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  1. Coneys Knee

    Godfrey injury update

    Anyone else on here like to see either Cantwell or Buendia play in the “stiepermann” position? I think with their quick feet in that central role, either could wreak havoc. Pukki would possibly be quiz’s in too
  2. Coneys Knee


    So are we finally all agreed that the Todd bashing was/is unjustified, and instead we should be enjoying watching the progress of another fantastic youngster. as for the accusation of “lack of pace” really? He’s not exactly slow either!
  3. Marco Stiepermann stiepermann, marco stiepermann! well he does need a song. No? Ok...
  4. Coneys Knee

    New home kit...

    When you go onto the the club shop website the green seems to be a different shade. Personally I like the look of this darker green, but not overly fussed. nice kit, and I couldn’t give a monkeys if we’re winning in it in any case. I coped with the half and half kit so I’m cool with anything these days.
  5. Coneys Knee

    Ralf Fahrmann Medical

    We don’t know the ins and outs of McGoverns contract though. I wouldn’t mind betting he accepted a lower salary for the 3 year contract he got at his age. I actually can’t believe people are questioning this at all, it seems to make perfect sense to me. Two top quality keeps battling it out for the starting jersey. An experienced and more than competent third choice back up and a chance to get your up and coming keeper some first team experience. There is nothing to question about the keeper situation now for me.
  6. Coneys Knee

    Defensive midfielder

    I see Thompson being shaped into a right back personally. He’s not going to be the answer to the DM position in the PL
  7. Coneys Knee

    Move Ground to move forward.

    Adding a tier to the south stand is a non starter. I remember that being stated during the mcnally era. I don’t understand construction but it was stated that the south stand wasn’t built in a way to allow it to be added to. Really as has been said over and over here, it’s all about the redevelopment of the city stand. It needs it, we need it. We have a fantastic opportunity right now to stamp down a place as a really decent premier league club and this is part of it.
  8. Coneys Knee

    2019-20 Priority Memberships

    I asked in the ticket office at the tail end of last season and the guy said no details regarding memberships will be released until July. That’s as good as it got.
  9. Coneys Knee

    League Table Poster

    That needs to be printed on all sorts of merchandise. It’s a league table that in all probability will never be replicated.
  10. I agree. Sounds brilliant sung slowly. Think it’s too late now. It’s a problem for the football terraces these days. Everyone wants to sing things to quickly! That and “eff off Ipswich/lambert” has to be added into or on the end of everything!
  11. Coneys Knee

    League Table Poster

    This could be something for the club to jump on. Surely something needs to be made to commemorate this special bookend season. Phone backgrounds, cases, t-shirts!
  12. Coneys Knee

    Congratulations Kings Lynn

    2 I think badger
  13. Coneys Knee

    Joe Hart

    This exactly.
  14. Coneys Knee

    Ask Zimbo ⚽💪

    I reckon they just grab the closest available when the camera turns up so that errea doesn’t have some kind of product placement hissy fit. speaking of errea, presumably we are getting a new kit next season. Only reason I ask is cos I’m a skin flint I always buy the year a year behind once it’s been reduced! (I know). And well..... it hasn’t been reduced yet!
  15. Coneys Knee

    Ask Zimbo ⚽💪

    Wonder why he’s wearing a number 12 top!