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  1. The prem league are pushing back the date of any restart to beyond April 30th. Leaves about a month to complete the season before player contract issues arise. one can only doubt we will ever restart this season at all.
  2. Don’t think that’s quite right. The FA voted to stop all football BELOW national league north and south, so Lynns season isn’t over (yet)!
  3. The FA have stated that all football below National League level is finished. No promotion or relegation. Already South Shields 20 points clear and in line for promotion to National League North have stayed they will take legal action! thats going to be par for the course methinks.
  4. City 2nd

    Peter Whittingham

    Breaking - he has unfortunately today passed away. RIP.
  5. City 2nd

    EPL meeting today

    April 30th at the earliest! Looks like season is over to me.
  6. City 2nd

    Peter Whittingham

    BBC SPORT - update, he is still with us! Former Cardiff City and Aston Villa midfielder Peter Whittingham is in hospital with head injuries. The ex-England Under-21 international suffered the injuries after an "accidental" fall in a pub in Barry. "At around 10pm on March 7, South Wales Police were called to a licensed premises in Barry," a statement read. "A 35-year-old man from Penarth suffered a head injury as a result of a fall and remains at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff." The South Wales Police statement continued: "At this stage there is no evidence or suggestion of a criminal act, and it appears the injury was caused by an accidental fall.
  7. City 2nd

    Peter Whittingham

    Unfortunately it’s correct. RIP English footballer and fan favourite Peter Whittingham has passed away at the age of 35. Reports state he was in intensive care after falling down stairs at his home. The winger started his career at boyhood club Aston Villa making 56 appearances in the first team before spending 10 years at Cardiff City.
  8. City 2nd

    Void season - what the rules say

    And what if war broke out for instance? Sue the FA? It’s currently an unprecedented situation and anyone seeing anyone would get laughed out of court, without doubt. And what if the Govt had pulled the plug and not the prem league?!
  9. It has to be thought about for sure. Without doubt this is worrying times for us oldies!
  10. Michael Wynn Jones, Delia’s better half is 79!!
  11. Oh. Remember that so well. The day it rained 10p pieces!
  12. City 2nd


    I imagine the rightfully so upsurge of Idah will see Clinton Morrison moving on sooner rather than later. Idah certainly has everything about him, physicality, strength, pace and an eye for a pass and he strikes a ball really, really well and hs running of the channels between defenders is impressive. He has learnt very quickly. He is streets ahead of Morrison IMO, and I don’t see him going out on loan, but continuing his Farke upbringing amongst the first team squad.
  13. City 2nd

    6th Round Tickets.

    Matches are scheduled to be played over the weekend 20/23 March. I imagine BTTV would have as much say in when matches are to be played. I certainly doubt city match will be 21st or a 3pm KO.
  14. City 2nd

    match thread

    It's all very flat and no atmosphere in the ground. Poor defending once again and but for krul would be 3 0. Buendia Vrancic DRMIC, Lewis not at the races. Very very poor. Need some bite and enthusiasm. Trybull only one looking up for it.
  15. City 2nd

    Did you really expect us to do well

    I beg to differ! The defence hasn’t been a problem!? Look at the goals against column over the last two seasons! And 8 goals conceded since the new year in six games? That’s not a major problem? I’ll have some of what you’re taking!