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  1. I knew it wouldn’t take long for somebody to suggest having him back. Serious question..... why? I’d be interested to hear the argument as to how he’d be an improvement for us? just to be clear, your opinion is your opinion, just as valid as anyone’s but just keen to understand your thought process behind it.
  2. I feel bad saying this because I genuinely like stiepermann and think his cumbersome style is actually a bit of strength of his. But, watching a few YouTube clips, this lad, depending on the reality of course, looks to be very stiepermanesque, so maybe an upgrade there (sorry mr stiepermann) and that maybe spells the end for him here.
  3. Another piece from the Norwich school of defending
  4. Swansea “doing a Norwich” for that first goal! Ballsing up a corner before swiftly parting like the Red Sea and making the opposition look like world beaters!
  5. So the worst kept secret has been made official with this signing confirmed today. I’m not writing him off, far from it but To quote the Connor Southwell.. ”Yep. Very much a first-team option. He'll be a right-back option. Make of that what you will regarding Max Aarons. ” This is an 18 year old that was loaned out by Sunderland to South Shields last season. I find it hard to imagine he’s seriously and option this season as a starting right back. I may be wrong or judging too soon on too little information but what are everybody else’s thoughts? Mine were that he’d join the development squad maybe and be another one “for the future”.
  6. Totally agree. I was firmly in the null and void camp a couple of months ago, but now, I’m glad it’s been played out. it has been awful, not just our results which actually have been worse than awful but football in general, it’s not football without the fans part of it. It’s what makes it what it is. i too, would like to see it suspended until we can go back to the terraces. I know this isn’t going to happen but I feel it should. Football needs to regain its soul and the only way that can happen is with floods of fans heading to their home ground. Unfortunately the powers that be are unable to see beyond TV money. Shame.
  7. Of all the players people are getting worried about leaving, I think this is the one I fear the most. Superb goalkeeper and great character. Thoroughly deserves this award so congratulations Tim.
  8. Am I missing something? What am I specifically looking at? Haha!
  9. Remember though, Mark Fotheringham looked like the Ronaldo in his YouTube clips so I shouldn’t worry too much!
  10. At the risk of jumping on the Godfrey DM bandwagon, I would have loved to have seen a fit squad being able to consistently pair Hanley and Zimmerman with the protection of Godfrey and Tettey this season. I genuinely don’t think we’d have shipped the same amount of goals. all ifs and buts but if only we could see how an alternate reality would have panned out. i think of them all, Godfrey is a phenomenal talent and probably is the one that still has a way to go to reach his full potential. If only it could be with us but I guess that’s the point of being self sustaining - we’ll rarely get to see any player reach their full potential. Sad in a way.
  11. Exactly this. Life is full of risks and we can’t be hiding away forever
  12. They’ll be back once the under armour fashion has passed!
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