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  1. ged in the onion bag

    Moritz Leitner

    be disappointing if Farke has been disrespected...... Leitner should have played more at the back end of last season and this, I expected him in the starting line up but he has been exposed as too slow. Whilst he moves the ball quicker, he just doesn't seem to have the legs or the strength to get on it and control the game in tight situations.... it is no wonder we have struggled for midfield dominance. Also no wonder that he is struggling for a place in the side..... he may well be a frustrated figure and being a luxury player, may be better coming back into the team if and when we have raised the confidence levels..... and if necessary, having apologised!!!! . OTBC
  2. ged in the onion bag

    The fabled academy

    Am curious, what league do Truro reserves play in? Never heard of them!
  3. ged in the onion bag

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Byram at CB, natural defender, quicker and allows us to play with more strength in the midfield. Tettey, with Trybull and McLean ahead in midfield or Robert's or Drmic instead of Steipermann as he hasn't been able to cope at this level. Idah on the bench for Srbeny. Sadly, this line up seems same old, same old and it's not working for us.
  4. ged in the onion bag

    Have we given up playing the Norwich way?

    To play our way requires a higher tempo with more intricate shorter passing.... it also requires a high level of confidence which we had last season. We're not moving the ball as well now, primarily because of lost confidence, which is definitely down to the misfortune we've had with injuries......Our 3 behind Pukki have also not got to grips with this league so something has to give and we need to adapt at least until we get Zimmermann back. Unfortunately, we seem to be carrying on with what's not working as today's line up indicates. Tettey and Amadou may have had the odd good game but they aren't CB's and it reduces our DM options. I'd put Byram alongside Godfrey and get more strength in the middle. Byram is quicker, has a defensive mindset and would allow us to push Amadou forward when fit. Steipermann hasn't given any indication that he can cope at this level so not sure his inclusion will help. Not sure what's happened to Robert's and think Idah gives us more threat and option from the bench than Srbeny. Hopefully Onel can spark Emi into performing at his best. They've come up trumps for us so often, hopefully they can today. OTBC.
  5. ged in the onion bag

    The Centre Back conundrum

    Afraid Hanley is not the answer as he's proved already.... if we are forced to move Amadou into Midfield (and its likely we do need that extra insurance - especially away), then worth a try with Byram alongside Godfrey when Aarons returns. He's more mobile, anticipates well and might just take to it..... worth a try.
  6. ged in the onion bag

    Buendia's Transfer fee

    Agree.... They should be (and hopefully are) writing a Permanent Management Plan based on the actions, philosophies and attitudes of SW and DF and the first thing new executives / managers / coaches have to do is a thorough induction course .... this is our way, learn it, adopt it, follow it!!!! This is evidently the way to run a football club..... We are so lucky and no doubt proud that it is our club paving the way! Everything that comes out of our club nowadays is absolute CLASS!
  7. ged in the onion bag

    Where do we go from here?

    brilliant..... you beat me to it..... eye eye eye eye eye yeah!
  8. ged in the onion bag

    Unlikely CENTER Backs

    Unwise to get ahead of ourselves..... one brilliant performance doesn't make them the best partnership outside of the top 4 (by the way, who is the top 4?)..... If they can do it regularly, then fair enough..... Godfrey has been immense for months, if Amadou can find consistency, we may have something.... Actually think Byram could also be a CB option when Aarons returns (much like Culverhouse in the 90's) allowing Amadou to step into DM. Still options, despite the injuries! OTBC.
  9. ged in the onion bag

    Play Godfrey as a Sweeper

    Godfrey was simply immense today. Getting better by the game. We will lose him before the start of next season and some club will pay £80m plus. He's that good.
  10. ged in the onion bag

    If we’re going to play our way…….

    Appreciate the realism and this isn't meant to be negative. I'm as proud as everyone else with what our club is up to, You say it's going to be a tough season, I actually think we have enough quality in the squad that it might not be that tough if we can learn quickly. Fact today though is we didn't play well at all and there were reasons for that. Some were avoidable. As we know they are learning. So is Daniel. I think he should have made changes earlier, it doesn't seem DF's way but perhaps he needs to be more responsive in situations. Perhaps he is too trusting and loyal sometimes.... no doubt he has those dilemmas himself. Theres plenty on here criticise certain players, at least I offer some reasoning whether you agree or not. For me Steipermann and Hanley will lose there places for the reasons stated.... playing ineffective players might be the difference between us gaining some points....or not. Harsh, but now were in this league, we have to give ourselves the best chance. The main point of the post is we've been criticised for our naivity.... I'm fully on board with everything this club is doing, especially the playing philosophy (not that it is entirely naive). What it tries to imply though is, if we are going to play 'our way' we cant go long like we did today, (Chelsea forced us into that and so will other teams), we cant allow that, or lose shape and some (2) personnel might not have the wherewithal for this level. If we are forced to go long like today, that's effectively changing our philosophy just like 'parking the bus' would be.
  11. ged in the onion bag

    If we’re going to play our way…….

    Am absolutely certain we will improve individually and collectively! We can and will play much better. We were brilliant last week.
  12. It was hot and we’re playing a top side, Chelsea have been unlucky with results until today. Pressing in such conditions is always going to be difficult especially if it’s isolated and not controlled as a unit…. It wasn’t. Hopefully, we won’t play that badly too often, we didn’t turn up for the final 65 minutes, excepting for Ben Godfrey – simply magnificent. The team has plenty of development in it. Sure, we will get better. We want to play out from the back, but that relies on us having options, our midfield have to be available and they weren’t, that was torrid for the defenders…. Alternatively, we need Godfrey to bring it forward through the press but that leaves us exposed, especially with Hanley’s lack of pace through the middle. We ended up having to kick the ball long (Krul kicked long regularly second half) and that’s definitely not good (or our way!). Pukki will win nothing in the air and we need him running in dangerous areas, not chasing balls all day long. Even if he then gets the ball, the rest of the lads are too far back to support. We play controlled possession based football with players in the right positions to receive the ball and pass / move…. When we’ve broken the press the interchanging is then possible. Unfortunately, we lost our shape mid-way through the first half we started playing more direct passes forward when players weren’t in position (Buendia, Cantwell and Steipermann having been forced too deep), they were out of position and so it broke down, the options weren’t there. What we needed to do was pass sideways, more often just to gain some control and retain the shape and from there we can then start to work the intricate passes with our forward 3 in position like we did for the goals. We lost that as a collective but too many players were off form. Buendia, particularly is not up to speed and looks to be struggling. Great pass for Pukki, but overall not enough and some passes were very odd today. No doubt, Emi will come good but unfortunately, Marco is not Premier League level, he definitely deserved his chance but sadly he neither has the anticipation or most crucially the touch for this level. Examples being his silly pull back that should have earned a booking, constant mis-control and loss of possession… also conceded a penalty we got away with. It’s argued he gives us presence in the air but does he? We play on the deck generally but when forced long as today, Steipermann was deep doing defensive work so wouldn’t be an outlet anyway. Godfrey was immense but Hanley is costing us. It’s far too easy to get by him, he doesn’t get close enough and it’s hard to see how he is leading by example…. Godfrey evidently carries that role. If there was anything to get in the way of, it was Godfrey’s body, not Hanley. In both home games, the opposition have scored when the assist has been played whilst Hanley was facing Krul, not the ball. Our central players today Trybull and Leitner are crucial to this way and they had very little influence. Losing shape across the park made it impossible. Think it’s fair to say we got lucky with VAR today, a number of decisions could have gone against us. They said we were naïve at Liverpool, we’ll take that knowing it was a free hit but a good performance today and we could have won that game. A free hit wasted! If we’re going to play our way, (the way we did in small parts early on) we have to keep the shape, we have to play with more control and intensity, giving less respect. We have to react immediately when we concede free-kicks, we were slow at recovering, we have to be concentrated in the fine margin moments…. and we have to select the best team. Being so open with Hanley’s lack of pace (and probably Klose similarly), we can’t afford to get exposed regularly like today. The sooner Klose and Zimmermann are fit the better and what’s happened to Amadou! We looked tired and given the heat, it made sense to make some changes much earlier, especially as we were not that competitive anyway and the changes may have had some affect. We didn’t play our way, Chelsea just took advantage and the victory was comfortable. We’d have struggled against any EPL opposition on that showing. Bad day in our Lounge, no doubt they’ll put it right against West Ham and Man. City.
  13. ged in the onion bag

    Mr Farke

    It's now up to the fans to ensure he never feels any differently!
  14. ged in the onion bag

    Stat attack

    Not Europe, while Messi remains the genius he is, but good to have TP in the same consideration!
  15. Definitely one of those free hits ..by all means have a go at home but away, would like us to park a Mourinho style bus and keep the goal difference down. Perhaps hit them late to get a point or 3. Wonder how many points our support will be worth this season, especially at home! OTBC.