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  1. Which means he’ll start the next match and bang in a hat trick!
  2. It’s a shame that we can’t kill some of these games off sooner. Had we got the killer third and fourth against Coventry by say, 60 minutes we could then afford to get more minutes into the likes of Dowell. But at 2-0 sticking with the current setup is obvious and understandable.
  3. Funny thing about Danny Mills is I remember him from sea scouts and he was such a moany little spoilt kid then who relied on daddy for everything and would throw hissy fits over anything. I think he may hate Norwich so much not because of the football but because he was a wimpy kid that took a lot of stick from kids growing up. He was always crying about something. So perhaps his hatred towards us is more because he has bad memories of growing up in sprowston. Who knows
  4. Just been binging classic replay after classic replay on YouTube. Not gonna lie, it’s left me watery eyed to say the least. I miss it all, even the things I thought I didn’t like about going to the footy such as the Stiepermann moaners that sit near me. I miss that roar when the ball goes in, I miss being inside Carrow road, I miss fighting for your urinal space at half time. I miss the s**t hot dogs, I even miss the stewards telling me to sit down please. I miss the players. I miss so much that I took for granted. Please let us back soon.
  5. The commentators literally get every single city players name wrong in some way or other. Hilarious
  6. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/499819/growing-up-supporting-town-since-the-mid-90s/#13 tragic, the first reply to that post sums up why they will struggle to progress in the the modern era. Nottingham Forest suffer from the same egotistical problems
  7. I know, I’d actually take a 1-0 win for them right now! He must stay!
  8. Exactly. Who knows? We could’ve done great or even better without him, we may well not have, we’ll never know. So with that in mind I’ll choose to dislike the angry little man with an massively overrated view of himself. I hope he enjoys his last few days or weeks in professional football management because once he’s done with that lot I feel he’ll be done for good. I just hope he can hang in there long enough to completely destroy their slim promotion chances. Maybe Celtic would take him but other than that it’s bye bye and good riddance Mr billy big nuts.
  9. Hanley seems to have his laces tied together but other than that a good controlled half. Let’s just hope Stoke don’t opt for the root one approach second half like they did at their place.
  10. Can’t help but thinking that 4 of those goals just wouldn’t have been scored by today’s team. There’d have been 15 more passes after that ball dropped to howson!! Haha
  11. How much worse does agent lambert have to do before he’s granted the freedom of the city? The
  12. But, pukki is incredibly clinical!!
  13. Fantastic record, isn’t it? . Superb. Love him to bits and dread the day we don’t have him but he could quite easily have had another 20 on top of that and that is the reason he plus for us and not a top end premiership club. In my opinion of course.
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