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  1. ged in the onion bag

    Transfer ban for clubs like Norwich

    Can you explain in more detail? Would contend that comparing us having a self-funding business model and most likely to be a Championship side next season compared to Liverpool and Spurs and most other clubs who have spent many years in the Champions League / Premier League is unrealistic, even unfair. Just because we are in the Premier League doesn't mean that we are 'rich' all of a sudden and above the countries rules of business. The club are looking after its staff, some of whom may be otherwise unemployed if this goes on too long and the thousands of dense idiots keep going out ..... I trust the club to be genuine, transparent and open in its dealings and that's why were all so proud of what this club is about. People making these negative statements should back them up with either facts or at least a reason, otherwise best not comment.
  2. ged in the onion bag

    Sinani signed

    Sadly that wouldn’t do us any favours with our limited squad. Think we are down to about 14 / 15 players who can perform well enough at this level. Krul, Aaron’s, Lewis, Byram, Godfrey, Zimmerman, Hanley, Tettey*, Buendia, McLean*, Cantwell, Pukki, Drmic, Idah (potential), Klose...... * coping at their best level.... Hopefully all fit if we restart! not quite there.... can only do a job from bench.......Vrancic, Hernandez, Trybull, Rupp, Duda (neither acclimatised to EPL yet). Lacking required pace, strength, skill, effectiveness and / or no end product..... didn’t step up... Leitner (really disappointed), Stiepermann (expected), McGovern
  3. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    This seems to be a classic case of when your in a hole stop digging! 'so it looked to me etc............. ' demonstrates you mis-read the statement. Have you not read the stuff that's put out there especially during the election...., it's pretty cynical, predominantly lies or embelished, targetted and underhand and of course from indirect sources! As stated in another post on here, watch (and its well worth watching) The Great Hack on Netflix... you'll see what I mean!
  4. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    This was never about how much a party has in its coffers.... where on earth are you off too with that response! This was about money spent on social media activists and how cynically it was spent.... nothing to do ‘why’ labour didn’t spend as much as the Tories, which is irrelevant to the conversation.
  5. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    What an absolute load of contradictory and diabolical guff!
  6. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    People are all different, as much so in intelligence. How are most people the same? Does everyone leave school with 5 B grade GSCE’s for example. No they don’t’. Corroborate your statement ‘Corbyn vilified himself every time he opened his nasty, vindictive, mean, bitter little mouth‘..... as that statement seems to follow all the propaganda put out there..... he may not have much charisma or leadership skill but when he speaks, there’s no denying he cares about people, how was he nasty, mean or vindictive? As for gullible... oh yes they are! How else would they believe all the propaganda and if they didn’t why would a party spend so much on it! 50000 new police officers 20000 new nurses 40 new hospitals..... we’ll see!
  7. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    you found the answer to your first question. Trust you don’t deny that Tory policies suit big businesses, for example they get away without paying the full taxes.... these big businesses in turn donate lots of money to the Tory party as its in their interests that the Tories win elections so that they retain the wealth.... richer get richer! It’s not about funding by party membership, that’s insignificant in the whole scheme of things.
  8. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    What game were you watching! The Tories spent something like £5m on propaganda compared to Labours £200K! How else do you think they were able to mask all their lies! Trust you agree that regardless of Labour, the Tories lied and lied and lied and threw in a tiny bit of massive bulls**t during that campaign. Recommend 'The Great Hack' on Netflix to anyone easily influenced by social media - scary how the public are so easily manipulated by the wealthy. Going back to the point, I wasn't the one that brought up Media activists! Just commenting on the actual influence they had! For the record, I'm no Corbynite, he couldn't fight his corner, was weak and thus not leadership material but I prefer to make my own mind up rather than be taken in by all the garbage that's put out there.
  9. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    Social media activists won this government's term in office! Much of it promoted, even pushed out there by the Conservatives who have all the finances and backing of big businesses (in whose interests they operate) ........ the vilification of Corbyn being typical! No, i'm not a lefty but that is fact! These statements are so ironic though! Talking of the views of the country as a whole, refer back to FCL's very true comment earlier 'People seem to prefer Johnson telling lies to Corbyn telling the truth'.
  10. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    ....karma for lying through his teeth and misguiding an ever-increasingly unintelligent public!
  11. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    So would ‘Johnson’s hardly leadership material etc....’ but we ended up with that. Says a lot for the state we’re in!
  12. ged in the onion bag

    Corbyn Speaks

    I’m not reading that!!!! He’s just stating facts.... you don’t have to be a Corbynite or a leftie to see that the Tories and Johnson are incompetent. Dumbing him down has become a typical response to avoid facing the facts. The NHS staff have been let down by this lot since they took charge! Corbyn’s hardly leadership material but the NHS would likely be better prepared had labour been running the show!
  13. Behind the goal when Brucey nodded home 2 mins into his debut.....great diving header... sadly an OG for Liverpool. At a sportsman’s evening with Jan Molby a couple of yrs back, he mentioned that game as it was his debut too. Speaking later he said he’d crossed the ball .... sure it was Dalglish!
  14. Emi’s flick was undoubtedly the best moment of skill seen on that pitch, possibly on any British pitch.... may be bias but it was ridiculous! Remember also Kevin Drinkell’s last minute winner when Liverpool had never lost a game Rushie had scored in! They did that day!
  15. ged in the onion bag

    Is it really possible

    More pertinently, is it fair we’ve already played the harder fixtures... and now is our chance to get out of this mess. We don’t need a virus!!! OTBC