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  1. Fair point on his age although from what I have seen the technical part is usually visible and he's not going to be a Premier League left back in my view. His left foot isn't anywhere near good enough, has no creativity going forward and is predictable. He can't go past full-backs comfortably let alone swing in accurate crosses. Can't see him giving the balance required at that level. Not sure he could do it on the right either. Hope for his sake he proves me wrong. Looks to have more capabilities of a CDM than anything else, defensive awareness, anticipates and loves a tackle, then give easy pass to someone more creative.
  2. He gives 100%. Amazing how many fans accept that. In reality, he’s not a Premier League left-back, far from it. Combative but not a great defender, limited quality and offers no balance, No forward threat. Not surprised he’s being offloaded.
  3. Any chance you could follow this through to its conclusion ...... say we get promoted with those you name, then what..... how do we replace them, (where do we get the money, do we loan players, will they fit in right away and hit the ground running like the others didn't)... are you happy to gamble on the strong likelihood of another season like this? Or gamble that these players don't actually get us promoted but have been in the way of us developing talent that could step up.... Sorensen did well yesterday yet again, we have Adshead, McAlear, Rowe, Omobamidele, Idah, Tzolis, Springett, McCullum, Mumba, Dickson-Peters, we need to get some young CDM's (and an experienced one) and develop them. None of your point lends itself to a sustainable place in the EPL since its based on fortune and short-termism. That is at odds with the model so we are stuck at the moment in a merry go round that some of you don't want to get off.
  4. We can disagree on that. I was just arguing one point you made and stand by it, its based on my opinion of their impact. We certainly would not have been in the top two and given your general reasoned approach on here I am sure you get that my point is a valid one if not the 27 points gap. There's more to this debate above, than that and whilst I take your point, I still think Emi and Oli made that difference to us.
  5. No Nuff, you're making assumptions there. I've never said Idah or Tzolis won't develop, those are exactly who need some opportunity. I am convinced Idah knows where the net is and I expect Tzolis has something about him (although I do fear this experience at his young age and away from home may have ruined his confidence and desire and he may be lost). Hope I am wrong but when is he going to get an opportunity if Rowe and Springett have moved ahead of him? Like I said in January, we should have given the lad back to PAOK for the rest of this season. I haven't seen enough of Tzolis anyway to take a view. Sargent is a different matter, he's had so much opportunity and none of it deserved in my view. I look for talent and sadly, he doesn't look to be technically at the level we need. Again, hope I am wrong but in my experience you can either trap a football regularly or you can't, he's shown nothing to suggest he can create, score or contribute sufficiently except I do recognise the lad gives 100% effort which is all we can ask. Not his fault that he is selected to play. I'd put the kit on if asked all day long! I'll turn your last paragraph on its head.... we have seen what happens to unprepared teams who get promoted and aren't ready, twice in the last 3 years! Going back your point, I would argue relegated teams go down mainly with debt, often with players who don't want to play at that level but who they can't offload and few go back up and stay in the Premier League. Our case is different. We are debt free, we have a development arm that means youngsters come through our system and get opportunity, (or should do) and we are also stable as a club. We have time to develop better and improve. I just think carrying on pursuing promotion when we don't have a side is asking for the same again and our model won't stand it because eventually the fans won't stand for it. I would rather develop for 3 years than risk another season like this one.
  6. Not sure what your point is there Hoggy! As for the highlighted part, we are different from most promoted sides in that we go up unprepared (too soon or sell not only our best player but the one that made the whole thing tick) and with little to spend, the later not being an issue necessarily. This team of proven Championship winners did so off the back of the brilliance of Buendia and the guile of Skipp primarily and playing a style of football that is now flushed down the pan as it were! Further, many have taken a significant confidence knock and most know now that the EPL is a step up they can’t cope with. In my view, without Emi particularly and Oli, we would not have made the playoffs last season. Not only his goals and assists but he frightened opponents and had them changing tactics before games started! Being proven in the Championship or the top two tiers elsewhere has been clearly shown to be insufficient in the EPL. Could you (or anyone) explain with justification how playing Gibson, Giannoulis, McLean, Dowell and Sargent next season is going to prepare us properly for promotion and how that pans out on promotion? We could have a much better squad with patience and opportunity, we probably have good enough players to step up but current first teamers are in the way!
  7. Your first paragraph…. I see that and plenty others do too. You could say speculate to accumulate in a way but that’s exactly what we need to do. You didn’t mention these many players you say are good enough or clarify good enough for what, the EFL or EPL? Fact is either way is a gamble, a speculation, but yours is a route to the same again and mine is a route to better and proper development, a deeper squad of better players and a longer-term sustainable approach and better, back to a connection between the team and fans! We can’t develop players or a playing style in the EPL, all we can do is hope the players we sign come good and do enough while we gamble on the next set of thumpings and more embarrassment nationally. A £20m signing in that league represents something of a gamble, we couldn’t and wouldn’t pay those sums for one, let alone 3 and it would break up the wage structure potentially creating divisions. In any event, you haven’t explained how we would end up with enough EPL quality that route (we currently have Krul, Gunn, Hanley just, Aaron’s, Rashica and Pukki or 6! 2, possibly 4 of those will move on soon and Pukki will be 34 next poss EPL season anyway. Idah and Omobamidele may come through next but regardless there are no guarantees on any of them. We end up with inadequate signings and loans to fill gaps that prevent the likes of Sorensen, Famewo, Sinani, Mumba and plenty of others from opportunity and development. Worse still, all of these new signings and loans need time to settle in to Norwich, whatever style of play we have and the league, when we need them to hit the ground! …… and you’re amazed the supporters don’t see it! What have you been watching in front of you all season! Factoring in all the above relevant issues, what are the realistic chances a couple of expensive signings make this current team competitive?
  8. This is where i could reply 'Oh come on!'..... That doesn't make sense to me, lots of top 6 performers (don't believe we have) but OK, massive gulf between leagues and then buying only a few quality players to bridge this massive gulf. Are you expecting few injuries next time also. Who are these 'plenty of good enough players' (assume your referring to EPL level) in which case I'm intrigued! Bear in mind Pukki will be about 34 next year and we will likely lose Aarons and poss Rashica! Add to that like I said, we don't have a playing style at the moment, not like we had honed the past two promotions. Its either a massive gulf and we need a lot of change and experience in the group before promotion or we ain't bridging it with a few high quality players for one, secondly, say the budget is £60m, we ain't buying more than 3 high quality players so what about injuries.... it really is fanciful if fans (and even the club) think we can get off this roundabout by pursuing promotion next season. We are just chasing our tail!
  9. Does he? I suspect we may well find out, personally think he will give us 100% effort but he still won't trap a bag of cement! There's plenty of our fans on here lazily believing that we are dropping down to a poor league. Well Sheffield United aren't finding it that easy are they? Yes the gulf in class between the two leagues is massive and we got nowhere near bridging it. We are now inferior by some distance not only in squad, in confidence and in a lack of playing style!. All I am doing is giving my opinion, so oh come on what. So lets say this pans out without major overhaul and Sargent and McLean and Lees-Melou do well and we get promoted how do we then bridge this 'gulf in class' again? Can absolutely assure you that Sargent will never (trust me, never) be a Premier League star!. There are fundamental reasons he won't, ones which for the life of me I can't believe the scouts didn't pick up on! So what is the point of persevering with him (and others in the similar situation)! Be interested to know how you think we will finally bridge this massive gulf?
  10. Only Rashica and Gunn of the lads we bought last summer has suggested they’re good enough for the Championship. I’d say we would not have reached the playoffs last season without Buendia and Skipp, we may not even have been top half, they were that influential! We also had a proven style of play last season, one that has now disappeared. All opinions but I think these are reasonable arguments we may not be good enough!
  11. Agreed. Can guarantee 100% that I commit 100% effort to the 35% of my life I spend working! Expect Webber spends more than 35% of his on NCFC matters. This 90% argument, embarrasing rubbish from far too many fans!
  12. I instigated the Skipp was a mistake debate! Our model doesn’t work with loans, if there is a shortage in our team we need to fill it with our own players so they get experience and develop and we have future options and a big enough competitive squad. Consequently we don’t have any room or time to develop other teams players. If the big hole left by Skipp doesn’t tell fans that, then they are in cloud cuckoo land. Sadly, I fear the club will chase its tail, desperate for promotion at the expense of developing a good enough squad that could compete.
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