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  1. With respect I couldn’t care less about that list of examples. It’s Norwich and our plight I’m bothered about. As an example, going into a premier league season with Pukki, Sargent & Idah as our strike force is in no way making a fist of it however tinted your specs are. That is suicide and downright fooling. I’m sorry.
  2. Must be just me then, but it would be interesting to see if you guys still have the same opinion of preferring the championship when we’re back to being an upper mid table championship team. My guess is, at that point we’ll all hate the championship too. My point is that I reckon our apparent dislike of the premiership is purely down to the fact we never make a real good go of it and if you lose every week, any league becomes depressing.
  3. Is anyone else tired of hearing this from fellow fans or is it just me? I hear it from all angles and it depresses me. It’s only “better” in the championship because we win more as we’re so useless in the PL. If we weren’t so rubbish in the PL and actually attempted to make a proper fist of things I’m sure we’d all be enjoying it. I wonder whether Leicester’s fans prefer it in the Championship or whether Brentford’s fans wish they were back there right now? I also can’t help but feel that the “I prefer it in the championship” brigade aren’t helping our situation, for while fans are happy to be in the Championship then surely there’s very little pressure to stay in the PL. The “top 26” nonsense also aids this sense that relegation is ok. Relegation is NOT ok.
  4. Tzolis, Rashica promising? I’m not so sure. Although we’ve only got limited time to judge them I can’t get a picture out of my head of when I went to goodison and saw tzolis, a player at that point, surely desperate to impress to earn the right to a starting spot, just jogging around with no real go in him. Disappointing. I’d happily say cheerio to every single summer signing right now if we were entitled to our money back. We were stronger last season without question. I believe we were stronger in our last prem season and thats incredible. Stuart Webber has failed more than anyone on the basis of this summer transfer dealings alone. Lovely training centre though so I applaud him for that. As for farke, right now he just needs to stick to what he knows with a 4-2-3-1 and try somehow grind this out.
  5. Sure, he’s not doing great by any stretch of the imagination, but once again he has been stitched up like a kipper by the transfer window which is looking to be a like the most horrific of this regime yet. We appear to have signed a bunch of Naismiths!
  6. There’s trying to stay positive then there is just delusion. We’d probably be better off claiming a coronavirus outbreak and forfeiting the game in all honesty. Two goals this season, none of which, sorry, neither of which have come in an away game, points to us not even being able to cling to having a punchers chance frankly.
  7. I don’t think anybody is slating Webber for not being clairvoyant, can’t remember reading that anywhere. I do think it is fair to be critical of this transfer window. Not so much the signings we made, there’s lots of promise there, it’s more about the ones we didn’t make. The glaringly obvious chasms that were created when skipp left and Buendia left, along with the foolishness of believing that pukki, Idah, and Sargent was going to be a front line that was going to be up to delivering what is required in the premier league.
  8. Of course I understand the benefits of these types of transfers, namely it’s probably the only way we could afford to to a deal for them in the first place. But it does worry me a little I’m terms of the player’s commitment to the cause. For example, hypothetically speaking, if it were to become apparent to them during the season that Norwich in the premier league isn’t in their best interests, i.e. a better opportunity from elsewhere is on the table, how hard are they going to be willing to fight if we’re were to face a last game, win to stay up scenario a la 0-6 craven cottage? Does that make sense to anyone else or am I garbling rubbish? I suppose at this point we’d love to be in with a shout of survival on the last match of the season.
  9. The most boring and overused retort to a message board post that is simply expressing how frustrating it is and this season particularly, how embarrassing it is that we’re always the worst of the promoted teams. I do wish we were (like) Brentford on this occasion, or even like Watford and I make make no apologies for that. Good luck to them but I am envious, why wouldn’t you be? Doesn’t mean I’m crying about it, just fed up about it!
  10. So we did, classic football fan short memoryitis there. Thank you.
  11. We would never score a goal from that situation as we wouldn’t have got the ball forward that quickly and certainly not first time. We’d have had to bring it under control and play to a full back who would tear towards the final third before turning back and playing it back where it came from. Therein lies the difference between championship and premiership - clinical and ruthless, neither of which we are. Why aren’t we Brighton? (how annoying are these retorts by the way?)
  12. It’s tough (every other year) being a Norwich fan. I too am baffled at how we go about apparently staying in the premier league. It’s soul destroying but most of all it’s becoming embarrassing. You've hit the nail on the head when you say we lack athleticism and that’s a problem in this leaugue. I just can’t understand how they aren’t aware of this and if they are why they haven’t remedied it. it also doesn’t help when you get promoted, sell your best player and fail to replace him and the exceptional loan player from last season. sigh Come on City
  13. No thank you, not yet at least. As for Eddie Howe, seriously? I’d rather have Eddie the eagle
  14. I think I feel a bit broken hearted. I think Daniel Farke is awesome, I have untold amounts of respect for him as a man and for what he’s done for us but I feel like today delivered a chilling realisation that he just isn’t going to be able to deliver what we need on this level. im not angry about that. I’m just very sad.
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