agree to an extent with the op. But everyone is overlooking the fact that we conceded 58 goals last season with Zimmerman, Klose and Hanley available along with Godfrey, Lewis and Aaron’s. this season we have conceded 21 in eight matches, in a defence that has included Godfrey, Aaron’s and Lewis. so what difference will Zimmerman and Klose make IF and when they come back!? It was very very apparent when we were promoted that our defensive frailties needed addressing. It wasn’t! You reap what you sow! A hard lesson Mr Webber!
  4. What an absolutely childish and ridiculous post. So injuries are putting a burden on those that remain - absolute tosh. Did you say that after much the same side beat Man City. No, I doubt you did. Last season the City squad you allude to conceded 58 goals, this season, with much the same personnel including the full backs and Godfrey, we have conceded 21 goal already! Of course they need our support, and yes, of course it’s easy to support a winning side, but just remember, many of us have seen it all before under the likes of Saunders, Bond, and others! If you don’t strengthen your side physically, mentally and tactically you will not survive in the premiership. We are once again heading the same way. And that’s not whinging, it realism.
  5. City 2nd

    Our problem is.......

    Sony C, the point being is that we don’t seem to formulate different plans, we continue to attempt to play it from the back, our midfield lose the ball far too much, and as I said, much the same squad conceded 58 goals last season! The premiership will find you out! And we are being found out big time!
  6. City 2nd

    Our problem is.......

    I do not think that anybody is stating we should go long ball, but we simply cannot continue with the philosophy of Daniel Farke in playing attacking football. It is a very very different ball game in the premiership, and rather than being intent on playing the Farke way, we need to learn how to defend and grind out 0 0’s and the like. Yes it was great last season, but we still conceded 58 Goals in winning g the championship. With much the same personnel we have conceded 21 or there about already this season. Surely tag suggests a plan B Is required. Naivety is not an excuse, but Villa murdered us today in every aspect.
  7. City 2nd

    Our summer business

    Yes we have a lot of injuries, but once again very many of them, like last season, were sustained in training incidents or otherwise! Those sustained in match situations are few and far between, so is Farke’s training regime too much and were some therefore avoidable?
  8. And yet another poor away performance. It appears we are becoming very very predictable. I know Mr Farke has his attacking beliefs, fine in the championship, but when you haven’t got the talent available, maybe he needs to look at our defending and plan B. We are conceding very silly goals through very naive defending on far too regular a basis.
  9. City 2nd

    Time to cash in?

    Name them, and don’t count Maddison in that exercise, it was done to bail us out?p!
  10. City 2nd

    Time to cash in?

    Is your real name ROBERT CHASE?
  11. Well I’ve been attending CR since 1958 and can say hand on heart the atmosphere this evening was second to none. It was loud, it was raucous, it was amazing. And a truly excellent game, backs to the wall stuff at times, but some great football from a city side whose own passions were brilliant.
  12. City 2nd


    The referee ‘gives what he sees’ and I understand his comments stated he did not see the incident. Apparently nor did the linesperson! VAR is apparently not used in such circs, yet VAR was apparently used to review a tackle on Wilson in the Leicester v bournemouth match, deemed not a red card. There is some inconsistencies with the use of VAR for sure! having said that imo the tackle on Zimmerman was not a red, maybe a yellow at best, and it has to be said, their goal came a full three minutes after the tackle. The fact Zimmerman was still on the pitch was down to him entirely.
  13. City 2nd

    Our style of play

    Were you at the game?
  14. City 2nd


    I really don’t know how he came to that conclusion NN. Krul was brilliant again today, was certainly my mom, and saved us from a hiding. Lewis was certainly better than Aaron’s, but his work rate was very questionable imo. Aaron’s is defo struggling at this level I agree, none more so than today, but yes, they both have age on their side, but both lack experience. I just hope Farke takes them out of the firing line at some stage, because struggling as they are could work against them.