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  1. Absolutely. No normal politician would have lasted this long. in fact normally Johnson, with all his known flaws and lack of redeeming qualities, would never have become leader of the Tory party and so PM.
  2. I don't know how the numbers are stacking up - I doubt anyone does apart perhaps from Graham Brady - but all these ministers and PPSs who have resigned are now backbench MPs, which could mean a no-confidence motion passes, if the rules are changed to allow that. And as if BoJo doesn't have enough problems, poor dear, he has to fill all those ministerial etc vacancies, and may find few willing to tie themselves to his sinking ship.. A PM who cannot put together a government is a goner.
  3. That is spookily weird that the Americans’ offer is exactly the same as your Norwich City Christmas fantasy wishlist…
  4. Quite! The sensible choice, given the paucity of talent, would be Hunt. But he doesn’t count as a true believer, and it would require a screeching u-turn for the hardline Brexiters/low-tax zealots to back him.
  5. CM, Starmer's problem is not just that if he talks about rejoining the EU he will in effect be telling the 17m-plus who voted Leave that they are idiots. All surveys showed that the vast majority (at least 90 per cent) who voted Leave did so on the interlinked issues of sovereignty and immigration. BoJo's ultra-hard Brexit is of course a self-harming disaster that has made the UK a laughing-stock, but the sad fact is that it is a logical result of what motivated those 17m-plus Leavers. Whether they realised it or not their vote for control of borders meant the UK had to leave the single market and their vote for sovereignty (arguably a mirage but that's not the point here) meant a customs' union was also out of the question. So any attempt by Starmer to stop short of rejoining but attempting to move towards that by way of even the customs' union is also telling those Leave voters they are idiots.
  6. I still have a set of six George VI florins I used to count off the balls when I was umpiring that I could sell you, but I am afraid under the de extreme circumstances it would have to be at a suitably elevated price…
  7. One of the unwittingly fun ironies of BoJo’s statement is that he gave Pincher a second chance but on reflection realised he (Pincher) was totally incorrigible and was never going to change his behavior…
  8. For strategic reasons I wanted him to stay right up to the next election, but that is unsurvivable.
  9. I didn't know that. There was a story a few weeks back about how Man City missed out on Haaland when he was 15 or 16, turning down the chance to sign him, because they thought he was only standing out at that age because of his physical power and that in a few years' time that advantage would fall away.
  10. Looking it up, Marseille seem only to have been relegated to the second tier in France, and while Juve were sentenced to dropping two divisions that was reduced on appeal to relegation to Serie B.
  11. Marseille, because of certain financial irregularities?
  12. At last. Someone who knows what the American offer is. So, er, what exactly is it, Big Vince? Just the five or six salient points will do.
  13. No Jim. Only someone whose negativity control is set at 12 when it comes to Smith and Jones could conclude that. For starters you have seized on 'undeterred' when it is just one word used in a quickfire online Q&A when there is no indication Southwell or any of the other EDP reporters have any inside track on what actually is going on in the negotiations. He probably could just as easily have used 'keen'' or 'happy to' instead of 'undeterred'. If anything the fact that nothing has been concluded yet suggests that Attanasio is looking in the long run for an involvement that is more extensive and significant than simply, for example, buying Foulger's shares. He could do that without involving the club at all, given that it would be a private transaction. An assessment would be that whatever happens will happen in incremental stages. And a realist/optimist City fan would be pleased that time is being taken. So many of these kinds of deals are done in haste because the club is financially scr*wed and agrees to the first offer that comes along, without having time to check out the background of the would-be owner or the fine print of the deal, to the club's very great later cost. PS. Or as I now see TGS has put it more pithily...
  14. What will happen, if there is some non-Tory government after the next election, and probably after the election after that, is what in the Vietnam War was called mission creep, but in a good way. So the start-point will be the kind of non-threatening baby steps Starmer has outlined, followed by incremental moves back towards towards the economic sanity of a customs' union and eventually the single market.
  15. The latest word from Southwell in today's Q&A was this: "We understand there is nothing imminent. But Attanasio remains undeterred in his willingness to invest. These things can be complex and no news is always good news." That may be a loose use of the word 'investment' but buying existing shares from the likes of Foulger would not be investing in the club. Of course the plan, if it starts with existing shares, might possibly include some kind of limited cash injection, and/or buying new shares later on. Either way, I agree with shef that Attanasio would want a place on the board. Not sure 'no news is always good news' is an appropriate motto for a journalist...
  16. They are bound to do a fair bit of squad strengthening because they don't have a nucleus of players who've been with them in the Premier League.
  17. I am sure he had to talk about it. The common complaint is that while voters are being put off the Tories they still don't know what Labour stands for. The 5-point plan is quite detailed, and probably the best he could do, given that actually backing any move that smacks of overturning Brexit is out of the question for now.
  18. What I said, correctly quoted by you, was indeed:: I confess I had I had an ulterior motive, in that I thought it might tease out the answer to a question of identity that has exercised some posters, although not particularly me, over the last several months. A moment's calm reflection on that sentence would have made it clear that far from repeating the claim that you are City1st, I was saying I was agnostic on the subject, not being sure either way, which is why I took the opportunity to look for a clue to the answer, while still not being particularly bothered either way. I really do not care whether you're City1st or not, which is why I have never started or contributed to any of the threads on the subject. I was only exercised about City1st because he (if it was a he) lied about what others had posted and even lied about what he had posted. Odd but true.
  19. You do yourself a disservice, shef. When conversation flagged at a dinner party I was hosting yesterday evening I mentioned the question of a lack of corporate governance at Norwich City and the danger of autocratic owners answerable to no-one, and it quickly sparked a lively debate on the current UK prime minister and corruption in the Conservative Party...
  20. If anyone has become the CEO it is not Webber but Zoe Ward.
  21. I think that is true, not least since I wasn’t actually the poster who introduced the question of the precise spelling of acronyms into a discussion on the Russia/Ukraine war. But I was the one who took up the subject. I confess I had an ulterior motive, in that I thought it might tease out the answer to a question of identity that has exercised some posters, although not particularly me, over the last several months. It may or it may not have done, but altogether best to move on from that and concentrate on the latest war on a continent that has seen far too many. .
  22. Possible but highly unlikely. Silly money is only useful if you can spend it. Anyone really good has probably been snapped up or is happy to stay where they are. Some years back we lined up a summer-window deal for a central defender at a Serie A Club. Probably Koulibaly at Napoli. Everything was agreed. Napoli, if it was them, were happy with the fee, and Koulibaly, if it was him, was happy with the personal terms. And very late on, either on deadline day or a day or so before, Napoli pulled the plug on the deal because they couldn't find a good enough replacement. And we were left with no top-quality central defender because it was too late for us as well. So both clubs found it impossible to do a last-minute deal. Even a top Serie A club, with their drawing power. Timm Klose arrived in the winter window, but the damage had to an extent been done by then, and if it was Koulibaly we had targeted then Klose was probably not as good a player.
  23. On the contrary it sounds like a very 'us' kind of signing, but as others have said it is hard to see us getting a work permit for him.
  24. No. If we have based our whole summer transfer strategy on a squad that has Pukki as the only proven goalscorer, which looks like the plan, then we are not going to sell him on deadline day, even for £20m, because we would have no time to spend the money on a replacement.
  25. It would be turned down, and not just because we wouldn't have time to spend the £20m.
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