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    Daniel Sinani

    Apparently his one trick is to cut in from the right and shoot with his left foot. Well, that might work in some tinpot league but I can’t imagine anyone has ever got away with that at a higher level...
  2. PurpleCanary

    I Am Told That....................

    ...for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows.
  3. PurpleCanary

    VAR - what needs to happen

  4. PurpleCanary

    Edmund Riemer

    He's actually looking at vids of Mylene Farmer songs, so if his knowledge and judgment where football is concerned are as bad as his taste in pop music then, yes, you're probably right, we are scr*wed...
  5. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Could have been a catchy slogan: We've had enough of EU experts benefitting our economy. Take back control so our own idiots can scr*w it up again
  6. PurpleCanary

    All of our signings this season have been crap

    More like £19m, I think, since the overall staff costs (which included bonuses) were £54m and the player wages including bonuses came to £35m. But staff costs include non-wage costs such as social security payments and pensions, presumably for playing and non-playing staff alike, so that would muddy the waters.
  7. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Thanks for posting that link, Herman. Truly frightening. The Leave national posters were bad enough but those demonstrate just how much on a broader level it was an insidious campaign based on lies and misinformation. There is the fraudulent £350m figure used repeatedly, with non-sequitur 'arguments' about how it is a choice of paying that to Brussels or having flood defences in Yorkshire. A bizarre inference that somehow the EU is responsible for whaling, even though no EU country practises it, with presumably the happy outcome that whaling will stop if the UK leaves. The claim that staying in the EU will destroy the British steel industry and 100,000 jobs when those who work in it believe the actual threat comes from Brexit. And the blatant lie that Turkey is definitely about to join the EU when the reality is that its chances of being accepted as a member anytime soon had already diminished to zero. So no surprise that Brexiters here lied and spread misinformation and disinformation. It reminds me of the poster who claimed Germany was in recession. When it was pointed out (not by me, as it happens) that this simply wasn't true, there being a precise definition of recession and the German economy had not met it, the reply was: 'Perhaps it is not true [that Germany is in recession] in the strict technical definition of the term, but in a moral sense it is.' Quite how an economy can be morally in recession beats me but in general I do think justifying something that way is potentially very useful. One could, for example, call a Brexiter a liar and justify it on the basis that while not true by the strict definition of the word it had a moral truth that rendered it immune to an action for libel, for example.
  8. PurpleCanary


    Who was it who started that thread...
  9. PurpleCanary


    Absolutely. He provided an unbiased but friendly view, with plenty of robust (perhaps too robust in the end) insights into media coverage of the club. He also provided me with a useful snippet of inforrmation when I was writing about Cullumgate, which now seems a long time ago. RIP.
  10. PurpleCanary


    For what it’s worth I’ve always thought his long silence was due to being unable to post, for whatever reason, rather than being unwilling to for fear of being ridiculed for being wrong.
  11. PurpleCanary


    Oh no!!! How could I get that wrong? I am way beyond mortified... PS. In my defence I did at least know the White Album isn’t called the White Album...
  12. PurpleCanary


    The 'White Album' has the answer to that: 'I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together.'
  13. PurpleCanary

    The Brexit Thread

    Could not the Honda plant at Swindon have been retooled to produce them?
  14. PurpleCanary

    We like to pat ourselves on the back a lot...

    Dear me! I am the last person to try to suppress debate. The start was sarcastic but the rest of the post was serious. Finally, a friendly warning - if you ever again accuse me of having been an accountant or such like you will find yourself immediately sued for libel...
  15. PurpleCanary

    President Trump

    This thread is the place to discuss anything to do with the above-mentioned. I am starting it because posters have been clogging up the Brexit thread with points for and against. Rightly or wrongly the Brexit thread started on the football section, but has justifiably stayed there because it is plainly relevant to posters. Trump will no doubt delight and appal over the next four years, in many ways. So post about it here, rather than taking the Brexit thread off track.
  16. PurpleCanary

    We like to pat ourselves on the back a lot...

    Firstly, sincere congratulations on finding a never-before used angle of attack on the club! Big Vince, Keith Scott, Highland Canary et al will be kicking themselves for not having had the idea. Secondly, all I know about women's professional football, and that is not much, although I have seen one match, comes from listening to the extensive coverage on the Guardian Football Weekly (actually bi-weekly) podcast. And one of the frequent points is that even some of the clubs that have a team in the top flight do not support them that generously and, for example, often force them to play their 'home' games at grotty grounds with lousy pitches. So I am not sure it is true that we have done a lot less than most. I don't know what it would cost to properly bankroll a Norwich City women's team but my suspicion, given that even much wealthier clubs are not doing all they could, is that we would find it too much of a financial stretch at the moment. But that is not to say we shouldn't do better than we are. The obvious first step for you is to raise this at a fans' forum or contact the club directly.
  17. PurpleCanary

    Webber interview

    Fair enough too. A friendly thought would be that facts matter (you would hardly think so from current UK and US politics) and I have time to do some research. Not everyone has that advantage. If possible, though, it does help to inform debates.
  18. The Czech Liga. Viktoria Plzen to win at home against Pribram. Viktoria Plzen, second, have an 8-1-2 and 23/10 home record, and last Sunday, in their first game back after the winter break, won 3-0 away to the team in 15th. Pribram, 16th and bottom, have a 0-0-10 and 3/28 away record, and in their first game back lost 4-0 away to the team in 3rd place. The odds are around 1/5. --- For the NCFC bet I suggest either HT/FT Wolves/Draw at 16/1 or Draw/Norwich City at 14/1. Good luck to all!
  19. PurpleCanary

    Webber interview

    No, because after promotion there were then two transfer windows in which Huddersfield signed 11 players on permanant deals and four on loan. That is in effect a whole new squad. And the 11 permanent signings included Mooy at a reported £8m, Mounie at a reported £11.5m and Jorgenson at a reported £3.5m, plus Kachunga etc etc. Plus Pritchard from us for a few million... So no, it wasn't Webber's players. But by all means carry on ignoring facts and saying silly things. To blame Webber for Huddersfield getting relegated after he'd been long gone is on a par with crediting Gunn rather than Lambert for getting us out of League One.
  20. PurpleCanary

    Webber interview

    He left Huddersfield as they were on the brink of promotion. It is idiotic to blame Webber for their subsequent relegation.
  21. PurpleCanary

    Webber interview

    Webber joined us from Huddersfield in April 2017, with Huddersfield on the verge of getting promotion out of the Championship. Taking therm to the Premier League for the first time in their history and back to the top flight for the first time since 1971-72. Given that Webber joined Huddersfield in 2015 and is regarded as the driving force behind hiring Wagner as coach and bringing in some of the players that secured promotion you seem to have an odd definition of failure.
  22. PurpleCanary

    Webber interview

    I would argue the financial side was always that important. Not for nothing were Sunderland and later Everton known as the Bank of England Club. It is just that it is understood and discussed more. There have also been significant shifts in the kind of finance underpinning clubs, hence the rise and fall of certain clubs.
  23. PurpleCanary

    New Labour Leader

    Speaking as somone who has never belonged to any political party, in terms of domestic policies I would rate Blair very highly.
  24. PurpleCanary

    Webber interview

    I have seen that big-club argument raised within the PL and perhaps within the Championship, but never (I may not have been paying attention) between the PL and the Championship. As it happens I think the Championship is a fantastic league but if there was serious money to be made from it for TV companies (which would in part get passed on to clubs) then there would be a high-stakes bidding war for the rights, and currently there is not. That is why there is the massive disparity.
  25. PurpleCanary

    Webber interview

    At a bit of a tangent, Imbecile of the Week award goes unanimously to Christian Purslow: https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/aston-villa-chief-slams-tv-income-1-6524795