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  1. Coventry fans have endured an horrific period and deserve something good to happen to them in my humble opinion.
  2. Also, who actually makes these songs up? We are dreadful with player songs and could do with more!
  3. Thanks google bot! I like it, it will catch on cos it’s simple which is a standard requirement for football fans. I hope it catches on. For what it’s worth I thought Sara was man of the match on Saturday. He deserved it. There’s a lot more to come from him I think which is a nice thought at the minute when everything else seems so dull.
  4. Can anybody help me out with the words etc?
  5. Oh for the days when we put up a “fight” in the premier league and was in the fight til the end, going down by only 3 points! Heady days indeed.
  6. Makes you wonder what the club actually want to to achieve this season, as with dean smith in charge I’d be surprised if we make the top 6 let alone too 2. They must surely see it so I wonder what their inner thoughts are or how the reality is matching with their expectations.
  7. I’m trying really hard to take my yellow specs off here. If the tables were turned I’d have been yelling for a penalty. That doesn’t mean I’d be right though. I think the ref got it right but it’s one of those border line decisions. Refs have been told to let a lot more go this season - and I like that. Contact shouldn’t necessarily mean foul after all. Last season, I reckon that’s given without a doubt. Saturday was a good fortune day for us - we deserve it. Hayden going at their fans. I thought, initially he was just goading them, and I couldn’t condone that because I hate it when that’s done to us and it’s so unnecessary. But, if as has been pointed out, it was about the bottle throwing incident, then fair play to Hayden. Finally, their player man handling the ref. Has to be a red without debate surely? All in all, you win some you lose some and you have to suck it up. That’s life as a football fan, and to be honest, it’s part of what we all love. It’s what VAR has taken away from the game. Respect to referees but having a good old slagging off at them is part of what we love about football is it not?
  8. Has anybody got a link showing the offending incidents?
  9. More than one ‘expert’. I think some of those experts had written him off completely. The same ‘experts’ that seem to take joy out of writing all sorts of players of ours off!
  10. Cult hero in the making but we don’t even know it yet
  11. Ignoring the mistake (everybody makes them). I feel he’s really starting to acclimatise to the championship now and we’re starting to see why he’s all about. Pleased for him.
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