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  1. Why did Buendia want out. Why do other senior players want out. Because NCFC have a salary cap related to being in the championship! Would you yourself stay with a company if you could earn more down the road!!
  2. Yes, I did. And what happened. Gunn was sacked and what happened afterwards?
  3. I think 16 straight defeats to Premier League opposition says it all. The squad may be decent, but for championship football not the EPL sides.
  4. Let’s be really honest here, the “project” quite clearly is not working, and the insistence of Webber to purchase untried and untested youngsters like Tzolis to sell them on for big money is wrong, ethically and certainly footballing wise at the level they are being asked to perform. NCFC will be relegated with a whimper once again through this shoddy scheme purely thought out to protect a future owner of the club. Farke buys into this project and his insistence on playing these young players is actually destroying their future careers with losses after losses! It really is an embarrassing situation now. How long will it take for Delia/Webber and Co. to wake up to the realities of football at EPL levels.
  5. You are more than right there. From the very top to the very bottom! Farke and his coaching team are well out of their depth, and it shows! This is Liverpool’s second string ffs!
  6. And scored! That’s all they need playing this lot of mugs Ricardo!
  7. Good God. He has had two shots to save in 45 mins. And did both! NCFC are embarrassing to say the least. Can’t defend and can’t score!
  8. Ffs where is the creativity from midfield. Just who is linking defence to attack! Shocking.
  9. Just like he did the previous PL squad! What is his record in the premier league 11.3% win percentage!
  10. There’s only one boss at CR, and that isn’t Delia Smith or her cohort. Step up Mr Webber, who hires, fires (to suite the “project”) runs the scouting system (to suite the “project”) deals with contracts (to suit the “project”) and runs the club to his employers whims in the hope dear (penniless) Andy will have something to take over aka “the project”. However, after the last debacle in the EPL under “the project” which didn’t work, and isn’t working now, they ALL seem to have learnt absolutely nothing including the ‘coach’. old adage ‘you cannot make a silk purse from a pigs ear’, springs to mind!!
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