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  1. I haven’t got the balls for it, I can’t see anything other than an embarrassing heavy defeat. Everything off til Sunday afternoon for me
  2. This will be my strategy also. Check late enough in the day so it doesn’t ruin your Sunday!
  3. I’d say Gunn does, he’s grown up a Norwich fan so hopefully he’s an influential character
  4. We know they know, they’d have to be stupid not to. Question is, do this lot care? do you trust them to care the way we would if we were playing against them?
  5. Gunn is a top quality keeper. Shocking that some doubted this in recent times. Maybe Long’s little spell wasn’t such a bad thing, perhaps it’s shown people how good it is to have a Gunn in goal.
  6. What’s wrong with that? Love to see someone caring? Isn’t that what we all want?
  7. She did make a bit of a fool of herself at the AGM, I will give you that.
  8. I agree strongly that delia and MWJ’s time is up. I also agree with this post from Lakey. Turning to nastiness for two people in their 80’s (who do care about our club) is classless and distasteful. I’m all for a vocalising at the games etc but “baiting her” and attacking her personally and all that kind of thing is not the way. But this is why she should step aside gracefully and a soon as possible. The reason Daniel Farke is held in such high esteem is because he left before things got dragged through the gutter. Delia should do the same so she can leave as a kind of “Mother Norwich City” figure rather than end up the way of Robert Chase. Even Chase admitted in later years that in hindsight he wished he’d have recognised his shelf life and walked away sooner and with respect.
  9. To be honest, as much as I think Wagner isn’t working out, I’d take more pleasure if I woke tomorrow to find that Knapper has sacked everyone who has been involved in player recruitment and is planning an overhaul of our recruitment team/process. That’s been where half our problem has come from. Give a good coach a carp squad and he’ll struggle. Give a bad coach a carp squad and he’ll struggle even more. Its hard to give names as suggestions as we simply do not, as fans, know who is out there beyond the known names.
  10. I really hope this gets sung at the next home game
  11. What’s the thing with his driving?
  12. Pretty much this. I wouldn’t like to call the guy stupid but as far as a “football brain” goes, there just doesn’t seem to be much going on. it’s a real shame because as many have said, his physical attributes are there in abundance, he just needs to figure out how to get himself out of first gear and get on the front foot in a game. Show some hunger and determination rather than saunter about letting the game pass him by. He is VERY frustrating because you’re always left feeling like he just can’t quite get himself where he needs to be performance wise yet he should be doing it quite easily.
  13. Some? Most!!!! The only people that can’t seem to see it are the people that need to see it
  14. That sums things up actually. It’s pretty telling that at 2-0 up, I still expect us to lose a game. Terrible times.
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