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  1. Seems to me the high press in the EPL is more sophisticated! Problem last time is that our central midfield didn't have the ability to receive under pressure, turn and play through and we became too predictable. Apart from that they didn't protect our young defence either. Without the energy, pace and power needed (Kenny was found out) so we need three new CDM's at least.... Whether Sorensen is one of those is still in question as we just don't know what he's capable of! We keep getting these little indicators that Stuart and Daniel have awareness of the failings last time and are addressing them so be interesting summer ahead, see what they do. This thread argument has changed to discuss whether we have a better team for next season. Not without Buendia, Aarons and Skipp we don't! If Buendia leaves, we have major work to do. We don't have back up at RB (we are likely to have no one in that position come the summer).... Mumba can't be expected to come into the EPL with literally no experience at all..... LB with Giannoulis and McCallum seems good, at CB, Zimmermann needs to be at least 4th choice and Famewo may just step up if he can sort the injuries....CDM could do with 3 adequate options with power, pace, energy and ability.... at the minute we have no one that fits this profile assuming Skipp doesn't come back. Sorensen, will no doubt be a good squad player. Going forward, Cantwell, Buendia and Pukki are our only proven options and we can't rely on them all of the time and whats left to come in. Will Dowell, Platcheta, Hernandez, Martin and Idah be good enough and ready? There remains many doubts. Apart from Rupp, McLean, Zimmermann being squad players, don't see much else in the squad that could step up. Thus we need at least one quality striker and another forward player..... thats without losing Buendia and Cantwell (hoping the club are able to sort a contract). Expect the club will find a way and despite needing quite a few additions, they deserve our trust! Just hoping we can keep Emi.
  2. Curious why? Initially it looks to be but the boro player gets to the ball first.... again!
  3. Ref was a shambles in their game today. To be fair, we’ve had our fair share of luck as well as decisions this season!
  4. Am in the camp we have no idea too! But we have found one, Sorensen!!!!! Couldn’t resist! We will never know if he doesn’t get opportunities. Would like to see some earlier subs so that some players do get more game time, Idah and Sorensen particularly but also Dowell and Martin.
  5. Sorensen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Get a grip! He stepped up when it mattered in our best ever team! For his contribution in the time we were at the top deserves 100% absolute respect!
  7. Are you winding the bee up!!! Watkins has been brilliant for Villa this season, plenty of goals and linked the play, but he’s been a handful and led the line superbly! Been well impressed and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in Southgate’s thinking!
  8. Jeremy Goss but not that one! His goal away to Leeds (think we won 4-0) was special, not just the strike but it ended a move of many passes started in our defence.
  9. Not quite as simple as that I'm afraid, this seems like a similar argument to those that thought Mumba's 13 minutes of inspiration put £20m on his value..... Looking 'incredibly comfortable' for a few minutes versus Sheffield Wed doesn't make him a 'player'. To argue these points without some consistent performances over a sustained period is naive! As for receiving the ball, its a different ball game in the middle of the park, completely. Body shape is a necessary part of the process, granted. You also need timing of movement into the space, whilst looking what's around you, what's behind you, whose closing you down, calculating where you are controlling it, back foot on turn, (body shape) etc. where are you passing it next.... a lot more instinctive decisions are required. McLean, Tettey, Leitner, Trybull, Amadou, none of them could do it well enough last year, why do so many fans think Sorensen is the answer next season? Lets hope he is but as yet, absolutely no evidence that he can and its a big ask to expect it!
  10. With Buendia on what seems a ‘mission’ can’t see any stopping us! That lad is just something else! Without him, would we even have this thread? Be surprised if the very best don’t come after him this summer!
  11. But the thread is about without Skipp. Receiving the ball at left back is massively different to at CDM where there’s little space and you have to be on the turn and aware of what’s around from all angles! We have no idea if he can do that.... at EPL level, McLean, Tettey etc.... couldn’t! We’ve no idea if Sorensen can do it at EFL level yet!
  12. How can anyone compare Skipp and Sorensen when Sorensen has had literally no proper game time in central midfield..... surely its all conjecture. We will only be able to give a view when he plays in midfield regularly...... the idea that he can be compared based on his LB work is fanciful surely, there is not enough evidence to base it on.
  13. he didn't last year when we were dooommmmeddddd! Kept playing Drmic instead of Idah and Martin for starters!
  14. Surely we have to look after our own house! Spurs may loan Skipp out next season, but if the likes of Leeds or Southampton come asking, they are more likely to push him in the direction of a likely mid-table team and not to one that’s going to struggle (which sadly looks like us given what we will go up with). Be very surprised if we get Skipp again, especially if we lose Aaron’s and Buendia....he won’t be confident in the project! What do we need in midfield? Pace, power, agility and above all, players that can find the space to receive on the turn and develop the play plus DO WHAT SKIPP DOES..... we had none of that last time, our CDM was completely ineffective so McLean and Rupp could surely only be 4th and 5th backup. Tettey isn’t good enough... so we need at least 3 players better than McLean and Rupp. Sorensen may be one of the 3 but to suggest he will be one before he’s even played CDM consistently at this level is absolutely ridiculous! We can’t rely on Skipp! As a developing club, what are we actually developing for next season at present? Skipp for Spurs, perhaps Platcheta, Famewo. We aren’t developing Sorensen, nor Idah, nor Martin, Dowell or Omobamidele. On the evidence available promotion is likely too soon for us. As competent EPL starters we have Krul, Aaron’s (likely gone), Gibson, Giannoulis, McCallum B (backup), Mumba B, Cantwell, Buendia (likely gone), Hernandez, Pukki and Idah B. We have no idea with Sorensen! There is nothing else Platcheta B perhaps. Martin needs games to develop.... Hernandez in because he’s been there before and performed well at the back end of last season. Not enough. Rupp and McLean simply don’t have the tools for CDM in the Premier League! The scouts and the money will be needed but the problem then comes with incorporating so many players into a system quickly... it rarely works! But let’s get there first and worry later!
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