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  1. The EDP, EEN, and PINK UN web sites are a total disaster of Archant, whomever are their IT experts and web design staff need to be sacked. This is a recurring problem they do not seem to get on topology at all.
  2. Somehow I don’t think do. Even the sap pundits said it! Norwich are not as poor a side as you wish to make out.
  3. Someone who sees the game as clearly as I did. Top post Clint.
  4. Don’t know what match you were watching! Comfortably the better team. They were gifted two goals. Kept us at arms length. You are having a laugh! Poor decision making when in good positions, the lack of a good striker, and failing to shoot cost Norwich. Not a ‘comfortably better team’.
  5. Definitely not. Look at the stats. In all honesty what did Swansea create! We gave them two goals. Poor decisions dion making and no end product cost city the match.
  6. City have been far the better team, two mistakes and no end product from all that possession has cost dearly. City will get back on it I’m sure, they are the best team in this league and are still top of the table.
  7. May you RIP Capt Tom, your grit and determination was so purposeful.
  8. As I know nothing about football according to T Lizard! it was a poor game, poorly refereed, but we didn’t concede and got a point. Many teams now know how city play, so get used to it, there are a few like this to come no doubt. We are still 7 points clear on top, we have the squad to win this league with or without Emi, who doesnt appear to have learnt that he has to keep his frustrations in check. Yes it was a soft red, but when you are on a yellow card you simply cannot tackle like that, whether you pull out at the last minute or not! It was the one decision that Stroud maybe got right.
  9. ALL coaches have to start somewhere! Farke started out in exactly the same way!
  10. From the man (or boy) who thinks he knows about football hahaha!
  11. nor you dear boy. These reserves are the likely players to replace injured players in our first team. So you would like to see Placheta, Hernandez and Rupy in that frame. And you think you know about football hahaha.
  12. Idiotic post mate. So exactly why is he on the pitch! If he played half a decent game would be something but he didn’t.p did he. And isn’t he trying to for e his way back into Farke first team thoughts!
  13. He snt the only one. Pray tell me what did Hernandez do apart from nothing, and what does Rupp and Placheta who just missed an open goal bring to the party! All dreadful and should all be chomping at the bit to impress the manager!
  14. It needs people like you to take up the whistle Buh. You might just find it’s not as easy as you think!
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