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  1. Coneys Knee

    National League null and void

    How about every team stays in the league they’re in, but at the beginning of the next season, all teams start with the points they’re on now? Seems fairly fair to me.
  2. Brilliant watch. Things like this show you how tight this club is and how fortunate we are. Great to see Neil Adams still well involved. Loads of respect for that guy.
  3. Matt Gill...... wise choice you made there my friend!
  4. Anyone else worried lambert will go and they’ll get Warnock. ?
  5. Coneys Knee

    The Statue debate

    Assuming Agent Lambert’s time at Ipswich ends in total failure. I.e. he fails to get them promoted and subsequently either walks or is sacked, then surely he needs to be immortalised at Carrow Road by means of a statue. He surely would have to go down as our most successful manager of all time, certainly with regard to East Anglian rivalry.
  6. Coneys Knee

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown.

    Bin boys 9th as it stands and 4 points from playoffs! Beautiful
  7. That old scoreboard was awesome. I miss it! I remember vinnie jones scoring an own goal and the scoreboard lighting up with two fingers that went across the board
  8. Coneys Knee

    Central heating

    There you go midlands yellow! If nothing else, you’ve learnt that you can always rely on the pinkun message board for some informative, helpful answers to life’s little conundrums! Haha!
  9. Coneys Knee

    Ipswich v Peterborough

    As it stands after a quick bit of fag packet maths, I believe that from this point on they would have to win 16 out of their last 17 matches to finish league 1 on more points than we did 10 years ago. I forgot how comprehensively we smashed that league in the end!
  10. Coneys Knee

    Match thread - Newcastle

    But he offers nothing!!!!
  11. Coneys Knee

    Match thread - Newcastle

    Offers nothing??? Haha! Righto
  12. Coneys Knee

    Match thread - Newcastle

    It’s just so frustrating. How are we where we are. We’ve dominated teams like we did Newcastle on so many occasions and got **** all to show for it. Unbelievable really
  13. Coneys Knee

    Match thread - Newcastle

    I just hope we don’t leave it too late to introduce Buendia.
  14. Coneys Knee

    *****Official match thread v Spurs*****

    While we continue to defend like school boys we have absolutely no chance it saddens me to say.
  15. Coneys Knee

    Farke getting off lightly

    Daniel Farke is something special. We will miss him when he’s gone. The fact he was so dreadfully backed financially is, I’m afraid, an embarrassment to to those that made that decision. People talk about plan B. To have a plan B, C and however many other plans you desire, you need options within the squad. To get options for the “holy grail” that is plan B, you need to invest in the playing squad. £750k plus a couple of loans isn’t the level of investment required. Feels like we were investing on that level 20 years ago nearly. The thing that hurts the most this time more than any other is that in Hier Farke and his team we have someone very unique, couple that with the unusual number of very exciting youngsters and we really did have something that could’ve been built into something great, but, yet again, we’ve learnt nothing and blown it. I feel sadness more than anything else. Soon Farke will be gone, as will the Cantwells ad Aarons. In their place will be the next wave of Glenn Roeders, Jason Jarretts and Jon Otsemobors. Criminal really.