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  1. City 2nd

    Really Poor Support Today

    I think it was a very nervy city team which made for very nervy city supporters watching a team who really didn’t play too well, but credit to Wigan, they pressed us very deep first half, and we certainly didn’t get to play the stuff we are capable off. Cantwell, Stiepermann and Hernández were for me really of parr, but it was a very noisy quarter where we sat to left of goal near the front. A draw was a fair result all round.
  2. City 2nd

    Team Vs Wednesday

    Don’t think there is any way whatsoever he will leave McLean out. He was our one creative spark yesterday v Wigan. I agree I don’t think Cantwell was a good selection for yesterday, too lightweight, and if I was going to leave anyone out it would be him and Stiepermann, who was very poor yesterday in all aspects. Hernández too appears off form, but I would leave him in because you just never know with him.
  3. City 2nd

    Must be crazy

    Safe journey guys. Some of us are already here ready and waiting! OTBC.
  4. A straight red. Three match ban. Two yellows (red) one match ban.
  5. Don’t know what match you were watching, but the referee controlled the match very well. Buendia saw the red mist and was rightly red carded for a two footed high challenge. Not the refs fault for Emi’s naievety.
  6. City 2nd

    Lambert off ?

    I would suggest Wooster that Mr Lambert is the more fickle one after his antics at Carrow Road that saw him rightfully collect a two match touchline ban! His post match interview then did him no favours with city fans either, promotions or not! And let’s not forget the workloads of one Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa during those years! You don’t hear them ridiculing NCFC in the same vein. its not always greener on the other side as his now defunct career is telling us!
  7. City 2nd


    Why have you brought the ‘race’ and racialism card into what was an innocent post. Shame on you!
  8. City 2nd


    Thanks CF, likewise I heard no announcement, but asked those I attended with, who thought themselves it was for Christchurch. The noise our end when the teams came out was fantastic so not surprised no one seemed to hear what announcements were made.
  9. City 2nd


    The BBC are this morning severely criticising the Premier League and EFL for ‘double standards’ and ‘Hypocrisy’ for not holding tributes (minutes silence) to those killed in the New Zealand Christchurch attacks. Now like many other city supporters (well done) I was at Rotherham, and a minutes silence before KO was observed! So question to my fellow city supporters, was this in respect of Christchurch or not? Has someone at the BBC got this all wrong?
  10. City 2nd

    leitner out for 4 months

    Really! Not according to Mr Farke in his press conference for Preston. Leitner in the squad and travelling, as is Cantwell who also picked up a knock at the weekend! you heard it here first!
  11. You could say the same re Angus Gunn, he as there as was Bryan GUNN who works for the agency that handles the affairs of Angus!
  12. As a staunch city supporter of many years I had the pleasure of watching the great Gordon Banks not only domestically, but as an international too. Who can forget that 1970 save from Pele.p? Thanks for the many memories Gordon. May you RIP and deepest condolences to your family, friends and our fellow supporters of the club’s you graced.
  13. City 2nd

    The spat.

    This is what Paul Lambert has stated to the media: I apologise in advance if this has been brought up elsewhere and I have missed that too! The Scot added: "I'm not going to stand there and watch players run 30 yards to get people booked. "And I'm certainly not going to let somebody come into our technical area - and I don't even know who it was - and provoke us, that's for sure. Now I wasn’t at the match unfortunately, but I have watched the replay and more. Simply I did not see evidence of either event PL refers to Personally everything I have watched shows Paul Lambert as the aggressor, or did I actually miss something. I’m not a Lambert knocker here, he brought great times to supporters including me, and I thank him for that. It was the success many of us oldies craved, but Paul, the cameras do not lie. Or do they?
  14. City 2nd

    Lambert feels he is underappreciated

    Great post Broadstairs, spot on.
  15. City 2nd

    Lambert feels he is underappreciated

    How is the debt free, sustainable model built on two promotions? You seem to overlook the fact that the board were far more responsible for that than given credit for. Lambert was backed all the way by the board, and then threw his teddy out the prank. Under appreciated my a**e. He has the biggest chip on his shoulder one could imagine, and his demise has followed because of it, He threw Culverhouse and Karsa to the bear pit at Villa, didn’t back them at all, and what has followed serves him right! He isn’t, and never was a Prima Donna. His record since leaving city speaks for itself, and there isn’t many of our country cousins feeling the love for sure, which might even become worse for him come Sunday!