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  1. ged in the onion bag


    As much as it would be good to see him in the squad, it makes sense to get him regular football in prep. for next season. Would suggest that might be more likely at League 1 level than Championship. Next season, if we go down, he will be better prepared to support Pukki... (No he's not going anywhere!)..... Keep Drmic but would be ideal if we can get someone extra in.
  2. ged in the onion bag

    Team for Burnley FA Cup

    Fahrmann or Krul Hanley, Zimmermann, Byram Aarons, Rupp, Trybull, Duda, Lewis Idah, Pukki, Subs: Fahrmann or Krul, Amadou, Leitner, Vrancic, Tettey, Hernandez, Drmic. Rather than giving players a break, try changing formation to 3-5-2 with Duda behind the forwards. A change is a good as a rest!!!!
  3. ged in the onion bag

    Are we a better team since promotion........?

    Not so sure.... He never played when Pukki was on fire last season and is definitely not an EPL player, just doesn't have the pace or movement. The only time Pukki has missed a game, we lost 4-0 when even Idah didn't get any service.... Rhodes would have made no impact either in that match or this season and had he been selected ahead of Pukki last term, we would now be in the Championship. Clearly was a good squad player but where is the evidence he could contribute even at the top end of the Championship.
  4. ged in the onion bag

    Are we a better team since promotion........?

    That's all very negative and miserable. The question in the thread is perfectly reasonable I would suggest, as are most of the responses. Your question is a different one to which the answers can be positive or negative but overall utter conjecture and assumption. This question is based on the evidence in front of us and thankfully there seems a lot more positivity from other fans. I am more positive and yes, we will be better next season, I hope!
  5. ged in the onion bag

    Are we a better team since promotion........?

    i'd agree but add Vrancic to that... If we had a holding midfielder like Ndidi / Kante type, then suspect Leitner could thrive but sadly we don't.
  6. ged in the onion bag

    Team for Tottenham

    Krul Aarons, Zimmerman, Byram, Lewis Trybull, Rupp Buendia, Cantwell, Duda Pukki - Fahrmann, Hanley, Idah, Hernandez, Leitner / Vrancic, McLean, Amadou / Tettey Don't think we can play Vrancic in midfield and especially not away from home. He's not getting to the pace of the game (Leitner similar) especially not for more than 45 mins anyway. We have to believe.... 0-3 to us. OTBC
  7. ged in the onion bag

    Buendia for POTS

    Can't disagree with any of that except simply, he can't be sold at any price! The lad is an absolute joy to watch. If Pukki does double his tally, then Buendia will be the reason!
  8. For me, yes! DF has presided over a gradual improvement process... getting the team to gel, to play this way took time but once the confidence kicked in (around Cardiff away last season) we got better and better. This season it's a different level again, and with no EPL experience (coaches or players) and a young side, seems we've had to start learning again. Some players are much improved, some haven't managed the step up but overall we're not far away from being very competitive. Evidence through December and since suggests we are learning, confidence is rising and some opponent is surely in for hiding soon! Can't recall a team in relegation trouble that still plays with the belief we have, that is so united, or that creates the amount of chances we do. If Teemu can find his shooting boots again we could start to see off teams and the defence seem much more streetwise as a unit. We might need one of Burnley, Brighton or Watford to struggle, but the lads can still do it! OTBC
  9. ged in the onion bag

    Jamal Lewis

    Definitely don't sell. Byram is in because Farke doesn't move players out if they are doing well and it will only make Jamal more determined when his chance comes again. Whilst Sam is very good defensively, there is definitely a balance and quality issue where Jamal excels going forward. There's for's and against's for both but we should have 3 full-backs of this quality at least and Byrams ability on both sides means we can get away without 4! If we are going to sell players, then the plan surely requires that we look to replace / improve on Steipermann, Vrancic, Hanley and Tettey by next season! OTBC, there is clear evidence we are improving, we can get out of this!
  10. ged in the onion bag

    Max Aarons

    In the case of Lewis, Godfrey, Aarons and Cantwell, their values will not peak for another year or two even. They're all still very young with so much potential and the idea of selling them in today's market for £30m would just smack of 'little club syndrome'. Whichever division we are in next year, they have all now proved that they can play at this level, so are no longer such a 'gamble' purchase. Surely, if clubs want them now, then they would need to come up with much more. As the club have said, we don't need to sell. Personally hope that we reject all approaches for the next two years. The idea of selling and loaning back (whether possible or not) would only serve to reduce the price tag! Buendia has to be worth well in excess of £50m already given his stats and must be due a call up to Argentina's side. 5 players worth £30 - £60m........ hope we don't sell any of them but how fans can be so critical of the club's plan and methods beggars belief.
  11. ged in the onion bag

    Players, short careers etc

    better book accommodation for Wembley in May then!!!!!!!!!
  12. ged in the onion bag

    Players, short careers etc

    I mentioned this elsewhere..... 'Have you ever seen a team bottom of the pile but still so united, still battling hard, still playing good football and still improving... this is unprecedented'...we have enough quality to avoid the trap although perhaps not enough in depth. There's still a chance. Fact is though that the plan falls down if we sell 4 or more of these players as we can't replace them in the 'team' scenario. This team has taken time to gel, new players will not fit in immediately and for the plan to work we need to be replacing our fringe players over time unless they can step up.... that's progression. Not replacing our best ones. We are in an unprecedented situation with the quality and the bizarre amount of points we have, we do deserve more but if we avoid relegation we will not need to spend too much as this team is getting better with plenty of growth in it.... yes we will need at least 4 or 5 to come in and our scouting supported by the funds that will be available with the insurance or more EPL money will hopefully come good again. Performance wise, we ain't far away from being mid-table. 3 pts at Old Trafford for starters! OTBC
  13. ged in the onion bag

    Given up

    Have you ever seen a team bottom of the pile but still so united, still battling hard, still playing good football and still improving... this is unprecedented but we are capable.... a miracle maybe, but reckon we have more chance of recovery than most... there are some miserable, defeated and negative people on this board and it's a shame really as our club (and i include chiefs, managers, players, coaches and fans in that) got us into this position by working a 'MIRACLE' in the first place.
  14. ged in the onion bag

    Aarons £15m 😂

    Whats more important now...... the money or the team? If we sell players, the team is de-stabilised. The plan relies on a constant improvement so if they sell, that should only be after they have identified and agreed a suitable quality replacement who can come straight in..... even then selling should only be a last resort. If we stay up then the rest of this season and the next few should see us having a ball. If we go down then it's up to the club to ensure that the plan continues apace. That can only happen with these assets wearing yellow and green. On the plus side, it was Norwich that gave them all the chance to thrive, to realise a dream and they know they have the support of a full house, a brilliant atmosphere and potential for more success. A tad idealistic perhaps but they are on long contracts, are loved and in a good place... why leave!!!!
  15. ged in the onion bag

    Aarons £15m 😂

    ....as Greavsie used to say, 'if you don't shoot you don't score' but £15m must be a Steips shot! If we sold any of (Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey, Buendia, or Pukki, and Cantwell) for under £40 mill, would be an outrage in today's market..... as they have said, we don't need to sell, the players have good (long) contracts and opportunity to improve and develop. No reason for the club not to put an extra £10mill on the price if clubs want them.