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  1. Coneys Knee

    Farke getting off lightly

    Daniel Farke is something special. We will miss him when he’s gone. The fact he was so dreadfully backed financially is, I’m afraid, an embarrassment to to those that made that decision. People talk about plan B. To have a plan B, C and however many other plans you desire, you need options within the squad. To get options for the “holy grail” that is plan B, you need to invest in the playing squad. £750k plus a couple of loans isn’t the level of investment required. Feels like we were investing on that level 20 years ago nearly. The thing that hurts the most this time more than any other is that in Hier Farke and his team we have someone very unique, couple that with the unusual number of very exciting youngsters and we really did have something that could’ve been built into something great, but, yet again, we’ve learnt nothing and blown it. I feel sadness more than anything else. Soon Farke will be gone, as will the Cantwells ad Aarons. In their place will be the next wave of Glenn Roeders, Jason Jarretts and Jon Otsemobors. Criminal really.
  2. Coneys Knee

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    People laying blame at the feet of Farke are deluded. The guy has been criminally under backed. I feel sorry for actually. whats really sad is, the opportunity we had this season with our young talent, cracking head coach has just been unforgivably p****d away. It’s so depressing because an exciting crop of players like these don’t come along very often but instead of being backed and built upon they just been hung out to dry. Shame on the Norwich City board.
  3. Coneys Knee

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    *this exactly.
  4. Coneys Knee

    Adam and Teemu together?

    Goals are not the biggest concern for us I don’t feel. Keeping them out is where our problems lie. That’s the conundrum.
  5. Coneys Knee

    A cup run on cards

    Disclaimer: equally, I’m fully aware there is every chance that this post will be bumped and mocked by 5pm this evening as we crash out to lower league opposition with a whimper. I’m not saying we will do well in the cup, merely that we have a squad of player capable of it. Indeed capable of going all the way. Let’s hope for some cup cheer. It’s been a long time coming.
  6. Coneys Knee

    A cup run on cards

    I know that of course. What I meant was that I believe this is the first time we’ve had a squad capable of winning it since the early 90’s in my opinion. It’s strange that we’re cut adrift but at the same time I honestly feel that on our day, with a little slice of luck (which we’re yet to benefit from this season) this squad of players is capable of pulling a result from almost anyone.
  7. Coneys Knee

    Srbeny off?

    I don’t mind who leaves(its always going to happen) so long as we replace them with a new generation. This has been our Achilles heel for as long as I can remember. If we’re selling Buendia, for example, let’s go spend a reasonable amount finding the next Buendia. Too often Norwich have sold a player only to either not replace them at all (in terms of attributes) or we buy very cheap, poor versions of them. We need to be prepared to spend 3-4 million or whatever on buying up the next Ben Godfrey from York or James Maddison from Coventry. The best talent will cost good money. Will we do this? History suggests no, but I hope Mr Webber is far sharper than the usual incumbents that preceded him.
  8. Coneys Knee

    A cup run on cards

    On a serious note, with relegation extremely likely, I’d love to see ya have a real go in this competition for change. Genuinely believe that if the slice of luck that’s missing in the league shows it’s face in the FA Cup, we actually have a team capable of winning this competition for the first time in years.
  9. Is this thread a wind up?
  10. Perfectly put! Football hierarchy are intent on sanitising the game, let’s not, as fans, go down the same route. either: 1) move seats 2) stand 3) stay at home and watch it on amazon something
  11. Coneys Knee

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    That last picture just winds me up even more. They’re nit picking over whether a finger nail is offside or not but how can offside really be that exact a science? I mean how is it even possible to determine the precise moment the ball separates from the, in this case, Vrancic’s boot? the whole VAR thing throughout this season just stinks of corruption.
  12. Coneys Knee

    Still in there fighting - and we WILL improve results.

    I think it’s important to stay positive. There is no way we are relegated on 26th December. No way! That said, being realistic it is very difficult to see how we are going to get out of this but it CAN be done, anyone saying otherwise is being rather silly if I dare say so.
  13. Coneys Knee

    Ignoring the noise

    To be fair it does always seem to be that whatever lakey says on here, people will argue the opposite regardless. I’m not sure he could ever say the right thing even if he did. For what it’s worth, I find your posts a little left field at times lakey, but I think I like that. It can open up new ideas and positive debate. I just think its a shame that somebody who clearly cares, who writes a thought out post, with the intention not to offend anyone has to put up with a series of one liner put downs so frequently. Just thought I’d add my opinion. Hope I’m not now a marked man? Shouldn’t be really as I don’t post frequently enough to draw attention to myself hopefully.
  14. Coneys Knee

    Where’s Hanley ?

    Funny how things change. I remember Hanley getting absolutely slaughtered earlier in the season.
  15. Coneys Knee

    Farke Interview With Sky Sports

    I think most of us already think you’re a great guy Daniel. We are very lucky and in years to come I think we’ll look back on this period with immense pride and fondness. Make the most of him while we have him I think.