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  1. who says any fraud gets a pass? I didn't, nor did I imply it. The points are though, it isn't relevant to behaviour in terms of being drunk or being arrogant in a pub to cause fights (perhaps Maradona is fair game in that regard) which is what was being debated but it's also that people are so quick to find a reason to dig, rarely quick to compliment..... how is Messi relevant to that debate?
  2. Pretty desparate if you want to find sticks to beat someone with when I suspect you've never actually come out and said how refreshing it is to see a bloke play such amazing football with a smile on his face most of the time, refuse to cheat or dive to the deck despite all the fouls against him, he doesn't winge or disrespect referees like many others, accepts decisions and seems to stay well out of the limelight and what an absolute privilage it's been to watch the guy play football for the past 14/15 years. None of that, let's find a stick instead. Now what's a tax fraud allegation that you have no clue as to the circumstances got to do with acting a **** and being bigheaded in a boozer? Where's the comparison. Essentially, what''s the point of that argument?
  3. That's actually likely to be true, not rubbish and the reason there is a transfer market in the first place... a better team wants a better player for their team so they offered money, the player moves up the ladder and regularly it works. Take a ball player who keeps playing one touch accurate passes all game, pass and move, the quicker he gives his teammate the ball, the more space that player is in to control and make use of it. The ball player is helping his teammate to be a better player. We didn't have any ball players this season. Say Buendia goes to Man City, he receives the ball quicker in space and can then do what he does best, ie. commit defenders and slide in passes. He was able to do that in a better team last year as Norwich were on the offensive and he was brilliant. He did it this season too and excelled but Pukki and others kept missing the chances he created. Overall though, he wasn't given the ball in those areas enough or was in the wrong place (covering full backs) to have an effect as the team were poor. In a good team (us next season), Buendia will be a star.
  4. I trust Webber but these types of players don’t grow on trees! Literally the chances of finding a Maddison replacement are slim, the fact he did was genius but chances it happens again are remote! Of all our players Buendia is the best, most valuable and most needed! Has to stay! He has a contract, the club shouldn’t change that fact for less than £50m. If no club wants to part with that cash, fair enough. If Villa can ask £70m for Grealish, that figure isn’t unreasonable given what he’s proved he can do.
  5. Although expecting Hot Head 44 to go quietly from this thread, in the absense of any reasoned response to justify the unfounded criticism of our club, I did wonder that any reply would be limited to insult. It's a shame that some on hear have quite strong views (always critical) about things but rarely can articulate a rational argument to support them.... .
  6. Beautifully articulated. So typical, you haven't got the faintest clue what you're talking about, someone questions the rubbish you spout for what it is and all you can do is resort to throwing your toys.
  7. What a miserable outlook. Our board don't deserve the negativity and haven't detailed potential sales, thats come from the press. Exactly when have you ever heard the club say 'We don't need to sell'? I can't recall that... have heard them say 'We need to sell' plenty of times! The fact that we don't need to sell should be applauded that we are in such a position. If we are trying to inflate the price, again, surely that should be applauded as they are always criticised for selling too cheap but don't let that get in the way of your negatives. They clear can't win with some people. Note there is no congratulations that the clubs policies have enabled us to talk about £100m worth of talent.... of course why let some positives get in your way. So Webber and Farke have already said they don't want to sell our best players.... imagine Farke's thoughts if (after all this lack of support last time) he is faced with losing all of these players.... excepting for press speculation neither the players or the club have said that anyone wants to leave or is leaving.... Why do you believe the press instead of our club? The board have been more transparent with the fans than for many years. it's the best way to run a club, to bring everyone together although Covid has got in the way but that's not the clubs fault. This is the cruncher... this is where you go quietlyoff to another thread...... So what exactly have they done in say the past 3 years to deserve your allegation of misdirection, lies and spin? you've written just over 4 lines in the final paragraph all negative and baseless........ or is it, come on lets hear what evidence you have for this rubbish..... For the record, not expecting an articulated reply to this.... reckon you couldn't evidence one.
  8. Imagine we’d spent that money on signing Fahrmann, Amadou, Roberts and Duda permanently! there would be riots in the streets by now! Have to say proud of the way our club has gone about things. Our way with intelligence, imagination, opportunity and development. Football is about football and not money. Not following the standard practices but thinking for ourselves. OTBC
  9. They signed the long term contracts! Up to clubs to stump up the cash. If one goes on the cheap, will it open the floodgates and what if 5 or 6 want to jump ship? Where would that leave us? Would suggest the last thing we need is to be stuck with Drmic, Stiepermann, Trybull, McLean, Leitner and Rupp to prop the team up!
  10. Tend to agree. Jamal doesn’t have the crossing ability to oust Robertson so will only play if he gets injured or needs a rest.
  11. All this speculation of our players in negotiations with these high profile clubs..... to be in negotiations the clubs have to have agreed and presumably that includes a fee. Clubs can’t just approach our contracted players..... there are rules. we don’t need to sell so the price has to be our call.... let them pay £30-40 mill or leave us alone! Wouldnt sell Godfrey for less than £40m Buendia £50m Aarons £35m Lewis £20m Cantwell £40m Pukki £15m. Ridiculous prices but we don’t need to sell. OTBC
  12. Definitely need competition for Krul. McGovern can't distribute at all and isn't a particularly good keeper either. We need proper cover and if Oxborough is going out on loan then no doubt we will get some.
  13. what on earth is wrong with some of you lot out there! Martin, Rhodes, Bennett, ..... have you no ambition!
  14. your first 3 words were enough there. there's a much bigger picture and they deserve some slack.... some football fans are extremely fickle.
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