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  1. From the Teesside Gazette: Middlesbrough are yet to make contact with Norwich City over recruitment guru Kieran Scott, despite weekend reports declaring their interest. Scott is currently serving as head of recruitment at Norwich City and was credited with playing a key role in finding stars such as Teemu Pukki and Emi Buendia. But the Sun on Sunday claimed Boro are eyeing a move for the renowned talent-spotter where they would offer him a role as sporting director on Teesside. However, reports in Suffolk say that Boro are yet to make any contact over Scott, while on Teesside club sources were unsure on the report and not aware of whether the club had any interest or not, or even whether the sporting director role was one the club was even looking to fill.
  2. If he did want more power then it was certainly unfortunate timing that his department had made another c*ck up. Kensell apparently believes, or professes to believe (since you have to be very sceptical of explanations given by anyone who is leaving a company under unusual circumstances, because they are likely to spin, and I think there has been a fair bit of that going on in this case) that he was let down by others. That could be those above him or those below. If what I understand happened did happen then it was those below, although perhaps - I don't know - he was at fault in trusting their due diligence rather than doing his own due diligence on their due diligence. Certainly to claim, as some posters have, that it was up to the directors to do the due diligence betrays either a lack of knowledge of how businesses work or a mania for blaming the owners for every mistake, or both. This mania reached its nadir when one poster suggested that Kensell resigned because he had argued against BK8 but had been overruled by Delia. Which is not what happened. It could hardly be further from what happened. It is a shame he has gone, because overall he seemed to have done very well for the club, but as others have said those who are using this incident as yet another stick with which to beat the owners are barking up the wrong tree. I agree with Jim's last sentence.
  3. I noticed this throwaway line about non-replacement at the time Kensell's departure was announced, but didn't think enough of it to mention. More recently I started to think enough more of it to be worth a post. Sometimes one departure can precipitate a look at the overall management structure, and/or spark ambition. If boardroom positions were part of a share deal that would be very interesting. There are only five directors at the moment.
  4. Yes, how silly of the owners to be wary of increasing capacity to 35,000 as part of an entertainment venue in the middle of a pandemic.
  5. I noticed that Kensell won't be replaced, at least straight away, with the directors and the executive committee considering their next move. So for the moment at least it is just Webber and Ward as that executive team.
  6. We must have been at least a bit at cross-purposes. I was specifically talking about the winter window that season being the most ambitious ever, not the preceding summer one, with Huckerby, Crouch and Harper, which was indeed helped by funding from the share issue. The point about the winter window was that there was probably not much share-issue money left over from the summer but still the massive strengthening of the squad was authorised and arranged.
  7. Boris 'Honey, I shrank the economy' Johnson.
  8. There is a simple way for GB News to prove its journalistic credentials. Andrew Neil, when he was good, was good because he was well-prepared, and would attack from whichever was the opposite side. He would equally probe the weak points of the left and the right. The current big deal is the Irish Sea border and the linked overall question of the UK-EU deal. So all Neil has to do is get Frost to agree to a full-blown interview, and forensically, piece by piece, expose the falsity of the UK’s position. And the many blatant and proven lies told by Johnson. it is what Neil would have done a few years back, when he was respected for a certain journalistic honesty, irrespective of his own beliefs.
  9. Supposedly, and it fits the facts, Webber moved from an on-the-verge-of-promotion Huddersfield to us because he wanted more autonomy, and he certainly seems to have a great deal here. If I were Scott, assuming he thinks or knows Webber will go soonish, and believes he is in pole position to take over, I would demand the same amount of autonomy and then compare it with how much autonony was on offer at Middlesbrough.
  10. Yes, it was in a way. He thought the reciprocal allowance of free scampi portions in Yellows 'for life' meant 'for the life of his descendants', unto X number of generations, and took umbrage when he discovered that wasn't true.
  11. indeed. Part-funded, but under all the circumstances, given the position we were in, my assessment stands.
  12. No. Doncaster. The winter window in the 2003-04 season.
  13. Our model is exactly what makes the job of Norwich City DoF so interesting and attractive.
  14. Come on, people. A bit of perspective is needed here. It was only England...
  15. They're my Italian team, so I sent them a bit of a cash boost..
  16. Bethnal, this is at a tangent. I notice it appears the asking price for Gonzalez from Stuttgart is £25m. I had never heard of the player but it seems a bit on the low side for a 23 year old full Argentine international from a Bundesliga club to a Premier League club (especially given the Buendia fee). Are there some special circumstances there, or is it a sign that covid is significantly cutting prices?
  17. And the BigFeller, and Highland Canary and.........
  18. Rafael Behr in the Guardian has one of the very best analyses I have seen of Johnson, but beware - reading it may make you very depressed. Full-on Marvin depressed: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/16/british-politics-drunk-brexit-spirit-boris-johnson
  19. I would like it to be me, but it is the owners ultimately. It is their company.
  20. The EDP summarised it like this: Fuelled it would appear by an acceptance the bold vision he had to transform the footprint in and around Carrow Road, with stadium expansion taking the capacity up to 35,000 and Norfolk-leading conference and entertainment facilities as part of a drive to make it a multi-purpose venue, would have to wait. That is not just a bold vision (35,000 capacity as opposed to, say, an increase to about 31,000?) but an very expensive one as well. At any time, and even more so in a pandemic that may or may not end. He really cannot have been surprised that the plan was shelved.
  21. Indeed. The CEO who masterminded the most ambitious transfer window in the club's history.
  22. Jim, either the BK8 deal was morally right or morally wrong, in keeping with the club's values and images or contrary to them. If, as I believe, morally wrong, then the financial loss becomes irrelevant. A fun historical analogy - during world war two there was a British commander in the Med who had a decision to make as whether to carry on sustaining heavy losses of ships to evacuate troops or stay safely in port, and he went to sea, of course, saying: ‘It takes the Royal Navy three years to build a new ship. It would take 300 years to rebuild a tradition.'
  23. Jim, you seem to lack a bit of self-knowledge, you and Kenny Foggo, railing about mobs and outraged vocal minorities. What do you think you are if not part of a vocal anti-Smith and Jones minority using cyberspace to make it look as if you are the voice of the majority of the fans? Have you forgotten the fiasco of the banner to be flown over Carrow Road, for which about two and six was raised?
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