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  1. I suspect he was expecting more involvement than what he’s getting. Now if he’s happy sitting on a 5yr contract and doesn’t have much ambition beyond the money, then we have another problem! Also, Wagner was fire-fighting last season having taken over from Smith. I don’t expect he is happy though. I imagine he’s gutted that this manager hasn’t got belief in him or isn’t brave enough to throw him in his preferred position. Let’s face it, Wagner has tried very little to change the central midfield deficiencies. Your comment seems very simplistic. He needs to be progressing now, instead he’s regressing and we need a CDM. If he’s got ambition, he needs to get away if he can because he’s not getting a chance at CDM with Wagner.
  2. I’m more concerned about Liam Gibbs right now. Talented lad played out of position and not given a proper go in his preferred position, (a position the team has no proper personnel for), his confidence and youthful exuberance completely shattered by this manager who seems to have no interest in bringing him through. Let’s not forget this lad did plenty enough for everyone to be quite excited when he came through initially. He needs to get away for his own sake. To not get a look in again last night, he must be wondering what’s gorn on!
  3. I'm sorry but that response really suggests you are quite silly (sorry but its a ridiculous statement) you've probably spent too much time on social media! It doesn't suggest anything about my views on Wagner, just purely my opinion on Mourinho. Mourinho couldn't manage this team, he needs thugs, he needs money, he needs the spotlight for his ego. Norwich City aren't providing any of that. Wagner is useless in my view. He's literally destroyed Liam Gibbs' potential right in front of us, played him out of position, damaged his confidence and exhuberance. The lad needs to get away as fast as possible for his own sake. I want change but Mourinho, not ever!
  4. Forward thinking... be careful, not many on here see beyond the next match unless it's mention of promotion! For what its worth, I totally agree, its the only way for us to prosper. Very few see it, but some are finally coming around to the realisation now.
  5. Right now, we don't need a best team, we need a capable developing team for next season The best capable teams in my opinion is Gunn Stacey Hanley / Duffy Warner McCallum Gibbs Rowe Sara Nunez Sainz Sargent Might even try Gunn Warner Hanley / Duffy McLean Gibbs Stacey McCallum Rowe Sara Nunez / Sainz (but play Nunez deeper and central) Sargent
  6. ...a tad worried about him at CM though after last night.... where was he for their goal, think he might of gone home when the Hull fans mass exited after Faasnacht netted. Seriously though, just watch his reaction in the moments before the Hull guy scored. Where's he going? That's not a CDM in any shape or form... check out Watford's first goal also, where's he going there? He's still running away from the ball, instead of closing down the space.
  7. You’re just refusing to read the responses rationally. With your simplistic logic, if Leeds beat Norwich and West Brom beat Leeds, there’s no chance on earth that Norwich beat West Brom. It doesn’t work like that.
  8. Not saying Smith was any good there but he did make us more defensive as the few clean sheets showed, think Burnley, Brighton etc…. Gradually the team lost more and more confidence but that was inevitable whoever was in charge. You have to take account of all the factors and what generally happens in such circumstances. Hope and expectation during those early games gradually fades and gets replaced by frustration, lack of desire / care and senses of inevitability. You can’t compare results in isolation. Smith also had a period of many injuries if I recall. But you’re just picking up on one point rather than considering the context of the whole post. What’s the point of that. Like I said, I prefer Farke, he was brilliant, it wasn’t his fault the squad he had but if he wasn’t sacked after Brentford, it would have happened soon after that anyway. Webber sent him back to war without a gun!
  9. Firstly, I wish we still had Farke, love the guy, but…. What Smith did was make us more difficult to beat whereas Farke had no attacking threat and we were exposed defensively. Farke tried to pass out from the back at the Etihad for example. He had a squad incapable of playing his style in the EPL. One win against Brentford didn’t change anything. Smith probably got us more points than Farke would have. Remember, before Brentford, most were asking for his head. Yes Webber was at fault but this forum was in uproar and most blamed Farke’s tactics and general approach! ‘We expected to lose that game etc…’ We did him a favour letting him go as it would have got intolerable and that would not have been fair on him. At some point that season he would have gone and it wouldn’t have been pleasant, he’d have lost all the appreciation we had for him.
  10. For me it was the failure to recognise how important CDM's are in football nowadays..... followed by those two instances.
  11. What do you think! No point in asking a question and not giving your own opinion. The simple and obvious answer is not a chance in hell. Love the guy but not even Pep could polish the turd of a squad he was left with. No Emi, No Skipp and generally a school playground full of kids at Colney. EDIT, 62% said yes! Wow, fans really have short memories and rose tinted glasses.
  12. Ah, the good ol' days before DATA! Whatever we've got now, it ain't worked for a while.
  13. By scouts, do you mean a couple of local unemployed computer geeks who spen their day on Football Manager?
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